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There is more to come in the story if you like it. Let me know.


On that fantastic Sunday that Brett surprisingly arrived from Sydney, with all the excitement and action that followed, we both slept like logs. I woke at 7am and wondered how Brett was feeling about what had transpired between us now that he'd had time to sleep on it. I got out of bed quietly, so as not to wake my wife, and looked into the spare room and was surprised to find Brett's bed empty. I wandered out to the living room and saw him sitting in the sun on the veranda. He hadn't yet dressed and was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful and happy.
As I approached, Brett opened his eyes and gave me the warmest smile I had seen for a long while. Our eyes met and I new straight away that everything was ok between us. I felt my dick begin to stir as I sat down in a chair nearby.
"Good morning and how are you on this fine day young Brett?" I asked. "Just fantastic Dan, just great " he answered."Are you ready for a bit of work to keep your fitness up?" I asked as I fought off the lustful thoughts invading my mind. Brett smiled again and said in reply "sure thing, as long as we can eat first; I'm starving." "Not a problem mate" I said, "I'm feeling a bit that way myself." By this time I had control of my self and stood up saying "Well we'd better get dressed, fed and on our way."
That day I decided I would behave myself and not give in to the incredibly strong feelings surging through my body and mind. I didn't want to spoil anything between Brett and myself or push him out of his comfort zone. It was really difficult though to keep the conversation on subjects above the belt so to speak. Brett must have sensed what I was about and did his best to help. We both worked very hard and by the time we got home, a hot shower (separately unfortunately) and a few cold beers before dinner was just what the doctor ordered. Once again, we both slept very well that night.
This was the pattern for the next few days until on Friday night after dinner Brett asked me straight out if he could have a massage as he was quite sore from all my 'slave driving'. "Of course mate - let's go" I said as my cock squirmed and stiffened in my pants.
In moments we were in the massage room with the door locked. Brett stood before me just looking at me and smiling. He moved a hand slowly to the waist band of his shorts. My eyes followed then locked on the tent that was growing rapidly just below his hand. I slowly stepped up to him and began to remove his tee-shirt. As I lifted it and slowly drew it up his torso, my body straightened and quite accidently my now raging hard-on came into contact with the back of Brett's hands that were still in the waist band of his shorts. The effect was electric for both of us.
I felt the most incredible surge of lust and love for this fantastic young man. Almost instantly, our clothing was on the floor and we were locked in a totally naked embrace, our lower bodies pushing and grinding against each other. Face to face, I saw a beautiful look of love in Brett's eyes and our mouths came together in a most passionate kiss, our tongues duelling with each other and each probing the other's mouth.
I eased Brett's back up against the side of the massage table and moved my mouth to his left ear, breathing deeply into it. I nibbled the lobe and slipped my tongue into his ear. This really set him off and he began moaning and tilting his head back. I traced a path with my tongue slowly down his neck to his Adam's apple then down to the middle of his chest. While my hands were now gripping both Brett's buns, I moved my mouth to his left nipple which was now hard and sticking out what seemed like a half inch. I gently nibbled and licked at it for a second or two before doing the same to the right one.
By now Brett's cock was so hard and pulsing I thought it might explode. I now began the journey south with my tongue. Slowly I traced straight down the middle of Brett's belly pausing to lick in and around his beautiful navel. By this time of course, I was extremely close to his pumping cock but I was careful to avoid touching it at this time. Pre-cum was oozing from his piss slit and running down the glistening shaft. I nuzzled my nose into his pubes as I moved my tongue right down and under his tight ball sack. The slightly musky odour set me fully alight and I opened my mouth wide and sucked one of his big nuts in and rolled it around on my tongue. I then did the same with the other before starting the eight inch tongue trip up the underside of Brett's thick slippery cock. His pre-cum tasted so sweet. Brett was now squirming and shuddering as his moans and groans became louder and louder. As I reached the tender spot just below his piss slit, Brett suddenly stiffened and gasped as his hot load of creamy cum exploded up his shaft and streamed out right in front of my nose. It spattered all over his chest and belly as his beautiful cock pumped and pumped his balls dry. I stood up and hugged him to me, my own cock now rubbing against his and within a second my own hot load joined the mat of jism between our sweating bodies.
We both collapsed onto the massage table where we lay as one while we came down from our sexual high. We didn't speak for some minutes. We didn't need to. Our bodies had just done all the talking.
Eventually, I slowly climbed off the table and after cleaning us both up a bit, I got on with the massage that Brett had asked for and during the next hour or so, we enjoyed the occasional light conversation and I had a wonderful feeling that a very deep bonding had developed between us. Our mutual lust for each other had become very evident and obvious to us both.
Before we left the massage room, Brett came to me and wrapped his arms around me. He nuzzled his head into my neck then looked at me and said "I wish we could share a bed tonight but I know that's not possible. I really feel like I want to be with you all the time Uncle Dan." "Nothing would please me more" I said," but you’re right mate, it can't be here tonight. We'll have to work on that idea though you randy young spunk." Brett smiled and said, "Well, I'll just keep wishing and you never know, it just might happen some time, "You never know" I said, "you never know" as new thoughts and ideas began to form in my mind.


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