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I was there once again. Hanging around the men’s room at an XXX Adult Cinema. I’d been to these kind of places many times before. I was there waiting and wanting to see a man piss, wanting to watch him do it. I’d stand next to one of the urinals and glance over when a guy came in and started to pee. Sometimes he’d let me hold his dick while he did it. Sometimes more.

After a few minutes, an older guy came in. He could see I was just waiting there and I could tell he probably sensed what I wanted. As he went up to one of the urinals and opened his fly I was just wild with excitement to see him take out his dick. But when he took it out, instead of peeing right away he started to rub his cock—he could see I was watching intently.

Suddenly he turned to me and said, “You’re a toilet whore aren’t you?”
“You get off watching guys piss; you want to take it in your don’t you?” “You’ll do anything I tell you to, won’t you you fucking cock sucking piss drinking pig?” I nodded shyly in agreement.

Then he told me, "Kiss the urinal bitch, kiss that old white urinal, that old white urinal that's hanging from the wall." "Hanging from the wall where so many men have pissed in it so many times before." "Kiss the urinal baby, kiss the urinal."

When he saw that I was hesitating a little, he grabbed a hold of my head, pushed me down towards the front of it and held me there until he finally saw my lips touching the cold white porcelain. Touching the cold white porcelain where the drops of pee and dark kinky pubic hairs from the men that had been there earlier had dropped down to.

"Ohhh, Oh shit, yes, Lick it."

"Lick it and I'll let you taste my pee, you know you want to."

The excitement I felt as he watched my tongue coming out, touching first one drop and then another was unreal. I was overcome with lust that an older man had me kneeling down in front of one of the urinals kissing and licking on the front of it, me wanting to taste his pee: his warm honey-colored pee.

For a moment I closed my eyes, it was like I was only dreaming that it was happening. But somewhere along the way, I opened my eyes again and I was looking down into the open mouth that was below me, the little open mouth of the drain hole of the urinal.

He caught me looking at the little drain hole and hissed, "Go ahead, lick it there too, you know you want to."

Before I even knew what was going on, I had my entire head down inside of the white urinal and was running my tongue in tiny circles around the little drain hole.

"Oh fuck, lick the drain bitch, lick the drain." "Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shitttttt." "You’re something else bitch, you’re something else."
"Lickkkk ittttt."

I don't know how long he had been getting me to lick on it, when all of a sudden he said, "Don't move, don't move," and he stepped up to the side of the urinal and before I could even figure out what was going on, he released his yellow-colored pee, splashing it against the back of the urinal, where it then ran down slowly to where I was licking.

When he finished peeing, he calmly put his dick away and, without saying a word, walked out of the bathroom. Leaving me kneeling there in front of the urinals.

I guess I should have felt sick or whatever because of what he had gotten me to do but I didn't. I was the one that had had the [Urge] to do it, not him.

When I was finally able to stand up again, I went over to the sink and was washing my mouth off, I don't know why, I didn't feel dirty. I guess that I just thought that that's what I was supposed to do. I don't know.

Then while I was standing there washing up, the bathroom door opened once again and this time three other men came in.

Instead of walking straight over to the urinals or one of the stalls, they came up behind me as I stood at the sink and one of them whispered, "You like to lick a drain baby, wanna lick the drain?" I shyly nodded my head, and they took me over to the urinals with them and made me kneel down. I could see them all watching lustfully.

The last thing I heard as I knelt down and stuck my head into the urinal was the sound of a zipper coming down and one of the men saying, "Oh fuck, he wasn't lying, he wasn't lying: this guy is a total fucking toilet." Then some warm salty pee started spurting, splashing against the back of the urinal and then running down the back and the sides towards the open little mouth of the drain hole. The same little open mouth that my warm soft tongue had licked the pee and the pubic hairs from just minutes before. Warm pee came down and started filling the urinal.

When I saw the warm pee filling the urinal, I started to pull up and away but that's when I felt the hand of one of the men starting to push down on the back of my head and heard him saying, "No bitch, do what you were born to do, drink men’s urine, I won't tell." The other two men had their dicks out now and I could see they were preparing to pee. Then once again the only sounds that were coming from the men's room were the little, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulping sounds that were coming from me, as one man held my head down in the "Old White Urinal" and the others began to pee all over me, and into my mouth.
They were making me drink their piss as fast as I could, I swallowed some of it, some of it overflowed my mouth and ran down my body. One man took me by my hair, bent my head back and stuck his pissing dick into my mouth. The other two cheered him on saying, “Yes, make the toilet bitch drink it all.” They continued soaking me with piss till they all had peed till they were done.

Finally, when they had all peed as much as they could, they made me finish by drinking all the warm pee that had collected at the bottom of the urinal, until it was all gone.

"Good boy you’re a fucking toilet, good boy."

Then after they had all finished urinating on me they started toward the door. But just as they were leaving yet another man came in to the men’s room. They turned to him and pointed back at me and said, "Meet this bitch, you might have something he wants" and left me kneeling there at the urinals with my mouth still open, as they all laughed and went out the door.

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The first sign of AIDS is a hard pounding in the ass!

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