James and Ruth were becomming increasingly close as they explored their sexuality . . .

This is a fictitious story which I have based on true accounts from friends, along with personal experience. This is not a hard sex story, and although it does contain graphic sexual descriptions; it is the continuation of a romantic tale of first experiences and the feelings experienced by many, many people, when confronted by sexual situations and sensations for the first time. I hope you enjoy.

Since their first experience of oral sex, James and Ruth had indulged whenever they could. During the following fortnight they met as and when possible, the romantic link between them strengthening with each and every kiss.

Revelling in her sexuality, Ruth had decided to discover more about sex. It was Wednesday evening. The couple were not seeing each other that night because James had reluctantly agreed to see his friends, and Ruth was due to meet Mandy at her house. They both agreed that they would not neglect their friends.

Arriving home from college to an empty house, Ruth went straight upstairs to her room, opening her books. She had to write an essay on an artist from the past, yet could not decide upon whom to choose. Dreamily thinking about James, and the intimacy they shared, Ruth wondered how she could improve her technique. Thinking back to the porn films she had seen at Mandy’s house, she switched on her computer and typed in the keywords.

Seeing a woman unbutton a man’s flies, Ruth watched the gargantuan penis flop out. ‘Why do all the guys in these have to be enormous?’ she wondered. Not happy with what she saw, Ruth tried several other features before discovering a site dedicated to homemade films. Seeing a couple of a similar age to her and James, Ruth sat back and watched, fascinated when the girl spent time licking the underside of the penis, and the frenulum in particular. She then took note of the tongue and lip position of the girl.

Watching, Ruth felt that now familiar tingling between her legs. ‘I’m not seeing James tonight,’ she thought, feeling naughty. Watching the girl sucking and licking the lad’s penis, she slipped off her skirt and looked down at her dowdy panties that her mother had bought for her. Running her hand up and down her vulva, she thought: ‘I’m going to have to buy myself some, and sod what Mum thinks!’

Slipping her panties off, she lay on the bed, opening her slender legs and parting her minora, teasing her vaginal entrance with the middle finger of her other hand before slowly inserting it. With her finger inside, Ruth smiled and continued watching the film, touching her clitoris, which had begun to grow. Feeling good, she inserted a second finger, pushing both up as far as she could. She looked down at her lips, which had become engorged. ‘God, it feels good with two fingers, ooooooooh,’ she thought.

With her other hand she gently tugged her lips, imagining James sucking on them. Her tunnel became yet wetter, the juice spreading all around as she returned to her clit, tickling it with the tip of her finger and shuddering. Removing the fingers from her vagina, she placed them into her mouth, sucking off the sweet, copious, natural lubricant. Returning the fingers to her nether regions, Ruth spread her juice around, rubbing both hands across her lips and clit, picking up juice from her vagina as she did so.

Approaching her climax, she reinserted her fingers and began pumping them in and out, whilst stimulating her pleasure button. As her orgasm hit, she closed her eyes, groaned and felt her body tighten, determinately continuing to stroke her wet clit as the pleasure waves coursed through her. Finally, Ruth could bear it no more and removed her hands. Feeling satisfied, she looked back to the screen, where the lad was masturbating over the girl’s open mouth. A minute later he ejaculated. The semen emerged in small spurts, spraying her face with some entering her mouth. Once he had finished, the girl pushed his sperm to the edge of her lips and allowed it to dribble down her chin.

Ruth switched the film off, thinking: ‘That wasn’t very erotic. It was much nicer with James, and he cums a hell of a lot more. No, porn isn’t for me. I want the real thing!’ She then removed the remainder of her clothes and walked towards the bathroom for a shower.


Having seen little of his male friends since meeting Ruth, James had agreed to meet Mal and Andy. The trio had been close since commencing secondary school, carrying their camaraderie into college. Mal, the shorter of the three, was stocky and good looking, with dark hair and a semi-permanent grin. Conversely, Andy was tall and blonde, looking every bit the sportsman. Arriving at Mal’s house, James felt glad that he was there.

“Come on up,” said Mal. “Andy’s upstairs already. Mum and Dad are out.”

Arriving in Mal’s bedroom, James chuckled at the mess. Mal had always been untidy, leaving items where they dropped, rather than putting them away. The first thing that James noticed was the porn on the computer screen. Two exceptionally endowed men were either end of a busty woman; one with his penis in her mouth and the other penetrating her anus. James then glanced at Andy, whose jeans were open and his erect, circumcised penis exposed.

“Fucking hell, Andy!” Mal said as he slowly shook his head. “Bloody well put it away!”
Andy stroked his erection, grinning. “What’s up?”
“I don’t want you wanking in here!”

“We always used to do it. Right, James?”
“Yeah, we ‘used’ to,” said James. “I don’t want to do that now. I’m with Ruth.”

“Get your fucking dicks out,” Andy urged, pulling his jeans down and exposing his seven inch penis in all its glory, whilst stroking his scrotum.

Looking at Andy’s weapon, Mal felt a pang of jealousy, and also a tinge of excitement. He had always enjoyed looking at his friends’ naked bodies. He often wondered if he was possibly bisexual. Mal looked at James and shrugged. “I suppose we might as well.”

James felt uncertain. He thought: ‘Would this be classed as being unfaithful to Ruth?’ Frowning, he sat upon the bed, glancing down at Andy’s thick shaft. ‘He’s a full inch longer than me, and it’s fatter.’ He then looked at the computer screen. ‘I suppose a quick wank can’t do any harm. I prefer Ruth’s pussy to hers, though.’ Resignedly, he said, “Okay, then.” Sitting beside Andy, James looked up at Mal.

Mal, making a show of it, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zip, sitting on the bed beside James, noticing that he had not undone his jeans. “Come on, mate. If I’m going to, you better had as well.”

James grimaced. “It’s just that I don’t wank much anymore. I’ve got Ruth.”
Andy grinned. “She a dirty cow, is she?”

Noticing Mal lowering his jeans and briefs, and stretching his penis, James said, “She’s just nice.”

Mal tugged at his foreskin. “She must be cool. You could never keep it in your trousers before. Come on.”

James looked at Mal as he stroked his shaft, reluctantly lowering his jeans and exposing his genitalia. “She’s lovely. Anyway, I’m not going to talk about Ruth like that. She’s special.”

Mal, now erect, glanced down at James’s groin. “What’s up, mate? Can’t get it up?”

“Fuck off!” Irritated, James closed his eyes and thought of Ruth. With his hand wrapped around his shaft, James began stimulating himself, gliding his foreskin back and forth.

At five and a half inches, Mal was the smaller of the trio, yet he never felt intimidated, proudly holding his favourite body part for all to see. “She wank you?”

“Just wank your dick!” James said irritably.
“She do blowjobs?” Andy said.
Mal stood up, waving himself in front of James. “Show us how.”
James laughed. “In your dreams.”

For the next ten minutes, the friends watched the porn, continually glancing down at one another’s penises. James, although initially against the idea, began to enjoy himself. The trio had masturbated together since they were thirteen, and to them it was natural. Andy, being the largest of the group, pleasured himself several times a day, often looking in the mirror as he performed, and occasionally filming the event. Mal was wary of his parents, who had caught him on numerous occasions, generally only masturbated in bed or the bathroom. James, when gazing upon Andy’s circumcised cock, wondered how he managed it without a foreskin, only he never asked.

Finally, Andy stood up. “Right, guys, we’ll do a cum competition.”

Mal milked some precum from the end, allowing it to dribble and be engulfed into his foreskin. “What’s the point? James always wins. He cums fucking buckets!”

“No,” Andy said, watching Mal. “We’ll go for distance.”
“How?” James asked.
Andy turned to Mal. “Your dining-room table’s cock height.”

“Fuck off, you minger!”
“We can clean it off,”
Confident of winning, James said, “Yeah. It’ll be a laugh.”
“Okay, then,” Mal said begrudgingly.

After Mal had picked up a ruler, the lads removed their jeans and briefs before descending the stairs and entering the dining room. Satisfied that the net curtains would shield them from view of prying eyes, Mal stood at the table, wanking his length.

“Right,” said Andy. “Rules. We’ll rest the front of our legs on the table, and shoot from there.”

“Piss off,” Mal said, looking down at Andy’s tool, which dribbled. “You’ve got an inch and a half’s start on me.”

“Yeah,” James said. “We line the end of our dicks up with the end of the table.”
“Who first?” Mal said.
“I’m ready to shoot,” said Andy.
“I’ll make sure you’re in the right place,” said Mal, who knelt down, looking up at Andy.

Andy moved into position, spitting onto his hand to provide lubrication, and began massaging his impressive penis. “Oooh, fuck, that’s good.” He increased the speed, ejaculating moments later, launching two large spurts, followed by several drops, which sprayed around.

Still stroking himself, Mal moved in with the ruler. “Forty-four centimetres. I can beat that!”

“Yeah, right,” Andy said, milking the final drops out and allowing them to drop onto the table.

Mal moved into position, being checked by his comrades. After playing with his testicles, he began moving his hand back and forth, using his thick foreskin to provide stimulation, retracting it further with each jerk. “Fuck!” he yelled as the first wad emerged, splatting down onto the table, ahead of Andy’s. Two somewhat diminutive shots followed; nevertheless, the fourth transpired to be more copious and considerably thicker, hitting the table just behind Andy’s furthest production. A number of drops followed as Mal stood before his friends, looking triumphant. After measuring the distance, he said, “Forty eight!”

James, meanwhile, had been thinking of Ruth, and felt desperate to orgasm. Standing at the table, he looked down at the target, feeling confident that he would be the victor. ‘I know,’ he thought, ‘I’ll do a wet wank. It feels like it’s in Ruth’s mouth when I do that.’ With his left hand he retracted his foreskin completely, exposing the bright pink skin close to his glans. After spitting into the palm of his right hand he massaged the lubricant onto the shiny purple end and began moving his hand back and forth as the others watched.

Thirty seconds later, James grunted, and thick white sperm exploded from the end, significantly bypassing that of his friends. Three more substantial ropes powered from his meatus, landing close to that of his competitors. James continued to wank furiously, with ten smaller drops emerging, before a final rope, which although was not impressive in the distance travelled, was extraordinarily bounteous. “And as usual, the winner is James,” he announced.

Andy looked down at James’s gentleman’s area. “Where the fuck does it all come from?”
“Watch and weep, boys,” James said proudly as he displayed his penis.

“Fucking hell; I’m not even measuring that,” Mal said despondently. “Does Ruth swallow it all?”

“I’m not telling you what we do. It’s private and I respect her.”
As Mal went to the kitchen for some absorbent towels, Andy said, “Come on, mate.”
“No. She’s special. All I’m going to say is that she’s the most wonderful girl in the world.”


Mandy and Vicky were waiting for Ruth when she arrived at Mandy’s house. Tall, slim and with large breasts, which were accentuated by the tight top she wore, Mandy was considered highly attractive by many. Aware that her long legs were shapely, she favoured tight leggings and a short skirt. Contrariwise, Vicky was considerably shorter, with short dark hair. Slightly chubby, Vicky was proud of her body and wore revealing clothing. That evening she had worn an extremely low cut top, with tight, low slung jeans that revealed a bright pink thong when she bent over or sat down.

Walking slowly into town, Ruth fended off questions her two friends asked about James. “Look, he’s lovely. We’ll leave it at that.”

“Oh, come on, Ruth,” Mandy urged. “You’ve got to tell us if you’ve touched his cock.”
“It’s private.”
“You have, haven’t you,” Vicky said excitedly. “Come on. Is it big?”
Ruth blushed. “I’m not saying.”
“We tell you about us,” Mandy tried.

“Yeah,” Vicky concurred. “Mind you, I haven’t touched a dick for months.”
“I haven’t since the disappointment of Mark Grayson,” Mandy said downheartedly.
Vicky laughed. “Well, from what you said, I’m not surprised.”
“What about his mates?” Mandy said. “Are any of them fit?”
“I don’t know. We haven’t gone out with them.”

“Get them to join us on Saturday night,” Mandy said. “I’m sure they’d like to meet some hot chicks.”

“I’ll see what he says,” Ruth said thoughtfully, aware that James’s parents were also out on the forthcoming Friday evening, “but we usually go to his place on Saturday nights.”

“Oh yeah?” Vicky grinned. “His parents go out, do they?”
Ruth blushed. “Well . . . yes.”
“You lucky cow,” Mandy said. “You must have done something.”

The two friends continued to interrogate Ruth as they walked into town. Mandy and Vicky reminisced over previous conquests and acts performed. Ruth chuckled as she listened to the candid accounts, fending off prompts to reveal what she and James had done whilst alone.

Sitting in The Crown, they discussed friends of theirs and who they were seeing, Ruth being shocked to hear that Amy had been seen with Will Bright, who the girls considered to be a ‘minger’.

Glancing across the room, Ruth tensed up when she saw the aggressive girl who had previously threatened her. The girl’s clothing looked old and far too tight for her form, and her skirt did not cover her black knickers. Her long hair had been put into a tight pony tail, which darkened her dour features yet further. ‘Yuk,’ Ruth thought.

“What’s up?” Vicky asked, having noticed Ruth’s uneasy deportment.
“That girl over there.” Ruth then explained the confrontations she and James had endured.
“I wouldn’t worry,” Mandy said unconvincingly.

Looking down at the table, Ruth said, “She just keeps staring.”
“Fuck her,” said Vicky. “Look, we’ll finish these drinks and go somewhere else.

Mandy swigged her cola back. “Yeah. We can go to The Grapes. She’s giving me the creeps.”

Eager to escape the evil stare of the girl, Ruth swigged her orange juice back, glancing at the girl, who maintained her glower. She looked to Vicky. “Come on; finish up. We’ll get out of here.”

After Vicky had finished her drink, the group stood up and walked towards the door, hearing a gravelly female voice, which said, “If I see you again I’m gonna fucking well do ya!”

Ruth rushed to the door, her heart beating furiously. Once outside, she said, “I’m going to have to stop coming into town. She worries me.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that ugly cow,” said Mandy. “She’s probably all mouth.”
“Yeah,” said Vicky. “That type usually are.”

Unconvinced, Ruth decided to change the subject. “So, you reckon you want to meet James’s mates. I suppose I can introduce you. I’ll ask James who the fittest ones are.”

Mandy grinned. “And who’s got the biggest dick.”

The girls all laughed and continued on their way, forgetting about the words spoken by the aggressive girl.


Arriving home the following evening after stopping off on a mission, Ruth walked into the kitchen, smiling at her parents, who asked after her day. Letitia, Ruth’s mother, was a thin woman in her early-mid forties, possessing short blonde hair. Typically, she wore loose fitting dresses. Andrew, her father, was a stern looking man in his late forties, always in a suit and tie, and who doted upon his precious daughter.

After telling Andrew and Letitia of her day, Ruth took a deep breath. “I’ve got something to tell you.”
“What?” Letitia said suspiciously.
“I have a boyfriend.”
Letitia lowered her brow. “Darling, you know what we think about that. You’re too young!”

Irritated, Ruth said, “Mum, I’m sixteen! I’m a young woman,”
“Who is this boy?” Andrew said calmly.
Ruth smiled dreamily. “James Horton. He’s so nice. He’s lovely.”

Letitia maintained her belligerent expression. “And how long has this been going on?”
“A few weeks.”
“And you’ve only just told us now,” Andrew said, looking Ruth in the eye.

“I didn’t want to tell you straight away because I knew what you would be like. I just wanted to be sure about him, and now I am.”

“Your father and I will discuss this.”

“Okay.” Ruth turned around and began walking towards the stairs, pleased with herself. She had completed two of her goals for the week, and now had the third to achieve. ‘They took it better than I thought. Good, because I really like James. He’s my dream man.’


James and Ruth walked along, hand in hand. Having spent the first few minutes embracing and passionately kissing, they had said little. Ruth had been looking forward to informing James of her discussions with her parents, and also ask him which of his friends would be there on Saturday evening.

“So, they accepted it?” James said, surprised.

“They’ve accepted it, but they’re not keen. I also told Mum that I want to buy my own underwear from now on. Again, she wasn’t happy. She told me that she didn’t want me becoming a little hussy.”

James kissed her on the cheek. “You’re no hussy. You’re beautiful.”
“So are you. Anyway, my friends are looking forward to meeting your mates.”
“Mine too. Andy remembers a tall girl with long dark hair and big boobs.”

Ruth chuckled. “That’s Mandy. She’s into big dicks.”
James squeezed her hand. “Well, she won’t be disappointed with Andy.”
“Really?” Ruth smirked.

“Yep. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone gets together. Most of the lads are desperate for a girl.”

“And my friends need a new pool of boys to choose from, so I reckon something will happen. It will be interesting.”

Stopping to cross the road, the couple looked into each other’s eyes, their heads moving together and their lips touching. Feeling James’s soft lips upon hers and his hands upon her buttocks, Ruth melted and pulled him closer, opening her mouth and searching for his loving tongue. They stood there, lost in the moment. Ruth finally broke away, smiling.

“I can’t get enough of you,” James softly said.
“Same here. Come on; let’s get to your place. I could kill for a wine.”

Arriving at James’s house, the couple were discussing a possible weekend away, and how to get around the problem of Ruth’s parents. James suggested using Mandy and the girls as a cover story. Ruth agreed and suggested that perhaps a group of them should go away, and that people go their separate ways, meeting up occasionally.

Arriving in James’s bedroom, the couple engaged in a kiss that consisted of brushing lips, moving away, looking into the eyes of one another before brushing lips once again.

“It would be lovely to wake up with you,” Ruth said, placing her drink down.
“It would,” James smiled, looking longingly into her eyes.
Ruth moved closer. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day long.”

James placed his glass down next to Ruth’s and moved closer, planting a kiss upon her succulent lips. “Me too. I love it when we’re alone.”

Ruth began lifting James’s shirt up. “I want us to slowly undress.”
Raising his arms, allowing Ruth to remove his shirt, James smiled. “Mmmmmmm.”

Looking into James’s brown eyes, Ruth began undoing the buttons on her blouse, allowing James to slip it down from her shoulders. James gazed down upon the silky red bra, kissing her softly and reaching behind, unclipping it. Ruth whispered, “I bought this for you.”

“It’s beautiful, like you.”

As James slipped the sexy garment off, Ruth reached down, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zip, allowing them to drop to his ankles before kissing him once again. With one hand upon her breast, James unclipped the back of her skirt and lowered the zip, his tongue sensuously twirling around Ruth’s. Feeling Ruth’s skirt drop, James moved down to her buttocks. He was shocked to feel her bare cheeks. Ruth was wearing her first thong. James felt excited at his girlfriend wishing to be as sexy as possible. He gently squeezed the cheeks of her peachy buttocks, which were soft yet firm.

Breaking away from their kiss, James kissed Ruth’s neck, licking his way down her smooth body, loving her lustrous skin, reaching her thong and slowly slipping it down, placing his tongue upon her prominent clitoris, causing her to flinch. After briefly running his tongue up and down her lips and clit, her raised himself up, kissing once again.

Ruth placed her hands upon James’s briefs, feeling his almost erect penis. Without hesitation she pulled them down, also removing his socks as he stepped from his underwear. Seeing his penis pointing at her, Ruth pulled his foreskin back and placed her lips upon the end. Excited at having his organ in her mouth again, Ruth cupped his scrotum and took him in as far as she could before removing her mouth and licking his glans. She took it in once again, and moved her tongue forwards, stimulating the underside of his tool. Lovingly, she slowly moved her head back and away, giving it a final lick. Standing up, Ruth then licked James’s lips, James reciprocating. The couple stood with their arms around each other, their tongues flicking around and James’s erection pressing against her.

James led Ruth onto the bed, lying her down and placing himself beside her. The naked couple kissed passionately, their hands gliding over one another’s bodies, searching out their erogenous zones and stimulating them. James, with his hand upon Ruth’s vulva, kissed Ruth’s cheek and moved down to her erect nipples, which stood proud. Taking their rubbery texture into his mouth he sucked and flicked them with his tongue as Ruth lay there in heaven.

Moving down her body, he licked her bellybutton, moving into the sixty-nine position as Ruth opened her legs to allow her lover access. James opened her labia and slipped his tongue between them, running it up and down from her clitoris to her vaginal entrance, tasting her nectar, which had begun to flow.

Seeing James’s penis above her, Ruth reached up with her hand and craned her neck, pulling his foreskin forward and sucking the loose skin on the end, and inserting her tongue into the opening, encircling the glans as she played with his mobile testicles. Feeling James’s finger enter her vagina, she groaned, and when he retracted her clitoral hood and softly licked her clit, she allowed her head to flop down. Looking up at the wondrous sight of James’s manhood, she felt that James was the most perfect man in the world. ‘Oh, that’s so good. He’s so gentle.’

Inserting a second finger into Ruth’s bubbling tunnel, James thought: ‘Ruth’s so perfect. I just love everything about her.’ Desperate for his lady to experience the ultimate in sexual pleasure, James performed his usual moves, sucking her engorged lips and encircling her clitoris with his tongue. As Ruth opened her legs yet wider, James moved his tongue down to her vaginal entrance and flicked around her perineum, skirting the edge of her anus, causing Ruth to jump slightly.

‘Fucking hell!’ Ruth thought when she felt his tongue upon her other hole. ‘That’s so wrong, but it feels sooooooo good. Do it again, do it again.’ She opened her eyes to see James’s genitalia above her, wishing to pleasure him, but unable to do so. She could feel her climax approaching as James’s tongue and fingers lovingly explored every inch of her shaven genitalia.

With his finger gently stroking Ruth’s wet clitoris, James continued to play with her large minora, inserting his fingers into her increasingly sopping vagina, also caressing her perineum, applying a little pressure onto her anus. Ruth suddenly cried out and her entire body tensed as she raised her hips from the bed. Having removed his fingers and face, James looked upon her open vagina, observing fluid seeping out and trickling down between the cheeks of her bottom. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, oh, oh, oh,” Ruth mumbled, finally relaxing and flopping back down onto the bed, breathless.

James, satisfied that Ruth’s orgasm had been enjoyable for her, turned around and moved alongside her, nibbling her earlobe. “How was that?”

“Incredible,” Ruth said, opening her eyes and placing her hand between her legs. “God, I’m soaked.”

James kissed the tip of her nose. “I know. It’s great.”

Ruth ran her hand down James’s body, taking hold of his erection. ‘I’ll try it from a different position,’ she thought, and turned herself around into the sixty-nine position, positioning her legs either side of his head. She looked down at his erection, lowering her head and licking it from the tip, down to his hairy scrotum, moving his gonads around with her fingers. Opening her mouth wide, she picked up a testicle and sucked it into her mouth, hearing James groan loudly. Satisfied that she had performed the move correctly, she tickled his testicle with her tongue and released it from her mouth.

Gazing down upon his penis, which was laid upon his naval, Ruth lovingly pulled his foreskin back and licked his frenulum, feeling James twitch. Running her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, Ruth continued to softly massage his scrotum. Picking his penis up, she placed his shiny helmet inside her mouth, running her lips up and down, engulfing yet more of the shaft with each stroke.

Feeling James’s hand resting upon her head, she pushed down with her head, taking in the entire organ. Although uncomfortable at the back of her throat, Ruth felt determined to please her man, giving him the ultimate pleasure. She then began moving her head up and down, her lips stimulating every inch of his weapon. Remembering how nice the feeling was when James had touched her anus, she let go of his scrotum and moved her hand lower down. James opened his legs, allowing access. Nervously, she moved her middle finger to his hole and pushed against it.

Feeling Ruth’s finger upon his anus, James groaned loudly, jumping a little when he felt it enter. Ruth’s lips and hand were working in unison upon his penis. From time to time Ruth would milk his length, squeezing his precum out and greedily lapping at it. With James wriggling around, Ruth knew that he was close to orgasm, and pushed her finger further into his hole as she concentrated on his penis, moving her head rapidly up and down.

James lay there with his nether regions tingling wildly, the combination of Ruth’s soft and skilful lips upon his erection, plus the finger inside his anus had provided him with a new and exciting feeling. As his entire body tensed, he gasped, ejaculating violently into Ruth’s mouth, jerking his pelvis. Feeling the semen continue to fire from his urethra, he lay there in ecstasy as Ruth pushed her finger further into him. James could not open his eyes. With Ruth’s lips still around his throbbing member, he could feel her swallow his copious gift. He stroked her hair, thinking: ‘Ruth’s magnificent. She’s fucking incredible!’

Pleased that she had managed to swallow James’s thick sperm in one go, Ruth removed her mouth, looking down at his penis, pulling his foreskin back into place and kissing the end, before turning herself around and lying beside him.

Looking into his eyes, Ruth felt good. “That was tasty.”
James sighed softly. “Good. That was incredible. Who told you about the finger trick?”
“Mandy. She told me a while back, and at the time I thought it was gross.”
“So, how come you did it?”

Ruth fondled his nipple. “Because it was nice when you licked my bum.”
“I wasn’t sure you’d like it.”
Ruth smiled. “I did.”
James moved his hand down between Ruth’s legs. “You’re still wet.”

“That’s because I’m so turned on.” Closing her eyes and brushing lips with him, Ruth slid her hand across James’s body, arriving at his flaccid penis. “I love it when he goes all small.”

James chuckled. “That’s how he spends most of his time, except for when you’re around.”
“That’s good to hear.” Ruth paused. “James, can I ask you something?”
“Sure, what?”
“Will you make love to me?”

Shocked, James initially said nothing. He lay there looking into Ruth’s eyes. “But I haven’t got any rubbers.”

Ruth kissed him and softly said, “You won’t need them. I’ve been to the doctor’s.”
“Er . . . don’t you want protection for . . . you know.”
“We’re both virgins, so there’s no worry. Look, I want to make love.”

“So do I.”
Ruth hugged him. “Make love to me, then.”
“No, I’ll make love ‘with’ you.”

Ruth melted at James’s words. Smiling broadly, she took hold of James’s growing member, kissing him on the neck. James responded by caressing her breast and stroking her inner thighs, progressing to her smooth outer lips. James looked adoringly at Ruth, who smiled sweetly, their heads moving together and their lips coming together. Open mouthed, their tongues danced once again, only there was more meaning and an unprecedented surge of raw passion, which controlled their desires. Their bodies moved closer.

Ruth felt a tingling throughout her entire body. She felt ready to accept her lover’s penis inside her. She held his shaft, wishing to keep it with her forever. The sensation James had created between her legs was more intense than it ever had been. As James kissed Ruth with genuine meaning, he began manoeuvring himself on top of her. Ruth pulled him close as he kissed and nibbled her neck. She opened her legs wider in order to accept her lover.

James momentarily opened his eyes and looked down at Ruth, who lifted her head to kiss him. James thought: ‘I hope I don’t make a mess of getting it in.’ Now on top, James moved a hand down onto his erection, guiding it towards Ruth’s virginal vagina. Feeling the moistness and heat of her open sex, James shuddered. Slowly, he advanced his glans into her tunnel. Ruth gasped. Aware that first time sex can be painful for girls, James withdrew before gently reinserting.

“That feels amazing,” Ruth whispered into James’s ear.

Satisfied that Ruth had suffered no discomfiture, James advanced a little further into her, both partners overwhelmed by this new and phenomenal sensation. For James, it felt similar to when Ruth sucked him, yet it was more intense. For Ruth, it was comparable to when two fingers were inside her, but more comfortable. James had one arm around Ruth, while the other was bent at the elbow as her massaged her breasts, moving from one to the other. Ruth, meanwhile, had one hand on the small of his back, and the other on his buttock.

James increased the length of his strokes, pushing progressively further into her slippery love receptacle, finally making it in all the way. Ruth groaned and pushed against him, kissing him with wild passion. The couple began slowly moving together, their lips parting as they stared into each other’s eyes. Ruth could feel the natural lubrication on James’s scrotum, which touched her inner buttocks as he sensuously pushed all the way into her. The feeling of her sweet pussy being filled with James’s manhood was more incredible than the young lady had envisaged. Ruth’s entire lower region pulsated with pleasure as she pushed her pelvis against James, who pushed himself against her, cherishing her, adoring her.

The couple continued to move rhythmically, holding each other tightly. As they slowly moved together, the phenomenal sensation increased in intensity. James’s senses were overwhelmed by Ruth’s tight, warm and slippery vagina clinging onto his penis, caressing and squeezing it. For Ruth, the stiff member moving in and out was completely different to the oral sex they had previously indulged in. It was yet more pleasurable. Rather than being stimulated predominantly upon her clitoris, the vibrations filled her entire lower region with a previously unknown potency.

“I love you, James,” Ruth said softly as she held him tightly onto her, feeling that a climax was imminent.

James began moving his hips from side to side, their groins rubbing in harmony as they kissed passionately and breathed heavily. The sensation upon James’s glans as it pressed against Ruth’s cervix was driving him wild, as was the wetness that had coated his scrotum. Feeling his orgasm approaching, he looked down at Ruth, whose eyes were tightly shut, although her mouth was open. Fuelled with excitement and desire, James began pumping faster, increasing the speed of his strokes gradually as Ruth moved with him, pushing her pubis against his. Occasionally, she would pull him close, grinding herself against him, before allowing him to move in and out once again.

On the verge of climax, Ruth wrapped her legs around James, pulling him into her as the wondrous tingling intensified and transformed into vibrations that powered through the nether regions, permeating down her legs and through her abdomen. Suddenly, she experienced a cataclysmic eruption that caused her to cry out. Simultaneously, James lost control of himself, thrusting into Ruth as he shot his seed deep inside her, his body tensing up as he continued to thrust, delivering more thick semen with each movement. Finally, he collapsed onto Ruth, kissing her neck as she lay there. For Ruth, the feeling of James’s hot sperm jetting into her had been truly momentous. She had felt every salvo enter her, and she wished for more as they kissed passionately, locked together.

“Oh, babe,” James panted. “That was amazing!”
With her legs still wrapped around him, Ruth softly said, “It was, it was.”
James looked down at Ruth, kissing her. “I’m glad we did that.”

Ruth lowered her legs, allowing them to flop down. “So am I. I wanted to before, but wanted to be safe.”

Feeling his penis beginning to soften, James rolled off his lover, positioning himself onto his side, facing her. “Did you mean what you said when we were making love?”

Ruth turned to face him, blushing. “That I love you? Yes, yes, I did.”

James beamed at her. “Really?” He hugged her, looking into her eyes as he pulled away. “Good, because, Ruth Anderson, I love you as well.”

Ruth felt a warm glow. “Really?”
“Really, really?”
“Really, really.”

Ruth leaped on top of James, uncaring of the semen that was oozing from her vagina. “Good, good, good. Make love to me again.”

James chuckled. “Give me a while to recover, and I will.”
Ruth hugged him. “I love you.”
James reciprocated the hug. “I love you too.”

For James Horton and Ruth Anderson, the journey had only just begun. It was to prove to be an arduous one; nevertheless, the couple were both strong willed and the love that they shared would be their weapon for the harrowing times that lay ahead.

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2012-04-22 16:46:51
Hah! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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They finally had the sex! Loved it as always xxx


2012-03-21 11:32:56
Another good one Douggie. Very romantic and sensual at the same time. I like the way you broke up the thoughts and activities of the two into sections. Made it easy to read and follow the characters, Maybe a little too technical or clincal in your body part descriptions, though accurate, for some readers it needs to be more erotic. Do you know what they call the perineum in the states? "Tain't" Because it tain't ass and it tain't pussy. HA HA Your story really is about first love as well as first sex. Well done.

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This reminds me of a girl who I adored when I was 17 and I'm still in love with decades later. Sadly, it was not to be but she still has a place in my heart and will forever! Good 'love' story and those who give a thumbs down on this are just looking for the quick lusty story and not something like this series. I look for those too, but this does get me off! I love reading how much in love Ruth and James are.

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