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Episode 4
Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 43: The Day is Here

It seems so strange that this day is here. It’s one of those days that always seem to be so far in the future that you don’t want to even think about it. Now that it is actually here, it seems like no big deal at all. It was the same in high school. The anticipation leads up to it, then it happens, and you wonder what all the fuss is about. College graduation day is today. Here I stood looking in the mirror at the person looking back at me, wearing the blue cap and gown, with the golden tassel. Holly walked into the bedroom, from the bathroom. I watched her in the mirror, her gown flowing in the way it was meant to. “I can’t believe this” I said. “What” Holly asked. “It’s all over” I said “think about all the stuff we did these four years”. “Well, we met here, we fell in love here” I said, until Holly interjected “We fucked a lot, we had threesomes, foursomes, we made pornos, went to Hollywood, lived with two lesbians for three years, and had too many adventures to count involving many people”. “That too” I said. Holly started giggling. “What?” I asked her. “Remember Rachel” She said. I laughed and just nodded my head.

“What?!?” I heard Holly say in disbelief into the phone. “How?” she asked. “Wh…but…how do we…okay” Holly said, I only heard her half of the conversation. Holly came back and sat down on the couch next to me. We had been watching TV before the phone rang. “Who was it?” I asked her. “Rachel” She said. “Rachel the quasi porn star Rachel?” I said, referring to her short stint as a character in one of our original movies. “The same Rachel” Holly said. “Well” I said, trying to get the information out of her, just as she wanted me to. “She has a little problem with her new roommate” Holly said. “What kind” I asked, “Well they just don’t really get along” Holly said. “She wants us to help her get rid of her” Holly said. “I must have missed a memo, We’re hitmen now?” I asked jokingly. “No…but we are awfully good at making loud noises” Holly said.

The smirk on her face, accompanied by the content of her remarks was amazingly sexy. “If I recall correctly, its you that makes most of the noises.” I said. “Yes but it would be hard for me to be at the top of my game without you” she said. “Ohh I’m sure you could fake it” I said sarcastically. “You know…I’ve never tried” Holly said, seriously. “Really?” I said, that caught my attention. “Never?” I said. She shook her head, “You’ve never faked it?” I said still trying to believe her. “You should have more confidence in your skills” Holly said. “Well, I am the master,… but never?!” I asked. “Yes never” Holly said, shaking her head exaggeratedly. After a short pause, “What good does it do for a girl to fake an orgasm? I mean, if you ain’t getting it done, then she isn’t happy. Then by faking it the guy thinks whatever he was doing was good. It teaches bad skills. It doesn’t make any sense” Holly explained. Wow, what a woman I have. “Well I can tell you one thing that I do know…I have never faked an orgasm” I said. “That would be pretty impressive if you could” Holly said. “True, might be hard to fake the jizz splattering” I said. “So what did Rachel have in mind?” I asked.

Holly drove over to what was her home less than a year ago. Rachel met us out front. The three of us walked into the dorm and up to the third floor. “Oh and act drunk” Rachel said to both of us as she got her key out. It was only three a.m. on a Saturday night. Rachel unlocked the door, and we walked into the small dorm room in darkness. Her roommate, Leslie, was prone to going to bed quite early, and was in bed when we walked in. Act drunk, Act drunk, I kept thinking “Hey! This isn’t where I parked my car!” I said loudly, stealing a line. Rachel turned on the lights to the awakening Leslie. The three of us walked over Rachel’s bed, on the opposite side from Leslie’s. I saw Leslie sit up in bed. I sat down, Holly practically jumped on me, and Rachel was standing right next to us, shedding clothes. Holly wrapped her legs around me and we made out. Rachel, red hair draped in front of her c cup tits, now topless with only a black thong on, hopped on the bed next to us. We all made sure to exaggerate our moans and groans. Holly pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossing it blindly behind her. Her aim was good, landing just in front of Leslie. Now Leslie, according to Rachel, is a prude, and the conflict between the two was too much for Rachel. This was an attempt to drive her roommate over the edge to get her to leave. Underhanded, I know. We were expecting Leslie to loudly interrupt us and tell us what time it was etc. But she didn’t. We had to continue the charade until she did.

Holly and I stood up, allowing us to both take off our pants and underwear. Following our lead Rachel took off her thong, tossing it aside. Rachel sat at the head of the bed, propped against the wall. Holly dove onto the bed, her head into Rachel’s crotch. Holly went to town, licking sucking and eating out Rachel’s pussy. Holly’s pussy was now beckoning me, all wet and exposed. I got on the bed, laying on top of Holly’s back, positioning my cock at the entrance to her wet hole. I penetrated her pussy with my throbbing cock, and thrusted into her quickly. Holly played the part well, she wasn’t faking it, but she wasn’t getting THAT much pleasure. I continued grinding our hips together, her round firm ass pushing back against me. Rachel was having her fun too, she had her eyes closed, and her arms were reaching out into the air above her. Holly’s pussy was dripping wet, and she must have been very excited.

I leaned back, and stepped onto the floor, trying to initiate a position change. Rachel followed my lead, and she helped Holly turn over, facing up now. Then Rachel nearly fell forward, planting her mouth on Holly’s pussy. They were both pleasing each other, and quite loudly at that. I suddenly felt unnecessary. I stood there pondering my choices, when I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I nearly fell backward, stumbling back to the bed. The lights went out, and before I had processed what was happening Lindsey jumped on top of me, pushing me down onto her bed. She was on top of me, and we were face to face. There was no conversation, I was taken by surprise and had no words. I felt a small hand grab my cock, and move it to her pussy. Lindsey dropped her hips down onto my cock, penetrating deep inside her. Her hands found my shoulders, and she started very fast deep thrusts on my cock. The bed was shaking, banging against the wall loudly. “uh uh uh uh” Lindsey moaned with her incredibly quick strokes. My hands instinctively found her tits, which were quite small, but her nipples were at full attention. Leslie was pumping her tight pussy on me so vigorously, I could barely believe it. I suddenly realized that there was a lack of noises coming from across the room.

The lights clicked on, Leslie just keep humping away. I could sense two girls with their jaws around their ankles. Leslie’s wet pussy started contracting and quivering on and around my cock, as her strokes suddenly became erratic. “OHHHHHH YESSS” Leslie screamed in a high pitched breathy voice. Leslie collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, her chest heaving on top of mine. “You said she was a prude” Holly said. “I think I am going to have to disagree with that” I said. Leslie laid on top of me, oblivious to the conversation. It took a few moments for her to come to her senses. Finally she semi-rolled off of me, and I stood up next to the bed and the two girls. “I thought you were going to yell at us for what time it is” Rachel said to Leslie. “Well…I was horny...and I was masturbating when you came in” Leslie said. “You masturbate, I haven’t heard or seen you do it once?!” Rachel said. “Well I don’t do it when you are here…I’m embarrassed.” Leslie said. “Of what?? I masturbate all the time” Rachel said. “I know, I watch you when you do it at night” Leslie said. “This just got more interesting” I said.

“You find me attractive?” Rachel asked. Leslie had long blonde hair, and like I felt, small tits, but her figure was very nice and curvy. This was getting me too hot, considering I had just fucked the shit out of Leslie, or the other way around. “This is hot, why don’t we all just have some fun” I said, playing the horny guy role. “Well then I am next” Rachel said, patting her ass with her hand. I walked over behind her, as she leaned forward, putting her hands on the edge of Leslie’s bed. I held her hips in my hands, and thrusted my wet cock into her wet pussy. Holly got on the bed, and started making out with Leslie. I fucked Rachel’s tight pussy rapidly, hands wandering to her nipples. Rachel was rocking the bed with her arms, bracing her against my thrusts. Rachel’s tight pussy got suddenly tighter, gripping my cock as her legs weakened and she nearly fell. Her pussy squirted juices all over my cock, dripping down my thighs. Rachel released away from my cock, and semi-fell to the floor, leaning against the bed. “Who’s next?” I asked, holding my cock in my hand.

Holly and Leslie were rolling around on the bed making out. At the moment Holly was on top, she motioned for me to come over. Holly grabbed my slippery cock in one hand, and brought it to their mouths. Holly put my cock directly between their mouths, and they both kissed and licked my cock, as well as each other. Holly turned her head, and took my cock into her mouth, sucking deeply. Holly released my cock from her mouth, and it slapped right against Leslie’s wet lips. Leslie licked on the tip of my cock before taking the head into her mouth and sucking. “We want your cum” Holly said in a deep voice. Holly grabbed my cock out of Leslie’s mouth, and deepthroated me all the way down. She took my whole cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. “We want your cum” Leslie repeated. Holly had one hand on my balls, and felt when I was about to cum. She pulled away from my cock, and laid her cheek on Leslie’s, both faces facing my cock. Holly continued stroking as I came, shooting stream after stream of jizz into their combined faces, open mouths and lapping tongues. They were both giggling. I nearly fell backward with weak knees. I managed to control myself enough to walk over to Rachel’s bed and sit down.

I sat on her bed, back against the wall, breathing heavy. Rachel was still on the floor against Leslie’s bed, looking at me, her chest still heaving rapidly. Holly was still on top of Leslie, making out with her. Their tits rubbing together, Holly’s beautiful ass in Leslie’s hands. It was still very early in the morning, and most girls on the floor were sleeping, or they were until all the screaming. I guess that cum splattering had gotten to Lindsey and Holly, “We’re going to go take a shower” Holly said to Rachel and I. The jizz faced pair rose from the bed. “I’m going to have to change my sheets too.” Leslie said. “Sorry” I said, laughing. Leslie and Holly walked out of the room, going to the showers, grabbing towels on their way out, still naked. Once they were gone “Prude huh?” I said to Rachel. Still resting against the bed, “I’m surprised too” she said. I slowly got up and found my boxers on the floor. “What are you doing?” Rachel asked me. I looked at her puzzled. “We aren’t done” Rachel said.

Walking down the hallway on a women’s floor, naked, at three in the morning, I found myself in an unusual position, that seemed oh so familiar. “I can’t believe no one woke up” I said. “They’re all too busy playing with themselves to come out of their rooms” Rachel said. We reached the bathroom. Rachel opened the door and peeked inside. “All clear jizz boy” Rachel said. “Jizz man” I corrected. We walked into the bathroom and down to the familiar showers. The sound of water running was echoing through the room. It wasn’t just Holly and Lindsey cleaning off in their. There was two girls that I didn’t recognize, both brunettes around five foot four, both with small tits. One of the brunettes had a nicer ass than the other, rounder. The two brunettes were standing in very close proximity to Holly and Lindsey. Hot water was showering the four of them from two different heads. Rachel and I walked past the four of them, and down to the very end of the showers. The room was pretty steamy, especially down at this end, where there was no ventilation.

Rachel pushed me against the tile wall. Rachel sucked on the side of my neck. She slowly kissed and sucked down my neck, chest, stomach, and down to my cock, growing by the second. I closed my eyes and leaned back as she teased me with her tongue. Rachel licked my shaft up and down, with her hands on my ass. I felt her stop, and I opened my eyes. Rachel handed me the tube of lube she had brought. I opened the top, squeezing some out and rubbing it on my cock. Then I put some on the end of my finger. Rachel turned around and bent all the way over and grabbed her ankles. I fingered her exposed ass, lubing her. I looked up from her butt and noticed that we had an audience. I stared straight at the four girls watching us, and without looking away from them, I grabbed my cock and guided it to her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled on her while thrusting with my hips. My cock opened her ass and pushed inside of her, not the first time I had ass fucked Rachel. I slowly alternated pushing and pulling her hips against mine.

Her tight ass was hugging my cock. I was afraid I was hurting her, since I wasn’t sure if she had had anal sex in a while. So I was proceeding with caution. “Fuck me harder John” Rachel said, sounding annoyed at my slow pace. “How hard?” I asked her. “All the way” Rachel said. I pulled my cock as far back as I could without it coming out, the head just inside of her. I grabbed her hips, and as fast as I could I shoved my cock all the way into her ass, slamming my hips into her ass cheeks. She showed no signs of serious discomfort, so I let loose. I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could. Pumping my cock in and out of her lubed ass. It was not long before she was grunting deeply. At one point I thought she sounded to be in some pain, so I slowed down a little, hesitating. “Don’t stop” she screamed at me. I continued pounding her ass. I moved one hand down and fingered her pussy vigorously. The four girls watching had all migrated down to this end of the shower. I made the mistake of fingering her with my left hand, and gripping her hips with my right hand. My right hand I had used to lube her ass with. After a minute of fingering her, I lost my grip and slapped into her ass, shoving her forward. She fell on her face, catching herself somewhat with her hands. Her ass popped on the way down, from my cock pulling out.

She hit the floor, smacking flesh to tile. All four girls gasped at the accident. Leslie immediately bent down. “Are you okay?” Leslie asked. “Keep fucking” Rachel responded. I looked over, and saw Holly laughing. “She wants you to fuck her ass some more” Leslie said standing up. I didn’t hesitate to drop to the floor, putting my knees either side of hers. I laid myself down on her back, guiding my slippery cock to her slippery ass. I let my weight drop down on her, shoving my cock into her ass. “Fuck that ass!” Leslie said, next to me. I resumed pumping my cock in and out of Rachel’s tight ass. It wasn’t long before her moans turned to screams. Rachel’s body shook and spasmed. Her ass contracted and squeezed my cock. I shot my load deep inside her ass, filling her up. I laid down on top of her, both of us breathing heavily. I rolled myself off of her, and onto my back. Looking up at the ceiling, Holly leaned over looking down at me. “Had enough?” Holly asked. I didn’t respond, breathing heavily I stared at the ceiling.


2005-05-13 00:47:06
whoops. The lindsey thing happened because i wrote this part right after i wrote the first LA Trip (parts 12-16) because originally parts 43-46 were 21-24, but i decided to bump them back and put them in flashback so i could do more college stuff, anyway lindsey is the character in LA and leslie is the character in the collegetow, i accidentally switched the names when i wrote this, something i should have avoided but its not that bad when you consider the 50+ characters in the series so far


2005-03-29 20:30:48
Absolutely amazing! But what was the deal with the so-called prude changing names from Lindsay to Leslie?


2004-12-26 08:23:07
awesome, pure unadulterated sex! Well written too.

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