The Technician as he tells it
I got an e-mail from Work Market offering a job to install a home network with shared internet. It was to have asecure wireless network link. Since I'd already put in such a network here at my house I accepted the assignment. I was informed a wireless router, a cisco E1200 had been purchased by the family along with an extra network cable.

So all i took was my laptop, my tool kit and my logic probe, all packed in my breifcase. When I knocked on the door I was a beuatiful blond woman with hair hanging down to hetr lovely but. She had a slender body with firm breasts something between a B or c cup. She introduced herself as Judy and handed me a paper. I saw the notary stamp on it and assumed it was something about not doing to her daughter what I had done to mine.

I was wrong. This was the opposite. It guaeanteed, with a million bond, that if I abused heer daughters no complaint would be filed. I read it and asked her, "Is this a joke?" She said, "No, my daughter has gotten her father and two teachers jailed for sexual abuse. Her counselor decided we couldn't stop her from having sex so we needed to find someone who knew how to keep a secret who would do it."

I told her I had no interest in sexually abusing anyone though I did admit I found her attractive. He said she might be interested if I performed well enough with the girls. This was incredible.

She said her youngest was hospitalized with mononucleosis and her elder daughter was home and would give me any help I needed and answer any questions I might have. Then she looked at her watch and said she had to be in court in Memphis in an hour and left.

Then the elder daughter whose name was Annette walked in. She stood 5'4" and was wearing a thin pink tank top which plainly showed her nipples and a red micro mini skirt. She had yellow blond hair like her mother's that fanned out acrossed her shoulders. She looked about 12 to me with about A cup breasts. Definately tempting but I was determined not to fall into temptation. I ask her, "Where is the computer with Internet Access? She showed me into her mother's room where I found a tower running Vista. I disconnected the Ethernet cable from the modem and plugged it into the router. Using the cable from the Router box I connected the router's wideband port to the router.

As I bent over to unplug the modem cable Annette walked up and bent over me pressing her breasts into my back. I asked her to back off and give me room to work but she said she wanted to see what I did to install the network. I used the extra network cable to connect the printer to the router so all computers would have access. She stayed on me like a siamise twin and it was distracting. When I stood up and turned around Annette kissed me. On my mouth. With tongue. I put my hands behind my back to reduce the chance I would do anything without thinking. Still she pressed her body to mine and just like the daughter I had gone to prison for this girl was getting to me. I felt my erection start to rise in my slacks. When she was done with the kiss I ask her to bring me the laptops to connect to their network.

When she came back her breasts were fully exposed. She'd removed her tank top! I felt my self blushing when I saw her. She had quarter sized nipples and aeralia. She was sexy but I had come to do a job. As I set up this laptop with WEP2 encryption she said look at me, and lifted her skirt by it's hem, Her pussy was as bare as it had been when she had been born. I felt my erection start to return so I turned back to the laptop and brought up its Internet Browser. It came up to a porn page. I closed it immediately not wanting to warp the kid's mind anymore than it already was. I told her, "Go put your panties and top back on and bring me the other laptop." She smiled at me and said she'd think about the top.

I opened my laptop and read my daily devotional which today was about power to overcome temptation. When she walked in with the second laptop she was naked! I don't think I blushed but I know I reacted. She put her arms around with with the computer still in her hand and started to kiss me again on the mouth with tongue. This time it was not just one kiss but several as she break away and restart. I finally pushed her away and took the computer to set it up. I set it up with WEP2 encryption just like the other one.

I was distracted this time by what Annette was telling me. "Look man, I know about sex. I know you have permission to be sexual with me. I'm not a virgin. My father took me with my permission when I was eight. He'd been touching me down there since I was four and had been eating me since five and I'd been sucking him from age 6 and swallowing his cum. I like it. My Daddy is in prison for doing me because mommy didn't understand I has asked him to do it. I got some teachers in trouble after seducing them when other kids caught me fucking them. Jealous I guess. If you don't believe me you can examine me, I know from your website you know how to check.

She laid herself on the floor and I carefully opened her outer and inner labia and put two fingers in to stretch her out and I saw no hymen like my daughter still had when the abuse stopped. I told her, "So you are not a virgin, that does not mean that I should do you." She replied, "Okay" then she pulled me back into that tight hug with kisses. This time she grabbed at my arms and pulled them behind her and said "Hold me" and I did as she rubbed herself up and down my front successfully producing her desired result.

I was hard. Soon I felt one hand let go of me and unzip my fly. She put in a finger and found the fly hole in my boxers and slipped in the finger to extract my erect penis. She started to jack me and said,"You know Mommy doesn't mind if you do me, and I want you to do me and I'll never tell anyone except my mommy. Please fuck me." Then she knelt and put my erection in her mouth. As she took me all the into her mouth I felt my prick hit her tonsils in the back of her throat then she put her tongue pressing on the bottom of my prick and backed out until only the head of it was at her lips. I knew I couldn't take much of this since I haven't had a blow job since October 1, 1996. So I backed away from her after only one in-out cycle.

I her,"I'f I'm going to do you then I'm going to do this my own way okay?" She replied,"What are you going to do?" I responded, "I will work you to climax by hand but yoU are not to touch my organ" She nodded and resumed kissing and making out and a brought one of my hands down to her slit and tickled her clitoris. Then I went into her slit and ran my finger down to her hole. She was soaking wet! So I cycled up and down her slit stopping on top to tickle her clit each time. After a little while I felt her stiffen then she screamed and as she started to collapse I held her in my arms. She passed out but came to as I gently laid her on the floor. Then I fingered her a little while then kissed her once on the mouth then kissed my way down her smooth body. I kissed her chin, her throat, the uppermost point between her breasts, then each ipple was kissed and gently sucked on. I kissed her between the bottons of her breasts then the boyyom of her breast bone. I tongued her navel then the skin joint where the legs joined the body. I kissed down one leg and up the other and she spread her legs in anticipation of what she knew was coming. When I came back up to her pussy I kissed her clit and then ran my tongue up and down her slit. After several minutes of this I pulled her clit into my lips and gently gummed it (I have no teeth and my dentures were stolen by inmates who felt a pedophile shouldn't have anything.) She stiffened and screamed as she was taken by the orgasm then relaxed and passed out again.

I wondered if I had done anything to hurt her and I guess my concern showed on my face. I asked her,"So Annette, do you still want me to fuck you?" She said,"You think you can give me two really great hard orgasms and then reject you, you are crazy!" So I put one forearm under her neck and the other under her knees and picked her up like a baby. Suddenly I realized I did not know where her bed was. So I asked her,"Where is your room?" As she directed me I took her to her room and laid her on the bed. I took off my clothes and laid on my back next to her. She asked me,"How do you want to do it?" I said, "I don't care but you may have to get me back up if we are going to do this."

She took my organ into her mouth and pressed her tongue into the bottom of it on the up stroke as she sucked my cock. God did that feel good. She had me rock hard then she straddled me and pointed my cock at her entry point and slid down my pole. Oh was she ever tight! As she began to go up and down I felt sensations I had not felt in years. I put one hand on her nipple and the other rubbed her clit. I wanted her to cum. I moved my hips to plunge into her as she came down and suddenly she stiffened, screamed and collapsed on me as orgasm overtook her. This tripped my trigger as rope after rope of thick jism were injected into her inviting pussy.

As she came back to reality she felt my organ pulsing within her. I laid there more content than I had been for a long time. My organ eventually shrank and fell out of her pussy. When it did she climbed off me and said,"Thanks man, I needed that." I said I haven't done that since September of 98. She said,"You haven't fucked anybody since before I was born." "That's right." She went to the bathroom and I got dressed. When she came back she went to her dresser pulled out a white semitransparent tank top and another miniskirt. She thought for a minute and decided to put on panties. We left the room holding hands and when I returned to the computer room to reassemble the toolkit. She watched me. She asked,"If I want to talk to you how do I do it? I gave her my card with my phone number and e-mail addresses on it. I noticed a picture on the wall of Annette, her mother and father and another girl about a head shorter than Annette. I asked her,"Who's the other girl?" That's my sister, Bethany. She's almost a slut too. She's been fingered and eaten and she sucks cock as well as i do. You can fuck her in the ass too, Dad did. She wants to fuck but if you can't do it without hurting her you'd best leave it alone. She's still a virgin.

I tell her there is a way to do it so she won't feel the pain. She says, I wish Dad had known that. It hurt when he put it in someting awful, I thought he'd split me opened. If you can get into her without hurting her more power to you.

As I left the house I turned back and she kissed me like a lover and ground herself against me again but my organ was exhausted and did not respond. So I got in my car and drove home.

When I got home I found an E-mail from Annette asking me if her mother could call me for babysitting duty. I said if she paid minimum wage she could. Then the America On Line chat box opened up and she thanked me for a good time and I told her she was welcome. She asked me if I had felt okay after what we did and I said I was fine. She said she wanted to do it some more very soon.

The next day I received a phone call verifying a dental appointment at a local dentist. When I protested I had no dental coverage the woman on the phone said it was being paid for by an anonymous person.

The next day I went to the appointment and the dentist took impressions for dentures. This was not going to be a cheap appointment. When I left the office I thanked them and asked if they could tell me who was being so generous. She refused but made an appointment in two weeks for a final fitting of dentures.

I e-mailed Annette and asked her if she knew anything about it. She denied any knowledge. She did ask me if took Nitrates for chest pains and I said."I take an Aspirin, a Loratadine and a Glucoamine every day but no Nitrates." She said "Good"

A few days later I heard a knock at the door and accepted a package. It was addressed to me. Inside I found two pill vials. One was 36 hour Cialis the othe everyday Cialis. There was a card inside that said."Use the daily dose every morning and the 36 hour dose right before coming over."

The next Wednesday I received a call from the mother asking me to be at her house by 3:30PM so someone would be there to take care of the kids since she was tied up in court because he judge wanted the case to go to the jury tomorrow. So I took a 36 hour Cialis and got in my car and drove to the house. I did not have a key so I sat in the car until the school buss pulled up. Annette and Bethany got off and came to my car. I turned it off and got out and we went to the front door. Annette pulled a key out of a jean pocket and unlocked the door. Bethany disabled the alarm system and both girls went to their rooms as I settled in an easy chair in the living room.

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