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this is what i have so far. more to come...
She entered his room slowly, quietly, so as not to awaken him before she was ready. Tiptoeing on the plush carpet, she approached the side of the bed he was closest to and gently began removing the covers. He stirred somewhat, but remained asleep, so she continued carefully. Discovering that he favored sleeping in the nude, she was delighted. "All the better," she thought, as she hungrily eyed the prize she had been seeking. It lay as peacefully between his muscled legs as the rest of him, somewhat average in its unexcited state. "Not for long," she whispered, and reached with a smooth, delicate hand for the object of her desire.
She could feel the folds of her own naked treasure leaking moisture and heat. Holding him with both hands, she opened her mouth and engulfed him. Just a little at first, feeling it grow big and hard from her stimulation, then gradually burying the whole thing as far down her throat as she could. Her ministrations were now beginning to rouse him from his slumber, and he gasped as he tried to follow his first instinct to protect that most private part of his body. She released him from her mouth, but still kept just enough of a grip to let him know she had no intention of leaving. Able to focus for the moment, he demanded who she was and why she had invaded his privacy.
"Are you displeased with my attentions? Most men would be quite content to let me continue."
"Well, as much as it was rather enjoyable, aren't you a little old for me? I'm barely 16." He was starting to deflate in the absence of any stimulus, so she began to slowly stroke him. Had there been more light in the room, her incredible and lustrous beauty would have been sufficient, but as it was, he could barely make out her stunning visage and flowing light brown hair. He made no move to stop her, and she took that as a sign of approval. She again took him in her mouth, but released him as if she had only wanted another small morsel for the time being. He moaned with the brief but powerful moment of fellatio.
"You are past the age of special growth, and that is good enough for me," she answered him finally.
"But who are you?" he asked intently, as she continued to slowly stroke him.
"I am Aphrodite, the goddess of attraction and lust. My original purpose was to help facilitate and strengthen sexual intimacy between couples to promote the reproduction and spread of humanity across the earth."
"Wow, that sounds like a decent job. What happened?" he moaned as she gently squeezed and kissed the head of his rock-hard dick.
"I was long ago cursed by one who was envious of my wonderful duty, and have since carried an unimaginable need for sexual energy and release, never to be fully sated. Sexual energy is now my lifeblood. I would die without enough of it, just as you would die without food or water."
"Wait. You're saying you need sex to survive?"
"Yes. I started out simply seeking out single men to sustain myself. But eventually that became insufficient to satisfy the ravenous hunger deep inside me, and I was forced to search for unwilling women and then married men and women, as well. Some attempted to push me away; others took to my advances with an intrigued fascination. The number of divorces I have caused because of my endless sexual emptiness--she paused to suck him again strongly as if to prove her point--is unspeakable, and I always carry that knowledge with great sadness and regret.
"So… you're the reason there are lesbians?"
"Yes, that is true. The first few women I found that were not disgusted with the idea of such sapphic pleasure, moved on and turned others to the same desires. But enough talk. Are you going to allow me to seduce you, or would you prefer me to bind you and take what I so desperately need?"
The intermittent blow job had sold him several minutes ago, so in response, he grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her with such passion that for a moment she was taken aback. Her surprise quickly vanished as she returned his ferocity with her own, bite for bite. It wasn't long before he picked her up with both hands and laid her on top of him, his steel rod nestled snugly in her crotch. He could feel the nipples of her luscious, full breasts touching his, and it was like an electric charge passed between them. She was incredibly soft and smooth everywhere his hands found themselves, and as the two hungrily kissed and licked and sucked with abandon, he suddenly felt a build-up of energy around them. Before he knew what was happening, his cock found itself pumping steadily inside her. He was so overwhelmed by the powerful grip her hot, wet pussy had on him, he quickly came and didn't even notice that they had been magically transported somewhere entirely different than his dark bedroom. His body fully sated and spent, he collapsed onto the grass he hadn't realized he was laying on. She laid down with him, his softening cock still inside her drenched love box, and whispered into his ear,
"Shhh. Sleep, lover."

He woke some time later, finding himself still on the grass and his erotic kidnapper still nestled naked and warm in his arms. He quickly noticed something else; someone's tongue was hungrily licking the spot where his dick entered Aphrodite's pussy. He could feel long, slow strokes, and heard some occasional moaning. He enjoyed it for a few moments, even flexed his once-again rock-hard dick a few times in response. But his curiosity soon got the best of him; he had to know who was paying them such succulent attention. Amazingly enough, Aphrodite remained asleep, so he moved around gently enough to avoid waking her. He flinched ever so slightly, however, when he saw who it was: his sexy sister! Naked, in all her tanned beauty, she smiled back at him like it was just another day. Slowly, she crawled up to him and put her hand on his face. His sister had always been drop-dead gorgeous, and if he was honest with himself, he could admit that he had admired her curvaceous figure more than once in a not-so-brotherly way. But he was nonetheless caught off guard when she kissed him with such tenderness and passion that he almost forgot it was her. Almost. He pulled back a little, and found that same disarming smile on her face.
"What are you doing here?" he asked curiously.
"Same thing you were doing earlier--just enjoying myself," she vaguely replied.
"What is this place, anyway? And why did you kiss me? Fuck, why were you licking around my cock??"
She giggled a little and answered, "I was hoping she'd bring you here soon. I've been waiting for this for a while."
"Waiting for what?"
"The chance to fuck you. Whether you realized it or not, little brother, I've been lusting after you for a long time. And I'd be willing to bet that the feeling is mutual."
Then, without any warning, she pulled him to her and began making out with him like there was no tomorrow. Her lips soon found other places to explore, and he was getting hotter and harder by the second. Before he knew it, she was straddling him and impaled herself hard on his raging cock.
"Fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Now give me the fucking I've been waiting so long for, little brother, although I guess I shouldn't call you little anymore, huh?" she grinned.
They started moving faster together, his manhood like a piston inside her blazing hot pussy. He moaned as she gripped his tool, and heard her say,
"Harder, baby, fuck me harder! Oh, ohhhh faster… ooh that feels so fucking good!!"
He was hammering her so hard that neither of them noticed Aphrodite furiously masturbating as she watched them. Finally, with one last thrust, they both exploded in orgasmic ecstasy as he spurted deep inside her. This was more than she could take, and she started screaming with pleasure and shaking even more. After a few minutes they both calmed down and looked each other in the eyes.
"Oh… my… I don't even know what to say," he breathed.
"That was… incredible!"
"Yes, it was. We should have done that years ago."
She sighed dreamily. They looked over when Aphrodite suddenly spoke, still softly rubbing her wet folds.
"You two were so beautiful together. But you've made me hungry all over again. Ready for some more?"
Before either of them had a chance to answer, she sprang up and practically pounced on Katie, kissing and licking her with a ferocity Matt had never expected. But Katie had been a sapphic lover with Aphrodite many times before, and was not the least bit caught off guard. They went at it for a few minutes while Matt watched, noticing that they seemed oblivious to everything, including himself. He felt a twinge of jealousy, but before he knew what was happening, Aphrodite was moving backwards towards him while he was still lying on the ground. He instinctively tried to back out of the way, but was mysteriously being pulled back to her; her lustful allure was too much for him to resist. Still passionately embraced with Katie, she began to sit down and lowered her bald snatch onto his mouth. Katie broke away for a moment, but only to turn around so Aphrodite could eat her pussy. Matt had wasted no time in using his tongue to begin exploring this sexy goddess' dripping fuckbox, so he was paying attention to very little else. They had all sort of fallen sideways into a triangle at this point. Matt was again caught off guard when he felt some very luscious lips slip down his cock, realizing it must be Katie's mouth that was making love to his rock-hard tool. This thought spurred him on even more, not to mention how incredible she was at sucking cock. Katie groaned as Aphrodite worked heavenly wonders in her pussy, and the subsequent vibration of her mouth and throat on his manhood multiplied his pleasure tenfold. By this point, all three of them were grunting and moaning in unspeakable sexual glory, and it was becoming clear that no one was going to last too much longer.
"Oh, that's i- yes, right the- OHH, OHHHHH!!" Katie exclaimed. As she went over the edge, Aphrodite was eagerly lapping at all the cream Katie was spilling as a result of her explosive orgasm. Before too long, Aphrodite was also cumming, and cumming hard; the sexual energy they were releasing was too much for her at this point. Matt could hold back no more and shot several loads down Katie's throat, before he pulled out and gave her a pearl necklace as well as frosting her huge, sexy tits. This triggered a second explosion from Katie, and Aphrodite changed position so she could lick up all of Matt's cum from Katie's naked body. This quickly turned into another hot make-out session, and rather than be left out, Matt got up and thrust into Katie from behind. Taken by surprise, she was spurred on even more and began to move in rhythm.
"Wait," Aphrodite said, and moved down to where Matt's manhood entered his sister's pussy.
"What are you doing?" asked Matt curiously.
"Just trust me," she replied, as she softly traced the visible part of his dick with her tongue.
"Ooh, that feels weird. Wait, what is that, what's happening?" There was a trace of panic in his voice, as a second dick grew rapidly from the base of the original one. "What did you do to me?" with not a little concern in his voice.
"I'd be willing to bet that you've never simultaneously fucked two women before. You now have a golden opportunity in front of you."
As understanding shone in his eyes, Aphrodite laid down on her back and whispered, "Cum here, lovers." Matt and Katie moved as one on top of her, and Katie grabbed hold of Matt's second penis, guiding it into Aphrodite. Once it was in, she laid down on top of her and began kissing her more passionately than before. Needing no instruction, Matt started pistoning into both of them at the same time, as they rubbed each other's tits and continued making out. Both girls were breathing heavily in between lustful moans, acting as if they couldn't get enough of each other's bodies. Every time Matt slammed into their blazing hot holes...

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