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We found the building site where we arrived just after 8.30am. It was a development site where 12 townhouses were nearing completion. I drove up to the site office and introduced myself to the works foreman, Jim. He was expecting us and greeted us with a cheerful welcome and a firm handshake. (I noted that this handshake seemed to last a little longer than normal.) He explained that the whole job was just about finished with the painting well underway. As I had noticed, the grounds had been cleaned up and we would be able to get started as soon as we liked.
I explained to Jim that we had to find some accommodation as I hadn’t had time to organise that in advance before leaving home. He suggested that we check out the caravan park down by the river as they had self contained cabins which were very clean and fairly close to the job. This suited me as we were planning to do our own cooking. Jim said the prices were very reasonable, and to mention his name. He was sure we would be well looked after. So off we went and sure enough, we were made welcome by the park owner and shown to a cabin that was in a quiet spot but quite close to the central barbecue area if we wanted to use that. Also, there was a nice swimming pool adjacent to this area. It all seemed just right so we went back to the office and I completed the paper work for our stay.
After unloading our personal gear at the cabin, we returned to the work site to get started on the job of fencing. I was lucky in that Brett was a very good carpenter and as most of the fencing was to be constructed of timber, he would be a very able assistant. Of course he didn’t have his own tools with him but I was able to set him up with all that he would need for the job. I had my own copy of the plans that related to the fencing so I was soon able to work out what materials we would need to meet the specifications. The builder had set out most of the line pegs which made life a lot easier for us. The rest of the morning was taken up with arranging delivery of materials etc.
After lunch, we started digging the post holes. This was pretty hot and tiresome work even using my posthole digger which was of course, part of my kit. By the time knock- off time came around, we were both ready for a few cold beers and a dip in that swimming pool. I had bought beer and stocked the fridge when we shopped for our food earlier.
The cabin had one bedroom, a bathroom with toilet, shower and basin and an open living/kitchen area. There was a single bed under one of the windows in the living area and a double bed in the bedroom. (Brett and I both knew without saying anything that the single bed would not be used – by us at least.) There was a small veranda along the front where the entry door was. A couple of chairs and a small table here made it the perfect spot to relax after work. And, that was exactly what we did as soon as we got in. We were too dirty to jump straight in the pool and would have to shower first. But, first things first and that was to quench the thirst. We sat down at the table out the front and demolished the first of our ice cold stubbies in next to no time. We were into the second and were both starting to feel relaxed. The small table was between us but out a bit so we were sitting fairly close to each other. I noticed that Brett was slouched back in his chair with his legs spread wide apart. I could clearly make out the shape of his dick from the bulge in his shorts. It looked somewhat more than flaccid. I only had to spread my own legs a little wider and my knee would touch his. I couldn’t resist doing this and when I did, I was more than happy that Brett didn’t move his leg at all. In fact, he seemed to apply a little outward pressure against mine. I barred up straight away and put my left hand against the inside of his thigh. Now the bulge in his shorts was standing up very strongly. His dick looked like it was about to burst through the material. He pressed even harder against my leg as my hand slowly and lightly slid up towards the hidden prize in his pants. We were in public view and even though there was no one around at the time, it made it all the more exciting. I worked out that the table would actually shield our lower bodies from the view of anyone within a fairly close distance so I pulled up the leg of my shorts and let my boner get some fresh air. It was rock hard now and pulsing with the need of Brett’s hand. I didn’t have to ask him because as soon as he saw it he slid his right hand over and wrapped it around my shaft. The feeling was electric and felt so good. While Brett was massaging my tool I was fondling him though his shorts. His cock was really hard now too. Very soon the pre-cum began to ooze from my piss slit and while the feeling of Brett’s hand rubbing it around my flaring cockhead was unbelievable, I had to stop him. I wanted to edge this out for as long as possible. I whispered this to him and he agreed that it was a good idea. His own pre-cum was making a growing, wet stain on his shorts.
We continued “playing” with each other until we had finished our third beer at which time Brett said “How about we wash off the dirt and jump in the pool. We could continue edging like this for hours if we try hard enough.” “Sounds good to me. I just hope I don’t get over excited in the pool if you know what I mean.” I replied. He just laughed and said “you will just have to work on that the same as me.” So, to help this, we both had separate showers before heading for the pool, glad that we had brought our board shorts with us.
Even though it was the second week of autumn, the weather up here was still quite warm and so the pool water was of a nice temperature. We were alone in the water and just fooled around and enjoyed the company of each other. There was a certain amount of wrestling in the water which kept us both fairly excited and more than a few times we felt each other’s semi hard dicks bump against each other. The temptation to have a full on grope was hard to resist but we just kept teasing each other until it was nearly dark. Then a straight couple (m/f) arrived at the pool and not long after, we decided to leave them to it and go get our dinner ready. We were both pretty hungry by now anyway.
While Brett was in the shower, I got a quick meal underway. It would be ready to eat by the time I had showered. All the time, I was nursing a semi hard-on and was picturing Brett in the shower and wanting to join him there. But, true to our agreement, I resisted the temptation to do so. When Brett emerged from the bathroom, he was obviously in the mood to tease me as he was stark naked with his hot 8 inch rod poking straight out in front of him. As he walked past me with an impish look on his face, he grabbed my semi and gave it a good squeeze. I nearly blew on the spot as he quickly disappeared into the bedroom. He was certainly keeping me on the edge. I am sure that if we hadn’t got off that morning, I would not have been able to hold back. Anyway, I jumped in the shower to wash off the pool water and came out with only my boxer shorts on. Brett was sitting at the dining table waiting for me. He had found a clean pair of shorts to put on. I served up our dinner which we both enjoyed in relative silence. We were just so hungry. We each also had something else on our mind - Bedtime.
It was a very pleasant evening so we decided to spend a little more time sitting outside at our small table. It was now quite dark and without a light on we were able to pretty much do what we liked without being sprung by passes by. The sexual tension between us was very strong and we were both very keen to get our rocks off again. The edging had been going on for about 4 hours now and Brett said “MAN! My balls are aching.” I laughed and answered “join the club mate.” He said “Dan, I really want to get into that bed with you so much.” “Ok mate, let’s go” I said. “It has sort of been on my mind too.”
We quickly made our way to the bedroom where we pulled the covers back and then slowly stripped each other naked. Now we let our bodies come together in a tight hugging embrace. Brett’s cock was so hard it was standing up almost touching his belly and as we came together, the feeling of it pressing against me was incredible. We rubbed our dicks against each other as I ran my fingertips up and down his back and nibbled on his ear lobe. Brett threw his head back and sighed with pleasure. We both just fell across the bed locked together enjoying the feeling of our bodies against each other. We slowly rolled over and back again. I let go of him and sat down straddling his legs so that our cocks were together between us. I wrapped my right hand around both of them together and squeezed them while I tweaked Brett’s nipples which were standing out and hard with excitement. The pre-cum was really flowing now and was forming quite a slick lubricant between our dicks. I slid back off Brett’s legs and tickled his right nipple with the tip of my tongue. Then I kissed my way down his chest and belly. When I reached his belly button, I slipped my tongue in and around it before continuing down following his snail trail of soft hair to the neatly trimmed bush of his pubes. Of course his beautiful erection was right there at the tip of my nose so I went to his large balls and licked them each in turn before slowly licking all the way up his hard shaft to the sensitive spot just below the piss slit. Here I found a lot of tasty pre-cum that I licked off as I ran my tongue up and around the perfect head. It was so hot with the pressure of his erection that the glans were almost rigid. By now Brett was squirming on his back with his legs spread wide. He raised his head to watch me as I took his huge cock gently into my mouth, rolling my tongue around the head and sucking the salty/sweet pre-cum from within. I took his member down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubes. Then I slipped it back out again and went back to his balls. They were both up fairly high now as he was nearing his orgasm so I eased off a bit. I just gave them another little lick before I went down lower to his perineum which was swollen to a large curved shape. It looked so good and his tight asshole was twitching as I licked along towards it. He was quite smooth in this area, not shaved but very little hair I had never rimmed anyone before but I knew how clean and healthy Brett was and I let my tongue gently circle around the edge of his hole. Brett gasped in pleasure as I did this and drew his legs up to make it easier for me to access this place that was giving him so much pleasure. He smelt so clean and I was so excited myself that I let the tip of my tongue slip inside him just a little. Brett yelled that he was so close to cumming that I should stop for a moment. This I did and flopped over to lie on my back next to him while he regained some control. He was panting and trembling with excitement. He reached across and grabbed my dick and started to rub it gently. Then he sat up and said “Dan, I have never done anything like this before but I want to take your cock in my mouth and return some of the pleasure you have given me.” I smiled at him and said “go for it mate. Whatever you like is ok with me. But if you want to stop at any time just do so. I will let you know if I am about to cum.” Brett grinned at me and stuck out his tongue and licked the pre-cum off my dick and said “mmm that tastes so good.” Then he went down on my dick and worked magic on it with his hot mouth and rolling tongue. It was hard to believe that this was his first time at sucking dick. After only a minute or so, I said “mate, if you keep this up I will be blowing your head off with my orgasm.” So he took his mouth off my dick. I said “what about a sixty nine?” When I explained what that was, he was all for it. So we shuffled around into position and away we went.
It was just amazing for both of us and we both got to the point of blowing at the same time and we each instinctively knew that we both had to let it go. I took my mouth off just long enough to warn Brett that I was cumming and at that moment he blasted my face and chest with a flood of warm cum. I did the same but Brett kept his mouth over my pulsing cock and took it all swallowing hard. I licked his juices off his hot cock as his cum ran down my cheeks and chin. We both fell back on the bed and rolled together in a warm and sticky embrace. This time we showered with each other before climbing into bed together – naked and exhausted.

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2012-03-21 23:12:38
Great series....remind me of my youth...wish I could relive them again

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