I began writing this story almost a year ago but left it to try other ideas--some good, some not so good. You should read the first installment—The Geezer Makes Out—which you can find by clicking on my screen name and scrolling to the bottom of my story list to understand what led to this story. Or, try the synopsis below. I recommend reading the first story; it was one of my best.


Retired mid-60’s widower Michael G. (long unpronounceable surname) becomes bored so he takes a part-time job as a substitute teacher. After a month he is convinced to replace a high school teacher on medical leave. He meets gorgeous sexy fifteen year old student Rachel Foster who flashes her cunt at him daily in class and seduces him late one Friday afternoon in the dark and deserted school parking lot. The next day he meets Rachel and her totally hot mother Becky in the supermarket and is invited to dinner. After dinner Michael learns that Becky knows he fucked her daughter the previous day and she approves! Rachel and Becky surprise Michael by sharing him, not only that evening but over the entire four-day weekend. Thus begins their adventurous relationship.

Chapter 1

The end of the school year was only a few weeks away, meaning that Rachel’s birthday was also near. She’s been hinting—if you can call asking, begging, pleading, cajoling, and outright arm twisting anything like a hint—for a car. She’ll be 16 and she’s been driving for almost a year so I guess it’s not entirely out of line. I talked about it with Becky, her mom, during an especially satisfying fuck fest. We were both catching our breath, lying on my bed covered in a thin sheen of sweat, not to mention her cum or mine or both. “I guess you know Rachel is hinting for a car as a birthday present.”

When Becky finished laughing she said, “Rachel doesn’t exactly hint, does she?”

“No,” I replied, rolling onto my side and kissing her neck. “She’s pretty direct, but…then again…if she weren’t we probably wouldn’t be here, would we?”

“I guess not,” kissing me back. “What are you going to do about it?”

We talked for several minutes before I suggested a used Honda Civic a friend was trying to sell.

“She’ll be the envy of all her friends,” Becky commented. “With my settlement I’ll be able to handle the extra insurance cost, too.”

Becky was talking about the settlement of her suit against the school district. When I picked up Rachel for our trip to the Keys during spring break the high school principal scolded me about my sexual relationship with her. He made a big mistake by doing it in the school office in front of students, teachers and his staff. Becky had sued as soon as we returned. These things often take a year or longer to be resolved but it was clear that the school district wanted it to go away and the insurance company couldn’t wait to settle. Her attorney had just rejected their initial offer of $50,000. I figured it would eventually come to $200,000 or more—minus the attorney’s fees, of course. However, I wasn’t going to let her pay for it. “It’s not much of a present if it costs you a bundle. I’ll pay for the insurance. In fact, I’ll get Rachel her own policy. That’ll shield you in case she has an accident.”

Becky smiled at me, traced circles on my chest, and gave me that special ”Fuck Me!” look. Thank God for Levitra! She leaned over to kiss me and grabbed my semi-soft cock. She stroked in a slow sinuous motion, soon bringing back my strong erection. I decided to let her do the work this time so I lay back relaxing—enjoying. She took the hint and after a long lingering kiss loaded with lots of tongue action and saliva swapping she leaned down to kiss my newly hardened dick. She licked all around, smacking her lips as she removed the combination of her vaginal juices and my cum, before sucking me into her hot mouth. Becky’s head was bobbing up and down driving me crazy each time as her tongue massaged my throbbing seven inches. I didn’t think I could take much more so I groaned extra loudly. Becky recognized my signal, straddled me, and slowly lowered herself onto me, savoring the sensation of filling her dripping hot velvety cunt. She rocked—back and forth, back and forth, back and forth—increasing her tempo as we both experienced the ecstasy of our union. I reached up and fondled her double-D breasts, teasing her areolas and pinching her nipples. Faster and faster she rocked, digging her swollen clit into my pubic bone. Fuck! My balls were on fire; I couldn’t hold back. My semen churned up, exploding a second time into her womb. As I shot my third thick rope into her she convulsed wildly in orgasmic rapture, her mouth in a silent scream, before collapsing onto my chest. We embraced for almost ten minutes, regaining our strength, kissing tenderly. Eventually my cock shrunk enough to slip from her pussy. I rolled us over so we lay side by side in each other’s arms. I pulled up the blankets as we fell asleep. It wasn’t quite 10 a.m.

We woke shortly before one in the afternoon, showered, and went to lunch at the country club. By now she was almost as well known there as I was--especially after she and Rachel had flashed all the male members at dinner about two months ago. Not surprisingly, she was greeted warmly by many of the old geezers—those there without their wives, anyway. It was a beautiful, fresh spring day so we sat on the patio overlooking the 18th green. There was a light breeze and the azaleas were in bloom. It was a beautiful setting. Lunch was fine—club sandwiches and cold beer—but I couldn’t take my eyes off my breathtaking companion. What a lucky man I was!

Around 2:30 she reminded me that she had to be at work by four. I took her home, kissed her good bye and got home just in time to greet my other lover—her daughter, Rachel. She came by every afternoon for her “sex ed” instruction. I didn’t think I had much more to teach her so we both just enjoyed each other. I had tried several times to encourage her to date some of the guys in her school. She just laughed. ”Why would I want to be in the backseat of a car with some clumsy boy when I can be here in a real man’s bed?”
My only answer was that she should have the companionship of people her own age. She didn’t answer me; she just glared and pulled me to the bedroom where she gave me a ferocious fucking. I loved her when she was pissed.

She had pushed me onto the bed, pulled off my pants and boxers. Her own clothes were furiously thrown into a pile in the corner. Moving me to the middle of the bed she stroked my growing dick then moved between my legs, taking me into her mouth. She sucked hard and licked up and down the tender underside of my cock while sliding me in and out. Her heat was incredible; her passion even greater. She knew when I was getting really turned on and that’s when she moved forward onto my erection. She was in no mood for soft easy sex. She wanted it hard, rough, and fast. She forced her tight tunnel onto my oak-like rod then rode me like I was a wild bronco, slamming her clit into me. She rubbed herself to two orgasms before I was anywhere near ready to cum. Even after cumming she kept riding me, bringing me to a sensational release. Lifting my hips I pushed my dick into her as far as humanly possible, driving my sperm up into her. Rachel leaned forward, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she grabbed my head and pulled it into a rough kiss. “Do you think I could do that with some stupid boy?”

“You probably could if you took the time to teach him like I did with you,” I replied smiling.

“Ewww, you have an answer for everything. Don’t you get it? I… ONLY…WANT…TO…FUCK…YOU! I know you love me, not like you love Mom, but you do love me and I love you.”

“You’re right about that, Rachel. I do love you,” I told her tenderly. “And you’re right, too, that it’s not quite the same as with Becky. But you’ve known for a long time that I love you.”

“Well, I don’t want to hear any more nonsense about going out with any pimple-faced boys, OK?”

“OK,” I said resignedly. I still thought she should see boys her own age but I couldn’t win. It was like Newton’s Third Law—for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The harder I pushed the harder she would push back. I’d just let it all flow and eventually she’d find herself head over heels about some guy in her school. Or, so I hoped.

Chapter 2

I bought the car from my buddy Chuck about a week before her birthday and took it to my mechanic for a check-up. As I suspected Chuck had maintained it in A-plus condition. It was just less than three years old, ran perfectly with good tires and even an oil change just a few days before selling it to me. Next I drove it to the local car wash and had it detailed—inside and out. It was a sedan with cranberry red metallic paint and a grey interior with velour seats. I knew the owner and he assured me it would look great when he was finished. He was right; it looked like a new car when I picked it up. I parked it in another friend’s garage until Rachel’s birthday only two days away. When she came to my condo Friday afternoon her car was in the parking lot two slots away from mine. She unlocked the door with her key. “Hi, G!” she exclaimed. I was sitting in my recliner, reading and doing my best to act nonchalant. There was a small wrapped box on the coffee table. “Hi, Rachel, happy birthday! Here’s a little something I bought you.” I could barely suppress a smirk when she looked a bit disappointed. She slowly unwrapped the box to find a typewritten note. “Look outside. What doesn’t belong?”

She had a puzzled look on her face but walked to the sliding door to the balcony. Looking outside she could see the lawn below and the parking lot beyond. “I don’t know what I’m looking for, G. Where am I supposed to look?”

“I’d think you’d know after all the hinting you did.” I could barely stop laughing.

“A car? You mean you really got me a car? Which one is it?” She was jumping up and down in excitement.

“Well,” I replied, “what’s the best looking car out there? Other than mine, that is.”

“Uh, I don’t know. There’s a nice red one down there.”

I laughed and she turned around to see me dangling the keys from my fingers. “Oh, G, thank you so much. Can we go down and look at it?”

“Of course, take the keys and let’s go.” She grabbed them from my hand and ran out the door-- I walked. She was already in the car adjusting the seat and mirrors when I got there. The expression on her face was worth every penny I had spent. I explained about the insurance and a bit about maintenance. I showed her how to use the jack and change a tire and when I was finished I could tell she was impatient to try it out. “Go ahead,” I said. “I’ll wait for you here.”

“Oh, no!” she replied, “I definitely want you to come with me.” She had a devious expression on her face, reminding me of when she had seduced me almost seven months ago. I got in and settled into the seat wondering what she had in mind. We drove all through town and Rachel beeped and waved to all the friends she saw. Soon, though, we were through the town and into the rural countryside. She slowed at a dilapidated old farm that had been deserted for at least twenty years. I recognized it as the site where Rachel’s friend Suzy had first gone with her boyfriend, Brian. I’d say she lost her virginity here but that wouldn’t be true. She lost it to me when I was teaching her some of the lessons I had also given Rachel. Sure enough, Rachel pulled behind the old barn and turned off the engine. “Now I can thank you properly,” she whispered to me as she leaned across the console to kiss me.

“You know, you could have done that back in the condo.”

“Sometimes, G, I wonder if you have any sense of romance. I want to break in my new car and I want to break it in with you.”

“That’s great, Rachel, but remember that I don’t bend quite as easily as I used to. I probably haven’t had sex in a car for almost fifty years.”

“Don’t worry, G, I think I’ve figured it all out. Let’s get into the back seat.”

Unfastening my seat belt I opened the door. By the time I exited she was already there unbuttoning her blouse. She dropped her clothes in the dead grass before undressing me. I stepped out of my shorts and there we stood—two naked people. OK--not naked--I was wearing socks and sneakers. Rachel moved in, pushing me against the back door, her large firm breasts pressing against my stomach, her mound rubbing up and down my thigh. She put her arms around my neck and leaned up to kiss me. It was long and hot and wet. Her tongue probed my mouth where it was enthusiastically welcomed. I placed my hands on her butt to pull her even closer, but she stopped me. She opened the back door and motioned me to sit. As I did she moved the front seats up as far as they would go then entered the back seat from the driver’s side. She pulled me back to a lying position then crawled over to 69 me. I leaned up to lick her wet hot slit, noticing immediately that her pussy lips were red and swollen, as she lowered her head onto my strengthening erection. It must have been quite a sight. I was on the bottom (of course) with my legs sticking out one side and my feet on the ground. Rachel faced the other way with her feet in the air—both doors wide open. I couldn’t have cared less. I was too busy eating her yummy pussy and getting really turned on. I licked up and down her labia very, very slowly before plunging my tongue into her sopping cunt. I was fucking her with my tongue while I massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. Rachel moaned into my cock as she bobbed up and down.

I lightly smacked her butt, signaling time to change. She quickly reversed and sat on my cock. The Civic’s low roof forced her to lean forward but she had placed one foot on the floor and she used that for leverage so she could rotate her tight tunnel around my cock. We kissed as we fucked, or maybe I should say she fucked. I just lay back, relaxing, while she worked my rock hard cock into a frenetic state. From her vast experience—fucking me at least once daily for more than 220 days—she knew I was ready to cum. She slipped back, pulling away from my cock. She gripped it tightly, stroking rapidly, and just as I was ready she pushed her lips tightly over the head to capture every drop my orgasm would produce. She milked me completely dry, allowing just a drop of semen to escape her lips before licking it avidly with her tongue. I could see the droplet on her tongue as she leaned forward for a kiss. “Thank you, G, this is the best present I ever got. I love it and I love you.” Then she kissed me long and hard.

We lay together much as I had with her mother a few days earlier before I whispered, “Don’t you think we need to get going? I promised you and Becky I’d take you to dinner and our reservation is only two hours from now. We both need to shower and I need to shave.” She kissed me again and reluctantly rose. I could see from her eyes that we’d be doing this again, and probably often. I laughed as she dressed, brushing the grass straw from her clothes. Perhaps I laughed too soon—my clothes were no better. We looked like two scarecrows as she kissed me once again before driving away.

Chapter 3

We cleaned up at my place, showering and shaving each other as had become our habit. Rachel was better at shaving my scrotum and cock than I was, and the blow job that usually followed was nothing less than spectacular. Standing under streaming hot water while a gorgeous auburn haired nymph attacked my cock was an experience to die for. I once wondered, which was hotter—the water or Rachel? What a fucking stupid question!

Rachel drove her new car to pick up her mom, beaming as she pulled into the driveway. She ran into the double-wide, dragging Becky out to see her new wheels. Becky gave it the once-over inside and out, smiling at Rachel’s enthusiasm. Of course, Rachel insisted on driving—chauffeuring us-- to the restaurant.

Dinner was great; the company was better. I was pretty sure I was going to be in trouble when they went to the ladies room before dessert. They had a long history of planning sexual scenarios, mostly in adjacent stalls. My instincts proved right when we returned home. Rachel and Becky shared everything, including me, so I wasn’t surprised when they double teamed me in the living room, “forcing” me to the bedroom. By the time I got there I was semi-naked—shirt off, pants around my ankles, boxers around my knees, my shoes somewhere in the hallway. Becky kissed me first. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear before she tiptoed, pulling my head down to meet her lips, plunging her tongue into my throat as part of an exceptionally passionate kiss. Rachel, meanwhile, had removed the rest of my clothes before shedding hers. She pulled my rock-hard cock between her breasts, giving me a great titty-fuck as she forced my erection between those firm satiny breasts, taking me into her mouth on the up stroke as Becky eagerly massaged my balls. Becky turned me over to Rachel so she, too, could get naked. She threw everything into the corner, soon joining Rachel licking and kissing my dick. Becky moved to engulf my pole, taking my full seven inches deep into her mouth and throat. Rachel moved up onto the bed straddling my face so I could drink her sexual cocktail straight from the source. Becky was bobbing up and down over my cock while I was bobbing up and down as I thrust my tongue deep into her daughter. When Becky stopped sucking I knew they were ready for phase two.

Becky moved up and over my cock, surprising me when she pushed down to impale her ass, not her pussy, onto me. Rachel spun around so she could face her mom while I continued to eat her out. Suddenly she shifted, presenting her tight rosebud to my tongue. I teased her anus with the tip of my tongue before pushing into her. Now I was fucking Becky’s tight ass, trying to keep up with her gyrations, and tongue fucking her daughter’s shitter. There must be a name for this, but I didn’t know what it was, although it sure was fun! “Unngghh,” I groaned. I was getting close so Rachel moved down just as Becky pulled off. Rachel started to jerk me off as she and Becky placed their mouths side-by-side just above my throbbing dick. My erupting fountain hit both of them in the face as they sought to catch as much as possible in their mouths. When I finished, Rachel sucked me dry, then cleaned my cock of her mother’s anal secretions. She and Becky then licked my cum from each other’s faces. We were already in bed so we settled in, kidding and teasing each other before falling asleep. It was a Friday night so we could sleep in the next morning. Then it would be time for my next surprise.

Chapter 4

We were seated at the kitchen table, hot coffee, bacon and eggs before us when I sprung my surprise. I dropped a thick envelope on the table. The “thud“ surprised both Becky and Rachel. Rachel looked at me questioningly. “Go ahead,” I said, “Open it.”

Rachel removed the rubber band I had used to secure the package and spilled a mess of papers onto the table. There was a thick blue folder that Rachel opened first. Her mouth dropped about a foot. She looked at her mom, then at me. “You’re taking us on a cruise, G? We’re going to Hawaii?” She leaped over the table into my lap, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a wild kiss. Becky and I had discussed our vacationing together and had agreed on the dates. But, when it came to a destination, she simply said, “Surprise me.” So I did.

We flew to San Diego where we would embark, spending four days at sea before reaching the Big Island of Hawaii. I had booked us a suite because the three of us would never make it in such a small setting as a regular stateroom. The steward showed us the sleep sofa commenting that he would set it up each evening. I smiled knowing it would be mussed up but never used. Rachel, Becky and I always slept together, always naked so nothing would stand in the way of our pleasure. After dinner Rachel went to the show; Becky and I “retired” for the evening. I joined her in the tiny shower. There was barely room for one so the two of us made a really tight squeeze. I soaped her back then knelt to clean her butt when she suddenly turned to present her bald cunt to me. I reached out with my tongue cleaning her from ass to clit. I started to encircle her rosebud with my tongue then moved ever so slowly forward and up, splitting her slit with the tip before plunging in to lick and savor her tasty wet pussy.

I tongue fucked her for several minutes while teasing her clit with my fingers. I traced gentle circles around her swollen bud causing her to arch her back in an effort to force my tongue deeper into her cunt and my fingers to rub her more vigorously. Becky buried her fingers in my hair and pulled me up to another long hot kiss, wiping the pussy juice from my lips in the process. She reached down, finding my cock hard and hot. She looked for a moment, watching the arteries pulse and throb as it bobbed up and down in anticipation of the upcoming fucking. It took quite a while but eventually we were both clean, or at least clean enough for proper fucking which would result in needing another shower, anyway. We dried each other and strolled arm-in-arm to the bed. If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship you know it was a very short stroll. We fell together onto the bed.

We laid side-by-side caressing each other as our tongues explored what was now very familiar territory—each other’s mouths. We broke the kiss at the same time, moving back to simultaneously mouth the words, “I love you.” Becky rolled me onto my back, taking the time to lick all around the head and tip of my rock hard cock before she rubbed it against her hardening nipples; she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Keeping them closed she felt her way onto my body. Rubbing my cock up and down her slit ensured we were both wet enough that I’d slide easily into her. Ever so slowly she sunk onto my cock, savoring the sensation of having her pussy walls stretched. Rather than rock as she usually did she rotated her hips in a circle so I touched every square centimeter of her hot cunt. I rolled her nipples, pinching them slightly. Becky arched her back as she grunted loudly, forcing my hard cock into her G-spot as we slowly built to a fantastic mutual orgasm. Becky shuddered then shook violently as her orgasm ran through her body. I was only seconds behind her, raising my hips as I drove deep into her forcing my sticky white semen into her womb. Becky collapsed onto me; we both breathed in deeply as we came down from our sexual high. “So, how was the show, Rachel?” I asked, having heard her slip into the suite a few minutes earlier.

“Interesting--a ventriloquist who was pretty funny--but not as good as the show here. After watching you two I guess I’m going to have to wait until morning to get mine.”

“Sorry, honey,” Becky kidded her with a huge smile on her face. I moved Becky to one side, my arm still around her, and held my other open to Rachel. She stripped hurriedly and joined us in bed, snuggling as closely to me as humanly possible while Becky did the same from the other side. We chatted quietly for a few minutes before falling sound asleep.

We woke early the following morning and decided to take a stroll on deck before breakfast. We picked up some pool towels and staked out three lounges near the pool—two in the sun and one (for guess who?) in the shade. Having worked up an appetite from our walk we headed straight for the buffet. I love bacon so I was planning on getting more than my share over the next twelve days. I thought I had a lot of food until Rachel arrived at the table. Damn! If I ate that much I’d probably weigh 400 pounds. After breakfast it was a quick trip back to our room to change into our suits. When I took a look at Becky and Rachel I knew it was going to be an interesting cruise. Looking at their suits I figured I could have made at least six of theirs from one of mine. They donned their cover-ups; we got our sunscreen, books, and our cruise line charge cards and headed out to the pool.

Becky and Rachel raised quite a few eyebrows when they stripped to their suits. I thought I could see some guys actually drooling. I just sat back in the shade and watched them knowing I had absolutely nothing to worry about—they’d be sleeping with me again tonight. One by one I’d see guys make their move on Rachel or Becky; twice a pair tried their luck with the two of them, but every single time they shook their heads “NO” and pointed to me. I saw lots of quizzical looks but only twice did anyone approach me. Both conversations were almost word for word identical: “Uh, excuse me, sir, but do you know those two women? You know, those really hot ones in the yellow and hot pink bikinis?

“As a matter of fact, I do,” I replied. “Why?”

“Well…I tried striking up a conversation and asked the younger one…uh, Rachel, I think…if she wanted to go to the club tonight, but all she did was shake her head “NO” and point over here at you. Are you her father?”

“Um, no, I’m definitely not her father, but…hold on a minute.” I waved Rachel over.”This young man wants to know if I’m your father.” Rachel took one look at him, sat in my lap, grabbing my head and pulling me into a long hot kiss while she pushed her succulent breasts into my chest and ground her pussy into my groin. When she finally broke the kiss more than a minute later she turned toward the confused man. “That answer your question? G is my lover, not my father, and he is the absolute best ever. If you don’t believe me just ask my mother.” She waved Becky over. If the kid was confused before he was bewildered now for Becky replaced Rachel, giving me an even hotter and longer kiss. When she was done they returned to the pool, shaking their firm hot asses en route.

“You’re doing both of them?” I just nodded. “And they don’t mind?”

“No, actually they love double teaming me, not that I object. I’m sure you understand.”

“No, I don’t and I don’t think I ever will, but I sure as hell am jealous.”

The morning flew by as the liner cruised through the long Pacific swells. After that huge breakfast we weren’t all that hungry at lunch time so we stayed near the pool grabbing some burgers and fries from the grill. Becky and Rachel returned to sunbathing, but only after insisting that I cover every square millimeter of their exposed skin with sunscreen. There were plenty of interested and probably jealous eyes as I rubbed the lotion into their breasts, buttocks, and between their legs as they stood and rotated in front of me. Of course, I was especially careful to rub Rachel’s and Becky’s slits hoping to get a potentially embarrassing reaction from them. They may have gritted their teeth but I had to chuckle when Rachel gave a low moan first when I put the cool lotion onto her breasts and again when I tenderly stroked her slit under the guise of rubbing the lotion into her inner thighs. When I had finished they just stood there staring at me. “What?” I asked.

“I think it’s our turn now, G. Take your shirt off.”

“Have you noticed that I’m sitting in the shade? There’s no need for sunscreen in the shade, not to mention my body isn’t as buff as either of yours. I’m fine.” Becky and Rachel stood in front of me, legs apart and arms crossed. I could see the determination on their faces and I knew there was no winning this battle. I took my shirt off and stood there feeling silly as they slathered the lotion all over me. I even bent over so they could get my bald spot. I sat in my lounger expecting them to return to the pool, but they stood stock still in front of me. “What?” I asked again, having absolutely no idea what was going on. Becky took one hand, Rachel the other, as they pulled me up, leading me to the pool.

“We want to show you off, G,” Rachel whispered while we were walking.

“That’s a laugh,” I replied. “I could understand my showing you off, but the other way around—NO!” We all laughed. I stepped into the pool, amused by the movement of the water as the ship rose and fell over the waves. The pool had waves that mimicked those in the ocean. Obviously, they were much smaller, but in the confines of the small pool they felt like tsunamis. When one hit me in the face I noticed the water was salty; I was swimming in the Pacific Ocean—granted it was about a hundred feet above sea level, but it was surely ocean water. I allowed myself to be banged around for about ten minutes before I rescued myself and returned to the lounger, staying there until almost four when the weather turned chilly. We returned to the suite where we climbed into bed to rest, or so I thought. I had just closed my eyes when I felt rather than heard giggling into my cock. I looked down and, of course, I found the source of my problem immediately. Rachel was under the sheet, her extremely fine butt in the air as she began to lick my shaft starting at my balls and moving slowly to the tip. “Is it not possible to actually rest with you around, Rachel?”

“Not a chance, G, at least not until we’ve both cum at least once. I’m all hot and bothered after having everyone’s eyes on me all day and I thought I’d cum right there by the pool when you were putting the lotion on me. I got so hot!” I looked over at Becky for support but all I got in return was a helpless shrug. I resigned myself to the terrible chore ahead of me—sucking and fucking a gorgeous sixteen year old nymph who for some mysterious reason had chosen me to love and fuck. I pulled her butt over me and leaned in for a great lick. I usually started at her ass and moved up so today I moved in the other direction. I sucked her clit into my mouth eliciting a groan from Rachel’s lips. Releasing her swollen nub I slid my tongue down her slit into her tunnel which was dripping with her nectar. I drank and drank, bringing her to a shuddering orgasm. Had Rachel been idle I still would have been hard as stone, but she had actively sucked my cock deep into her mouth and throat, licking all around my shaft until she came, collapsing onto my body, caressing my cock against her cheek while she came slowly down from her high. I spun her around ignoring her complaints about needing more rest. I engaged her in a long hot kiss and when our tongues met I plunged my cock deep into her smoldering cunt. “Oooooohhhhh, G! Couldn’t you give me some warning?”

“Ha, Rachel, my dear, you’re the one who wanted to fuck, so….”

“I know, G, but I still haven’t recovered from cumming yet.”

“OK, so now you’ll get ready for the next one. Then, maybe, I can finally get some rest.” I started thrusting into her—long, strong thrusts that bottomed out against her cervix. Rachel often loved hard rough fucking and today was no exception as she met every thrust with one of her own. In only seconds we were rutting like two animals, intent on getting each other off. Rachel’s hot tight love canal gripped me and her rapid movements bent my hard cock almost in two as she generated incredible friction for me. I could tell—tired as I may have been—that I was getting close—very, very close. I reached between us to pinch her clit. That was all it took for her to go off into a second intense orgasm. Rachel shuddered and shook as my first hot ribbon of baby making cream jetted into her womb. Her orgasm lasted beyond my sixth and final spurt. We collapsed together into a pile. Mercifully, Becky pulled the sheets and blankets over us, a big smile on her face. We slept well until a half hour before dinner.


I decided to get some revenge on Rachel the following morning. I woke early—around six—and Rachel was deeply asleep, as usual. Rachel always slept like the dead, totally out of it until she woke up. Now was the time. I rolled over on my side, spooning behind her. She reacted though still asleep by pushing back into my chest and legs. Carefully, I raised her leg, moving it over mine and opening her pussy for my assault. I stroked myself to hardness in only a few seconds. Bringing my cock to her entrance I slowly slipped it into her. I pushed until she reacted then I stopped, holding my position until I deemed it safe to proceed. I was almost all the way in before I once again started to get a reaction out of her. I stopped again, waiting until I was sure she wouldn’t awaken. This went on for almost ten minutes; I loved watching Rachel squirm in her sleep. I thought it was going very well until I heard, “If you’re going to fuck me, G, will you please do it and don’t stop every thirty seconds. You’re driving me crazy. Please, G—please!”

Okay, she caught me but she certainly wasn’t griping about it. She wiggled her ass and hips, seating my hard erection in her cunt. I humped her a few times until she turned her head. “G, she whispered, “would you please put it in my….” I raised my eyebrows, whispering back that I didn’t want to wake Becky.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I heard from the other side. “How anyone could even think about sleeping with you two going at it, I don’t know. Just stick it in her ass like she wants.”

“Don’t blame me, Mom. I was sound asleep when G started fucking me. I’m just reacting to having his wonderful cock in me.” I pulled it out, raised the tip about an inch and pushed the slimy head into her ass. Rachel and I had anal sex almost every day during the school year so her anus was well accustomed to my intrusion. I slid in with no difficulty, listening to Rachel groan in ecstasy. I pumped it into her hard and deep as we spooned together. I had to place my hand over her mouth to stifle her loud groans as her orgasm claimed reign over her body. She shook for several seconds before I rammed my first jet of semen deep into her bowel. I had shot several more into her when I heard her. “Ooohh, G, I love it when you cum in my ass. I can feel your hot cum inside me. Let’s go back to sleep, but leave your cock in me—please?” I did as she asked as she snuggled closer. I was almost asleep again when I felt Becky spooning with me on the other side. Ummm, what a sensational feeling, wedged between these two beauties. “My turn next,” Becky whispered.

Becky got her turn shortly after breakfast. We returned to the suite to change into our swim suits but got detoured on the way. Seeing how her mom was looking at me Rachel sighed, “I’ll be at the pool. Take your time.” With that kind of blessing we did exactly that. Becky pushed me back onto the bed, pulled down my shorts and boxers and moved up to lick and stroke my cock. It was soft for maybe a second before my lust took over. I straightened and hardened almost immediately under her talented fingers. She smiled wickedly as she took me into her hot mouth. Up and down she bobbed licking and sucking until I could take no more. My groaning grew in intensity with every second until Becky pulled back before climbing onto the bed, head down and butt up. I didn’t need an invitation. I positioned my wet slimy cock at her cunt and pushed forward. She looked back questioningly until I said, “Just need some of your lube.”

While I was juicing up my cock I scooped some of her fine pussy juice with my fingers, rubbing it into her
ass. I pulled out and repositioned, applying gradual but firm pressure to her anus. Slowly—too slowly to satisfy either of us—my rock-hard cock slid into her darkest hole. The pressure of her sphincter was incredible as I pushed deep into her rectum. I was lost in my reverie, savoring the sensations I was receiving until I was rudely disturbed. “Fuck me harder, Michael. I want it to hurt so good.”

I grabbed her hips for leverage and pushed hard until I was completely in her. I pulled out until only my head remained encircled by her butt. Then I thrust hard and fast over and over again. Becky writhed under my assault until, after several minutes, I reached between her legs with both hands—one for her pussy and one for her clit. I fucked her with two fingers of my left while I rubbed and pinched her clit. Suddenly, Becky tensed then she exploded in a series of wild erratic uncontrolled movements as her intense orgasm raced through her body. It lasted for what seemed an eternity but was actually only seconds until she collapsed sweating and panting as she began to recover from her ordeal. I pulled out and lay next to her, caressing her face and kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Michael, I really needed that. You’d think that all the sex we’ve had over the past few days would be enough, but I just had an itch that needed scratching.”

We had several glorious days as we approached the Big Island and then it happened—trouble--with a capital “T.” After dinner our third night at sea we all went to see the cruise line’s “Tribute to Broadway,” a show I would describe as OK, but not great. After the show Becky and I went to the casino while Rachel told us she wanted to check out the nightclub. We gambled for an hour or so before returning to the suite just after midnight. We were just getting ready for our pre-sex shower when we heard the door open. One look at Rachel was enough. Her blouse was torn and she was sporting a bruise on her left cheek; I was at her side in an instant. She looked at us and cried as she told us about this older guy who had come on to her and was reluctant to take “No!” for an answer. He had cornered Rachel when she tried to return to the suite, grabbing her breast and smacking her for good measure. I was seething inside but retained my calm exterior. I told Becky to give Rachel a shower and get her to bed; I was going for a walk. Becky gave me a questioning look but when she saw the expression on my face she turned away leading Rachel to the bathroom.

I was pretty sure I would find this creep. I had Rachel’s description—about 6 feet, black hair, pink golf shirt, and light tan slacks. And I was pretty sure where I’d find him—in the bar, either bragging about his exploits or sulking about not getting his way. Sure enough, I found him in the aft lounge hunched over a drink talking to himself. The place was pretty empty so under the guise of seeking companionship I sat down next to him and ordered two drinks—one for me and a double for him. I had no trouble getting him to talk. He was full of himself after teaching “that little cockteaser” a lesson. I wanted to know what he might do next. If he was just going to let it go I’d probably get up and go back to my two ladies, maybe after warning him off. But this guy was just getting started. “I taught that little bitch a lesson today, but wait until tomorrow. I’m going to fuck her for sure and I’ll probably punch her lights out for good measure.” When I heard that I knew I’d have to go to plan B. I ordered two more drinks—another double for him and one that I’d barely sip. He was getting drunk and that fit well into my plans for him. Ships can be dangerous places, especially for a drunk. When we left the lounge the area outside was deserted as he staggered down the deck. I led him to a dark area, ignoring his slurred questions as to whether this was the way to his cabin.

“Hey,” I said, pointing skyward with my left hand, “what’s that?” He was standing at the rail when he looked up. I struck in less than a second, my right arm slashing backwards through the air as the hard muscle of my hand cut into his throat crushing his windpipe and larynx. There are some things you never forget. I hadn’t done this since hand-to-hand combat as an Army grunt in Nam. It had worked then and it worked now. His hands flew to his neck as he gasped desperately for breath, his eyes wide in shock. I checked again to make sure there were no witnesses before I grabbed his shirt pushing him backwards into the rail.

I put my face into his so there’d be no misunderstanding me.“Listen carefully, asshole, that so-called ‘little cockteaser’ is like a daughter to me and if you think you’re going to hurt her you’re fucking delusional,” I whispered. I kneed him in the groin crushing his testicles. I’m sure he would have screamed in agony if only his larynx were still working. I pushed his chest until he was bent backward over the rail, using my height to advantage. All it took was a little lift of his leg with my other hand and over he went, tumbling away into the darkness. We were on the eleventh deck, meaning it was over a hundred feet to the water. At that height falling into water was just like falling onto concrete. If that didn’t kill him the props probably would. Either way I knew Rachel would be safe. Telling me that he was a single passenger in a cabin of his own was a big mistake. He was bragging that he’d get Rachel there to rape her, but now there was nobody to report him missing. It could be a day or more until that was discovered. Of course, I knew I’d be questioned. I would gladly volunteer information that we were drinking together and left at the same time. I would add that he was staggering drunk and that we separated at the door. I’d returned to my suite and never seen him again, a statement that was almost entirely true but couldn’t be proved false.

When I got back to the suite Rachel was in bed, but still crying and awake. I sat next to her as she sat up to lean her head against my shoulder. I gently stroked her head as I tried to soothe her. “Oh, G, I’m so afraid. What if I see him tomorrow?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that, Sweetheart,” I said kissing her cheek, “It’s a big ship and Becky and I will be with you. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Now go to sleep. I need a shower and then I’ll join you.” I walked to the shower, shedding my clothes as I went. Becky followed me, closing the door after her.

“How can you be so sure, Michael, that he won’t try again? I think we should go to the Captain. I’m sure he’ll do something.”

“Becky, there are hundreds of attacks like what Rachel just endured on cruise ships every year. Ever hear anything about them? No--because the cruise lines hush them up. Don’t worry. I guarantee he won’t do anything further.”

“Michael,” she said softly, not wanting to disturb Rachel, “something tells me you’re not telling me the entire truth.”

“Becky, you have to trust me. It’s better this way. I wouldn’t want you to have to lie to the authorities. You’re a terrible liar.” Becky stepped back glaring at me. It was the closest thing to an argument we’d had in more than seven months as lovers. I could see that I’d have to come clean. I spoke very softly and very slowly. “OK…but not a word—not a single word—to anyone. I met up with him in the bar where we had our pre-dinner drinks. He bragged about how he taught ‘that little cockteaser’ a big lesson and he swore he’d finish the job tomorrow. I couldn’t let him hurt Rachel again so I arranged a little accident for him.”

“Michael,” she gasped, “you didn’t kill him?”

“No, I’m sure he was still alive when he hit the water, although after falling more than a hundred feet I doubt he was much longer. Becky, he came on this cruise to victimize young single women. He told me that he had just raped two other girls—bragged about it—and planned the same for Rachel and who knows how many others. He’s in a single cabin so it could be days before anyone notices he’s gone. I’m sure the bartender will remember that I had a few drinks with him and that we left at the same time. I plan on cooperating almost fully in the hope of finding him. I hate the use of force to solve problems but there was no way I was going to give him another chance. Know what he told me as we left the lounge? The other two girls reported him and the crew did nothing—told him not to do it again and bought off the girls! He laughed at how inept they were. Well, he’s not laughing now.” Becky looked stunned, but relieved. “Thank God we have you, Michael.” She pulled me to her, holding me in a tight embrace. My cock responded despite the events of the evening to the lushness of Becky’s skin. She looked down at my erection and shook her head. “That’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Good night, Darling. I love you.” She kissed my cheek, turned and left.

I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water relax me and I definitely needed to relax after tonight. I hadn’t even thought of hurting another human being since that horrible war in Viet Nam almost forty years ago, but I had no regrets about what I had done tonight. Yes, I had punched that asshole Tom Collins in the men’s locker room at the club a few months ago, but that was to defend myself, not to mention the waitress he was raping. Becky and Rachel were thankfully asleep when I crawled into bed with them. Rachel snuggled close to me; I held her as sleep mercifully claimed me.

Chapter 6

It never fails—get to sleep late, wake up early. I checked out the clock—what on earth was I doing awake at 6:30 after getting to bed around two? I peeked over at Rachel. She was restless, but still asleep, thank God. When I snuck a glance at Becky I found her awake and looking at me. I rolled over to her, stroking her hip as I savored the sensation of her soft smooth skin. She kissed my cheek gently as she whispered, ”I need you, Michael, but Rachel needs you more. Wait for her to wake up…please?” I kissed her tenderly before rolling onto my back again. “Let me help get you ready.” She ran her fingers gingerly up and down my cock, hardening it rapidly. My cock was twitching uncontrollably; my breathing became ragged. If I hadn’t agreed to hold myself for Rachel I would have jumped Becky, for sure. Fortunately, Rachel stirred at just that moment. I reached over, running my hand up her hip to her breast. She responded by pushing her butt into my cock. She could feel my hardness and heat between her cheeks. “I hope that’s for me, G, I really need it this morning.”

“It’s all yours, Rachel. Your mom was just getting it ready for you.” I started to ask her what she wanted but never finished the question. Rachel turned quickly to take my cock—all seven inches of it—into her mouth, licking my cock with fervor. Her tongue ran all around the head as she tickled my hole. I pulled her around so her pussy was just over my mouth. I licked her slit finding it dripping her juices, sweet, musky and delicious. We were both moaning heavily when Rachel jumped up, ready to fuck. She dropped herself forcefully onto my erection, making me bottom out hard against her cervix. I’d seen her like this before. She wanted it hard and fast, but mostly hard, in an effort to put the unpleasantness of last evening behind her. She was hot and sweating as she ground her hard clit into me. I reached up, taking her firm swollen nipples into my hands. I pinched, using my fingernails, to give her a little pain—just enough to heighten what she was feeling in her cunt. She went at me for almost ten minutes until she tensed, throwing her head back, a silent scream signaling her intense orgasm. She shook three times before falling onto my chest. I held her very, very close. “I love you, Rachel,” I told her as I caressed her head and cheek.

We lay there for several minutes until Becky suggested a shower and a stroll around the deck before breakfast. We ate well before heading to the pool as was our custom, Rachel stopping every so often to check behind her. Becky just looked at me, knowing Rachel’s fears were unfounded, but unable to reassure her lest she unveil what I had done. We heard nothing from the ship’s officers all day and docked in Hilo overnight. When we rose that morning I noticed a note on the floor. It asked me to stop by the Pursar’s office at my convenience. I told Rachel it was probably about all the money she and Becky had spent in the shops on board. They went to breakfast while I attended to this business.

I introduced myself and said that I was there in response to the note I had received. The Pursar was very cordial . “Is there some problem with my charge card?” I asked to open discussion.

“No…no,” he replied, “we’d like to know if you can help us locate Steven Bradford. “

“Uhh…who?” I replied, obviously confused. He went on saying that was the man I had been drinking with the evening he had disappeared. “Oh…I had never met him before that evening in the lounge. I had trouble sleeping and told my girlfriend that I was going for a walk. When I saw the lounge I thought maybe a nightcap might help so I stopped in for a drink. I saw this guy drinking alone so I sat by him and struck up a conversation. You know—how’s the cruise? Having fun?--that kind of stuff. I bought him a couple of drinks to be sociable. After talking to him for a few minutes I noticed he seemed really down, you know…uh--depressed. Then I was able to put a couple of things together. He was talking to himself when I went into the lounge—umm…something like ‘I couldn’t help myself’ a couple of times and I also think I heard him say ‘sorry,’ too. It wasn’t until I was ready to leave that I noticed how drunk he really was, too. I offered to see him to his cabin, but he got really insulted and belligerent; he stormed off on his own. He was staggering pretty badly, but I didn’t want to get into an argument so I headed for the stairway and went back to my suite. I assume you’ve looked all around the ship for him.”

The Pursar nodded before continuing hesitantly, “Confidentially, I’m not all that sorry he’s disappeared. He had several serious problems—criminal problems that we’d have to report to the authorities in Hilo-- with some of the young women aboard while we were at sea and all of us were afraid there would be more. Please keep that to yourself.” It was my turn to nod in reply.

“You…you don’t think he fell overboard? That seems kind of hard, those railings are pretty high.”

“We’ve searched the entire ship after his cabin steward noticed his bed wasn’t slept in. We were hoping you could provide us with some information that might help us locate him, but based on what you’ve told me I’m pretty sure he went over the side. That means he’s almost certainly dead--suicide. You’re right, it’s almost impossible to fall overboard but we have had a few people jump. Falling from that height is almost always fatal and then, of course, there are always the propellers and the sharks.”

“Sharks?” I acted surprised and shocked.

“Yes, we don’t publicize it, of course, but there are often sharks following cruise liners in search of garbage, even though we don’t dump anything over the side any longer for ecological reasons.” He rose from his desk, shook my hand as he thanked me for my help. I turned, breathed a sigh of relief and went to breakfast.

Chapter 7

Neither Becky nor Rachel had any idea what we were going to do today on the Big Island. I’d kept it a secret. Now that we were strolling ashore they were about to find out. My buddy George was there waiting for us. George and I went way back—all the way to the Army and Nam. We were together in the same squad and he had never forgotten how I had saved his life one hot steamy evening when Charlie tried to overrun our position. I had told him at least a thousand times to forget it; he’d have done the same for me had our situations been reversed. George never did forget. After the Army he’d gone to flight school, learning to pilot helicopters, and now he had his own tour business here on Hawaii. I had called him a few weeks before leaving and he had insisted on giving me the complete island tour. Of course, I tried to warn him about Becky and Rachel, but I doubt he believed me until he saw them in the flesh. We hugged each other laughing and crying at the same time. Then I introduced him to my two women and he forgot about me completely. He showed us to a large van and drove us quickly to the airport where his choppers were located. Once airborne he headed north explaining what we were seeing through the internal headphones. We rode over the huge ranches, golf courses and massive fields of jagged black lava broken here and there by highways. We found the different colored beach sand amazing and finished more than an hour later with a flight over the active volcano and lava fields. We saw where the molten lava flowed into the sea hardening to form new land and we stopped over an open area of a lava tube, feeling the intense heat even though we were more than 30 feet away. We had a wonderful time. We bade George a fond farewell which included hugs and kisses from Becky and Rachel before we returned to the ship in mid-afternoon, just in time for the ship to sail to the next island—my favorite, Maui.

We stopped our first night in Maui in the port city of Kahului on the north shore. I had made arrangements for us to take an independent tour of the road to Hana. If you’ve never been to Maui it’s something not to be missed. The distance as the crow flies can’t be more than 35 miles, but the road runs along the edge of the mountain. I think there are something like 50 or 60 one-lane bridges with many stops to see waterfalls, exotic plants, and a host of other sites including the place where a tsunami destroyed a school and killed more than a hundred people many years ago before the islands were equipped with a warning system. We left at 8:00 a.m. and returned around 5:00 p.m., having stopped for lunch in Hana before proceeding to the Seven Pools and the site of Lindbergh’s grave.

We stayed on deck to watch the ship leave the harbor for the short trip to Lahaina, the old whaling town on the coast of West Maui. We returned to the suite for a brief rest before dinner. Of course, any “rest” with Becky and Rachel meant sex first—rest second. I was hot and sweaty after our long day so I stripped and headed for the shower. I was cut off at the pass by Becky. Hand on her hips and legs apart showed she meant business. “Uh…just where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m hot and sweaty and I probably smell. I need a shower, but you can go first if you want.” Becky shook her head in reply, “If you shower now you’re going to need another when we’re finished with you.” Rachel reached around from behind me as she said this, grabbing my cock with both hands. I noticed for the first time that Rachel was naked. I was startled that she had undressed so quickly. She pressed her firm breasts into my back as she reached up to kiss my neck. “We had a wonderful time today—and yesterday, too—and we want to show you how much,” Rachel whispered as she and Becky led me to the bed.

“Really, I’d be much happier if I could shower first,” I tried to insist, knowing how futile arguing with these two could be when they were determined. Carefully they lowered my naked form to the bed, turning and rolling me to the center. Becky quickly shed her clothes as she and Rachel sandwiched me between them. Becky leaned over to kiss me while Rachel started stroking my cock. Double teaming me like this always had the same result—I was helpless, completely unable to resist them. My cock acted as though it had a life of its own, engorging with blood, stiffening in seconds as Rachel teased me with her fingers. It was only seconds later that she licked around the head of my cock. “Hmmm, salty but still really tasty; I’m glad you didn’t take that shower, G.” She continued licking all over my cock, knowing that her tongue on my sensitive underside drove me absolutely wild. I groaned repeatedly into Becky’s mouth until she pulled back smiling.

“I told you, didn’t I? You definitely did not want that shower, and now I going to prove it to you, for sure!” She broke our embrace to straddle me, rubbing my cock up and down her slit. She was so hot and so wet--my cock was drenched in seconds –and then she sat down, engulfing my cock in her wonderful tight pussy. There was a devilish grin on Becky’s face as she started a slow tantalizing rhythm, bending my hard erection within her tunnel. She moved her hands to my chest where she teased my nipples. I wondered what Rachel was up to; my question was soon answered. I felt her tongue laving my scrotum, her head precariously wedged between my legs under her mother’s butt. When she sucked my testicles into her mouth I was finished. I blew stream after hot stream of thick white semen deep into Becky’s cunt. I pulled her down to me for a long hot kiss as I tried to recover. Rachel moved up next to me; I put my arm around her as I pulled both my lovers close. We were all covered in sweat; I definitely needed a shower now but I was just too damned tired to even move. I kissed Becky then Rachel, back and forth until I was finally able to lift my body from the bed.

Chapter 8

Our next stop was the island of Oahu in Honolulu. We’d be there for two days. I booked us onto an island tour that began with a trip to the USS Arizona Memorial. There were tears in my eyes as I thought of the poor souls—1102 of them—entombed within the walls of the ship. We respectfully dropped our leis into the water accompanied by a silent prayer. We were in a somber mood as we returned to our bus. Our next stop was the Punchbowl, the national cemetery immortalized for most people through the introduction to television’s “Hawaii 5-0” series. It was a long day when we trooped back into our suite exhausted. We had agreed to take the next day off from sightseeing, heading instead to world famous Waikiki beach. I figured we’d just swim and lie in the sun, but what did I know? We were there only about two hours when Becky and Rachel put their heads together before approaching me for my credit card. Of course—shopping--how stupid of me!

They returned more than two hours later laden with large shopping bags. I was also sure that they’d spent time discussing how to “torture” me tonight, just as they always did. Before I had a chance to give it a thought Rachel grabbed my hand and pulled me up and into the water. We frolicked in the waves, enjoying the warm clear water until Becky signaled Rachel to return so she could join me. The one problem with all the shopping was that someone had to stay on the beach to keep an eye on the purchases. Too soon it was time to return to the ship.

I started to strip anticipating that they would double-team me, but—no--today I’d get the shower I needed so badly to wash the salt and sticky coral sand from my body. I was in the shower no more than fifteen seconds when I had company—Rachel. She slithered all over me, pressing her wonderfully firm breasts into my back, chest, and every part of my body that she could reach. She used the soap all over me before surrendering it so I could reciprocate. Of course, in that tiny shower where we could barely move without bumping into each other it took us what seemed like forever to do five minutes of washing. In time we surrendered the shower to Becky, or so I thought.

I was just about to leave the bathroom when she hooked my arm. She didn’t have to say a word. One look at her face told me what she wanted. I adjusted the water temperature then pushed Becky against the wall before lifting her by her thighs onto my erect and rock-hard dick. Becky was just as limber as Rachel so there was no problem having her legs on my shoulders as I slowly I plunged into her hot wet tunnel, praying there was no sand where it shouldn’t be. I drove hard and deep into Becky as we kissed under the stream of water, her arms and feet around my neck. Over and over I forced my hard cock into her tight tunnel and when she came she pulled me even closer, if possible, as she gave me a ferocious kiss, her tongue seemingly halfway down my throat. I came shortly after her, blowing several long hot streams of semen into her. It wasn’t long before it began to leak, running down until it disappeared into the drain. We were both exhausted from our efforts so I leaned her against the wall until she whispered that I should let her stand. We washed each other, stopping frequently to kiss and touch each other. Rachel was asleep under the sheets when we entered the bedroom so we quietly joined her, me in the middle as usual.

Dinner was excellent as usual and the rest of the evening uneventful as Rachel started to relax, confident in the knowledge that her assailant would bother her no more. Overnight we traveled to Lihue on the oldest Hawaiian island—Kauai—where we had booked a helicopter trip through my buddy George back on the Big island. There was a man holding a sign with my name on it when we walked down the gangway and, for some reason, he looked familiar—kind of like George. He turned out to be George’s brother, Eddie. He introduced himself to me and then, like George, paid all his attention to Becky and Rachel. Like George, he gave us the ultra-special tour of the entire island, passing over the spectacular Na Pali coast three times, and like George, he refused to take even a penny for his efforts. He did, however, allow us to buy lunch which included drinks all around as he wasn’t flying in the afternoon. We returned to our suite in mid-afternoon, our cruise all but over—a quick trip back to Honolulu for a flight back to San Diego and then another the next day home.

I asked the women if they wanted to go to the pool before dinner and they replied that I should go—they would follow in a little while. I knew immediately what this meant—a whole lot of fun for me later! I was at the pool maybe forty-five minutes when a crew member brought a page—would I return to the stateroom immediately? I knew something was up but I never expected what I found when I opened the door and stepped in. Becky and Rachel stood there wearing identical lingerie—teddies, I assumed (like most men I know almost nothing about lingerie)—very, very sexy teddies. They were dark red, very lacy, riding high on their hips and tapering down to almost nothing between their legs. I could see the thin strip of cloth running right between their red and swollen pussy lips. On top their breasts were fully exposed as the teddies ended in wired semicircles just below each glorious globe. “Well,” I gulped, “I knew something was up, but this…WOW!”

Rachel took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat me down before climbing onto my lap, straddling my legs. She kissed me gently then moved back and, looking me straight in my eyes whispered, “Mom told me what you did for me.” I looked quickly toward Becky, concerned about what she had disclosed.

“I’m sorry, Michael, but I had to do it. Rachel was beside herself with worry. She understands she can’t tell anyone ever, don’t you Rachel?”

“G, I’m so grateful. I thank God for you every day. You make me feel so safe and so loved. I just hope I can find someone like you when I’m older.”

“Rachel,” I was barely whispering, “I’m the lucky one. Having you and Becky is more than any old geezer like me could ever dream of.”

“I keep telling you, G, you’re not that old and right now we’re going to prove it to you, aren’t we, Mom?”

“Oh, yes, Rachel, we most certainly are!” She pulled Rachel up and together they stood me up. Between kisses they quickly removed the few clothes I was wearing. My cock was ready—hard, hot, and oozing pre cum. Rachel dropped to her knees, stroking and licking my cock before swallowing it whole. Becky stood just to one side, taking my hands and placing them on her breasts. Her nipples were small pebbles in my fingers, her globes amazingly firm for ones so large. I reached down to kiss her, something I’d never tire of. Our tongues were intertwined as Rachel worked over my cock. Suddenly, Becky broke the kiss pushing me back onto the bed. I lay across the king-sized mattress watching Becky and Rachel as they prepared for phase two. Rachel lay next to me at an angle, her legs wrapped around my head; I reached out to lick her, treating her to the same sensations she had been giving me. Becky meanwhile was grinding her slit over my cock with such force I could feel the indentation in my abdomen. I could also feel myself getting hotter and hotter; I took it out on Rachel sucking on her cunt and biting her clit like a man possessed. “Becky!” I groaned, “Please….”

They both moved, first to pull me from the bed, and, once I was standing, to position themselves next to each other on hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I stood behind them dipping my fingers into their hot wet velvety cunts. I rubbed their G-spots with every thrust, tickling their clits with every stroke. Soon they were begging to be fucked. I stood behind Becky and plunged my cock into her hard and deep; she responded with a gasp and a long groan. Hands on her hips, I pushed into her repeatedly while I continued fingering Rachel. I pulled out of Becky and pushed into Rachel’s smoldering cunt in one quick continuous motion. I started to fuck Rachel just as I had Becky and I plunged two fingers into Becky now as I had done with Rachel. I was just getting ready to switch again when they turned to face me, devilish smiles on their faces. “That’s fantastic! Now put it where we really want it!”

How could anyone turn down such a wonderful invitation? I put my cock at the entrance to Becky’s ass and pushed slowly into her. I could hear the “POP” when I moved past her sphincter. I used my gooey fingers to get Rachel ready while I fucked her mother’s hot tight ass. I hoped Becky would cum soon because there was no way I could long endure the pressure her anus was giving me. I reached down with my other hand to rub and stroke her clit. Seconds later she started to twitch. In less than a minute she was shaking and when it hit she was all over the bed. I switched again, quickly pushing into Rachel’s red hot ass. I stroked into her over and over, and I was doing it HARD, just like Rachel loved it. I could feel it coming—my orgasm began deep within me, racing to the surface like a fast and powerful freight train. Knowing it was coming fast I reached below Rachel to tease her clit. I had barely touched her when she shook like a rag doll. We came together as we had on so many previous occasions. We shook together for what seemed like minutes until my legs gave out and I fell onto her back. We lay there together until Rachel started to laugh. “I know I’ve told you before, G, you’re really heavy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Don’t you dare move.” I knew better than to disobey. I laid there crushing one of my loves under my bulk until Becky decided she wanted to share me again and pulled me off Rachel into her embrace.

The vacation may be over but there would be many loving episodes with Rachel and Becky in the years to come. Unfortunately, we still had the long trip home before the next one.

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3CNoXu Great, thanks for sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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2013-01-24 07:46:40
What a wonderful way to share this great event! Such a biatueful, alert and healthy looking little man!! All of us in Alaska are so thrilled for the new addition to the family! Treasure even the sleeplessness . Supremely happy for ya!!!!!

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2012-03-25 10:21:09
Another great story with some hot sex. What is next for the geezer?

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