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Well I was going to blackmail them. Really! But as you’ll see I didn’t have too. It was probably for the best that way. Then they couldn’t accuse me of taking advantage of them.
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Blackmailing My Twin Sisters

Well I was going to blackmail them. Really! But as you’ll see I didn’t have too. It was probably for the best that way. Then they couldn’t accuse me of taking advantage of them.

I am a fourteen-year-old boy that has a beautiful set of thirteen-year-old twin sisters that drive me absolutely fucking nuts. Pardon my French. I mean to tell you that even I have trouble telling which is which. They look alike, they dress alike, and they are sexy as hell. They share a bedroom, they have every piece of matching clothing and they always match too. Mandy is two minutes older than Candy is.

Anyway as I said they drive me nuts. I am constantly checking them out, spying on them, and trying to listen in on their conversations. I went so far as to put a wireless microphone in their bedroom. I pinned it to the top of the curtain that covers the window between their beds.

Then one night it happened…I heard them talking about a small party that they went too. First off they lied to Mom about where they were going and who was going to be there.

Mandy said, “Wasn’t Jimmy the best?”

Candy replied, “Yes, he was a lot better than Billy or Joey.”

Mandy asked, “Did you let him feel of your breasts when he kissed you?”

Candy replied, “I sure did but he pinched my nipples and it didn’t make me cum it only hurt but my nipples sure got hard after that.”

Mandy said, “Mine too. You’re right though it did hurt. I wished he had sucked on them.”

Candy said, “Maybe we need an older boy. None of them even tried to get their hand in my pants…and I would have let them.”

Mandy said, “I would have let them finger fuck me too. I desperately wanted them to rub my clit and get me off.”

Candy said, “I thought that Joey might ask me to suck his cock after I rubbed it awhile but he never did.”

Mandy giggled and said, “Maybe you rubbed it too much. I bet he shot off in his underwear.”

Candy giggled and said, “Sometimes I think our brother does that too. Remember when we slipped out to go to Jimmy’s house, he couldn’t take his eyes off our breasts. He knew that we were braless.”

Mandy said, “I think he knew where we were going too and he didn’t tell on us.”

Candy said, “We owe him big time.”

Mandy asked, “Should we put on our sexiest underwear and go say goodnight to him?”

Candy asked, “What if he is in his bedroom jerking off?”

Mandy replied, “Maybe if we helped him, he would help us.”

Candy said, “Do you really think so? He’s our brother. What if he tells Mom that we tried to seduce him?”

Mandy said, “He isn’t like that and you know it. He would bitch us out to our faces.”

Candy giggled and said, “Yeah, then he’d spank our cute little butts.”

Then there was a discussion as to what they were going to wear. I unlocked my bedroom door then I got naked and jumped into bed. I was pretending to read a book that I had to do a report on. Then I stroked my cock to make it stand up and tent the covers for my sisters to see.

There was a light tapping on my door. I could see the doorknob twisting and then it opened.

Mandy poked her head in and said, “Can we come in? We wanted to say goodnight.”

I replied, “Goodnight.”

However, they both entered my bedroom, closed, and then locked my door. I just stared at them. They looked so pretty and their bras and panties made my cock twitch under the covers. They both noticed my reaction.

Mandy asked, “Do you have a problem?”

I replied, “A small one.”

Candy said, “It doesn’t look all that small to me. Can we help?”

I looked at her as I was supposed to but inside I was dying to let them. Eventually I said, “You guys caused it so I guess you could help fix it if you really want too.”

Mandy took the book out of my hands, placed it on my dresser, and climbed in bed with me. Candy walked around to the other side and climbed under the covers with us. I was the center of a sandwich.

As Mandy reached for my hard cock Candy said, “You have to be quiet or Mom will hear us.”

Then Candy reached for my cock but found her sister’s hand wrapped around it…so she reached for my balls and was she ever so gentle.

Mandy said, “You won’t tell anyone…will you?”

I replied, “I didn’t tell Mom that you went to Jimmy’s house so that he and his two brothers could feel you up…did I?”

Suddenly they froze then Mandy asked, “How did you know about that? Did one of those bastards say something? We swore them to secrecy.”

Candy said, “I’ll kill them if they did.”

I giggled and said, “No they didn’t say anything. In fact it was you two that told me.”

Together they asked, “When?”

I replied, “Just a few minutes ago…in your room…before you decided to come over here.”

Together they asked, “How?”

I replied, “I hid a microphone in your bedroom and I was listening to guys talking about it. I would love to suck on your nipples, rub your clits, and give you orgasms. I would love to do even more to you, for you, and with you. I love you guys…and not just as your brother.”

I could see that Mandy was thinking about it. Then she sat up and unhooked her bra, tossing it toward the door.

As she reached for her panties I asked, “Can I do that for you?”

Candy turned her back to me and said, “Undo my bra first.”

So I unhooked Candy’s bra and tossed it. I reached for Mandy’s panties and she lifted her butt up for me. Then I slid Candy’s panties down her legs. I tossed both pair of panties toward my computer though.

Then I went from one sister to the other kissing their lips, French kissing them, and then kissing their necks. I kissed their nipples, I sucked on their nipples, and then I caressed their breasts. Their B-cup breasts were more than adequate. When they were breathing hard I slipped down further to look at their pussies, they both shaved them, but they were not identical. For some reason Mandy had a heart shape patch of fur on her pussy mound with the rest shaved bare. Candy had a triangular patch with the point, pointing down to her slit.

Candy noticed my expression and said, “Mandy got carried away and screwed up the heart so it became a triangle.”

Mandy replied, “I couldn’t help it, she did me first and I got so excited that I couldn’t think straight.”

Candy giggled and said, “I’ll say she got carried away. She shoved her tongue up my cunt and gave me such an orgasm that I let out a scream.”

Mandy giggled, “Yeah, Mom heard it and came running. When she found out what we were doing she asked if she could join us.”

I asked, “So Mom ate your pussies?”

Mandy said, “Sure and we ate hers too.”

Candy said, “But Dad had just fucked her and she was on her way to the bathroom.”

Mandy said, “So we got to clean out her hole and get out first taste of cum.”

Candy said, “Mom sure can eat pussy. She said that she had been a carpet muncher since she was our age.”

As I licked my tongue up their slits they held their hands over their mouths so as not to let out a scream. I gave each of my sisters three orgasms using just my tongue then I finger fucked them.

Mandy said, “We are virgins but we don’t have a hymen any more.”

Candy added, “Yeah, we busted those suckers a year ago with our hairbrushes. You know the ones…the ones with the big handles.”

I did know the ones that they were talking about.

I said, “The ones that I gave you for your birthdays last year.”

Mandy said, “Yup, those are the ones. We used them that night.”

Candy added, “And we thought about you the whole time that we fucked each other with them.”

I asked, “Can I fuck you. I’m so hard that it hurts.”

Mandy spread her legs for me then Candy spread hers too. I got right in there and touched my cock to Mandy’s pussy and then just as I was about to push it in Mandy said, “Let Candy go first. I always get to go first because I’m the oldest. Two minutes isn’t all that important right now.”

Candy pulled me over to her pussy and said, “Thanks Mandy, I owe you one.”

Then she held the head of my cock to her open pussy lips and smiled as I pushed it in. She was very slick and I entered her easily.

As I fucked into her Candy asked, “Can he fuck me until he cums?”

Mandy smiled and said, “Yes, he can. But then I get him. Besides I hear the second time takes longer.”

Candy said, “Bitch” but then she giggled.

I fucked into my sister for only a couple of minutes before I started to cum. I shot out a lot of sperm and it felt great. Candy could feel the squirts and by the time I was firing my last gob into her love canal she stated her orgasm and she couldn’t keep quiet. Mandy reached over and placed her hand over Candy’s mouth and told her to be quiet. Candy was deep into her orgasm and she had no idea what was happening outside her own mind.

As things quieted down we heard a light tapping on my door then Mom whispered, “Goodnight girls. See you in the morning. Sleep late if you need to.”

Mandy replied, “Goodnight Mom, thank you.”

Candy finally came out of it and said, “Night Mom” then she asked, “How did she know we were in here?”

Mandy and I just laughed then I said, “Hey, Mom knows you two are in here and she didn’t go nuts.”

Mandy said, “Oh! Well you see…when we were having that threesome with Mom…we kind of told her that we had a crush on you…and she told us to go for it…after all she is the one that makes sure that we take our birth control pills every morning.”

Candy added, “Yeah, and she told us about letting her cousin fuck her when she turned thirteen too.”

I asked, “Which one?”

Mandy said, “Danny the one that lives in Boston now.”

I asked, “Have we ever met him?”

Candy said, “Once when Grandpa Brown’s mother died.”

I said, “I don’t remember him.”

Mandy said, “We don’t either.”

I asked, “So how many times did Mom let him fuck her?”

Mandy said, “A lot.”

Candy added, “Almost every day for about three years until his father made them move to Boston for a job.”

All I could say was, “Oh! That must have sucked.”

Mandy giggled and said, “She did a lot of that too.”

Candy added, “It was Danny’s loss because that was when Mom let Dad start fucking her.”

By then I had fully recover and I was hard as a nail. I slipped my cock into Mandy and she closed her eyes and smiled. Candy asked, “Doesn’t it feel good?”

Mandy replied, “Oh yes! It is the best feeling thing that I’ve had in my pussy.”

Right then I realized another difference in my identical twin sisters. Mandy used the word pussy and Candy used the word cunt. Interesting!

So I asked, “What else have you had in your pussy?”

Candy started naming off a whole list of items in their bedroom, fruits and vegetables, and then Dad’s tools. I could hardly believe that my sisters had put bananas, carrots, and cucumbers in their pussies. They had put their cell phones in their pussies. They had also put Dad’s screwdriver handles, hammer handles, and many other of his tools in their pussies too.

As Candy was naming things off I was thrusting into Mandy. She was certainly right because I lasted almost ten minutes before I came in her. After that we decided to turn out the light and cuddle for awhile before we fell asleep.

My sisters told me how much they had enjoyed sex with me and how much they were looking forward to more. They were going to ask Mom if it would be all right if we cut a hole in the back of our closets. They were on opposite sides of the wall and that way we could go to our own rooms, lock the doors, and still make love together without Dad finding out.

The next day they asked Mom and she said that it would be okay as long we cleaned up the mess, put all of Dad’s tools back where we found them, and got rid of the wood somewhere else.

Mom got Dad out of the house that afternoon for several hours. We cut the hole and we cleaned everything up.

Later that evening Mom took the girls shopping. Basically she wanted to know how the sex had gone and to make sure that I hadn’t hurt them inside.

That night after we said goodnight and locked ourselves in our rooms the girls crawled through the opening. When they got in bed with me Mandy said, “Mom checked us out with two ears of corn on the cob. She said to let you take them out.”

That was the start of a very long and loving relationship between the three of us.

The End
Blackmailing My Twin Sisters


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