How two young beauties became two young women.
My name is Dr. David. I am a professor of psychology and a researcher in the field of mind control. As a result of my research, I have also the invented of several cutting edge micro-nano technologies. These inventions developed out of my combined interest in computers and my passion for understanding the workings of the human mind. When I began to study mind control, I started with hypnosis and the power of suggestion. That was 20 years ago. Though I was young enough to still be in high school, I was already a tenure-track professor. In the following since that time I have developed a reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts on the human mind and how words and actions have a profound effect on controlling the actions of others. As a hobby in college I tinkered with computers with some guys who went on to invent some computer systems you may have heard of. Where they were interested in brute power, I was more interested in intuitive programming. As chips got smaller and faster, I worked to make them even smaller and faster. I hold 39 patents in chip design and manufacturing technology. By all standards, I am crazy rich. One of my biggest benefactors is the Pentagon. I currently have several contracts with the US government to design and build some things you haven’t even heard of and likely never will. Some of my colleagues have made a habit of calling me Tony Stark, after Iron Man’s alter ego. I am not a weapons builder. I am working on a way to control those weapons and the people that use them with computers so small that they can fit in a single drop of blood.

I currently lecture and conduct my research at a small, extremely private university in central California. Students either come from very wealthy families whose generosity supports our curriculum or they come through a rigorous selection process and win entrance on their own merits alone. Due both to my popularity as both a lecturer and to my ability to convince even the most hardened cynic to do what I ask, my institution has an endowment ranked number five in the country. As a result, I am allowed certain latitude in and out of the classroom.

I am generously compensated for the work I do. I also have an unlimited budget to support my research, which includes paying students to serve as human subjects for the various experiments my graduate students carry out in their own pursuit of understanding how to unlock the potential of the human mind. Occasionally a colleague will protest my preferential treatment. At these rare times, the Dean gently pulls them aside and explains how my research and the government grants it attracts provide the funding for the large salaries they all enjoy. If that doesn’t convince them to live and let live, I will invite them to lunch at the faculty club and by then end of the meal, they will be not only full-fledged supporters, but they will be loyal followers as well. I have a gift.

From the beginning of my tenure here, I have always hired a freshman female to serve as my house girl. It’s one of my many little latitudes. She stays employed during her entire college career and receives both a free education and a healthy stipend to spend on whatever she sees fit. She has a wing of my house to live in, entertain in, and call her own while she is attending the university. But there are rules she must agree to follow. First, she must not have sex with anyone without my permission. This includes self-gratification. Second, she must get straight A’s. Third, she must keep the house neat, keep my laundry clean and folded and put away. Fourth and finally, she must allow me to touch her in any manner I feel is appropriate regardless of time, place or location.

In the past 28 years I have been at this university, I have had 9 such arrangements. Three arrangements were prematurely ended and did not last the full four years. A death in one girl’s family sent her home to care for her younger siblings. She remained on my payroll for an additional fifteen years until she was able to complete her Masters degree. Another girl died in a skiing accident with her parents over the Christmas holiday her freshman year. The third girl had sex with her boyfriend only three days after starting her employment. She told me she fought him off and that he had in effect raped her, and I knew her story was true, but a rule is a rule. She ended up pregnant and dropped out of school to raise her child with him, though that marriage was doomed from the start.

That brings us to now. The Dean of Admissions and the Dean of Financial Aid know the kind of girls I like to hire. When I make the call to the Deans, they spend a few hours sifting through the dozens of likely candidates who would benefit from my generosity and narrow the field down to a few of the most deserving young women who I would personally interview before making my selection. As I read through the bios and the applications, one particular candidate caught my eye. My university is very selective. We always enroll 18-19 year olds. Non-traditional students need not apply. Yet here was an applicant whose date of birth made her barely 15 years old. She scored off the charts in intelligence. Mensa drooled over her genius. And there was a note attached, written in the Dean’s own hand.


I realize this candidate is younger than your traditional candidate, please note Angela is also the sole support of her 13 year old sister, Theresa. I have met with both of them in person. I beg your indulgence to grant her an interview. She reminds me a lot of you.


I reached for the phone on my desk. I punched in a four digit extension.

“Laura,” I began without preamble. “Have you been reading my books?”

“Professor, I know why you are calling. Give Angela an interview. You will love her, I know it.”

“Send her over.”

“She’s in your outer office right now with your assistant.”

“You HAVE been reading my books.”

“Of course,” she replied and I could hear the smile in her voice.

I hung up and punched the button that connected me to Mrs. Honeycutt in my outer office. “Show her in.”

“Yes, Professor”

A few seconds later my door opened and Mrs. Honeycutt walked in with Angela in tow. I was floored by the vision before me. Angela was simply one of the most beautiful young women I had ever laid eyes on. Her jet black hair was long and wavy, tied behind her ears with a white satin ribbon that made a bow over her head and allowed her hair to cascade to the middle of her back. She wore a white blouse, simple yet well fitting. It revealed her burgeoning breasts and the curve of her waist as it gathered to form her supple and perfect hips now covered by a pleated denim skirt that fell below her knees. She wore simple brown sandals to finish it off. She could have passed for 25 or 12 years old, so timeless was her beauty. No make-up on her face, just natural pink glowing through the medium brown of her skin. Dark brown eyes. Full crimson lips. Her straight jaw and straight nose gave away her heritage more than her skin color. She was the product of a Castilian father and Indian mother. Proud and noble.

“Professor David, this is Miss Angela Vasquez. Miss Vasquez, this is Professor David,” Mrs. Honeycutt gave the proper introductions. Angela extended her hand palm down, which I accepted and bowed over in the Spanish tradition. She gave a semi-curtsy in reply. This young lady had breeding and refinement.

“Please come in and have a seat. I only have a few questions.” I indicated one of the three chairs I have arranged to one side of my office. She sat down properly, bending her knees until her buttocks made contact with the front of the chair and then sliding back only far enough to maintain her erect posture. She placed one ankle over the other and slid them under her chair, folded her hands in her lap and waited for me to continue.
“This position pays your full fees to attend this institution. It also pays two thousand dollars a month as a stipend for your personal needs. Do you know what a stipend is?” She nodded. I continued. “You will live in my home, in a separate wing. There you may entertain guests, have family visit, do as you wish. You are required to keep my house clean, cook simple meals, and make yourself available to me anytime I require.” I could see some concern in her eyes. “You can ask your questions in a few moments.” She did not speak as I continued. “You will sign a pledge to not have sex for the next four years without my permission.” She blushed revealing her virginity in that single involuntary response. “You may not even pleasure yourself without permission.” Her eyes flashed and I recognized the admission that she had discovered her own enjoyment. “Go ahead and ask your questions.”

“When you say I must make myself available to you, what does that really mean? Do I have to have ….sex …. with you?” I shook my head no.

“You must be at my beck and call when I am home. If I want to place my hand or hands on you, you will submit. I will not ask anything of a sexual nature from you.” What I didn’t say is that though I would not ask, I would allow her to ask and receive sexual release from me. Over the next four years, that little distinction would be very important.

“What about my sister. Must she abide by these same rules?”

“She must.”

Angela thought for a moment.

“Continue,” she said.

“You must get straight A’s while in my employ. If you have not deduced by now, for the next four years you are committing to a relationship that will culminate in you and I become lifelong friends and you becoming an honors graduate from this very institution. You will have your pick of employment opportunities anywhere in the world upon graduation. It’s not a step you should take lightly. You will enjoy my generosity and protection and guidance. But I am not your father or your brother. I am your benefactor and your employer. You must always remember that.”

“Would you like to meet my sister Theresa first?” she asked.

“I would.”

“May I ask her in?”

I nodded and waved my hand to the door. Angela rose to her feet and walked to the door. She opened and gestured to someone in my outer office. She stepped back and we were joined by a girl as beautiful as Angela. Except for the height, they were identical in almost every aspect. Theresa wasn’t as far along in her physical development, but she was started. Stunning. Simply stunning.

“Theresa, this is Professor David. Dr. David, this is my sister Theresa Vasquez.“ Theresa stepped forward and extended her hand as her sister had done. I grasped her hand lightly and bowed over this as well and she semi-curtsied in reply, almost identical to her sister. Almost. There were a few subtle and significant variations that told me Theresa was developing a bit of a rebellious streak. Delightful.

“I am about to offer your sister a position for the next four years,” I said speaking directly to this younger of the two beauties. “You will have a home to live in, all meals and expenses paid and you will receive an allowance. You must agree to a few conditions. If you agree to these conditions and violate any one of them at any time, you will both be fired and moved immediately out of my home. Before you agree you should know what they are. First, you may not have sex with anyone, including yourself, without my permission for the next four years. Second, you must get straight A’s while attending school. Third, you must keep your wing of the house clean at all times.”

“Dr. David, what about the other rule?” asked Angela.

“Angela, that rule only applies to you. You are the student here, not your sister. She will not be at my beck and call as you will be. Her conditions are required to make your adherence to the rules easier.”

She nodded. She glanced over at her sister and the expression of her eyes told her sister to agree.

“Do you both agree to the conditions I have required?”

“Yes sir,” they answered in unison. I walked over and sat behind my desk, opening one of the wide wooden drawers. I withdrew two small velvet boxes. I opened the first.

“These are special lockets you will wear for the next four years. You will not remove them, even to shower or compete in athletics. At no time will you allow them to be removed from your person. These lockets are special and they are going to protect you. Do you understand?”

“No, not really,” answered Theresa, speaking for the first time. I took the locket I held and pressed a small protrusion on the side, activating the small brain inside. I pressed the locket into the palm of Theresa hand until I received the “locked on signal” in the micro earpiece imbedded in my own ear. These were more than lockets. They were one of my many little inventions. They provided me with a constant stream of data about the wearer if I so desired. They monitored the person they were matched to for many different things. They could read every biological output and electromagnetic discharge of the wearer. They also contained a high frequency transmitter and gps device so tiny they entire circuitry could fit on the pointed end of the proverbial pin. By pressing the locket into her hand, it had read her unique DNA, mapped it, checked her entire health and endocrine system and established her baseline biorhythms.

“This locket is your keys to the house. The house is very intelligent. It knows who you are and who you are not. You don’t need a key to get in or out. Every door will open for you when you wear the locket. No one else can use your locket. It doesn’t work that way. The crest on the face is my family crest. It tells the world you are under my protection and governance. You will find that the crest will also open doors for you as well. If ever you get into trouble, if you ever feel threatened, if you are lost, grasp the locket tightly. Rescue will be with you in minutes, if not sooner. Please, allow me to put it on for you.” I walked around behind her and lifted the locket over her head and locked the clasp behind her neck. “If you are ever separated from your locket from this moment forward, there will be consequences. Please do not test this fact, believe it.” I knew she would be sorely tempted to see if what I was telling her was true. It was. I am protected 24/7 by a division of soldiers on loan to me from the United States government. Some are Navy Seals, some are Green Berets, some are Army Rangers, and the best of them are from a division so black they don’t have rank or insignia. They are trained in secrecy using some of the coolest tools I’ve ever developed. It’s the government’s way of showing appreciation for the golden goose. Those same soldiers are also tasked with protecting my assets. Mrs. Honeycutt was one of these highly trained Seals, and the things she could do when provoked was fun to watch. A lot of fun. By activating those lockets, a series of automatic responses were initiated. Their entire lives were being accumulated for me by a massive amount of computer brains. Soldiers were being re-tasked to be their guardian angels. My previous failures with my house girls brought about changes in my procedures. Where a previous house girl had been raped, that would be nearly impossible now. Any panic code from her, voluntary or not, would bring a halo of protection literally from the sky. An attacker wouldn’t get a chance to drop his pants before finding his throat cut and his body disposed of in a place without a name or a door. Some lessons don’t need to be repeated.

“Please wait for your sister in the outer office Theresa.” She walked out, fingering her new adornment. The audio feed in my receiver told me she was in a state of trustful bliss. I was glad.

“Miss Angela, please come her.” She complied immediately. I pulled the second locket out. She held out her hand, but I shook my head. I depressed the button on the side and placed her locket over her heart, just above the point where her gentle cleavage began. It locked on tone immediately and I was blessed with the sound of arousal and apprehension in my internal receiver.

“Turn about.” She did, lifting her dark tresses and tilting her head forward. I slipped the locket around her neck and closed the clasp. I lightly grazed the skin at the top of her shoulders with my fingertips and got back the twitter sound of excitement.

“There is something else for you.” I walked around the desk and retrieved one more box. I opened it to reveal a set of diamond earrings. “These are for you and I. With them we will stay in constant communication. They have global capabilities. You will be able to speak directly to me anywhere on the planet. You will be able to hear me at any time. Please put them on.“ She removed the small gold studs from her ears and slipped the diamond studs in their place.

“Can you hear me all right?” I asked, using my internal voice only.

“Did you just ask me if I could hear you all right?” She asked, startled at the initial sensation of my voice inside her head. I grinned and nodded. “How could you do that?”

“It’s just a little gizmo I invented,” I replied in thought-speak. “You can do it to. Just think of me and speak to me using your internal voice. The devices will pinpoint those thoughts and transmit them to me.”

“How does that work?” she asked, using her internal voice.

“Your brain is made up of neural transmissions and electronic pulses. These devices read those, decodes them, and transmits only those thoughts directed at me.”

“Can you read my mind?” she asked, concerned.

“Only what you want me to know,” I lied. I could also close my eyes and see what she could see at will as well.

“What about Theresa?”

“She is not part of my research, she is only your sister. Now that you know what is in store for you, would you like to begin?”

“Yes sir. Very much. You are very kind and generous and I look forward to being your student and your subject for the next four years.”

“Good girl,” I replied, sending a jolt of pleasure with my thoughts as well, associating my voice in her mind with pleasure. Her bio feedback told me she enjoyed her pleasure.

“Mrs. Honeycutt will help you fill out your paperwork and see to it that you and your things are properly moved to the house. Tomorrow we will see to your sister’s enrollment in the appropriate school and begin in earnest. Do you like pizza? I will have a pie delivered to your quarters tonight at 7. Mrs. Honeycutt will show you around the house and grounds, if you would like you can take a dip in the pool. Remember to always keep your lockets on and you keep your earrings in. Water won’t hurt them in the least. I won’t be home until after 11 pm. I have several projects that need to be updated.” I sent another jolt of pleasure with my thoughts, getting the desired response.

I showed her to the door and instructed Mrs. Honeycutt to show my new housemates to their home. Mrs. Honeycutt’s locket was identical to the ones worn by the girls, something I was happy they took note of.
I arrived home just before midnight. I tuned my thoughts to my new girl and my new ward and could hear them chattering on about the house and about me.

“This house is so nice Angela. But Professor David is a little strange, don’t you think?” I closed my eyes and
could see that Angela was lying on the bed in Theresa’s room beside her sister.

“No he’s not strange. He’s just one of those really brilliant men who thinks in different ways. You can tell he’s very successful, look at this place,” answered Angela, trying to calm her sister’s fears.

“You sound like you LIKE him!” accused the younger girl. “You WANT him to make you do stuff!” She giggled and poked her sister.

“Don’t be silly and don’t talk like that. Not in this house and not ever. I don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize our new living arrangements. This is so much better than that stupid motel room in San Mateo.”

“I don’t know. I liked that room. It was cozy and had a TV and we shared a bed….” At the mention of TV, Theresa’s locket sent a signal to the house and a panel on the wall slid upward, revealing a large flat screen television behind it. “COOOL! The house heard me! How about a milkshake?” Nothing happened. “I guess it only works for some things, not for everything.”

I put a signal out to the kitchen and in the time it took for me to walk from my wing to the kitchen, three
milkshakes were ready. I put them on a tray and walked through the pantry to the wing reserved for the girls. When I reached Angela’s room, I connected to her through my thought transmitter. “Angela, please come to the door and invite me in.” I sent a jolt of pleasure with my request as a reward for immediate compliance. Angela slipped out of her bed and came to the bedroom door and bid me enter.

“Please come in Professor.”

“Thank you, I will. Someone must have said ‘milkshake’ because suddenly I had the urge to make three milkshakes. There is strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Could you two young ladies help me finish these?”

“Dibs on chocolate,” shouted Theresa, who leapt from the bed. Both girls were wearing simple cotton nightgowns in plain white. I could tell by their tiny hard nipples that they wore only panties beneath them. Seeing Theresa dressed like that was making me regret not requiring her to agree to the final stipulation as well. I sat in the easy chair near the desk while the girls sat cross-legged on the bed, enjoying their milkshakes. I pretended to pick at mine, but really I was hungry for something else.

I concentrated on Angela. As I gazed at her, I allowed her to register my gaze on her skin as caresses. Those caresses gave her pleasure. She in turn enjoyed my attention very much. She adjusted herself on the bed so that she was facing more towards me. Without thinking about it, she raised her knees slightly, causing her nightie to ride higher on her thighs and exposing her panty covered crotch to my attention. She continued to spoon out her strawberry milkshake and ripple with pleasure as my gaze caressed her taut nipples and dampening young pussy.

“Are you doing this to me?” her thought-speak registered in my head.

“Doing what to you?” I replied.

“Making me feel so…. so…. I don’t know how to describe it. Warm and wonderful?”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

She raised her eyes in response and peered deeply into mine from across the room. “Yes. Very much.” Of course I already knew she did. Her biorhythms were going crazy. Her pleasure centers were registering fireworks. She had never been aroused by anyone or anything before. She was relishing all these new sensations. She finished her shake and rose on unsteady legs. She placed the glass back on the tray and slipped into the bathroom. That left me alone with Theresa. Her locket was registering bliss and contentment. I gazed on her youthful sensuality and made the decision to change the conditions of her stay in the morning. I knew they would be convinced it was all for the best.

Angela returned from the bathroom, still in a state of high arousal. She took the empty glass from her sister and put it on the tray as well.

“Are you finished with yours Professor?”

“Please call me David when we are alone or it’s just the three of us. Continue to call me ‘Professor’ or ‘Dr.’ when we are with others, but in the privacy of our home, David will suffice.”

“Yes David, of course. Are you finished?” I nodded.

“I had a late supper. I wasn’t as hungry as I thought.”

“I’ll finish it!” volunteered Theresa, jumping from the bed and snatching it from her sister’s hand. Though I could have stopped her, I allowed her to use my straw. I don’t have any diseases or viruses, but I do have some modified traits in my DNA that cause some desirable side effects. I was curious I suppose, to see what the interaction would be if the cast off DNA in my saliva would have any influence over this young morsel of a girl. It did. I could sense the animal lust rising in the younger girl. My DNA was sending a BREED NOW! urgency to tiny Theresa. She attacked her second milkshake with vigor. Angela and I watched it disappear in ravenous gulps.

Angela took the glass back from her sister and placed it on the tray.

“I’ll take those,” I said, standing up. “You’ve both had a long day and we will be rising early tomorrow. Much to do. Much to do.”

“No David, I will take them. It’s my job,” replied Angela with a kind of protective pride. “You may walk me to the kitchen if you like. I am not sure I know the way. Theresa, brush your teeth again and get under the covers. I will be right back and we will go to sleep.” Her young teen sister complied.
I walked to the door and held it open for Angela. As she exited I allowed my hand to brush her back lightly. Her pleasure response was immediate and overwhelming. She nearly dropped her tray.

“Excuse me,” I apologized. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s ok,” she finally responded. “I didn’t mind at all.” Of course she didn’t. My touch nearly caused her first orgasm.

We entered the kitchen and she rinsed the milkshake glasses and put them in the dishwasher as I watched from the opposite side of the large island that takes up the center of the cooking space. When she bent over, I stared longingly at her panty covered ass. The pleasure my gaze gave to Angela was causing her knees to quiver and buck. She finally gathered the strength to stand and turn to face me. She leaned back against the counter and let her pleasure build. She braced herself in place with both hands as her knees continued to betray her.

“Touch me, please!” she screamed in her thought-speak.

I approached her from around the island. As I got closer her anticipation and arousal continued to build. I reached out and cupped her cheek and face with my left hand. She responded by leaning her head into my hand. That touch was enough. I could feel her orgasm flowing through her and into me. It was organic and intense. Pure ecstasy and joy. She didn’t dare approach me for more contact. Addled as it was by the orgasm, she still instinctively knew that further contact may drive her insane. I shared her orgasm as if it were my own, feeling her unbroken pussy contract with wave after wave of unbridled lust crashed over her. I stroked her cheek with my thumb and she screamed out as her senses overloaded.

I slowly removed my hand from her face until only my fingertips remained in contact. Her orgasms subsided and I was able to remove my hand altogether.

“Tomorrow,” I said to my new house girl, “I would like to give Theresa a set of earrings as well. I will pay her the same salary as you and I will assign her regular duties as well. With your permission of course.”

“Of course,” panted Angela. “I am sure she will enjoy having something important to do each day.”

As I said before, I can be very persuasive.

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