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Anna was dozing that afternoon when I went into our bedroom after she’d taken Walt to the airport. Because of the amount of time she’d been gone, her puffy lips and a slight redness around her mouth, I was convinced she’d given him a prolonged blowjob before he departed. In fact, they’d been at each other at least three or four times a day during his visit this time, but they still didn’t know that I knew about them. It was a conundrum for me. It hurt that my wife was fucking another man right in my own home, but it excited me like nothing else ever had before. In truth, part of me wanted it to end, but part of me wanted to continue experiencing this awesome excitement. My friend Cleo had suggested that I let Anna know, share the experience together, but I knew once the Genii was let out of the box, it couldn’t ever be put back in. Anna and I hadn’t had sex in over a week but oddly, I didn’t feel deprived. Actually, I felt totally sexually satisfied with the situation as it now was, just scared of losing her and terribly Jealous. Taking a deep breath, I eased onto the bed beside her.

“You awake?” I asked.


I jumped right into the subject without thinking about it. “I know about you and Walt,” I said abruptly. “I saw you . . . you know . . . together.”

She grew very still, hardly breathing. Then “Pat . . . I . . .”

“Wait. Let me talk,” I said.

Not sparing myself anything I’d done to help create this mess, I recalled everything I’d seen and how I’d jerked off to it, telling her everything. Once the floodgates were open, I had to get it all out. I ended by telling her how much I loved her and stressed our need to be completely honest with each other in everything. I also told her how angry and jealous it’d made me feel.

I heard a soft sob in her throat as she said, “Oh Pat, I’m so sorry. I’ll never do it again. I promise.”
I pulled her head onto my chest and we lay that way until we’d dozed off. Later, watching TV in the family room, we talked more about it and I asked her to share all the details and tell me about each of her encounters with Walt. She told me she’d never even thought about cheating on me in all these years. She was forthcoming and completely honest, and it was as I suspected, Walt had been after her constantly like a dog in heat, forcibly having his way with her anytime he wanted it - and her mostly enjoying every minute. She said he was insatiable, that he had a hard-on almost constantly. Most of the time he’d just forced himself upon her, but she admitted that she always ended up enjoying it – especially the oral sex, at which he was a master.

I was hurt by that. I performed oral sex on her occasionally, and mentioned that I thought she had enjoyed it. She sort of smiled, saying, “You do great, darling. But you lick and suck very gentle, lovingly. Walt devours me. He bites, sucks licks and blows on everything down there, even my anus. He’s all mouth and fingers until it drives me completely insane. I’m being honest. He totally had me anytime he wanted me, after that. I thought about it all day – every day. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I still can’t,” she told me quite embarrassedly. She said It had been the best sex she’d ever had. Looking into my eyes, she then told me it was over between her and Walt, or anybody else but me for the rest of her life. She was my wife and would always be so.

The next two days were just as it’d always been between us. All tension and apprehension had immediately vanished, but the spectrum of Walt’s return loomed over us like a giant shadow. We got a short reprieve when he called and said he had to stay at the meeting for another day, asking to be picked up at the airport a day later. He came in late and it was well after 10:00 PM by the time we arrived back home. I helped him carry his bags to the spare bedroom, telling him it was late and Anna and I would be going right to bed. He said that he also would be turning in. With the lights out, we lay without touching, hardly breathing. On the way from the airport I noticed Anna had hardly looked at Walt, although he’d constantly attempted catching her eye and I could feel the sexual tension mounting between them. Later, in the darkness of our bedroom we lay without moving or talking, Anna constantly tossing as though trying to get comfortable.

“Are you okay?” I finally whispered.

After a moment, she replied with a small catch in her voice, “I’m sorry, Pat.”

I reached out, touching her cheek. It was wet. “Yeah,” was all I could say.

Love for this woman filled my heart to such a capacity that I ached for her. Above all else, I didn’t want her suffering for something that had largely been my own fault. I knew what was bothering her. Walt had been at her constantly all the time he’d been there, and she was like a drug addict suddenly deprived from her drug. I knew she was lying there thinking about that huge cock just thirty feet away and it was driving her crazy. Truth is, I was hard as a rock too.

Twenty minutes later, I said quietly, “Go on. It’s all right.”

She didn’t even pretend she didn’t know what I was talking about. In the darkened room I saw her pulling on her white nightgown. At the foot of the bed she paused and though I couldn’t see her eyes, I knew she was staring at me. With the nightlight in the bathroom behind her, I could see the outline of her slender body through the thin gown. I heard her whisper again, “I’m sorry.” Then she was gone.

I lay in the darkened room listening intently for any sound of her movement, though in bare feet on the carpet, that was unlikely. What I hoped for was some sound that she’d changed her mind – and a strange longing deep inside - hoping she wouldn’t. A moment later, I heard her cry out softly, then much louder. I knew she wasn’t coming back. The big cock she’d been fantasizing about all night was inside her. I suddenly realized the reason she sounded so nearby was because she’d left our bedroom door open, and likely the other door was left ajar so I could hear, as well. A gesture of kindness toward me – or the actions of a slut? I truly didn’t know.

For the next five minutes I listened to the sound of their lovemaking. No, that’s not accurate. It was the sound of two people fucking like animals, hard and unrelenting - the unrestrained slapping of moist flesh as they grunted and cried out their pleasure. I knew Anna liked to be vocal when she made love and it must have been hard for her all the times Walt had pummeled her with his fencepost-like cock, trying to stifle it so I wouldn’t be alerted. It was as if now that I’d told her I knew, she didn’t have to hide any longer. She could let it all go, maybe even flaunt it. I clutched my cock harder as I heard her cry out her pent-up release, “Oh baby . . . oh godddd!”

That was quickly followed by Walt’s own obscene grunts as he came.

I was also so close to cumming that my heart literally pounded inside my chest and I was trembling so badly it shook the entire bed. How could I be this turned-on by something I couldn’t even see? I knew that all I had to do was stroke my cock a couple of times, and it would gush like Old Faithful. I choked it instead, holding off. I knew their ritual by now and didn’t want to end it yet. I knew they first had a frenzy-fuck to take off the edge caused by their week apart. After they recovered a bit, she’d suck him dry; and finally, he’d lick her ass and eat her pussy until she collapsed from exhaustion. After that, they’d probably even fuck again, later. The guy was an animal. I listened as, now that they’d satisfied their uncontrollable initial lust, I could hear them muttering - pillow talk between lovers. After a few minutes, I didn’t hear Anna’s voice anymore. All I could hear was Walt urging her on, and that meant she had his cock down her throat, milking it dry. After about ten minutes, Walt groaned loudly and I knew he was flooding her mouth with his slime. Didn’t he care that I might be awake and would hear? Maybe she’d told him I knew about them despite my repeated requests she not do so. No, she wouldn’t betray me like that. A few seconds later I heard her crying out again, even louder and more urgent than before, “Oh god . . . oh god . . . oh god . . .” I knew he was devouring her pussy. That was when I cum so hard my prostrate ached, just as she screamed - sounding like she was strangling.
I knew that what probably turned her on so much was that Walt was a controller. He took what he wanted anytime he wanted it. Whereby I made love to her, Walt used her. I could never be like that, no matter how hard I tried. Anna knew that, too. Being used in this manner was something she never knew she needed until that first night I’d things get out of hand. It was now something she had to have, Walt had initiated her into it with skill, and I felt like I’d been sucker-punched. I could let her do it or I could demand she stop - in which case I was pretty sure I would end up losing her. I would not lose Anna. She was my life.

With my lust satisfied for the moment, I simply felt miserable. The couple next door had also settled down now that their lust was satisfied for the moment. The whole house was suddenly engulfed in silence as I dropped into a drug-like sleep. I awoke the next morning alone. She’d spent the entire night with him.
When I awoke the next morning, I could hear voices on the pool, so I brushed-up, showered and went into the living room. At first glance, they were innocently seated on the sofa lounge, chatting. Then I saw Walt had a contented look on his face and that Anna’s hand was under the leg band of his loose-fitting trunks. She was dutifully stroking his dick slowly, lovingly; Walt acting as if that were his right. Bristling, I charged out, finding Anna’s hand in her own lap when I got there, but Walt’s bulge was still evident.

“Darling,” Anna said brightly, reaching for a cup. “Let me pour you a cup of coffee. It’s such a nice day, Walt and I were just talking about going to the beach.

I knew that she knew I was to drop the Four-runner by the shop for a tune-up this morning. That only left her sports car, a two-seater. That meant I would stay home? Not likely. “Sounds great,” I said. I’d like that.”

“But you have to take the car to the shop, darling. Don’t you?”

I wasn’t about to let them get away for an entire day to fuck their eye-balls out. No way! “We can all go in that. You sit on Walt’s lap.” I hated the thought of that, but the alternative sounded even worse. After some bickering about the logistics, they followed me to the garage. When I got in the driver’s side of the sports car, I saw their seat was all the way back to accommodate Walt’s long legs – well, Anna’s too – and she was already seated in his lap. She was wearing a wrap-around sarong, with her swimsuit under it. She looked beautiful, as usual. By all appearances, they were behaving themselves. I stopped and filled up with gas, then off to the shore. Walt did most of the talking and I reluctantly admitted he was a pretty fascinating guy. He’d been all over the world, talking about the places he’d been and the things he’d seen. Anna was quietly staring out the windshield, letting the men talk. As I said, she looked delicious. A few beads of perspiration had formed along her top lip, and I suddenly wanted to lick them off. About an hour into our journey Anna’s long legs suddenly stiffened, she leaded her head backward and groaned softly. Then whimpering, her face contorted in pain. It took me a moment to realize she was having an orgasm. Then I knew. When I got out to fill up with gas, Walt had pushed her bikini bottom aside and slipped his big cock inside her. He may even have done it without her consent. She had been quietly riding it all this ways, letting the road movement of the vehicle do its job. The sarong had hidden everything and with the air condition on I didn’t even catch a whiff of her pussy. She probably hadn’t intended to cum. I’m sure she didn’t want to intentionally cause me any humiliation, but I couldn’t know that for sure. When she was finished, she became very quiet, her eyes closed, head down, long hair hiding her face. Walt just stared straight ahead with no indication anything had happened.

Without saying a word, I pulled into a roadside mini-mart, drove around to the side, and got out. I walked to the men’s room to give them a chance to get their act together - and clean up. There was a lattes fence on front of the rest room doors. I stopped behind it, peeking through one of the small holes. Walt had his big hands on Anna’s shoulders, literally lifting her upward with his strong thrusts. Hair covering her pretty face, arms flopping around limply, head now bouncing up and down like someone who was sleeping, or unconscious, she didn’t respond. She was awake though. I was pretty sure of that. Walt was just using her. She was letting herself be used - probably enjoying being used.

Walt’s body suddenly stiffened and his face twisted with pleasure as he shot his load inside her. He was gripping her shoulders so hard his knuckles were white, and I wondered if he was bruising her. If she was in pain she didn’t show it, remaining limp throughout the whole thing. I went into the restroom and for several minutes tried to control my trembling, to breathe normally. I heard the women’s restroom door open and close, listened to the water running, and a flush. I dropped my pants, stroked my cock about six times, and shot a load all over the wall, groaning loudly. I came so hard it was almost painful. I had to lean against the wall for a few minutes to regain my breath and gather my strength. When I got back to the car they were both in the passenger seat again and everything appeared normal. I didn’t say a word, just drove off.

At the beach, Anna and I spread our blankets and lay down while Walt ran into the surf. He was a bull of a man, swimming in long strokes far out into the surf. I half-hoped he’d drown. Anna, in her black bikini, lay with her legs slightly apart, tanning her thighs. I peeked but couldn’t detect anything running from her crotch. Inside, I was still seething. Why had that SOB felt he could screw my wife in the car seat right beside me with total impunity? In my mind, I went over everything that had happened on our trip down and reached a conclusion.

“You told him, didn’t you?”

Her eyes were closed. “He guessed.”

“Bullshit. Why did you tell him?”

“Does it matter? You think with all the noise we were making last night that he didn’t think you could hear us from thirty feet away? Come on!”

I sighed loudly. “It matters, because now he thinks there are no boundaries, no limits to what he can do. He thinks he can fuck you in front of me anytime he wants to . . . in the car seat right beside me.”
To give her credit, her face reddened. “Yeah, well I’m sorry about that. He was hard from the minute I sit down on him. I didn’t want to do that. While you were putting gas in the car, he insisted and just stuffed it inside me. He’s like that. He just does it if he wants to. Somewhere along the line I guess I lost control . . . and well . . .”

She propped up on her elbow, suddenly grinning like an imp. She was so beautiful when she did that. “Don’t act so indignant,” she said pertly. “I saw your boner when you went to the restroom. I was in the other restroom. Those walls are pretty thin, ya know.”

“He fucked you after I left.” I knew I sounded petulant, but couldn’t help myself. “Anna, he wants to control you. Don’t you understand? You’re giving him license to do anything he wants to you. Has he attempted to fuck you in the ass, yet?”



She looked down.

“He has.”

“No, but he wants to. I told him it would hurt too much and he’s backed off . . . for now. We both know he’s too big and it’d probably kill me. “After a moment, she nearly whispered, “But if he wants it and I could, I probably would do it.”

She had never even considered letting me do something like that. I looked up to see Walt running toward us, so she laid back and closed her eyes.

“So now you both have decided that you can fuck right in front of me anytime you want to, huh?”

She didn’t answer. Walt called out from the water, for us to join him. I told her to go ahead. I was tired from the long drive. They waded way out, the water up to Anna’s chest. From this distance they looked like a couple standing in the water talking, but I was more attuned than others. I could tell by the angle of her arm that she was holding his cock. After a few more moments, Walt move behind her, wrapping his arms around her. They were so far out that no one was even paying attention except for me, and they probably though I was sleeping - if they even cared. From the way they were standing, I knew beyond doubt that he was fucking her again. The guy was clearly a sex addict. How could he do that again, so soon? He’d probably fucked her before I got up that morning, then again in the car, and now here he was doing it again. My own dick was still tender from jerking off in the restroom - for crying out loud! They must be fucking three or four times every day. I knew that doing that would kill me! What astounded me was that Anna always seemed ready to let him do her anytime and anyplace he wanted. It was clear my pretty wife was completely under his control.

I saw that Anna had turned and was facing him, her head thrown back, arms around his neck and clearly out of her mind with the pleasure of doing it on a public beach. I knew that under the rippling water her legs were wrapped around him and he was slamming his cock into her right in front of everyone on the beach. When Anna suddenly pulled herself forward and locked her mouth against his, I knew she was cumming. I felt my sore dick stir and rolled onto my stomach so people passing by wouldn’t notice.

Our trip back home was largely uneventful considering what happened coming down. They both slept, Anna with her face against the side of Walt’s neck, her right arm slung over his shoulder, purring softly. She wore her bikini home, the sarong only covering from her knees down. I suppose it was to prove to me they weren’t fucking. Her legs looked cold so I turned the air conditioner down as a gesture of my appreciation. Upon arrival, we showered and because my other car was still being lubed, Anna called for a limo pickup for Walt who had to depart for the airport at an early hour. Then we all sat around the TV until about 10:00 PM when, as if by mutual agreement, they both stood and walked silently into the guest bedroom, leaving me alone. Anna followed Walt in, meeting my eyes as she left the door ajar. For the next twenty minutes I listened as Walt pounded her pussy viciously, probably as a parting gift to her – maybe to us both. I didn’t jerk off, just rubbed my swollen cock through my PJs, picturing what they were doing behind the door. I swear Anna screamed the entire time.

I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and went to peek through the crack in the door. Walt had her on her knees on the bed, pounding her from behind, his considerable potbelly resting on her ass-cheeks. I wondered what it was my wife found the least bit attractive in this man. I believed it was two things; his forcefulness, and that huge cock. I had a bird’s eye view from where I stood, watching his grossly fat dick stretching the walls of my wife’s pussy. I was instantly hard as a railroad spike. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not homosexual. I have nothing against homosexuals, in fact, my best friend Cleo is bi-sexual and that’s cool with me. Walt’s fat dick didn’t excite me, but watching it slid into my pretty wife, did. Why that is so, I don’t know. Just as Anna had discovered something about herself during this process, so had I. I liked to watch, period. Did I blame her entirely? No. I’d let all this happen when I could’ve stopped it, so I’d just have to live with the outcome.

Anna was making weird little sounds like a hurt animal makes, as Walt slowed tempo, then started jack-hammering into her again. Unable to stop myself, I pulled my own cock from the pee-hole of my PJs and slowly stroked it, my legs trembling and weak. Anna’s face was pressed against the bed, her arms stretched out to the side, fingers clutching at the bedspread. I watched as the lining of her cunt was pulled out each time Walt’s cock retreated, then slammed back into her with his brutal thrusts. She started whimpering so I knew she was getting close. So was I. So was I! Walt didn’t look like he was anywhere near ready to quit though, and I knew it’d be a long night for my sweetheart. A small squeal started deep inside her throat, building into a scream as she contorted and twisted against his fat cock, straining for every last bit of it as she reached her climax. I came in my hand as I backed away from the door, rushing for the bathroom. When I came back out I could still hear Walt’s big belly slamming against her ass. Anna’s whimpers had turned into low moans and painful little grunts. Served her right, I guess.

It’s been eight months since Walt first stayed with us. He’s been back three times since he left that last time. He doesn’t come for business anymore, just for “visits,” now. When he’s not here Anna is like she has always been - a dutiful, loving wife. When he is here, she belongs to him. I get to watch, of course, which I do. I’ve learned to accept the arrangement, even appreciate it to some degree. I know I have to, or risk losing her. I’ve actually sat in the chair on the patio while they go through their little routine – the first time fucking frantically, then sucking and finally cunt lapping –then, fucking some more. Walt ignores me as I jerk-off, but I think Anna actually likes having me there. Walt has tried ass-fucking his bitch a number of times but it always hurts Anna too much, although he gets further along each time. I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t want her hurt, but I know if he accomplishes it I will then be able to do the one thing I have always dreamed of, having anal sex with my beautiful wife. She knows that too, which is probably one reason she resists doing it. This is the end of my story. If Walt is successful in getting that humongous cock inside her ass, I may at some point have to go back to Cleo and have her help me write about that. Especially, if I too get to do it afterward. Cleo is cool about this. I think my stories have even turned her on. She’s offered to help me get even with Anna by doing anything I want with her, but I can’t do that. Cleo is beautiful, but after all, I do love my wife.

What the hell? I am happier than 95% of the married men I know, and I have begun to look upon Walt’s three or four visits each year as sort of a sex vacation. It’s not so bad.

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My wife and I love each other very deeply and dearly and are very honest with each other about everything, but we both enjoy bring other men in to fuck her with me at times and I love watching her suck their cocks too and seeing and feeling the extra cum mixed with mine in her too with my fingers, cock and mouth. A while back I asked her if she would introduce her son to sex and give him his first b/j and even let him fuck her. She thought about it, said nothing. I told her when I was a kid I want to have sex with my sexy petite mother with tiny tits ( love tiny tits ) as most boys do. Had sex later with my mother when I was 30 and we love it. I brought this up quite often when we made love and her breathing increased alot over time. One night she told me ( as we were fucking ) he had a huge cock at age 9 and always got hard when they use to shower together. Showers stopped then. She whispered in my ear that she would, she did, came in with his cum in her mouth & pussy for me. He's 11


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my suggestion to the husband is to shoot both of them rhen cut his cock off and stuff it down her throat......... that will solve the problem of her wanting to fuck walt all the time amd the husband weont be such a wimp then........... sorry negative rating from me

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