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3 Evil Sisters-Part 7

Introduction: (I'm not SomeStory. This isn't his/her account and I haven't spoken to SomeStory at all. This is an unauthorized continuation of the Evil Sisters stories. Like a lot of you, I really enjoyed the stories and thought they deserved an ending. Hopefully, this first try at continuing the series will live up to the standards of SomeStory's work. If it doesn't, I won't continue making more parts, but if you guys like it, I'll try to do at least a couple more parts to finish the story off. I'd love to hear whatever feedback you guys have to give, but try not to troll. Remember, I'm just trying to help out the other fans that were frustrated by SomeStory disappearing.)

Mom was back.

"Shit." I hissed. I looked at my sisters. "Get it together! Pick everything up!" I ordered them, then I headed outside, hoping to stall Mom long enough for Ashley and Riley to calm down and pull themselves out of each others' hair. As I walked up to Mom's car, I could see her bent over the trunk, her navy-blue skirt hugging her hips as she pulled out her luggage.

"Hey!" I called out as I reached the car. "Let me help you, Mom!" She stood up and smiled at me.

"Max! Come give me a hug!" She opened her arms as I walked up, then wrapped them around me and pressed me against her. "You've gotten so tall!" She said as she tightened her arms around me. She was warm and I could feel her breasts through her blouse. They were as big as Izzy's, maybe bigger, and that was saying something. I'd never thought about them before, but after everything that had happened, I felt myself getting hard, so I cut the hug short.

"Let me get these for you." I told her as I looked in the trunk. Her red roller bag was already on the driveway, and her purse was sitting by her feet, but her other two bags were still in the trunk. I picked up the first one and grunted as I heaved it out of the trunk. It was so heavy I could've sworn she was transporting bricks. After setting it down, I went to grab the other one when Izzy called out,

"Mom! We didn't know you were coming back!" I pulled the other bag out and set it down in time to watch Mom give Izzy a hug.

"I didn't either! They cancelled the conference at the last minute, so I suddenly had five days off and I wanted to see you guys. I took the first flight out of Ontario. Where are your sisters?"

"Oh... um," Izzy stalled for a second. "They're cleaning."

"Riiight. Should I expect a major pigsty? You three always make your brother do all the cleaning and poor Max can only do so much."

"Wha?!" Izzy replied, startled. Mom smirked at her and gave me a wink.

"Actually, they've been helping me out a lot." I said, looking at Mom. "Izzy dusted and Riley and Ashley vacuumed and helped me cook."

"Really?" Mom cocked an eyebrow at Izzy, then looked back at me. "What'd you do- black mail them?" Izzy and I looked at each other nervously, then Mom started laughing. "Come on. Let's go find them." She picked up her purse and pulled the handle out of the red roller bag, then started walking towards the house. Izzy and I looked at each other again, then let out a sigh of relief. Mom had a wicked sense of humor and she liked to mess with your mind. Combined with her innate mother knowledge, she always left me feeling like she knew more than she let on.

I tried to give Izzy the lighter bag to carry, but she could see how heavy the other one was, so she took it from me and hefted it onto her shoulder, then we followed Mom inside. I hoped that Izzy had gotten Ashley and Riley to calm down, but from the way they'd been going at it, I was ready to find blood on the floor. Instead, when we walked in the door, the two of them were standing next to each other. Riley had her blanket folded under her arms and Ashley had her arm around Riley's waist. They were smiling and chatting with Mom. When she heard us come in behind her, Mom turned and looked at us.

"Movie night on a weeknight, Izzy? You must've gotten soft while I was gone." Mom said to Izzy as my oldest sister set the black bag of bricks on the floor.

"I just, uh, thought everyone needed a little pick me up. Max and Riley were sick earlier this week-" That was true according to the school records at least. "-and Ashley's been having a hard time."

"You do look a little worn out, Darling. What's been the matter?" We looked at Ashley, but she just looked down at her feet. Mom looked at Izzy and I, but we didn't know either, so we stayed quiet.

"Actually, Ashley and I were just discussing that when Max saw you pull into the driveway." Riley said, jumping into the conversation. I'd never been so glad that at least one of my sisters had a brain in her head.

"Why don't we all sit down and talk about it? You're all home and I wanted us to all spend some time together."

"Sure, Mom. Max and I will take your bags up to your room and Ashley and Riley can get you something to eat." Izzy said, tapping me on the shoulder.

"Hahaha. No, I remember the last time you girls tried to cook for me. I'll be okay with the pizza I'm sure you just stuffed in the fridge. I can still smell it. If you'll make me a glass of water, Max, your sisters can take the bags up." We quickly fell to our assigned tasks as Mom sank down on the couch, worn out from her flight. I pulled the pizza box out of the the fridge where Riley or Ashley had stuffed it and put a piece on a plate. After dropping some ice in a clean glass and filling it, I walked back into the living room, handed Mom the glass, and set the plate on the table. I sat down next to her, and she took a sip of water, then a bite of pizza.

"Max, how much pizza have you guys eaten lately?" Mom asked, covering her mouth as she chewed and giving me her sorcerer's all knowing stare, like my eyes were two crystal balls that she could see everything in. I grinned nervously, then the girls came back down, sparing me from having to answer.

Riley snatched the spot next to me so fast, I couldn't believe that Mom didn't notice something odd, but she was too fixated on her pizza. Izzy pulled up the big chair to where she was facing us and Ashley turned the love seat. Once we were all sitting and Mom had finished her slice of pizza, she took another sip of water, then started talking.

"So, what's been the matter, Baby?" She asked, looking at Ashley. Ashley's face fell and she glanced down at the ground before looking back up.

"It's just a boy thing." She grumbled.

"What kind of a boy thing?"

"Well, the guy I'm dating, he kind of... he cheated on me..."

"I'm sorry, Baby! That's awful."

"... and there's this other guy. He was really nice to me and I think I like him a lot-" Riley snorted next to me and made a little sound of disapproval. "-but I think I messed everything up with him."

"Why don't you break up with your boyfriend and talk to the other guy?" Mom said sympathetically. "I'm sure if you apologize, he'll forgive you."

"I don't think so. I, uh, he..."

"She cheated on him with her boyfriend." Riley spat, reverting to the angry state she'd been in a few minutes earlier. I thought Ashley would scream back at her, but she just tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and stared at her hands.

"Hm. Well, I don't know if I'd forgive someone who cheated on me either, but you never know until you ask, Ashley. Max, you're the only boy here. What would you do if a girl cheated on you, then wanted to go out later?" Mom looked at me with such a weird look that I couldn't tell if she understood everything already, which should've been impossible, or if she was just feeling bad for Ashley.

I looked around the room and saw everyone's eyes were glued to me. Riley looked like she wanted me to tell Ashley that I'd tell her to fuck off. Izzy was hard to read, I could see a little of Riley's anger her eyes, but she'd been where Ashley was. I think she felt bad for her- if Izzy could even muster up that much empathy for another human being. And Ashley... Ashley was hard to look at. Her eyes were glistening with tears and you could see she was already getting choked up. I closed my eyes for a moment and rubbed my hands over my face, then I looked back at Ashley.

"You have to start by apologizing." I said firmly. "I think if this guy really likes you, anything's possible, but it may take a long time before he trusts you again. I don't know for sure if he can forgive you, it sounds like you really hurt him, but I guess you'll never know unless you try." I stopped talking and looked at Ashley. She was really crying now and she covered her mouth with her hand before nodding at me. Riley gave me a look that didn't exactly say she was pleased, but I didn't think she was angry either.

"Come here, Baby." Mom said and Ashley stumbled over for Mom to pull her in for a hug. She laid her head on Mom's shoulder and cried. After a few seconds, Mom looked at me and asked me if I'd bring the lighter black bag back down. I went up and lugged it down, then she told me to open it. At first, it looked like it was full of her underwear, there were tops and bottoms, and I shot her a surprised, half-horrified look before I noticed that the tags were still on everything. They were swimsuits. There was even a pair of shorts for me in there.

"The black one is for Izzy, Riley has blue, Ashley's is yellow, and I think you're smart enough to figure out which one's yours." Mom said with a grin.

"This one?" I asked, holding up the black bikini bottom that went with Izzy's outfit. Everyone giggled, then I tossed Izzy her bottom and a black top with orange flames on it. I handed Ashley and Riley theirs, then grabbed my suit and sat back down between Riley and Mom.

"It's your birthday tomorrow, Riley. Since you have school, I thought we'd just go out to wherever you wanted to eat for dinner, but Saturday, I was wondering if the four of you wanted to drive up to Water World and we'd stay there over night. Would you like to do that for your birthday, Riley?"

"Um, yeah! Yeah, that'd be awesome, Mom! We can all go." Riley said and squeezed my thigh just above the knee. "I'll just have to get my homework done after school tomorrow."

"Great! And I have something else for you in the other bag."

"Is it a bowling ball?" Izzy cut in. It seemed like a good guess to me.

"Don't get sassy with me, Isabella. I remember one Christmas where you just had to have the single biggest, most humongous Goth-Girl playhouse I'd ever laid eyes on. Ah- AHHH." Mom suddenly yawned. "I was going to have you try on your swimsuits for me, but I think it's getting too tired and I'm still late..." Mom cut herself off as the four of us snickered and shot each other looks. "I mean, it's late, I'm tired, and I had no idea I'd managed to raise four smart asses. Max, if you don't mind washing up, I think I'm heading to bed."

"I'll take care of it." Ashley said suddenly, getting up to take Mom's plate and glass for her. Mom thanked her and came by to hug each of us, then she stumbled upstairs. After we heard her door shut, Izzy, Riley, and I relaxed. Izzy yawned as well and told us she was going up to get ready for bed too. I heard the faucet running in the kitchen which meant Ashley was washing dishes. Finally alone, Riley turned to me and before I could say or do a thing, she lifted her head, tilted her chin up, and pressed her lips against mine. My lips parted and I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I kissed her back and wrapped my hand around her waist as she laid her hands on my chest, pressing me against the couch. The kiss was so different from the ones I'd had before. There was lust, but there was something else too. When we finally broke apart, Riley leaned forward until her body was almost touching mine and her lips were just a few inches away from my ear, then she whispered,

"I'm going to get ready for bed too." But from the way she said it, I was betting it wasn't her bed that she was getting ready for. As she pulled back, I stared into her eyes and they were pretty, I couldn't stop myself. I pressed my lips against hers and started kissing her like crazy. She let out an aroused sigh, then I grabbed her chest, feeling her breasts through her tank top. I ran my thumbs over her nipples. They were already stiff and I could see them poking up under her top.

"Max!" She moaned in my mouth and I pulled back. I didn't want Ashley hearing us. When I looked at Riley again, she gave me a sultry stare, her eyes filled with lust. She was breathing heavily, the breaths coming in and out of her parted lips, but she managed to control herself. "I'll see you upstairs." She smiled at me, then turned and headed upstairs.

I heard the faucet in the kitchen cut off, so I walked over to check on Ashley. Maybe I shouldn't have, but she was still my sister and I wanted to make sure she was alright. When I walked in, her face was looking down at a plate as she dried it off, her long, brown hair hanging forwards like silky curtains. When she heard me, she turned and I could tell she'd been crying, but not as much as before. There was still a tear on her cheek and I walked up to her and brushed it off with my thumb. I looked at Ashley and she looked back into my eyes with her green eyes shining. Suddenly, I realized how close I was to her and took a step back.

"Are you okay?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah. Did you..." She swallowed. "Did you mean what you said before, that you might be able to forgive me?"

"I don't know... maybe..." I looked back up at her and she turned to put the plate she was holding in the dishwasher, then she looked at me again.

"Thank you, Max." She whispered, then she kissed me on the cheek. Her lips felt so soft, almost like two small rose petals. When she pulled back, she looked so sad and so beautiful, I almost kissed her right there, but before I could, Ashley whispered good night, then turned and walked away, leaving me standing in the kitchen with my fingers pressed against the spot where that she'd kissed.

A few minutes later, I was in my room. I'd pulled off my clothes and was just changing into a fresh pair of boxers. They were about two thirds of the way up my legs when I felt the breeze from my door opening blow across my body.

"What are you doing that for?" Riley asked as she walked in and shut the door behind her. At first, I thought she was being funny, but when she walked towards me, I saw the look in her eyes and realized just how serious she was being. Her long, blonde hair fell behind her shoulders and all she had on was a nightie that I could see right through. It was incredibly sexy and innocent at the same time. She walked up to me and laid her hands on my chest. I let my boxers fall to the floor as I reached up and caressed her body, feeling her narrow waist flow into her hips, then around to her perfect, tight ass. I reached around and squeezed it, eliciting a moan from Riley. Wanting to hear more, I craned my neck to the side and brought my lips just below Riley's jaw line. I ran my tongue along her skin, then started planting kisses down her neck. She let out little sighs of arousement as my tongue slid along her skin. When I reached where her neck met her shoulder, I sucked down hard on her, almost biting her.

"Unh!" She moaned, her arms writhing around my body, clutching at my shoulders. I switched sides and started sucking on the other side of her throat. At the same time, I let one hand continue kneading her ass while my other snaked its way under her nightie, up her body, and onto her breast. It felt so warm and soft in my hand, but firm at the same time and her nipple was already stiff. I ran my thumb over it and Riley made another noise. I knew she was only going to get louder, so I pressed my lips to hers and drove my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues wrestled as our hands caressed and squeezed one another's body. Her perfect, C-cup tits felt so good in my hands, but I wanted more. I pulled the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and Riley wiggled back and forth until her nightie fell to the floor beside my boxers, then I brought my lips down to her chest and starting sucking on her tit. Riley let out a soft moan that turned into a shriek of pleasure when I sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

"Max... Maaax..." She moaned, then she reached out and wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock. Taking the hint, I let my one of my other hands trail down her body until it brushed across her pubic hair. I felt her whole body shudder and Riley squeezed my cock, making me grunt. Sliding a finger along her slit, I almost pulled back in surprise. I'd expected her to be wet, but she was practically flooded. I brought my lips away from breast and looked down.

"Oh my god... Riley..." I whispered, awestruck. Her cum was running down her legs she was so wet.

"Please, Max, don't stop. I want this... I want you so badly."

"Then would you like me do this?" Before Riley could say a word, I crouched down and brought my mouth up to her lower lips. I stopped to smell her and the aroma was so arousing my cock twitched as I took in the fragrance of my beautiful sister's cum. Then I licked from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top. RIley moaned and I took that as permission to keep going. Finding her clit, I rubbed my fingers back and forth against it, making Riley squirm with pleasure. Once the tips of my fingers were glistening and wet, I let my tongue take over, flicking it back and forth across her clit. The taste of her cum was so overpowering I almost threw her down on the ground and took her right then.

As my tongue went to work, Riley started bucking with every wave of pleasure I sent racing from her clit, so I grabbed her ass with one hand and held her still, pressing her cunt against my lips. With my other hand, I let one of my cum coated fingers slide down her slit until it reached her entrance, then I pushed inside of Riley, feeling the warm wetness of her insides envelope my finger.

"Ohh!" Riley groaned, digging her fingers into my hair. Pulling out, I slid two fingers into her and started pumping in and out of my sister as my tongue kept working on her clit. "Oh, god, Max! Yes! More! More!" Riley yelled. Her wish was my command. I curled my fingers in, brushing them against her g-spot, and at the same time, I sucked her clit into my mouth and pressed it between my lips.

"UNH! YES!" Riley screamed, barely keeping her voice low enough to not wake the others. As I felt Riley's body buck harder and harder, I picked up the pace of my finger thrusting, then finally left them inside her and fluttered them against her g-spot, driving her wild. "Max, I- I think I'm gonna..." I pressed her clit between lips again. "Unh... don't ... st-stop... oh, I'm- " I stopped. I held my finger still and brought my lips away from her clit. "W-Why?" She asked, looking down, then I attacked twice as hard as before. I pumped my fingers in out of my sister so fast they were a blur, driving straight into her g-spot. I was almost drinking her cum at this point, she was so wet, and her clit was a little pleasure button my tongue couldn't taste enough of. "YES! Make me cum, Max! Make me cum for you!" I thrust in and out of her as fast as I could and if not for my hand on her ass, I think Riley would have crumpled to the floor. "Oh, GOD! Yes, Max, yes! Unh- c-CUMMING! I'm CUMMING!" Riley's body went wild, humping my hand and I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my fingers as she came. She was gripping my fingers so tight, I couldn't even move, but I kept my tongue flicking across her clit, making her orgasm last as long as possible.

When her orgasm finally died away, Riley's legs went weak and I barely got her to my bed. "Oh my god, Max. That was incredible. I don't think I've ever cum that hard in my life." Riley panted, out of breath. I was pretty out of breath myself, but if I thought I was getting a break, I was dead wrong. Riley pulled me onto the bed beside her and wrapped her arms around me, running her hands through my hair as we made out. I ran my hand through her hair as well and pushed my cock between her legs with my other hand, letting it rub against her sopping wet pussy. She was so wet and hot it almost felt like being inside her.

"Riley, I can't wait anymore. I need to be inside you!" I moaned as she ran her tongue along neck, her thighs squeezing my cock against her pussy.

"N-not on here." She managed to tell me.

"What? Why not?"

"Not where she's been."

"Where then?"

"Stand up." I got off the bed and stood up and Riley grabbed my hand, pulling me over to the wall. Standing with her back against it, she spread her legs. She took my rock hard cock, slippery wet with her cum, and guided it between her legs. When my head was pressing at her entrance, she wrapped her arms around me and I kissed her as I pressed into her.

"OHHHH!" We moaned together as our bodies became one. Her pussy was so tight, it was unbelievable. As I pulled out, I could barely manage to bring my hips back, it felt like her pussy was sucking me into her. Then, just as I had filled her back up, Riley almost leapt into the air and threw her legs around me. I grabbed her ass, holding her in the air. With her back against the wall, she was light enough that it wasn't too hard to keep her up. I pulled out, then thrust into her again.

"Unh. Fuck me, Max. I need you to fuck me." Riley moaned. I started thrusting into Riley, meaning to go slow at first, but her pussy was so tight and hot that I couldn't help speeding up. It was like it was sucking me in. Her ass felt so good in my hands and I could watch her tits bounce every time I pushed into her. "Yes, Max! Harder!" Riley yelled and I started pounding my sister as hard I could. She started screaming at the top of her legs and I clapped a hand over her mouth, muffling her as she kept screaming from our fucking. When she stopped screaming, I grabbed her ass with both hands again and Riley groaned out, "Oh, you own me, MAX!"

Hearing her say that was so sexy, I almost blew my load right there. I started thrusting faster and faster, our bodies making wet, slapping sounds every time we came together. "R-riley, I'm getting close." I said as I felt my balls beginning to tingle.

"Cum inside me! Fill me up!"

"No, I want to... cum together!" I yelled, then I angled my hips under Riley and took her hips in my hands. Guiding her body, I rubbed her clit against me as I kept thrusting into her as hard as I could.

"Ohmygod... ohmygod..." Riley panted as her back arched against the wall. Her cunt tightened around my cock, milking it and sending me over the edge.

"I'M CUMMING!" I yelled and Riley screamed out at the same time as her orgasm erupted. I felt my cum exploding out of me, shooting into her as her pussy milked my cock, rippling as Riley came, her body shaking on top of me. It seemed like our orgasm would never stop as I shot fifteen, sixteen, seventeen ropes of cum into her and her pussy kept drinking it all in.

Finally, our orgasms subsided and my legs gave out, exhausted from the strain of holding Riley up and thrusting into her. We slid down until I was laying on the floor and Riley was on top of me, my deflating dick still inside of her, then Riley flopped down on top of my body, her head resting on my chest. I was so exhausted I could barely move. I barely had the energy to speak.

"That was incredible..." I said dreamily.

"Mhmm..." Riley hummed. "I love touching you." She cooed, rubbing her body against mine. "-ove you..." She mumbled, her eyes shutting.

"Come on. We should at least get in bed."

"Uh-uh." Riley replied cutely, almost falling asleep. Somehow, I got her to stand up and slip her nightie back on, then I finally pulled on my boxers before turning off the light and sliding into bed next to her. "Max, look." Riley said, closing her eyes and pointing to my digital clock. It was twelve o'one. I smiled down at Riley, then gave her a gentle kiss.

"Happy birthday, Riley." I whispered, then I snuggled down next to her, my body pressed against hers, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks, and my arms folded around her. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

The next thing I knew, I was blinking up in the darkness. I thought that I'd just woken up before I needed to, but then I felt Riley move next to me.

"Max, are you awake?" She asked, laying her hand on my shoulder.

"..nnn..." Was all I managed to get out. I shut my eyes and was falling back asleep when I heard something like a sob from Riley. I blinked my eyes open and looked at my sister. In the dark, I could make out the outline of her sitting up, crying.

"Riley, what's the matter?" I asked as I sat up, stealing a glance at my clock- three fourteen... wonderful.

"I- I'm sorry, Max."

"It's okay. I'd rather be awake than be asleep and not help."

"No, I mean, I'm sorry about everything. I've been so shitty to you. I always call you names and... and I insult you all the time, call you stupid." I wrapped my arms around the blanket over my knees and looked at Riley's silhouette.

"Well, I do have two D's at the moment." I said, trying to make her feel a little better.

"Yeah, because we make you do everything. We fuck everything up for you. You're not stupid, Max... you've never been stupid."

"No, I really do suck at Math... and Science isn't exactly my strongest point either."

"...those are what I'm good at... I should've been the one to help you. I'm your big sister. I'm supposed to help you with your homework, not insult you for every problem you get wrong."

"Well, I mean, why do you then?"

"Because you're really not stupid."


"I mean, you're really not stupid. You're smart. Smarter than me."

"Hah!" I laughed, a little louder than I meant to. "You were in the ninety fifth percentile for the SATs. You get all A's. There's no way I'm smarter than you."

"Max, most kids would be failing if they went through what we put you through. And you're good at English and History and you can draw so well... I can't do anything like that."

"Riley, is my drawing what's making you sad? Or my grades? If you'll help me study, I can do better."

"No... I mean, yes, I mean... Max, have you ever wondered why you're the only guy I don't feel weird touching... or being touched by?"

"When I was little, I just thought you liked torturing me. I thought you liked laying on top of me to pick on me. But yeah, the other night, Izzy and I were talking about it. Why is that?"

"I don't know..." Riley said quietly. "It was never one thing. I just remember you being born and we were all so happy. I mean, I was barely old enough to remember, but I do. I remember holding you in my arms and thinking you were so heavy for a little baby. Izzy and Ashley were happy too, if you can believe that... and Dad. He thought having a son was right up there with landing a man on the moon or winning the Super Bowl."

" what happened?" I asked.

"Like Izzy said, Dad died and Mom had to go away and everything fell on Izzy. She had shit happen to her and some of it was her fault, but most of it wasn't. She took it out on you and I guess Ashley and I just followed along. I thought it was okay."

"Yeah, but after you were about nine, that doesn't cut it." I shot back, a little angry. Riley was plenty smart enough to have figured out it wasn't okay to torture me.

"I know... I know it doesn't. It's just, guys have always liked me... ever since I was about eleven, they started putting their hands all over me and without Dad, I never felt safe. I didn't like them touching me and the more they did it, the less I could stand it. And I watched the guys that Izzy was around and I didn't like them touching her either. It was like they didn't care about her at all. They just wanted her body and when guys touched me, I felt the same way. But touching you... it always felt okay, you felt clean... safe."

"So why couldn't you be the nice sister?" I asked, caught somewhere between feeling grumpy and touched.

"After Izzy taught me about masturbating... even before that... you were kind of the only guy I ever thought about. I mean, sometimes I could imagine a guy up and pretend I felt okay with him touching me, but mostly it was you. And you were still just a little kid, but I had a pretty good imagination and I thought about you getting older and when you finally did... I could barely control myself. I had to make myself hate you or I thought I'd... I'd do something like we just did."

"Have sex?"

"Make love. I... I know you I love you, Max. I've always loved you... even when I was being shitty to you, but I... I've started feeling something else. Do you know what I mean?" I felt my cheeks blushing in the darkness. Was Riley really saying what I thought she was saying? Then it hit me. I'd heard shit like this before. Izzy and Ashley had both told me whatever I wanted to hear and then it'd turned out to be a bunch of lies. I wasn't getting fooled this time.

"You're lying." I tightened my grip around my knees. "You're just going to use me like-" I was suddenly cut off by Riley's lips pressed against mine, the tips of her fingers resting under my chin as her other hand rested on my cheek. My heart started beating like crazy and my face felt like it was burning. Riley opened her mouth and her tongue slid past my lips, but she didn't just thrust it into my mouth. It was almost like... I didn't even know. No one had ever kissed me like that before. I ran my fingers through her hair and we fell back against the bed. When we finally separated, I looked right into Riley's face, just a inches away, and I could see her eyes glinting in the dark.

"I'm in love with you, Max." She said the words quietly, but with conviction.

"Is this the part where you tell me that all you want for your birthday is me?" I asked cheekily. I thought I could see her smile in the darkness.

"No, I'm going to give you something for my birthday. All the love you should've had every day of your life. I want to be the sister you deserve... and maybe a little more... a lot more... if you'll let me." Riley pressed her lips against mine again and we started making out for real this time. As we kissed, I let my hands come up to fondle her chest and she snaked her hand down around my cock. Within a few seconds, I was hard again.

"Riley, we shouldn't... We've got school in the morning." I groaned as she squeezed me.

"We're already going to feel like shit when we wake up. Here, maybe this will help convince you." Riley grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slid them down after I lifted my hips. Then she threw her legs over my body, leaving her perfect ass spread a few inches from my face. I felt her tits brush my body as she tilted my cock back, then I felt her mouth wrap around my cock.

"Unh. Riley..." She bobbed her head up and down a few times, then pulled off and looked back at me. "Um, I've never done this before... so I'm sorry if it's not the best."

"You're doing great." I replied breathlessly. "And besides, you're smart. I'm sure you'll figure it out." I continued wittily. Then I could've sworn she put me in her pussy. It felt so much like pushing inside it was incredible, but Riley had only pursed her pouty lips, making it tighter on my cock as she pushed me into her mouth. "Oh my god..." I moaned as Riley started bobbing up and down my cock, rolling her tongue around my head. If this was her first time giving head, I could only imagine what she'd be like after some practice. I ran my hands through her hair and started pushing her down lightly, guiding her to take more of my cock into her mouth. She wasn't about to deep throat it, but after a minute or so, she was taking almost two thirds of it at a time. Suddenly, she pulled off, pursed her lips again and pushed my cock into her mouth again.

"Unh!" I grunted as I reentered the hot, wet interior of my sister's mouth. Riley wrapped her hand around the part of my shaft that she couldn't fit in her mouth and started stroking it as she sucked my cock. Her technique was still a little raw, but it felt incredible and knowing how she felt about me and that she really wanted me to feel good... it made all so much better. After a few minutes, it started feeling really good and I could tell I was getting close.

"R-riley... I'm gonna cum soon." She pulled off my cock for a second.

"Good. I wanna taste you."

"Um, are you sure? It's your first time." I replied, but her only answer was to wrap her lips back around my cock and start bobbing twice as fast. As I started feeling better and better, I couldn't stop from thrusting into Riley mouth, trying to drive as much of my cock into her mouth as possible. She gagged a few times, but only stopped the first time. When I started really getting close, I reached out and cupped one of her tits, squeezing it in my hand, turning me on even more. With my other hand, I grabbed her ass, then slid it across her until i reached her pussy. She was wet, but it felt weird, thicker than her usual cum. I realized my cum was leaking out of her pussy just as Riley bobbed down on my cock, forcing more of it into her mouth than ever. It was too much and I felt myself tip over the edge.

"RIley, I'm cumming!" Riley pulled back and kept jerking me with her hand.

"Yes, cum for me, little brother! Cum for me, Max!" I felt myself starting to shoot and it felt like the whole bed was shaking. I couldn't help yelling it felt so good. I shot more cum out than I thought I could've possibly had after fucking earlier. Finally, I stopped cumming, but the bed was still shaking!

"It's an earthquake!" I yelled to Riley. My clock fell off my end table and I heard a couple other things hit the floor, but after a few seconds, the shaking stopped. I heard the sound of footsteps upstairs, then Mom called out.

"Guys?! Is everyone okay?!"

"I'm good, Mom!" Izzy called back. I didn't hear Ashley, but then Mom called out, "Max?! Are you okay down there?!"

"Yeah, Mom! I'm alright!" I yelled up to her, opening my door a crack.

"Where's, Riley?" Mom yelled. I looked at Riley and she ran over to the door.

"I'm down here with Max! I came to check on him when everything started shaking!" Mom would buy that, Izzy and Ashley... not so much, not that it really mattered anyway.

I heard the sound of Mom and Izzy and Ashley congregating, so I rushed over to the bed to find my boxers. Slipping them on, Riley stood beside me, but I saw that a few drops of my cum were still on her face. I pointed them out to her and she responded by wiping them onto her finger tip and then sucking her fingers clean. I felt myself starting to get hard just watching her, but I didn't need to be hard right then, so I turned away and headed for the door.

I found Mom, Ashley, and Izzy coming down the hall. Mom was wearing a lacy black bra that barely held her chest in, with a pair of matching panties, and a silk night robe pulled over her. Ashley had on an old t-shirt and a pair of panty-shorts. Izzy's chest was stuffed in a tank top and I could see the lines of a thong coming out of the sweatpants she'd pulled on. Between the three of them and Riley in her nightie, it was a distracting sight.

The whole family went around the house and checked everything out. One of our vases was broken and a couple things had fallen, but mostly everything seemed alright. Mom turned on the news and a reporter said that a 6.8 on the Richter scale had hit our area. There wasn't anything to do though, so Mom told us to go back to bed, she'd wake us up in the morning. As I went up, Ashley gave me a longing look before heading to her room and Izzy grabbed my ass as she walked up behind me,

"Checking on your brother during the earthquake... uh-huh. Good story." She teased Riley behind her. Riley ignored her though and came up next to me as Izzy planted a rough kiss kiss on my lips, driving her tongue into my mouth forcefully. Licking her lips lustily, she looked at me, then headed up to her bed room. Ordinarily, I would've made plans to follow her up, but I was so exhausted that I decided to just endure her wrath. I felt Riley take my hand and I turned to face her. She was so gentle, the difference between her and Izzy was almost like night and day.

"I guess I should go back to my own bed. I wish I could sleep with you... it is my birthday." She whined adorably, almost like a little kid. I opened my mouth to tell her that would be nice, but that she did need to sleep in her room, then I stopped.

"Fuck it." I said suddenly. "It's your birthday. There was an earthquake. You can sleep with me. But, uh, grab some panties first." I smiled at her. A few minutes later, at a little after four, I snuggled back up against Riley and fell asleep. My alarm went off two and a half hours later and I almost smashed the thing after I tried to turn it off and found it was still on the floor, out of reach. When I'd finally gotten up and shut the damn thing off, Mom opened the door.

"The earthquake damaged the school. You guys have a three day weekend. Go back to bed." Mom said, leaning in, her tits hanging out of her silk robe, her bra leaving tons of cleavage for me to ogle.

"Um, yeah, thanks, Mom." I said, shaking my head.

"And that's sweet of you to let your sister sleep with you." Mom said with a grin as she looked at Riley. "You guys haven't slept together since you were kids. But I guess you're not a kid anymore." She glanced down at my boxers. I looked down and saw they were rapidly tenting. I looked back up just as Mom shut my door again. I was still so exhausted, physically and emotionally, from everything that had happened that the sensation of Riley's warm body pressed against mine lulled me right back to sleep.

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Great start.
Please continue.

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A fine start but there are a few details you seem to have overlooked.
Max's room is on the ground floor , not upstairs, and Max is only 5'8" and "skinny as a rail" , so I don't see him holding Riley ( 6"+) off the floor for sex.
But otherwise a good story. Thank You for trying to keep this going.

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