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The continuing adventures of Benjamin into the wonderful world of sex studies with his best friend and tutor "Samantha" and her many friends. In this part, Benjamin has to deal with his old auntie, and the encounter turns out quite differently than he expected..
Stories (studies 03)

Sometimes waking up in the morning can hold a mixture of wonder and dread, depending on what has to get done. This was one such occasion for a different reason; as my arm moved, stretching out kinks in its muscles, my hand brushed into a firm, soft, yielding shape…very warm, and parting as my fingers moved among the sweet folds to a pleasurable spot deep within.


I went into near panic as the sound reminded me Samantha was next to me on the bed. I just gulped as my eyes went over to her slumbering form; her eyes still remained closed, chest rising and lowering in gentle rhythm of one deep in slumber – though her bared breasts, nipples standing erect, still caused him to blush. Odd, he has seen them many times yesterday, how long is he going to act like a nerd around this living goddess here in his room.

“Hmmm…” he sees her shudder as his fingers continue to gently caress away on her womanhood. I sought out the areas she led me to before, the ones that give her maximum pleasure. One swirling caress after another, in different patterns of spirals, circles, helix patterns with two fingertips, and replicating the entire alphabet caused a constant series of twitches and soft moans to occur.

As my fingers began to get wet with her juices I noticed her legs pulling up towards to her body, thighs closing and pressing against his wrist and lower arm. Held in their firm grip he stops his hand, wondering how he can get out of the vice like grip without waking Samantha.

“Why are you stopping?” she asked so gently, not sleepy at all.

“I…uh…Samantha…” now I really am going to get it. For a moment I envisioned her doing a wrestler move and wrapping her legs around my neck in a headlock, before pounding me into the ground with such force that I emerge on the other side of the globe.

“Benjamin…don’t stop for a moment more…do just what you’re doing…never leave a job half finished first thing in the morning…” she said as her thighs pressed yet tighter down on my forearm.

Almost as soon as I started the motions again, once more from the beginning of the alphabet she was writhing about, lying on her side with her hands grabbing a pillow to her chest in a death grip. Her eyes completely closed as her head arched back, lips pursed as breath after gasping breath passed over them. More and more she looked to be swept up in a fiery bliss such as I could only imagine…

Finally she put her face against the pillow, shoving down on my hand fully as she hit her climax. Her grip let up on my arm and the pillow, droplets of sweat gave a soft sheen to her glistening skin. Her eyes swept over me, the dreamy look showing satisfaction and humor mixed into one.

“Samantha…I, didn’t mean to…I mean…oh nuts, I’m doomed…”

Famous last words to be executed by; I can see the words on the tombstone ‘he lived well and died trying to please his friend and love. As usual, he failed to please the goddess in his bed that night.’

Rolling her eyes heavenward she grinned, “Benjamin, some days you can be so utterly clueless; one of the more endearing traits you have. Heck of a way to wake me up in the morning…a good way to do so, not all women like that just so you know. You still need to work on the technique some more, which will come with practice of course.”

“Now then Benjamin,” she said while rolling over on top of me. “I want to have a good breakfast, something very special…if you don’t mind that is?”

The nervous shaking of my leg didn’t change that wild look within her fiery eyes. Once again Samantha shows how insatiable she is when it comes to sex. Get her going and nothing will stop her until she chooses for it to end. I held out hope that she wanted just a normal breakfast as I nodded yes…that dream lasted about a half of a second.

Her lips pressed against mine, so gentle and yet setting off fires of desire in my mind and body; softly she moves about to my cheeks, chin, brows and forehead while caressing my chest, her hands up under my shirt. I could not hold back my wild laughter and squirming as her fingers found each ticklish spot; the constant tease also caused my burning desires to build up layer upon layer.

Quicker than lightning she eased my shorts down, allowing my manhood to be free to the winds; or at least to the bedroom air.

Her hips started gyrating over my manhood, driving me to distraction and it to maximum attention. It is still amazing how she can do things so well and make me feel so great!

My hands seem to move of their own will, coming to rest on the sides of her abdomen and gently holding on, slowly getting into sync with her motions. Each sway and swirl, twist and turn generates a song of lust and wonder within my mind; while I send my hands to try and conduct their own chorus in harmony with hers.

One spot in particular causes her to arch her chest and head upwards, those firm hands on my shoulders digging in with such force I feared they would dislocate from the sockets! On her lower back they continued to explore and compose a melody of love, resulting in her pushing down harder and harder against my manhood, until I felt my eyes were switching from one socket to the other and back again.

This was something different from anything that Samantha, Daisy or even Tabatha the Nymphomaniac has shown me yesterday!

So distracted were my thoughts I did not feel her take my manhood into her hand, until she started easing down upon its length; sending me into Valhalla of Ultimate Delights. Although, as is becoming the norm, I lasted about a whole three seconds before hitting my release into her; she put a finger to my lips, to stop another one of my unneeded apologies from spilling out.

Even though her smile and eyes told me none were needed, I had to wonder…will I ever truly be able to please her at all?

“Come on Benjamin,” she told me with an impish smile, “I need to take a shower. I want you there with me as well; you do such a great job on washing me down…after that I have something else in mind for us…”

Great, what doom is coming down on me now?

As we made our way to the bathroom I asked her specifically what plans are in store for today.

“Lets see now,” she teasingly held one finger on smiling lips, “after we’re done here I intend for you to learn how to pleasure a woman with your mouth and tongue…”

“You mean…mean…I…uh…oh…” my words stammered out between shakes of nervous tension, I could not get my brain to actually work. TWO more women coming over, and Samantha wants me to…I should just expire right now and save further embarrassment of myself and of her.

“Benjamin,” she looked at me so lovingly, “look, you managed to make me, Daisy and especially Tabatha very happy last night. Give yourself a little credit, you need to learn how to do this…I want to help you learn to please women…and I really care about you as well. We still have two weeks without your parents around. I did tell the two of them the iron clad rules – no booze, no more than four of us in the house at one time and no disturbing the neighbors.”

“Now then let’s get our shower,” she said, “and then we will have some fun…besides which I want to see the look on your face when you do me…”

At that moment I don’t know which was louder, my constant stream of gulps, the nervous thumping of my leg, or the beating of my heart into panicked overdrive…all of which I am sure could be heard over the first noise of the shower being turned on…nice and hot as she likes it.

“I am completely doomed…”

“Yup,” she said as her arms grabbed mine, pulling me into the bathroom with her.

Some dooms turn out to be more enjoyable than others I will admit…the shower being one of them so long as Samantha is there with me…

Steam rolled up from the water and made the place into an instant sauna; as the mirror fogged up I caught the sight of Samantha dragging me along, the look on my face must have been truly priceless for anyone watching, as I slid into a string of self-depreciating chuckles.

“Ben-jar-min…” her voice rolled out the word, adding an alluring inflection to it here and there. I looked at her standing behind the shower curtain; the somewhat opaque material doing a poor job hiding that shapely form of her body. Her breasts were visible, nipples swollen and erect once again. She pulled it back enough to show her face from behind it, that most impish grin on display as she motioned with one finger for me to get undressed and get in there NOW!

Once I got undressed I decided to have some fun. I bowed down on my knees with arms extended to the side, then declared “Oh great lady…she who dwells beyond the shower curtain…who understands the mystery of the waters that so steam…who looks grow more cute with each passing second…”


The soaked towel lands on my head, muffling out a portion of her laughter in response to my bad comedy routine.

“Come on Benjamin get in here,” she implored me, a slight longing in her voice.

The sight I beheld when I got the towel away from my face stunned me completely.

She was standing in such a sexy pose, one leg back behind the other, hips turned just slightly to the side and her hands back behind her head, hair flowing over them. Lips pursed into a pucker, she playfully made smooching sounds in my direction, teasingly blinking her eyes like some Hollywood starlet.

Putting her hands on her hips, head lowered and maintaining a coy look on her face, she sauntered on over to me; how she could sway those hips, bounce her chest, and keep her balance as she moved I have no idea. I just knew my jaw was hanging open and my heart felt like it was about to explode from the wild feelings she was causing to flow in my body and mind.

Sweeping me up in a hug, she placed her lips onto mine, sending my brain into overdrive and my body into untamable lust. Right now I just wanted to bolt for the door. Crazy indeed, Samantha is a goddess on earth and I expect her to come to her senses at any time and walk away into a dream, leaving me stuck in a steam filled bathroom looking like a prune.

She stroked and teased with fingertips over my shoulders, arms and chest, then along my abdomen – then tickling me when she crossed my belly. I started to return the same tickling to her that sent her into a peal of laughter; finally we got to the task of actually getting cleaned up, with me helping lather up her back and sides while she took care of the front.

At one moment she bent forward to rinse off her hair, water cascading off her neck and back like those of a flowing white water just before the waterfalls. I continued to wash her back, when a moment of pure impish delight crossed my mind.

Now mind you it was not the urge to commit a final death by swatting her bottom; I may still be doomed but not that doomed…at least not yet.

I gently began rubbing down her bottom and then her outer thighs with the washrag; gently working them over inch by inch, then her giggle made me turn my head. She was holding onto the shower bar with both hands, looking back over her shoulder and with a wide, knowing grin on her face.

She nodded to me, telling me to go ahead…must have been the sheepish look on my face caused her to have sympathy and not drop kick me into the next block or state.

Moving around to the inside of her thigh, I gently continued my work, feeling the muscles twitch and shudder underneath my hand. Samantha is clearly getting turned on, slowly, steadily, and completely. Soon enough she was breathing deeply, soft cooing and moaning sounds coming from her lips. Those eyes again became dreamy and half closed; then suddenly she hit her climax, giving off gentle little sighs of contentment for me to hear.

Anymore it’s like each time I touch her, something happens to shock me. How it happens I will probably never understand – just one of those universal rules: women rule and young men like me are clueless.

It took a moment for her words to get through my stone dense brain, she was asking me to lather her up once more…and she would do the same for me.

She went to work on me, in total command of the situation while I just felt like I was working on the finest, most delicate, ancient of china worth a king’s ransom. What a contrast the two of us make, me the pathetic klutz of the universe, and she the greatest thing that could possibly happen.

I still have to wonder if this is a dream and I will wake up and none of it had ever happened…

At one point she picked up my hand in her own, then began kissing the fingertips one after the other; sometimes she would lightly nibble on them, pressing down with her teeth, while her eyes glimmered with those insatiable fires in her heart.

I put my free hand on her stomach, teasingly running the fingers across her skin as she showed me to do earlier. Her massive laugh and stammering voice told me I had more effect than intended…

“Benjamin you little cad,” she giggled and playfully smacked my chest. Taking that other hand up in her own, she drew up close to me. Oh how heavenly it felt, the press of her body on mine, her lips kissing me on the neck and cheeks, all the while the water flowing over us gave the illusion of a tropical waterfall meant especially for secret lovers…

Her hand guided mine down to her inner thigh, holding it firm and allowing me to understand what she meant by a gentle touch. Just seeing the way the touch of mine, even with her guiding it, seemed to please her was an exciting lesson. Her breathing turned slightly shallower, eyes turning dreamy and little shudders up and down her body.

Beep – beep – beep.

Once again the siren call of her cell phone brings reality crashing back about us. I wonder if it is another portent of hope, laughter or doom. She stepped out of the bathroom, leaving me to finishing rinsing off while straining to hear what was going on…

“Mother…yes I am all right…I was just showering when you called…(mumbling)…no…yes…okay call you tomorrow…(mumbling)…yes I know already…shish, mom Benjamin is being a ‘good little boy’ he is not a family pet for…(mumbling)…okay, goodbye.”

“Come on lets get dried off, I want some real breakfast before the others get here and we have lunch,” she said.

Of course true to her impish nature she added, “…I should have said, we have them for lunch…after we have our own practice session first.”

She began to hum this little ditty of a song, “Sixty nine is so fine, I want the girls to be mine…on each one I will dine, in a so, so fine….sixty nine….”

So distracted had I become that I missed the door; those walls just keep jumping out in front of me.

For some insane reason I went and got dressed before joining Samantha at breakfast. It just feels easier for me to be around her, doing ordinary things, before we get back to the next round of our ‘sexual studies’ and all of the nervousness it brings onto me.

Now this breakfast was different than the usual cold cereal and orange juice Samantha has each day; I made up a fine stack of flapjacks, large as a plate, six deep for each one of us. I had put into the batter a mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, pure vanilla, and blueberries (after asking if she wanted some). She just watched in true wonderment as I would flip them from the skillet, into the air, and catch each onto a plate.

I walked over to the table, one full plate balancing on each hand, a bottle of homemade honey-maple syrup secured by its handle on one finger.

“Benjamin,” she said, “where did you learn to do stuff like that? Is this your own syrup as well?”

How wonderful she looked sitting there, surprise and delight illuminating her face, and the soft bathrobe just hugging each portion of her perfectly.

I explained to her that my family has made such goods along with cookies, doughnuts, jams and jellies plus all matter of cakes and pastries for as long as I could remember. I wound up having to pull out of the fridge many samples of my own creations; chief among them the last of the strawberry tarts.

I had to remind her that the flapjacks were getting cold.

Mind you, the sight of any guy wolfing down that six deep stack would not be exceptional; my dad often has twice that number disappear so fast you wonder if he just inhales. I love to take a bit more time, to let the butter on each one soak deep then pour on the syrup. That mixture of scents is one of the most delectable in the world you could imagine, your nose and pallet pick up harmonies of flavors guaranteed to make one feel as if heaven is here on the earth.

Samantha just played with them for a bit, taking a dainty nibble, then a second. With what followed I am not sure a pack of starved wolves stumbling upon a full meat shop could have kept pace with her. All six of the flapjacks disappeared so fast they just seem to have vanished…wow!

“Benjamin, I never get anything like this at home. It’s always cereal or a fruit while running out the door; if I knew you could make these, I would have been coming over every morning that I could. Of course though, I could have thought to do something else earlier as well…”

She moved over to me, scooting up into my lap while wrapping her legs about the backside; her robe had come open and let me see her wonderful breasts slowly rising and falling in rhythm with each breath she takes.

She moved the plates and silverware aside, then leaned over the table; her eyes danced with the wild, fierce longing of lust that knows no limits.

“Samantha,” I tried to protest as my voice once again cracked and warbled, “ah nuts…never mind…”

“Smart,” she said, “you know when to give up and just go along with it…try not to worry, I will make sure enough of you survives if anyone else comes over,” her fingers softly play across my shirt, “then again, I just might keep you all to myself…”

She brought her lips to mine in a gentle kiss. “I think we need to work some more on our studies, like we began here as well…”

“Of course,” she said before kissing me again. My brain turned to instant mush, and it felt like steam must be rolling off of me in waves.

“…we must work…” one more kiss sent me into rolling waves of fire.

“…until we get them…” another kiss, sending my body into overload and my leg into thunderous, nervous activity.

“…honed just right.” That last kiss, accompanied by her holding my head between her hands finished the job; I hit an unexpected climax that broke in a long, overwhelming release. Now I just sat there completely mortified, wondering how Samantha would react…probably badly…

“Benjamin,” she said, “I’m sorry it looks like this time I got YOU wound up too quickly. Tell you what, let’s just cuddle up on the couch for a bit; those flapjacks are so good I can hardly move. I keep forgetting at times you still have not a lot of experience with sexual matters…no don’t take it the wrong way, you just have to learn like everyone else.”

She touched my cheeks with her warm hands, “It’s alright, these things happen, my cousin boasts about how often he can ‘get it going’ and half the time he is so terrified around the women that he hardly gets a rise to the occasion when he needs to.”

“Was he as doomed as me?” I asked.


Samantha was leading me back to the couch in the next room when her cell phone – the universal signal of pending doom for me – sounded off once again. She smiled at me, waving for me to go ahead and get onto the couch, then looked at her phone as if debating to answer it or dump it in the garbage disposal and turn the thing on – crushed and compacted cell phone…not such a bad idea.

I tried not to listen in, or for that matter to pay attention to anything going on around me, yet the sight of Samantha waving her free hand frantically, arguing about something, while walking in and out of the living room kept my attention…her open bath robe, showing me those luscious breasts, stomach, legs and a more intimate of spots got my heart to thundering, my leg thumping in nervous frenzy, and unleashed a massive, lengthily set of gulps that again brought me to the edge of absolute panic.

Through the rooms portrait window, curtains fully parted to let in the sunlight (I had opened them before making Samantha her breakfast), I saw a band of bike riders – the local team training for an endurance race in the mountains.

Some of the leaders saw Samantha and the full presentation of her open robe for a moment, with the natural results occurring in short order…

I cringed with each scream, shout, crash and bang of bikes and riders going into the bushes of my neighbors just down the street. Now these buses are not all that bad, once you get past the thorns; the vicious part is the juice from the leaves and thorns when in contact to human skin produces unrelenting itching for a week or two.

Though I have to admit, watching a number of the bike riders hopping and dancing all about in a pure frenzy of motion, I did not know of the hornet’s nest that also was in the bushes.

Of course Samantha was totally fixated on the conversation she was having; so I just went over to the curtains and politely closed them up…no more chaos from the outside world, or so I had though…

I had caught one part of the ongoing conversation…

My Aunt Matilda, the dragon queen who hates men of all kinds, is on her way over here – my cousins Daisy and Mindy as well; Daisy called ahead on her mother’s orders to ‘give Samantha some warning so Benjamin will not die of utter fright with what will happen when we get there.”

Oh no…

I just imagined my pending fate.

Aunt Matilda was standing in one of those stone walled, movie dungeons, her hooded sidekick slowly turning away at a hand crank controlling a chain running from the ceiling. The end of the chain was wrapped secure around my ankles, while I hung upside down, completely tied and gagged above a cauldron of boiling oil.

Her grin was one of absolute wicked delight; the glean of torch light reflecting off the black leathers that fit her body like a snake skin in all the most sexual of ways. Knee high, stiletto boots loudly clicked on the stone floor as she looked over the soon-to-be-executed victim (me) with rapturous, sadistic glee…pointing with her bundled whip to her sidekick…

“Lower him as slowly as possible,” she declared in that thunderous and commanding voice that could make glass shatter and steel warp from the grating and grinding shrieks within. Fingernails grinding across a slate chalkboard would sound nicer.

“After he is boiled through and through go and tell the kitchen that his carcass is to be prepared for the hogs, as all men must eventually go to; swine devouring swine. Fitting ending for all males of the human race…”

Just then the chain snaps, releasing me to the oil bath below; the last words of my Aunt that I hear are “Oh well, no loss to the cosmos.”

Samantha’s snapping fingers brought me back to reality and near panic again from the waking nightmare I had imagined. She was on the couch next to me, concern filling her face.

“Benjamin, are you alright? You were going into a blind panic just a moment ago…let me guess you heard your Aunt the Amazonian Cannibal is on the way over?”

I had to nod my head, as my lips were petrified with absolute, abject terror of my aunt.

I just shuddered as if exposed to a winter storm on the Antarctic tundra.

I am going to die so badly, so utterly, so horrendously, the graveyard will carry the echoes of my passage for thousands of years to come.

“Benjamin,” she said with concern on her face. “Stop worrying in this case; Daisy has repeatedly told me how your aunt feels about men. It’s a personal matter this time, Mindy refused to go through with her promise to do it with you, so now Matilda will make up for Mindy’s actions. Also, we will get to see part of the ‘discipline’ she has placed your cousin under; from what Daisy said, it will be quite amusing.”

As Samantha’s words sank into my skull the panic threatened to return even in greater force; a thunderstorm of fear, trepidation and utter insanity – my aunt actually doing it with me? Oh no, suicide personified by the worlds chief man-hater!!!

For some reason the thought of being tossed to a pit filled with starved rats; covered in cheese sauce sounded right now a better fate than fooling around with Aunt Matilda.

I gulped again and again, while Samantha just laughed at the reactions on my face.

At least she finds it amusing; my pending annihilation will have been worth it then – Samantha laughs and I cause the universe to end…good outcome.

“Benjamin,” she said to him, “your aunt puts on a façade to keep men away from her; she does like some men, one of them being you after Daisy and I explained how gentle you truly are. Of course, she chuckled some at the pictures of you going into a near death panic with Tabatha…”

“Pictures, what pictures are you talking about?”

“Tabatha had a small camera set up in her purse; it caught every bit of you and her, plus you and Daisy getting it on. Matilda described you as the ‘exception that proves the rule’ among men. So you impressed her. Also there is the little matter of Tabatha having put them all over the internet as well, apparently your ‘death panic’ with Tabatha is becoming a hit, it should be going viral at any time today…”

“You’re joking…right?” I asked, just as she was smiling so impishly and shaking her head no.

She bent part way into me, hands bracing on my shoulders for support as her lips touched first my forehead, then brows, cheeks, nose and then unleashed a fiery passion as they touched my own lips. I swear my hair must have been standing on end, I felt a heated blush encompass my entire body, especially as the tip of her tongue so gently stroked the edge of my mouth.

I moved my hands to support her back as she shifted fully onto my lap, her legs folded up along mine, the fabric of her robe tickled my arms where it made contact. Samantha’s skin though, felt like it was on fire, the endless passions of raw sexuality building in furnace like heat in each part of her body.

Just shifting my fingertips a bit set off a series of quivering, giggle inducing movements along her lower back; she half closed her eyes, looking off to one side, and lowered her head just a bit. Not in shame or such, but for some reason I can only guess at: once again I managed to touch a special way that pleased her, and I still have no clue as to how I do it.

“Benjamin, any other time I would let your fingers do their walking all over me,” she said, “and enjoy each moment of it…’

“However, before anything else happens, we still have a bit of time for our lesson in doing a sixty nine…”


“Then again maybe not,” I said as that half rate, lousy doorbell sounded off.

At least for now I have been saved by the doorbell.

“Uhhh…” Samantha’s frustrated, exasperated remark matched her movements of fists clenching tight; angry at the universe and the doorbell for interrupting her fun. I tried to get up but Samantha told me to stay right where

Sure enough as Samantha got the door I heard Aunt Matilda’s voice, along with those of Daisy and Mindy. Most of the conversation was too low to hear, beyond the constant stream of threats, swearing and graphic deions of my origin from Mindy.

I did hear Matilda tell Mindy to ‘shut your trap right now.’ That voice was so stern and cold, the threat behind it was clear. Matilda indeed was angrier than anything with her daughter…for some reason I found that rather amusing and poetic.

What I heard next almost caused my jaw to hit the floor, or at least remain hanging as the four women came into the living room…

Matilda said to Samantha “No I don’t mind doing this for Benjamin, I may not like men in general, yet he is a gentle soul at heart; plus as you said he is willing to learn and listen. I’ll try to be gentle with him in turn. I still am of half a mind to let him up and deflower Mindy here and now; but I have other, more effective punishment in mind for that one.”

Once again I know my doom is fully at hand.

One of the ‘punishments’ already being inflicted on Mindy by her mother is fairly evident. She hates having to wear gowns slightly more than she hates me – if the smoldering look in her eyes is any indication.

Mindy is now clad in a full length dress, frilly laces along the pink and rose colored fabric. Softly floating images of peacock feathers, shimmering in all their natural coloration are embossed upon the fabric, while between them are woven a myriad of birds and feathers in single thread outlines. Puffed, wrist length sleeves, combined with soft, white cotton gloves inscribed with blue birds resting on branches add to the picture of her utter annoyance.

Each and every natural part of her curving body is poised to perfection by that gown.

The final touches are a golden sash tied about her hip, the extra length flowing down her right side; plus a single small hat, slightly larger than two hands put together, tied with a dainty and ever so delicate ribbon beneath her chin.

In short, for a true tomboy like Mindy, she is being punished in the most exquisite of manners befitting of his aunt. Daisy, dressed in her usual t-shirt and shorts grinned, joined by Samantha and even Aunt Matilda. I tried to keep the mirth from spilling out of my mouth; yet after a time, seeing Mindy in such a state of splendid looking anger I had to let it out.

“Sorry,” I said as my hands went to cover my mouth.

“Oh no problem Benjamin,” Aunt Matilda stated with a wide, impish grin, “Mindy is going to sit there quietly, with Daisy making sure while you and me have our bit of fun…”

She looked over to Samantha, “Don’t worry my dear; I will not cause him to expire from the effort; that’s your job in life…however at least after this Benjamin can claim to have been hunted by a Cougar indeed, now I shall be right back in a minute…”

Down the hall she went to my parent’s room, with Daisy explaining that her mom was going to change into ‘something a little more appropriate for the occasion.’

When I got to see what the ‘something’ was, I thought I would faint dead away…

I could never have dreamed of seeing my aunt in this way:

Her auburn hair was bound into a multitude of French braids, accenting her amber eyes that glistened with pure mischief.

The gown she wore, strapless and sleeveless clung to her like a second skin made of lustrous black fiber that glittered in shimmering patterns as she moved; the one slit in the skirt allowing me to see those well honed legs of a professional ballerina and dancer of the theater stage.

She even had silk stockings on, white ones that had small roses woven into the material, attached to a small garter near the mid thigh!

Upon each arm a glove ran from fingertips to elbows, made of lacy black thread that heightened the mystery of her hands; as if some great secret was waiting to be unraveled.

As she ever so casually strolled by me, I was thunderstruck by the raw, unrelenting sensuality of her pose and grace displayed. She gave off an aura of absolute power and authority; a person who knows what she wants and how to get it – never taking “no” for an answer. She bent a bit at the waist to allow her fingers to gently flow across my knees, nearly driving me into panicked flight.

Looking between Samantha and aunt Matilda the differences are shocking indeed.

I mean, Samantha is the goddess of love I know I can never hope to fully please in this lifetime.

Matilda moves though likes a goddess of utter sensuality and hedonism as made manifest in the flesh. She has become the ultimate tease, the ultimate temptress, enticing with mysterious pleasures hinted at for those who are willing to pay the final price for the knowledge – eternal destruction at the hands of this all devouring force of sexuality.

Matilda whirled around in a soft dance, listening to music only she could hear.

The first gentle spins allowed her legs to be shown off, the stockings hugging sculpted form that hinted at the massive strength at her command; yet so balanced and graceful that one envisions a deer gracefully leaping away in play with others of its herd.

Grasping the hem of her skirt with one hand, she began to twirl about faster and faster, bringing the material up inch by swirling inch, gradually allowing her upper thighs to be seen, yet tantalizingly keeping the mysteries of her most intimate areas hidden from sight.

My heart was pounding like a herd of buffalo, million counts strong, thundering across the prairie.

Daisy pointed at me, the flush burning across my entire body, while giggling and speaking too softly for me to hear with Samantha. Whatever was said, Samantha looked at me and she was blushing; I momentarily thought of some other massive doom coming down the line for me…assuming I survived my aunt.

Matilda looked at me with fire filled eyes, lips being softly caressed by her tongue; her hands softly caressed those swaying and swishing hips, gyrating back and forth as she bent forward to give me a small, none to subtle look at her partly concealed bosom.

Up each side of her abdomen those hands went, swirling about as she again started to twirl and spin, sometimes balancing on one toe like a ballerina in a pirouette. Then she moves one hand to behind her head, the other just above her breasts, teasing the fabric edge with one finger; she teases it down just an inch or so, enough to give a slightly larger view of her breasts, then teases it back up again.

All my brain was screaming for was panic filled flight while survival, or just escape, had a micro-chance of being made reality…no, my doom is absolute now, I will completely humiliate myself, thus proving truly how big of a loser I truly am.

Matilda had moved in this time of my final contemplation to move behind Daisy and playfully tease her hands across the girl’s stomach. Peals of wild laughter carried across the house as Daisy responded to the tickling. Then her eyes widened as Matilda slowly eased up her shirt until her bared breasts lay exposed for all of us to see; for me more massive series of desperate gulping occurred, my breath becoming labored to the point each one felt like a band of iron lay wrapped around my lungs.

Samantha just gave a shocked giggle, hands covering her mouth and a severe blush coming to her cheeks.

I learned later on that Samantha had not been warned ahead of time this mother-daughter action was to happen; once in a while it’s nice to see even she could be surprised.

Matilda’s hands softly caressed and stroked each in turn, playing with the erect nipples, and touching Daisy as only another woman can possibly do. Shutters and squeals of delight mixed with the swaying of her body in time with that of her mothers. Daisy puts one hand up behind her mothers head as Matilda bends down and begins to teasingly kiss and peck her neck, cheek and shoulder.

“No…no mother, you’re here for Benjamin…” Daisy stuttered this out slowly, her breath coming in gasps and shakes as she disentangled herself from Matilda.

“Sorry Daisy, you are right, we’ll get it on tonight back at home…want to go for the orgasm record again? Say best seven or more the first of us can sixty-nine into?” asked Matilda.

“Don’t say that Matilda,” Samantha quipped up, “I still haven’t gotten to that yet with Benjamin. Don’t send him into another panic okay?”

Matilda softly laughed, bowing a court bow to Samantha and turned her attention to me after giving a firm look of rebuke to Mindy. “Now girl of mine, you will see that to some of us our family commitments do have value; you should learn that one’s word is their bond of honor.”

She moved next to me on the couch, her skirt flowing away from the one leg, which came to rest upon my own. Matilda’s hands ran slowly, teasing patterns on my arms, face and across my chest inducing a wonderful mix of crazed delight and terror!!!

Daisy looked on with a smile.

Mindy just scowled.

Samantha nodded her support, telling me that nothing bad will occur.

Matilda’s hands flowed around my neck and back to cheeks, brows and ears, then over my lips and chin; each spot they touched momentarily sent a fiery thrill up my body and overloaded my brain to the point it became little more than a lump of mashed potatoes.

I swear smoke must have been coming out of my ears and steam rolling in great clouds off of my body!

It was all I could do to keep from looking at Matilda’s body!

All I could think of was my brain, what was left of it, screaming to run for the hills, then the mountains and not to stop until safely across the ocean in another land.

With one finger she gently turned my head towards her, allowing me to see the low bust line of her gown and the twin wonders enticingly hidden below. I just thought back to how Tabatha would crush me between hers, leaving me to nearly suffocate…

Once again I went into a massive series of gulps, one after another. She climbed across my lap, rubbing her body against my chest, slowly turning this way and that, sending a thunderstorm of pleasure and waves of building desire across my being….

If my dad ever finds out what has happened my death will be so severe and painful…such as being drawn and quartered between four pickup trucks, or tied to a railroad track, or some other such dramatically messy ending for my existence…maybe even tied to a rocket and launched into space with a satellite or two…

“Benjamin,” her words pulled me back to the current moment, my final doom apparently averted for yet one more minute of my soon to be ended life. “Benjamin…shish, Samantha you were not joking at all; he’s almost in a full blown panic…I have to admit this is a first for me. Normally when I turn my charms to a man they are impossible to get away from; he just wants to run off in full screaming terror.”

I could not believe the sympathy in her voice. Aunt Matilda has always been able to inspire panic and terror in me and my dad for as long as I could remember.

“Matilda remember what I said, Benjamin is not yet very experienced. Your level of seduction would send anyone – man or woman, into a near panic. Look at it from his point of view, you have inspired fear in him for his whole life and now expect him to respond like an experienced lover at the drop of a hat!”

I don’t know what was more shocking Samantha’s angry lecturing of my aunt, the stunned expressions on both Daisy’s and Mindy’s faces, or the rueful grin and self-depreciating chuckle of Matilda. I just decided to keep my mouth shut…just hoping this nightmare will come to an end soon…real soon…

“Your right Samantha,” she said, “I had forgotten what its like to be young like him, I was such an nervous wreck of my own on occasion; never quite sure of anything for some time. Okay then, if Benjamin is still game we can go back to basics; how many times was he promised that Mindy would allow him to cum inside of her?”

Daisy answered, “Two times, at the least two times for each of us, depending on how long he was able to keep up the effort – we didn’t know Samantha had already drained the life out of him, and Tabatha being Tabatha. Well, he kept his part of the bargain for all of us girls…except Mindy of course who stormed out of the place when her turn came up.”

She grinned wickedly, as if delighted to reveal some grand secret of the cosmos to her mom, “Let his fingers do their exploring on you, with his eyes closed – less panic on his part – the reaction you will have will more than be worth it.”

Matilda just raised one eyebrow at that last comment, then looked over to Samantha who grinned and nodded her head in complete agreement.

She then looked at me with compassion and wonderment, not to mention curiosity, in her eyes, “Are you game then Benjamin? We just keep it to the basics; I won’t try to smother you like Tabatha apparently did.”

With my nod, she adjusted herself to straddle my lap, easing her gown off over her head. I never imagined just how wonderful her skin looked, soft and supple, muscles firm and shapely; yet surprisingly she has breasts just a bit larger than Samantha. Looking a bit further down I could see she had not bothered to put anything on over her womanhood as well.

My aunt here in her birthday suit…just the thought caused another set of massive, panic filled gulps to occur.

“Benjamin,” Samantha said as she sat next to me, “close your eyes and let your fingers do their magic; do like you did for us the other day.” She kissed me gently on the cheek, then on the lips, sending off every heat sensor and fire alarm for miles around as I felt myself combust on the spot.

Taking the subtle suggestion from Daisy I closed my eyes, at tight as possible, and put my hands out to embrace Matilda’s; which I guided to the back of my neck. She locked the fingers together, holding firm yet snuggly in a way I never could have imagined being so gentle from her.

Starting from her fingers, I let my own begin to caress her fingertips and then move along each of the ten digits as lightly as possible. Each portion of her smooth skin, the subtle folds and ridges where small twitching of her muscles began to tell the story of her bodies reactions. Gently on the wrists I went into spiraling patterns, mixing soft with hard, gentle with firm, amazed at the twitching sensations generated that corresponded with small giggles, gasps and pants of breath.

Each forearm I explored with the palm and back of my hands, feeling the utter smoothness of silken textures beneath her gloves. The beating of her heart I felt from the veins beneath, pulsating with the desires rising from the depths of her being. Just above the gloves, almost to the elbow there was a spot on each one that caused her to give a content gasp and sigh, with a rather loud swallow happening.


Not sure exactly what would happen I started to slowly circle and caress the small locations at the same time; yet Matilda began to slowly, gently sway her hips back and forth. It only lasted for a few seconds, yet I guess there must have been something occurring as both Daisy and Samantha chuckled loudly, with a mixture of delight and consternation…

Samantha told me later that it was the look of delightful surprise on Matilda’s face that set them off, plus the sight of her getting turned on by my ‘explorations.’

Don’t ask me how it happens, I just try to do as Samantha has said and shown; the ladies bodies take care of the rest on their own.

When my hands reached her shoulders she momentarily put her forehead against mine, directing me a little to the side here, or up or down there; letting me find and feel another series of spots that drive a lady to enjoy the pleasures of her body.

One little touch at the base of her neck, just above the spine sent her into a moment of ecstatic bliss; her back arched, head leaning back and gasps of delight coming from her lips. She shuttered twice, three times and then twice more before settling down.

“Daisy you are not kidding,” she said, “Benjamin is one of a kind…he actually listens when advised. Samantha, do you mind if I give him a few pointers as well?”

“Go ahead Matilda,” she said, “Benjamin needs to learn so he may as well get the instructions from anyone he is able to do so.”

Ever so gently, slowly, I caressed the cheeks, her nose and then the brows of her eyes. Her breathing changed subtly, easing a bit and then deepening a couple of times; on her neck I touched one spot that caused her to jump around, while Daisy exclaimed about the sudden hot blush coming to Matilda’s cheeks.

Coming back up with my fingers I stroked her lips, exploring each portion in turn, and working outer edge inward and then down to her chin. Four more times I repeated this pattern, drawing out of her a series of soft moans similar to Samantha or Daisy when becoming aroused.

Next I moved across her breast bone, switching outward in a spiraling pattern to come down her sides and flow around her breasts. For some reason I did not think it right to touch them, no matter how tempting, I just could not do it…the usual feelings of doom and annihilation did help out with the matter…

Of course my worries were ill founded, for when I touched her about the middle of her sides, just above the abdomen, two little swirls caused her to arch her back, head lowering and her pulling me face first between those luscious mounds of flesh to smother to death. My hands shot downward and for some reason this set her off even more with a series of downward thrusts of her hips.

Then my hands did their exploring down on her womanhood; I expected to have a reaction like Samantha, soft and cooing or such; or for my world to explode into stars for being so daring and intimate in a forbidden part of her body…one or the other would happen…

Not quite…

Matilda drew me in closer to her body, resting her head on my shoulder, and crooning softly with desires now fully coming to a boil in her being.

One set of fingers worked on the same sensitive spot like on Samantha; the others worked their way ever so gently inside of her, caressing and teasing the flesh that parted like a mysterious veil to their efforts. She began to breathe harder, faster, and deeper, with eyes closed and lips gnawing while her body rose and fell in time with the efforts of my fingers.

I felt one of the girls, most likely Samantha slip down my shorts enough for my manhood to be exposed to the air, letting it stand fully at attention and for Matilda to ease herself down upon it. Up and down she pumped, not stopping for a minute and sending me into a eruption of delight, bliss and heart racing, blood boiling, volcanic wonderment wrapped in one.

My breath became quickened, lungs burning for needed air and I felt my head spinning. It would not be long now for me, and I tried to hold back for as long as possible.

“There…there…keep going…going….oh…oh…oh….OHHH!” she called out.

With one wild roar of passionate fury she hit her climax, declaring it to the entire world. I hit my own climax at the same time, releasing my life seed into her…and wondering what fate would have in store for me now.

“Uh…” I started to say, until Samantha smothered my words with a fiery kiss that pushed me over the edge one more time, releasing another burst of my life seed deep into my aunt.

With the magic women have like this, I have to wonder why men do not just expire of exhaustion or such; I guess that is why so many women prefer each other in the end.


Oh no, that cell phone of Samantha’s rings out the sound of doom and destruction once again for all to hear. She rolls her eyes while Matilda looks at it as if a ghastly troll has interrupted her mid-day tea. Even Daisy just shakes her head; Mindy being Mindy she just sits and fumes even more, still not able to believe what her own mother has just done…

I heard part of the conversation as Matilda turned back to me and gently kissed me on the cheeks and nose.

“Yes mother I’m alright…okay the mail came, nothing important you said…good…no I am here with Ben and Daisy and Mindy, their mother Matilda is here as well…yes, yes…of course she is helping us study…especially with Ben, he is getting some personal attention right now…yes mother I know Benjamin is a ‘good little boy’ will you please stop making it sound like he is a dog or something…goodbye…love you.”

“Help me be patient,” Samantha said after ending the call. “Mother seems to have this idea that Benjamin is some kind of pet or such. It annoys me to no end.”

“Really now,” all of our heads turned to see the utterly coy look on Matilda’s face, as if some deep, dark secret were about to surface.

“Samantha,” she said, “your mother takes off to a bridge game every Friday night after work for a few hours? Up on the north side of town across the old river bridge?”

“Yeah she does,” Samantha responded, “but she never tells me much of the game or what they do on the side as well…wait a minute…is there something you know…”

“Oh yes my dear,” she smiled wickedly, taking great delight in some impish mischief, “she goes to play bridge alright; only thing is, after one hand the group gets it going into a full swinger’s club orgy, unlimited partners and everything you can imagine happens. I should know, I’ve been there more than a few times as well…your mother is such a screamer too, makes Tabatha pale by comparison…”

Samantha’s mouth hung open in true shock. “My…my…my own mother…does…that and I never found out until now?”

Matilda laughed with genuine mirth, “Yes Samantha, its true each and every detail of it; if you want to see the videos we have made as a group I can bring them up on the internet…later on then, when you get over the shock of it. Though you have to admit, you can tease your mom about the ‘bridge club meetings’ some, press for details and watch her squirm…it gets very fun.”

“I have an idea,” she said, “How about after I take Mindy the Hot Headed one home, I come back and we go down to the river for a swim, one without our bathing suits…should be fun, and of course we will need to do some exploring – say of each other – while there as well. Think of it Samantha, you would get to see me and Daisy here in a sixty-nine then you and Benjamin join in…yes, him I do not mind one bit.”

Daisy and Samantha loved the idea and ran to get ready for the trip, while Mindy looked ready to kill me at a moments notice. Her mother just slowly dressed again, a hungry gleam in her eyes.

“Benjamin,” she gently told me, “I will be clear, after what the girls father did to me I prefer women, yet you I have no problems with; just treat Samantha as kindly as you can, and learn as well. You two are such a perfect couple.”

“Oh the fun we are going to have at the river this evening…” she went into details of all the intimate things she will do with the girls. Most of them I never thought were even possible…

“I’m doomed again,” I said.

“Yup,” answered Samantha, Daisy and Matilda in succession.



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I am glad everyone is liking part 3 of the series; especially with the fate of the bike riders. There will be a part four, as of this post it is in the drafting stage. Please keep watch for when it shows.

Thanks to everyone for reading and enjoying Ben's misadventures.

Part four will have a happy, interesting twist to it if I can work it out just right.

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Hi Snowleopard3200, part 3 is a wonderful addition to My Best Studies Ever series. I felt it was a success. I like the interesting, but unexpected events in this one. I wasn't expecting Ben's aunt to be a part of this one. The reader get to know a little more about Ben's aunt. I also like that some secrets are revealed in this part. The amount of sexual foreplay was nice as well in this one. Nice little cliff hanger at the end. I wouldn't mind reading a part 4!

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