A continuation of my first story....
When the morning rolled around my new house girl and her sister awoke and got ready for the day without any prompting from me. This was a good sign. It meant they were taking their responsibilities seriously. With a thought, the neural transmitter in my head accessed the network that allowed me to see from Angela’s eyes. It played in my head like a live memory program. Whatever Angela looked at, I could see in the same way she could. To get an idea of how this works, imagine intercepting the signal from a remote camera before it reaches the screen and duplicating the image on a different screen. In this case, the duplicate image was fed into my own head and I could see it as plainly as if it were in front of me.

The original intent of this software was to give soldiers in the field the ability to see what each other could see and through the use of aerosol bomblets dropped from stealth aircraft, the ability to insert nanobyte robots, nanobots, into the enemies on the battlefield. Those nanobots worked extremely well. The problem was the soldiers themselves. It took a large measure of cold blooded efficiency to kill someone and feel them die in your own head. It took a specially trained soldier. In the end, we used the nanobytes to broadcast the positions of the enemy combatants and used an algorithm and locator software to target them for drone elimination. When I say the enemies of this country didn’t know what hit them, I am perfectly aware of its full impact. Killing became as easy as pushing the button on a video game.

I kept the technology of course. I didn’t allow the Department of Defense to corrupt its use. They objected of course, but I was able to persuade them to see it my way. I am very convincing when I meet someone. I am sure by now you know why.

I use the nanobot technology for my personal enjoyment as well as my personal protection. My bodyguards are all similarly equipped as are all the people in my immediate circle. A few know, but the rest are blissfully unaware. I have also set up a perimeter around my house that allows me to insert nanobots into anyone who approaches through the same kind of aerosol transmission as the bomblets. If someone were to approach my house from the ground, the air, underground, or even by Star Trek transporter beam, I would instantaneously know about it and be able to influence their thoughts and muscle control.

In Angela’s head, I could see she was following her sister down the long corridor that connected their wing of my sprawling house to the kitchen. I tuned them out and was able to register real pleasure on my face when I entered the kitchen just after they did. I returned their smiles.

“Good morning ladies. What would like for breakfast before we get started on our day?” I reached over to the coffee pot and poured a steaming mug of freshly brewed Kamalau coffee from Hawaii. The coffee started brewing exactly at 6:30 am for my enjoyment at 6:35. If I had been running early or late, the house would have known and instructed the coffeemaker to adjust its timing.

“I’m not hungry,” Angela lied.

“Pancakes!” chirped Theresa, her younger sister. “I love pancakes!”

“So do I!” I chirped back. Leaning forward and swiping at her nose with one finger. “Let’s do something about it!”

Theresa helped me whip up a batch of buttermilk pancake batter while Angela learned how to use the juicer to extract the juice from fresh oranges. We all pulled up stools at the big island and began to chow down on the huge pile of golden brown buttermilk pancakes.

“These pancakes are SO gooood!” purred Theresa. “And this syrup is the best syrup I’ve ever tasted!”

“You are probably used to having imitation maple syrup on your pancakes. This is real maple syrup from Vermont,” I explained.

“What makes it taste so delicious?” she asked, eyes revealing that she was truly hungry for the knowledge. I took five minutes to explain the entire process of finding maple trees with the sap running, capturing the sap in pails, pouring the pails into large boilers and boiling the sap down until this rich brown sweet nectar remained. She seemed genuinely pleased with my answer and with the full attention I gave her while I was answering. Since she was already infected with my DNA encoded nanobytes, I accessed her thoughts. Her thoughts revealed that she was interested in more than just my answer. She was crushing on me. I rewarded her emotional initiative with a momentary daydream of the two of us entwined in rapture. I saw and felt her eyes glass over and the flush of blood in her groin as she responded to the mental suggestion. She was so young and she would be with me for several years if all went well. I was in no rush to act on her internal impulses. I would allow her an occasional taste of what she was capable of. But just an occasional taste.

“Your sister and I discussed this last night and I would like to give you a gift. Is that ok with you Theresa?”

“A present? For me? I haven’t had a real present since….” Her eyes welled with tears.

“Since your mother and father were killed by drug runners,” I said quietly. She nodded. “It’s ok to miss them. I am sure you both make them proud and they are watching over you right now.” I broadcast a message of warmth and compassion, easing the heartache I could feel from each of them. I inserted a command in each of their Ids that my natural voice would always calm them down and leave them with a feeling of wellbeing. By placing the command beneath both their ego and superego, it would always supersede any other stimuli. The sound of my voice would always chase away their deepest fears and threats.

“There might come a time young ones, when maybe one or both of you have to decide what fate should befall the men who killed your parents. If that time comes, you will have to choose whether they live or die. I don’t say this to frighten you. Just to prepare you for what may happen if fate has a hand.” Or if I have a hand.

“DIE!” they both replied in unison.

“Painfully,” stated Angela in a matter of fact voice.

“VERY painfully,” reinforced Theresa. “They will suffer and they will beg to die.” I could see my DNA was beginning to have an effect on her ego and superego. I cancelled their growing anger with a smile.

“Let’s go get you enrolled in school, Miss Theresa. Mrs. Honeycutt will be here shortly with the car. Go use the lavatory if you must and I will meet you near the front door in five minutes.”

I retreated to my quarters and slipped on a pair of khaki shorts and huarache sandals. I love Hawaiian shirts and selected one from my stock of vintage beachwear. I grabbed a special pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and met the girls at the front door. Miss Honeycutt had just pulled up in the Lincoln limousine that would carry us to our errands today.

“Miss Theresa, I forgot your present earlier. Here.” I presented her with a small crushed velvet box. She opened it to reveal a pair of diamond earrings like her older sisters.

“Oh they are so beautiful!” she gushed. “Are they really for me?” I nodded.

“Put them on.” She complied without additional prompting and quickly found a mirror to admire them in.

“THANK YOU!” she exclaimed and rushed me to give me a hug. There was a moment I lost control and I flooded her with my own pent up desire which I could instantly tell changed her elation to confusion then to lust. I immediately shifted her sensory input to calm and controlled. She didn’t immediately accept my change in her direction and continued to ride a bucking horse of passion until I forcefully withdrew the stimulation from her young libido and returned her to a calm state. She regained control, but I could tell that the few moments of lust had awakened a deep desire in her that she could neither control nor understand.

“Can you hear me?” I spoke with my internal voice.

“How did you do that?” she responded out loud.

“Your earrings are more than just earrings, I confided. They are a way for us to be in constant communication, no matter how far apart we are. All you have to do is think ‘David’ and then speak using your internal voice. Give it a try.”

“David. Can you hear me? I think you look HOT in those sunglasses.” She giggled.

“Do you really? Or are you teasing me?”

“Oh my God it works!” she exclaimed out loud. I sent an instruction to Angela.

“It works for me too, T.” Angela was using her internal voice to communicate with her sister.

“WOW! That is SO cool. You HAVE to show me how it works!”

“All in good time,” I said out loud. “It also works with Mrs. Honeycutt. In fact, she is outside reminding us we
are on a tight schedule. Let’s get a move on.” I opened the door and we fell out giggling and enjoying the cool ocean breeze and the warm California sun.

“Angela, Theresa, let me introduce you to Adriano. Theresa, Adriano is your assigned driver. He will drive you to and from school. While you are in the car with Adriano, he is your boss. You will do as he asks. He will keep you safe when you drive. In addition to his skills as your driver, Adriano has had special training that you will find most helpful. Adriano, this is Miss Angela and Miss Theresa.”

Adriano extended his hand first to Angela and bowed over her hand, saying “É um prazer conhecê-lo.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” curtsied Angela. It almost didn’t occur to her that she had understood Portuguese spoken by a native without effort.

Adriano extended his hand next to Theresa and as he bowed he said, “Você sempre estará seguro quando você está ao meu lado, minha pequena flor.” (You will always be safe with me, my little flower.)

“Vamos ser bons amigos. Eu só sei isso,” replied young Theresa in perfect Portuguese. (We are going to be good friends. I just know it.) “Hey, I can speak Portuguese!” she exclaimed.

“Yes you can, Miss Theresa. Perfectly.” Adriano smiled and that made Theresa proud. They all climbed into the limo and Adriano pointed it down the long drive that led to Highway 101 and then into the city.

The girls spent the rest of the day trying out their new abilities. Mrs. Honeycutt didn’t need to tell Adriano where to go or how to get there. They had worked out the entire itinerary with the full security detail beginning the day before. I knew where my detail was, but the girls were blissfully unaware. On the inside of my Ray-Bans I was reading email, editing technical reports, and composing memos to be distributed throughout my side ventures. I was also reviewing student research projects and making sure they were following the precise protocols that got us the best results. The field of mind control, though it may seem advanced to you, is still in its infancy. We have so much to learn. The house girl and her sister were unaware of my work as we traveled down the highway.

The high school that my detail had selected was Seaside Heights in an affluent part of town. A student arriving at school with a driver wouldn’t stand out in the least. Every third student in this school was a child actor, the child of actors, the child of diplomats, politicians, silicon millionaires, or any other member of the 1%. Theresa looked at the coral colored edifice and I could sense fear.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “You will fit in nicely here.” My voice calmed her immediately, just as I knew it would. Everyone went inside except Adriano. He stood near the car and acknowledged the other six members of the detail already on station. Theresa may attend all four years of school without knowing that she was under constant observation and protection. I wanted it that way.

Mrs. Honeycutt made the arrangements for Theresa’s enrollment. Angela had to authorize a transfer of paperwork from Theresa’s previous school. The administrator who was helping us opened her mouth to object that a minor could not authorize the transfer of another minor when I used one of my old techniques to change her mind and encourage her to cooperate. By the end of our visit, she was treating Theresa like a visiting princess.

“Can you come back tomorrow to take a few placement tests? Then we will score your results, make your schedule and you can start classes with the rest of the students on Monday when the summer recess ends.” The administrator was doing what administrators do: Administrating.

“That’s sounds fine. Doesn’t it Theresa?” Angela asked, nudging her sister. She was ignoring the diatribe that was going off in Theresa’s head about taking the tests.

“Yes, Ma’am. That sounds fine. We will see you tomorrow.” She looked dejected to be starting school so soon.

The five of us went down to the local shops and Mrs. Honeycutt helped the girls find appropriate school outfits, backpacks and supplies. Angela needed a trip to campus as well to buy her books from the campus bookstore. While they shopped, Adriano was coordinating the movements of the security teams. Everyone was activated for this days outing. On a normal day, my regular team would overshadow me, which was usually Mrs. Honeycutt and I. She is extremely capable. Angela would have a team of six and Theresa would have a team of six, plus Adriano. Angela would ride with Mrs. Honeycutt or me until I felt comfortable enough with her that she could drive herself. All this security may not be necessary, but I do indulge myself. My special knowledge is highly sought and I work very hard to keep it private. No one except me knows the full extent of my ability, even the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. The nanobots are my toys and mine alone. All of the previous versions were created with a non-replicating shelf life. They simple expired and were flushed from their hosts. My current design replicates and self sustains. They are virtually immortal. They are my last line of defense and they are nearly infallible. They can be defeated of course, but not easily. My security diligence is to protect me from ever testing my personal abilities in a life or death situation.

Our last stop for shopping was at the Whole Foods Store. We stocked up on all manners of supplies, including some authentic recipe items that the girls promised me would make the best tamales and enchiladas I had ever tasted. We finally arrived at home and we decided that a dip in the pool would be in order.
As Adriano was leaving, he promised Theresa that he would be back at 8 am sharp to convey her to school for her day of testing. Theresa stood on her tiptoes and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. I could tell that Adriano was not immune to her feminine charms. I also knew that he would not hesitate to protect young Theresa with his life.

The girls skipped down the corridor to their rooms and came out wearing the skimpiest bits of cloth possible and still be called bathing suits. Angela’s was pale yellow on her olive skin and captured her sensuality. Her long legs were perfectly tapered and her firm buttocks had an upward tilt. Her breasts strained the fabric of her top. Theresa was wearing a brown bikini that nearly perfectly matched her skin color. From a distance, she would have appeared nude. From where I was, she looked like a Greek goddess. She was Angela’s image with an impressive growth of breasts for someone so young.

I probed their thoughts and found that Mrs. Honeycutt had assured them both that I would approve of them in such adult apparel. I sent a message of approval to Mrs. Honeycutt. She just smiled and gave me an “I told you so” look. For a man approaching 50, I am in pretty good shape. I have a little graying in my temples and my chest hair is also flecked with gray, but my waist is tapered and trim and my thighs are still firm and strong. My chest is broad and I have swimmers shoulders and arms. I could tell that all three women approved of what they saw.

Mrs. Honeycutt removed her cabana robe and underneath was a white and gold bikini that could have been painted on. Her short blond hair curved back behind her ears and she walked with the grace and power of a lioness. In a fight between Mrs. Honeycutt and a lioness, I would bet on Mrs. Honeycutt every time.
There is a secret about Mrs. Honeycutt that only she and I know. There is no Mr. Honeycutt and there never was. Mrs. Honeycutt is the name of my secretary, but the woman who serves as my secretary has never been a Mrs. Honeycutt. Like my house girl, Mrs. Honeycutt is selected from a pool of qualified young female applicants and only the best and most beautiful are chosen. This particular Mrs. Honeycutt has been with me for 12 years. At 32 years of age, only her perpetual beauty and unmatched prowess in battle and in bed have kept her in her current position. When she finally retires, she will be set for life. She will have wealth that few women can match.

I sent a message of lust to Mrs. Honeycutt and saw her hesitate in her walk toward the pool. Her nipples hardened to the point that they threatened to rip through the fabric of her bikini. Her loins were wet and hot with anticipation. She powered through the desire to turn and attack me with her mouth and her pussy. She dove into the pool and prayed I would relent before she screamed in ecstasy.

I was shocked to discover that Theresa could read Mrs. Honeycutt’s desire. This was an unintended side effect from the DNA she ingested the night before. Interesting. My scientific curiosity overcame my instinct to stop this before it got out of hand. I wondered how much Theresa would intrude before she drew back.
As Mrs. Honeycutt appeared on the far side of the vast pool, I dove in, instructing her to remain in that spot, that pleasure was coming. As I surfaced just inches away from her, our eyes locked. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. Her chest was heaving, causing ripples to move away from her ample bosom. I reached out and stroked the side of her face and only her arms on the side of the pool kept her from collapsing to the bottom in orgasmic bliss. Her legs came up and locked around my waist, intensifying her orgasm. My groin responded by flooding my cock with blood, causing it to press outward on my swim trunks. I pressed it forward until I could feel the pressure of her cunt on the stiffened underside of my erection. Theresa and Angela were splashing at the other end of the pool. That’s not quite accurate. Angela was splashing and Theresa was reclining against the side of the pool much like Mrs. Honeycutt. I probed the minds of both Mrs. Honeycutt and the younger Vasquez. Mrs. Honeycutt was aware of my presence, but not Theresa. Again, interesting. Theresa was feeling everything that Mrs. Honeycutt was feeling and she was unaware of my knowledge of her intrusion. I advanced my pressure on Mrs. Honeycutt’s groin.

My cock rubbed up and down on the crease of Mrs. Honeycutt’s sex. I let my hands roam all over her chest and stomach. She responded by squeezing her legs tighter. A simple command to ignore us kept Angela from noticing what was going on. I slipped my hands to the strings on the hips of my object of lust. I untied her bikini bottom and let it fall to the bottom of the pool. She responded by untying my board shorts and pushing them down, exposing my engorged cock. Her hands tugged and pulled and I continued to press the base of my cock and ball sack against her eager pussy and ass. The skin to skin contact was unleashing a torrent of lust from Mrs. Honeycutt. I pulled back only far enough so that Mrs. Honeycutt could maneuver my cock to the opening in her vagina. I didn’t press forward. She squeezed and bucked until my cock was fully imbedded. Her pussy contracted in spasm after spasm of pleasure. Theresa was enjoying every sensation as well. I put a hold on her movements so she would not forget her promise not to pleasure herself without my permission.

I began to thrust into Mrs. Honeycutt, pounding her ass with efficiency and power. Her breasts jumped with each full stroke. One hand kneaded her ass cheeks while the other mashed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Her pussy was like a fist, clamping and milking my cock, begging me to release and let loose her flood. I complied and shot load after creamy load into her warm depths. Mrs. Honeycutt raged with pleasure. It boiled her blood and flooded her senses, firing all the synapses of her brain like popcorn on a hot griddle. She rode it until it subsided. Theresa, though she had never felt the heat or urgency of a man, also gasped with exhaustion. Her taut breasts strained against their captures. Her pussy ached with the afterglow of sex. Her virginity remained intact.

“Thank you,” was the message from both women simultaneously. “I loved it,” they thought in unison.

“When can we do it again?” was only thought by one of them. I disengaged from Mrs. Honeycutt and turned around. As I looked across the expanse of the pool, our eyes locked.

“You understand there are rules, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied in thought.

“At any time I wish to touch you, you must submit. Anytime. Anywhere. As I wish.” I warned her of her commitment.

“Oh God I hope so!” she responded. “And soon.”

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