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first time storie
This is my first attempt at righting so pleas be kind and if gamer and punctuation is going to affect you pleas stop now and find another storie;

Let me start with a little bit about me. I am 5'9" and athletic i considered myself to be an average looking guy but i always turned the girls heads. My parents wer very open about sex, in fact we talked about it all the time. I enjoyed masturbating to the porn magazines and films my parents would buy me, i also enjoyed the occasional fuck from the girls at school. One week after my 16 birthday we had a new family moving in to the house next door. I was upset about this because i would always use that house as a hang out with my friends and occasionally i would have a good fuck in there. When the parents wer moving in boxes i got even more upset about them moving in because they didn't even have kids, so i thought. It wasn't until about 2 days later when my mother made me take the new neighbors a "welcome to the neighborhood gift",my mother had made a dinner for them that just so happened to be my favorite, it was my moms famous deep dish spicy meat lovers pizza and homemade cheesy garlic bread sticks. I was so angry and half embarrassed because i had to go by myself. I walked up to the door and rang the bell putting on a fake smile when a 6'3" slender women with dark brown hair to her shoulders and a beautifully body with large breasts ( not too large for her body but large enough to stand out well) opened the door, my smile turned from fake to genuine immediately
"hello young man how may i help you" she said with a smile
"h-hello I'm Jeffrey ... y-your new neighbor" i stammered barely able to talk
"hello Jeffrey im Trisha Jefferson but u can call me Trish... what is that u have there?"
" its my favorite and my moms specialty, a deep dish spicy meat lovers pizza and it's for you and your family ... Welcome to the neighborhood" i said as i reached it out to hand it to this beautiful woman
"thank you very much, pleas come in and meet my family" she said as she turned in to the house giving me an amazing view of her perfectly rounded ass that just screamed grab me!
"Bryan, Samantha come here i have someone i want you guys to meet" she yelled out into the house as we walked into the kitchen.
The first person to enter was Bryan a 6'5" man with very short light brown almost blond hair and a very athletic build
"Bryan i would like ti introduce our new neighbor Jeffrey" Trish said with a smile
"hello Jeffrey its very nice to meet you" he replied reaching out a hand and i shook it.
"likewise bryan" i replied with a smile. Then out of the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of the sexist girl on the face of the earth. She was about 5'5" i would guess about 112 lbs. And the most amazing smile. She was walking right at me (at the time it seemed like in slow motion) i turned to greet her but when i opened my mouth to introduce myself nothing came out. I was speechless over a girl, this has never happened to me i thought to myself as she was fast approaching and i just couldn't take my eyes off of her.
"Hey im Samantha but you can just call me sam its a pleasure to meet you" she said with her angelic voice
"I-i-i-i-i-i-I'm..... j-j-je-Jeffrey .....pleasure .... the mine ... is" i managed to blurt out . Everyone just giggled a little at how flustered i was and i was kicking myself in the head for saying that and being so stupid "pleasure the mine is?" i thought to myself "how stupid could i be so i just turned away "i really should be going now" i blurted out as i made a beeline for the front door shutting it and running the while way home. When i git to my room i jumped on my bed and started screaming into the pillow thinking about what just happened and trying to figure out how i was going to redeem myself form being an idiot when i heard the doorbell ring i was so nervous i didn't move a muscle till i heard my mom yelling for me " Jeff its for you sam wants to talk to you!!!"
"I'm busy come back later!!" i yelled back
"No come out here now!!!" my mother insisted
"Fine just a sec"
I walked out to the door (the walk of shame) i was terrified to face her again thinking about what she might say to me
"Hey" i said in a low fearful voice with my head down
"Hey i asked my mom if i could invite you back over to have dinner with us when she told me about the food u brought saying it was your favorite and all and i wanted to talk to you and hang out cuz im new here i dont have any friends" she said excitedly
"Um what about earlier when i made a complete fool out of myself in front of you?" i said sadly slowly looking up at her hoping she wasn't going to laugh at me
"Oh your fine I'm someone i have never met before and you wer nervous it happens to everyone its even happened to me" she replied with a smile
"really? It has happened to you?"
"Yeah it has happened a couple of times"
I smiled at her and got a little more confident "well in that case i would love to have dinner with you" "mom im going to sam's for dinner ill be back later!!!" i yelled to my mom and walked out following sam and i couldn't take my eyes off of that amazing ass it was even more perfect than her moms and she swayed it so sexily as she walked. When we git to her house the table was already set for the 4 of us and i sat next to sam. We made small talk while we ate and when we wer all finished sam stood up and looked at me and asked "do u want to go in my room and play some games?"
"Sure i would love that, is it ok with you Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson?" i asked politely
"That's fine with us go ahead and have fun" they said at the same time. Sam grabbed my hand and lead me to her room and shut the door she turned and smiled at me with one of those evil plan smiles
"So what do you want to play sam?" i asked a little scared that she was going to stack me, i was right but wrong at the same time. She lunged in wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me sloppily with a hunger that i never have experienced before
I pulled away asking " what are you doing?"
She just attacked my mouth again this time sliding her toung in my mouth and i began sucking and playing with her toung it felt amazing and i began to get hard
"Take off your clothes" she demanded as she locked her door
"Are u sure about this?" i asked while doing as i was told
"Hell yeah im so fucking horny right now i want you to fucking make me cum really hard"
I just continued pulling my boxers off revealing my rock hard 8.5" throbbing cock when it sprang up into her view her jaw dropped to the floor
"O my god your big!!!" she said then ripped off all of her cloths revealing to my full view that amazing body with her perky 36b tits that wer the hottest pink u have ever seen and that tight little slit with the smallest little landing strip above it. I threw her on the bed and i spread her legs apart and dove into her pussy licking the soft plump lips, smelling her sweet sex it drove me wild so i dove my toung deep into her cunt tasting her sugar sweet juices and making her moan a soft moan that turned into a loud begging moan when i began sucking and licking on her firm clit i watched her face as i sucked and nibbled her pussy and her eyes wer glazed with lust and a hunger for my cock.
"O MU GOD JEFFERY IM GUNNA CU-CU-CUMMM!!!!" i continued to suck her clit as i fingered her tight hole, her cum started running out all over my face and hands. We wer both out of breath as i laid next to her on the bed
"Jeffrey... i want .... you to ..... fuck me " she whispered between breaths
I just looked at her with hungry eyes as i climbed on top of her and positioned my cock at her entrance
"Take me hard baby" she demanded
I thrust every centimeter of my cock into her tight cunt as she dug he nails into my back and moaned my name loudly i was sure i wasn't going to last very long as i thrust even harder into her dripping wet little cunt he body tightened up and her pussy gripped my cock like a vice as she came again. When her orgasm began to subside mine began i thrust deep into her and began to spurt rope after rope of hot cum deep into her triggering another orgasm in her after our orgasms subsided i rolled over next to her panting and trying to catch my breath she leaned over and kissed me on thi lips "how did u like fucking your dirty little whore?" she whispered to me with a wink and a smile
" it was amazing" i replied between breaths
"well u can look forward to more of that. And u can have it as much as you want baby"

If u made it all the way through thank you for reading, pleas comment and vote i may not wright again it all depends on my feedback and if u have suggestions on how i can improve it would be much appreciated

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2012-03-27 21:49:27
Oh yeah good story got a raging hard on

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2012-03-27 21:49:16
Oh yeah good story got a raging hard on


2012-03-26 04:27:33
I am working on another story it should be posted in a few days so pleas check back for it I would love to hear what everyone has to say good or bad pleas comment and vote on this one and others to come

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2012-03-25 10:11:43
I completely agree with the other comments. It was a good story and you should keep on writing. Just work on spelling, capitalization, slowing down the pacing of the story, and forming paragraphs.

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2012-03-24 00:40:25
DON'T use texting/chat room shortcuts when writing such as u instead of the proper you, only goes to show ignorance of grammar.

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