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The Dream - Reunited at Last
Jake stepped out onto the porch. He seemed to remember someone calling his name. He looked around. It was almost dawn. The eastern sky was beginning to brighten.

A slender and obviously naked female figure stood in the early dawn light some distance away. As he gazed at her, she raised her arms and was suddenly surrounded with a backdrop of huge wings. She stepped forward, her wings folding behind her, the tips dragging on the ground. Then Jake was standing, breathless, in front of her, holding her face in his hands. The image of her face was crystallized by the tears that flooded his eyes.

‘Miss me?’ she asked, smiling up at him and running a finger through the wetness on his cheek.

In answer, he fervently pressed his lips against hers. They made love there in the sand, her wings wrapped around them both, protecting them from the cool, predawn breeze.


Jake woke up, the forever recurring dream still vivid in his mind.

'Each time it’s like it really happened! But I know it didn’t… It never happens!'

He nearly sobbed, greeting the new day with even deeper misery, and he hadn't even opened his eyes, yet, though tears welled behind his closed lids and ran down into his ears. He’d had that dream a million times. He knew he would have it a million more times before his life finally ended. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to face another day without…

“Are you crying?” a soft, too-familiar voice asked, sounding very concerned .

His eyes snapped open, focusing on alluring, almond-dark eyes a few inches away staring into his own.

“Béla,” he said, his voice shaking, “is it really you?”

He reached out his hand, half-expecting to find nothing there. She was always just an illusion.

“You’re not real!” he told her angrily. “I’m dreaming! And you’re just haunting me again!”

Annoyed, she leaned forward and bit his finger as he reached for her.

“I’m not real?” she asked, staring at him with astonishment. “I’ve been trying to get to you for years! I dreamed of you so much I was beginning to think that you were the one who wasn’t real!”

Unable to contain himself, Jake placed his shaking hands on her, touching her all over, making sure she was really there. A strange, whimpering sound emanated from his throat with each shaky breath he took, making Béla believe he’d lost his mind and gone totally nuts. It wasn’t like she hadn’t told him in more than a thousand dreams that she’d be back.

As his hands groped down her bare body, she took his hands in hers and pulled him to her, kissing him gently on the lips. He grabbed her and hugged her tightly, cracking one of her ribs. He sobbed and shook violently as he held her as tightly as he could. Béla gnawed gently on his jawbone until he relaxed his grip enough for her to breathe. After a long time, he became quieter and stopped trembling.

“Well,” Béla whispered, “I missed you, too.”

They kissed again, and made love on the bed. Afterward, they lay side by side; Béla still impaled by his shrinking cock as they lay against each other.

“How?” he finally asked, his single question wanting to know everything.

“Magic,” she said quietly, staring at the ceiling. “Technology. My father did it. He was able to regenerate my body from the ashes of the fire. It took him more than half a century.

“I helped him with some design changes, like making me more fire resistant,” she joked.

Smiling thoughtfully, she sat up and continued, glad that he wanted to hear her story, “When my body was restored, my father moved me back into it. It was nice to have sensation again, after all that time I was stuck in that crystal. This body feels a lot like my original one, don’t you think? It was even made from the same cells.”

She squeezed the muscles in her pussy, popping his soft dick out of her to accentuate her point.

“Then he took me to see our new home,” she chattered on. “It’s a huge inverted planet orbiting around Jupiter. It’s actually completed now. It even has an atmosphere. We’ve moved a lot of wildlife from earth to up there, and a few people – the few who accidentally stumbled across the ship during one of the Earth-fill projects. Earth is such a beautiful planet, and we want to preserve as much of it as we can.”

Jake stared at her. While he had spent the last century moping around feeling sorry for himself, she had been busy, as usual, saving the planet – or at least as much of it as she could.

“Father let me name the project,” she continued on. “I call it ‘New Eden’. That’ll be our new home in a few years. Do you like it? Do you remember me showing it to you?”

Jake continued staring at her, not answering. Béla suddenly realized he hadn’t heard a word she said. He was in shock.

“Why are you here?” he finally asked her, his voice high and sounding very stressed. “I watched you die. I stood there in the fire with you, trying to reach you, listening to you scream! I tried to die with you, but they pulled me out. They pulled me out and not you! And now you’re here, and everything is supposed to be back to normal?”

His voice had been rising as he talked, and now he sounded like he was having a nervous breakdown.

“Jake, I…” Béla began, her eyes tearing.

“No!” he cried. “It hurts too much.”

He grabbed her again, holding her tight against him, knowing he was hysterical and unable to stop the shaking – the overpowering emotions raging through his body.

“Just…” he whispered when he could talk again, his voice still shaking, “Just be here for awhile. Okay? Don’t talk… Don’t explain… Just… be here.”

She nodded, silent at his request. At least, this time, in his embrace, she could breathe.

“And, for God’s sake, don’t leave!”


“Well, now I know what it’s really like,” Jake told her. “Being you, I mean.”

It was the first words he’d spoken to her since yesterday morning. He was still unnerved by her presence, but, at least now he could look across the room at her and not feel hysterical inside.

“Sucks, huh?” Béla replied quietly.

He had spent the night holding her tightly, almost like a child holding a stuffed bear against him as protection from the terrors that live in the darkness. His mind was closed to her, and Béla wasn’t about to wedge her way in, despite the pain and distress she was going through because of his enforced separateness.

She understood what he was going through. It had taken her a century to get over her first true love. After taking care of and nursing him in his last year of life, watching him slowly waste away, she’d placed him on his funeral pyre and lit it herself, consumed with grief even as the raging fires consumed his body.

But, even though she had missed him terribly for centuries after, if Kuba had suddenly shown up a hundred years later, she realized she would have been so terrified that she’d have killed him outright.

“Please,” Béla softly begged, unwilling to endure any more of Jake’s silence now that he had spoken to her again. “Just touch me, Jake. I’ve missed you so much. I know this is hard for you, but I need…”

She stopped as he got up and came toward her.

“Béla,” Jake said, softly grasping her shoulders, “I love you. I’ve always loved you. I don’t mean to torture you like this…”

“Then don’t!” she pleaded, interrupting him. “Hit me, beat me, shoot me! Hell, I used to like that. But don’t…" She sighed noisily in true frustration. "Just talk to me! Please, Jake, don’t not talk to me…”

Tears were running down her cheeks as she looked around the desert cabin.

"Why do you have a cabin out here in the middle of nowhere?" she asked. "No! Don't tell me! This is where you've come to mourn for me! For how many years, now, Jake? Were you planning to spend your next five hundred years hiding here, waiting to join me in death?

"Does my rebirth and my return to you upset those vast eternal plans of yours?" Béla sobbed.

"Stop mourning me," she begged him. "Just... love me. Like I love you."

She stood up and gazed into his eyes. “Now is what matters… Please, just touch me. Love me.”

They stood, gazing into each other’s eyes for several minutes. Then he nodded, touching her cheek. “It really is you, isn't it.”

She kissed him, tears still running freely down her face.

‘Finally!’ she thought, relieved beyond measure, and embraced him tightly.

They kissed passionately, Jake’s hands exploring under the open shirt she’d begun wearing after his initial rejection yesterday morning. After a few moments, they broke their kiss, each one needing to catch their breath.

‘We’re like a couple of teenagers,’ Jake realized, daring to let his heart feel a shadow of the joy he'd once had with her, ‘catching up on what we’ve missed!’

Béla was fumbling with his belt buckle while she kissed and licked his neck and shoulder, trying to open it with one hand. Her other hand caressed his chest. Jake stood still, enjoying her touch. She nipped his shoulder in frustration.

“Help me, dammit,” she grumbled, unable to work his belt buckle with one hand.

Her words penetrated his soul and he finally let the dam burst. His joy flooded through them both as he laughed and put his arms around her, embracing her joyfully.

“Oh, God! I love you so much!” he laughed as he swung her around the room, unable to contain his happiness.

“Good!” Béla grunted, the word squeezed out of her lungs.

She wondered what he was so happy about. She hated pants. She hated belts and buckles. Before they existed, everything had been so… available. He set her down and stared into her eyes, unable now to look away from her.

“Now fuck me, dammit!” she demanded, and stretched up to kiss him again.

Jake picked her up and carried her to the bed. He playfully dropped her onto the mattress from four feet up. She bounced twice, her legs dangling over the side. The bed automatically began making adjustments to accommodate her position. Still standing, Jake reached over and pressed ‘Manual’ on the control panel attached to the headboard. Then he moved the arrow on the display to approximately the same position where Béla’s butt was located and pressed ‘Up’.

As the bed folded upward, raising Béla’s pelvis up into the air, Jake shed his trousers. Then he had to hold her legs in position so she wouldn’t slide down the side of the mattress to the flat part. When she was correctly positioned for invasion, he pressed ‘Stop’. She was at the perfect height, now.

Moving forward, Jake pressed his cock against the insides of her legs. She was already damp and her legs trembled, partly from trying to stay stable on the wildly tilted mattress.

“Oh, fuck! No!” Béla happilycomplained. “You’ll break my back in this position!”

“It’ll heal,” he replied, candidly grinning at her.

Searching for exactly the right position, Jake began massaging her vulva with his hardness. Then Béla gasped as he slipped inside her. It was almost like they'd never made lover, before, and were exploring each other for the first time.

But Jake was trying for one particular position he’d learned years ago, after he lost Béla and had wandered the continents looking for a reason to live. The girl who had showed him this position had come so hard she’d squirted him right in the face even though he'd still been inside her.

He finally got the position right. His cock was almost at right angles to her pussy, rubbing his sensitive tip directly against that rough but soft sensitive area just inside her entrance. This position also stretched her labia, stimulating her clitoris, which pleased her quite a bit.

“I don’t like…” Béla began, “oh. Oh! Never mind… I like...”

Wanting to participate more, Béla tried to hump her pelvis to match each of his strokes, which felt so good she could hardly just lie there, but her balance on that damned raised mattress was so precarious that the most she could do was squeeze him a little. After almost losing her balance twice, she decided to let him do the work and just hung on for the ride. After all, what he doing to her felt really good…

The intensity of her first orgasm took her completely by surprise. She felt him come as he squirted against the inside front of her pussy. Then the silkiness of his cum-coated cock as he continued thrusting into and stretching her like that felt so thrilling that her whole body just turned electric with sensation, every muscle in her body going rigid. The electricity flowed through her belly and up through her breasts, electrifying her nipples so that she thought they would blast into the air spurting fire behind them like little rockets.

'Oooh God! Like Beth’s little ‘poppers’… only better! Lots... better!'

“Ahhhh! Holy fuck!” she cried as she collapsed and slid down on the bed, uncoupling from Jake.

She had never come like that before. Her entire body was shaking and she couldn’t stop coming, even though they weren’t connected any more. After a moment, she could focus again. She gazed lovingly up at Jake. His belly and chest were wet.

“Did I do that?” she asked innocently, gasping to catch her breath.

Jake laughed at her and nodded.

When she could move again, she twisted her body around and pushed herself back up the mattress, head first, and began kissing and licking his cock. For the first time in almost a century, she could really taste and smell him, again. She hadn't realized she missed such a simple pleasure as licking off Jake's cock after they'd made love.

‘A few more licks and he’ll be ready to go again!’ she chuckled to herself as Jake began to respond to her caresses.

She looked forward to an eternity of days like this as she tried to remember the last time she'd felt this happy and content. Then she remembered - the chasm that Jake had been trapped in, and the few days of bliss they'd spent there.

Then she remembered why her body had felt the satisfaction and contentment she had experienced then. A single flash of sadness almost destroyed the moment, then she forced her mind forward again.

'Now is what matters!' she insisted to herself, casting away thousands of years of lost loves and one lost child with a dicipline those same thousands of years had honed into her mind.

Reaching for contentment once again, Béla realized she had all the time in the world, now. There would be plenty of time to tell Jake the good news...

The end?

Maybe a new beginning... Who knows?

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2015-03-04 01:56:29
Simply masterful! Like I have commented on a few other parts, your books are simply incredible and I consider myself lucky to have found these stories. I started on a chapter in the middle of the first Béla book, and I just had to start from the beginning, and I have not been able to put them down since then! Thought out characters, wonderful plot development (really, wow!) and creative, graphic sex scenes. There are a few plot holes though that I got thinking of, but I shouldn't maybe delve into that now. Or what the hell.. Didn't Frank and Tanya realize Béla was still alive when she left that puddle in their bed, and also remembered it after having woken up? Well, if they knew she was still alive, why would they let Jake walk around greiving for 100 years, not informing him? They obviously had contact with him. Again, masterful story!

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2010-06-05 13:12:45
Holy Fuck this series is fuckin awesome

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2008-10-20 04:11:59
Dank: Do you have any books published now? I'd buy. This is good stuff.
the best I have read for some time.


2005-06-20 03:31:46
I am constantly hearing (and saying it myself) comparisons to famous trilogies. Dune was just mentioned. It is up there with the rest and may one day sooner or later be recognized as such everyone. I look forward to the rest now. and I look forward to you being recognized for the great story teller that you are. Thank you, Merci, Danke ...hmm is that where you got the name ("dammit" it could end here ...but I am glad it doesn't)


2005-01-18 02:07:15
i know its probably bad to say it but i put amust the story no a cd but don't worry i won't send it out to people i like and i'm keeping it thnks for the cool ass story and if you have more i'll check for them ok dank

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