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An Egyptian mother and son story.
Fatima is an Egyptian Muslim married mother in her thirties, She is a
buxom woman, lived in 6th of October City, in Giza, Egypt. She was
originally from Fayyom. Her face features are pure Egyptian, like ancient
Egyptian queens, women, and naked Pharoahnic dancers. Beautiful like Nagwa
Fouad, and Sohair Zaky, the famous belly dancers. Her vulva is very
delicious and honey-sweet like none of European or American women can do.

Her husband Hussein is alive and they had three children, their elder
son Ahmad is in the final year of secondary school. She was always and
still very beautiful in Ahmad's eyes. And he always loved to take his
mother in holidays and went to Masbeero street (Corniche el Nil, and in
English Nile Corniche) in Cairo, and sat with her in front of the most
beautiful River Nile and remembered the book Maqamaat el Seyooty
(Maqāmāt al-Suyūṭī) and the famous singer
Mohammad Abdul-Wahab's songs about the River Nile like: El-Nahr El-Khaled
(The Immortal River) and El-Neel Nagashy ( River Nile is an Abyssinian

Fatima was always the most beautiful woman alive in her son's eyes. She
is a Capricorn and he's a Virgo. And as he always wished to make love to
her or her to seduce him. He knew she is a professional seductress. He
noticed it with his father. But she was always very cold and modest with
him never like she always was with her husband. And the young man wished
too when he noticed the continuous admiration looks from the foreign
tourists that passed in front of them at Maspeero st, toward his mother and
he always wished to see his mother full naked between an European or
American blonde guy's arms.

He always wished his mother Fatima to get fucked by a foreign Christian
tourist! And to see her feed her foreign lover with the traditional
Egyptian foods like Ful Medames (fava beans) with lemon, red pepper and
linseed oil; Falafel; Tabeekh (cooked vegetables) such as Lobia (cowpeas),
Fasolia (green beans, known as Fasolada in Greece), Besella (peas), Bamia
(okra), Moussaka (Fried sliced eggplants with fried sliced green pepper and
tomatoes sauce), Mulukhiyah (Jew's staff or mallow), and Mahshi Waraq el
Enab (Grapes leaves filled and stuffed with spiced and sauced rice, known
in Turkey and Syria as Yaprak).

Now I wish you to share your imaginations with me and to tell me your
opinion about Egyptian women, , Egyptian tits, Egyptian cunt and Egyptian
beautiful faces of the Muhajjaba girls (girls who wear hijab). And to tell
me what you wish to do with an Egyptian woman like this? If you are a
tourist in Cairo and met an Egyptian peasant woman, an Egyptian woman in
Tahrir Square or an Egyptian female govermental officer worked in Ministry
of Finance in Lazoghly square, or Ministry of Justice, and she is very
beautiful, her skin is white wheaty, her tits are beautiful delicious and
juicy, and she's wearing her Melaya Laff and Tarha or her blouse and skirt?

How will you seduce her? And what are your imaginations and fantasies
about her? And about her delicious Egyptian dishes: Kushari, Mahshi, and

And what if you are in KSA? What about a beautiful Arabian Khaliji
woman? With her famous Saudi dancing and her Saudi clothes? What about a
woman or girl of the UAE also?


Now I'll tell you our story:

"Well, uh, look, Mom...we're both adults. I think I can talk to you
frankly, can't I?" I couldn't believe I was about to tell my mother Fatima
I wanted to fuck her. She nodded her head and I went on. "You know, when
I was a kid, I used to fantasize a lot about you." "Most young boys do, you
know," she interjected. "Well, after awhile, it sort of melted into the
background, but it was something I never forgot. When you came here, and I
saw how beautiful you look, well, those fantasies came flooding back in my
mind. Those pictures you saw were just a result of that fantasy. I guess
most people think that incest is wrong, but I really don't understand why."
Mom was listening intently to me. She was a little shocked, a little
flattered and a little turned on.

"Sweetheart," she answered me, "Now I'm going to be totally honest with
you." She looked me straight in the eyes as she spoke. "I've always felt
something special for you, my darling. It began when you were very young.
I had many thoughts about touching you and letting you touch me. You know,
your father and I didn't have a great sexual relationship and I guess I
used to fantasize about you to relive those sexual tensions. I knew it was
wrong, but I couldn't help think about it. I used to watch you as a young
boy. I enjoyed seeing you naked, but I never let on. I swore to myself
that I would never take out my sexual frustrations by using you....unless
you showed me that you wanted to enjoy the sexual pleasures of your mother.

I told myself that if you ever came on to me, I would allow us to be
together, but that I would never initiate the first move. Now you are an
adult. A man. You can make your own decisions. I love you immensely,
darling, and always have. The idea of making love with you has been in my
mind for many, many years, though I have tried to surpress those feelings
to no avail." I was totally floored by my Mother Fatima's speech. There
was a moment of indecision and tenseness, then Mom put out her arms to me
and I rushed to her, embracing her tightly.

We hugged. Mom ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head back,
looked me straight in the eye and put her lips to mine. In that one
moment, an eternity, our relationship changed forever. We were no longer
just Mother and Son, but lovers. That first kiss was deep, heavy,
passionate and so very fulfilling. "Oh, my baby Ahmad! My wonderful baby
boy!" Mom sighed. "I love you so much, Mom," I cooed into her ear.

Our lips pressed hard against each other's as our tongues engaged. Wild
thoughts flew through my brain as I kissed my mother Fatima as her lover,
not her son. It seemed so natural. It certainly was incredibly erotic.
Mom clutched my hand as we kissed and drew it to her right breast. I
clasped her small, but tender breast in my hand, my fingers feeling for her
nipple, which was hard and erect. She moaned as I squeezed her breast.
She kept moaning to me, "My baby! My baby!" We sat by the computer for a
bit, kissing, hugging, touching.

We looked so lovingly into one another's eyes. Nothing needed to be
said. Mom stood up, took my hand and let me to the bedroom where we lay
comfortably on the big, soft bed. We cuddled up closely, kissing again and
again, soft moaning, oohing and ahhing coming from us both. I was hot,
hard and wanting to fuck my mom in the worst way. She undid the bra of her
bathing suit and there she was, her breasts exposed to me. They were

Her nipples were dark brown and very erect. I thought they were the
most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I slipped my tongue around her
nipple and began to suck gently on her tit, as I had done as a baby, not
realizing the ultimate pleasure of such an act before now. Mom thrust her
head back, closed her eyes and held my head in her hands as I sucked her
nipples, one, then the other. I kissed her firm stomach and my body ached
to touch her pussy. She arched her back up, lifting her ass as she did,
telling me without words to slip off her panties. I obeyed and discovered
my mother Fatima's wet, sexy cunt for the very first time. She had light
brown hair around her pussy which tended to shadow her precious clit.

I was wearing only my bathing suit, but my cock was so hard, it ached
against the restraint of the suit. I stood up and slipped off my trunks.
Mom watched intently as I revealed my throbbing, hard cock to my mother.
Once my cock was freed, Mom looked at me in awe. "Baby, I'm glad you
weren't that big when you were just a boy...I wouldn't have been able to
keep my hands off you" she laughed as she sat up. "Lie back, my baby boy,
and let your Momma tend to you." she nodded as she set me back against the
bed, spreading my legs apart and giving her complete access to my cock and

Mom slid up close to my cock, slipped her hand around my balls and
squeezed ever so gently. She had the right touch and drove me mad with hot
desire for her. I watched her every move as she glanced up at me every now
and then to make sure I was enjoying every minute. She flicked her tongue
across the top of my hot cock and then pressed her lips over my aching
head. She slid her mouth down over my cock slowly, driving me wild. I
could have cum right then, but I managed to withstand the desire. This was
too good a blow job to end now. Mom moaned as she sucked my willing rod.
She went down, down, down all the way to my balls. My cock was about 8
inches and she had every inch down her throat.

She slid up and down, a little faster each time. I was going to
explode, as she sucked and rubbed my balls. My mommy was sucking my cock
and I was in heaven. I couldn't hold back any longer and she knew I was
going to explode. Just in case she didn't, I called out in a hard moan,
"I'm gonna cum, Mom!" She nodded as she sucked me, indicating she wanted my
cum in her waiting mouth. I shot what must have been the biggest load of
cum I've ever had into my mother Fatima's waiting mouth.

As I came, she slipped her hands around my ass and squeezed me ever so
tightly closer to her already engorged mouth. She sucked and sucked,
refusing to let go of my cock. She sucked out all of the cum I had and,
finally, slowly relinquished her loving grip on my cock. Her lips were
covered with cum. I could not believe I was lying there, just having cum
in the mouth of the woman I have loved all of my Mother!

Mom looked at me as I lay back and smiled broadly, "My little boy Ahmad
has such sweet tasting cum." I breathed very deeply and drew her up to me.
We embraced and hugged while I regained my strength. She asked me if I
enjoyed having Mommy suck my cock. "You know I did, Mom! I answered her.
We lie there for awhile, just holding and touching one another. it felt so
good to be naked with my mother Fatima and enjoying each other's bodies.
Mom kept telling me how good I looked and I returned the compliment many
times. She DID look good!

Mom held my hand as it explored her breasts and body. She directed my
hand down to her pussy. She wanted me to touch her. Her pussy was covered
with a fair amount of pubic hair, not too hairy, but just right. I twirled
a few hairs in my finger while searching for her clit. Mom's cunt was wet
and waiting impatiently for the touch of my hand. I cradled my left arm
under Mom's shoulders and with my right hand, I touched that wonderful
pussy of hers from where I first arrived in this world.

It was at once a strange, wonderful, and totally erotic experience. My
cock sprung to attention as my fingers began to fondle her wetness. Her
cunt was pink and wet and so very soft to the touch. She had a much bigger
clit than any women I had been with and it was very enjoyable to feel and
touch. Mom spread her legs and moaned as my fingers began to explore in
earnest. I slipped one finger inside of her and then another. She moaned
loudly as I entered her. She turned her head to my cheek and whispered
softly, lovingly, "I've waited over 30 years for this, my darling, and it
was well worth the wait." She pecked my cheek as I continued to arouse her

I was totally aroused as well and totally into the task at hand. My
fingers probed deeper and deeper inside my mother Fatima's pussy. I slid
down slowly, positioning my head between her legs. At long last I was
going to eat my mother's fabulous pussy. I sniffed her erotic scent deeply
as my lips drew closer to her.

My tongue slipped over her clit and began to flick across it, slowly at
first and then building to a perfect crescendo, as if in perfect rhythm to
my mother Fatima's beat. She wriggled back and forth as I ate her, my
tongue alternately sucking her clit and then slipping down the dark
passageway of her pussy. Mom came at least twice as I ate her.

The second time, she grabbed my head and pushed me deep into her. I
almost couldn't breath, but that was ok, I could have survived breathing in
her sweet pussy juice. I'd never been so into eating out a woman before. I
didn't want to ever stop. I can't explain it totally in words, but if you
ever get the chance to eat out your mother, you will know the feeling. I
lapped up her pussy juice as mom collapsed back on the bed with a huge,
deep sigh of ecstasy.

It was time to fuck my mother Fatima, and I was ready, willing and able.
Mom helped me up over her naked body. My cock tight against her right leg,
my chest directly over her beautiful tits, my mouth over hers. I looked
her in her eyes and there was this deep, incredible fire that burned
between us. I realized that I was truly in love with her. Yes, she was my
mother, but she was also my lover.

The combination of the two is an incredible coupling, one I was not all
that prepared to understand at that moment, but one which I have come to
understand since then. We both felt it at the same moment. We kissed as I
lay over her. My chest collapsed over her breasts, pushing them tightly
against me. We kissed long and hard as we both whispered our love for one
another at the same time. "Fuck me, sweet, darling Ahmad. Fuck me,
please!" Mom called out in a lover's rage.

I raised myself up so I could slip my hard, throbbing cock into my
mother Fatima's hot cunt. She took the shaft of my cock in her hand and
guided it to its rightful place. For a moment, she rubbed my cock over her
clit and cringed with excitement. "I can't wait any longer," she moaned as
she guided my member to her waiting hole. I made sure not to thrust my
cock in too deeply at first. I wanted us both to enjoy this firs moment of
penetration between son and mother. I wanted that moment to last forever
and be impressed on our minds for all time.

Slowly, I slipped my cock into Mom's pussy. It was wet, not too tight,
but just right for me. Mom yelped as my cock slid down her cunt, but she
wanted me deeper. I went as deep as I could, she grabbed my ass and pulled
me deeper, at the same time pulling her legs high in the air. She wrapped
them around my shoulders as I began to fuck her. Slowly at first, then a
building rhythm. We were perfect together. Somehow, we knew just how to
please the other.

Our breathing increased, the moaning turned up a notched and the fucking
became harder and faster. I was sweating, but kept going. If my mom
wanted me to fuck her forever, I would. Anything to please her, I said to
myself. Mom rubber her clit with her fingers as I fucked her and she
screamed as she came. Once, twice, three times.

Once mom had cum, I knew it was all right for me. I thrust my cock in
and out of her wonderful cunt as I readied myself to blast off inside of my
mother Fatima. It was an incredible feeling, knowing I was about to cum in
my mother's cunt. I cunt I had dreamed about fucking since I was a kid.
Having a fantasy like this come true is just an incredible experience.

I breathed heavy and mom knew I was going to cum. I could have melted
when she said to me, "C'mon, baby. Cum inside mommy, Ahmad. Cum for your
mommy, baby." That was all I needed. "Oooooooh, Mommy!" I yelled. I felt
like a little boy as I came inside of her. It was the most satisfying
orgasm I've ever had. I collapsed over mom as I finished cumming. She
wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.

"God, I love you sooooo very much, Hamada!" She whispered to me ever so
lovingly." "I love you too, mom," I whispered back. We kissed and lay
together for a long while.

After awhile, we fucked again and were very playful. We were like new
lovers who had just discovered the beauty of one another. IT was
wonderful. We fell asleep in my bed together, holding one another, totally
in love. We still are.

The rest of the time mom was at my house, we fucked every
day....sometimes 2 or 3 times. It was difficult when she left, but she did
have to go. This all took place over a year ago and we have come to the
conclusion that we'd like to live lovers. The people down
here don't know she is my mother.

I suppose they would just think that I was fucking an older woman, which
isn't so unusual these days. We've been discussing the prospects of living
together and soon we will make that final decision. I know I don't want
anyone else. I want to be with her always, as she does me. She was...and
is...the best fuck I've ever had. God, it's wonderful to have finally
fucked my mother.
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