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What girl or girls today......
Ladies...If you liked the story let me know which woman you would be in he story please. And guys what girl would you have done? Thanks--Jen

The invisible man walked down the beach. There were girls everywhere. Thin ones, yummy mommies, middle age cougars. Which one or two or three he thought to himself would be getting his gigantic 12 inch cock today….

Andrew was a scientist. At the extremely young age of 18 he had concocted a formula to make himself invisible. He had had lots of fun with the elixir. He had gone into many shops and stores and stolen more than enough money from cash registers to live very comfortably. He also liked jewelry stores. When the cases were open he would go right up beside the clerk and snag a diamond ring or two. He would always have fun with the sales girl. He would blow on their neck or pinch their ass. The look on their face was priceless. They would look around in disbelief but no one was there for them to see.

In bars when they were not crazy packed Andrew would find the cutest girls. He would grope their tight asses and when they turned around pissed, the wrong guy would receive a smack across the face. Drunk girls were especially fun. He would grab at their beasts and pinch their nipples.

One time a petite girl was in the hall area of the washroom. She was highly intoxicated and no one else was around. She was a cute gal with straight long jet black hair that fell well below her waist. Tanned olivey complexion. Flawless skin. Red lipstick. All dolled up for a night of wildness. She would get it. Sexy black shoes that wrapped up her legs and were tied in a bow above her knees. A black spaghetti strap dress that hugged her little hour glass frame tightly. Andrew came up behind her and picked her up with one arm wrapping it around her tiny little waist. She kicked a bit but was no match being only 100 pounds soak and wet and 5 feet tall. Andrew took her into the back storage room and pinned her face first down onto a table. Her hair smelled good like fresh strawberries. She kicked and screamed and tried to get up. Her little flailing legs could not touch the floor. She was too little to fight back. The loud bar music covered her cries. Invisible Andrew ran his right hand up her rock hard little thighs to the black lacey dress that fell to just between her knees and crotch. It was soft and smooth. Underneath it he reached and felt the softest black silk panties ever. He massaged her pussy and now swollen clit through the panties. Her screams turned to whimpers then moans. Her panties quickly became wet. Her protests and futile struggle were a turn on. The panties were ripped right off and the dress slid up her thighs. Her little hip bones could be felt by her sides. Andrews gigantic wet throbbing cock spread her little legs apart like a pry bar and could only enter her approximately 8 inches. He held her by her hips and thrust into her repeatedly milking his giant cock with her tight pussy. The girl took it. Her face sideways on the steel prep table and arms spread wide as if to grab hold of something or steady herself. She was so drunk she did not realize an invisible man was fucking her. When ready Andrew blew loads of cum into the little drunk tart. He had never ejaculated so long in his life. Her tight cunt milked everything out. Overflow dripped down the insides of her trembling little legs. Andrew was not done. Still hard he flipped her over. She now had the look of terror and confusion on her face. She saw no one over her. Like a rag doll Andrew sat her up and pulled her dress up over her head and off. He flung it onto the table. For a small framed girl she had he nicest hard tits well in proportion to her body. He pushed her down onto her back and mounted her. He fucked those tight little titties with his cock. Being so long it bashed her chin with every thrust. He opened her little mouth and his cock could barely fit. He fucked her mouth and could not push it any further past the start of her throat. The girl was starting to pass out from sheer exhaustion, drunkenness and pleasure. She lay there limp. Andrew ejaculated again. He filled her mouth and pulled out. Like a hose he blew cum all across her tits and hard little stomach. He let out an animalistic grunt. When done, he used her dress, wiped off his sore throbbing cock and left.

Today Andrew found two girls to have fun with. No one ever reported him as who would believe an invisible person had attacked them and sexually ravaged them.

Two girls were leaving the beach in an open top Jeep. Andrew could jump carefully into the back and ride to their residence.

Kelly was the driver. A blond girl about five eight. She was in her late teens. A surfer type. Lean tanned body with no fat on it. White string bikini top and bottom with jean shorts on the bottom. A cowboy hat. Cute.

Her friend was named Amy. She was a brunette, smaller. Probably five feet tops. Little frame. A runner. Nice tanned muscular legs, but not too muscular. She wore army patterned shorts with a black t shirt covering her large firm tits. No bra or bathing suit top. Andrew could not wait to chew on those.

The girls laughed and giggled as they drove to Kelly’s parents home. Andrew listened intently on the ride. He learned the parents were working days so no one else would be at the house for a few hours. He stroked his massive erection and listened. The girls talked about sex and mentioned their likes and dislikes. Andrew made a mental note. Kelly had never tried anal but wanted to.

Kelly lived in a rural area of the city. The house was located well off the road on a large piece of property. A large pool was beside the residence.

The girls got out and went to the pool. Amy wiggled her cute little ass and dropped her camouflage shorts to the ground. She wore the skimpiest little white bikini bottoms ever. They barely covered her snatch. That was alright. They looked hot on her body. She took an equally skimpy top out of her bag and put it on under her t shirt. When the shirt came off the luscious large tits were revealed. They jutted out like mountains from her flat sexy stomach. Amy lay down on a recliner pool side chair.

Kelly told her she was going to have a quick shower to get the sand out of her hair. Amy said ok and put on her ipod headphones.

Andrew followed Kelly inside. The house was large and immaculate. He spotted a picture of Kelly’s family. Her mother was a cougar and highly fuckable. She had pouty large full lips that needed a cock to suck on. Perhaps some other time. She also had a sister in the photo that looked a bit younger. A good fuck also.

Kelly went upstairs to the bathroom. The shower was amazing. It was a walk in probably ten by eight feet. Shower heads came out from at least ten different spots on the walls.

Andrew got into the shower and stroked his hard twelve inch cock in anticipation. A few minutes later Kelly came into the bathroom. She was like a sculpture. Tall, tanned lean and hard. Not a flaw on her. Her straight blond hair fell between her middle back and ass. Her ass was round and jutted out perfectly from her back. Highly squeezable. She looked after herself. Nice manicured nails and no tramp stamp tats on her. Her little c cup tit nipples needed to be tweaked. Shaved completely and smooth like a baby.

Andrew positioned himself in a corner of the shower. Kelly turned on the water and almost immediately started feeling herself up. Her hands cupped her breasts and then one slid down between her legs. Andrew stroked his cock as she made tiny circles around her clit and then put two fingers inside of herself. He watched her facial expressions. The warm water cascaded off her tanned face, her eyes closed. Her blond hair now darkened with being wet. She let out little moans and bit her bottom lip as she fingered herself to orgasm. Her hand thrust became quicker in and out. Andrew was turned on watching this and stroked his engorged cock rapidly. This surfer girl turned him on but he did not want to fuck her just yet. As she came she steadied herself with her left hand against the shower wall. Andrew bent down close to her pussy and watched intently as her right hand and fingers pleasured her. He saw her knees trembling and crotch thrust against her balled hand. She cried out and he knew the sexy little bitch came.

He had had enough. Fuck it he thought to himself. He grabbed Kelly from behind and flipped her around. All the girls always had the same look of disbelief, terror or confusion on their faces when someone invisible was having their way with them. The girls could just not fathom what was going on.

Andrew lifted Kelly by her hips and pressed her against the glass shower wall. His hard on jammed into her tight warm wet pussy entering effortlessly. Kelly lashed out wildy with her hands. She could feel a person but not see them. She stopped fighting after awhile and took part willingly. This was the first girl to ever do that out of the hundreds. As a rule Andrew never spoke.

Andrew fucked Kelly for a half hour against the glass. She squeaked up and down her back like a squeegee against the glass. He did her on the shower floor for a bit and then he carried her unprotesting body to her parents bedroom. He threw her wet and exhausted body onto their king size bed. He pulled her by her right ankle to the edge. He flipped her over and rested her ass up on the edge of the bed. Her knees on the carpeted floor. He then spread her firm ass cheeks and drove his cock into her ass. She screamed out loud. Amy would not hear it. She wore her ipod. Andrew drove his cock right in and up to his engorged balls. He had never fucked such a tight asshole in his life. Was this not what she wanted to try? In and out he thrust making sure every inch was stuffed up and into her. She cried and this turned him on even more. She asked whoever or whatever it was to please finish and leave her alone. Andrew did. He filled her asshole up with cum. He made sure every last bit of baby juice had been secreted from his rock hard cock. Then he left her sobbing on her parents bed. She curled up into the fetal position. Wet, tired, spent and hot.
Outside Amy was now in the pool. She had gone under and her hair now wet made her look even hotter. Andrew slipped into the pool and made his way slowly over to her. She was submerged up to her tits with her back against the side of the pool and arms stretched out to her sides holding her along the edge. She had her eyes closed and was singing to her music.

Andrew came up to her face to face and pressed her body against the edge. She opened her eyes and looked scared. She made screamed and Andrew quickly covered her mouth. With his other hand he released her large breasts from her top. The top slowly sank into the pool to the bottom. With his other hand he tore the bottoms off. She kicked wildly as if swimming but was held tightly against the pool wall. Andrew jammed his cock into her pinning her to the side. With his free hand he fought off her flailing arms and groped and fondled her breasts. Amy was a real fighter. She flailed so much Andrew had to drag her out of the pool and slam her face down on the soft grass. He pinned her by her shoulders and fucked her ass and cunt. It would have looked strange if anyone saw what was happening. A naked girl face down on the ground with her ass and hips getting pounded into the ground. Andrew made sure this girls cunt and ass were well worked over as she was a little fighter. When done with her she lay motionless on the grass. Her body stained green and hips bruised from the squeezing fingers of Andrew.

Andrew left. He would probably return at some point to visit the cougar mother.

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mommy next

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That was nice! !!!! I need another hot adventure of invisible time with girls that I have actually seen naked but never really did any thing until now...

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That was nice! !!!! I need another hot adventure of invisible time with girls that I have actually seen naked but never really did any thing until now...

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Most likely a male author, ain't no 12 inches going into a virgin ass, let alone a pussy. Smaller details make it better for a reader, but pretty good. I am a writer who is manically horny right now. Like non stop Horny for weeke.

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