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This is a story based on a chat with my wife while she was at work one night working the grave yard shift.
Fucking the Cat Girl

By Master Twain and Galafreya Rose

This is a story based on a chat with my wife while she was at work one night working the grave yard shift.

I am sitting by my self on the couch watching TV when my Kitty comes downstairs naked and sits next to me and starts Murring and head-butting my hand. “Well hello, my fuzzy little kitty.” I begin giving her chin pets and she starts to purr and roll around, stretching and showing her belly. “I see someone wants attention.”

I begin to pet her belly and caress her nipples. She purrs louder and gets on her hands and knees and head butts me. I begin to pet her tail and ass. She stretches and holds her ass in the air. I slowly slip the tip of one finger into her ass hole. She meows and smiles. I start to work my finger in and out of her ass slowly. She begins to paw at my pants. “Want some milk Kitty?” She merrs and nods her head.

With out taking my finger out of her ass I unzip my pants and pull out my dick. “Here you go Kitty.” She begins to lap at the head of my dick. I groan, she then licks up and down the shaft and then takes it all in and begins to deep throat me. I stick another finger in her ass and shove them both all the way in curving them when I do so she can't get away. She meows loudly and struggles trying to get away, but there is not much she can do with my fingers hooked in her ass like this. I use my other hand to pet the kitty behind the ears. “It's OK kitty.” I start to rub her nipples.

She begins to purr again and goes back to sucking my dick. I slowly start to move my fingers back and forth and rotating them in her ass hole and at the same time massaging her big tits. She starts to move her ass fucking herself on my fingers. So I start to move them faster, she purrs and moans. I grab by the back of the neck to hold her still while I start to slam her ass with my fingers. “Merr! Merr! Merr!” I stick her head back on my dick and start to fuck her face while still ramming my fingers into her ass.

Then I stop and and pull my dick and fingers out, quickly flip her over and start pounding her fucking pussy raw. When I get close I pull out and let loose my cum on her tits. “MERRRR!” She begins to lick my dick again. “That’s right kitty, clean all of your pussy juice off my dick.” She begins to lick and suck me again, but then she bites. I smack her hard on the ass, leaving behind a large red hand print. “No Kitty! Bad Kitty!” She bites again then starts to lick. I grab her by the back of her neck. “No, Bad Kitty!” I grab her legs and arms and hog tie her on the floor. I then grab a vibrator and set it to low and put it in her already abused pussy. “Now think about what you have done.” I sit back down and continue watching TV.

“RRRROWWWWW!!” “RRRRRROWWWWW!!!” I grab the ball gag and stuff it roughly into the kitty's mouth. “That is enough out of you.” She works the gag out and spits it to the floor. “RRRROOWWWW!!!” I duct tape the gag back in and crop her thighs a few time for good measure raising nice red marks. The neighborhood tom cats come to the house attracted by my Kitty’s howling and comes to the front door and howls. I go out and spray it down with the water hose and it quickly runs away.

She gets a foot loose and starts to kick things to the ground. “That’s it!” I grab her by the back of the neck and drag her into the basement. I untie her long enough to get her bent over and into the stocks. “You have been a bad kitty!” I begin to crop her ass, each crack echoes around the basement. I then start to whip her back the red marks crisscrossing her back. She rubs her face and tape on the wood getting it loose then spits the gag back out. “MRRROWWWW!!” I grab the gag and stuff it back in her mouth. I then grab the tape and wrap it several times around her head and gag. Making sure that I am taping hair as well. I then lock a plastic cone on her head to prevent her getting at it. I continue whipping her back and ass.

She takes her tail and feet and begins hitting me with them. I grab the anal hook and ram it in her ass. I then take a rope and pull it through a hook in the ceiling and pull making her stand on her tiptoes. She begins to whimper, she hangs her head as low as she can. “About time. Good girl.” I begin petting her behind the ears. I pull the vibrator out of her pussy and start to finger fuck her. She starts to squirm trying to stay on her tip toes. I grab her hips and start pounding her pussy with out taking the hook out. She squirms around in a panic. “That’s it kitty, squirm all you want you are not getting away.” She looks scared, as I grab her knees and lift her up with out missing a stroke. With one last trust I cum in her pussy. I remove the anal hook from her ass and rub some cooling ointment on her whips marks. She sighs and purrs. “That's a good kitty.” I go upstairs and turn off the lights. “Good night kitty, love you. Maybe in the morning you won't bite now that you have some time to think.” I close the door leaving her in the dark, gagged, naked, and bent over in the stocks to think things over for the night.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-01 00:41:38
Really weird story. You have a strange mind. What do 'Murring' (paragraph 1) and 'merrs' (paragraph 2) mean? I have never seen either of these words before.

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-18 19:53:11
I would love to be a kitty or have a master or even better both!!!

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-27 11:09:50
God almighty i would love to be your kitty
well would happen that i would bite for provocation so you would punish me like that but i woul do everything for beeing that kitty

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