A continuation of my first story....
In the morning I met the girls in the kitchen again for breakfast. I had spent part of the night trying to formulate a hypothesis as to why my DNA-laden nanobots had granted unintended powers to the younger sister of my new house girl. As I entered the kitchen I took a great deal of pleasure from the sight of the two sisters, separated by two years of maturity. The elder, Angela, was already a certified genius. She was starting college in two weeks at the same institution where I teach and do research. The younger, Theresa, was scheduled to take a battery of tests at her new high school later that morning. She was already dressed in the required uniform, green, blue and gold plaid skirt, white oxford shirt, dark green narrow tie and gold blazer. Her olive brown legs stretched down to white tennis socks tucked into brown and white saddle oxfords. She looked like thirteen going on twenty. So sexy and so innocent at the same time. Her brown hair was pulled back behind her head and held in place by a silver hair clip. In her ears were the diamond stud earring that I had given her the morning before. Those earrings would allow us to stay in constant communication and allowed me to see and experience everything she did. Around her neck was a silver chain with a silver locket bearing my family crest. That locket contained more computing power than existed on the entire planet when Neil Armstrong left the Eagle and took the first footsteps on the surface of the moon. Not only did it monitor all of her biorhythms and bodily functions, it was an early warning beacon and GPS system connected to a protection grid. Theresa had her own security team of seven highly trained and also interconnected warriors. Their sole mission was her protection. Of the seven, she had met and knew of only one.

“Breakfast is nearly ready,” said Angela, interrupting my train of thought about her younger sister. I turned and looked at her, dressed in her simple white blouse, semi-sheer enough to reveal the white bra beneath, and a pleated dark blue skirt. Her feet were tucked into simple strap sandals and revealed her painted toenails. Even at fifteen she was an astonishingly beautiful woman.

“He thinks you’re beautiful.” I intercepted the thought transmission of the younger sister to the older. I did a quick systems check and could not detect an intruder in my personal network, how had Theresa known what I was thinking?

“He does not. He thinks of me like a daughter,” responded Angela, using the same neural connection her sister had.

“A daughter he’d like to bend over this island and fuck like a bunny rabbit!” shrilled Theresa with laughter in her voice.

“Theresa! Stop it! He might be able to hear you.”

Theresa looked at me and I could sense her probing for a way in my head, but her clumsy attempts failed to find a way in. I relaxed inwardly at the realization that my eyes had given me away, not my thoughts. Theresa could tell by the way I looked at Angela that I thought she was beautiful. Relieved and disappointed, I turned my attention to the breakfast in front of me. Dry rye toast, two coddled eggs, fresh sliced pineapple, black Hawaiian coffee and freshly made orange juice.

“How did you discover what I like for breakfast?” I asked in my normal voice.

“It was easy. I just asked the house.” Nice. Very nice. Angela was a genius after all and it was logical that my house could not only tell her what my personal preferences were, but could tell her a great deal more if she knew what to ask.

My house is a combination of many things. It’s entirely off the grid and contains several redundant power sources, including a small fusion reactor that would provide a nearly limitless source of power for longer than my natural life. The structure itself was created from a honeycomb of liquid memory fluid cells filled with nanobots and memory bubbles in a polymastic gel. The polymastic gel was another of my creations. It was composed of plastic polymers controlled by the electrical impulses of the nanobots. The nanobots were interconnected to the point that the house had more electrical “thoughts” than a human brain. The house, if you got right down to it, was a living organism. The fusion reactor was the heart and the network of nanobots was the brain. It wasn’t wired like a conventional structure. In fact, the walls weren’t walls so much as hardened plastic skin made from the polymastic gel. Everything looked and felt exactly as it should, but if I asked, the house could transmute itself into any floor plan I asked of it and display any type of floor, wall or ceiling. The house and I had a symbiotic relationship. It contained my DNA so it did my bidding, and it could adjust to my preferences without being told. It could heat and cool any zone in the house without any input from anyone. It studied the three of us and it could isolate the girl’s spaces and change the climates around them at will. It was a very smart house. Zero carbon emissions. Zero landfill. Zero human waste. It was as close to perfect as I could create. When I was I the house, it would protect me to the extent of its ability without regard to its own existence. I liked my house and it liked me.

I turned my attention back to breakfast. I scooped a coddled egg onto the dry rye toast and took an appreciative bite followed by a long swallow of perfectly brewed coffee.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile.

“You are welcome,” replied Angela.

“You are welcome,” replied the house.

After breakfast we made our way to the front door. As we opened it, Adriano was standing in front of a Mercedes S65 AMG, the most powerful luxury car in the Mercedes stable. It had been modified to accommodate some required features. It would be Theresa’s daily transportation and Adriano would be her only driver. It was a shiny metallic gray. Elegant and understated, it was designed to blend in at her school, and not draw attention to itself or its passenger. I was absolutely certain that an attempt to kidnap Theresa would occur at some point. Maybe more than one, as soon as the people who wished I worked for their government instead of ours discovered her relationship to me. I know I am under constant surveillance and threat.

“Take good care of this one, Adriano. And don’t let her jump out of the back before she gets to school. I think she’s a little scared to take the tests,” I warned her driver while shaking his hand.

“Don’t worry Professor David, she is safe in my hands.” I smiled because I knew she was. I also cringed because she would only be as safe as I could make her and as smart as I was, there was always the chance I could miss something. Or just random danger could occur. Or some deranged lunatic bent on his own destruction who detonated a device before I or anyone else could act. I am very good but I am not perfect.
Adriano opened the rear door and Theresa slid into the broad leather seat, and I caught a glimpse of her white panties. I sent her a calming command and the ability to access everything she knew for the exams. She would not be encumbered by test anxiety nor would I help her cheat. I just unlocked her ability to access the answers she already knew.

After the car had departed, I turned to go back into the house. My day was already delayed, but that I could soon fix. Angela stayed rooted to the spot where she had watched her younger sister disappear.
“Don’t worry, she’s fine. We have a lot to do. Come.” My voice calmed and reassured her, just as I knew it would. I placed my hand on the small of her back, guiding her through the door ahead of me. In the doorway she suddenly spun about, grabbed my hand and pressed it to her cheek. I could tell she wanted more than reassurance.

“Not here. Not now. We have much to do.” She released my grip and we went into the house. We cleaned up from breakfast and then we both headed out to the garage. She looked at the array of vehicles at our disposal and I asked her which she would like to take to work. She selected an emerald green Maybach 62S. It’s a gorgeous luxury car one of my personal favorites. But it was too flashy for taking onto campus. Particularly the way we were dressed.

“How about this instead?” I pointed at a yellow Jeep CJ5 with four surfboards strapped to the top and big tires and a four inch lift kit. “After lunch, we can go surfing. Bring a suit, a one-piece this time.”
She ran into the house to get what she needed. I had her put her swimsuit into my ocean bag that I always kept in the back seat. We climbed in, I opened the glove box and handed her a pair of Oakley wraparound sunglasses and grabbed another pair of modified Wayfarers for me. This vehicle had its own special modifications but our any protection would come from my halo guards.

Over my career there have been numerous attempts on my life and my liberty. Before the Pentagon had become my staunch ally, they had treated me with fearful contempt. As I was not under their control, they feared I could be under someone else’s. One of my first successful attempts at permanent mind control was to change their minds about that. If I were to ever allow myself to be subjugated to the will of a national power, it would be the United States. I am a loyal American after all. But I don’t feel compelled to be under anyone’s control except mine. So I had changed the minds of my potential captors permanently. Now they are my permanent allies. When I ask for something from our national military establishment, I get it. No questions asked. In return, I provide our national defense with the highest trained, most dedicated, most skilled warriors in history. I also invent a few little gadgets now and then that have changed the way our nation engages in warfare. Tools specifically designed to combat terrorism and religious zealotry.

Angela and I drove along the winding coast highway that would take us to campus, enjoying the sunshine and perfect weather. The breeze from the open doorways whipped Angela’s skirt around. Her attempt to keep it down around her legs was futile. Finally I sent her a command to stop trying. Immediately I was rewarded with a long look at her cotton clad pussy as her skirt gathered around her beltline. Her long, athletic legs were exquisite.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without panties on?” I asked my young house girl in an even tone, with no inflection or insinuation.

“You are probably right,” she replied, unaware that her compliance was a result of my verbal manipulation. She slipped her thumbs under the elastic of her panties on her hips in one smooth motion had them completely down her legs and off. “I won’t need these anymore,” she said casting them into the slip stream above the Jeep where they disappeared behind us. I sent a message to the chase team to pick them up. Ever vigilant, I didn’t need her DNA getting into the wrong hands either.

I examined her bare pussy in all its teen glory. I could see she trimmed the bikini edges but the center triangle as a mass of black curls. Her pink lips glistened deep in her thatch. I let my hand drop from the shifter to her hand, which was lying on her thigh as she reclined in her seat. She splayed out her fingers so that our hands intertwined. I pressed my fingertips against the skin on her thigh and she responded by flooding her pussy with moisture. I was in her head with her, feeling all of those wonderful sensations of arousal she was feeling. My cock responded in anticipation. Her breasts heaved as her breathing changed. She involuntarily tried to pull my hand closer to her damp womanhood but I wasn’t allowing it. She wasn’t in control, I was. My caress on her leg was enough to send her into a frenzy of sexual anticipation. Despite her virginity, she was fighting her self-control. I relished her enjoyment, her torture, so fierce was her desire to finger her own pussy and gain release. Her ass ground against the Jeep’s seat. Her legs opened and closed more and more rapidly as she begged with all her being for me to touch her cunt and let her cum. Instead I pulled her hand to my mouth and give her a kiss on the palm. That was enough. Her orgasm flowed like water from a burst dam. She bucked and writhed and panted her satisfaction. She had composed herself by the time we drove into the faculty parking lot and into my personal parking place. Angela followed me into the building and I made a call to the Admissions to send an ambassador to give Angela the full campus tour.

While the campus ambassador showed Angela through all of the buildings she would visit during her classes that began the next week, I retreated to my office where a line of grad and undergrad students had already formed in my outer office.

“Good morning Mrs. Honeycutt,” I said with a smile to my personal secretary and protector. “Give me just a moment to check my messages and then you can begin sending them in.”

“Of course Professor David,” she replied. “Your first appointment is already in your office.” I knew this of course. Mrs. Honeycutt and I are connected by the same nanobot technology that I use with everyone in my inner circle. We had been in constant contact since I left the house this morning. I had even given her an avenue to enjoy Angela’s sexual release with me. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she appreciated the voyeurism even if she had to fight to maintain control in an office full of students. She handed me a cup of fresh brewed Kamalau coffee made precisely the way I liked it. It was her way of saying thank you. I continued into my personal office.

“Good morning Mr. Cheney,” I said upon entering. My office is decorated in eclectic beach bum. Rick Cheney was seated in one of my comfortable lounge chairs, enjoying the flat screen TV broadcasting the sports scores from the previous night. As the great nephew of a former vice-President, Rick Cheney had risen quickly through the ranks at the Central Intelligence Agency. He wasn’t just a spook, he was a top secret spook. The kind of spy that enemy spies fear and fellow spies seek to be. He was also one of my favorite and best former students. His ability to interrogate any prisoner or suspect and get the kind of information that was both truthful and accurate was the stuff of legends. Despite his youthful appearance at 35 years old, he was ruthless and deadly. He couldn’t just kill you with his bare hands. He could kill you with your bare hands while he watched, amused, from the other side of the room. He was also one of the few men on the planet I trusted as much as I trusted the current Mrs. Honeycutt.

“What brings you out to California on this fine September morning?” I was asking because I was curious. His visit, though welcome, was a surprise.

“There’s a storm north of Midway. Class 5 typhoon. Sustained winds over 135 knots. At the end of the week, the surf at Mavericks will be gigantic. Epic 80 footers. I thought you might want in.”

I chuckled. If Rick Cheney had a weak point, it was his love of giant surf. He had half of the national weather service tasked to finding big waves for him to ride and half of the CIA tasked to finding him a reason to travel around the world to do “jobs” wherever the surf was predicted to be the biggest. The price of having a weapon like Rick Cheney was indulgence in his first love: surfing. Eighty foot tall waves crashing at Mavericks would allow him to test his skill in some of the most dangerous surf ever recorded. Rick Cheney was maniac to surf it left when all the other riders would surf right. Insane.

“It must be nice to have carte blanche to travel around the world on the Company dime, surfing when and where you want.” We both knew that he was working wherever he went and that if I wanted to, I could afford live any lifestyle chose, for this lifetime and a thousand more. We also both knew that it wasn’t the money or the power or the control that drove me. It was the science and the discovery of the unknown. It’s why I stay here in this enclave of sanity on the California coast instead of indulging in my proclivities full time. “It sounds like fun. Keep Mrs. Honeycutt in the loop. If I can work it out, we should go. Are you going to stick around?
You should stay at the house. I have a new house girl and she has a sister.”

“I know. I’ve been briefed. But I can’t stay, I have a meet and greet in Kabul. You know the drill, shake a few hands, kiss a few babies, do a little wet work on the side. Anything I can do to promote world peace.” The side work meant that somewhere in Afghanistan there were one or more terrorists who were seeing their next to last days on earth. I wondered if their seventy-seven virgins would be waiting for them in Hell.

“Stay safe,” I admonished him. “Let me know when you are coming back. You can stay with us at the house and we will all fly up together.” He crossed the room and shook my hand.


As Cheney left, I began the routine of seeing students, reviewing their summer project work, approving their fall project plans, and refining their protocols for eliciting the kind of data that would further the overall research. It didn’t take my full attention of course. I made a mental command to connect to Theresa, who was busy at Seaside Heights with a battery of placement tests. I could see what she could see and listen in to her internal dialogue. “This is such a waste of time. Why don’t they just put me in the freshman classes and let me be a normal kid? Maybe I should make mistakes on purpose.” I inserted a command for her to try her best, not to purposely make mistakes. I was interested in what the test results would reveal. The true nature of her intelligence. Was she a genius like her sister or was she just another average thirteen year old? I got the impression it was the first, as I could see her whipping through the exam with speed and precision. She was both intelligent and intuitive. I was pleased to see this.

Right before lunch, the campus ambassador brought Angela back to my office. She left her in the care of Mrs. Honeycutt and departed. Before Mrs. Honeycutt pressed the button on the intercom, I was in the doorway between the offices.

“Did you have fun?” I asked of Angela.

“Yes. This place is amazing. Did you know…?” She went on to describe all the interesting features of our campus. Of course I knew all about them, I had designed many of them and my research grants had paid for all of them. But she was so excited that I let her tell me all about it.

“So you are excited about coming to classes next week?” I could sense a little trepidation. “Don’t worry.

You will be fine. You will fit in nicely. You aren’t the youngest student here by far. But you might be the prettiest.” My voice connected to the command imbedded in her Id and she immediately felt reassured. She blushed at the compliment. It was a real blush, not affected in any way by the technology she was wearing.

“Let’s go get a quick lunch and then do some surfing. Fish tacos. What do you say?”

“I don’t know how to surf.”

“Don’t worry, it’s as easy as falling off a log.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“Mrs. Honeycutt, hold down the fort. We won’t be back until tomorrow.” She nodded and sent a message to the rest of my security team. They were en route to the locations we would visit. ‘Fish tacos’ meant a stop at a small seaside restaurant twenty minutes from campus. My detail now knew where to be and would be established before we arrived. High overhead a geosynchronous satellite searched the route for any threats. Sensing nothing out of place, I felt confident that we would have an enjoyable afternoon. “Could you ask Adriano to see if Miss Theresa could join us after her examinations? He would have to take her to the house first so she could get dressed of course.”

“I’d be glad to. See you in the morning Dr. David.” She pressed a button on her phone and made the call. She could have connected through the neural net, but I insisted that we kept up appearances in non-emergency situations. Just in case we were being watched.

The drive to the restaurant was rewarding. As the wind whipped through the open doors on the jeep, I was treated with a lovely view of Angela’s sweet young pussy. We parked and entered the restaurant, a favorite among locals. We took the only open table. This table had been previously occupied by two of my team members and as we arrived, they vacated it, assuring us of a table chosen for our safety and protection.
We ordered fish tacos and iced tea and in just a few minutes we were rewarded two plates of delicious food. All the ingredients were fresh and made each day. We finished quickly, paid and headed out into the perfect California afternoon. The drive to beach was short. When we arrived, we could see several surfers already enjoying the warm afternoon in the four foot combers, perfect for learning to surf. I climbed out and stripped off my Hawaiian print shirt and dropped my shorts. I was commando and my cock dangled between my legs. I sport a board short tan year round. I pulled my board shorts from the bag behind the seat and slipped them up my tanned legs. Angela watched, shocked at the sudden nudity in a man she had only met a few days before. I could feel her eyes stuck to my cock until it disappeared into my surfing shorts.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t even think about it. I guess old habits are hard to lose.” I indicated to some of the other new arrivals in the parking lot. Everyone was changing their clothes at the side of their vehicles. Some of the shy ones changed under a towel, the rest au natural. It’s a surfer thing.

I waited to see what Angela would do. She pulled her one piece suit up under her skirt, exposing her cute
behind to anyone with sense enough to look. She unzipped the side of her skirt and slipped it down her lithe legs. She unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra from the front, slipping both off. Her nubile breasts caught a whiff of freedom and responded by hardening. Those dark circles of engorged flesh excited me. She pulled the shoulder straps over her shoulders, hiding those gems from my appreciative eyes. Oh well, plenty of time for that later. It’s time to surf.

With only a little bit of coaching from me, Angela was able to master getting up on the board. Soon we were paddling out past the break, where the other surfers were waiting their turns to challenge a wave. I knew everyone there of course. Three of the bleached blonde bums were actually on my security detail. No outward recognition occurred, but I did send them neural message of appreciation. They were all happy to be on this detail. Much was expected of them on a daily basis, but these three in particular loved to surf. Angela was immediately one of the most popular newbies on the water. All of the guys and most of the girls jockeyed for her attention, eager to give her pointers. My three men took turns either surfing in with her or just behind her. They wouldn’t let her be out of their direct line of sight. If she went down, they would go in after her.
Their deep tans and blonde hair aside, they were extremely competent and proficient in the water. They were the best Navy Seals in the world but they looked like mid twenty year old California surf gods.

Ninety minutes into our session, Angela and I were both alerted that Theresa had arrived. “Here I come!” she shrilled in our heads. We both caught a wave into the beach and were greeted by Theresa already outfitted in a one piece suit that gathered her budding assets and wrapped around her neck, wetsuit style. She was shadowed by Adriano, who had slipped his Portuguese frame into a pair of black surf trunks. He carried two boards down the beach to join us.

“Go ahead and catch a couple while Angela and I give Theresa some pointers.”

“Yes sir,” Theresa’s driver and protector replied. Even in the water his eyes wouldn’t stray long from his young charge. In just a short time he had formed a lifelong loyalty to young Theresa. He would always be there for her. Always. But he did enjoy surfing as much as the rest of the detail and was glad to shred a couple of curls in relative peace.

“How did your tests go?” asked Angela.

“I don’t know. Pretty good I guess. I think I knew most of the answers. But I might have been totally wrong on all of them.”

“I doubt it. You are way smarter than I am,” Angela complimented her younger sister. Theresa blushed. She loved her older sister and glowed in the genuine admiration her sister gave her.

It took a little less time to teach Theresa the basics. Angela wasn’t shy about touching her sister and putting her hands and feet in the right place. Twice she grabbed her sister’s hips and rotated her into position in a balanced semi-crouch, perfect for surfing. We took Theresa out into the shallow surf and helped her get a feel for getting up on the board and gaining her balance. With the feline quickness she was up and balanced, her taut buttocks thrust out to counter her balance. She was facing her sister and I was behind her, my face just inches from that suit covered butt. I wanted so badly to bury my nose into her crease and breathe deeply from her luscious fragrance. I refrained, though my cock wakened at the thought.

We all paddled out to the conga line of surfers and Angela introduced Theresa all around. I was amazed at her ability to know the names of all sixteen or so surfers she had only met two hours before. The two girls were the hit of the afternoon. As soon as we paddled away from the shore, Adriano joined us. His presence at Theresa’s side was noted by all the young men who had designs on Theresa. It didn’t take a genius to know that Theresa had a guard dog. A well-muscled, highly motivated, extremely dangerous guard dog who could kill and field strip any five of them before they had a chance to apologize. If Theresa knew she was being watched by a Portuguese mother hen, she didn’t let on. She had a great time. So did Angela and I. Even Adriano smiled the entire time, except when someone he didn’t approve of strayed too close. Then his brown eyes turned black and his smile turned to a thin line of disapproval. Menacing and effective, it worked like a charm.

We stayed until dusk and watched the sun set on the far horizon from the comfort of our four boards. The rest of the detail had left the water and were making it appear like they were unconcerned by our activities. But they knew at this particular moment, we were extremely vulnerable. As effective as my counter-measures are, there was a definite security problem in the water. If someone came up from the depths, we might all be taken. If I could not physically contact someone or make eye and voice contact, all of my skills and technology could be overcome. It was a problem I was working on at that very moment and I was very close to a solution. But nothing happened. We paddled in through the last light of the day. Before we made it off the beach and back to our vehicles, the first stars of the night were twinkling in the heavens.

Adriano had parked right next to my jeep. I slipped out of my damp shorts as did Adriano. Angela also slipped out of her swimsuit. Theresa stood there, eyes wide. Her eyes were darting between the manhood dangling between Adriano’s powerful legs and the equally impressive meat between mine. We slipped back into the clothes we arrived in. Angela omitted her bra when she dressed.

“Hey! That’s not fair! I changed at the house! I reached into my bag and pulled out a yellow and red floral print shirt. It would be long enough to cover her to mid-thigh. Theresa responded by pulling the neck of her surf suit over her head and then sliding the rest of the suit over her hips and down her legs. Exposed to the night air she was a vision of young sexuality. Her dark nipples shriveled and thrust outward in arousal. Her pubic hair was also trimmed like her sisters, but it wasn’t nearly as thick and curly. It was short and lay tight against her skin. Her belly was tight, the muscles of her abdomen clearly defined. Her buttocks were also tight with indentations on each side, highlighting her musculature. Like her sister, she was a Castilian goddess. Adriano was appreciative of the sexuality before him, but held no desire beyond that. There was another that had desire in their heart besides me. Angela felt a slowly awakening desire for her younger sister for the first time.

“Damn T! You are so fucking hot!” she broadcast on her neural channel. “You are going to make all the boys CRAAA ZEEEE!” She giggled.

“Do you really think so?” thought Theresa in response. “You are so much prettier and sexier.”

“Nuh uh! If you weren’t my sister, I think I’d be first in line to jump you!” Angela was shocked at her own admission. Her recent sexual awakening caused her to speak her mind.

“Don’t let that stop you!” encouraged Theresa. “I would love to see what you taste like.” Unlike Angela, Theresa was not shocked by her frank sexuality. I catalogued this as something to investigate further.

“We can’t do that,” warned Angela. “We made a promise to David.”

“Oh I know. But I have a feeling if we asked him, he’d let us.”

“I can’t ask him THAT!” Angela replied. “I don’t want him to make us leave because we are pervs!”

“You’d be surprised, I think. Don’t let that gray hair fool you. Look at him. He’s so sexy. I want him to be my first. And my second and third and fourth…..” she laughed at her own joke.

I felt Angela’s eyes probing me, checking me out. I could see she was recalling my manhood with desire.

“I know what you mean. I want him to be my first too. But please promise me you won’t do anything to get us fired. We don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“I won’t.”

“Let’s go get something to eat. Who’s hungry?” I asked aloud. Adriano didn’t reply. It wasn’t his place. But I knew he was as hungry as I was and that the teenagers were famished. “How about Italian? Adriano, please take the girls home. I will swing by Maristrano’s and pick up a ziti and salad and bread.”

The girls climbed into the back of the Mercedes and I slipped into the jeep. I sent a request to Mrs. Honeycutt to meet me outside Maristrano’s in fifteen minutes and asked her to order a large ziti, parmesan salad and fresh baguettes to go. I could tell that Angela was disappointed, but I would make that up to her later. I had urgent business to attend to.

When I pulled up to the restaurant, Mrs. Honeycutt was already waiting. Her short blond hair was pulled back behind her ears. She was wearing a skin tight white sheath dress with no bra or panties. It would have ruined the lines of her dress. One of the reasons I like Maristrano’s besides the food, is that it’s located in a small hotel on the highway. A hotel I happened to own through several other companies. No one knew I owned it, but the electronic door locks responded to my proximity. We entered through the side door and took the first room on the left. Well-appointed and in a constant state of readiness, this room was always available for my use. Mrs. Honeycutt knew this of course. This wasn’t her first time here. As the door shut behind us, she stopped in her tracks and waited for me to close the gap between our bodies. She knew this wasn’t going to be a lovemaking session. This was going to be a hard and fast fucking. Animal lust and urgent breeding.

I slipped my arms around her waist and she lay her head back against my shoulder. I dropped my mouth to her neck to kiss and nibble it. My hands wandered all over the front of her body, feeling the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. I pulled her firm ass against my groin and she responded with an appreciative moan. I grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up far enough to expose her sex to the air. I pushed her forward until her knees struck the side of the bed and she fell to a kneeling position on the bed, her ass exposed to me. I dropped to my knees behind her and buried my face into her delicious cunt, licking her from clit to ass, swirling around each in turn. As the intensity of her arousal increased, I brought Angela and Theresa into the neural net, allowing them to view and feel Mrs. Honeycutt’s arousal as a fantasy daydream. Twenty miles away, the two teenagers dropped to the bed side by side, oblivious to anything but their own arousal. They had just stepped from the shower and were about to get dressed. They writhed in pleasure, but neither made a move to touch themselves. I was pleased and sent a reassuring approval at their restraint.

Focusing on Mrs. Honeycutt, I probed her ass with my tongue, driving it deeper into it’s musty confines. One thumb pressed on her clit, causing her a mixture of pain and pleasure. The other hand fiercely pinched her nipples, again creating pleasure and pain. As she lost her battle to restrain herself, her orgasm was mere moments away. I stood up and positioned my hardened cock at her moist opening, and thrust hard. My cockhead only stopped when her cervix yielded to the onslaught. The two voyeurs both arched in contortionist ecstasy. They could feel my cock as if it were buried in their own cunts. They thrust their pelvises in response to a cock that wasn’t there. They didn’t know. They didn’t care. They only wanted this pleasure to go on and on.

So did Mrs. Honeycutt. She was aware that she was being used as a surrogate for Angela and Theresa. She didn’t care. Her orgasm was real and she relished the feel of my cock thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. I gripped her hips tight and pounded her hard and fast. Her breasts rubbed against the inside of her dress, stimulated by the movement against the fabric. Just as I was about to explode, I commanded her to spin around and she responded by taking my cock down her throat. Opening wide, she took my entire length and was eager for me to cum in her mouth. I obliged with gush after gush of thick cum until I was spent. She lavished my hard on with licks and kisses and then did the same for my now empty balls. The entire interlude took less than ten minutes and all four of us had found exquisite release.

Mrs. Honeycutt and I got dressed. We left the hotel and went into the adjacent Italian Restaurant. I picked up my food order and headed to the house, where two sexually spent but ravenously hungry teenagers eagerly awaited my return.

It was time to satiate their appetites.

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