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Tom loads Master PC on his insecure system
Tom got hard looking at the picture from last summer's family get-away. It wasn't what was in the picture so much as what wasn't, and it forced Tom to concentrate on things that seemed to have slipped his mind. He stared at the photo, apparently pressed into use as a bookmark last fall, and thought about what it meant.

He and his sister, Tammy, stood in the center of the shot, framed by his parents, who wore forced smiles. Tom had forgotten how rocky their relationship had been then, or that his father had lost so much hair, or that pullover top his mother used to wear all the time.

His mother's laughter from the kitchen underscored the change; Tom knew without looking that his dad had hugged her from behind, palming the generous breasts that didn't exist in the image in front of him, and kissing the nape of her neck. Somehow, without missing a day or occasioning any notice, she'd forgiven his father's wandering eye, gotten implants -- or something -- and dad had staved off his looming bald spot.

Master PC! It was just a plot device from some stroke stories he'd read on the Internet, but Tom instantly thought of the old computer Dad kept locked in his study, obsessively tucked away from the rest of the world. Just the thought of it had Tom's rod throbbing.

It took several weeks, a USB-attached 5-1/4 inch floppy drive, and more research than Tom usually engaged in before he was ready to make another attempt at copying the program. It wasn't easy to get access to the system, which had no network or USB ports, and who used OS/2 anymore?

As it was, Tom knew he was racing the clock. Tammy had caught him red-handed in front of the system, and he knew she'd squeal on him if he couldn't change her mind before their father got home that evening. He sat restlessly in front of his tricked-out gaming system, listening to the click of the heads in the old-technology drive. As usual, he completely ignored the near-steady illumination of the hard drive and LAN activity indicators, which were washed out by the glow of the case's internal lighting anyway.

Finally, after a second round of compatibility adjustments, the main program dialog was filling his screen. It looked just like Tom had imagined it would, and he was so hard his cock could bend iron. But, he wondered, was it truly for real?

Tom wasted no time entering Tammy's name, and was rewarded with an image of her body; that seemed to suggest the program was legitimate. She'd always adopted the guise of a ditzy blonde, even though Tom knew she wasn't, so it seemed appropriate to dial down Tammy's attention span and her IQ. He needed some immediate feedback, so he also increased her bust by a cup size and committed the alterations.

After blanking his screen, Tom assumed a casual mien and wandered down the hall to his sister's room. As he'd expected, Tammy was sitting on her bed, probably keeping up with her friends on Facebook.

"How's it going, sis?" he inquired.

"Huh?" Tammy looked up, and Tom could see there was something missing behind her eyes, the gaze just a little glassy. Her tits clearly were larger than they'd been an hour ago.

"Wasn't there something you were going to tell Dad?"

"Was it about you?" she asked blankly, moistening her lips. "I dunno."

He made a sudden decision. "Well, let him and Mom know I'm going to miss dinner tonight, okay?"

"Okay," Tammy replied absently, already looking at her laptop again. Tom figured he'd better leave a note.

Back in front of his own computer, Tom started typing again with just his left hand -- his right hand was engaged in stroking his raging erection. A minute later than it would have taken with two hands, an image of Kate Williams appeared on the monitor.

Tom's girlfriend was pretty good-looking, verging on "hottie," but tended to prefer chili dogs to blow jobs and worried about her reputation more than he did. Reluctantly, Tom changed hands so a few precision sweeps of the mouse could wipe away the excess weight from her waist and thighs. The result looked sweet, so he locked that in and played with the arrow keys until her libido was pretty much maxed out and her willpower was a fraction of its original level.

"Want to go out?" he texted her as soon as the progress bar disappeared.

"School night. Nothing to wear," came the response, a minute later.

Tom thought of her suddenly too-large jeans and skirts. "We can shop -- I'll buy you something. I want to see you."

Her text came back almost instantly. "I want to see you, too. OMG am I hot for you! XOXOX"

He shuddered as his balls contracted and pumped a large load of gooey spunk onto an old T-shirt kept nearby for that purpose. Tom was already thinking of what he wanted to do with Kate, and quickly typed his own name into the subject dialog.

It was an indescribable rush to feel his penis literally growing under his pistoning hand until it reached a size Tom was sure would impress Kate -- and any other girl he met. He slicked its length and girth with the remains of his first orgasm, and kept pleasuring himself as he imagined the look on Kate's face when she saw him, and the way she'd beg for his enormous tool to violate her, and the way it'd feel when he did.

Another climax followed. Tom jerked in his chair and caught his breath as the involuntary contractions of his body ejaculated more hot jism out of his raging cock. It felt great, but the head was a little sensitive afterwards and his second load didn't look very impressive compared to what he'd read about on the net.

Tom searched the auxiliary dialogs and dragged the sliders for stamina, semen production, and recovery time all the way to the ends of their bars. The result felt like he was mainlining Red Bull. The teen thought seriously about going back down the hall and nailing his sister, but that seemed gross and besides, Kate was waiting.

He realized he'd made a miscalculation when Tom pulled on his jeans and found he couldn't depress his erection enough to aim it down his leg, and it projected above the waistband when pointed upwards. Hunting in the advanced dialogs proved frustrating in the face of his impatience, and Tom finally settled for reducing his size slightly until his clothing fit comfortably; he could always fine-tune things later.

A few minutes later, with the physical evidence stashed in the back of his closet and his desktop securely locked, an eager teen departed for his planned evening of debauchery. Behind him, faintly illuminating the wall behind his desk, the activity indicator of his NIC glowed with barely a flicker, like a star on a clear desert night.

The night wasn't one Tom would forget. Kate looked better in the flesh than she had on his monitor, even wearing sweatpants with the ties pulled tight at the waist. The best part was the expression on her face when her eyes locked on the bulge in his jeans and her lips parted.

"I don't think we should be doing this," Kate told him after he pulled into an empty parking lot partway to the mall, but Tom ignored her feeble protests. She was moaning like a slut and their hands were all over each other a minute later. He pushed her head into his lap, getting no resistance, and Kate started unzipping him.

The feel of her lips and tongue on his throbbing cock had him rock-hard in seconds, not that Tom had been very soft to begin with. He forgot his enhanced length and she gagged as he entered her throat. Relenting slightly, he let Kate up a bit, thrilled to feel her tongue caressing his flesh while she moaned into his lap. He exploded into her mouth almost immediately.

Kate came up with a mouthful of cum, looking a bit wild. Her mouth had to be overflowing, and normally she spit it out, but now...

"Swallow it for me, babe," Tom urged her. "God, you look so hot!" He grabbed her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

She looked reluctant, but Tom waited, and finally he saw her throat work. Knowing his spunk was warming her belly just made his cock harder.

"That's gross!" Kate complained, but she didn't look too upset. Both of them looked down at his erection. "Tom, you are such a horndog! Aren't you ever satisfied?"

"Not until I blow a load inside you, babe," her replied, twitching just at the thought of it. "C'mon, you know you want it!"

"I don't know... I thought we were going shopping. Maybe I'll blow you again afterwards?"

An hour and a half later, they were back in the car and Kate had her cute new miniskirt pulled up around her waist. She tugged her sodden thong aside and lowered herself onto Tom's waiting organ while he watched. The smell of her arousal and the new knee-high slut boots she wore filled Tom's nostrils and he waited impatiently while she hesitated.

The swollen head of his cock rubbed against the silken folds of her virgin sex, driving him wild, but Kate still didn't commit -- was she having second thoughts? Impatient, he grabbed her trim hips and impaled her on his manhood.

"Tom!" wailed Kate, as he burst through her hymen and stretched her pussy for the first time in her life. She didn't make any move to get off.

"Admit it -- you like it," he teased, thrusting a little deeper into her. Every delicious little movement felt like he was fucking a live wire, and it was clear Kate felt it, too.

"That's not the point!" she complained. "It's our first time -- I wanted it to be special."

Tom couldn't believe it. "What the fuck, Kate! Isn't this special enough for you?" He lifted her almost completely off his rod, and then dropped her onto it again. "Fine! Get off! I'll take you home, and find some other girl." He was pretty sure that after his tinkering, she wouldn't call his bluff.

Kate looked like she might cry. "No! I'll stay!"

"Don't let me inconvenience you. If you don't want to be here, just say so."

She took the initiative for the first time, bouncing tentatively. "I want to be here, honest!"

He grinned. "Convince me, Kate. Tell me how much you want this. Make it hot."

"I love you, Tom. I want you to fuck me," she started. It sounded a bit lame, but Kate had started working herself on him again, and that didn't feel lame at all. It felt great.

She struggled to collect her thoughts. "I love the feel of your cock. It's so big, the way it fills me up makes me feel stuffed. I can't believe you fit inside me." Kate shifted slightly, bracing herself so she could pump faster. "I can't believe I'm doing this; it feels so dirty."

Tom's grin widened. "It's okay to admit you're a slut, Kate."

"I am not a slut!" she objected, bouncing up and down on his burning rod. The way her lips formed the word and hearing her speak it, really excited Tom. Together with the physical stimulation, it brought him close to orgasm.

"You're my slut," gasped Tom. He started thrusting in opposition to her, heightening the sensation and slamming hard into her each time their bodies met. "You dress like a slut. You suck like a slut. You fuck like a slut. And you're gonna cum like a slut. Slut!"

The look on Kate's face was almost comical. "Oh God." Tom lost it then, and fired wad after wad of thick spunk inside her. "Oh G-God," she cried again, feeling his rhythmic contractions, and threw back her head. She started shaking with the force of her own climax.

When she could talk again, Kate admitted, "Maybe I am a slut."

"Oh yeah," Tom sighed happily, "a fuckin' hot slut. I seem to recall somebody promised to suck me off if I bought her a new outfit, right?"

Kate didn't even bother to argue.

Tom idled through all of his classes the next day, dreaming of the fun he was going to have with Kate. His mood abruptly soured after school when he saw her in the parking lot, getting into a car with some older guy. At first he didn't even think it was her -- the hair was too long, too blonde, and she had a rack much larger than Kate's.

But he recognized the miniskirt and the boots, and caught a glimpse of her face as the car pulled away -- it was Kate, alright. What the fuck did she think she was doing?

Enraged, Tom rushed home to his computer and restarted the Master PC program. He wasted no time in pulling up Kate's profile, and was shocked to find it looked different from what he'd seen the previous day. Some bastard was messing with his girlfriend!

There were too many settings to remember all of them, but Tom reduced her breasts back to a C cup and dialed her hair back to a dirty blonde, keeping just the light highlights he liked. He amped up the "loyalty" and "monogamy" sliders, just in case, committed everything, and hit "lock configuration" just for good luck. After he had a chance to talk to Kate, maybe he'd be able to find out who had done this and fine-tune things.

As his blood pressure slowly returned to normal, Tom realized some of the throbbing in his head was the beat of heavy bass coming from his sister's room. How was he supposed to concentrate with her music blasting like that? Tom stalked down the hall and stopped, surprised, in the doorway.

Tammy's laptop sat on the dresser, positioned so the integrated webcam was pointed at the bed. His sister writhed atop the covers, totally naked, and smiled lasciviously at the camera. Tom watched, stunned, as she cupped her breasts and pulled them up so she could tongue the nipples.

There was no way her tits had been that large, even after his alterations, and her lips looked larger too, like they were made to wrap around cocks, even though her lipstick probably exaggerated the effect. Tammy looked like a total fucking slut, and she was acting like one, too!

Tom's erection throbbed uncomfortably in his pants, reminding him he'd been cheated out of his planned fuck with Kate. He wasn't into incest, and he generally thought of Tammy as an annoyance rather than an object of desire, but the girl in front of him didn't really remind him of his sister -- she reminded him he needed physical release.

He sidestepped to her dresser and closed the lid on the laptop. Tammy looked faintly annoyed, in a vapid sort of way. "Why don't you suck on this instead?" Tom asked, dropping his pants.

Tammy's eyes lighted at the sight of his expansive male organ. "Oh, please!" she squeaked, sounding like she looked. Rolling to her hands and knees, she crawled to the edge of the bed as he approached.

She was nothing like Kate. Tammy literally attacked him, licking frantically at the precum glistening on his glans before inhaling him until he entered her throat and her blowfish lips were nestled in his wiry pubes. There was no hint of a gag -- only the sensation of her agile tongue. She started stroking him in and out, varying the suction of her mouth, and a hand caressed his sack, urging her brother towards climax.

Tom didn't need much urging. He thought fleetingly she must have had more experience than he'd imagined, but then all he could concentrate on was the little death that shook him. Tammy kept her lips fastened about his jerking cock while he filled her mouth with spurt after spurt of creamy spunk.

She finally pulled back, but only so she could show him the load of glistening cream she'd collected before swallowing it. "That was so good," Tammy cooed. "I want more." She slowly licked her lips for emphasis.

He was having second thoughts, but his sister's fingers hadn't stopped caressing him, and his cock already felt ready for another go. "I can't believe you're such a fucking slut!" Tom gasped, incredulously.

"You have no idea," replied Tammy, and proceeded to prove it. She tumbled him onto the bed and began anew to worship his manhood.

This time she was more methodical, less hurried, and even more stimulating. She deep-throated Tom's cock, cleaning it thoroughly, but that was only the beginning. Tammy withdrew his spit-shined wand from her parted lips and knelt closer so she could wrap her tits around him. She took a series of slow strokes, alternating between teasing his sensitive tip with her tongue and looking up at his face.

After a few minutes of that, Tom's cock was swollen and Tammy's breasts were smeared with his pre-cum. She moved lower, taking long, slow licks on his shaft, and started focusing attention on his balls. She carefully laved his sack, and then started sucking on it, trying to get all of him in her mouth, while his trembling rod trailed droplets of dew in her hair.

She dug lower, burying her face in Tom's crotch so her tongue could strain at the rosebud of his anus while her hand slowly jacked his meat.

"You dirty bitch," Tom moaned, about to explode.

Tammy giggled and worked a finger into his ass while she continued to stroke him. He'd never once thought of his butt as an erogenous zone, but his sister apparently knew something he didn't, because it was like pulling the trigger on a gun. Tom gasped, and then the hand on his rod clamped tight like a vise; his balls churned and he spasmed, but there was no escape route for the load of sperm trapped inside him.

"Fuck!" he screamed, struggling to get free. His cock pumped sluggishly and his balls were on fire, but Tom thought he could have pushed it through a brick wall. "Shit, Tammy, that hurts!"

His sister continued to giggle. "You'll have a really big load now," she promised, wiping a sticky hand on herself. She lay back and spread herself wide. "I want it all!"

Tom was so pissed off, and so turned on, that he completely forgot his previous reservations. "You're fucking gonna get it, you fucking slut!" He buried himself in her like a knife in warm butter, slamming away at his sister with all the aroused strength in his body.

"Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!" was all that came out of Tammy's mouth as he rode her hard, watching her jugs rock back and forth on her slim body. "Fuck! Ugh! Me! Ngh! Harder!" Her eyes started fluttering and her cunt twitched spastically around Tom's weapon.

Watching her cum was just too cool, and Tom didn't have anything cutting him off this time. He blew explosively, feeling like he'd orgasmed a kidney into her honey cave, and stream after stream of his seed shot into his sister. Spent, he collapsed on top of her.

"What a fuck!" Tammy finally said, giggling again. "I'm gonna drip for hours." Her expression fell a little. "It's too bad I didn't get it on camera."

That was enough to jolt Tom back to reality. What if they got caught? What if Tammy got pregnant? His father would kill him! "Hey, I gotta go." He pulled out and almost ran to his room, heedless of the erotic sight of Tammy, glowing and leaking semen from her gash, behind him.

Tom unlocked his screen and realized he'd left the program running. "Sloppy," he softly chided himself as he closed Kate's profile and brought up Tammy's. Sure enough, somebody had been messing with her, too.

"Damnit!" he cursed, surveying the damage. Her look was kind of hot, so Tom left that alone, but her behavior was going to raise questions and then they'd all be in trouble. He dragged "Libido" way down from maximum. "Inhibitions" was actually greyed out, and Tom had to hunt for a minute to find a way to re-enable it so he could drag it up most of the way to maximum.

Satisfied, he muttered, "take that, you bastards," and hit the commit and lock buttons in rapid succession. Nobody was going to make a slut out of his sister. Just for good luck, he shut down the program, changed the password on his screensaver, and locked the desktop again.

Kate should have had enough time to get free from whatever asshole had been hitting on her. "Meet me at BK," he texted her, threw on some clothes, and left.

The LAN activity light flickered briefly behind him before resuming its near-steady glow.

Tom pulled into the parking lot at the Burger King, and saw Kate was there before him. His blood pressure started rising again when he saw she was with some other guy.

"Hey, Tom," she smiled when she saw him. Her tits didn't look any smaller than they had at school, and there was a spot of something that looked like semen at the corner of her mouth. She looked like a whore.

"What are you doing with this guy?" he asked suspiciously, looking at the stranger with her.

"Nothing, dude -- she's all yours," the guy smiled. He handed her a bill which she tucked into her purse as he strode away.

Tom started to go after him, but Kate caught him by the arm. "Hey, let him go," she told him, "He's nothing. C'mon, I'll make it up to you!"

"How?" he asked morosely, looking at her again. "By fucking me blind?"

She laughed. "No; I have to be home for dinner in a bit, and then I have a seven o'clock. But I bet I can literally blow your mind before then!"

"What the fuck, Kate? I thought I was your boyfriend!" Tom hadn't intended for her to put out for anybody except himself, and her admission was an unpleasant surprise.

"I'm still your girl, Tom," Kate protested. "It's just business."

"'Business'? How does that work?"

"You know, like in Pretty Woman. You're the only person I kiss on the lips." She demonstrated by pulling him into a tight embrace, pressing her tits against his chest, and hooking a leg around him. Their lips opened, and she invaded his mouth with her tongue; Kate tasted like sperm.

Tom ran a hand up her thigh, curious to see how far she'd let him go. "All the way" apparently was the answer, but his fingers came away wet and sticky -- it was worse than he'd thought. "You fucking whore!" he cried, holding his hand away from him like it was contaminated.

Kate looked upset for the first time. "I'm sorry, Tom. I thought you liked to see me this way. I'll clean up better for you, next time."

"Damn it! That's not the point!" Everything was going wrong. Tom stomped off towards his car, determined to put things right. He just wanted a girlfriend that would give him some action -- not this!

He pulled up in front of the house so fast the car left tire marks on the pavement, and ignored his parents' questions on his way upstairs. Tom had to stop for a moment and wipe his eyes before unlocking his PC and starting the damned Master PC program.

Tom pulled up the open dialog, but his vision blurred again for a moment, and then it seemed like he just lost control of his fingers. Instead of opening Kate's profile, he watched as he spelled out his mother's name, referenced a preset, committed it, and then repeated the process for his father. The teen wanted to scream with horror, but his mouth remained silent while his traitor fingers typed in his own name.

A solitary tear rolled down his cheek. "No, please God, no!" Tom wailed inside as the mouse pointer moved to "Commit" and the world went black.

His father's yell outside the door awakened him. "Get your ass downstairs, now!"

Tom's first muzzy thought was that it had all been a dream, except that his father wasn't usually a yeller. His second thought was that Dad had found out about Kate -- or worse, Tammy -- but his footsteps were already fading down the hall instead of bursting through the door and beating the living shit out of him. On reflection, going downstairs and not giving him an excuse to mete out any discipline seemed like a good idea.

With a sigh, Tom brushed his hair out of his eyes and rolled out of bed. He stumbled slightly as his boobs pulled him off balance, and his legs didn't seem to work quite right. He felt better a minute later, balancing on the balls of his feet to relieve the pain in his calves.

He took a moment to admire himself in the mirrored closet door. He tossed his head, letting his vividly red hair arrange itself down his back. The C-cup breasts weren't quite as big as his sister's, but they sported nipples that already stood out as if seeking attention. An hourglass waist led down to a tight butt that just begged to be grabbed or slapped, and his erection was already waking up for the day. It looked incongruous, standing up from the soft hairless flesh of his crotch, but Tom wouldn't have traded it for a cunt any day. He still had an ass, after all.

A quick look around the room confirmed there was absolutely nothing suitable to wear; he'd need to borrow something from his sister. The music was pounding through the wall again, so he knew she was in her room.

Tom tip-toed down the hall and looked in the open doorway. As expected, the laptop was sitting on the dresser, aimed at the bed. Tammy -- no, Tatiana -- was on her hands and knees, getting a royal fucking doggy-style from their mother. Tatiana let out a prolonged moan each time the strap-on bottomed out inside her dripping cunt. It was really hot how alike the two women looked; they could have been sisters, and very nearly twins.

Mom blew him a kiss when she saw him jerking off in the doorway. It would've been great to let her or his sister blow him, but some of the web viewers only got off on straight lesbian action. Besides, there was Dad to think of...

"Don't make come up there again, Svetlana!" echoed down the hall.

The name didn't sound right for some reason. He shook his head; apparently he was just too used to his sister teasing him by calling him "Slutlana." He could think about it later after he found out what his father was all bent out of shape about.

Svetlana ducked under the field of view of the webcam and looked in the open closet. The clothes were all of a kind, so it didn't take much decision-making. He pulled out a tight thong that helped to keep his erection under control, and covered it with a sparkly tank top and a tight miniskirt that just covered his ass. It was a real relief to step into the metallic fuck-me pumps and get some heel support.

She stopped at the dresser again to apply some suitably slutty-looking high gloss red lipstick and a little mascara. Svetlana ran a brush through her hair once or twice, but didn't make a big project out of it -- a lot of guys liked that "just been fucked" look.

Tatiana flashed a discreet thumbs-up and her mother smiled, so Svetlana ducked out of the room before her father could call again. She trotted down the hall, her heels clicking on the floor, and headed for the living room.

Her father was grunting and bucking against Katya's face when Svetlana entered. Her girlfriend was wearing those same high boots that always made Svetlana drip in her underwear, and the sight of her licking cum from her lips was just crazy hot. Dad would just have to wait a minute -- she walked across the room and pulled Katya into a rough embrace, trying for every drop of jism she could get.

"Enough, you two," he ordered gruffly, but Svetlana could tell he was turned on. She filed the thought away for later.

Katya pulled a wad of bills from her tiny purse and handed them to Svetlana's father. "Here's what I made so far, sir."

He riffed them quickly with a thumb and nodded. "Go on -- take care of business, eh?" He shooed the girls away with an absent wave of his hand.

"Oh, you've got to help me, Svetlana!" cried the blonde as soon as they were alone in the hall. "My parents caught me when I came home last night, and it was really bad!"

The faux redhead nodded sympathetically, thinking it unfortunate but unsurprising the church minister didn't appreciate his daughter's extreme hotness.

"They told me I was grounded for, like, forever, and they'd call the police if I didn't stop 'acting up'!" Katya aimed a sideways glance at her girlfriend. "I had to sneak out; I'm afraid they might already have missed me. Please -- I'm so scared, but Sergei said you could help me."

"Of course I'll help, Katya!" Svetlana assured her, and gave her friend a quick embrace. She didn't know a Sergei -- did she? -- but the solution was just a few steps away. The two girls scampered to Svetlana's room, which was littered with boy's clothing; a lot of her tricks just forgot to take everything with them.

Katya admired the screensaver picture, which showed Svetlana hanging on a rack, limbs pulled tight into an "X", and impaled on a large artificial cock. The photographer had captured the moment of orgasm, a white jet of spunk frozen in midair just as it had emerged from her cock.

Svetlana ignored it and unlocked the computer. A moment later, the Master PC program was running and she slid the chair back from the desk so Katya could sit in her lap. Both girls watched the screen raptly as Katya slowly entered her parents' names, hampered by her glamour-length nails, and applied "Sergei-P1" presets to both of them.

Katya heaved a sigh of relief and opened a browser window. She logged into a popular online site and displayed a calendar, typing more confidently now that she was in familiar territory.

"Your nails are so awesome," Svetlana sighed into Katya's platinum-blonde locks. They were bubble-gum pink and shone with several coats of clear gloss.

"Don't you just love them?" Katya asked, stopping and twisting so she could hold out her hands for display. "F -- U -- C -- K -- M -- E -- H -- A -- R -- D" was spelled out in white block letters on the nails. She returned her attention to the calendar, concentrating on the multiple entries listed for later that day. "Here; you'd better check your schedule, too."

The girls switched places. Svetlana stared at the screen, trying to ignore the way Katya's pink nails were stroking across her sack and up the length of her straining erection. She struggled with a mental block, fingers poised over the keyboard. A "T" came out, but that didn't seem right and she erased it. Finally she started typing her name, and the characters spilled out from her fingers without conscious thought.

Svetlana's calendar wasn't quite as full; she had an afternoon block for "web vid w/ Tatiana" and a single appointment after dinner, which lasted all evening. Curious, she double-clicked it to see the details. Katya's hand gripped Svetlana's cock and stroked it slowly while they both read. "Williams @ home. NOTE: husband+wife; NOTE: S&M; NOTE: take camera."

"I didn't know your parents were into that," Svetlana said, already excited. She loved being able to give and receive at the same time.

"Me neither," admitted Katya. "I'm almost jealous of you," she pouted.

"Don't be jealous," Svetlana chided her before standing up. She pulled down the thong, which was binding her drooling erection rather badly. "You can have my cock anytime you want it, you little slut!"

Katya's good humor was instantly restored. "It takes one to know one!" she retorted, reaching up to twist Svetlana's stiff nipples through the tank top.

"Oh yeah? Well, I bet you're more of a slut than I am!" Svetlana tugged her friend to her feet. "Last one to cum wins!"

The tussle moved to the bed and soon the girls were tangled together, connected by Svetlana's turgid organ below, agile tongues above, and roaming hands everywhere in between. "Cumslut!" shrieked Svetlana, sensing victory.

Katya gasped for breath and whispered into her friend's ear. "My dad is hung like a horse." She smiled blissfully as Svetlana convulsed, and then let herself go and savored the sensations crashing through her body.

"Who's the slut now?"

"You cheated!"

Both girls giggled and renewed their tight embrace, totally ignoring the computer sitting on the desk. After all, it was just a tool to make their lives better.

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