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"Come on, Luke! Let's go in here." Jade called out to me.

"Cruuud." I groaned, hunched over with my hands on my knees. I ran a hand through my hair and watched as Jade opened the door and walked into the old antique store. We'd been out window-shopping for nearly an hour now and I was beat. It would've been fine normally, but my legs were already dead from practice. Still, I couldn't say no to Jade, so I trudged over to the store.

"Mr. Wong's Curios." I said to no one, reading the weathered sign above me. "Whatever." I shook my head and and walked in.

It was kind of dim inside, but there was enough light to see that the whole store was filled with all kinds of old Chinese stuff. There was a really cute girl sitting behind the cash register, leaning back in a chair and reading a textbook. When she lifted her face to look at me, I saw it was Amanda from school.

"Hey!" I said, waving to her.

"Oh, hey, Luke! What are you doing here?"

"Jade dragged me in here."

"Oh, right... well, you have to do what the girlfriend says, I guess."

"I wish. We're just friends."

"Oh, really? I figured you guys were together since, y'know, you're always together..." She trailed off at the end, not sure of what to say.

"So, uh, you work here?" I asked.

"Kinda. My brother's running the store while the owner's away. I'm just helping out."

"And studying." I added, pointing to the textbook in her lap.

"Yeah." Amanda replied, smiling. "Anyways, look around. There's a lot of cool stuff in here and my brother can help you find whatever you need."

"Thanks." I turned and came face to face with some sort of blue demon with huge yellow eyes! "AHH!" I yelled, freaking out. I stumbled back and saw that the demon had a rocking body.

"Hah. You should have seen your face." Jade laughed as she pulled off the blue mask. She shook her hair back and forth after pulling the mask's string away. Jade was a year older than me, a senior, and about three inches shorter than I was. She was definitely one of the best looking girls in our school, but she didn't have that super-thin model look going. She was curvy, with dark eyes and nice lips. Her upper lip was bigger than her lower one and gave her this look that drove me wild. She usually wore a lot of eye shadow, but with her dark hair that fell just above her shoulders, it looked good on her. She was sort of a punk girl, I guess. She was always wearing a leather cuff around her wrist and one of those plastic chokers around her neck. The standard Jade look was a pair of converses with some dark jeans and a tight fitting band shirt. It was always tight fitting because of one of the main reasons I couldn't say no to Jade. She had, far and away, the best tits in the whole school. I mean, I try not to be a total, shallow douche, but they were definitely double Ds and when she wore a low cut top, the effect was... impressive.

"Yeah, yeah. Very funny." I grumbled at Jade as Amanda giggled behind me.

"Come on! Let's look around." Jade said, taking me by the hand and pulling me behind her. She set the mask back where she found it and we went traipsing around the store, looking at all the old stuff. There were necklaces, figurines, scrolls, statues, and all kinds of weird stuff. Part of the store even had different spices. Maybe they went in Chinese food recipes? Eventually, Jade started reading this old book she pulled out of a shelf and I found an empty chair to sit in. It was actually pretty cool for a chair. It was made out of old, red wood and had dragon heads for the arm rests and clawed feet for the legs- sitting in it made me pretty boss. As I sat there, I stared at Jade and wondered just how I could ever get her to see me as more than a friend.

We'd started hanging out after we wound up being lab partners in AP Chem. I was pretty good at Chem, so I was in a class with almost all seniors. At first, I'd been nervous around her, and I figured I'd have to do all the work because she probably wasn't that smart, but she actually wound up pulling her weight and we just sort of clicked. She was into a lot of music and culture type stuff and our personalities just sort of went together. She'd talk about doing crazy stuff or make jokes and I'd go along with her. So, I sat there, looking at her and wishing that I had the nerve to ask her out. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey, man. She's pretty cute." I looked up and saw a guy that I guessed was Amanda's brother. He was pretty tall and you could tell he was a nice guy. He just sort of gave off the feeling. "You really should ask her out."

"What?! No, we're just friends." Amanda's brother cocked an eyebrow as he looked at me,

"You gay, Bro?"

"WHAT?! NO!" I yelled, louder than I meant to.

"There's nothing wrong with that." He continued. "I mean, if you're not attracted to her, there's nothing wrong with it. It's just that from the way you were staring, it sure seemed like you were." I looked back at Jade. There was just something in the way she moved, even turning pages. She was beautiful.

"Come with me. I've got something you might like." He started walking towards the back of the store and I stood up and walked after him, my legs still groaning from practice.

"What? You have, like, magical Chinese stuff to help me? Like an amulet or something?" The guy laughed as he started rummaging through some old, wooden drawers.

"Not exactly. Ah, here it is!" He pulled out a white box, about the right size to hold a wristwatch, and blew the dust off the top of it, then he handed it to me. I pulled the lid off. Inside, there was a red yellow checkered tube. It was one of those Chinese finger traps.

"Uh, Dude. I don't think this is gonna help." I told Amanda's brother.

"It's a special finger trap... and it's only a buck."

"You don't have any incense or an amulet?" I asked. He looked over at Jade, then back at me.

"You don't need any of that. Give it a try." I let out a small sigh. For a dollar, I figured I could give it a shot. Then he looked over at Jade again and I followed his gaze as he squinted at her. She was still reading the same book she'd picked up five minutes ago. "...You should buy that book for her. Tell Amanda it's five dollars." After he said that, three people came into the store and the guy walked over to help them. Then he suddenly turned around and walked backwards as he called out, "And don't put your fingers in both ends."

"Why not? Will something happen?"

"I just wouldn't do it." He replied, then turned back around and walked over to a woman who'd started browsing around. I looked back at Jade, then something hit me. I stumbled to the side and caught myself on a table covered in glass figurines and vases.

"Watch where you fucking are." This kid spat at me. He had short blonde hair, piercings in his ears, and he was about my age, but not even as big as I was. He had on a leather jacket on top of a hoodie and looked like he needed an ass kicking or ten. I was sure I could've taken him, but it wasn't worth it. I shrugged it off and walked over to Jade.

"Hey, you ready to go?" I asked, taking the book out of her hand.

"Huh, yeah." She sighed. I guess she'd wanted to keep reading. I turned and headed towards the counter and Jade followed behind me. When I got to the register, I told Amanda how much her brother had said the trap and the book were and pulled out my wallet to pay her.

"What are you doing? You don't have to get that for me." Jade said as I handed Amanda a five and a one.

"I want to." I replied, smiling. Amanda put the book and the finger trap in a little brown paper bag and handed them to me with a sly wink that Jade couldn't see. I grinned nervously, then we told her we'd say her at school, then Jade and I walked outside. When the door to the store shut behind us, I blinked a few times in the brighter light, then Jade took the bag from me.

"What'd you buy?" She asked, reaching into the bag. She pulled out the white box and opened it. "A finger trap? Really?" Jade gave me an amused look.

"Whatever. It was only a dollar."

"Let's try it out." Jade stuck out her hand and I saw the red and gold tube was already stuck to her finger. "Come on." She said, almost taunting me. I looked in her eyes and she stared back at me. After a second, I looked away. It was stupid, but I put my hand out and stuck my finger into the empty end of the finger trap, mashing it in until I touched the tip of Jade's finger.

"There. Happy?" I asked, tugging on the finger trap a few times.

"Yep." Jade pushed her finger forward and I pushed my finger to meet hers, then we pulled back. The trap didn't come off. "Huh?" We tried again. The thing was stuck on tight. We tried a few more times, but without success.

"I have an idea." I said. "Hold onto that pole." Jade grabbed onto the pole behind her with her free hand. "Ready?" She nodded. I yanked my arm back as hard as I could, but instead of coming free, all I did was yank Jade into me.

"Oof!" Her head caught my chin and we fell back on the sidewalk, looking like idiots I'm sure. "Wow, this thing is really stuck on tight." Jade exclaimed, tugging on the trap and trying to wrench her hand free. By now, people on the street were starting to stare at us.

"Come on," I said as I got to my feet. "We'll figure it out in the car." I helped Jade up, then we walked over to where she'd parked. As we walked up to the car, I pulled to right, walking towards the passenger side, when my arm was yanked to the left. Duh, we were stuck. We couldn't exactly separate ourselves to climb in the car.

"Come around to my side, then you can climb into the passenger side." Jade said. She unlocked the car and opened the door. I climbed in, pulling her with me as I slid over the arm rest and into the passenger seat. It was a little tricky with only one arm for support, but I managed it. Jade climbed in on the driver's side and shut her door. I grabbed my seat belt and stuck it in, but Jade's car was pretty old, so it took a little fiddling. Once, I had it in, I looked over at Jade. She was struggling to fasten it since she was was right handed and I had pulled her right hand over to fix my seat belt.

"Here." I said, leaning over. I wrapped my hand over hers and helped to fasten her seatbelt. I looked up at her, "Better?" I asked, acutely aware of my hand lingering on hers.

"Much." Jade gave me a small smile, then I pulled back and let our hands that were connected rest between us. That didn't last long though because Jade had to put the key in the ignition which she needed her right hand for. Once she had the engine started, I thought we'd be in the clear for sure, but I forgot about changing gears. Because the trap was connected to the index finger on my left hand and Jade's index finger on her right, we kept having to contort our hands around to see if we could find a position that would work. If we were facing each other, there wasn't a problem, but side to side, it seemed impossible. There was one thing we could try though.

"Um, do you mind if I just rest my hand on yours?" I asked, looking from the gearshift to Jade.

" Go ahead." Jade replied quietly. I thought she wasn't too keen on the idea, but oh well. The trap was just long enough and flexible enough for me to twist my hand around and lay it on top of hers as she held the gear shift. The back of my hand rested on hers, almost like I was holding my hand out for something. It was a little awkward, but she could drive.

After we pulled out of the parking lot, Jade took the highway out to my house. My family's house isn't exactly in the country, but the fastest way is still to use the highway. As were driving, we started making jokes about the finger trap.

"Geez, cops could use these things as handcuffs!" Jade joked.

"Definitely. You know, for a dollar, this is a pretty well made trap." I replied.

"Yeah, but if we don't get free, eventually, my nail will stab your finger."

"Ow. True. Hopefully, it won't come to that. I'd hate to be stuck forever."

"You would?" Jade said, glancing at me before turning her eyes back to the road. "I don't think I'd mind."

"What? Being stuck with me?"

"...I mean, if I had to be stuck with someone..." Jade trailed off. "Hey, would you put the windows down? I don't have a free hand."

"Sure." I replied and searched for the button, then I remembered Jade's car didn't have one. It used those old-school roller handles. I rolled down my window and let the breeze blow in. To roll Jade's down though...

"Mine too." Jade said. I looked at her and she gave me a quick glance, then looked back at the road. I took a breath, then leaned over our arms, across Jade, bringing my head dangerously close to her chest, and finally, I reached the handle with my right hand. I almost had to wrench the damn thing off the door to turn it, but I managed it. After the window was down, I realized I'd been pressing my head against Jade's chest. I could feel her bra rubbing my cheek through her shirt. I pulled back and glanced at her sheepishly.

"S-sorry." I said nervously, feeling myself blush.

"It's okay." Jade replied, her eyes on the road, but she was totally blushing too! When Jade blushed, her whole face turned pink and she was definitely blushing. After that, we were quiet for a few minutes and I watched everything pass as got closer to my house. Finally, Jade pulled off the highway onto the gravel path that led down to my house. Like I said, my family's not in the country, but we have a few acres, so it's outside of the main municipality. As we drove up to the house, I saw my Dad's truck and my Mom's SUV were both gone. Jade pulled around to the side of the house and parked. Ordinarily, I would've just crawled out and said I'd see her at school, but today... I couldn't leave her.

"Um, heheh-" I gave a nervous laugh. "Sorry. I guess you're stuck with me for a little longer."

"I don't mind. But, um, do you mind if I move? It's kind of hard to stay at this angle."

"Uh, sure, go ahead." Jade scooted out from under the steering wheel and started crawling over to me. She tried sitting down on my knees, which made me almost lose my mind, but there just wasn't enough room. I found the back adjuster on the side of the chair and put the seat back as far as it would go, but there still wasn't much room Jade to sit.

"Here." Jade sat down sideways on my knee, then reached down between my legs as I spread my knees apart. Having her on top of me, her arm between my legs- it almost too much to handle, but I tried to keep cool. Suddenly, I felt my seat slight back and my head rolled back and bounced off the headrest, then Jade fell on top of me. "Sorry." She groaned. "I forget how old that thing is."

It felt so good to have Jade's body on mine. Her face was just a few inches away. "I don't mind." I said, repeating her words. I looked into her eyes and she looked up at me. It was now or never. I bent my head down and closed my eyes, then I brought my lips to hers and kissed her. I heard her inhale suddenly, then she pulled back.

"W-what are you doing?" She asked as I opened my eyes, freaked out that I may have just ruined our friendship.

"Uh-um, I'm sorry. I just, uh," Crap. This was no time to freeze up. I'd already kissed her! If I was ever going to tell her, it had to be now. "It's just.... I like you. A lot." Our eyes were locked together. I couldn't look away for even a moment.

"Really?" Jade whispered. I brought my lips down to her again and pressed my lips against hers, that incredible upper lip resting on top of mine. For a minute, we didn't move, then I turned my head and pressed my lips against hers again, moving my mouth. Jade responded by moving her lips against me. She was kissing me back! As our lips needed together, I wrapped my free arm around her and let my hand caress her back. I felt Jade take my other hand in her, the paper of the trap rubbing against itself as her fingers locked together.

I opened my mouth and brushed my lip over Jade's upper lip, still in disbelief that I was kissing such a perfect, voluptuous mouth. To my surprise, when I opened my mouth, I felt Jade's tongue slip into my mouth.

"Mmm." I pressed my body against her and kissed her back, our tongues wrestling. I felt Jade's other hand on my shoulder suddenly, then she started kneading the muscle beneath my shirt and moaning as we kissed. I could myself getting hard, Jade's body pressing down on my growing erection. I inched my hand down her back until I was at her waist. I thumbed the hem of her shirt, hinting at what I wanted.

"Can I?" I asked, pulling my lips away from hers. Jade nodded, then kissed me again, harder than before. She brought both of her hands up to my face and cupped my cheeks, pressing me into her lips. It was so passionate, unlike anything I'd done before. While she kissed me, I slipped my hand under her shirt and ran my fingers along her smooth, flawless skin, marveling at just how soft it was. As my right hand caressed her back, I pulled Jade's left hand away from my face and locked my fingers with hers. With our hands intertwined, it was almost like the trap wasn't even there.

I was rock hard by now and Jade's weight pressing against my cock felt incredible. I needed more though. It was time. I brought my hand around the front and lifted it up until I felt the smooth fabric of Jade's bra cupping her chest. I pressed forward slightly, just my finger tips, and waited for any sign of disapproval from Jade. When she didn't give any, I cupped her breast in my hand. It was so big I could barely fit it in my hand.

"Luuuke." Jade moaned. "Take off my shirt." Right then, two things went through my head. The first was how much I wanted to take off Jade' shirt. The second was how very much I didn't want my parents to drive up and see us.

"Let's pull around some more. That way if my parents drive up, they won't see us, but we'll hear them coming." Jade looked like she really did not want to take the time to do that, but she nodded.

"First though, let's get rid of this." I said, looking Jade in the eye.

"Good idea." She smirked back at me, then lifted her arms up. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and hoisted it over her head . When it was all the way off, I stopped and stared for a moment. "Oh my god... you are so hot." I said, awestruck. Her waist was surprisingly narrow and curved up from her black jeans all the way to the bottom of her blue push-up bra. Her tits were practically gushing out of her bra. With her bare shoulders and chest and more skin than I ever dream of seeing, Jade was easily the most gorgeous woman I'd ever seen, in real life or otherwise. Maybe she wouldn't have been that beautiful to everyone, but to me, she was perfect- incredible.

"You like?" Jade asked, pushing her arms into either side of her chest, squeezing her books together. God, it looked like they were overflowing out of her bra...

"You're unbelievable...." I said in awe. She smiled and crawled off to get in the driver's seat. I didn't even consider letting such a beautiful woman sit next to me. I crawled into the seat on top of her.

"What're you doing, Luke?" Jade asked, biting her lip playfully.

"This." I bent my head down and kissed her right breast, letting my lips cover every inch of the top with kisses, then I let my tongue slide out lick her.

"Unh. Luke..." Jade started to say something, but I cut her off.

"Drive." I said firmly, then I sucked down on her breast, taking the soft flesh in my mouth, leaving Jade squirming under me as she used our connected hand to crank the engine. As she drove, I flipped down the lip of her bra then brought my lips down to her perfect, rock hard nipple.

"Hunh!" Jade yelled as I sucked on her, flicking her nipple with my tongue, then running it all over her areola. Suddenly, Jade slammed on the brakes, pulled the key out of the ignition, and used our connected hand to send the seat careening backward, almost wrenching my arm off in the process. Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. The next thing I knew, I was looking at the most amazing pair of tits I'd ever seen in my life. . She had large, circular areolas and her nipples jutted out, telling me just how aroused she was. Looking up, Jade's usually calm, dark brown eyes were filled with something I'd never seen before. There so much passion in them it was unbelievable.

"Luke, are you fine with having sex?"


"I said, do you want to fuck? Right now. With me." She repeated forcefully. She sounded so different, I wasn't sure if I should say yes, but in the end I nodded.

"Jade, I want to have sex with you more than anything in the world."

"Thank you, God!" Jade yelled, then she practically attacked me. Her lips latched onto my neck, sucking down on me and leaving me groaning with pleasure. She only paused long enough for me to lift up my arms so she could pull off my shirt as well. In seconds, I'd pressed her against the seat, almost suffocating her as we made out, driving our tongues deep into each other mouths. Her lips felt so wet and soft against mine, I didn't ever want to stop kissing her. At the same time, my hands squeezed her enormous tits while Jade latched onto my body, dragging her nails across my skin. Jade folded the hand that was connected to mine over my fingers, guiding me in fondling her chest. We broke apart from kissing for a moment to catch our breath and I looked down, I could see my fingers pressed into her boobs, the supple flesh bubbling up between them, It was so sexy and I didn't want it to have happened with anyone else.

"Should we keep going?" I asked, suddenly nervous.

"Is something wrong?" Jade asked, looking up at me.

"It's just... I've never gone all the way with someone before. ...This is my first time."

"... me too." Jade whispered, looking at floor of the car.

"What?! But you're a senior... and Johnny Morrison said-" Crap. I shouldn't have even brought that up. THe expression on Jade's face turned angry, then she glared at me.

"Did Johnny also say that he's a fucking tool? Or that we did it one time and it lasted like thirty seconds." Suddenly, the anger drained out of her face and she just looked depressed. "I'm sorry, Luke... I guess... I guess it's not my first time. But what I did with Johnny was a year and a half ago and it was as close to nothing as it could be. I, uh, didn't really do anything, so I don't know how any of it works anymore than you do."

"So, what you're saying..." I said, recovering my confidence. "Is you'd really like a redo?" Before she could reply, I planted a gentle kiss on Jade's lips, then I reached down with my free hand and my trapped one and undid her jeans. Jade lifted her hips up and with some wiggling, I pulled them down to her ankles and she kicked them off after doing the same to her shoes. Finally seeing all of her, it was breathtaking, then I saw it- a smallish birthmark just above her panty line. Jade clapped a hand over the mark and gave me an embarrassed look.

"I hate it." She whined. I just slid down to the floorboards and pried Jade's hand away, then I kissed it and run my tongue over her body. "Ohhh, Luke..." I kept licking lower as I hooked my fingers under her panties. She lifted her hips and I pulled them off. Seeing a bare pussy for the first time, it took me a minute to really drink it in. It was different in person, but it was a part of Jade and that made it beautiful. Tentatively, I bent down and ran my tongue along the top of her slit. "Ohhh." Jade moaned again.

"Mmm. I kind of like the taste." Then I dipped my head down again and slid my tongue further along her pussy, really tasting her. At the same time, I reached up with my free hand and kept fondling her tit, trying to make Jade feel as good as possible. Weirdly, I felt my other hand going downwards. I glanced to my left and saw Jade take my hand and place it on her pussy. Knowing what she wanted, I ran my fingers along her pussy, enjoying the weird, wet sensation. It was slimy, but in the best way possible. Jade seemed to like me touching her, so I kept running the tip of my middle and ring finger along her since my index finger was still trapped. I started licking the top of her slit again and rolled and pinched her nipple with my other hand. I rubbed harder and harder on her slit, just going up and down, when all of a sudden, i went lower than before and I felt my fingers start to push inside of her.

"Oh my god..." I said, stopping. I'd never been inside someone before.

"Unh." Jade whined, grinding her hips on the seat, pushing her pussy forward. Slowly, her pussy enveloped my fingers and I pushed them forward until they were as far into her as possible. "Oh, Luke... that feels so good. I can't wait anymore. I need you... I need you to make love to me." Jade sat up and I pulled out of her. She undid my jeans and pulled them down legs. I bent down and pulled off my shoes, then kicked my jeans onto the floor as well. Suddenly, I found myself about to be naked with the girl of my dreams. "Are you ready?" Jade asked, looking up at me. I looked down at her brown eyes and nodded as she grabbed my waistband and pulled it down, exposing my rock hard cock.

"Mmm." She hummed, suddenly pushing my cock past her perfect, pink lips and into her mouth.

"Jaaade." I moaned as she bobbed up and down on my cock, coating me with her saliva. I felt my boxers reach my ankles and I somehow managed to step out of them as knees felt ready to buckle. Jade pulled back until only my head was in her mouth, then she swirled her tongue around it as she jerked me off with her free hand. It felt amazing. As she pumped up and down my shaft, she twisted her hand around. It didn't feel like anything I'd experienced before. I guess it's true what they say, 'It's all in the wrist.'

Jade pulled off me completely, but left a trail of drool connecting my cock to her lips that I found incredibly sexy. Now that she was dripping wet and so was I, it was time. I felt myself shaking. I was nervous and excited and scared all at once.

"Hey, you're okay. You've got this." Jade said, wrapping her fingers around my wrist. Her eyes were fixed on mine and I'll never forget the way they looked as she pulled my towards her, her body ready for me, her breasts heaving. I felt her hand wrap around my cock again as my body inched closer and closer to hers.

"Put the chair back." Jade told me. I reached over with my free hand and found the handle, then I pulled it and the back of the driver seat went back as far it could. I leaned over Jade and planted my hands on either side of her, just above her shoulders. I felt her guide my cock forward, then I felt something wet and hot and I knew I was at her entrance.

"Hey," I said, looking into Jade's eyes.


"I'm really glad I'm doing this with you." Jade bit her lip again and smiled. "Are you ready?" She nodded. I pushed my hips forward and felt my cock start to be engulfed by a hot, tight, wetness. I kept pushing forward until I felt our bodies bump together. I was inside Jade.

"Ohhh." We moaned together. I locked our trapped hands together, pressing Jade's hand against the seat, then I started moving. "Ohhh!" We moaned again. I looked down as I moved my cock in and out of Jade's pussy. It was so sexy to watch and it felt incredible, better than jerking off, better than any blowjob. I started moving faster, thrusting into Jade and making her enormous tits bounce every time I pushed back into her. I wanted her to feel even better, so I focused on making my thrusts hard and forceful, sending waves of pleasure through her every time we came together. I brought my lips down to her tit and started sucking on her nipple and I kept thrusting.

"Oh, Luke! That feels so good! Keep going!" Hearing her say my name made me start thrusting faster and I switched breasts and started sucking on her left one. Then I grabbed onto her right one with my free hand and started playing with her nipple. At the same time, I stopped pulling out of her and kept my cock pressed into her pussy, then I started grinding my body against hers, rubbing her clit. "Ohh... ohhh.." Jade started moaning and I suddenly realized I was moaning with her. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" Jade ordered me. I pulled out of her, then I slammed my cock into her pussy.

"Ahh!" It felt so good. I kept slamming my cock into her, losing myself in the sensation of diving into her warm, wet pussy as Jade moaned under me. I felt her hand grab my wrist and bring my hand back up to her tit, I started fondling it again and Jade used her hand to rub her clit as I kept fucking her as hard as I could.

"Keep going! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm so close-" Jade moaned.

"Unh! Jade I'm getting close too..." I said.

"It's okay. Cum inside!"


"I'm on the pill... just dooon't... oh, god! CUMMING!" I felt her pussy tense up around my cock and Jade's back arched off the seat. I kept pounding her as hard and fast as I could, trying to make her orgasm last. Then I felt it, my balls started tingling and cock pulsed inside of her.

"Jade, I'm cumming too!"

"Yes, cum inside me!" I pounded into her again, the buried my cock in her pussy and felt my cum shoot into her, coating her vagina. "AAAAAH!" I yelled as Jade kept cumming under me, her pussy milking every drop of cum out of me. When we finally stopped cumming, I collapsed on top of Jade and for a few minutes, we just lay there, enjoying the feeling of our sweaty bodies pressed together, breathing heavily.

"Better than Johnny Morrison?" I asked with smirk.

"Mmmm. Fuck Johnny Morrison." Jade hummed in pleasure.

"Uh-uh. Fuck me... just you and me."

"Mm, okay." Jade said, pretending to think it over for a second. ", thank you for that, Luke. That's what I wanted my first time to be like."

"I just can't believe we're doing this. I thought you just wanted to be friends."

"I thought you just wanted to be friends. I mean, we hung out sooo many times and you never made a move and when I'd wear those low-cut shirts, you wouldn't even look."

"Oh, I looked. Trust me. I'm just really glad I bought that finger trap... hey! Where's the trap?" I sat up and looked at my hand. The trap was gone and my finger was free. I looked at Jade's finger, but hers was free too. Jade moved her head around then pointed to the passenger seat.

"There it is. I guess we just had to cum together." She said with a smirk. I smirked back then looked down at the beautiful woman under me. Looking at her curvy body, with her perfect, double D tits, pouty lips, and gorgeous eyes, I felt myself starting to get hard inside her.

"Mmm. Ready to go again?" Jade asked in a throaty voice. "I wanna try being on top this time."

"Fine by me." I said enthusiastically. I had no problem with that. I had to pull out of her so we could move, but with both of my hands free, it was much easier to maneuver around and within a few seconds, Jade was sitting on my rock hard cock, her pussy pressing it down against me. Jade lifted herself up, then she reached down and angled my cock up at her pussy. Slowly, she sank down and I felt my cock engulfed by that now familiar burning embrace.

"Unh... fuck, Jade." I groaned as I felt her come down on me, taking all of my cock inside her. Once she was used to the feeling, Jade started moving, grinding her hips against me with a wave like motion that was unbelievably sexy to watch. Porn had nothing on actually having a beautiful woman on top of you, making love to you. I reached up and cupped her tits in my hand, squeezing them as she rode me.

"That feels good, Luke." She said, picking up speed. Seeing how into it she was getting, I let my hands flow down her chest, along her waist, until I was grabbing her hips. As Jade kept grinding against me, I helped guide her, moving her body faster and faster.

"UNnnh!" Jade moaned loudly, her body convulsing on top of me for a few seconds.

"Did you just cum?" I asked.

"Y-yeah. A little." She panted, glistening with sweat.

"Where'd you learn how to do that?" I asked.

"The book you bought me." Jade said, managing to smile as she caught her breath.

"I bought you a how-to sex book?"

"Maybe..." Jade replied cutely, looking off to the side with a slightly embarrassed expression.

"I thought you seemed really into that book. Do you wanna keep going?" I asked. She looked exhausted, but she nodded down at me. "Lean forward, put your hands on my chest." She nodded again and did as she was told. Her tits were so close that I could reach my head forward to suck on her nipples, which is exactly what I did as I started thrusting into Jade, using my hands to lift her up and then slam her down on my cock again.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me, Luke!" Jade yelled, throwing her head back as I pounded her pussy, making her tits jiggle in front of me. Hearing her scream like that, I sat up and bit down on her neck, sucking on her.

"Unh!" She cried out as I kept burying my shaft in her. Jade started moving her hips again and I kept thrusting into her, our bodies were in time, every movement felt perfect. "Luke... i-it f-feels so good." Jade lips were numb with pleasure, she could barely even speak.

"Then take it! Take it, Jade!" I yelled out, then I started pounding into Jade so fast, my cock was blur

"Yes! Yes! YES!" Jade screamed back at me. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

"Jade, I wanna cum in you again!"

"Do it! Fuck me till you cum!" That was all the permission I needed. I grabbed Jade by the shoulders and threw her onto the seat again, twisting us around. Then I ravaged her body, her tits, her lips, I shoved my tongue into her mouth and through it all, I kept thrusting into her perfect pussy.

"Fuck, Jade! I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too! Let's c-c...cum together!" Then Jade threw her head back and her back arched so far off the seat I had to lean back just to give her room.

"AAAANH!" I bellowed out as my cock exploded inside her pussy drenching her in cum again. Every pulse felt so good I never wanted it to stop.

"Keep going! Keep going!" Jade moaned under me. I kept thrusting and cumming until finally I had to collapse on top of her again. "Baby, baby..." Jade whimpered under me as we tried to catch our breaths, our bodies totally spent. "Was it good for you?"

"That was the best feeling I've had in my life." I replied breathlessly. "Thank, God for that trap." We laid there for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling of being together, touching the person we loved...

"Wait." I said, sitting up as much as I could.

"What is it?" Jade asked, frowning a little.

"There's something I need to tell you."


"If you're not ready... um, it's alright. It's just I really want to..."

"Luke, if you want to have anal... I'll try, but let's wait for another day. I'm totally exhausted." I almost laughed at that, but I wanted the moment to be serious.

"No. Not that. I wanted to tell you... I love you, Jade." She inhaled suddenly. I looked down and saw her eyes were watering a little.



"I love you too, Luke." Jade blinked a few times as she looked out the window. "I have something to tell you too."

"What?" I asked sweetly, laying my hand on her cheek.

"We have an audience." I followed her gaze up to the second floor of my house. My idiot, twelve year old brother was dancing like a maniac in the window. When he saw me looking at him, he started making kissy face and other, more lewd gestures. I raised my hand up and sent him a gesture of my own. His face contorted into an angry frown and he mouthed what I knew was, "I'm telling!!" But I simply did not care. I turned back to Jade and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Finally, we broke apart and stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"We should get dressed."


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