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Fuck everything. Seriously. Fuck school and all the pieces of shit in school. All day, I'd put up with their shit and now I didn't even have any money since that tool Andre and his crew took it. My mouth still stung when I moved it. That punk ass Andre had hit me while his boys had held my arms, then he'd taken all the money I had on me except for the change in my pocket. Whatever. I'd just have to sell something. I looked at the stores as I walked by them, but they were all chains and shit, with cameras and those anti-theft things up front. I needed something low key. Then I saw it, "Mr. Wong's Curios." Looked like an old antique store, definitely not a chain and if their sign looked like crap, I was betting they didn't have any cameras inside either.

A couple was heading into the store, so I walked inside behind them. Inside the store, it was all dark and full of old stuff. Some of it had to be valuable. The place smelled like spices or something. I looked around, scoping the place out. There a girl behind the cash register. She was fucking fine and she was reading, so it'd be easy to slip by her. The guy who was probably in charge was helping the couple that had walked in ahead of me and then there was another guy and girl in back. I thought I recognized them from school, but I didn't really give a fuck. I only knew the girl cuz she had the biggest tits in school. Alright, I could do this.

I started looking around for anything that might be worth selling. C-ray would usually buy anything if he thought he could pawn it off on someone else for a profit, so I just had to find something he wanted. It had to be small enough that I could fit in my jacket or pockets and I didn't want them noticing it was gone. You had to balance how expensive it was with how noticeable it would be if it was stolen. Jewelry was perfect, but the store almost always noticed it was gone as soon as you pulled it off the shelf. There were little glass figurines and china and vases, but none of that was good to me. There was all kinds of shit in there, but I couldn't take any of it. The masks were probably worth something, but they were way too big to lift without getting caught. The jewelry they did have was under a glass case and locked up. The store looked like it went pretty far back, so I started heading back there, trying to scout the shelves for anything that might be valuable.

Then this tool jock, the one from my school, ran into me. "Watch where you fucking are." I spat at him. The way he looked at me, you could see he was thinking about fucking me up, but I could take a piece of shit jock any day. Those guys think they're the shit, but they puss out quick without all their boys around them. I stepped past him and started looking around the back. There were a bunch of shelves with all kinds of crap on them, but everything was coated in dust. You couldn't even tell what half of it was.

I saw this weird statue thing and for some reason, it just looked cool, so I blew the dust off it. "Khaheh!" I coughed as the dust kicked up in my face. When it cleared, I looked at the thing and saw it was a hand, kinda like, clawing upwards and on the hand was a ring! I looked to my right real quick and made sure no one was looking, then I rubbed the rest of the dust off the ring.

"Damn..." I whispered. It had to be solid gold. It looked like a dragon going around the band, with the head and tail curved around to hold the jewel. The stone was green. I didn't know much about stones, but it could've been an emerald. If it was, it wasn't small. I might've just solved all my problems. I glanced around again. No one was looking. I pulled the ring off the hand, then dropped the ring in one of my jacket pockets. I rubbed my hands on my jeans, brushed the dust off them, then I headed for the exit. When I was about twenty feet away from the exit, the guy in charge walked up to me.

"You need help finding anything?" He asked, giving me this weird look, like he knew what I was thinking.

"Nah." I said, getting angry. I pushed past him and threw the door open. I walked down the block quickly, but not so fast that if they looked after me, they'd think I was running. Once I was past the block, I took off for the bus station. I caught the bus and took it down to my part of the city... the shitty part. As soon as I stepped off the bus, my eyes went on patrol, checking every corner for anyone who might wanna hassle me. It was always a problem, but right that second, I couldn't afford to get messed with. I had to get this wrong off me and get the money. I headed for the alley where C-ray usually hangs. I saw him sitting on the steps, smoking a spliff or a half-spliff half-cig. He had a pile of stuff with him like always.

"S'up, C-ray." I said, nodding at him.

"Whatchu want, Mike?" He said, giving me a suspicious look.

"Got something for you." I said. I walked up to him and pulled out the ring.

"Shit, man. I aint need no ring. I got twenty of them already."

"Check it." I said, holding the ring out for him to see. "It's got to be real gold, maybe even an emerald for the stone.

"Boy, I know you didn't get no solid gold, emerald ring. That shit's as fake as yo momma's titties. Now get up outta here before I bust a cap in you."

"It's fucking real!" I yelled at him.

"You best check yo tone." He said, pulling his gun out and pointing it at me. "I'll give you five bucks for it."

"Five?! It's worth at least five hundred."

"Ten. Take it or leave it."

"Leave it. Whatever, C-Ray. See if I bring you shit from now on." I turned and jerked my shoulders around, pulling my jacket over me. Looking at the ring, I decided if I couldn't sell it, at least I could wear it. I put in on my finger, then I shoved my hands in my jacket and headed for home. When I was almost to the door to the building, Keira called out to me.

"Hey, Mike!" She lived a couple floors below us and she was cute, with big lips and a nice ass, but I was too pissed off to pay attention to her.

"Hey." I grunted and walked into our building. I started climbing the stairs up to the sixth floor, thinking I was finally good when I heard that damn voice.

"Michael!" It was Mrs. Li, the landlord's wife. I looked up and saw her coming down the stairs at me. Mr. Li's so fucking old he can barely move, so Mrs. Li runs everything and she's like fifty years younger than him. You can tell she thinks she's real hot shit too, cuz she always wears these tight ass short-shorts and too much make up, then if she catches you looking at her, she screams at you.

"When your mother going to pay rent?" She yelled at me from a few steps above me.

"I don't know! Ask her!" I yelled back, pushing past her. Just as I stepped past her, she grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

"If she doesn't pay soon, I'll kick you out! You want to be on the street?!" I was a step above her and she had on this fuckin' low cut top, so I could see down her shirt. She had on three necklaces and they dropped down between her cleavage. "Hey, where you fucking looking?!" She yelled as I glanced back up. Damn it. I could even feel myself getting hard. God, it felt like my cock was about to pop about of my jeans.

"What's that smell?" I asked suddenly. It was musky and really strong. Then I realized this was my chance. "Why don't you fucking fix the ventilation before you come asking for rent?" I yelled at Mrs. Li. I looked down and saw there was a spot on her shorts.

"What the hell?" I thought to myself. Had she spilled something on herself? I didn't see it when she was coming down. Wait- was she getting fucking wet? Seeing where I was looking, Mrs. Li suddenly turned around and stomped down the stairs.

"Tell your Mom pay soon!" She yelled after me.

"Yeah, yeah. Fucking bitch." I said as I walked up to our apartment. I pulled out my key and unlocked the door, then I closed the door behind me.

"BAM!" The door slammed shut.

"Don't fucking slam the door!" My mom yelled from the bedroom. Damn. I just thought I'd shut it. I guess I was angrier than I thought. My Mom stomped into the living room in just her night robe, showing me more of her boobs than I wanted to see.

"Geez, put on some clothes." I said, raising my hand to cover her body.

"Jerry's sleeping. Don't wake him up!" Mom hissed at me. God damn Jerry. He was the latest guy she was "seeing" which in Mom's language meant letting him sleep in our place and in her. The guys she saw were all dead beats. None of them lasted longer than a few months. They got tired of Mom and left and then she blamed it on me.

"Whatever." I said. "I'm going to my room." I walked past her and shut the door to my room. I was horny from seeing Mrs. Li, so I pulled off my clothes, laid down on my bed, and started jerking it. I pictured Mrs. Li going down on me, sucking my cock with her top off, her lips wrapped around my shaft. Before I could get that into it though, that musky smell came back.

"Damn, that's strong." I said, waving a hand in front of my nose. It didn't help at all. Then I noticed I was still wearing the ring, so I pulled it off and set it on my nightstand by my bed. Trying to ignore the smell, I went back to jerking off. I pictured Mrs. Li's hand pumping up and down my cock, her long, fake nails going up and down my shaft as her lipstick red mouth bobbed up and down my shaft.

"Oh, Michael, you so big." The imaginary Mrs. Li moaned as I grunted. Then I grabbed her by her hair and shoved her back down on my cock, forcing her to take it all in her mouth. By the time I came, spilling my cum all over my stomach, the smell was pretty much gone. I grabbed the toilet paper roll from my night stand and cleaned myself off, then I chucked the cumwads into the trash bin by my desk. After that, I got up and tried to do some homework, but none of it made any fuckin' sense, so I gave it up after a while. I just lay on my bed for a while after that, listening to music and turning the ring over in my hands. There was something about the shades of green in the stone when you held it up to the light that made me keep staring at it. Finally, I slipped it back on my finger looked at it some more. I must've passed out after that because I started having the weirdest dream.

I could hear someone going down the stairs. From the click of the heels on the concrete, I knew it was Mrs. Li. Thinking about her got me aroused and for some reason, I walked out of the apartment and heard her coming up, then I smelled that musky odor again. I shut the apartment door behind me and the smell filled up the stairs until it was almost choking me. I could feel my cock getting hard. I was so horny it started twitching. That's when I realized I was naked, but it was a dream, so that was normal. What wasn't normal was how big my cock was- it had to be twelve inches! I was so horny, I knew I had to fuck Mrs. Li, so I started heading down the stairs. As I went down, I felt strong, so fucking powerful, it was incredible.

For some reason, I decided to go down on all fours and crawl down the stairs. It was quieter that way and I didn't want to scare my prey away. It was actually pretty easy walking on all fours and as I snaked my way downstairs, I could smell the musky odor and also something else... someone else.

There she was. It was Mrs. Li. She looked back and saw me, her eyes wide with terror, then she flew down the rest of the steps to the basement and I followed her down. When I was finally down there, my dick throbbing with excitement. Mrs. Li had pressed herself against the corner of the basement, trying to hide in the shadows between the mop and the boxes of light-bulbs, but I could see her shorts were completely soaked.

"Come here." I told her and my voice came out low and growling, like it was rumbling. Mrs. Li was still shaking against the wall, so I repeated myself, louder. "Come here. Now." The sound of my voice must have shocked her into listening because she wised up and walked over to me, her whole body trembling. God,l I wanted to fuck her. I lifted my head and somehow found that I was level with her head even though I was still on all fours. I stuck out my tongue and it reached out, way out, until I could see it snaking to her skin. When I touched her body, I could taste how afraid she was... and how horny. I wrapped my tongue around her throat, then retracted it and pressed it into her lips. She tried twisting her head away, but I growled and she quit. I slid my tongue into her mouth, through her lips, and felt her tongue inside her mouth, then I pulled my tongue back into my mouth.

"Get down on all fours." Slowly, Mrs. Li sank down onto her knees, then she turned around, presenting her ass to me, her shorts hugging it perfectly. I reached out to touch her, but saw my hand looked nothing like my hand! Instead of skin and five fingers, I had five clawed digits covered in white scales the same color as the bricks of the walls. I looked at the claw for a second, then I reached out and hooked the top of her shorts, then pulled down hard, tearing them in half and shredding her panties. I must've pressed down too hard because Mrs. Li let out a small whimper of pain and I saw a small red scratch appear. It was shallow though, so she'd be fine. Meanwhile, Her glistening, wet pussy was finally in front of me and I could smell it all the way from where I was standing. Moving forward, I felt my body pump into the railing from the stairs. But I was all the way over here...

I looked back and almost freaked out, trailing behind my was the body of an enormous white lizard! I had four muscular legs, each with clawed toes, and a winding, serpentine body, almost like a cobra except that it ended in this spiky, frilly thing at the end, and this main of hairy- feathery tufts was growing down my back, to in between the shoulder of my front legs. I ran my massive tongue over my teeth- they were all razor sharp. Long body, scales, clawed legs, a tail, and fangs... I was a dragon!

I turned back to Mrs. Li and saw her pussy was still waiting for me. I padded towards her, my claws scraping lightly on the floor.

"No..." Mrs. Li whimpered looking back at me. Her eyes fixated on my massive, fifteen inch cock that was as big around as a water bottle. I was going to shave into her glistening wet pussy. "It too big!" Mrs. Li exclaimed as I walked over her, planting my forelegs on either side of her body and arching my long neck to look down at her. No matter how much she tried to resist, I could smell how horny she was, how much she wanted my monstrous cock in her. With my clawed hands, I could exactly put myself in, so I growled down at Mrs. Li.

"Put me in." Accepting the inevitable, she reached back with one hand and wrapped her hand around my cock. I howled with pleasure and was surprised how loud my voice was. I felt her move my cock and angle it, then I pressed forward and felt the tip of my head touch her wet entrance.

"Ohhh..." Mrs. Li moaned. I couldn't wait another second, I shoved my hips forward and buried the first four inches of my cock inside her.

"AHHH!" We both screamed. It felt so good and I knew I was stretching Mrs. Li to the breaking point. I looked down and back at where I'd entered her and saw my cock going into her pussy, her lips spread tight around its massive girth. Then I noticed something I hadn't realized before, there were tiny hooks on my cock! They were almost tool small to see, but they were there. I remembered that I'd seen something on Animal Planet about chimps and cats and shit having barbs on their cocks. Apparently it made the females fertile and made them cum harder.

Once Mrs. Li was more used to my cock, I pulled out an inch or so and she practically woke up the whole building she screamed so loud, then I thrust into her again and buried almost half of my cock in her this time. Mrs. Li's arms gave out from under her, but she kept her in the air, ripe for me to fuck. Rearing back, I latched onto her hips with my claws and pulled my cock out of her again, then I started thrusting regularly, taking out and inch or two and then shoving it back in. She was screaming with every thrust and her pussy was so tight, it felt like she was squeezing the cum out of me. I knew I was going to blow my load soon.

I was so horny and out of control, I pushed in deeper and buried almost a foot of my cock in her.

"AAAAAAAHHH!" Mrs. Li screamed out. I pulled out and when I thrust in again, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, spasming like crazy. She threw her head back and started moaning things in Chinese. It was too much for me to handle, I thrust into her as fast and hard as I could and in a few seconds, I felt my balls twitch and my head swelling up inside Mrs. Li. I slammed my dick into her and started cumming.

"ROOOOAAAAAHH!" I bellowed, keeping my jaw clamped shut to muffle the noise. I could feel my cock pulsing, blasting her insides with cum. I'd cum before, but never like this, every shot of cum felt as good as an entire orgasm and my vision was practically swimming. It kept going and going, towo, three, four times as long any orgasm I'd had. When I finally finished nutting, I pulled out of Mrs. Li and looked down at her. Cum was pouring out of her pussy onto the floor.

I didn't even need to wait. My cock was still hard and the sight of my cum in Mrs. Li's pussy had me ready to fuck her again. I pushed my cock back into her used pussy and started fucking her again. With the added lubrication from me cum, I managed to fuck her with nearly nine inches of my cock. As I fucked, she moaned and screamed and every few minutes, I felt her pussy tighten around me as she came. I wanted more though, I reached out with one of my clawed feet and let it come down on her head, then I pressed her face to the ground. With her ass poised in the air, I pressed deeper into her, burying more and more of water-bottle cock inside her. Finally, I felt something like a barrier and Mrs. Li looked back at me.

"No more... no more." She whimpered under me. Too bad for her. I pushed hard and felt the head of my cock pop into her womb. "Unnnn." She groaned in pain and pleasure. Every inch of her vagina was now filled by my cock. Without waiting another second, I started pounding her with my cock, going so fast, her whole shook with the force, her tits swinging wildly under her. I snaked my head down and wrapped my tongue around her left tit, flicking the nipple with the forked tip of my tongue.

"Un! Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" Mrs. Li screamed out. That's what I'd been waiting to hear. I pushed even harder, forcing her pussy to take a full foot of my cock, then I felt myself cum again I blasted her through her pussy and sent my cum gushing into her womb. It had to have taken nearly a minute for my orgasm to die down, every shot of cum felt like a blast from a fire-hose. When I was done, my cock actually started to deflate finally and I pulled out. When I was all the way out, I saw Mrs. Li's pussy was still stretched wide from taking my cock and her insides were glistening with white. Mrs. Li sank to the floor and, collapsing onto her side. My eyes went wide when I saw it. She looked pregnant! Her belly was huge! Then I realized I must've filled her up so much that I actually stretched her womb out. On the ground, Mrs. Li closed her eyes and passed out.

The next thing I knew, I was in my bed, naked. "Shiiit. That was the best dream of my life." I said out loud. I pictured Mrs. Li's ass in my face, my cock plunging in and out of her, then I through my sheets off me. "Oh, shit." I said, looking down." My cock was nearly ten inches long, white, and bumpy, like it was started to grow spines. "It wasn't a dream..." I said, not believing my eyes. I raised my hands up and looked at them. They were still normal. I ran to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. Short blonde hair, nose- I stuck out my tongue, no forked tongue. I was normal except for my cock. I sank down on the tile and pressed my hands to my head.

"What's going on here?" I had to figure it out. Could I really turn into a dragon? I looked down at my cock again. It was down to its normal erect size now, and not as white. Yeah, I could definitely transform, but what caused it. I looked at my cock deflating, turning human as it did so, then it hit me. As soon as I got horny, I smelled that musky smell, then my cock starting getting bigger, and the hornier I got, the more I transformed. Getting horny triggered the transformation!

"Wait." I exclaimed as I stood up. There was one last thing I had to see. I pulled on some clothes and ran out of the apartment, then I took the stairs and knocked on the Li's door on the sixth floor.

"What you want?!" Mrs. Li yelled loud enough that I could hear with the door shut.

"Mrs. Li, it's Michael! I need to talk to you a second."

"GO away!" She yelled back.

"Just come here a sec!" I yelled again, getting pissed. A few seconds later, the door opened and Mrs. Li stepped out. She looked totally exhausted and her hair was a mess. She didn't even have any make up on.

"Mrs. Li, are you okay?" I asked.

"Fine. What do you want, Michael?"

"Do you remember anything about last night?"

"What?! Go away!" Mrs. Li started to shut the door in my face.

"Wait!" The door stopped. Huh? Mrs. Li never did anything you told her to do. Actually, come to think of it. She'd done everything I'd told her to do. I needed to try something.

"Come back." I told her. Mrs. Li walked back to the doorway and opened the door. Alright, now something a little more advanced. "Turn around." Mrs. Li spun around. "Jump up and down." She started jumping and just kept going and going. "Stop." I said suddenly. Geez. I'd have to think about what I ordered. Alright, time to go for broke. "Tell me what happened last night." Mrs. Li immediately told me, in her semi-broken English, that a dragon monster had come down the stairs and fucked her. She mentioned several interesting things like, "I smelled that smell from before and started getting wet. The more I smelled it, more I wanted sex." As I listened to her, I noticed her stomach was still sticking out a little more than usual, but not as much as last night. Most of the cum must have drained out of her. I wondered how long she'd had to sit on the toilet.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked her. Nothing. "Tell me if you enjoyed it." I reworded my question as an order.

"I came more than I could count. It hurt at first, but... yes, I enjoy it a lot." Mrs. Li looked at the ground. Oh my god, I was getting hard again. I was starting to smell the odor again. The I remembered it had stopped when I pulled the ring off, so I pulled it off my finger and the scent quit.

"Hmm." I wondered to myself. I didn't know if all the effects disappeared when I took the ring off, or just the transformation. "Turn around." I told Mrs. Li. She spun around again. Huh, so it looked like she still obeyed my orders. My cock was still hard and I decided that needed to be dealt with.

"Suck my cock." I told her. She immediately sank down to her knees.

"Here?" She asked, looking around.

"Better hurry." I said, smirking down at her. Mrs. Li pulled my pants down and ran her hand over the cloth of my boxers that covered my cock,, then she pulled my boxers down, freeing my cock. Immediately, she wrapped her hand around me and bent down towards her lips. Then she opened her mouth and went down on me.

"Unh! Yeah..." I groaned as I felt her bobbing up and down on my cock. "Faster." I ordered her Mrs. Li started bobbing down on my cock faster. "And jerk me off while you suck." I added for good measure. I looked down and watched as her fake nails wrapped around my shaft and started jerking me off. I felt her tongue sliding around my head and I groaned. It felt so damn good. "Unh, yeah. Make me cum!" I ordered her, digging my hands into her hair and forcing farther down my cock. Mrs. Li starting bobbing up and down and pumping twice as fast as before and I felt myself cumming. "Swallow!" I yelled out as I started shooting into her mouth. It was incredible. She took every drop of cum down her throat, then sucked me clean before letting my deflating dick out of her mouth. As she wiped her mouth off and I pulled my pants back on, I looked down at her and smirked.

"I think you and I are going to get along real well from now on. ... and don't tell anyone else about this." I added for good measure. After that, I headed back up to the apartment and I heard Mrs. Li's door shut behind me. As I walked through the door, I saw Jared... or Jerry, whatever the fuck his name was, sitting at the kitchen table as Mom made him breakfast with just her robe on. It was time to put my powers to good use.

"Put on some fucking clothes!" I yelled at Mom.

"Don't you fucking curse at me!" She screamed back. Well, shit. That didn't work. It looked like I could only control people I'd fucked. That made Mrs. Li my cum slave. I grinned at the thought, but caught Jerry looking at me. I glared at him and went to grab a pop-tart. Great. We were out.

"Who ate the last pop-tart and didn't throw away the box?" I yelled. I looked at Jerry. There half a poptart left on his plate. That deadbeat had eaten the last pack.

"What the fuck am I supposed to eat?" I yelled at Mom.

"Here go buy some more." She went over to her purse and pulled out five bucks. I shot her a look and she pulled out another, then I took the money from her. I went to my room and changed, then I headed out the door. Going down the stairs, I passed Mrs. Li and grinned at her as I headed down. I opened and slipped the ring onto my finger as the door shut behind me. The sun was rising and I had a feeling it was going to be a very good day.


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