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This is mostly a true story. I did have an "encounter" with my sister in law, it may not have gone as far as it did in this rendition. Enjoy!
Sister in Law Massage

About 5 years ago, I was home watching TV when my sister in law called and said she was coming by to catch up on a few shows we had on DVR. This was not out of the ordinary for her as she was always stopping by from time to time. I let her know that her sister (my wife) and my daughter were out for the day visiting the library, doing some school shopping and had a play date with a friend from across town and wouldn’t be home until later that evening.
When Sarah called, I was a bit bummed that I wouldn’t have the house to myself. It was a cold weekend and was hoping to watch some football or a movie. However, little did I know this was going to be a day I wouldn’t soon forget.

Thinking back on it now, I didn’t realize that I think my sister in law was really seducing me, but I played along well enough for her. Sarah arrived and I offered her something to eat and drink. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and went to the living room while she was already comfortable on the couch.

“Uhh, make yourself at home there sis,” I said as I tossed her the bottle of water and sat on the opposite side of the couch. “Ha! I will for sure,” she said as she jumped quickly and snagged the remote. I hadn’t noticed until she had bent over in front of me to grab the remote from the coffee table that she was wearing a loose shirt. I saw completely up to her bra covered breasts. As she bent over she wiggled her butt just a little longer than she had to. I think she caught a glimpse of me ogling her breasts and I decided to play along a bit and smacked her ass and said, “Hey, get out of the way, I can’t see the TV!”

Now, I need to describe my sister in law for you. She stands about 5’6” tall with shoulder length blond hair with highlights. She has incredibly pouty full lips, blue eyes and 34DD boobs, and a nice ass. She’s not model beautiful but she definitely has a “girl next door” good looks. At only 27(I’m 40), the best thing about her is that she has no idea how sexy she can be, but she knows she’s a woman and knows how to use her assets to her benefit too.
Also, interesting to note, our flirtations had grown over the past several years. She had become a more permanent fixture around our house, which was fine with me. She’d come over and even stay a few days, help watch the kids and was generally pretty helpful around the house. Every once in a while we’d flirt, but it was mainly pretty innocent. I’d smack her ass and she’d playfully smack me on my arm. We’d share a blanket watching a movie and it was basically pretty harmless. For the past few months though, I noticed that her hand would linger a little longer than necessary at times. I’d brush it off to her not having a boyfriend and needed a man’s touch from time to time. She had also make a point of giving me longer than normal hugs. I loved feeling her big tits pressed against my chest. From time to time, I’d even let my hand drift a bit over her butt when I hugged her to let her know that I didn’t mind her advances. Again, pretty innocent stuff and my wife was none the wiser of our harmless flirtations. Back to the story….

She giggled slightly and darted to her side of the couch, opened her water bottle, took a swig and then proceeded to pull up the shows she had missed on our DVR.
“What do you want to watch?” I asked. “Lost,” she replied and pulled up an episode and we started watching. About 10 minutes passed and she paused the show and said that that particular episode was boring. I agreed and we resumed watching. She was rubbing her shoulders as if she was in pain and then a series of events began to unfold.

“Mike, would you rub my shoulders and back,” she asked. This was not a complete surprise as I had rubbed her back and shoulders before and was no big deal. This was one of the only times that I’d rubbed her back with no one around though. Most of the time, there were kids running through the room or my wife was sitting nearby. So, it was nothing out of the ordinary for her to ask me if I’d rub her shoulders. So, I agreed and assumed her regular position of sitting down on the floor in front of me while I stayed seated on the couch. I had to scoot up a bit to get better leverage and she took the opportunity to lean back as my hands went to work on her neck and shoulders.

“You have such strong hands Mike. Thank you, this feels wonderful,” she stated as my hands quickly found a few knots in her shoulders. I’d start very softly kneading them and then increase the pressure slightly every few strokes.

“Oh, sooooo good.” She exclaimed in a breathless tone.

The warmth of Sarah’s skin felt good to my hands. I didn’t want to push things too far too quickly, so I took my time. We both sort of watched the show and I looked out our big bay window and noticed that snow had begun to fall.

“It’s snowing,” I said. Sarah seemed to not pay any attention but let out a small “Uh-huh,” as she closed her eyes as I increased the pressure slightly working on a particularly tight area of her back.
As I worked on the knot with one hand my other hand began to rub up and down her back. Gently at first and gradually pressed my palm more firmly up and down her back. I noticed that her bra straps seemed very tight to my touch and I couldn’t help but fantasize about finally being able to take it off, but I wasn’t sure that was what Sarah had in mind. All of our innocent flirtations were probably lost on her. Or were they? I looked outside again and noticed that the snow was getting more intense and began covering the driveway and streets more quickly than I had seen in a few years.
All of a sudden, the phone rang. It was probably a good thing as I had started to let my mind wander a bit further into the fantasy of potentially being with my sister in law and I was hoping, sort of, that the phone call would snap me back into reality before my sister in law busted me. Little did I know, the phone call would only help my fantasy become a reality.
I leaned over to the coffee table to grab the phone. I guess I didn’t realize that my cock had grown and without realizing it was now pressing into Sarah’s back as I I picked up the phone and said, “Hello.”
It was my wife Stephanie.

“Yeah, it’s really coming down here too. Are you coming home,” I asked with as much of a hopeful tone as I could muster given the situation I was in,
My erection began to subside some as I spoke to my wife but I felt Sarah lean back into me more intentional, as if she wanted to feel it more and maybe even coax it to a higher state of arousal. As I continued the conversation with wife, I was eyeing Sarah. She was resting her elbows and hands on my knees. She gently ran her hand down the sides of my legs as I tried to concentrate on what my wife was saying.
I was surprised and a almost a bit giddy she let me know that she and the kids were going to just stay where they were. The snow seemed to worse on the western side of town where she was at our friends the Coleman’s house that was out in the country a way and the streets wouldn’t be cleared until sometime the next day. So Dave and Amy offered for her and the girls to stay there for the night.
“Are you sure that’s okay with them,” I asked and Steph confirmed that they insisted on them staying over. The kids could have a camp out in the living room and she’d stay in the guest bedroom and that the snow was supposed to taper off overnight and she’d come home after breakfast in the morning.

“Okay honey,” I said. “I’ll miss you,” I added a bit half-heartedly.

“Yeah, I’ll check on Sarah, she’s actually over here watching Lost.” I handed the phone to Sarah.

“Hey sis,” she said. “Ok. Yep, I’ll just stay over here if that’s alright with you and Mike.” She turned and looked at me and I nodded for approval.

“Yep, I’ll stay put until tomorrow and I’ll try to keep Mike in line,” she giggled as she handed the phone back to me as I slid back in the chair.

“Now be nice to my sister while we’re gone,” Stephanie said to me. “Okay honey, I’ll be nice to your sister and as long as she behaves, there will be no beatings,” I joked back with her and shot Sarah a look as her eyes stared into me and waved her finger as a sly grin slowly crept on across her face.
“Kiss my girls for me. Okay honey. You guys have a good time too. Talk to you later…bye.” I hung up the phone and as I leaned back into the sofa my erection had completely softened. However, you could still see the bulge in my shorts. I noticed Sarah sneaking peaks at is as she talked to me. I pretended not to notice but I finally looked down at the tent I had made and giggled a bit. Sarah looked away but we both knew that she was looking at me.

“Well kid, I think we’re on our own for the evening. Think you can behave yourself,” I asked.

“I don’t know yet,” she said with a shy grin. “Keep rubbing my back and I’ll behave for sure,” she exclaimed as she returned to her position and leaned back as I leaned forward and looked for the knot I was working on.

“Now, where was I,” I said as I found the spot Sarah moaned very lightly as I knew that I had found her pressure point. My left hand returned to rubbing up and down her back with long strokes. My other hand joined in and she leaned forward to grant my full access to her back. When she did her shirt rose up a bit, exposing her delicate skin to me. Also I could see the top of her butt crack and white flowery panties. My cock began to wake up again with this site and for a moment I became lost as my mind raced to think of all the things I wanted to do with my sister in law. She seemed so innocent, yet looked so sexy and basically she was giving me the green light to take it further. I’ll play it slowly, just to be safe.
I continued with long strokes up and down the left and right of her spine. From her shoulder blades to the top of her jeans I allowed my fingers to gently linger and brush between the waistband of her panties, skin and upper buttocks. As I worked my way from her shoulders to the edge one of my fingers gently slipped into the top of her crack. It sent shivers down her spine and she jolted against me which caused my cock to grow even more. She held herself there for a few moments.
“Sorry about that Sarah.” I said as I grasped the top of her shoulders thinking that I had been busted and that our flirtation was over for a while.

“You’re a dick,” she said with a giggle and nuzzled her back against me again. “You may continue,” she said as she relaxed again and I resumed working my hands up and down her back.
As I continued, I could feel the hooks of her bra digging into her skin. She squirmed a few times through my strokes and I could tell that they were bothering her. Feeling bolder, I let my hands slip under her shirt and I quickly unhooked the clasps that held her huge mounds in place. I felt the fabric relax.

“Oh,” she gasped. “That’s much better,” which let me know that my bold step was welcomed. In my mind I knew that this was the point of no return. I could feel the blood rushing more and more to my cock and I knew that there was no turning back. I was infused with lust for this girl and needed to be with her. But, I also wanted it this interlude to last as long as possible as it may be my only chance. I then became consumed with making this an event that neither of us would soon forget.

“That might be a little better,” and continued to rub her back only my hands were still inside her shirt. The metal hooks free from digging into her skin being replaced by my hands. Sarah never protested so I continued my long strokes up and down her back. Her shirt rode up more in the back that allowed a better view of her smooth and silky skin and the top of her cotton, flowery panties. Her skin was so soft and supple. I relished smoothing her goose bumps as my hands explored her back.

“Sooo nice,” she moaned. “Right there,” she exclaimed as I stopped my hands at her shoulders. My hand was nestled between her shoulder, the strap and her shirt. I felt her hand go up the front side of her shirt and she guided my hand to the right spot. She whispered, “right there” directing my hands. As I continued to rub, I felt her slip her bra over her shoulders under her shirt and casually laid it on the floor beside her. It was all I could do to not rip her clothes off right there, but I reminded myself that I wanted this to last. My cock, now straining more and more against my shorts, had become even more swollen and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from its tip leaving a small damp spot on the fabric. The site of her bra on the floor reminded me of being in high school and seeing my girlfriend remove her bra and hand it to me one night when her parents were away for the weekend.

I felt like a school kid again for a second and I think that was the allure of this interlude. It was the thought of potentially being caught. The fact that I was attached to, of all people, her sister, seemed to make this even more forbidden and exciting in the same breath. I love my wife dearly, but I couldn’t resist this beautiful creature allowing me to touch her in this way and hopeful that we’d go further into forbidden territory.

“You have such smooth skin,” I whispered in her ear.

“Thank you ,” is all she said as she turned her head and our eyes met. She didn’t need to say anything, I could see the lust in her eyes and it shot right through my body as my cock grew to full strength. She placed her hand on my knee as I allowed my hands, still under her shirt, drift to the side to feel the glorious sides of each orb of her breasts. My hand lingered and I pretended to rub her sides trying to be as inconspicuous as possible but I found my right hand slowly drifting forward. Part of me was still in partial shock at how far she had allowed us to go. Half of me was waiting for her to turn and smack me away, the other half of me relished in being allowed to do this with my sister in law. She was younger and I assumed less experienced but the excitement was heavy in the air.
I felt her gasp slightly has my hands finally reached the boundary of her areolas. I softly traced a circle around one of them gently. I waited for a protest from her but it never came. If anything, her gentle moans welcomed my advances more and more. She wanted this to happen too.
My other hand followed suit as they ran underneath the weighty orbs and down to her belly. I repeated this several times as Sarah’s hand instinctively reached up above her head offering unfettered access to where my hands wanted to explore. I could feel the nubs of her nipples grow harder as I gently caressed them between my fingers and then back down across her belly. I continued this pattern a few times as she rubbed her hand through my hair.
The skin of her belly was smooth and inviting. She was perfectly proportioned as my hand slipped down across her belly button to the tops of her jeans. My fingers fumbled for a second against the top button but managed to unfasten and unzip them in one fluid motion. I could almost feel a wave of heat being released from her pants as my hand gingerly slid the contraption down. I gently reached for the waistband of her panties and slid two fingers between the fabric as I felt how smoothly shaven her pussy was. My hands returned to her belly and breasts. I needed to feel all of this woman’s body as it responded to my every touch.
I leaned forward as her hands wrapped around my head. She brushed her long hair back exposing her ear to me. I breathed gently near and then sucked her lobe inside my mouth. My hands moved to her sides and slipped inside her jeans. I forced them down and she took the hint and pulled herself up to allow me to slip them past her hips. She kicked her pants off, leaving the panties on. I continued sucking her hear lobe and placing tiny kisses on her neck as my hands moved up to remove her shirt.
As I pulled the fabric up she raised her hands in approval allowing me to gently remove it from her body. Sarah was nearly naked sitting right in between my legs. She turned but I stopped her.

“I want to continue rubbing your beautiful body Sarah,” I said as she relaxed. “We have a lot of time, no need to rush things.”
Her hands relaxed again as I was now in control of the pace. It took every bone in my body not to pick her up yank off her panties and slip my cock inside her right then and there. I figured this may be a one-time only deal and I was going to enjoy it.
My right hand slid across her chest gently brushing her nipple as it made its way southward towards the sweet treasure covered by her cotton panties. My left hand began to tweak the nipple as my other slipped inside her panties. I rubbed the top of her mound as I slid my middle finger the length of a slick slit. I could finally feel the heat emanating from her sex. I teased her hole once and slid back up and down her slippery crevice and gently exposed her clit and encircled it with my thumb three or four times as my other fingers gently stroked the outside of her hole.
Her body writhed against mine as she forced herself against me begging me to continue. I rubbed up and down, swirling my thumb around her clit as I rested my chin on her shoulder.
“Oh, oh,” softly escaped her lips as her chest heaved a bit as my thumb continued its swirly assault on her sweet pearl. I varied the pressure from very soft and almost barely touching it back to much harder which seemed to send her closer and closer towards release. My middle finger encircled her hole, her hips jolted forward uncontrollably forcing it inside of her. It easily entered her. Her insides were virtually dripping and I could now smell her sweet aroma as it filled the room. She held me more intently moving her arm more firmly around my head. I could feel her headed nodding yes as her breathing quickened as my hand continued the assault on her nether region. My left hand circled her sweet nipples and I offered one of my fingers for her to lick as it returned to the nipple forcing it to continue to harden under my palm.
I then managed to slip a second and third finger inside her as her hips began to slowly fuck my fingers and the slid in and out of her.

“Oh, I’m so close….YES,” she said more loudly. Her breath continued to pick up pace as I could feel her muscles squeezing my fingers as I know was going faster and faster beckoning her orgasm.

“Yes, Sarah, that’s a good girl. Are you gonna cum for me?” I asked her as she simply began to nod and throw her head back to brace herself against my body as an initial wave of her orgasm grasped her body. Her pussy muscles squeezed my fingers tighter and her arm was almost choking me as my thumb flicked her sweet bud until her legs held them in place.

“Uhhhh…ohhhhhhh….yeeeessssss,” was all she managed as her entire body froze. Her orgasm so intense that I could now feel the juices running past the palm of my right hand as my left held her tit firmly in my hand.

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” she said. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life. That was amazing Mike,” she said as she tried to catch her breath. I felt her body relax some but she turned around and threw herself into my lap and straddled me. Her tits buried in my chest and I could feel the nubs of her nipples press against my t-shirt. It felt so good to be desired by this girl. She hungrily kissed me. I relished seeing her naked body. I ran my hands up and down her body as my cock longed to be freed from its prison.
She then kissed me very hard and literally shoved her tongue down my throat. My hands continued roaming her body. She began to grind her hips against me. I felt my cock nuzzle against her body as she sat back and wickedly grinned at me and bit her lip as her hips continued their gyrations. I held her close to me, relishing in this beautiful and nubile younger woman who wanted me so badly.

She then slipped out of my embrace back down to her knees on the floor and shot me another wicked look as her hand quickly found my bulge. She yanked at the sides of my shorts. I responded by lifting my hips to allow her to force them down and quickly off. My cock sprang forth nearly slapping her in the face.
She giggled loudly as she wrapped her hand around it and I was proud of the way it looked in her smaller hand as it made it look much bigger than it really is. I was so hard by then I almost shot my load as soon as she touched me. Electricity pulsed through my body but I somehow managed to control myself as she admired my weighty member in her hand.

“Well, well, well,” she exclaimed. “What do we have here,” she giggled and looked me straight in the eyes as she moved forward and stuck the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and back out again. She extended hertongue out as she wrapped her hand around its girth and smack it three times against her tongue as if she was sizing it up for what was next. A small globule of saliva strung from her tongue to the base of my head. She held it out and with one amazing movement slid almost half inside her mouth. I could feel my head pulsing as her tongue began swirling around expertly handling the head.

“Ummmm, yes,” is all I could manage as her tongue began to glide up and down the length of my cock. The feeling was phenomenal. She then took the entire length inside her mouth and continued her glorious assault. She looked up at me as my hand moved to the back of her head. I could tell she was straining to take all of me but I hand held her in place for a second longer. I released her as she let out a husky groan.

“Yes…Ohhhh god…that is so good. Do it again,” she pleaded as I grabbed the back of her head again and guided her wide open mouth towards my now glistening cock. She released her hands and held them behind her back allowing me to control the pace. Her eyes locked on mine I slowly slid inside her waiting mouth. Her tongue glided along the underside of my cock as she expertly allowed herself to take me fully inside her mouth and down her throat. I moved my hips forward making her take even more quickly than she had anticipated. She looked up with every innocent eyes as I released her. For a second I thought I might be hurting her. But she quickly collected herself to say, “Oh...I love the feeling of your cock filling my mouth,” is all she could muster.

She then gathered her ample tits and jiggled them a few shakes before spitting between them and wrapped them around my cock. She laughed as she began to play with her nipples and began to tit fuck my cock. The feeling of her warm skin as my cock disappeared in and out of her cleavage was heavenly. It created a wonderful friction and every once in a while Sarah would allow the tip of my cock to brush the tip of her tongue. As my eyes continued locked on her she sensed that I was close to orgasm. I could feel it beginning to well up inside of me and she urged me on.
“Yes Mike, cum for me, I need to taste your seed,” she said as I could feel my cum begin to emit from the head. I jumped up and Sarah tilted her back and opened her mouth wide as my fluid began spurting violently. The first squirt landed in her mouth and she almost choked. She managed to contain it though and I then directed a spurt across her cheek and another landed on her forehead. I then aimed the rest on her waiting tongue. What a lusty site! My cock squirting cum into my sister law’s waiting mouth. She then inhaled my cock as the squirting had subsided. I caught my breath while she sucked the last globules from my cock. I looked down as she was scooping the remains of cum from her face onto her fingers and quickly popped them in her mouth.
I stroked her hair back behind her ears and I smiled at her. “I’ve wanted you for a long time you know,” as I moved to her cheek and brushed it and pulled her up to me and held her closely.

“Yes, I knew and I’ve wanted you for a long time too. I’m glad we’re able to have this time together. Don’t worry about my sis, she’ll never know,” she said in matter of fact fashion.

“Good, she’d freak.” I added.

“She would and besides, I like that cock of yours too much and have admired it from afar for way too long not to have it every once in a while. I don’t mind sharing it with her. She is my sister and I love her and wouldn’t want her to be hurt by me in any way. I guess I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, I’m happy to hear you say that Sarah. I love your sister very much.”

“Enough said then.” She added as she grabbed her shirt and wiped her face.

It was settled. We could do this and it will be our secret. I was as happy as could be to have this young thing at my disposal for at least the next few hours. I couldn’t wait any longer. Just then, Sarah’s cell phone rang.

She quickly got her purse and while she answered it, took off the rest of her clothes and slowly walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower to warm it up.
“Hey Mike, that was my roommate Jenny,” she yelled from the bathroom as I walked down the hallway naked and stood in the bathroom doorway. Jenny was putting the phone on the counter as she explained that Jenny was going to come to the house. She couldn’t make it home because of all the idiots on the freeway.
I felt a bit disappointed but then perked up when Sarah added. “Oh…she knows about my crush on you and I think she wouldn’t mind joining in with us,” she added very matter of factly.
I almost passed out when I heard those words.

“Now, come join me in the shower Mike, she’ll be here in 30 or 45 minutes.”

….to be continued….maybe

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2017-01-27 21:43:22
Wonderful story line, but like i always say no follow ups. Keep on writing other stories. 5 stars.

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2017-01-17 15:28:09
I would love to cum in my sexy sister in law, I always lick and sniff her used thongs while wanking in another used pair and then I Cum on the crotch area of a clean pair from her drawer before putting them back in so I know my spunk will be rubbing against her pussy for at least a full day! I Cum so hard while licking her used thongs!

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i showed this story to my sister in law and asked her if she wanted a back massage

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I like this one. Only one comment, a 'site' is a place or a location, 'we stored the building materials on site for convenience'. Something remarkable that you see is a 'sight. E.G. The Eiffel Tower is an amazing sight. The Eiffel Tower of course is also a site, a tourist site.

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2015-07-07 15:53:30
Mike is going to be in sooo much trouble when his wife finds out. And how would she find out, you ask? Well, from the big, wide smile on Mike's face, that's how. A guy can't have that much pussy and not have a big smile--it's impossible.

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