The second chapter in a long epic sex story. Adam's girlfriend Madison in introduced. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: Day 0

Chapter 2: Hot Ride

I left Mike's house with my dick back at full strength. I had cum on Steph's face only about ten minutes ago, but all that kissing and her climaxing on my fingers as she shook against me was enough to bring my erection back with a vengeance. Her sucking me clean after was also a big factor. I wondered if Madison would help me with my annoying erection on the way to school. One of her favourite things was giving road head. I bet I won't even have to ask.

I couldn't believe what I had just done with my best friend's much younger sister. God, she was sexy with those lips. I couldn't stop thinking about Steph's mouth on my cock the whole time I drove to Madison's. By the time I pulled up to her place, I was ten minutes late and I had a raging hard-on which was nagging to be touched.

Madison stood impatiently tapping her foot which was in her sexy high heeled sandals. Her toe nails were painted to match the red leather of the sandals. She had long, generous legs topped with a short blue-plaid skirt. She knew I loved the schoolgirl look. Screw the look, I just loved schoolgirls. Her shirt was a blue to match one of the bright blue shades in her skirt, and had a deep V to show some awesome cleavage. She was scowling at me with her arms crossed around her school books. "We're going to be late again." Her voice oozed venom as it left her dark pink lips. Her cheeks were blushed a pink to accentuate her sexy lips and she blinked her long eyelashes as she stared at me with her gorgeous, green eyes. That day, she wore her long, dark brown hair back in a loose pony tail which was super cute with the rest of her ensemble.

"Sorry babe. I got a little drunk last night." I said sheepishly as she stepped forward to open the door.

"Where were you last night? I called and got no answer." Her voice had soften just the tiniest bit as she looked over at me with those smoldering eyes. "You're a bit of a mess."

"I was at Mike's playing games." I said honestly. This seemed to appease her as she turned to face forward and I started to drive. My cock was still raging in my pants but I didn't want to push my luck with Madison just then. I could sense her fury hadn't completely dissipated.

Five minutes in to the thirty minute drive, Madison looked over at me and asked in a sharp, accusing tone, "Why's your cock so hard?"

"It's that outfit, babe. It's got me all excited," I lied quite convincingly.

She smiled and said, "Oh really? Maybe I should help you with that." All traces of her bitchiness vanished as she reached over and rubbed my hard dick through my pants. "Oh wow, you are excited! I can feel you throbbing." She drew out the th in throbbing with a sexy hiss in my ear. Her smile widen as she spoke. Quickly she had my belt and pants undone and my cock in her hands. "Oh baby. I'm going to suck you so good, but please don't mess up my hair." She kissed the bulbous, purple tip, leaving an incredibly sexy pink lipstick mark on it. Then she moved down to mid shaft and did the same there. "Marking my territory," She explained with a feral look up into my eyes and an impish smile.

Madison knew I couldn't keep my dick in my pants and knew that this was the best way to show her claim on me. With Madison being in summer school and studying so much to pass after failing the first time, my time with her became limited, so we agreed on a special arrangement. For the summer, I had free reign to fuck whoever I could while she was busy. Not wanting to permanently lose me, this was the best solution she could think of. It had blown my mind when she had suggested it.


When Madison first told me the plan, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought she was joking but to prove to me that she wasn't, she told me to fuck the next girl I could and tell her all about it. That was the catch if you could call it one. She wanted to hear every detail afterwards. "I gotta get off somehow when I can't be with you." That was probably why she had called the night before and why she was so pissed at not getting a hold of me. That first time "off my leash", I had fucked the shit out of the waitress who had taken our orders only moments before madison told me her dirty deal. She said the next girl I could, and that 20-some year old waitress was the next girl. throughout our dinner, I had flirted expertly with the waitress and got unmistakably slutty signals back in return, so when it came time for dessert, I got up and pulled her out the back door into the alley. In moments, I had her bent over a trash can while I pumped her from behind. And, when I was about to cum, I pushed her down onto the filthy pavement and unloaded all over her pretty face so she'd be all dirty and covered in cum for the rest of her shift.

I knew Madison didn't want me making love to these girls. I was just supposed to use them to get my rocks off. That's why I treated the slutty waitress like a cheap, dirty whore. It worked perfectly. When I came back to the table and told Madison every dirty detail, she smiled viciously at my raunchiness and even laughed out loud when she saw the waitress come back in with messy, cum glued hair and a greasy, smudged uniform.


Madison slide her luscious lips over my shaft, taking a good three inches in her mouth. After licking and sucking it for a few minutes, she rose off my cock and asked, "You're not lying to me about going to Mike's are you?" She looked at me with narrowed, piercing, deep green eyes.

"No, I was at Mike's the whole night. I got drunk and passed out in his brother's bed. Why?"

"You taste like skank," she said bluntly with a look that told me I'd better do better and revise my statement.

"Well, I passed out naked and Mike's got a sister."

"Little Stephanie! You fucked little Stephanie?!" She shrieked, aghast and smacked my leg.

"No no no, just a blowjob," I quickly clarified, "She just gave me a blowjob. I woke up to her touching my morning wood. I think she was curious after she saw Mike jerking off a while back."

"Wow! She's young. Like really young."

"She's 14 and it doesn't matter how old the girl is. It's still a blowjob. Quit judging and get back to sucking." I urged her back down with my hand on the back of her head. She bent her head back down and devoured half my cock into her warm mouth. I focused on the road to prolong my orgasm but I knew I was already getting close. "Yeah, suck me, you nasty bitch." Madison moan her approval of the name.

She kept jerking me, as she came up for air. Licking her red lips, she moaned in my ear, "Yeah, I'm your nasty slut. Fill my mouth with your cum." Going back down on me, she took close to six inches of thick meat in her warm, wet mouth. I moaned, feeling the back of her throat. With her other hand, she gently squeezed my swollen balls.

Stopped at a red light, I looked over at the raised truck beside me where in the passenger's seat I saw a young girl gawking at the show Madison and I were putting on for her. "Yeah baby. Show the little girl how to give a blowjob." I said loud enough for the passenger to hear. I looked over at the stranger and winked.

Madison slid off my rod with spit and precum oozing from her lips. "Hi!" She said with a sweet smile as she lifted her one hand off my balls to give a little wave at the young, teen spectator. The girl had to be no older than Stephanie.

I was getting extremely close and grabbed the back of Madison's neck to force her hard back down on my cock. Wanting to really shock the onlooker, I said loudly, "Deeper, you whore! Lil', 14-year-old Stephanie took more than that!"

She gagged and her throat convulsed on my shaft. As I forced her head up and down like a dirty rag-doll, she made sexy, wet gagging noise, "ga-ga-ga-ga".

Just as the light turned green, I felt my cock start to twitch. I hit the gas and yelled, "Yeah, take my fucking jizz, you fucking cum guzzler!" My cock gave a huge throb deep in her throat, and I released a huge spurt of hot semen against the back of her gagging throat. Madison chocked and coughed on the large gobs of cum I was dumping in her mouth. I sped up to well past the speed limit, as I pushed her even harder on my throbbing, spewing cock. She made retching sounds but didn't quite vomit. Only a mixture of my big load and her phlegm ran out of her mouth and down my shaft onto my crotch. It was so hot and the adrenaline rush from the speed made it all the more amazing. I loved dirty, sloppy blowjobs. "Yeah gag, whore! I love your dirty throat!"

Once I was done gushing all over Madison's tonsils, I released her neck and she sprang up, coughing more cum and phlegm, and spat it on my already nasty dick. "Wow," she gasped for air, "that made me so fucking wet, and," she paused to look in the sun-visor mirror, "you didn't even mess up my hair." She gave me a huge smile.

We were about five minutes away from the school, so I turned to Madison and said, "Clean up your fucking messy, cumslut." Obediently, she bent over again and slurped up the cum, phlegm cocktail as she licked and sucked my wilting shaft. I sat back relaxed, caressing Madison's juicy ass under her skirt as I drove the speed limit the rest of the way.

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