The Reconciliation Day series continues
In the morning I was semi-conscious and I thought I was having a wet dream! I had a raging hard-on but as my higher order brain functions came up I realized 62 year old men don’t have wet dreams! Also, I had sex many times in the last two days and even at seventeen I didn’t get wet dreams until weeks had passed after cumming. I open my eyes and see my whole cock in my daughter’s mouth. She’d deep-throated me and was bobbing up until only the head was in her mouth then going down until her lip hit my balls! On the upstroke her tongue dragged on the bottom of my cock which was driving me up the wall. I did manage to say, "Good Morning Sabrina” from in my euphoric haze. She came off my organ to say, “Good Morning Dad!” Then she went right back to the best blowjob I ever had. It wasn’t long before my balls would pump their load so I warned her, "I’m gonna cum.” She kept on going, long stroking her lips on my prick and I started to pump out cum. Seven or eight ropes of cum were pumped out and this time she hadn’t swallowed yet. When I was done, keeping a tight seal with her lips, she came off me. She crawled up my body and opened her mouth wide. I sat up and could see my cum in her mouth. Then she closed it and swallowed.

As she got off the bed, I said, "I’m not sure that’s the way I should start my day if I’m going to meet the company people today.” Sabrina says, "I’m not sure what the plans are now that we’ve fucked.” I get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed and go to the living room. Sabrina is on my desktop computer E-mailing her daughter’s. I look nosily over her shoulder as she admits tricking me into fucking her the first time but then writes that the second one was my idea and says it was “dreamy.” Amy is nowhere to be seen. I open the back bedroom door and see her still asleep.

I tell Sabrina, "Amy’s still asleep.” She says, "Check her ass and her cunt, she sometimes goes to sleep with a vibrator in her and if so remove it and turn it off. She’ll be okay later. So I return to Amy’s bed and pull back the sheet. I see something in her pussy. As I pull it out I hear and feel its vibration. I can’t see her asshole so I feel for it and find a second vibrator there. It too makes an audible sound I hear only as it comes out. I cover her back up with the sheet. I take both sex toys to the bathroom and wash them. There are three of them on the sink counter now. The one Sabrina used on herself and me and two I pulled out of Amy’s body.

I return to the living room. Sabrina is in the kitchen making sausage and scrambled eggs for two. We each have a mug of coffee. We eat at the dining room table. She asks me, "Do I give better blow jobs now than I used to?” “You are far better now than when you were young.”” I didn’t know what I was doing then and you didn’t complain.” I explain, "I was happy you were doing it at all. Your mother had not gone down on me for over twenty years when I started you sucking me” She then asked me, "How old was I when I ask you to rub me down there” “You where three and a half years old almost.” “No wonder I had to be hypnotized to regress that far” She adds, "One thing we haven’t told you is that for you to control the company you have to marry Amy’s mom. She doesn’t expect fidelity but does have the right to dictate who you make babies with.” I reply, “Why the marriage?” She explains, "They re parents or adoptive parents of most of the minors in the company. You’ll be expected to adopt all the kids and the marriage makes it easier."

“So then Amy would become my daughter?”, I asked. She replied “yep, both of the girls will be your daughters in a matter of a few days. If Amy is not up by eleven you can wake her up but do not let her make you cum. You’ll need some reserve for the audition.”

“I do not know if I ought to get married after what your mother did and how she kept me so off balance I didn’t realize what she was doing” I said. She says, “If you want a prenup you can have one as long as you provide for her she doesn’t care. With the money coming in from the U. S. adult Internet and DVD sales and the Japanese Kiddie Porn operation, money is not a problem.”
So I sit down at my computer. Using a sample prenup from a book I preserve to myself the Amerada Hess oil royalties I hold and the sole proprietorship of my 501C charity titled Stop Incest Now, ltd so neither the porn company nor anyone who signs it laying claims against these assets. I learned about legal agreements as a child typing oil leases for my father and later suites for inmates at prison.

Sabrina tells me Rita is a MILF. Slim even after delivering thirteen kids. She is active in the company both in front and behind the cameras. She also explains that fluffers are girls or women who get men hard before shots on the movie sets. I will be taken to the infirmary where I will be tested for blood diseases and for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, once cleared there I will be brought up where all the actors and actresses will meet me and I will act out sexual with one preschooler, one elementary school age child, one junior high age child and one high schooler. I should be sure I do not cum during this because if I pass this it’s back to the doctor so he can measure my hard organ. That data will be cross checked with the girl’s internal measurement s so we do not rupture any of the children if I take their cherries.

By the time she explains all this plus the color coded beaded braclets the girls wear so I can see at a glance what they have done and haven’t done. That way I won’t take a virgin off camera and ruin their chance for income from the cherry popping film, it’s 11 o’clock. That means it is time to wake up Amy, I ask Sabrina how I’m supposed to wake her up and says, "Dad, you’ll think of something something.

So I go to the back bedroom door and open it up and walk in. Amy is lying face up on the other side of the bed. So I throw off my robe and climb into bed. I start to rub her breasts and nibble on the nipples and they stiffen up and Amy releases a moan. My mouth is on one breast and one hand is on the other one. I start to rub her slit and clit with the other. Her pulse and respiration are increasing rapidly, and she’s moaning constantly. I rearrange myself and putting a hand on each tit I slide down her body, under the covers to put my mouth over her mound. I start to eat her pussy and she wakes up to her orgasm, screaming, "god damn you eat my pussy too good” I back out as Amy heads for the bathroom. I return to the living room with her fuck me juice all over my face.

Sabrina tells me, "You need to wash your face when she gets out of the bathroom.” I say, "She probably won’t mind if I go in. “Sabrina says, "Since you made her cum, she’ll want to return the favor. You shouldn’t be alone with her before we go if we leave today. Amy comes out and I go through my room to the bathroom and take a leak before washing up. I return to the living room to have Amy come up, hug me tightly and French kiss me. When we break she tells me, "That’s thanks for waking me up so pleasantly. Here is a 48 hour Cialis to help you through your day” I pull out three steaks and potatoes to start lunch. Sabrina pitches in making a nice tossed salad. Amy is on the phone.

Amy sounds somber and after she hangs up she says to Sabrina, "I sure hope your Dad passes the test otherwise we’ll have a lot of trouble. My Dad is fading fast. We’ll leave as soon as your Dad can get ready after lunch. “I give Sabrina instructions to finish the meal and go and pack. I also go down to thje utility room to bring the tapes of the last three days with us. I get done and go through the living room to the dining room to find the food on the table. I sit down, say a brief grace with a request for the return of lost health and for safe travel.

I take my laptop computer and put it on the table. We eat. Amy is very quiet as she picks at her food. So I ask her, “Amy, tell me what’s on your mind.” She looks up and with a somber face and says, "My Dad is not expected to live another night. Charlie, I know you can do what he did but I’ll need time to adjust.” I say, "And you know that I’ll do whatever I have to to help you through.”She says “let’s hurry so I can go to him.” We finish the meal; I clear the table and load and start the dishwasher. We all load their car, a Chevy Volt. I lock the house and my garage and taking the laptop into the car with me we depart, Amy’s driving. Sabrina is riding shotgun and I’m alone in the back seat.

The car fires up the gas engine almost immediately as Amy is accelerating rapidly. She turns left to catch I-22 to Memphis. Mississippi is quite curvy and it’s frightening how fast Amy is taking the curves. In twenty minutes we pull up at Memphis Methodist Hospital. Amy jumps out of the car and runs in. Sabrina says, "We are supposed to go to the compound. You drive.”
So I get out of the car and walk around to the driver’s side and get in. I ease the car out and Sabrina guides me crossed the river into Arkansas. We turn south out of West Memphis and pull up to an electric gate. It opens as I pull up then the guard shows me the palm of his hand with the fingers pointing up. I stop the car. “Sir, I know the car. I don’t know you.” I say “I’m Ch-----s H--------s” Then Sabrina says, “He is Amy’s candidate” The guard asks, "Sabrina, Where is Amy?” Sabrina answers, "At the hospital, Karl is fading fast.” He says, "Then I guess I’d better let you in, Good Luck Mr, H-------S.”

We drive in. Sabrina guides me down a drive that goes to the right and she points out one garage stall that has the word VOLT on it. She pushes a button on a small transmitter on the cars visor and the garage door opens. I pull up to a concrete curb, put the car in park, and shut it down.
She walks me in front of five other vehicles to the left until we come to a door. She pulls a card out of her purse and slides it into a slot in the wall. I hear an electric latch motor run, followed by a click and I open the door and walk in. We proceed up a corridor. Sabrina says, "Go into the next door on the right.”

I enter the next door on the right and meet a man in a white coat. He introduces himself as Dr. Katzenburg. He tells me to follow him and Sabrina and I do. We go into a examining room. He tells me to strip naked and sit n the table. I do as I am told. He takes my pulse, counts my respirations and takes my blood pressure. He drew blood then rammed a cotton swab up my piss hole. That hurt! I said “ouch” and he apologized for the discomfort and said, “It’s for the Clamydia test.” He goes to a computer terminal and types in my vitals and tells me to get dressed but stay here. I get dressed. We wait twenty minutes and Sabrina says, "I’ll be right back”

She finds the doctor in an office and asks him, “What’s the delay?” Dr. Katzenburg answers her, "I’m awaiting lab results.” The phone rings and the doctor answers it, "Infirmary, Dr. Katzenburg speaking.” Then a small space of time and the doctor says “yes…yes…yes” then he hangs up and says,”Tell your Dad, he’s cleared his health check.” So Sabrina returns to the examining room and escorts me out. We leave the clinic and continue up the hall. There is a water fountain and a stairway going up. Sabrina looks at me and says “Do you have a comb on you?” I pull a 5” comb from my right hip pocket. Sabrina combs my hair trying to make me look as good as possible. She hands it back to me and we climb the steps.

When we reach the next floor I can’t believe my eyes. Lined up on both sides of the corridor are people of various ages, mostly female, all looking very nice and clean and all the girls are in form fitting tube dresses.
Sabrina whispers in my ear, this is where you can touch, feel and rub any one you want. Remember you aren’t supposed to cum. I scan the younger ones and find my granddaughter Charlene. I go to her and say,"Hi, I’m your grandfather.” She holds her arms out to me and I pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and kisses me right on the mouth. I slide my tongue gently into her mouth and she responded in kind. When we break, she whispers in my ear, "I’m not wearing panties.”

I put my hands under her round buns and reach through to her baby mound and push my finger a little bit into her vagina and bring my thumb to her clit. I moved my thumb in a circular motion and little Charlene shivered into an orgasm. When she finished I withdrew my finger and thumb and retreated to her but. She kissed me and said, "Thanks Grandpa!” I lowered her to the carpeted floor. She takes the hand that I rubbed her with and licked her “fuck me juice” off of it.

We continued up the row and as I looking for Beatrice I hear a girl clear her throat behind we. I turn and recognize my older granddaughter. As I approach she says, "Hi grandpa, did you like the pictures I sent?”I tell her, "If the Sheriff had done a house check those would have sent me to jail.” She says, "Sorry. Are you mad?” I say,”No, the Sheriff didn’t come.” I notice a pair of small swellings just below the top of her tube dress. I ask her, "Can I see those?” She replies, "You can see, touch and suck them if you want.” So I roll down the top of her tube dress and feel her budding breasts stimulating them to stand up. I put my lips on ne and nibble. After nibbling on both of them I ask her if I can do the same to her pussy. She moans then sighs and nods. I reach under the tube dress and touch her. I start to rub up and down her slit and she started to breath heavily as her cunt juices spilled out onto my hand. I turn to Sabrina, "Can I fuck her if I don’t take her cherry?” She says, "Ask her?” So I ask Bea, "Can I fuck you if I don’t push in far enough to pop your cherry?” She says, "Is your self control that good?” Sabrina cuts in and says, "Baby he had sex with me for nine years but your Daddy got my cherry.” Now Bea says “Yes”

I unzip my pants and extract my semi hard penis. Bea grabs it and strokes it hard then slides out of her tube dress and lies on the carpet. I lie over her lining myself up and gently press in. Her vagina opens to me, I tell Bea,"tell me if I hurt you even a little bit, okay?” She nods her agreement. I push in and get about three inches in when Bea flinched. “I said, "I’m sorry, I had to find out where it was at.” She says, she"Sheese, it didn’t hurt that bad.” So I pull it back about two inches and do inch and a half strokes.

I pump away like that for a minute as Bea transitions into gasping for breath. Her cunt juice continues to lubricate my cock til the stuff is staining my boxers. When she grabs the carpet, bracing for her orgasm I pull back. She tries to pull herself close, I pull back further. She stiffens and shivers and screams, “I love fucking!~, as she cums. When she settles down, "Damn, you do have good control, I wanted you to take me when I came but you pulled back.” I replied, "Remember I said I wasn’t going to take you this time, but maybe next time” I withdraw and before I can put my weapon away my daughter cleans it with her tongue.

We walk on down and I see a twelve or thirteen year old with an all black beaded bracelet and a German Shepherd Dog on a leash. That means she does nothing. I approach her and ask her, "If you don’t do anything sexual, what do you do?” “The Dog” was her answer. I said, "Show me.”

She takes off the tube dress and she has 36C breasts a slender waist and a set of beautiful buns. There must be something wrong that no man has taken her yet. She kneels next to the dog and with one hand stroking her pussy, she uses the other hand to jack the dog. The dog’s red organ comes out of its sheath as she ministers to him. After a couple minutes she laid on the carpet on her back and the dog climbed up and thrust himself into her then immediately began to hump her. She climaxed and when her hips upthrust the dog growled. She settled back down and the dog stopped growling. It had not stopped humping her so far. Soon we saw her gasping for breath. I wonder what the dog will do if she cums again. Pretty soon the canine froze in place and howled. The girl similarly froze then stiffened and arched her back. The dog had no reaction in his own orgasmic pleasure. A few minutes later the dog’s penis fell out, the girl got up and got dressed. We walked on as my daughter told me, "That takes care of the junior high girl.”

I walk up to a young woman whose face looks like Amy’s but whose hair is jet black. I ask her for her name and age. She says I’m Denise and I’m seventeen. I say, "Are you willing?” She says, "Yes” I ask her to lie on the carpet. She complies. I pull my still hard cock out and lay over her in a sixty-nine position. She immediately took my cock in her mouth as I licked her slit and nibbled her clit. I did this continuing to drink up her “fuck me juices” as her arousal produced them. I look up at Sabrina and tell her to ask the doctor to come up here because this Junior Slut was about to suck my balls dry. She left for a few minutes then returned with a cloth tape measure. She knelt near my cock and the girl’s mouth and asks her to pull back a second. I feel the tape wrap around my cock, then I feel it run up the bottom of it to get a length measurement. She backed out and told the girl to finish me. As soon as she took me into her mouth she had an orgasm and bit me! Not hard enough to hurt permanently but she did leave black and blue tooth marks on my prick. I withdraw and return to the infirmary.

Sabrina hands him the paper she’d wrote my penis measurements on. He enters them into an Access Database program then has the program print out a report that shows whose pussy and ass I can fit in. Since the girls knew Ii was straight this lists only female personnel. I do take special note of two eight year old virgins, Beatrice and Mary. Mary is one of Rita and Karl’s kids.

The Doctor examined my bruised organ and said, "Let me guess, you were doing 69 with Denise and she came with you in her mouth?” I asked him, "How do you know that?” “She’s done this before. I don’t think it’s intentional. She’s just totally out of control when she cumes, you’ll be okay and it’s still hard so you can finish the audition if you want. I asked, "Who else do I have to do?” Sabrina answers me, “an adult but it can’t be me.” We go back upstairs and I head for the oldest girl I see. She watches me approach. I ask her for her name and age. She says, I’m Margaret and I’m 22. I notice a wedding band on her left ring finger. I ask, "Does your husband know you are here and what I may do to you?” She says, "He should since he’s working security here.” I take her in my arms and kiss her. She responds with tongue. I give her some tongue. She asks “Why don’t I just suck you off since I’m menstrual right now. I say okay. She kneels and unzips me; strokes me twice with her hand while kissing the head. Then she swallowed me right up to my zipper. I undo the waist snap on my slacks and let them drop. She comes off my prick and drops my boxers. She has my cock in her mouth she’s cradling my balls with one hand then she sticks a finger up my ass and tickles my prostate. After that I’m done. I start pumping cum into this young wife’s mouth. She didn’t even flinch she just swallowed it as smoothly as if it happened every day.

I get dressed and my daughter picks up her cell phone and dials a number . She says, "Hi, Rita Dad did everything on the list….Oh , he is? All right I’ll bring him out” She says, "Dad, Karl and Rita want to meet you.
So we go downstairs past the clinic entrance to the garage to the Volt. Sabrina hits the door contrl and I back out. Karl is awake and lucid so he wants to meet his successor. I drive us back to Memphis and Methodist Hospital I park the car and we go in. Karl is in a hospice room which means friends and family can come and go as they please. We walk in, Rita walks up to me and embraces me kissesme on the mouth and says, "It’s nice to see you, Amy has told us all about you.’’ My reply, “Then you probably are mad at me for fucking your children.” Karl laughs at this then goes into a 25 second coughing spell. Rita says, "I want to stay with Karl so my daughter’s were sent to find me a new partner who could succeed him and so far Mr. H------s , you are the only one to pass all the tests. Even though I understand my daughter tricked you into making love to your daughter the first time but you took to it with enthusiasm once the trick was over.

Rita is a MILF. She is simply a middle aged version of Amy.5’ 8” 120 pounds 36C in the bust with a 25 inch waist and 38 inch hips. She is an elegant 40 year old. We talk a while with Karl listening. Finally he calls us both over. Rita needs to know what kind of fucker you are. I want to know too. So Charles, I want you to do her right here on the sofa. With Amy, Sabrina and Karl watching Rita and I return to the sofa and we make out. As we French kiss I feel the Cialis restoring my erection and I start to feel up Rita’s breasts. She whispers to me, "The bra has front release” so I release it then slide blouse and bra off her shoulders and to the floor.

I work her nipples and breasts until the nipples went erect. Then I work one with my mouth, the other with my hand which leaves me free a=hand to reach up her skirt to her joy hole. That hand worked up and down her slit and circled her clit coming and going. She like Amy was sans panties. She loosened my belt pulled off my shirt then unsnapped and removed my slacks. She took off my boxers and then I dived for her muff. My tongue ran the same path my finger had traced earlier. She immediately started breathing hard. Within a minute she was gasping for breath. Then she climaxed stiffly arching her back off the sofa. S he screamed out “Fuck me, Charlie Right Now!” So I lined my erect cock with her pussy and pushed, For a forty year old slut she was tight. I slipped in easily enough and she was wet enough it was a smooth fuck. Still I wanted her to come first so I slipped my hand down to play her clit. She was gasping for air after a minute of my cock in her pussy and my finger on her clit. Then she came and turned into a bucking bronco. I held her to avoid falling out. As soon as she settled to the sofa I renewed my hand and cock stimulation of Rita’s body. She never stopped breathing hard and was gasping for breath within a minute after coming down from her orgasm. This time as she started bucking I released my load of cum into her body. As we both came back to planet earth, Karl asked her, "Will he do? “ She said, "Yes Karl, He’ll do fine.” He calls me over to the bed and says, "Are you willing to marry her and take care of her as long as you live? I say yes. He says, "Honey call the minister as soon as I’m gone and make it official. I pull out the prenuptial agreement. I give it to Rita who gives it to Karl. Karl says, "Sign it.” She does.

Amy and Rita both kiss me goodbye, I shake hands with Karl who says “I can die knowing a good man is taking over for me. Sabrina and I return to the Arkansas compound. As we pass the clinic on the way into the building the doctor wants us to stop at the clinic. He takes us into his office.
He says, "I am a scientist and I think there is a way to stimulate enlargement of a young girl’s vagina so she can be fucked younger. Now I’ve got girls willing to try it with parents who have signed consent forms. Karl was against it. I just want you to consider it.” I say, "That’s a lot to think about. How do you propose to do this?” He says, "When we want a person to grow extra skin to close a surgical wound we put balloons under their skin and the skin grows over it as we inflate it. I believe I can put a balloon behind the hymen and inflate it and the vagina will expand as we inflate the balloon.” I tell him “That sounds benign enough but I have to hold the decision until I have the company.” He says, "I’ll have to accept it whatever you decide. We shake hands and leave.

As we are going upstairs Sabrina informs me she has signed a consent form for Charlene because she is in a hurry being competitive with her sister. None of the girls or boys that were here earlier are here now. I ask Sabrina where I’m going to sleep tonight. She says, "In my apartment here.” We go up to the second floor and into the south wing to a small but adequate two bedroom apartment.

She shows me our luggage was already brought up and unpacked into closets and dressers. When I comment how efficiently they have moved me in the granddaughters come in and I exchange hugs and kisses with both of them. Beatrice wants to know when I’m going to fuck her deeply. She says, "If today is anything like what it’s like I’m gonna love doing it.
I tell all the ladies surrounding me I may raise the age at which virgins are taken, and in any case there will be a period of mourning on Karl’s passing. I want to show proper respect for the man who entrusted his company to me. So we may take time off making porn.

Charlene brings a book to me. I reach for it figuring she wants me to read it to her. I figured wrong. She opens the book and starts reading. Sounds as if she has memorized something that was read to her multiple times. So I pick up my laptop that has both Kindle and Nook on it and pull up Butterflies Are Free to Fly by Stephen Davis.

She read, "George had problem. Although he hid it fairly well, George was basically unhappy. He was feeling unfulfilled; his life had become dull and boring; he hated his job; he was probably going to be fired soon because of the economic recession; his relationship with his wife had gone south; He couldn’t communicate anymore with his kids; he had no real life except working, eating, watching TV, and sleeping; he could count his real friends on one finger; and he saw no real way of changing anything, of making anything better.” I took the computer away from her and re-read the first two paragraphs of the E-book and turn to my daughter and say, "How did she learn to read at age 3?” My daughter says, "All the kids here go to school here and as soon as they can behave and pay attention we teach them to read.” “What about when they want to go to college? Sabrina answers, "We’ve sent several people to college and most don’t come back. Amy came back with a degree in cinematography.”

I impressed with this new information of how this business takes care of its own. Bea pipes up with, "Having school here also lets us have our own ‘normal’ so we girls who are introduced to intercourse at age eight don’t have classmates who don’t know what we are talking about.

It has been a long day so I tell the girls to go to bed and Sabrina and I go to bed. I kiss her and she does kiss me back but no tongue. I ask her if its okay if I just hold her tonight and don’t do anything else? She says, "Sure.” So I fall asleep with my daughter in my arms after having a day of sex I won’t soon forget.

We slept about two hours when the phone rang. I sleep lightly so I got to it first. I picked up the receiver and said “hello?” The female voice said, "Karl just past. Charles, you are in charge of the company and Mom will see you in the office at 8.” I finally realize I’m speaking with Amy and say to her, "You have my condolences.” She says, "Mom wants you to marry her in the morning.” All I can say is “okay” and we say goodbye and hang up. I set my watch alarm for 6 and go back to bed.

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