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Enter the Pissa Delivery Boy and more about Mick's monster dick


Our last day on the job here was much the same as yesterday, an early start and as we really wanted to finish today, we just had to knuckle down and get it done. As the day wore on, I realised that it would be fairly late again before we could call it quits. When I organised our cabin accommodation on the first day, I had mentioned to Steve, the park owner that we might need to stay on an extra night if we were running a bit behind schedule. He had said there was no problem with that and we could stay as long as we liked. So rather than drive home after such a long day, I decided that we would leave tomorrow when we were rested and ready.

Anyway, as we were packing up our tools from the job, it was well after 5.30pm. As we were about to drive off Jim came down to see how we had gone for the day. He greeted us with his usual friendly smile and commented on how good the new fencing looked and how well we had cleaned up after completing the work. We chatted for a short time and I mentioned that we were not leaving the caravan park until the next day. Jim thought that was a good idea and said “You boys must be stuffed after such a big day.” “You’re not wrong.” I answered. “But it’s not only from the work.” I added with a wink and a grin. “It’s pretty hard to keep up with this young randy dynamo,” indicating Brett with a nod of my head. Jim laughed loudly and said “I know just what you mean; it’s the same for me.” Then he added “Good fun though aye?” “I can’t argue with that.” I said. “Oh Jim” I went on, “how about you and Mick join us for a few beers in a little while? Our cabin.” “That sounds good to me and I’m sure Mick won’t say no.” “Great,” I said “let’s say in about half an hour or so. Might get some pizza in too so we don’t have to cook. And I have plenty of beer so don’t bring any with you.” “Thanks Dan, I look forward to that.” said Jim. “See you then.”

We were soon driving up to our cabin and as we got out of the ute, Brett said “This could be a bit of fun tonight.” He gave his crotch a bit of rub as we headed for the door. I laughed and said “Why do you think I invited them?” Brett looked at me and said “OOO Dan, you dirty old man”. “Have you only just figured that out?” I laughed.

We only had a short time to get showered and changed and agreed that there would be time later for other pleasures whatever they might be. We had only just finished getting ready and were sitting down on the veranda when Jim and Mick arrived. We brought out a couple more chairs from inside and all sat down around the little table. It was another pleasant evening, and we were all soon pretty relaxed as we washed away the stress of a busy day. I ‘phoned the local pizza shop about 7.30 and placed our orders. They would arrive in around twenty minutes.

Sure enough, right on time, a little delivery van arrived and a young guy in his early twenties jumped out and brought our order up to the veranda. This guy was a real hunk of a man. He stood nearly six feet tall, had a fantastic athletic build and short black hair. He was wearing dark trousers and a tight short sleeved red T shirt. He was wearing a small name badge which said ‘Nathan’. His arms were all muscle and his firm six-pack was clearly visible due to the tight T shirt. He smiled broadly at us as he placed the stack of boxes on the table. When he straightened up, he must have noticed all our eyes drop to admire the sizable round bulge in the front of his pants. We were all pretty much speechless. He must have picked up our joint vibes as his face flushed slightly red. I handed him a fifty dollar note and as he took it, he squeezed my index finger just briefly enough to send me a message. He then said to us “Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy your meal and your evening.” We thanked him, noting his last three words. So Jim said to him, “would you like to join us Nathan?” “Ahhm, well that would be good but I am working until 9pm.” Nathan replied. “Well we’ll be here if you can make it. You will be very welcome.” said Jim. I’m sure that the bulge in his pants was growing as Nathan turned to leave saying “Thanks, I will try to make it.”

As Nathan drove away, we all looked at each other open mouthed. “That was bold” said Mick. “He might have given you a back hander.” “Sometimes you can get lucky” Jim replied. “Just have to wait and see.” he added. “I doubt he would have got violent anyway, with 4 of us sitting here.”

So, we got into our cold beer and hot pizzas. Not much more was said for quite a few minutes as we were all pretty hungry. We were also trying to digest what had just happened. A bit later I said “I thought this sort of thing only happened in porn movies. Do you really think Nathan will come back?” “Let’s hope so.” said Mick, “he looks like fun.” With that, Mick stood up and pulled the top of his shorts down so that his monster cock could break loose. It appeared from his waistband and we were goggle eyed as this huge dick swung out and upward in a slight curve. It was pretty much fully erect and the tip of the head was nearly clear of his foreskin. I was immediately recalling what that had felt like between my legs in the pool last night. The effect on me was electric. I instantly became horny and I gasped as I asked Mick, “How big is that monster, Mick?” “10 ½ inches last time I checked.” “Bloody hell, you must be able to self suck with a dick like that.” “Yeah, I can just get the head in my mouth.” he replied. “You lucky bugger.” I said. Brett hadn’t really seen ‘Mick’s Monster’ properly and was captivated at the sight before his eyes. “I have only ever seen self sucking on porn videos;” said Brett. “Would you show me how you do it?” “Sure Brett, but we had better go inside aye!”

So with that, we all got up and moved inside the cabin. Mick headed for the single bed under the window and dropped his pants and took off his shirt. (It was then we realised that Mick was not wearing any underwear which in its self was a turn-on). His body was also in very good shape and we were all getting quite excited as we watched him take up his position on the bed. His cock was so big that it tended to sag down a bit with its own weight but this didn’t make it any shorter. Mick arranged some pillows under his back as he lay down bone naked. He pulled his upper body forward while putting each arm around the front of his bent legs. Now he rocked back a little and there was his huge cock right in front of his lips. We all watched in awe as Mick bent his head forward slightly more and the tip of his dick entered his lips. He licked the top for a moment then the whole head disappeared inside his mouth. He was able to get a great sucking motion going and within a moment or two, the shaft had hardened up quite a lot. Then Mick released his huge cock from his mouth and straightened out rubbing it slowly up and down, saying that he didn’t want to get off that way right now as he usually reserved that for when there was no one else around to share a ‘good time’ with.

Meanwhile, Brett had pulled his dick out and was slowly masturbating as he watched Mick. Mick patted the bed he was sitting on to indicate that Brett should sit next to him. There was no stopping Brett joining Mick and he quickly dropped his shorts as he sat down. Jim and I were now both very horny and found it hard to keep our eyes off the two boys on the bed. However, we thought we should leave them to do there own thing and moved back onto the veranda in case Nathan did turn up. As we sat down next to each other, I glanced at my watch. It was a few minutes after nine and I wondered whether Nathan would actually come. Jim and I sat sipping at our beers and had our legs touching each other. This was of course keeping us both very horny.

We had only been sitting there for a few minutes playing gently with each other under the table, when we saw a pair of headlights coming towards the cabin. Low and behold, it was Nathan. He parked next to the cabin and came around to the stairs to the veranda. As he started up, he saw us both sitting there. He arrived at the top and gave us a big smile and said “Hi.” “G’day Nathan, glad you could make it.” I said. “Pull up a seat. Would you like a beer mate?” “Sure – ok” he said a little nervously. I got up to go to the fridge and realised that my fly was still open but it was too late. Nathan had already noticed and seemed a little unsure of what to do next. I just said “oops, sorry about that.” Nathan could also see that I was somewhat horny due to the bulge in my shorts but he just smiled and said “It’s not a problem with me. Don’t worry.” So I smiled back and said that I was pleased about that. I also introduced myself and Jim then went in to get him a beer. While I was there, even though the light was now out, I could see that Brett and Mick were very much enjoying each other’s company.

I returned to Nathan and Jim with Nathan’s beer. When I handed it to him, I could clearly see that he was hiding a nice boner in his trousers. It was sloping up to the right AND, he didn’t seem to want to hide it from us. So I got quite bold too and suggested that he could get comfortable and take that big dick out of his pants too if he would like to. Nathan seemed to blush a bit but said that if that was the order of the day, it was ok with him. I stood up again and asked if I could help. He said straight away that he would like that. BINGO!

Nathan stood up and even in the dim light we could see that his erection was pressing hard against the inside of his pants. He stood in front of me as I took the tab of his zipper between my thumb and forefinger and slowly slid it down. In doing so, my other fingers brushed against the hot, hard bulge of his cock. He let out a quiet moan as I reached inside his trousers and found the slit in his boxer briefs and pulled his hard dick out as he pushed his ass back a little to make it easier.

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