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Much action in the shower


While Jim and I were getting to know Nathan on the veranda, Brett and Mick were getting to know more about each other in the living room. Brett had now stripped naked as well and the two them had squeezed onto the single bed they had been sitting on. It was a fairly tight fit but neither seemed to worry too much about that. Both loved the body contact they had going and their cocks were firmly pressed against each other as the boys hugged and kissed. Mick had suggested that they move into the main bedroom where the bed was larger but Brett said he would rather they didn’t in case Jim and I - and Nathan, if he turned up - might need the space more than them. So the boys made the best use of what they had.

After a while, both Brett and Mick were building up some heat between them so Brett thought it might be good if they showered together to cool off a little. Mick agreed, so they moved to the bathroom. They set the water temperature just higher than cool and began soaping each other up. Both boys were as horny as hell and Brett told Mick that he would like him to do what he (Mick) had done with me in the pool the other night. Mick said “Sure. That was fun; felt so good too.” This time there was the added advantage of the soap to make things nice and slippery. Mick took the soap, turned the water off for the moment and slipped his soapy hand into the crack of Brett’s ass and between his legs. Now he slicked up his huge weapon and slid it between Brett’s legs. He was very hard and as his dick moved in, it massaged Brett’s perineum and ball sack. As Brett moaned with the pleasure, he looked down to see the head appear below his balls and it sort of looked like he had a second, shorter cock himself. Then, as it moved forward a little further, he felt Mick’s hard belly push up against his ass cheeks. At the same time, Mick was gently rubbing Brett’s nipples with his finger tips. Mick began moving back and forth in a slow fucking motion as Brett held on to his own cock which was rock hard now. He couldn’t believe how good this whole thing felt. He had told Mick earlier that he was not ready to try taking anything like his monster up his ass and felt that this was a really good substitute. Mick was also getting a lot of pleasure from this action. He varied his movement a little now and then to rubbing the tip of his cock over the tight asshole of his new friend. Neither of them wanted this to stop. The joint pleasure was amazing. Mick moved his right hand down to take Brett’s raging cock in his hand. He slowly rubbed his soapy hand and fingers from his balls all the way up to the flared head. Neither of the boys could edge this out too long as the sensations were so intense. Mick knew that he wasn’t far off an orgasm and sensed that Brett was feeling the same. Both cocks began to pulse strongly and both sets of balls had risen to the firing position. Brett bent his neck back and his face came alongside that of Mick. Mick increased slightly both the pumping action of his cock and the masturbation of Brett’s. Brett was rubbing his soapy hand around the head of Mick’s dick as it appeared and retreated and it was very soon that, unable to stop, both boys moaned loudly as their hot juices burst forth in a combined blast of hot creamy sperm. The feeling for both of them was intense – like nothing either had experienced previously. Brett turned around and hung his shaking arms over Mick’s shoulders. He turned the shower back on and they both just hung on to each other as the tepid water flowed over them. After a couple of moments, Mick dropped to his knees and took Brett’s still firm cock in his mouth and sucked the last dregs of the sweet, salty nectar from the shaft. They both slowly came down from their sexual highs as they hugged and kissed, thanking each other for the amazing time they had just experienced.

Mick and Brett emerged from the bathroom and recovered their clothing. They each took a cold beer from the fridge and moved out to the veranda where they found that the other three were not there. Their heads were still so full of what they had just done with each other, that they hadn’t noticed the action going on inside. Brett went back in and checked the bedroom where the light was off but knew there was a lot going on in there.

While Mick and Brett had been ‘busy’, Nathan had arrived and I had boldly advanced on him. I had his rock hard cock out of his pants in a matter of moments after getting him a beer and sitting him down with Jim and me at the little table. I sat back down and got Nathan to move his chair in closer to me. Now I was in the middle with Nathan on my right and Jim on my left. Jim and I once again pulled our dicks out and resumed our fondling of each other. Nathan had gotten over his initial feeling of uncertainty and embarrassment and now sat with his legs spread wide apart, his left knee pressed against my right, and allowing me to hold and squeeze his perfect circumcised, seven inch penis. Although not huge in length, it was fairly fat and so hard. It was sticking straight up in front of him and felt so warm and smooth. Nathan still had his good black work trousers on and I said quietly, “Why don’t you take those good pants off mate. I would hate to see you make a mess of them.” He replied, “I was just thinking about that too.” So he stood up and took them off, laying them on the back of an empty chair. While he was up, he slipped off his shoes and socks too. All that was left were his nice red shirt and his briefs. Jim and I had removed our shirts earlier, so Nathan didn’t need to be encouraged to lose his also.

When Nathan took off his shirt, Jim and I both quietly exhaled deeply. This boy had the body of a Greek god. His biceps were very well built up as were his pecks. His flat belly revealed the perfect ‘six-pack’ and he had obviously done a lot of gym work to build up his legs. Jim broke the silence by saying, “Nathan, you have an absolutely amazing body. Are you into a sport of some sort?” Nathan smiled broadly and replied “Thanks Jim, actually I play Rugby League for the local team. We are preparing for the state titles in a few weeks. We are second on the ladder and have a good chance in the premiership.” “WOW!” I exclaimed, “You are to be congratulated on how well you take care of yourself Nathan.” “Thank you. It does take a bit of devotion and hard work.” he replied. “I shouldn’t really be drinking but now and then you have to let go a little; and I haven’t got a game for another week and a bit.” “Well, we won’t push you to do anything that you feel you shouldn’t be doing – including drinking too much beer.” I said with a wink. “It all sounds good to me, Dan.” he said.

As Nathan sat down again, I asked him if he would like to come inside for a bit of ‘fun’ when he had finished his beer. He replied “Sure, but why wait until I finish. It’ll keep cold in the fridge.” Jim and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing but we quickly rose to our feet and ushered our young friend into the bedroom. We didn’t need the light on due to the still good moonlight streaming in the window. We noticed that Brett and Mick were in the bathroom as we came in. The door was closed and we could only use our imagination as to what was going on in there. But we had other things on our mind right now.

Al RichardsReport

2016-10-15 15:06:32
Loved this story a lot. I love it when they have a happy ending

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