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This story written by Laura 953, edited by Empress Lainie at the request of Laura953. This was entered in the unedited edition in CAW10 as MY SISTER IS BACK

COPYRIGHT 2012 LAURA 953 & EMPRESS LAINIE; Publication restricted to XNXX Sex Stories & Forum


"Hello, this is Marisa." These words are rarely heard, as we do not call each other very often. After the usual phrases of circumstance, how are you, what are you doing, how are things; my sister tells me: " I will stop working in January and would love to return to live in Sardinia. Can you accommodate me?"

Marisa, my sister is a nurse. She's been gone from Sardinia for over thirty years and, at that time, I forget, was eighteen or nineteen years old. I say - without being able to hide the surprise: "Sure, do come Marisa, I'm glad for you to come home."

I still live in our little place of origin, a small village near the sea, one of the most beautiful of Sardinia. Now I am an architect and I live alone in the old family house that I renovated over the years and made comfortable and modern.

Strangely, I'm thinking of the time when my sister went away from home; the fire in the fireplace to heat the water and the tub placed in front of the fireplace that was used for bathing.

Now I remember how it was and the pleasure I felt when my sister washed my body, then, thin and immature, with her bare hands.

I echo her words in my mind at the time: "Mateo, I will come back one day ..... come back for you," she said as her hand moved from my chest down to continue the soapy bath, and the first time exciting me, stroking my cock and balls, between my legs with the warm and soapy water.

That same afternoon, Marisa started making love with me and since then we've done it a few times. Now come back, definitely! But out of all these times, she has remained a virgin. Marisa will not find a boy-child of thirteen years, but a man much changed, of course a crossdressing bisexual lover in secret and away from the small country town and its hypocritical people, but she does not know.

On this morning, Jan. 27, comes my sister Marisa. I have not slept all night, I'm nervous, I do not understand why. I should be happy but I am perplexed and amazed and disturbed by thoughts that haunted me all night. Even now, in the car while I go to the airport to pick up my sister, I just think the day of her departure from home, to her words, "Mateo, I will come back one day .... come back for you" while she was bathing me.
The flight status panel noted the arrival of the my sister's aircraft. I go to the exit point for the passengers. My legs tremble as I try to think of a sentence is not too trivial to welcome my long lost Marisa.

Marisa is in the gap. I did not remember so good. I stop, I can not go ahead; look you; I fear I have a silly face. She runs to me and I enfolded her in my arms to embrace her; felt her body shaking as her lips touch mine.

"Hello Mateo, together at last" are the only words she says before she even touches my lips with hers. I still have not managed to say a word.

In the car are the looks that we exchange that mean more than words. My sister's hand is resting on my leg, her eyes seem to smile while her tongue was constantly licking her lips, her face is illuminated by the glow of her love for me.

It took about two hours to arrive at the house. Marisa had not been there for ten years and has yet to see how the house has changed with my artistry. I ask my sister to close her eyes for her surprise. She accepts laughing and I feel her hands still patting my leg but stronger.

I stopped the car in the center of the front garden, the fragrant garden of Mediterranean and cut grass and she smells the garden as well as the granite that now covers the house, Marisa opens her eyes and shouts "incredible" and jumps for joy and began hugging me and weeping tears of joy. Marisa kisses me, this time I feel her placing a nice gentle pressure on my lips with both our lips still closed.

We go inside and my sister is profoundly moved as the poor old former fisherman's house has been transformed into one of the most beautiful villas on the coast. We go into every room in the house and my sister continually bursts out with cries of wonder and amazement. You see, she is happily surprised, but the maximum of its wonder bursts when she sees the center of one of three bathrooms and in that one I placed the old tub bathtub in front of the old fireplace.

I wanted to keep the tub and fireplace in the memory of the pleasure and the excitement I felt while I was washing Marisa and she was washing me. That memory has never left me. She never left the memory of the last bath before her departure, and I have always treasured the words of my sister: "Mateo, I will come back ...... come back for you."

That day has arrived. My sister has returned.

While these thoughts passed through my mind I realize that Marisa is right up against me.
The mouth of my sister is close to my ear. I feel the warmth of her breath, and I hear her excited voice whisper "Mateo I came back ........ I'm back for you" as her hands clasp me to her and her mouth presses tightly to my lips with her tongue carressing them. Now it becomes a real kiss as I open my mouth and allow our tongues to join in sensual play.
I feel her hand trying to open my pants right now but it is not my brain that controls but my hard and excited cock, so I put her hand inside to continue the work.

We do not talk. It will not help. Now we're just a man and a woman not his brother and sister. My hands carefully and tenderly bare her whole body; a body beautiful in spite of years gone by. Our clothes are now scattered at our feet in front of the old washtub.

I close my eyes as her lips wrap around my cock.

The mouth of my sister seems like fire and her tongue like a snake gone crazy while playing with my cock which was now far too hard and yet unable to resist, because I feel the orgasm take my head and feel my legs trembling and push my cock deep in the throat of my sister to ejaculate while screaming from pleasure.

One, two, three times I go through the violent contractions of my cock while I hear the groans of my sister who continues to suck, hungry and greedy as any woman I've ever seen giving wonderful oral love on the beach.

I feel my sister's breasts along my legs and she stands up and rises from her knees. I feel her soft warm tits dragging along my belly and up my chest. When they stop her mouth still full of my sperm, joins to mine, and she shares the love I have made for her with me before retrieving it and swallowing every last minute drop.

I do not remember how long all of this had lasted. I only remember the greatest pleasure and wonder, trying not to feel any sense of guilt and remorse for what me and my sister just did.

I remember the smile when Marisa has removed her mouth from mine and after keeping it open a moment to show me my cum on her tongue closed her lips to swallow it all.
She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom, making me lie down in bed with her legs open and splayed over above me, just saying: "Now I give you my virginity, my only and always true love, Mateo."

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you shitty fuck you should hav began with sis brought a bull mastiff asa she frenched you her mastiff fucked you in your bitch ass beeeeeeeoooooootch. stop try n too rewrite beeeeoooootch.

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2012-04-30 19:16:43
Just wait until readers get sick of seeing this piece of shit being so highly rated and decide it's worth logging in to vote. It'll quickly have the rating it deserves. Prepare to crash and burn.

I remember one of Lainie's stories (Double Trouble) got crucified but it was a personal attack on his/her lifestyle... not comments on the story, as they should have been. That particular story was superbly done... it was Lainie's own work. I'm very surprised that he put his name behind this one. It's beneath him. He should have re-written it.

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That was me... enjoying the ''TRUE'' story.

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This story is like a crap version of cinderella compared to
The Neighbour's Daughter series

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