A fantasy I have about my boyfriend and one of his friends and I. This might turn into a series, if it’s what all you lovely fans want! Constructive criticism only please :) Also, sorry there’s not much character description! Maybe in the second chapter if there is one.
I wasn’t sure how I got myself into this mess. I was dripping wet and couldn’t do a thing about it. I was sitting there, tied to a chair; hands behind my back, watching the scene play out in front of me. I couldn’t look away, even if I wanted to, otherwise I’d get punished afterwards. Punishment was always fun, depending on what it was, but I still didn’t want to risk it. I didn’t want to take the chance of not being able to join.

Leo and I were dating, and Josh was just along for the ride. They knew how much I was into gays, so they teased me relentlessly. They started kissing and making out in front of me and it drove me nuts, of course, they knew what they were doing and decided it wasn’t enough. They started feeling each other up and I sat there mesmerized, wanting more. They stopped what they were doing all of a sudden, and whispered to each other. “Come on guys! Where’s the action? Please keep going?” I said while bouncing a little in place. They just smiled and nodded.

Next thing I knew, I was pinned down with my hands held together. I fought a bit, mostly from surprise, wondering ‘what the fuck do these two have in mind?’. I couldn’t really fight them. They were stronger than me, and two guys. I don’t see why I’d want to fight anyways (other than to just make it harder on them). Josh left the room as I stopped fighting and came back with a chair. Now what in the hell?

Leo helped me get to my feet then immediately grabbed my hands again. “Josh, the handcuffs are in that little green and black bag there.” Leo said while sitting me down. Josh came behind me and clicked them shut, tight. Unfortunately, months ago, Leo had cut the safety off so I couldn’t get out. By now I was dumfounded that they’d gang up on me like this, but wetter than I’d ever been.

“Guys, why did you tie me up? What is the point of this?!” I half whispered, half said. “You’re not allowed to look away. If you do, you’ll be punished. Not saying how, or what, but you will be, depending on the length of time you look away.” Leo said. “And you agree with him Josh?! W-why? I want to be free and be able to look from different angles and maybe touch…” “Nope. No touching. That’s why you’re tied up. We’re going to drive you insane, and there’s nothing you can do about it” Josh winked as he finished his sentence.

Well this was going to be interesting. They left my side and went back to the bed. They started making out again, Josh on top of Leo, running his hands up and down his body. I bit my lip and took my chance to look away while they were distracted. “Hey! What are you doing looking away? That’s one point for punishment. You better keep looking.” Leo said as he started undoing Josh’s pants. My breathing got a bit heavier watching them.

Josh stood up and finished taking his pants off, as Leo took his shirt off. Josh laid down on the bed, standing at attention. I whimpered a little as Leo took him into his mouth. I wanted to be right up close watching, not stuck to this chair. I couldn’t even touch myself! I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as I thought about being physically part of this scene in some way. Josh’s moan woke me from my daydream. Leo had his whole length in his mouth, cupping his balls. I bit my lip harder and held back from asking to be let go.

I leaned forward in the chair when Leo started going up and down Josh’s shaft. My wrists were hurting from straining against the cuffs. Leo bobbed his head faster the more Josh groaned. I could barely stand it! I was whimpering audibly by now. Josh’s chuckle at my helplessness was replaced by another groan. Leo kept his mouth going and soon Josh was cumming. My eyes grew wide as Leo swallowed it all.

“Mmm that was good. Thanks Leo. Now I think it’s your turn to get something.” Josh said with a sly smile. Leo laid sideways on the bed, but Josh just shook his head and pointed towards me. My eyes were practically pleading at this point but I didn’t want my voice to betray how disheveled I was. The boys walked slowly up to me. I tasted a bit of blood in my mouth from biting my lip so hard. Leo stuck one finger inside me and I couldn’t hold back a moan.

Josh’s mouth covered mine as I let out another moan. Then, as fast as it happened, they both pulled away from me. “WHAT THE FUCK? That’s IT?! Get these handcuffs off of me! I want ooooouuuuuttttt! Let me go. I need to get off NOW.” All they had to do was touch me and I lost it. I wasn’t proud of myself, but at least I got that off my chest. My jaw fell open as my right cheek started to sting. That bastard Leo slapped me! “What the- ” I was cut off by Josh grabbing my jaw, not hard, but enough to get my attention. “Don’t talk back to us got that? We’re in charge here and you’ll get off when we say you do. Understood?”

He let go of my face and I let my head fall forward. “Yes SIR” I said a bit sarcastically and quietly, but not quietly enough. “What was that?” They both said at the same time. “N-nothing… Nothing at all.” I stammered. “Good. Better watch what you say to us from now on otherwise you might not get off at all.” Leo said looking straight at me. I looked down as much more as I could as Josh got on his knees right in front of me.

Leo undid his pants and came over to Josh. Josh was going to suck Leo’s dick… Inches from my face! My breathing became difficult as Josh took Leo into his waiting mouth. ‘Ohgodohgodohgod they’re really gonna do this right in front me ohmygod’ was all I could think of. I heard someone say please very quietly, then realized I had said it. “What?” Leo asked me. “P-p-please?” “Please what?” Josh had stopped sucking Leo and looked up to watch my suffering.

I took in an unsteady breath and tried again “P-please I need to get off.” “And why should we let you do that? You’ve misbehaved a few times.” Said Leo looking to Josh with a wink. “Please I won’t anymore. I just need to get off. Please. I’ll do anything. Just PLEASE untie me.” Josh stood up next to Leo as a smile spread across his face. “Anything huh?” “Yes anything. Just please let me go.” Josh smirked while Leo went around to take the handcuffs off.

“So much better! Thank you.” I rubbed my wrists trying to soothe them where I strained against the cuffs. “Now that you’re untied, we want you to beg us to let you get off.” “B-but Leo I…that’s embarrassing.” Josh crossed his arms and started teasing me with his words. “Well then I guess you’re not going to get off now are you? Wouldn’t you like to get off? Hmm… Maybe by me eating you out, or Leo eating you out, while one of us fucks the other? Or what if one of us fucked you while you blow the other? Hmm? Would you like that? Naaah I’m sure you wouldn’t. You won’t beg, so you’re shit. Out. Of. Luuuckkk.” Leo just went and laid back down on the bed with Josh walking over.

Josh once again took Leo’s cock into his mouth and started sucking slowly up and down. For the millionth time that day, I bit my lip. Leo looked at me and said “You suuuuuure you don’t want to get – mmmm uunngh – off? Keep that up Josh and I won’t last long” he finished his sentence looking down at Josh’s bobbing head. I crept closer to the two boys, crawling onto the bed with them. I sat back on my heels near Leo’s side and started to fondle my breasts. Leo raised an eyebrow but said nothing and groaned more.

“Ahh! What was that for?” I jumped a bit when I felt Josh’s hand connect with my ass. Since his mouth was kind of busy, Leo answered for him, “I believe that’s for touching yourself without asking. We will be the ones to get you off, not yourself. But you have to ask for it.” “O-okay I’ll ask… Please can you get me off? I need to be pleasured too. I’m going crazy under my skin, I need this. P-please?” I hated myself for giving in. But they were so sexy and knew how to push my buttons.

Leo let out a disappointed sound as Josh lifted his head. “Alright, now tell us what you want.” “Didn’t I just tell you?! I want to be pleasured, I want to get off! I want to cum!” I said a bit too loudly. Leo moved behind me and started kissing and nibbling along my shoulders. Josh looked at me with a straight face. Was I in trouble for my outburst? I sure hoped not. “We got that captain obvious, but tell us EXACTLY what you want. Beg us to fuck you, to play with your body.”

It was so hard to breathe, never mind concentrate on exactly what I wanted, with Leo teasing me the way he was. “Please… Anything… Oh god Leo stop teasing me… So hard… To think…” “Tell us what you want or you won’t get anything.” Josh replied. Fuck they were being difficult! Couldn’t they just do what they wanted and end my suffering?! “I-I want to be f-fucked” I stammered quietly. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t quite hear you. Did you hear what she said Leo?” “For fuck sakes Josh! Oh… I’m sorry. Uhm… I want to… To be fucked. Please?”

Josh laughed and moved to sit cross legged. “Well I don’t know. Leo do you think she deserves to be fucked? Or should she be punished for earlier first? You decide since she IS your girl.” Leo stopped teasing me, finally. “I don’t know. I think she deserves punishment first. And I know the perfect punishment. Josh, hand me the lube would you?” “W-why do you need the lube?! I’m definitely wet enough!” He didn’t say anything, just smiled as he grabbed the lube from Josh.

He pushed me forward, so I landed in Josh lap. He opened the lube and put some on his fingers. I tried sitting up again but josh held me down. I didn’t bother fighting; I knew he’d keep me there if he wanted to. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt the cold lube touch my ass crack. This time I tried to get out of Josh’s grip. “Uh uh uh. You’re not going anywhere. This is what Leo sees fit for punishment, so you’ll have to deal with it. Should’ve thought of the consequences before you misbehaved.”

Leo stuck a lubed up finger up my ass and I shook all over. I knew anal hurt, so naturally I was scared of it. My face was in Josh’s crotch, so I barely had breathing room with his dick in my face. My body was being pinned down with my ass up and I couldn’t get out of his grip. There was no way, that I could see, that I was getting out of this. Leo stuck another finger in my ass and moved them in and out. I opened my mouth to ask him to stop, but Josh stuck his cock in my mouth to stop me from speaking. I was really shaking by then.

I tried pulling my head up and off of Josh, but he plunged my head back down and moaned as he hit the back of my throat. I figured my efforts of trying to escape would be pointless, so I started sucking him for all I was worth. Leo kept fingering my ass, going faster then slower, faster, slower. Josh grabbed my head, holding it in place. “Woah, slow down! I don’t want to cum yet. Even if I did, that wouldn’t get you out of your punishment” I groaned inwardly. Leo let go of the lube and used his other hand to rub my ass, my hips, just along my lips. I sighed around Josh’s length and began sucking more slowly this time.

“Mmm that’s better. Keep going like that.” Said Josh while closing his eyes. I jumped and moaned when Leo pushed two fingers into my waiting pussy. God I wanted to cum so bad. I pushed back a bit asking for more, while still sucking Josh. Leo pulled the two fingers he had in my ass out and it felt so much better. He started slowly, but worked his way up. He found my spot and oh boy did he know how to use it. I was moaning and groaning all over Josh when I felt my orgasm coming. I rocked my hips back and forth asking for more.

“You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” Leo slowed down almost stopping. I tried saying something like please back, but it turned out more like a muffled moan. “Josh why don’t you be the one to tell her when she can cum?” He sped up his fingers again and I tried so hard to hold back. I sped up my work on Josh until I felt him get bigger. “Okay you can cum! Uuunnnghhh” I came as soon as I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I practically screamed around his dick, trying to swallow it all. I actually did scream when I felt Leo stick his big shaft up my ass.

Leo lifted me up to sitting on his lap, letting me get used to him in my ass. “Josh the rest of her is all yours for whatever you want” Then he moved back so I was laying on top of him. “Hun, move yourself to a better position, more like sitting, but leaning back.” I complied because I didn’t want it to hurt any more than it already was. Josh came up in front of me, playing with his half-hard member. Next thing I knew he was right in front of me, right at my entrance. I’d never been fucked in both holes before. This would be a totally new experience, one I wasn’t sure I wanted to try.

Leo stopped his assault on my ass so that Josh could enter me as well. I held onto his chest and stifled a moan as he pushed into me. Once he was in, they both just sat there, unmoving. Josh started moving first, not fucking me fast or slow. When Leo started fucking my ass again, Josh picked up his pace. I was moaning and moving my hips to match him. Leo fucked me faster and faster and soon we were all grunting and groaning.
We all kept up the pace and soon I felt close to cumming. “I’m going to cum I’m going to I’m gonnaaaaaaaaaa!” I screamed out and wrapped my arms around Josh to steady myself as much as I could. My pussy clenching must have set Josh of again because I soon felt his cum shoot into me. My orgasm was slowly coming to an end when Leo’s began, sending me off again. I bit my lip hard and moaned as Leo groaned, shooting his seed into my ass. My entire body shook as I tried to hold on to Josh to keep myself up. He pulled himself out of me, making me lose my balance a bit.

I winced in pain as Leo tried to bring us both to a sitting position. My ass hurt so much, I would be walking funny for a week. I slowly tried to get up; stopping every few seconds hoping the pain would go away. I finally got to lying down, still in pain, but much more comfortable. Leo laid down beside me in the middle of the bed while Josh laid down on his other side. We all took turns kissing each other, then cuddled up, talking about the day’s events. Pretty soon we were all asleep, covered in sweat, but happy.

Chapter two?! You are the ones who read these stories so you let me know if it’s good enough to continue!

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