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A boy get's fed up with a girl and teaches her a lesson she won't soon forget...
I’m normally a really nice guy, but some people take that kindness for granted and use it against me, they know that I won’t retaliate to their teasing. When they do that I sort of get pushed to my limit and when they push me over the edge I snap. Not many people push me that far, usually they understand that they shouldn’t do such things and back off. But from time to time there are always those people that just want to poke the tiger.

Right now is a moment when someone poked the tiger too much. I have a girl named Sarah Brown on her knees and am fucking her mouth with my dick. Her arms are bound tightly behind her back and I have my belt around her throat acting as a collar and a leash. Her big tits are out of her pretty blouse that I tore open breaking the buttons off and her makeup is running down her face.

My name is Eric Frost, I am 16 years old and am on the student council for my high school. I am a very hard working student but only have average grades, the reason behind that is due to me having mild dyslexia. A normal sentence that takes a person half a second to look at and understand takes me about a minute. I’ve never really let this get the better of me though as I work harder than anyone else just so I can have the best grades I can get. I stay active as well with clubs and am generally a pretty liked guy.

Sarah Brown on the other hand is a sex goddess bitch who just happens to be the student council president. She orders the rest of us around like we are nothing to her and otherwise treats us like shit. I can stand the absurd orders like moving all of the contents from this closet to the other closet over the weekend, I don’t like it but I will still do it. Sarah though decided to take things further with me by teasing and making fun of my dyslexia. At first it was asking me to do all of the announcements at the meetings, the other kids knew my problem and were pretty much supportive with me reading things a little slow, Sarah almost always belittled me for doing so. Then it got to her just outright calling me retarded and a fuckup in the grand scheme of life. The other kids all felt a little uneasy around Sarah as she made fun of me on a sadistic level and would always scatter, today they all took off early from the meeting when Sarah started on a rant about how I should have been aborted when I was kid when my parents found out that I was retarded.

I snapped. I have a lot of patience but she had been wearing it down and had already been skating on thin ice, but with that last comment I snapped. Now at 16 I am pretty good looking, I stand at 6’1” and weigh a modest 180lbs. I work out at the gym and swim, I am also part of a fencing club. I have jet black hair and emerald green eyes and I have a somewhat average cock. At full erection I’m only 7 and a half inches long with a decent girth and my balls are a fair size too that always seem to be full.

When I snapped Sarah had her feet up on a desk and was just ranting away at how stupid and useless I was as she texted on her phone. I charged. I charged across the room and smashed into her. I put my hand at her throat and pinned her to the ground. Sarah only stands at 5’5” maybe 5’6” and can’t be more much more than a 120 or so. She isn’t fat by any means, she just has a set of big tits and a nice round ass. When I put my hand around her throat my fingers nearly made it three quarters of the way around her and I squeezed.

Sarah coughed and choked as she struggled to refill her lungs with air. Her eyes were looking up into mine and her face showed fear, a lot of fear. “I’ve had enough of your shit bitch!” I yelled at her as I firmly held her throat. I picked her up until she was on her feet and then bent her over the side of the desk she had her feet on, I moved my hand around her neck to the back of it and held her there, my fingers digging into her. “You’re in need of a lesson well overdue!” I grabbed both her arms and held them behind her back. It took me a moment but I finally got my coat off, I attend a private school and they give us uniforms, I then wrapped it tightly around her arms and tied it off tight.

I put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and flipped her around, I tore open her blouse letting me see her bra covered tits. Goddamn she had some nice breasts and they seemed to be wanting out of their restraint. Her skin was snowy white and flawless from what I saw, she glared up at me with anger and this pissed me off. I slapped her face, not with my full strength but I did it hard enough it would sting. I pulled my belt off and her eyes got big. “Bitches need to be spanked from time to time!” I said as I watched her eyes go really big and fill with fright. I flipped her around again and pushed her down so her breast were smashed against the cold school desk. I folded my belt in half so it wasn’t too long and brought it down on Sarah’s school skirt covered ass. She let out a yelp and then a scream as I spanked her a dozen more times. I then reached for the hem of her skirt and flipped it up over her ass.

“Please, don’t!” She pleaded to me.

“Shut the fuck up!” I snapped bringing the belt down hitting both her cheeks. I only did this a couple of times but each time she just screamed. I reached up and grabbed the small panties. I yanked them down to around her knees then smashed the belt down against her bare ass ten times, the entire time Sarah was screaming and crying for me to stop, that she was sorry and that she would never make fun of me again. She was begging me to stop and I almost did before I looked down between her crimson cheeks and saw a steady stream of moisture running down the insides of her thighs. “The bitch is getting off on this!” I thought to myself as I looked at her.

“What’s this?” I said as I reached a hand up and cupped her pussy, she jerked and quivered as I palmed her pussy and teased her clit with my middle of forefinger. “Don’t tell me that you’re actually into this sort of sick shit,” I said leaning against her and said it directly into her ear. She shuddered under me as I continued to diddle with her pussy and her back arched as she felt my middle finger slip easily into her snatch. “You’re fucking soaked down here!” I said to her as she moaned and moaned. I slapped her face, lightly this time, and jerked my hand away from her pussy. “I thought I told you to shut the fuck up bitch!” I said fiercely into her ear.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Sarah pleaded hanging her head low. “Please, please just keep fucking me!”

“Shut it!” I snapped at her. “I give you simple fucking instructions and you can’t even follow them!” I reached down to her knees and tore her panties down. I put them up to my face and sniffed them and sucked on the juices a little, she tasted good. “A bitch needs to learn how to follow instructions!” I jammed the panties into her mouth then looped my belt around her throat. I went around to behind her and tugged on the belt making her arch her back some. I stuck my face into her pussy from behind and started to eat and lick her out. She had the faintest taste of strawberries mixed with a little bit of sweat and possibly the faintest taste of urine. It was a beautiful and succulent concoction. I heard Sarah moan loudly into the panties in her mouth as I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy and lapped up her juices.

I kept tugging on the belt making Sarah jerk and arch her back never letting her relax. I kept this up until she arched her back really far and just about screamed through the panties jammed in her mouth. As she was shaking and going through spasms I stuck a finger right up her asshole making her let out a really loud scream. I stood up pulled Sarah back and pushed her down to her knees. I yanked the panties out of her mouth and she gasped for air. I unzipped my pants and fished out my dick. “Suck it,” I said to her as she looked up at me with watery eyes. “Now!” I ordered.

Sarah took a couple more mouthfuls of air then slowly leaned forward. I put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward, I drove my dick past her lips and straight down her throat. She choked and coughed as I held her down, I held her there for a couple of seconds before pulling her back and completely off my cock letting her refill her lungs with air. I only let her breath a few times before putting my cock back in her mouth and sliding it all the way back to her throat again. I pushed Sarah down hard and felt as her throat gave way and let me slide all the way into her. I moaned out loud as I held her there and felt her throat work over my cock trying to push it out.

I pulled Sarah off my cock again and looked down at her face. Her makeup was really running down her face now and she looked messed up. Wanting to get my rocks off I grabbed both sides of her head and positioned her mouth on my cock. I then started to thrust in and out of her fucking her mouth and throat, I started out at a pretty good pace but I built up to rough and fast as I face fucked her. I kept this up for a couple of minutes before I felt my balls start to tingle. I switched from short rapid thrusts to long and hard until I felt my cum bubbling up. I pulled out at the last moment and painted Sarah’s face with my cum. My first shot hit her forehead and went into her hair, I kept on cumming with powerful and thick ropes of cum and by the time I was done she looked pretty covered in goo.

“Eric,” She said as she tried to catch her breath. I wasn’t done with her yet though and I crammed the panties back into her mouth, but not before wiping her eyes clear of my cum. I picked Sarah up by under the armpits and lifted her rather easily up and onto the desk. Her legs were on the ground and her skirt had ridden up a little bit. I pushed it out of the way and was greeted by the view of her pussy. I could say that the drapes matched the carpet as there was a trimmed but rather thick mat of dark black hair above her pussy. This just seemed to drive me even more wild with lust as I stepped between her legs. Sarah mumbled something but it was masked by the panties in her mouth. I could care less what she said though as I put my dick right at the entrance to her pussy and plunged in.

It was divine. I wasn’t a virgin, not by a long shot, but fucking into Sarah’s pussy was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. I heard her moan out and she arched her back a little, I got an idea and grabbed both her legs. I pulled them up and held them together as I pounded into Sarah’s cunt delightful cunt. I was angling my thrusts upwards and was hitting and rubbing over her G spot with every movement of my hips and I knew that her screams into her cum and spit soaked panties were that of pleasure. I could feel her body building up to an orgasm and right before she got there I grabbed my belt still leashed around her neck and pulled on it. I bent Sarah in half and wrapped the belt around her legs as I smashed her into two. This seemed to just drive her over the edge as he pussy started to shake and quiver around my cock and she let out a pretty loud moan. I let go of the belt and grabbed her legs, I spread them out to the sides as far as they would go and let Sarah fall backwards onto the desk. With a firm grip on her legs and my thrusts into her never stopping or slowing down I started to open and close her legs. I’ve done this a couple of times before with some girls and while none of them have ever been bound and gagged while I did it they all reacted the same way as Sarah. Thrashing around and convulsing as I fucked them.

At some time through all of this my jacket that I had used to tie Sarah’s arms behind her back had become loose and her arms got free. I watched as she pulled her arms out from behind her and pull the crusty panties out of her mouth. I half expected to hear her cry and beg me to stop but I wasn’t surprised when she just yelled. “FUCK ME! Fuck me harder you mother fucker! Pound my filthy bitch cunt with your fucking cock!” I spread her legs really far apart making her pussy go super tight and felt her cum again, this time so hard that some juices started to spray out of her. “oOoooooHH!” She moaned out as her back arched. I looked down and saw that the fluid coming out of her wasn’t pussy juice but rather piss. She was pissing herself as I fucked her and soaking me with it. This set me off and I thrust hard into her again and started pumping my seed directly against the back of her womb. This set her off again and I felt the flow of piss become stronger for a moment before dying down to nothing, her pussy though was milking and shaking around my cock like crazy. Her body was actually racked with tremors as she shook and I watched as her hands reached for her tits.

I stopped cumming in her and just stood there watching her come down herself before I let go of her legs. They dropped to the floor and I pulled out. Our combined cum flowed out of Sarah’s pussy and I just stood there looking at her. She was still in la la land by the look on her face. I walked over to her and stuck my middle and forefinger up her pussy making her moan and getting her attention. She looked at me with those beautiful ice blue eyes and.

“You’re now my bitch slave,” I said as I slowly finger fucker her snatch while deliberately rubbing my fingers against her G spot and smashing the palm of my hand against her clit. “I expect you to stop belittling me in front of others and treat me with respect, do you understand me?” She nodded rather enthusiastically. “If you cross me I will give you nothing but pain and discomfort, but if you do as I say you will be rewarded with pleasure until your senses become numb,” Her eyes went away into that la la land again and she closed me. I removed my fingers from her snatch right as she started to moan out loud in pleasure. I didn’t give her any time to understand what I was doing before I plunged both of my soaked fingers up her tight shitter. Her eyes shot open and she let out a yelp. She was a virgin here, she was inexperienced and wasn’t used to having her ass played with or teased let along having two fingers shoved up it. “I didn’t tell you that you could cum bitch.” I said looking at her face of discomfort, it was a mix though. Part of her face was saying discomfort and another part of it was telling me that she was enjoying having something stuck up her ass. “I said that you will do what I tell you to, and unless I say cum you will stay on the fucking edge of climax!” I thrust my fingers harder and deeper up her ass making her let out a small cry that got caught halfway in her throat. I ripped my fingers out of her ass and before she could do anything I stuck them into her mouth. She tried to jerk away but I pushed her head to the desk and held my fingers deep in her mouth.

“Clean them,” I ordered her. She took a moment before I felt her tongue going around my fingers and sucking on them. “I expect every single one of your holes to be clean and ready for me any time I’m around you, is that clear?” I said looking at her. She nodded as best she could with my fingers almost reaching back to her throat. “Good, because tomorrow I’ll be coming to school with a surprise in store for you my little bitch!” I pulled my fingers slowly out of her mouth and she actually followed them as she sucked on them. She was a depraved little slut and I was going to have fun with her. I reached down and patted her bottom and rubbed my still hard dick against her asshole. “What a surprise it will be too!” She looked at me with cautious eyes but closed them when I pushed my mouth against hers and started kissing her. I wasn’t interested in calm kissing right now, at that moment I wanted a fierce and powerful kiss and our tongues were soon intermingling with one another as they wrapped around and dueled the other.

I then disconnected with Sarah and flipped her over, I leaned into her and stuck my still hard cock back into her still dripping cunt. I plunged into her hard and deep going all the way back to her womb in the first thrust. I reached around her and pulled her up from the desk and slid my hands up under her bra, her tits felt great in my hands. They were soft but firm and the nipples were like diamonds they were so hard. I pinched and twisted with them as I continued to pound into Sarah as she was now standing up. I fucked her hard and fast and felt as the cum deposits I had put into her earlier came gushing out around my cock. Sarah never stopped being vocal about things either, she was screaming incoherently as I fucked her and played with her tits. She was more than a regular firecracker, she was a goddamn sex bomb. I could feel things start to come to the unfortunate end however and I was soon shooting off deep into Sarah as we ground hard against each other.

I pulled out of her and pushed her back to her knees, I fed her my cock covered in her juices, my cum and probably some of her urine. She took it like a pro going all the way to the base on her own and cleaning every inch of my dick with her mouth. When she was done I pulled her back and looked down at her. “Until tomorrow my bitch,” I said smiling down at her before I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the room leaving Sarah there with her ripped open blouse and no panties on.

This is my first story and any feedback on what you think I did wright and wrong is much appreciated. I will read the comments but if you have a suggestion relating to the story and the direction it should take a private message to my account would be better. Also, any outright and blatant hate comments that don't have anything backing them up I will pretty much ignore so please don't waste your time even writing them. If you have a criticism though I will be more than happy enough to read it, any help that will make me a better writer is always appreciated.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-23 13:20:30
I liked it. The domination was on point. I liked the dialogue ...believable. Describe the sound when spanking...

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-14 20:17:10
l'm more into the science fiction and fantasy, but as this type of story goes it was really pretty good......
No matter what type of story you decide to write, just keep perfecting your craft and continue to enjoy writing.
keep up the good work.....
as always
johnny rotten


2012-04-04 07:12:43
Great first effort, and very enjoyable to read a story that can and will develop further. A lot of promise Exorcist, I'm sure I will enjoy future chapters!

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-29 23:43:18
i noticed you liked 3 evil sisters and this seems like the oldest sister now that is ok i normally am not into this stuff and hope you get rid of the torture stuff but besides that i think the writing is good and hope to read more of your stories.

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-28 10:14:43
Good story. Could use more proof reading and editing. Also, the deion of the narrator was misplaced, disturbed the flow of the narrative. A little bit more history and character development, to add suspense, before the action kicks off. The 'falling action' is good, but the conclusion is weak. Need to wrap it up more succinctly, or set up for sequel if that is the intent. Keep at it.

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