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Older Lady Meets Younger Lady and Family
I meet Beca 2

While doing a bike tour thru England I had stopped for lunch and met a
beautiful girl named Beca. She showed me thru the family castle and after
some wonderful sex took me to meet her Grand Mum. All of the male members
of her family were named Martin and the women named Beca.

The small room where we found Grand Mum looked to be probably where the
guards spent their time when not guarding or whatever guards do. There
were several small cots, one large table and 8 or 10 chairs. Grand Mum was
a beautiful woman with long silver hair dressed in a beautiful gown. The
top was a great stage for her big breasts to be displayed on and the skirt
was slit up the front clear to the waste which exposed her puffy shaved
pussy. She was the most beautiful 65 year old woman I think I have ever
seen. I approached the two of them and was introduced and Grand Mum said
welcome my dear as she reached out and pinched my nipple. Beca let out a
laugh and told me that that was her usual greeting. If I were a guy she
would have grabbed my cock.

"Beca tells me you enjoy women as partners," the Lady said. "That is good
because you are about to pay the toll for your tour of Becker. I really
feel the need for some tongue action in my cunt and if you do a good job
your dinner will be free."

I have been with some very crass women but this lady took the cake. Not
only was she very forward but her language was too. But she didn't
hesitate, backing over to the table and laying back on it. She put her
feet up with knees bent and spread wide. In the lip of her pussy was a
large stone which I was sure was a real diamond. As I approached her Beca
put her hand on my arm and said, "Do you like squirters?"

"Yes Yes I answered."

"Well if you spend a lot of time with your fingers on the forward wall of
her pussy while you are sucking and pulling on her clit she will reward you
with several hard squirts of love juice."

"Come on girl, I'm waiting," the lady said so I dropped to my knees and
began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs from her knees up to her
pussy. Then with fingers in place I began sucking and fingering and
licking and kissing. She accepted my efforts by pushing her pelvis against
my face and holding my head tightly against it. I had difficulty breathing
but continued my assault for 8 or 10 minutes until finally she laid back
and a stream of hot wet cum shot out of her cunt and hit me directly in the
face. I was so surprised I hadn't moved before shot number two scored
another direct hit. Then I wrapped my mouth around her cunt and took
several more hits, directly down my throat. After she had laid back and
was regaining her composure I tongue cleaned her inner thighs and pussy.

I was just about to set back and enjoy coming back to earth when a loud,

"Well, hello ladies," echoed from the hall. Then the master of the castle
appeared in the door. Master Martin was attired much like his wife. His
pure white hair was long, shoulder length, the cut of his jacket exposed a
lot of white hair on his chest and his trousers were cut up the front and
exposed a rather nice looking cock.

"I see we have a visitor," the Master stated, "is she staying for dinner?"

"Yes," replied the Lady "and she's already paid her check."

While this chit chat was going on the Master had put his arm around his
granddaughter and was unashamedly playing with her tits.

"Well I tell you what," he said, "I think Beca and I will manufacture a
little desert that our guest can have before dinner."

Things were moving so fast I was almost in a fog and the only thing I got
out of the exchange was that my dinner was paid for because I did such a
good job eating her pussy and making her squirt. With no fore play or
anything, Beca was on her knees taking the 10 inch hard cock of the Master
down her throat. She was a master cocksucker without a doubt. She sucked
and licked and stroked the Master for about 15 minutes when the Master
slapped the table and said, "Up here girl."

Beca lay back on the table with her pussy out over the floor. The Master
rubbed the wet love nest with the head of his cock and with one thrust
pushed his meat all the way up her cunt. Not a sound came from Beca until
she started breathing really hard and moaning. Here legs were wrapped
around the Master pulling her cunt closer to him as he pounded away. Then
he told her to turn over which she did, putting her feet on the floor and
bending over the table. The Master entered her pussy from the rear and
continued pounding away with long, hard and fast strokes. And then he
buried his hard cock all the way into her hot cunny and from his grunts and
groans it was very evident he was pumping her full of seed. Then he pulled
his cock out and smiled at me, inviting me to do cleanup on him. I loved
the combination of tastes, Beca pure clear love juice and his salty hazy
cum. I finished with cleanup and looked up at Beca. She was still bent
over the table. The Master separated the lips of her pussy and she must
have flexed her cunt a bit because is seed came dribbling out.

"May as well clean her up too," he suggested.

I was only to glad to accommodate him. I had wanted to play with this
little darling earlier but had been interrupted. I quickly pushed my lips
and tongue into the valley of her pussy before the cum dripped out. Then I
licked and fingered and licked and sucked and suddenly she was squirting
again in my mouth. When she was thru I was also. All I wanted to do was
lay with Beca and feel her warm naked body next to mine. I was very
disappointed when she turned around and said,

"It's almost six; I've got to get back to work. See you all!" and away she
went. I didn't even have time to find out where I could meet her later.

Grand Mum and Master invited me to stay for dinner and spend the night.
Then they would call Beca in the morning and she could return and fetch me.
It was so different, being with two people that were completely open with
their sexual appetites. Both of them squeezed my tits every chance the got
and did the same to each other. I decided that before the night was over I
wanted fucked by the Master's big beautiful cock. As we walked to the
dining hall I wondered what surprises were still in store for me.
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