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The continuing saga of Mike and Sarah...her roommate joins in on the fun!
Sister in Law Massage – Part 2

My sister in law, Sarah, was completely blowing my mind. I watched her nubile 27 year old body hop into the shower. Just minutes earlier she had swallowed my cock completely and begged for me to cum on her face and down her throat. Nothing could’ve prepared me for that, let alone her inviting me to shower with her.

I decided I’d better get in there quickly. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I stepped into the bathroom and through the shower door I stopped and admired Sarah’s body once again. She was perfectly proportioned. Just a small pooch of a belly, perfectly shaven pussy who’s lips were perfectly exposed and wonderful massive DD tits that were perfectly mounted on her chest with quarter-sized areolas and nipples that jutted out like pencil erasers.

I quickly stripped off my short and shirt and hopped in. I immediately took her in my arms and kissed her. She willingly accepted my tongue as they danced in each other’s mouths darting around and around. The warm water splashed across our bodies rejuvenating our skin and muscles. My hands wandered to her breasts as I adjusted myself behind her.

I grabbed the puffball spongy thing and squeezed soap onto it. She leaned against the shower door as I began to wash her back. I reached around and cleaned her sides and slowly worked my way down between her legs. She spread her legs further apart of pushed her ass out to great my hand and the pillowy sponge as I washed her between her legs. As her ass pushed out further I ran my hands over each of her cheeks as the soap gently trickled down her glistening ass and legs.

My cock was rising more and more quickly as it slid gently between her ass cheeks. She then steadied herself against the shower door spread her legs further apart and reached around to spread them for me. As she opened them I noticed that she was completely hairless from her beautiful asshole all the way around. It was slick to the touch as I grabbed the base of my cock and gently teased each of her openings.

I gently swatted her right cheek. She turned and opened her mouth and I ran my fingers up and down her slit and then offered them to her to suck. She darted her tongue around my fingers as I slowly pushed forward. The head of my cock slipped slowly inside her yummy pussy. It seemed to pull me inside as I slowly edged forward. My fingers still in Sarah’s mouth as she swirled her tongue around and around. I steadied my cock, grabbing it at the base as Sarah pulled her cheeks even further apart as it finally suck most of the way inside her. I grabbed her sides and pulled her close to me. My hands wandered all over her glistening body. The water sprayed down from the shower head as I began to ease my cock slowly in and out of her.

“Ohhh….yes,” she exclaimed as my cock rode the entire length of her insides. Sarah bucked her hips wildly three times as the tip of my cock buried itself inside and slammed against her cervix. My hands moved the sides of her cheeks. Sarah steadied herself against the shower door. I caught a glimpse of her in the vanity mirror as her tits squished against the wet door. I began to slam inside her harder and harder.

The shower door opened and Sarah bent down as I continued my assault, slamming myself inside of her.

“Ohhh, yes. Yes! Yes,” she yelled as she looked up and I caught her glance from the mirror. Her tits swayed with every buck as I continued slamming in and out of her.

“Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy Mike,” she screamed. I could feel her muscles contract as if to pull me in deeper and to draw my seed from my balls into the womb. I continued looking at Sarah as she began to writhe in ecstasy. I looked down at her ass cheeks as the undulated as I moved my body forward and back, forward and back. As my cum began to well up inside me again, I felt Sarah’s body muscles tighten as her orgasm overcame her body. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I released my seed inside her.

“Ahhh….ohhhhh,” I groaned as I splash rope after rope of pearly white cum inside her. It seemed to splash inside and gently began to ooze out of Sarah’s sugary lips. I slapped her ass and slowly pulled myself out of her as Sarah pulled the shower door shut turned and nearly leaped into my arms as our lips met. The water was a welcome respite from the heat that we had generated together. It splashed over our bodies as we both recovered. I gently stroke her sides and her wet hair from her eyes as we stood under the water and never lost eye contact with one another.

We gently finished washing ourselves and stepped from the shower. I dried her nubile body off with a warm cushiony towel. I wrapped her up as she turned to leave the room.

“I’ll get us something to eat and drink,” Sarah stated as she bounced out of the room. “You’re going to need your strength,” I hear her say as she disappeared down the hall and into the kitchen to prepare something for us.

“I’ll meet you in the guest bedroom,” I yelled to no answer as I dried myself, walked down the hall and plopped down on the king sized bed in the guest bedroom.

A few moments later, Sarah appeared in the doorway with a bottle of red wine, strawberries, grapes, some crackers and cheese and three win glasses.
“This ought to help,” she stated as she poured us both a glass of wine. We clinked our glasses together, took a sip of the wine and I pulled her to me on the bed. I unwrapped the towel from her body as I wanted to feel her skin against mine. Her nipples stiffened as I placed my hand on the small of her back, looked directly into her eyes and kissed her gently at first and harder as I snaked my hand up her spine to the back of her head. Her body melted into mine as we enjoyed the fruit, crackers and cheese that she had brought to speed our recovery for what was next.

I drifted off to sleep for just a second as I awoke to Sarah getting up and saying, “I think Jenny’s here,” she said excitedly. I caught a glimpse of her ass bouncing as it disappeared inside the towel and out of the room and hurried down the hall to greet her friend.
It dawned on me that I was lying stark naked in my guest bedroom while someone I had met before but didn’t really know was entering my house with my mostly naked sister in law answering the door. I figured I’d better get up and throw my shorts on. I quickly got up and went back into the bathroom and pulled on my shorts and threw some water on my face. I dried off and slipped my shirt on and walked down the hall into the main section of the house.

We have an open floor plan so I looked into the living room and saw that the TV was on but didn’t see Sarah or her roommate Jenny. I then saw Jenny’s boots at the front door and her coat had been hung on the rack in the corner as I rounded the corner, I saw a pair of pants and a blouse. Sarah’s naked back came into view as I rounded the corner of the kitchen, her towel on the kitchen floor alongside a bra that clearly wasn’t hers. I couldn’t believe what I saw as the island had been obscuring the full view of my sister. As I peered around the corner, there was her friend Jenny on her knees in only her panties gently licking Sarah’s pussy.
Sarah’s eyes caught mine as she adjusted her legs to allow Jenny better access. Jenny’s hand moved to Sarah’s ass and she took a long stroke with her tongue up and down Sarah’s slit and then slyly looked my way.

Nonchalantly, Sarah introduced me again to Jenny. “Mike, you’ve met Jenny before,” as Jenny smacked Sarah’s ass rose to her feel from her position and strolled across the room towards me.

Time seemed to almost stop as Jenny began her journey towards me. Jenny stood about 5’2” tall with C cup tits, raven black hair that reached to the back of her shoulder blades and dark brown, almost black colored eyes. Her skin was milky white and accented by her puffy red lips. The color was accented by the most beautiful set of puffy nipples that almost covered the face of her magnificent boobs. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and didn’t sag at all. Jenny was a Yoga instructor and massage therapist and her body was amazingly taut, without being overly muscular. She still had the right amount of body fat. I had met her two or three times and she was stunningly beautiful. Her dark eyes seem to penetrate right through me.
Her breasts bounced slightly as she strode towards me. My eyes caught Sarah’s for a second as a smile began to wipe across her face. My cock, unbelievably, began to rise again as Jenny walked right up to me, placed one hand behind my head as I knelt down to greet those wonderful lips. I could taste Sarah’s juices on her lips as my tongue gently darted inside her mouth. Jenny was an excellent kisser. Our tongues swirled around as my hand went to her side and touched her beautiful white skin. It was firm to the touch, but not rock hard, it had the perfect amount of flesh but you could tell this woman was in great shape.
I couldn’t believe my fortune. I hadn’t spoken to Jenny more than four or five times in my life and here she was standing mostly naked in front of me and we were making out. My hand moved to touch her puffy nipple. I longed to take it in my mouth. Sarah made her way over to us and rubbed each of our backs as she encouraged our make out session.
Jenny pulled back a second but I didn’t release my grip on her nipples. I longed to tongue it and suck it in my mouth. Sarah beat me to it as my hand moved under and Sarah took it greedily in her mouth.

“Ohhh, so niiiice,” Jenny said in a breathy and raspy tone.

My shorts began to tent again as Sarah continued the assault on Jenny’s sweet tits and nipples. I removed my hand and rubbed my hand up and down Sarah’s side which only made her attach Jenny’s tit with more vigor. Jenny’s eyes closed as I finally ran my left hand up her side. I took the other breast in my hand and bent down to take it in my mouth.
Jenny’s hand moved to the back of my head as if to offer it up to me and encourage me to take it in my mouth. I gently tongued the tip of her nipple and swirled it around twice before sucking it entirely in my mouth. It was warm and inviting. Sarah and I spent another minute or so suckling at Jenny’s breasts. My hand wandered up and down Sarah’s body as I continued sucking Jenny’s nipple in and out of my mouth, swirling my tongue around her beautiful red nipples which grew and hardened as I continued my ministrations.

As we took a breath, Jenny exclaimed, “That is the best greeting I’ve had in a while,” as I laughed and Sarah smiled devilishly at me.

“You have to see his cock, Jenny,” she exclaimed with glee. Sarah and Jenny simultaneously dropped to their knees and swiftly pulled my shorts to my ankles. It nearly poked Jenny in eye as it sprung from its enclosure.

Without touching it with her hands, she took the tip in her mouth as Sarah ran her tongue down the side of my shaft. Jenny moved to the side so they were both on either side of me with my cock dangling between them. They each took turns licking the shaft with their tongue three or four times as Sarah then took hold of it and offered it to Jenny as she moved around to face me again. Sarah guided it inside Jenny’s mouth. It was so warm and inviting that I almost blew my wad right there. Sarah rubbed the shaft and took its girth in her hand as Jenny swirled her tongue around the head once or twice and then took it deeper inside her hungry mouth as Sarah continued feeding and jacking my cock.

My legs tensed at the sensation. I had not one but two beautiful young women on their knees in my kitchen essentially worshipping my cock.

Sarah just giggled as she continued offering my cock into the mouth of her friend. Jenny’s eyes never left mine as she simply nodded at Sarah as she offered my cock to her. Every once in a while Jenny would open her mouth wide with her tongue hanging out and Sarah would slap it against her tongue.

“Oh yeah,” is all I could muster as Sarah released her grip on the base of my cock, took the back of Jenny’s head and slowly guided her all the way down. Jenny seemed to relish this as my cock glided across her mouth and invaded her throat. She held her hands behind her back and took me all the way in. her puffy lips pressed again the base of my cock as she hungrily fed it all the way inside her mouth.

My hand slipped down to squeeze Sarah’s tit as her hands roamed her friend’s body adding light kisses as my cock plunged in and out of her mouth. I slowly began to move my hips as I fucked jenny’s sweet and willing mouth.

Sarah then got up beside me and took in the view from a higher vantage point. I bent down to kiss her lips as Jenny continued her pursuit of getting my cum inside her wanton mouth.

“C’mon you two,” Sarah begged as she turned and began walking towards the couch in the living room.

Jenny popped my cock from her mouth and lightly kissed the tip with one last swirl. I took her hand as we followed Sarah to the other room.

Sarah’s hands reached out for Jenny as she laid her down on the couch with her head over the edge of the arm rest. I was begging to understand what was happening as Sarah moved between Jenny’s legs. She quickly removed Jenny’s black lace panties exposing yet another beautiful pussy to me. Perfectly shaven, lips protruding and glistening awaiting Sarah’s tongue which she quickly obliged. They kissed passionately once as Sarah kissed her way down Jenny’s body, sucking her nipples one, then the other, a quick swirl of her tongue around her belly button ring and she dove un sticking her tongue out as far as she could and tracing Jenny’s protruding labia up one side and down the other.

Jenny’s hand moved to part her lips granting easier access to her glistening pearl and added, “suck my clit, baby! You know I like that!”

With that statement I gathered that this was not their first interlude and the thought of these two girls being together caused my cock to return to its earlier rigidity as Jenny titled her head over the arm rest and opened her mouth. I took the hint as I offered her the head. I slowly inched forward as Jenny’s mouth engulfed my member with ease.

I watched my sister in law as she swirled her tongue around Jenny’s swollen clit. It was much larger than Sarah’s, a site that aroused me as I inched my way forward. Jenny pulled me even further and pushed and pulled on my hips letting me know that she wanted me to fuck her mouth as Sarah continued her ministrations on her clit.

It was such a lewd and erotic scene to see my sister in law tonguing and sucking Jenny’s sweet slit. Jenny’s hips gyrated with pleasure as Jenny moaned and purred as she continued giving her friend wonderful pleasure.

My hips began a steady motion as Jenny placed her hands at my sides. She dug her fingernails gently into me as I buried my cock forward and backward into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue across the top of my cock was amazing. I then grabbed both of her tits and played with the nipples as my rhythm increased. I could tell that Jenny was enjoying Sarah’s tongue as she began tongue fucking her, pulling her hips to meet her stiffened tongue.

I could feel my cock begin to swell as the beginnings of my orgasm crashed through my body. Jenny sensed it as well and she grabbed my ass and pulled me as far as possible into her waiting throat. My balls tensed as they rested on her face and in one swoop as my cum began to erupt from the tip, jenny’s body completely tensed as a wave of orgasm wracked her body. Shot after shot of milky-white, ropey cum splattered the back of her throat. She pushed me out of her and she gasped for air and swallowed part of my load. I then shot the rest across her face.

Sarah quickly straddled Jenny and stole a stream of cum that I had left on her cheek and sucked it in her mouth.

“Ummmmm,” is all that escaped her lips as Sarah opened wide as I shot the last drop of cum towards her mouth.

Sarah then reached down and furiously kissed Jenny mixing their saliva with my cum as I slowly back up and nearly fell down trying to sit in the recliner that sat nearby.

They held each other closely. Jenny wrapped her legs around Sarah and then continued to kiss for a few minutes. I had slumped over in my recliner taking in the site of these two sexy, young women pleasing themselves in front of me. I simply held my cock as it rested from the evening’s activities so far. I was pleased at my performance. Three times in the past two hours. Something told me, I might be in for a record breaking night.

As the girls slowed their make out session, they held each other close and seemed to drift off to sleep. I turned to look out the window at the snow which had not slowed over the past few hours. Like a thick, snuggly blanket across the town, this was the storm of the century as I was having the night of my life. I looked out the window a few more minutes and slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamt of what these girls had in store for me next. Whatever it was, I was determined to be prepared.

…to be continued??? Maybe…

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