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The plans of Luther to defeat superman by kidnapping Lois went into a tragedy
Superman The Triad

By Author Unknown

The story is great and builts-up as the chapter goes.
This is a pilot chapter, it does not include much sex.

But from chapter two all chapter contains sex, A LOT OF SEX!!!!!!!

||The Triad Chapter 1 - The Exchange||

The jeep scrunched to a stop in the sand, just in front of the mine shaft. The shaft was built deep into the side of a mountain and was covered by a old locked, rusty gate that made the mine shaft look abandoned. The jeep driver got out of the jeep and stretched his arms as he shook off the hours that he had spent behind the wheel, driving from New York to this mountain location. His tight T-shirt revealed his thickly muscled, athletic body that could only be a result of many hours of daily workouts. He was wet, with sweat from the heat of the sun that had been baking him as he drove for the last couple of hours. He hurriedly unlocked the gate, which did not make a squeak despite it's rusty look, and walked into the dark entrance. A moment later, he reappeared, pushing a hand cart. He quickly unloaded several large boxes marked fragile, from the jeep and wheeled them into the mine shaft.

The mine shaft was a real abandoned former gold mine and it's walls were supported by old four by four posts; that looked as if they would collapse at any moment. The path was dimly lit by overhead lighting that helped the man find his way down the rocky shaft. After about three minutes of pushing the hand cart, he came to a locked solid metal door. Beside the door was an intercom button. He pressed the button and waited.

After about a minute, the door buzzed. He pulled the door open and pushed the hand cart into a small room. He pushed the cart against another door on the other side of the room and entered a very large room. He was always amazed when he entered this room. If he didn't know better, he would think that he was in the middle of a downtown building.

This very large room had normal walls, floors, ceilings, lights, and even air conditioning to correct the below ground temperature and humidity. The room was full of cabinets stacked with different electronics and computer equipment. In the middle of the room, a bald-headed man wearing a lab coat, was working on a large computer that was tore apart. As the delivery man approached the bald man, the bald man didn't look up as he said "I have been waiting on you, Lennie. Everything else has been delivered. Our special guest has arrived and I am just about ready to put my latest and greatest plan into action. My plan requires the 90 nanosecond chips that I sent you after."

Lennie quietly said "I couldn't find them in the quantity that you wanted. I got 100 nanosecond chips instead."

The bald man pushed the computer that he was working on, onto the floor as he jumped to his feet. Although Lennie was capable of besting this bald man in a physical fight, he was scared of him. Over the two years that he worked on his special
projects, Lennie had seen enough to know that this was the most dangerous man in the world. Lex Luthor worried even Superman.

"Damn it. I have to do this tonight and those chips are probably too slow. They may not be able to keep up with the processing that my special computer has to do. This is a one shot deal and I have to do it anyway. I have the worst damn luck. First my computer burns itself up during tests and then my muscle man picks up the wrong fucking chips. If they don't work, you had better hope that I am not alive tomorrow morning." said Luthor as he slammed his fist against a tabletop.

"Can't you postpone what ever it is that you are going to do?" asked Lennie as he kept out of Luthor's reach.

"No, moron. My plan was based upon very strict timing and if I don't proceed, then I will wind up in jail tomorrow." screamed Luthor as he ripped open one of the boxes and stared at the chip.

Then he looked up at Lennie as a frown appeared on his forehead
"Did you get these chips from your brother-in-law again?"

"No, Luthor. I swear. After he sold me those bad boards that last time, I promised you that I would never buy anything from him again." said Lennie as he cowed from Luthor's glare.

"Help me put these chips on the boards. I have to proceed." screamed Luthor as he grabbed a board and started swapping chips. Lennie opened a box and swapped chips as he hurried to get this done so he could leave. He knew that Luthor was mad at him and would get his revenge. He did not want to be around tomorrow, if this failed.

After twenty minutes of work, all of the chips had been replaced and the modules inserted into the equipment. Luthor watched as his computer tested the chips and ran a test program. After three minutes of watching the screen, he said "You are lucky. These are acceptable test results. Bring my guest in here."

Lennie walked over to a door and went down the hall to the holding room. He entered the room and observed the young woman strapped to a medical bed. He smiled as he stood over her. The woman was awake but she couldn't speak or move because of the gag and tie-down straps restraining her. She was very beautiful, even with her disheveled hair and messed-up makeup. She was wearing a woman's business suit and skirt which hid her curves. Lennie's eyes slowly gazed over her torn hosiery, over her flat stomach, and up to her covered breasts. She glared at him, and he liked seeing her like this, knowing that he was in control of her and could do whatever he wanted to her. He liked seeing helpless women and for them to know that he could do anything that he wanted to do to them.

He laid his big hand on her breast and started squeezing her breast as he leaned over and touched his tongue to her ear. She tried to avoid his tongue and head, but she was tightly restrained and couldn't do anything but squirm as she grunted trying to escape his probing tongue. He put his tongue into her ear and flicked his tongue as both of his hands squeezed her breasts.

She squirmed and made noises he assumed was cussing as he continued his licking up her face. He slowly licked her nose and eyebrows. He reached down between her legs and pulled her skirt up as far as it would come and then slid his hand up between her tight legs. The straps forced her legs together and he didn't have time to loosen it.

He laughed as he quit fondling her and pushed her cart out of the room into the lab where Luthor was waiting. He would have loved to have more time to play with her but Luthor was waiting and you didn't want to piss Luthor off too many times in one day. As Lennie wheeled her into the room, Luthor was re-inserting a module back into the computer.

"One module has already failed. If those chips don't work, you are a dead man, Lennie. Do I make myself clear?" said Luthor as he restarted his computer program.

"Yes, sir." quietly responded Lennie. The big brave man that could manhandle a tied up woman, had turned into a meek mouse in Luthor's presence.

Luthor's frown turned to a smile as he looked at the woman on the table. He gave a big smile as he said "Hello, Miss Lane. Welcome to my desert resort. I regret that I had to use a little force to get you here, but I know that you are not willing to my guest, much less my bait. We don't have much time, so I hope that you will forgive me for the liberties that I am getting ready to take with your body. If you do not forgive me, I will still do it. Lennie, you need to get out of here."

As Lennie left the room to leave the mine, Luthor started cutting away Lois's sleeves with scissors. Then he ripped the panty hose and removed the hose around her ankles. He smeared some jelly on her arms and legs and attached some electrodes. When he finished that, he approached the head of the table and said quietly "I apologize for what I am getting ready to do. My mother raised me to be a gentleman and would not approve of anything that I have done to you so far. God rest her soul. Anyhow, Miss Lane, I know that you have questions about why I brought you here and what I am doing to you. I am working on another one of my nefarious schemes to prove to Superman that I am the better man. I can't really go into much detail, but rest assured that it will be very painless and you will be a much better person when I am finished."

As he spoke, his scissors was cutting her blouse. The straps around her waist and shoulders held her in place so he was able to cut her blouse without any problems. Then he snipped her bra in the middle and pulled the two sections back revealing her breasts. He looked at her nipples and his voice changed to a huskier tone as he said "Lovely. I always knew that you had a wonderful body under those business-like reporter clothes that you always wore. If I ever do this again, I will plan for a electrode that can be placed in the vagina. It won't have any function in my electronic process but hooking it up, will provide me with a few moments of pleasure and personal enjoyment. But I digress and my time is very limited. After we finish with our project for today, I can take my time and explore your body at my leisure, while you are learning to enjoy my body."

He laughed and repeated "Yes, while you are learning to enjoy my body and the little modifications that I have planned for you."

He smeared some of the jelly onto her breasts. Although he only needed a little bit of jelly, he smeared a lot, as he rubbed the slimy jelly into the contours of the ample breasts resting on her chest. With a smile on his face, he took just a moment to tweak each of the nipples and then attached similar electrodes to her breasts. When he finished, with his hand, he brushed her long, dark hair back from her forehead and applied the jelly and two electrodes to her forehead. When he finished, he checked each of the electrodes and then glanced at the clock.

He walked over to another medical bed and started removing his clothes. When he was down to his underwear, he hopped on the bed and smeared the jelly on his body in similar places and attached another set of electrodes to his body.

"Miss Lane. In my right hand is a button. When I press it, it will send a signal that will alert Superman to where I am. Or more importantly, where you are. About twenty minutes ago, he found out that I had captured you and he has been looking everywhere for you. When he finds out where you are, he will rush to your aid, to save you as he usually does. When he enters this room, I will press the button in my left hand. What that button does, is my surprise. I do like surprises so forgive me for not sharing any further details with you. He will enter this room, expecting that his superpowers can protect him from anything that I can do to him. In most of our meetings, that assumption was correct. However, I expect different results from this meeting. Very different results." as he started laughing that evil laugh of his again.

Lois could do nothing. Her face was still flushed from feeling Luthor's rough hands fondle her breasts. She watched as Luthor raised his right hand and pressed a button. A large motor started up overhead and she looked up at the ceiling. In the ceiling, a section of the roof slowly moved back until a twenty by twenty opening appeared, showing the sky above. Then a beeper on the wall sounded and a clock started ticking. She stared at the clock, watching the seconds tick by. As the second hand reached the five seconds mark, a blue blur dropped through the opening onto the floor.

She quickly focused on the man standing there. It was Superman.

She wanted to scream but the gag prevented her from making a sound. As she watched Luthor's hand, she could see the slight movement as he squeezed the button in his left hand.

The strong electrical shock from the electrodes attached to her body caused her to jerk. Although she was not feeling any pain and was not moving except for the jerking, the electrical current flowing through her body was making the room appear to spin as she laid tied to the bed. As the room spinned in her vision, she passed out.


The room was silent and dimly lit. Whatever Luthor had started, had shorted out most of the lights. In the dim light, no one was stirring, not even Superman, who was lying on the floor, with his cape partially covering him.

After a couple of moments, Superman slowly shook his head. He sat up and then slowly stood as he looked as his hands and body. He didn't say a word as he looked around the room. But he stopped when he saw Lois Lane's unconscious body still strapped to the cart. With his super-hearing, he could hear her heartbeat. He turned and looked at Luthor. Lex was also unconscious and his tongue was partially sticking out. Superman was able to hear Luthor's heartbeat also. They were both OK and just sleeping from the electrical shock that their body had just experienced.

Superman walked over to a full length mirror and looked into it. His steely gray eyes stared back, under the shock of wavy dark hair curling over his forehead. He reached out with his hand and squeezed a nearby metal rod, watching the metal crush easily under his super grip. Then he leaned his head back and laughed.

When he quit laughing, he looked at Lois's body on the hospital bed. He focused his eyes on a strap restraining her and melted it with his X-ray vision. He walked over to the bed and ripped the other straps open with one finger. When she was no longer tied down, he turned and flew out the opening that he had entered just minutes before.


Luthor slowly started moving. As he sat up, he stared at Lois's unconscious body on the other cart. Then he looked at his hands and lower body and shook his head slowly.

He slowly eased off of the cart and walked over to some complicated equipment and tubing on a table. He pressed a button, adjusted a lever and the smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the room as the dark liquid flowed into a waiting cup.

He picked up his cup of fresh coffee and walked over to some video equipment where he pressed a button. A TV monitor lit up and after a couple of moments, displayed a tape that had just been made. He watched as Superman entered the room. Watching the monitor, he could see a faint smile on Superman's face as he landed on the specially treated pad, where Luthor had focused his hidden equipment. He saw the electrical sparks as his equipment kicked in and saw Superman's body fall to the floor and jerk as his Kryptonite laser rays probed Superman's body. Then the body quit jerking and laid there. After several moments, Luthor watched as Superman woke up. Luthor watched as Superman freed Lois and left. Then he replayed the same scene several times.

When he finished watching Superman fly out of the building for the fifth time, he walked back over to a desk and sat down in front of a computer. He was sitting there in his underwear reviewing computer data when he heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw that Lois was beginning to move. He walked over to the coffee machine and re-filled his cup and filled one for her.

He watched her as she slowly set up. She raised one hand to brush her hair from her face as her eyes slowly focused on Luthor standing in front of her. Then she jerked as she realized it was Lex Luthor standing in his underwear in front of her, holding a cup of coffee out to her.

"It's decaff. Won't keep you awake." said Luthor.

Her hand was still in front of her face and her eyes focused on the long red fingernails on her hand that was still brushing the long dark hair back. Then she looked down at her body and uttered a very female sounding gasp as she saw the bare large
female boobs on her chest from where Luthor had cut her clothes away. One hand reached between her legs and pressed against
the skirt, exploring as if the hand was searching for a penis. It only took a second to discover that there was not one.

She quickly brought her hand up to her face and quickly examined the long, slender fingers, with the long red fingernails. Then she ran her fingers over her face and as she removed her fingers, focused on the red smear on her hands that could only come from the lipstick on her lips.

She raised her legs and looked at the legs, that were partially covered with the torn pantyhose and one foot still had on a high-heeled shoe. Then she moved her hand to one of the breasts and felt it, as if it couldn't be real.

She ignored Luthor standing in front of her with the offered coffee cup and slowly stood, almost falling as she stood up. She looked down at her revealed breasts jutting out from her chest and stared at the cut-up woman's business suit on her body. Then she turned and saw the full length mirror. She walked slowly to the mirror, constantly looking at herself as she walked, ignoring everything else in the room. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as if she had never seen herself before. She raised one hand slowly and touched her face before letting the hand fall back to her side. Then she turned quickly and said "What did you do to me? Where is Lois?"

To be continued........


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