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This story is all fake. And the spelling and grammer is not perfect so I aplogize please no comments about how a comma should be here or there ect. Thanks for the interest

chapter one!

My names Lilly and I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall with long wild black hair. I dress in school uniform of a skirt with knee high socks and a white button up blouse. My shoes are small black wedge heels and the socks are whatever color we like so long as they arnt to wild. I love my bright pink ones to match the pink ribbon in my hair. I have very large breasts at DDDs and a handful of but on each side I have a small curved nose and very dark brown eyes that I tend to outline in black eye liner and smokey eye shadow.

Anyway I was in detention for being late to class three times in one week and when they handed me the pink slip I talked back and got in even more trouble. Mr. B walked in then and set his bag down fixing his tie.

"So Lilly. Will you be first for punishment?" He asked.

"What's the punishment?" I asked not have ever being in trouble before.

His eyes grew a bit wild, "Well you can choose the hard labor outside, a 20,000 word essay or a spanking."

I made a sour face, "A spanking doesnt sound proper for my age."

Mr B made a mad face and grabbed me by my wrist laying me across his lap in front of the other 3 boys in the class. I flooded with humiliation and felt my face turn hot. I knew I was being watched. Spanked at 18 I couldn't believe it! He hiked my skirt up showing my red silk panites that clung to my ass.

"Really Lilly? Don't you think you are a bit too young for these? They must be removed at once!"

"No! Please !" I begged. I didnt want to be half naked infront of 3 boys and my TEACHER!

He didn't care and pulled them down and off , tossing them to the floor. I kept my legs together hoping my pussy was well hidden. But I felt a breeze and knew part of my lips were showing. I bucked once to try and get away and just to out me in my place he scooted to the side so the boys could get a better look. I sighed and gave up knowing I had already angerd him enough.

He looked up at the boys, "Now todays lesson i will teach you the proper way to spank. Start by making sure the legs are spread enough for spanking not only the ass but the legs as well. Like this." He reached between my legs forcing his hand to my pussy holding onto my shaved mound.

"Now Lilly if you put your legs back together I will spank you with a cane."He said harshly.

I nodded and relaxed my legs knowing the boys were about to get a good look at my pussy. And sure enough Mr,B moved his hand and my pussy was in full view. I heard a few whispered cuss works but refused to look at them.

mr.B rubbed my bottom and commented on how nice and firm it was. Then without warning he slamed a ruler down 15 times on each side. I grunted and my eyes filled with tears. He rubbed me a few times and dropped the ruler smacking each side with his hand harder than before 30 times each. I shook as he began to talk.

"Note how red she is getting. This means your doing it right. Its even as well, Now for the legs you can do it while she is across you like this or bent over a desk. Lilly get up and walk to the middle desk the row in front of the boys so they may have a closer look. Make sure you spread your legs very wide missy!"

I was so shocked by this but i knew if I did not do as I was told I would regret it. I bit my lip and kept my eyes down as I bent over and spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt turned on at the thought of them starring at my very private place but I kept calm trying not to get wet.

Mr. B came over with a hair brush and began to show the boys the perfet angle for the best kind of sting on the legs. Then he let each boy come up and try. They took there time petting my ass and stroking the inside of my legs, getting as close to my pussy as they could without touching it. By now I had tears running down my face and wished for it to end.

Mr.B had other plans though. He came over pushing a pad under my tummy throwing my ass further into the air. "Notice how Lilly's clit is now swollen and bright pink. This means she is turned on at the spanking and being watched. She is so hyped that a mere touch of her clit will make her very wet.Let me show you."

Mr.B placed two finger between my pussy lips and pinched my clit making me jump at the touch , as pleasure flew through me. He pulled and twisted it and ran his finger to my entrance pushing it in slightly showing how wet it was when he pulled it out.

"I can tell from how tight she is that she is also a virgin." He said.

He grabbed a small light and pulled my lips far apart showing them my hymen was infact intact. I began to sob more at the embarresment. He clicked his tongue and slammed his hand down on my ass again as i began to sob uncontroulably. He kept going until I could barely feel the stinging anymore. I thought he was done then and I could get up and dressed but then he looked at the boys, "Another good punishment for her is nipple torchure."

I froze in place. Would this never end?

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2014-04-25 14:56:32
HOT!!! I blew my load to this story.


2012-10-21 01:48:10
To the douche bag below, this is a work of fiction so cool your child protective custody reports. Why the hell are you on this site anyway if you are trying to shutdown freedom of speech.

Anyway I thought this fantasy was an awesome one. Keep writing Farrahlee.

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2012-08-14 01:36:10
I would have reported that teacher to the school and to the police for sexual harassment.

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2012-06-15 08:29:46
Hot! Add more details about the boys watching her and spanking her.

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2012-03-28 17:17:42
A nice story. Diions are well done and I like where it's going.

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