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The end of the story


Our friends had left us last night at around midnight and vowed to try and keep in touch. Brett and I agreed that we would like that. We had really enjoyed their company - as well as the amazing sex. Brett and Nathan had spoken together and had struck up quite a close friendship. They had not had the opportunity to ‘get together’ like most of us but that was something that they each hoped to explore in times to come. It certainly gave them each something to look forward to. Nathan had said that he had no plans to remain a Pizza Delivery Boy for the rest of his life – even though he had discovered certain advantages in the job. Only time would tell what lay in store for his future.
We were planning to get away straight after breakfast and Mick had come to me and said that we should not worry about cleaning up, that he would take care of everything himself including the ‘soiled’ bed linen. This was a relief as I wasn’t sure what I could do that wouldn’t delay us. I thanked him and relaxed knowing all would be under control.
So, around 8am, Brett and I had packed our gear and were headed for home. We filled up with fuel and set off down the highway. I looked across at Brett and he looked so happy and relaxed all be-it a little tired. He looked at me and smiled then said “Dan, this trip away with you has been THE most exciting and wonderful time I can remember. You have helped me so much to find myself – to learn about me and life and love. I will never forget it. Thank you.” I smiled back at him and said that I was pleased he felt that way. “I just hope that it hasn’t been an overload for you mate” I said. “No not at all. It has been an education for me. It has given me more of an insight about people, sexuality and life in general” he went on. “Sure, some of these experiences were pretty intense and some new to me but I think that I needed this. I really do.”
Nothing much more was said for a while and Brett closed his eyes and fell asleep for the next hour or so. Then he sat up and said “Wow! I must have been asleep for a while. Where are we?” “Close on half way mate. Do you want to stop for anything yet?” I replied. “No, I’m ok thanks. I’ll leave that to you. You know the good spots to stop” he said with a wink. I just shook my head and smiling, thought to myself ‘There is no stopping this boy’. Brett saying this caused my scrotum to suddenly itch and I automatically reached down to give it a little scratch. Brett didn’t miss a thing and said quickly “Hey, keep your hands on the wheel. I’ll do that for you” and he reached across and slipped his fingers between my legs and proceeded to gently scratch around everywhere. After a short time he asked “Have I found the spot yet?” “No not yet mate, keep trying though” I replied laughing. The next thing I knew, Brett had my swelling cock in his hand. He had shuffled it around so that it lay down the leg of my shorts and as it hardened, the head poked out. He quickly had hold of it and helped it out further and now had nearly half its length in his hand. Now he just rolled it up and down my inner thigh. His touch, as always, was incredible. I glanced across at him and straight away saw that he was sporting a big boner inside his shorts that he was rubbing with his other hand.
In a couple of moments, Brett had got me so turned on that it was not safe for me to drive. Fortunately, I saw a roadside rest area ahead and swung into it. I drove into the area and went about half way along before I stopped. We were alone thank goodness. As soon as we stopped, Brett put his head down in my lap and swallowed as much of my dick as he could. He pulled the leg of my shorts up as high as possible and proceeded to give me a wonderful head job. I was surprised at how horny I was after all the action last night. Brett now had his shorts around his ankles and was stroking his hot hard cock with his left hand. I went to grab it but Brett pushed me back in my seat and took his mouth off my cock long enough to say “Leave it. This is for you.” So with that, I leaned back and watched as Brett worked on both of us at once. It only seemed like a couple of minutes when I could feel my orgasm coming on. Brett was now sucking as hard as he could and jerking off at the same time. I indicated that I was about to blow but that made him work harder and faster. Then my cock erupted into Brett’s hot mouth. He swallowed every drop I gave him except for a few drops that he spat onto his hand and used as lubrication on his own raging hard cock. Then he leaned back and soon blasted the dashboard with his seed. As he slowed down the stroking of his spent rod, Brett leaned back towards me and licked up the last few drips coming from the tip of my softening dick. Now we both just lay back in our seats and breathed deeply to recover. “Looks like I have a bit of cleaning to do here” remarked Brett as he surveyed the cum splattered dashboard. I just smiled and said “I’ll leave that to you, you young spunk fountain.”
Five minutes later we were back on the highway and looking for a place to eat. I think we both needed a refill of protein so a nice serve of bacon and eggs went down well when we found a roadhouse not long after.
The rest of the trip home was uneventful. We arrived about midday and unloaded the trailer. A nice shower and change of clothes was welcome. Then I said to Brett that maybe he should think about returning home as his parents would be expecting him soon. He agreed so I went on-line and was able to book him on a flight the next morning.
Now that we were home, we had to ‘behave’ ourselves of course and Brett was very understanding about that. In the morning before we drove out of the garage, we were able to have our last big hug. Brett held me against him and laid his head on my chest. He didn’t say much. He didn’t have to. He had said it all before. We headed for the airport where we said our final goodbyes and I just said “Brett, I am always here for you. Do keep in touch mate.” He replied with a sign of tears in his eyes “You can count on that Uncle.. aahhh sorry, Dan.”

Footnote: A couple of month’s later I had an email from Brett. He excitedly told me that he had received an email from Nathan to say that he was coming down to Sydney for a job interview and wondered if they could catch up. He was to arrive within a week.

The end
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