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fucking my sister in law.... This is my first story.
Fun with Sherry
I couldn’t believe how lucky I got
when my sister-in-law Sherry
came to visit her sister (my wife,
Cara). Sherry’s single and Cara is
her only sister. I was feeling a
little down at the time as I was
unemployed and upset with
myself for allowing myself to get
out of shape and pack on some
extra pounds.
One morning while Cara was at
work, I was lounging around on
the living room sofa in a t-shirt
and shorts when Sherry came
into the room wearing gym
shots and a t-shirt, complaining
her feet were bothering her.
Sherry is 40, but a knockout. The
combination of her short, dirty
blonde hair, blue eyes, slim
figure, tight ass and 36D breasts
never fails to turn me on. I often
fantasize about fucking her from
behind or having a threesome
with Sherry and Cara.
I offered to give her a foot rub,
which she accepted. We made
small talk while I massaged her
feet, occasionally sliding a hand
up to massage her calves as well.
She just smiled and said the
massage felt good, not
commenting on my hands
roaming up above her ankles.
I offered to massage the rest of
her legs and she said that would
be nice. So I
draped her feet over my legs
while sitting next to her (she was
laying down) and proceeded to
massage her thighs, making sure
my fingers stopped at the
bottom of her shorts. Although I
had the hots for her, I didn’t
want to get her pissed off and
tell Cara that I was attempting to
make a pass at her, so I was very
careful with how high up her
legs my hands went. However I
did notice that she had her eyes
closed a big smile on her face.
When I finished she said “that
was wonderful, do you think you
could massage my back?”
I responded “Sure” and she
asked would it be easier if she
was bent over leaning on a table
or flat on her stomach on the
floor. I responded with bent
over the table.
As we got up Sherry’s foot
brushed against my cock. Despite
the fact that she’s never shown
any interest in me I had to
wonder if it was accidental or
intentional. Soon I was giving her
the massage, keeping my hands
outside the t-shirt for fear of her
telling Cara I made a pass at her.
As I massaged I realized she
wasn’t wearing a bra as there
were no bra straps in the way of
my hands.
After 5-10 minutes she said to
me “maybe this will make things
easier for you” and proceeded to
take off her shirt bringing those
beautiful 36Ds into view. I stared
for a minute and felt my cock
begin to get hard. She just
chuckled, winked, and said
“You’re married to my kid sister,
don’t get any ideas.”
However I did get an idea and
decided to throw caution into
the wind. While continuing the
back massage I would let my
fingertips “accidentally” go
under the waistband of the
shorts to I was brushing them
against the top of her ass,
making it seem like it was part of
the massage.
I felt myself getting harder the
longer she was bent over in front
of me and topless. Then she
shocked me by asking “if I said it
was ok for you to make a move
on me, what would you do?”
With that I took a step forward
so she could feel my hard-on
pressing against her ass and
brought my hands down off her
shoulders and went directly for
her breasts – caressing them in
my hands and rolling the nipples
between two fingers I then
leaned forward licked from her
neck to her ear and whispered
“I’d probably start like this”
She responded “that’s good, but
I’m sure you can do better. let’s
see what else you’ve got”
So I continued the massage for
another minute, once again
pausing to caress her breasts
while my hands were on their
way down, but this time I didn’t
stop at the top of her gym shorts,
I proceeded to pull them down
to discover that she was naked
underneath. I then used two
fingers to gently massage her clit,
and brought the other hand up
to massage her breast. I leaned
into her and asked “is this
With that she sighed as she
reached back and pulled out my
cock stroking it gently and said
“does this answer your
question?” I told her it did and
hurriedly took off my own
clothes so I was naked as well.
Then I stepped up right behind
her and started to massage her
ass, pulling the cheeks apart
every so often while she
continued to stroke me and
caress my balls. But I couldn’t
resist those magnificent breasts
so I stood her up and turned her
around so we were face-to-face.
We shared a passionate kiss –
our tongues intertwined Then I
moved my mouth down and
started sucking on the breasts
one at a time, nibbling on the
nipples while right hand was
busy alternating between
rubbing her clit and sliding two
fingers slowly inside her
All the while she was slowly
stroking my cock and caressing
my balls with a perfect touch.
Every few strokes she’d pause to
spit on her hand to make sure
this prime hand job was a wet
After a good 10-15 minutes I
said “do you want me inside
you” to which Sherry whispered
“yes”. I turned her around and
bent her over and slowly eased
my wet, aching cock into her
tight, wet pussy.
I leaned forward to grab her
breasts and held onto them as I
pumped into her for several
minutes alternating between
quick, hard thrusts and slow
pumps. She was moaning softly
saying how good it felt.
I pulled out and said “you might
like this better” and held her ass,
spreading her cheeks apart as I
slowly slid my pussy-juice lubed
cock into her tight ass.
She groaned “yeah baby that
feels so good” as I inched my
way in. Once I was all the way in,
I grabbed her hips and started
pumping into her hard and fast.
I was trying to go faster and
harder with each thrust and she
kept perfect time by bucking
back against me, making the
sound of our bodies slapping
together even louder. She was
rubbing her clit hard while I
fucked her ass.
After afew minutes she again
shouted “yeah baby that feels so
fucking good” and I couldn’t
agree more as I felt my own
orgasm starting to build. A
minute later she shouted “I’m
cumming!” and seconds later I
shouted “So am
I” and shot my load into her tight
As we slumped forward, our
sweaty bodies pressed together,
I reached
forward, grabbed her tits and
pulled her upright against me
and said “That
was fantastic, but we can’t tell
Cara about this”
Sherry said “Maybe we won’t, but
you did disappointment me”
I said “How?”
Sherry said “With all the attention
you were paying to my tits I
for sure I was going to get to see
you shoot your load all over
them.” and
with that she brought a nipple
up to her tongue and licked it.
I said “sorry about that”
Sherry said “I’ll forgive you,
however keeping it a secret from
Cara will
depend on one thing.”
Horrified I asked “What?”
Sherry gave an evil smile and said
“You have to fuck me that good
anytime and anywhere I want
the rest of my visit.”
Little did I realize how often
she’d want it (to be continued…)

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