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More fun, suprises and rewards
I walked into the house and found a note taped on the key hook.
Hey babe, go check the closet upstairs ;)
I love treasure hunts. I love looking for things. I love surprises. And I especially love it when the surprise is something I really enjoy.
I went up to my bedroom and opened up the closet. Inside I found the most beautiful corset imaginable.
Taped to it was another note:
Picked it out myself, hope you like it. Put in on.
I took it off the hook, put the corset on the bed then went into the bathroom to shower. I had a quick shower and came out to change. I put the corset on, it fit perfectly. I looked sexy. Not knowing what to do next I decided I may as well apply make-up. I opened the draw and found a note:
Now all you got to do is walk back into the living room. I'm waiting ;)
I put the note down, applied make-up, sprayed a little perfume and walked back to the living room. The lights were off but instead there were candles everywhere. I smelt vanilla and knew that he had chosen them especially because they are my favourite, how sweet.
I turned around and I saw him standing there. He was in boxers and his hair was everywhere, just the way I like it.
“You chose the outfit sweetie; of course I'm going to look amazing.”
I walked up to him, in the most seductive way I could, put my arms around him and smiled.
“What do you have in store for me?”
He wrapped his arms around my hips, bent down and whispered in my ear; “I’m gonna rock…your…world.” Then he picked me up and threw me onto the couch. He sat on top of me and kissed me hard on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him as he rubbed my body vigorously, caressing my sensitive spots. Then he got off me, held me and took me into the room. He threw me onto the bed and told me to wait there. When he came back he was holding fluffy handcuffs. Not wasting anytime he cuffed my hands to the bed posts. Of course I didn’t protest; I was getting excited. He trailed his hands up my body and rubbed my soft spots until they rested on my breasts. He then kissed me hard on the lips. I wrapped my legs around his body, thrusting my hips toward him, wanting him now more than ever. I pulled away from the kiss and told him;
“Come into me, I want you now!”
“Na ah ah, not yet, first I must punish you.”
“Punish me? For what?”
“For keeping me home alone all day.”
Then without waiting for my excuse he ran out of the room again. This time he came back holding a cloth in his hands.
“What’s that for?”
“To blindfold you,” He replied cheekily. Then he tied the blindfold around me, completely blinding me. I felt his hands go under the skirt and pull down my panties. He trailed his hands up my legs, taking his time by going as slowly as he possibly could. This wasn’t fair at all, he was playing with me. My legs started squirming because I wanted him so bad, I needed him. When his hands finally reached my vagina I was screaming Halleluiah inside. He started by rubbing my clit, making me cum. Then he brought his tongue into me. I wrapped my legs around his neck, pushing my-self closer to him. He put his hands on my thighs, digging his fingers into my skin, pushing me deeper into him. I was moaning so loud. I tried to stifle my moans with my hands but the cuffs were pulling them back. So I
kept moaning and screaming out his name. He then un-done the corset and threw it on the ground, the next thing I felt was his wet tongue on my body, licking me from my belly button to my breasts. He caressed my nipple with his tongue and then bit me on top of it. I let out a yelp of pain as he bit harder, digging his teeth into my flesh as though it was a piece of steak. I tried to pull him away but the cuffs never loosened their grip. I opened my legs, making him closer to me, hoping he will finally come into me. But instead he got off me and started undoing the cuffs. Confused I asked, “What’s going on?”
“I'm hungry,” he replied seductively. He took the blindfold off me and picked me up. He took me into the kitchen and sat me down on the counter. It felt cold against my bare bottom. He went into the pantry and came back with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. I smiled as I realised what his intentions were. He came up to me; I opened my legs allowing him to come closer to me, and then he poured the syrup all over my body. I didn’t care that the syrup had gotten into my hair; all I was worried about was that he was still in his boxers, tantalizing me. He started from the top, sucking the chocolate from around my chest and worked his way down. Again he licked my clit, sucking all the chocolate that had been there. I put my hands in his hair, getting them tangled and pushed him deeper into me. Then he got the whipped cream and sprayed it into my mouth, nearly making me choke. I swallowed the cream and then noticed that he was spraying my body with cream. Again he sucked it all off me and when he was done he picked me up once again. This time he took us into the bathroom. He turned on the water, finally took off his boxers and we went into the steaming hot shower. He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around him, and he slammed me hard against the wall. He slammed a deep and long kiss on my lips. I tightened my grip around his torso, pushing him closer to me, grinding against his crotch. I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Even though he was not coming in me, I knew that the time was soon. After more kissing, grinding and rubbing he pulled away, turned off the water, then we went back into the bedroom, not caring that we were both dripping wet. This time I pushed him on the bed and quickly grabbed the cuffs and cuffed him to the bed posts. I ran out of the room and came back with the half empty bottle of chocolate syrup. I poured the syrup all over his body, emptied it and threw it away and began sucking it all off him. I started from the top and worked my way down. When I reached his crotch I kissed around it, taking my time. I grabbed him and started rubbing him, only licking the tip.
“Come on babe, put it in, please?”
“It’s payback time sweetie.” I stopped rubbing him and sat on top of him, I kissed him hard on the lips and dug my nails deep into his chest. Then I pulled away from the kiss and bit hard into his chest, I could hear the faint scream escape from his lips when I started tasting blood. I pulled away and went back down to his crotch, this time putting him into my mouth, deep throating him. I heard him moan in pleasure. When he came I swallowed it all and took him out. I got off him and took off the handcuffs. I quickly ran out of the room before he had the chance to grab me. But he was hot on my heels so by the time I was in the corridor he had lifted me, slammed me hard against the wall, and came in me, hard. I screamed at the impact. I tangled my hands in his hair again, pulling hard every time he pushed. My arms and legs were wrapped around him, pulling him closer to me, and making him go deeper. I bit down on his neck, hard. I heard him yelp in pain. His nails would dig deeper into the flesh on my bottom every time he pushed. I was moaning and screaming so much and he was breathing heavily. Then as he was pulling away, he lost his grip making me fall hard on the floor. I screamed at the pain but this didn’t worry him, he pulled me away from the wall so I could lie down and came back into me. I could feel my bottom burning every time we elevated. I rolled him over making me on top and started riding him like a bull. His hands were resting on my hips, squeezing them tight. We were both moaning and breathing heavily. I knew he came because his eyes closed and he pushed his head back. I got off him and kissed him on the lips. We both lay on the carpet, in each other’s arms, enjoying the smell of sex in the air.
When I was looking at my naked body in the mirror, I was shocked. I had bruises, bite marks and scratches everywhere and carpet burns on my bottom. But thinking back to the events that led to them, I didn’t care. I loved what happened.

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2012-10-15 20:10:51
Also very erotic. You have my curiosity up as to who he is.

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