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Good Neighbors

Part 3

Cathy had this look of unadulterated lust in her eyes as she slowly stroked two fingers up and down between the now wet outer labia of her gorgeous daughter. Deb had started to stir and moan as, even in her sleep, she enjoyed the way her Mom was playing with her young and very wet cunt.

Bob, Deb's Dad, answered Cathy's earlier question,

"She is nice and tight.. but she took my cock like a trooper and loved it. Look at her hump your fingers in her sleep. She already loves to fuck and she sucks cock like a veteran. Sara told me she loves to eat pussy too. Must take after her Mom huh Cat?"

Cathy now slipped two fingers into Deb's wet cunt an inch. To her surprise Deb humped up into her hand and took her fingers deep into her young cunt. Then she opened her eyes sleepily and looked from her Mom to her Dad and back. Then she smiled, sighed and said,

"Hmmmm Mom that feels nice."

"Your Dad told me how the two of you fucked earlier tonight and how you and Sara enjoyed 69 together. I couldn't wait baby ... I have wanted to do this to you for a long time. Now spread your pretty legs so Mommy can get at your hot little cunt with her mouth."

Deb shifted to accommodate her Mom as Cat lowered her head to Deb's open cunt. Deb groaned loudly as Cat's tongue bathed her clit, her labia, her asshole. Then she felt her Mom slip one finger in her ass and she gasped and came with a full body shudder. Cat did not slow down but took Deb's cumming as a signal to do even go faster, deeper. Deb was mumbling incoherently and then she saw her Dad's hard cock and pulled it to her hungry mouth. It was a couple of hours before the three of them crashed finally in Deb's bed and slept, exhausted. They awoke slowly the next morning in a naked tangle of body parts. Kisses were tenderly and lovingly implanted as they sleepily headed for the shower together. The shower awakened them and Cat and Debbie could not keep their hands or mouths off each other. It ended in Cathy lying on the floor of the shower under the spray with Deb's face buried in her cunt while Bob knelt behind Deb's cute ass pounding his cock into her tight pussy dog style. Later, somewhat sated for the moment the three of them headed for the kitchen with enormous appetites. All that fucking works up an appetite for sure.

As they ate they laughed and joked and teased each other like the new lovers they were. They continually told each other how good they were as sex partners. Then Deb asked,

"Are the Packers coming over here tonight?"

"I think so Deb, we want them to but I have to call them in a minute." Her Dad replied.

"Can I join in with all of you tonight?"

Cathy and Bob looked at each other and smiled and Cathy said,

"I think that would be great. Quin is a very good lover, almost as good as your Dad. So is Rita and you know about Sara."

The night finally came. Deb thought it would never happen she was so eager but it was worth the wait. The six of them spent all Saturday evening and night exploring each other every way they could dream up. It was mid-morning, the next day when Quin, Rita and Sara finally and reluctantly bid the Jellas farewell, at least for a little while. The days and nights were thereafter frequently filed with a variety of combinations of the six people and every one of them walked around with a big smile on their face.


Rita had been at work at her new job as head nurse at the local hospital for a few days when Candy Smith caught her in the hall late in the day and told her she needed to talk to her about something very serious. Rita had noticed this radiant beauty, with her blonde hair and blue eyes and a body to kill for. She made Rita's tongue hard and Rita was waiting for a chance to get to know this young, 25ish, sex pot better, a lot better.

Rita lead her into her office and closed the door behind them. Rita ran her eyes over Candy's cute ass through the tight short uniform. She enjoyed the way her big breasts jiggled as she moved to sit down on the couch. Her view was interrupted as she heard Candy say,

"Rita, I am sorry to bring you a problem so soon after you start here but I don't know what else to do."

"Candy, that is part of my job, don't be shy or hesitant. What is the matter dear?"

And Rita sat on the couch near Candy.

"It's Dr Quark, you see... he... he can't keep his hands off of me. Every chance he gets he feels up my breasts or my ass. He keeps suggesting we go into an empty surgery theater and have sex."

Rita thought to herself, 'So where is the problem?' but she reached over and patted Candy's trim leg high on her thigh. She let her hand rest there and said,

"I see, Candy you are married I believe, if I remember the records right?"

"Yes Carl and I have been married for almost a year."

"Candy forgive this question, you will understand in a moment, but do you enjoy sex... a little... a lot... like gang busters?"

Candy blushed deeply and had trouble answering. Finally she said,

"I would have to say like gang busters Rita.... I love it... all of it."

"You do realize that you are an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman don't you. I know lots of men who would kill to fuck you."

Candy blushed again and Rita saw her nipples harden through her uniform... hearing the f word did that to her. In a moment she answered Rita,

"Carl tells me that... I guess I know it."

"I know Dr. Quark may be out of line Candy but really it is a great compliment isn't it?"

"Well yes.. maybe.. but..."

"I know baby.. it is upsetting.... "

And Rita patted her leg and slid her hand higher letting her finger tips wrap over her thigh and go between her legs as much as the tight uniform would allow. Rita loved the feel of Candy's firm flesh under her hand and wanted to drop her hand under her skirt and see how wet Candy's little pussy was from all the sexual conversation. But she continued,

"I will have a chat with Dr. Quark about this but let me suggest that as hot of a body as you have Candy, you will have this happen a lot. You can raise hell about it and I am sure you will win. Of course then everyone will be leery of you and your career and social life will suffer. Or you can relax and not let a few advances bother you, maybe even enjoy them if you can. You don't have to let him fuck you, although a lot of that takes place between Doctors and Nurses in hospitals. All those empty beds I guess..."

Candy found herself flushed with excitement as Rita talked to her about Doctors and Nurses fucking. She had heard lots of those stories in Nursing school and it was a fantasy of hers... but she wasn't ready to act it out... at least not yet. Then she heard Rita say,

"Have you talked this over with your husband, Carl you said, have you told him about Dr Quark?"

"No.... not yet. I don't know how he would react."

"Well... maybe you should mention it to him... say it was a nurse friend of yours that it is happening to and see how he reacts. It might just be interesting Candy. You might stir up your Hubby's fantasy life a bit."

Candy felt so comfortable with Rita. She thought Rita was so nice and caring. Some people would have just brushed her off but Rita seemed to take a real personal interest in her.

Candy left for home shortly but not until Rita gave her a big hug (maternal of course). After Candy left Rita looked at the clock... her shift had been over for 30 minutes... She smiled and removed her uniform, her bra and her panties and slipped into the silk mini dress she had worn to work that morning. Heels replaced the white shoes and then Rita went looking for Dr Quark, she had thought he would be interesting when she first met him... now she smiled to herself as she wondered how he would be in the sack?

Heads turned, doctors, nurses as well as patients as Rita walked down the corridors looking for Quark. The thin dress left little doubt how well Rita was put together. Then she found Quark in the doctor's lounge. He was alone and she re-introduced herself to him. His response was a slow licentious sweep of her sexy shape with his eyes. Rita liked that and posed for him as she felt her pussy start to get damp. As he looked he said,

"Yes Rita... I could never forget you. Damn you are lovely."

"Thank you Dr Quark but.."

"Call me Roger please Rita."

"Roger, I need to chat with you about Candy Smith. It seems she is a bit upset with your roving hands."

He looked into her eyes and saw the sparkle in them and he paused for just a second as they looked at each other's eyes and then he said,

"I see... perhaps we should go somewhere more private to talk about this... s3 is not used these days, maybe we could talk better there."

Rita smiled to herself, surgery three (s3 for short) was an unused surgery that was frequented by doctors and nurses, in pairs usually. She had heard the talk. She answered,

"OK Roger, I think that would work for me. I am off duty as you can see."

Roger smiled and opened the door. Rita walked out in front of him her sweet ass swinging invitingly. Rita thought to herself as she walked toward the infamous s3, eagerly, 'Roger might be a good addition to the group. With Sara and Deb we could use a couple of unattached males'. She caught a couple of the knowing smiles from residents as they walked toward s3. Good.. a little advertisement helps to bring the cute residents to her door.

As the door closed behind them Rita heard the lock click in place and she knew they would not be disturbed. Quark turned and again took in her full body as he said,

"Candy complained about my hands?"

"Well sort of... I think she really didn't object so much but she is so young."

"And you Rita, you are not that young are you?"

And he stepped closer and rested his hands on her waist. Rita let her full breasts brush against his chest as she replied,

"Not by any stretch Roger... maybe you should show me what you did to poor little Candy so I will know how to counsel her."

"Good idea Rita, all in the spirit of better nurse/doctor relations."

His hands slipped up slowly to cup both of her large firm tits, the material of her dress was so thin that it was like her tits were bare almost. He gently squeezed them and toyed with her hard nipples as he said,

"I believe I did this to Candy, her tits are about the same size as yours. You both have great fucking tits... love the feel of them in my hands."

"Did you open her blouse Roger, and play with her bare tits?"

"Do you mean like this?"

And he quickly unbuttoned the top of Rita's dress and pulled it open wide baring her twin beauties. His hands covered her bare tits and Rita gasped,

"Of yes.... Roger, like that... did you do that to Candy's big tits?"

"No Rita my love.... she jumped and ran away when I squeezed her big tits.. before I could get her top open."

"What would you have done if she hadn't run away Rog?"

He dropped one hand under the hem of her short skirt and immediately covered her wet pussy with it as one finger probed searching for her hot cunt opening. He found it and as Rita spread her legs he slipped it deep in her and said,

"I would have invited her to s3 and done this to her hot little cunt. Damn Rita you feel nice."

Rita had found Roger's hard cock and was stroking it through his greens. She smiled up at him and said,

"I'm no young silly nurse Rog, I want your hard cock in me... now."

"Take that dress off ... I want to see you naked."

Rita dropped the dress and smiled as she walked to the surgery table and lay back, opening her legs and shifting to accommodate Rogers trim body as she guided Rogers cock home. Rita was pleased, overjoyed, out of her fucking skull the way Rogers cock worked her over. 'Damn it's good' she thought as she came the second time. Roger moaned,

"Oh shit you are good Rita.... I love your ass."

Later as they lay there spent, Roger asked,

"Do I have to worry about a jealous husband now that I have fucked you? A hot thing like you must have either a jealous husband or a very cooperative one. Which is it?"

"My guy is very, very cooperative. In fact, Quin loves to watch other men fuck me. Maybe you could join us sometime soon for dinner, you will like Quin, and our daughter. Then if you and Quin like,.... we can get private later. I love two men at the same time. Then a bit later maybe we can get together with a few very friendly neighbors we have met. Would you like to join a small sex group? Quin and I are trying to get a group going here like we had in California."

"Absolutely yes... anytime Rita. Next to being a surgeon I like fucking the most... I loved fucking you Rita ... How old is your daughter?"

Rita felt him shifting and arranging her as his face slowly disappeared in to her sweet bush, his tongue finding her clit and Rita moaned....

"OH... Oh...yes doctor tongue... try. Eat me."


Later as they dressed Roger asked,

"About Candy...?"

"Don't stop anything. In fact do more. Try to get her in here and fuck her. I will encourage her to loosen up and let you fuck her. I want to include her and her husband Carl in the group. She has never fucked anyone but Carl I think. If you get her in here, soon maybe the three of can visit s3."

"You like girls too?"

"Yeah, Candy looks very tasty to me."

"I want to watch."

"Of course, ... and you can fuck her while she eats me."


Sara met Roger at the door the next night. Candy had been trying to see Rita all day bit Rita had been too busy. It had been a tough day at the hospital.

Sara asked Roger in and smiled at him, recalling Rita's story about s3. Sara had on tight jeans and a cut off t-shirt that just barely covered her big tits and obviously no bra. She enjoyed the way Roger looked at her and she said,

"Roger, Mom and Dad had to run out for a bit, come in please. I am to entertain you until they get back. I hope you don't mind. It couldn't be helped."

Roger loved the way her heavy breasts swayed from side to side as she moved.... 'nice' he thought.

He walked in and felt Sara looking him over as she closed the door behind him.

"Come in the den and I will get us a glass of wine."

"Sounds good Sara, I gather you are old enough to drink wine."

"Around here Roger, you are old enough to do something when you are old enough to do it. Not too many rules... just common sense. You work with Mom closely Roger?"

Roger grinned and said,

"We have worked pretty close in surgery a couple of times. Your Mom is great."

Roger sat on the couch and Sara stood beside his leg and bent forward, away from Roger, to set her glass of wine on the table. As expected Sara's t-shirt dropped away from her breasts baring them nicely for Roger's eyes. He didn't miss any of it and he wondered, 'like mother like daughter?'

Sara managed to stay in that position for several seconds as she knew Roger was enjoying the view of her great tits. Then she sat down on the couch facing him, her leg drawn up on the couch and her knee pressed into Roger's leg.

Sara smiled at him and said,

"I think I am going to like living here in Denver a lot. So far everyone has been very friendly."

"I think it would be easy to be friendly with you Sara. You are a very attractive young woman. I am sure the guys will be around you like bees to honey."

Sara laughed and said,

"My Dad says it is like a pack of male dogs around a bitch in heat."

They both laughed and Roger ran his eyes over her tits slowly and then said,

"Are you a bitch in heat Sara?"

And he dropped his hand onto her thigh.

"Sometimes Roger...."

"With older men Sara... like me?"

"Especially with older men like you."

His hand slid higher and he stroked the inside of her thigh, the way she was sitting her legs were spread as an open invitation for his hand to go higher. He stroked her thigh lightly teasingly a little higher each time.

"Sara I love your tits... I loved it when you bent over earlier to give me a show. You have fabulous tits Sara. I would love to squeeze those beauties in my hands and kiss and suck on your hard nipples."

He reached with his free hand and slipped under her t-shirt on top of one proud bare beauty. Sara sighed with pleasure and slid one hand around his neck, toying with his ears as she said,

"Hmm Roger you are getting me all worked up... I feel like that bitch in heat."

"A bitch in heat usually gets fucked... frequently by several dogs."

His hand on her thigh covered her pussy through her jeans and he caressed her openly. Then he unsnapped her jeans and pulled them open. She wore no panties and the smell of her sex filled his nose delightfully. Roger's hand slid down the front of her open jeans and his fingers danced with her swollen clit. Sara gasped and sighed,

"Yes .... "

Roger kissed her hotly their tongues dueling, then

"Sara, where can we go... I have to fuck you soon.. I want in your hot young pussy."

Sara stood up and stripped and lay back on the couch spreading her legs saying,

"Here Roger, fuck this bitch right here and hurry.."

"Your folks?"

"Mom told Dad and I all about you fucking her, I am your welcoming committee. We have another hour before they come home and join us."

Roger had his cock out and in her tight cunt in an instant. Sara wrapped her legs around his ass tightly and he had to hang on to stay on top of her. He had her pussy and her mouth in the next thirty minutes. Then the front door opened and Quin and Rita walked in. Roger and Sara were in the middle of the floor and Roger was fucking her dog style. Quin and Rita stood quietly until they finished and dropped on the floor like a rock.

They had a nice dinner and then the round robin sex party started. When Roger finally left late that night, Bob, Cathy and Deb had joined the group and all the ladies enjoyed the new cock. Roger thought he had died and gone to heaven. The last thing Roger did was to fuck Deb while he ate Sara. Two hot teen pussies were enough to finish him for that evening.

As Rita walked to the door with him she kissed him deeply and then said,

"Candy Smith... I want her Roger... don't let up... she admitted to me today that she actually enjoyed you fondling her tits and ass but felt she wasn't being fair to Carl, her husband. Tomorrow we turn up the heat..."

end part 3

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