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This is the continuation of the Winfield saga. Robert has a troubling discovery he needs to speak with Jewels about. Morgan his 14-year-old daughter, who has never been pregnant, is lactating. Robert knows there are some serious conditions that could cause this, and he fears for his loves health.
Protective Husband Four Loves part three.

This is the continuation of the Winfield saga. Robert has a troubling discovery he needs to speak with Jewels about. Morgan his 14-year-old daughter, who has never been pregnant, is lactating. Robert knows there are some serious conditions that could cause this, and he fears for his loves health.

Once I recovered I look about the room and all my loves are here with me. I whisper “Jewels, I need to speak to you.”

Jewels rising and turns to me, looking over Sara she rests on her elbows. Sara turns to me. Little Bobby appears to be asleep, on the far side of the three. “Jewels could a woman start producing milk without any major problem?”

Jewels giggling jokes says. “Why did we not buy enough milk to last us?”

Under normal circumstance I would've found that amusing but not right now. “Jewels, Morgan is producing milk.”

Jewels still believes I'm joking. “Well you'll just have to nurse from her. We don't have the necessary equipment to express her milk any other way.”

I look over at her and say flatly. “That will keep her from getting mastitis, but what would cause her to start producing milk in the first place.”

Now Jewels sees that I'm not joking, a shocked expression covers her face. She inquires. “Are you certain she is lactating?”

I say earnestly. “Yes! I’m certain she is.”

Jewels expression doesn't change, which worries Sara and I. “Hopefully it's just an imbalance of her hormones, due to the fact she's getting both birth control and the hormones from your semen.”

“So it's because we're having sex that she is lactating?” That matches several of the urban legends I've heard.

Jewels then says. “That would be the best case scenario; the other causes could be significantly more drastic. Tests will need to be performed to identify what's causing it.”

I asked Jewels while I stroked Morgan’s hair as she slept on my chest. “Jewels can you make a few phone inquiries Monday. We could get the tests performed in Denver or maybe a nearby clinic.”

Jewels says. “Maybe it would be better if we got them administered in Denver.” We need to make an appointment for Morgan. We needed to find out if something serious is causing her lactation. Probably a full physical and blood work would be required, Jewels would know better than I, but apparently she lay back down not wanting to disturb Little Bobby or Morgan.

I would definitely have to check the road in the morning. I may have to work clearing the road, or calling in a helicopter to air taxi us to Denver.

Tomorrow is Sunday; this past week has flown by, sometimes I wonder how we survived. If I had taken Jewels home like she originally wanted, I shudder to think what would've happened to her by last Monday morning.

With my mind racing like it was it required a long time for me to eventually calm down and then fall asleep. At nine o'clock soft music began to play, the alarm I had turned on awoken us. Sara was the first to wake up. Sara giggled seeing my hard cock sticking out past Morgan. She thought if Morgan just raised her hips she could take him right now. As I awake my morning wood begins to soften and lay against Morgan's ass as it slowly shrank. Sara gets out of bed still amused by what she saw.

The cool air from Sara moving the covers has awakened Morgan. Morgan utters. “Ten more minutes Daddy.” I will gladly remain here for ten additional minutes with my lovely Morgan resting on my chest, but that only lasted for about five minutes before I hear the shower running. The sound is enough to make a full bladder scream for relief. I know Morgan hears the shower too as she lifts her head looking down she whispers. “Damn I got to go too.” She lifts off of me then assists me to my feet. Morgan smiling playfully she turns and runs into the restroom. When I get there Morgan is still on the toilet. Morgan looks up and says to me. “Dad you must of cum a gallon in me last night. I'm still draining.” We both can hear Sara giggling from the shower.

Morgan can interpret my body language knowing I have to relieve my bladder she gets up and steps into the shower. As I finish Jewels and Little Bobby entered the bathroom, Little Bobby giggles. “I'm next.”

I give Little Bobby a smile and a wink, and then walk into the shower. The shower is quite large it has six flex mounted showerheads, and a rain showerhead. A bench across one wall, shells for soap and shampoo, Sara and Morgan are busy talking as Sara shampoos Morgan's hair. Sara and Morgan have their back to me and don’t see me enter. Sara asked candidly. “What does it feel like to have milk, and to have someone nurse from you?”

Morgan answers truthfully as she can. “First I was so freaked out that I have milk I made Bobby suck it out. It felt weird at first like something crawling inside my breast and coming out my nipple. As Bobby nursed he got so turned on he started fucking me, and then I got turn on by him fucking and nursing. I had the hugest orgasm. His orgasm was huge too is the hardest he's ever cum in me and so much of it.”

Sara giggles. “I hope after I have my baby maybe I can get Jewels to feed her occasionally, so I can convince Dad do that with me.”

Jewels is behind me when she speaks it startles both Sara and I. “That might be fun to have him do that to me too. If you think you could nurse Katie occasionally too.”

Recovering quickly Sara giggles. “I guess I could learn to feed two babies if I have enough milk.”

Jewels tells Sara. “Certain foods will make you produce additional milk like oats.”

Morgan giggles and says. “Don't forget I am lactating. Possibly I could nurse my sister too.”

Jewels knowledge as a nurse holds her back from blurting out something that would scare Morgan. “Well several reasons that could cause you to start lactating other than pregnancy. Stress or sex has been known to cause some women to begin to lactate, maybe a side effect from a medicine, or a few other reasons that will require blood tests to find.”

Morgan’s eyes go wide realizing she had taken a medicine prescribed to her by her stepfather. “Would Reglan be one of the meds that have that side effect?”

Jewels is shocked and furious as hell. “Who the fuck would have prescribed Reglan for you?”

Little Bobby and Morgan are scared to death not fully understanding their mother’s reaction. Morgan asked “Mom why are you so pissed off?”

Jewels tries to regain her composure before replying. “That's not a side effect for that drug it's the purpose. It's supposed to assist a woman to lactate.”

Little Bobby now furious says. “Well I don't know the reason why he did it. But it was Andrew. He said it would assist in our breasts development.”

Morgan says. “I ceased taking them Thursday when we found out he wasn't actually a Doctor.”

Little Bobby says. "They made me nauseous so I discontinued taking them a week ago."

Jewels relieved at finding the cause, but enflamed at another betrayal by a man she thought she could trust. “If I ever get a hold of that con man, I'll have his skin on the floor someplace.”

“No you don't Jewels I'm not having his ugly ass staring up anywhere I’m at. We will feed him to a bear. The bear can have is skin for its den.” In a second Jewels begins to laugh followed by the girls and me.

Morgan has two serious questions for her mother. “Why did it take so long before I started lactating? And since I've already started lactating what will cause it to end.”

Jewels is giving some thought to it before she replies. “You had no stimulation before. Poor diet will cause you to lose your milk, or lack of stimulation.”

Morgan looking at me says. “Well as for diet I don't think that will be an issue. I have Dad for all the stimulation I need. We all know how he loves sucking and fondling tits.”

After their giggling dies down, Jewels instructs Morgan. “You have to express your milk regularly. Your milk may cause your tits to elongate, so you'll have to wear a bra all the time. You’ll have to check for mastitis daily.”

I've been washing Little Bobby's, Sara’s, Jewels’, and now Morgan's backs, during this conversation. Little Bobby has washed my back and all the way down to my feet. We've all completed washing and step out of the shower to dry.

Little Bobby pulls me near and whispers. “Do you want to check if I am lactating?”

I bend my head down and close my mouth around her nipple sucking hard. In an instant I am still surprised to find that she too is now lactating. I raise my head with a surprised expression. Jewels just looks at me asking wordlessly what's wrong. I open my mouth showing the milk resting in it. Morgan begins to laugh finding the circumstances humorous. I close my mouth and swallow, and say. “I don't think we'll ever have to worry about having fresh milk.” Turning back to Little Bobby, she is now holding her breasts as milk flows between her fingers cupped over her right breast that I had nursed.

Looking at me she said. “You got it started you get to finish it.”

Morgan giggles. “Little Bobby I hope you’re really ready for a great fucking, because he gave me one last night when he nursed.”

Little Bobby looking at my cock says. “It’s mine all day… And it looks like he is hard as steel.”

Jewels asks Sara. “We did agree to that didn't we?”

Sara looked around at my cock says. “Damn we did, but man does his cock look good.”

Jewels giggles. “As aroused as Bobby is she will be begging for help with him before the days up.”

Little Bobby is driving me from the master bath. “I want a little privacy.” She states. With the statement her mom made Little Bobby is determined to have me all day without any assistance.

I take her into my arms carry her through the house up the stairs to the furthest bedroom, the house is completely furnished and each room is ready to use. Turning down the bed Little Bobby jumps in happily. I slide in beside her in the full-size bed, more than enough room for the two of us especially since I positioned myself directly above her. Once I’m between her legs she spreads them displaying her opened sex to me. I can smell her arousal and see the wetness. Looking into her face she says. “Oh Daddy I'm ready for this, slide that big hard cock into me.”

I run my head up and down her wet slit. We're getting more excited by the second. Now with my lubricated cock I find her vaginal entrance and begin to impale her. She is so wet I easily sink into her tight hot pussy. Little Bobby moans as I make contact with her cervix. “Oh yes Daddy, fuck my hot little pussy, and suck my milky tits.”

I start with a slow rhythm long strokes, once the rhythm is established. I close my mouth over Little Bobby’s leaking breast. As I begin the nurse she has the same reaction that drove me crazy. Each time I suck on her breasts her vagina tightens around my cock. When her milk begins to flow her vagina relaxes so I begin moving with the rhythm of my nursing. I'm not even completely through emptying her first breast before she begins to have an orgasm, as she starts to thrust wildly with her hips, spurting and her milk arcs pulsing from her uncovered breast with each spurt. I continue making love to Little Bobby through two more orgasms before her first breast has emptied. I begin her second breast isn’t very long before that breast has emptied but I am beyond the point of no return so turned on that that I don't notice Morgan has entered the room and sets watching us with both breasts dripping. I'm ramming into Little Bobby hard and fast. She loves it. Little Bobby’s legs are wrapped tightly around me happily meeting each thrust. Suddenly she screams. “OH FUCK YES. OH YES I'M CUMMING HARDER, I'M CUMMING DADDY.” No longer able to hold back myself the second she said harder I blew my first rope into Little Bobby, she spurting back and we continued in unison until both of us were totally spent. Rolling on my side we lay there until our breathing normalized.

Morgan looking over asked. “Dad, could you empty my breasts now? Mom said I really need to have them expressed."

Little Bobby seeing how Morgan was dripping asked her. “Does it hurt when they are that full?”

Morgan looking back at her sister she answered. “It's like when you have eaten too much. They feel awfully stuffed. They probably will hurt if I don't have them expressed soon.”

Even before I answered Morgan my manhood begins to harden seeing her breasts so round and ample. I look to Little Bobby who shook her head yes, and then I say to Morgan. “Come here sweet heart I'll take care of your problem.”

Morgan asks Little Bobby. “Mind if I take care of Dad's problem.”

Little Bobby giggles. “I don't think it's a problem, but I couldn't handle it right now.”

Morgan slides in the bed beside me. Lying on her back she's invited me to roll on top of her. She's just as eager as her sister was, as I position myself atop her. My manhood is still covered with a combination of Little Bobby’s and my cum. I slide in easily. Morgan is wet as I have ever felt her.

Little Bobby watching us groans. “Dad you stuck your cock in her without cleaning it.”

Morgan thrusting her hips upward to completely take me into her says. “I don't mind your cum, Bobby." She wrapped her legs around my hips and spurs me into motion. I begin a slow rhythm, lowering my face to her left breast it’s the furthest from Little Bobby.

Little Bobby lying beside us watching asks Morgan. “When it's your day you think I will have to have my milk expressed too.”

I answer for Morgan. “You may require your milk expressed more than once a day. You may have to have it expressed several times during the day possibly four or more.”

Little Bobby has wide eyes as she says. “I don't know if I could take you like that four times a day. It was almost like going last."

Morgan giggles. “Oh my, he's always longer during his second time too.”

Like her sister Morgan’s orgasm hits and both breast and pussy spurts. Little Bobby is under the shower of milk. Half to keep from getting more soaked Little Bobby latches onto Morgan's right breast. She begins by just drinking what Morgan spurts from her breast. Soon after Morgan's orgasm ended I know Little Bobby has begun to nurse, Morgan's vagina pulses with each of our nursing, we are out of sync causing a very rapid pulsing in Morgan's vagina. I speed my rhythm to match the pulse, at this pace I'm not sure how long I'll last. It turned out to be a lot longer than Morgan. In just over two minutes Morgan is again in orgasm. She screams. “OH YES SUCK MY TITS, SUCK ME DADDY, SUCK ME LITTLE BOBBY, FUCK ME DADDY.”

Hearing this Jewels and Sara look at each other giggling, they come running to watch us. They enter just as Morgan is beginning to come out of her orgasm, which only lasts around a minute before she again begins another orgasm. They watch as Little Bobby and I both nurse. Morgan goes through four more back-to-back orgasms. This time her breasts are near empty she don't spurt but a weak flow come from them. I'm so very sexually charged seeing Little Bobby working her sister’s breast. I'm meeting Morgan thrust for thrust. I feel a hand wrap around my balls and gently squeeze. That's all it took I'm unloading into Morgan as she spurts hard in return.

I roll off of Morgan, lying down shoulder to shoulder with her. It's early in the morning, but I’m spent and sleep takes me.

About two hours later I am being shaken from my sleep as Morgan is asking. “Are you two coming down for brunch?"

My stomach growls, wanting something solid I say. “We will be down and just a minute or two.”

Little Bobby has her head on my shoulder, she's not asleep she doesn't want to move. She tells me. “I could just stay here in your arms for the rest of my life.”

Lifting her face I kiss her passionately across her beautiful lips. Once we break I tell her. “As much fun as that would be we need to go get something to eat, will have a much longer life together.”

Giggling Little Bobby offers me a breast. “How about this.”

I joke back. “I'll get some later; actually I’ll get a lot later.” With no other method of expressing Little Bobby's and Morgan’s milk I'm sure I will be drinking a lot. It's a very good thing that I'm not lactose intolerant.

We realize we are both here without any clothing except in the master bedroom. I’m getting use to the cool air. Walking through the halls I noticed Little Bobby's nipples have harden I’m hoping that's not all it takes for her milk to begin to flow. On our way to the master bedroom Jewels reminds Little Bobby not to forget to put a bra on. We dress and come to brunch. Sara has prepared eggs Benedict it's one of my favorites and she knows how to make it by heart. Little Bobby and Morgan have never had their eggs prepared that way before. It's either the second or third thing on this trip they found out they really love.

As we finished the meal and voice alarm from the house indicates we have 10% battery left due to low solar power input. I should have realized with the snow last night that the solar cells would require clearing. The snow probably covered them up hopefully not with a large drift. When the cabin was under construction I received weekly video updates on the process. That's how I knew where everything was located here. I had never actually set foot in the cabin before yesterday. I watched the construction of the cabin, from foundation to roof, the installation of the Windows and carpet. I may not have been here, but I knew every inch of this place.

“We’re going to have to go clean off the solar panels from the snow that fell on them. So we need to go get dressed warmly it should take no more than an hour and a half. At least we didn’t have to climb on top of a roof to get to the solar panel arrays.

The snow had drifted, covering every footstep we had made yesterday. It was pristine scene outside of the cabin. I was wearing the snow shoes; I attended to take a look at the solar panel array. Once I had a good look at the array I saw exactly what happened. The array was a motorized system that tracked the Sun, but the motor itself was unable to move the array once it was covered with snow. I set the motor to manual and since it was facing west and then instead of trying to rotate back to the East I moved it as far west as it would go. As the angle became steeper the snow slid off the array falling in a heap at the base. I returned it to auto and the array move back into place. I knew there was a snow blower in the garage. I run it down the row of snow, now the array would be good for the next snowfall.

Upon returning Jewels asked me. “How did you do that so quickly?”

Jokingly I told her. “What… Dump a ton of snow off a solar array. No sweat.”

Jewels just shook her head in disbelief. “If anyone else had said that I wouldn't believe him but you on the other hand.” She just gives me a kiss on my cold cheek.

I make an inquiry of the house systems. “House status of solar input.”

The house stated. “Solar input at 100% operational range.”

I make a second inquiry. “House battery backup power available.”

The house systems response. “15% and climbing under current weather conditions the system should reach 60% at sunset.”

Jewels looks at me, questioning what all that means. So I enlighten her. “We need to reach minimum of 50% to power us throughout a night. So it’s probably a good idea if I restarted all the fires to reduce the load on the heating system."

Since I am dressed for the weather outdoors I volunteer. “I saw the firewood outside I’ll bring in a few armloads so we have wood for the night.”

Jewels suggests. “Take the sled, you can load it down and it would be much faster than caring the wood in.”

Smiling at her I say. “Wow, I knew I kept you around for a reason, other than your great looks, baby.”

Jewels playfully smacks me on the ass. This gets an interjection from Little Bobby. “I thought I was the only one to get the play with that today.”

Jewels laughing says. “After he's finished his chores, you can help warm him up.”

I load the sled with about four hefty armloads of firewood. It compresses the snow as I drag it along fortunately I'm still in the snow shoes or it would be nearly impossible. Bringing in all the firewood and taking off the snow shoes in the mud room. Then carry the wood from the mud room into the family room, I find the fire is already ablaze. I load the storage ben with my arm full of wood. Sara asked me. “Is that what you're talking about starting a fire?"

Smiling I sing to her. “Come on baby light my fire. You know we couldn't get much higher." Sara knowing where the song come from only rolls her eyes.

Jewels giggles saying. “Jim Morrison you're not.”

I chuckled and then given both the kiss on the cheek with my cold lips. They both shiver from the contact from my cold lips. Then Sara says. "Remember you’re promised to Little Bobby today, she has to warm you up."

Taking the rest of the wood to fill up the other storage for the fireplaces, with the storage full I felt confident would have enough wood for tonight. I’ll check the weather forecast to find out if it was to be extremely cold. Fourthly by the time I warmed up quite a bit.

I want to find Little Bobby, perhaps we could go for a romantic walk. I’m still dress for outside. I would love to spend time with her, today is for her so I should spend time romancing Little Bobby. I want to confirm to Little Bobby that I love her, not just lust for her. I think she knows I lust for her, after the last time with her I bet she still feels it. I wish to demonstrate to Little Bobby that I desire and crave more from her than just her body. I want to know her mind and heart.

When I locate Little Bobby she's in the office with Morgan. Even though they had bras underneath of T-shirts they're still soaked through. They’re having a very intelligent discussion about the current situation.

Little Bobby says. “No, you go first.”

Morgan argues. “No you. You're the oldest.”

I clear my throat to get their attention. They both turned to me smiling seeing a different approach out of their argument. “Daddy.” They both start stripping off their T-shirts.

I start to unbutton my shirt, and then decide to ask them exactly what they were arguing over. “So why are you arguing over who is going to be first?”

Like usual they both blurt out something but I can't understand. Their voices nearly sound identical and when they say something not in unison it's impossible for me to separate what they said. I hold my hand up for them to stop. “One at a time. Little Bobby what is it?" Morgan is frustrated that I started with Little Bobby.

Little Bobby says. “Mom says we need to be expressed again. You were busy, so she told us to take care of it." Morgan shook her head confirming Little Bobby statement.

I guess. “Neither of you wanted to start expressing the other first.” They both shook their heads yes confirming what I suspected.

Continued remove my clothing I noticed they glanced nervously at each other. “Daddy can we get expressed without having sex?”

I chuckled as I continued remove my shirt. I leave my jeans on. Then I asked. “Have you decided who will be first?”

They look at each other, then back to me in unison they say. “No.”

"Okay Little Bobby it's been longer for her so I will start with Little Bobby." Little Bobby has her bra off in a second.

Setting on the edge of the couch, I put Little Bobby onto my lap. As I begin to nurse Little Bobby shifts making herself more comfortable. She now sits straddled one thigh. I need only draw once to begin the flow of milk she is so full; her breast needs little encouragement to give up their bounty. I noticed each time I draw on her breast she would move her hips sliding back and forth across my leg.

When my beautiful young wife’s breasts had given all their milk, I kiss Little Bobby passionately when we break smiling I tell her. "I love you and I want to spend some time with you. Go get some warm clothing and we will go for a walk when I'm finished." Little Bobby smiles warmly then jumps up turns and runs to quickly dress.

Smiling to Morgan I gesture for her to approach. Morgan unhooks her bra as she approaches me. Straddling my other thigh Morgan offers her breasts to me. I kiss her passionately before we begin and whisper. “I love you Morgan."

Morgan's breast gushes upon the first draw of my nursing. It's nearly a struggle to keep up with the rapid flow Morgan's breast grants me. Eventually that breast is empty, but I can see the difference between Morgan's two breasts. One emptied of its burden had resumed its normal form, while the other was round, full and still leaked. I smile kissed her cheek lightly then emptied her other breast of its burden. She too had been masturbating on my leg with every draw.

Morgan smiling at her relief kisses me lovingly. I asked her. “Morgan is tomorrow your day to spend with me?”

Shaking her head no then she says. “Tomorrow belongs to Mom. Tuesday is Sara’s day. Then it's my day on Wednesday then Little Bobby as you on Thursday again.”

Chuckling I ask. “How did you come up with that?"

Morgan states. “We drew cards; Little Bobby pulled the ace of hearts. I naturally drawled the five of hearts which was the lowest so I got the last turn. But I won the first night."

I lovingly stroke her face and tell her. “On your day I hope to take you for a romantic stroll too, I want to spend some quality time just the two of us.”

Morgan smiled brightly then tells me. “Dad, have a good time with Little Bobby. But no sex in the snow, it's extremely cold outside. You’ll get something frostbitten that none of us want to do without."

Pull close and get her a long passionate kiss, I only break to the sound of Little Bobby returning. I whisper to Morgan. “I want to make Wednesday very special for you. Don't think you're getting out of having sex next time.”

Once Morgan stands I notice the two large musty damp spots left behind by my beautiful twin wives. Little Bobby is fully dressed for the cold. I gather up my clothing I had removed but point to the wet spots the two made. “Looks like I will have to change pants.”

On the way to the master bedroom Little Bobby walks with me hand in hand, when I remove my pants my boxers immediately tent. My erection strained against the fabric of my boxers, Little Bobby eyes remained locked to the tent holding my cock still hidden in my boxers. Seeing her wanton expression I asked her. "Little Bobby when do you think you'll need to get expressed again?"

When I speak to her it interrupts her day dreaming, she raises her eyes to meet mine. It takes a moment before Little Bobby response. “Maybe four or five o'clock, you will have to nurse again. Mom said that because of the dosage of the medicine we took, we will be producing a lot the next few days. It may take fourteen days or more before we begin to reduce the amount of milk we have.”

Groaning I realize that Little Bobby and Morgan will require expressing six times a day. That means in the next two weeks I'll be on a liquid diet. From the looks of it in the smell coming from my jeans Little Bobby and Morgan are as sexually aroused as I am from nursing. "Little Bobby you think at four we could do a little more than just express your milk?"

Giggling Little Bobby says. "At four you better fuck my brains out while you nurse, or I will rape you.”

Now it's my turn to giggle, as I respond. "If we don't make love while I nurse from Morgan and you, I will be so horny I will explode from pent-up sexual energy."

Little Bobby let's her eyes shift back to my boxers. “What about now? You look like you're as hard as steel if those boxers had been any tighter you would have ripped right out of them.”

As I pull out another pair of jeans I say. “It should go down on its own soon enough, once we are outside the cold will help.” Then put both my T-shirt and my shirt back on before leaving the closet.

Once outside I ask Little Bobby if there's anything she would like to see. She sort of shrugs her shoulders not knowing what she would like to see or for what may be here to see.

I smile and list a number of interesting places around here. "Well we can go see the 3000-years-old tree. The cave, it may or may not have a bear in it. The waterfall is up stream about half a mile. That's not too far from where you were conceived."

Little Bobby's eyes light up, and then she asks. “You think we have time to see the waterfall and where I was conceived.”

I begin to pull Little Bobby along, telling her. “We should have time.” I have the sled and I drag it along behind us.

After walking nearly three quarters of the way there, we can hear the thunderous sound the water made as it crashed over a sixty foot drop most of which was straight down. It's is beautiful as I remember, the trees near it have ice covering them with numerous icicles hanging from both tree and rock near the falls. Is truly a sight to behold Little Bobby holds tightly to my hand and pulls me along the wide smile covers her angelic face. A few minutes more and we stand near the foot of the falls, any closer and spray with wet us. Little Bobby takes pictures using her cell phone.

The next time I come up here I'll be sure to bring a good camera and high definition video recorder. It would be worth the price tag on both just to have caught that smile Little Bobby has now.

Little Bobby shouts above the sound of the falls. “It's beautiful.”

Taking Little Bobby by her arm, I take her to the trail that leads to a large meadow. A good ten minutes to walk there, standing on the edge I point out Little Bobby the small mount near the center. It's only a few feet higher than the Meadow around it. “Under the snow up there there's a large moss covered bolder. It's like Mother Nature created a bed, it's perfect for stargazing. Your mother and I came here fourteen years and six months ago. We started with a picnic dinner. Sara fell asleep, and your mother come over and set in my lap. We were already lovers so one thing led to the next. We had ran out of condoms, had planned to leave the next day. It didn't take long for us to lose control in each other's arms before we knew it your mother and I were making love. By the way she was six months younger than you at the time.”

Little Bobby holding tight and ask. “Can we walk out there?”

I ask. “Tomorrow's your mother’s day right?”

Little Bobby giggles. “I understand it, your taken mom out there, and you would like it to be beautiful just like now.”

“That's the idea me and your mother getting closer, just like the two of us are getting closer.” I smile and give her a passionate kiss. “You don't mind not going out?”

Little Bobby knows her mother will love it. Giggling she responds. “No but you got to show me away that I can come and take a few pictures of you.”

I take her arm I turn back towards the cabin. “Tomorrow just to follow our tracks we’re making. I don’t mind if you do. We need to ask your Mom, Morgan and Sara.” We began to walk arm in arm on our way back to the cabin.

Little Bobby asks. “Why do we need to ask everyone?”

I begin. “Well what affects one of us will affect all of us. Were all very connected our family, let's say for example you go to the mall. While you're at the mall, someone sneezes on you, covers you with viruses and you get sick with a cold. Before you start having symptoms, I kiss you, and I catch the virus, I kiss Morgan and she catches the virus, I kiss Sara and she catches the virus, I kiss your mother and she catches the virus too. You see what affects you will affect everyone in the family.”

Slightly confused Little Bobby asks. “So what does that have to do with me taking pictures?”

I smirk and say. “Well if it makes your mother mad. You'll see how it affects you. ”

Still not seeing the whole picture Little Bobby asks. “Why would that make mom mad?”

“If it made Sara irritated, it would irritate your mother too. I'm not saying we need to walk around like we are on eggshells and try not to break any. We need to be empathetic of each other's feelings. Besides that if someone outside of the family saw any of the pictures they would have questions.”

Little Bobby says. “I'm sure that if anything hurt Sara it would make mom angry.”

“That's why I said we need to ask everyone, and if everyone is okay with it. I have no problem. It's just something we will have to keep within the family. Not that I'll ever be ashamed of it. There are too many intolerant people. I just don't want the outside world trying to tell us what we can and cannot do.”

Little Bobby giggles. “Like having your Dad as a lover, the outside world would definitely say that something you cannot do.”

“That's exactly right. As long as no one knows about it no one attempts to change it. Worst thing in the world is an upright hypocrite. They’ll scream at the least little thing that you do wrong only to conceal the fact that they’re doing something worse. We need just make sure that kind of person never discovers anything that would harm you. ”

Little Bobby shows her understanding. “Because what will hurt me, will hurt everybody in the family.”

I'm happy she understands. “Absolutely correct, Bobby anything that could hurt you, I'll try to prevent.”

There is a pretty high hillside overlooking the cabin and the meadow behind it, walking up the valley grade is less, but it’s much further walk, but coming back this way is much more fun. “We have to come down this way.” I tell Little Bobby. I now am pulling the sled up, standing over it and motion for Little Bobby to set in front of me. The hill isn't terribly steep but is fairly long a good quarter-mile, at a twenty percent grade. In this area had been so far away from any major town this would've been a ski resort. In a few weeks the snow will be gone and wildflowers will cover this entire area.

Little Bobby is in position I ask. “Are you ready?”

Looking down at the cabin it looks a lot further and steeper than it really is. I know right now Little Bobby is looking down, and she's having a very natural reflex to the height. I raise my feet that were holding us back and we began to slide down the hill. “I slipped, well we started now will be back down in a couple minutes.”

Little Bobby has another natural reaction, she screams. ”Stop, stop, how do you stop this thing.”

As we’re headed straight down we began to pick up speed quickly. And I leaned one side causing us to turn in less steep of a path. “It’s okay sweetheart I know what I'm doing. Lean with me Little Bobby.” I leaned to the other side beginning to turn downhill again picking up speed. Little Bobby now leans with me again we turn cross slope and begin to slow down a little.

Third turn Little Bobby definitely has the hang of it. As soon as we straightened out going cross slope. She shouts then laughed merrily as we pick up speed again turning down slope. I can almost feel her disappointment as I turn cross slope again. Once we’re near the bottom I aim the sled towards the cabin we quickly pick up speed again as a slope runs out into the lower meadow. Our momentum carries us nearly to the door stopping only a few dozen feet short.

Once we come to a complete halt, Little Bobby jumps up. I rose up off the sled too. She is jumping around merrily; looking back at the hillside we just covered she screams. “WE DID IT! WE SLED DOWN THE MOUNTAIN.”

At this point I'm definitely glad were not in an avalanche area, I'm sure her screaming would've triggered one. She finally jumps on me, holding me tightly around my neck. She demands to know. “When can we do it again?”

Smiling I say. “Probably tomorrow.” She slips down a little disappointed but still extremely excited by the experience.

I asked her. “You know what time it is?” She shakes her head no. So I continue. “It's time we go get in the hot tub or a hot shower to warm up. It's almost 4.”

Giggling Little Bobby says. “That's why you were in such a hurry.”

I reply as we walk back into the cabin. “That's absolutely right my hot wife.”

At the door we are met by Jewels, Morgan and Sara. Jewels punches me in the arm. “You scared me to death coming off the hill like that.”

Sara and Morgan both giggle. Little Bobby has the brightest smile on her face. As I try to defend myself. “Jewels it was the fastest way back and it's time to express her milk again. How did you even know we were coming down the hill?”

Jewels looks at me says. “House replay last security alarm.” The big-screen shows us at the top of the hill getting into the sled. Then tracks us the entire way down showing every turn, every little spot we got a little air. Little Bobby shouts each time we turn downhill merrily.

The security system tracks us until we reach the bottom and I pull back my hood of my coat. Then it recognizes me and ends the alert. Morgan gives Little Bobby a high five.

Jewels coming down asks Little Bobby what it was like. “Little Bobby, what you think of that?”

Little Bobby still excited answers. “First it was scary as hell as we begin picking up speed, then Dad turned us, and then I realized he knew what he was doing. About the third turn I started helping and really enjoying the ride. I want to do it again! It’s all most as good as sex."

Jewels laughing says. “As long as he knew what to do I guess there's no reason why you couldn't do it one more time tomorrow.

Taking her cold hand into mine I say. “Come on Little Bobby lets go get warmed up.”

We fill the bathtub with hot water and climb in enjoying the feel of her skin against mine, I can tell her breasts are filling up. Morgan comes by nude she jumps into the tub with this, I was right it does fit three fairly easily. Fourth make it very tight. I asked Little Bobby. “Are you getting warm yet?”

She takes my hardening cock into her hand, and begins to masturbate me. “What you think?”

Enjoying the feel of her warm hand moving on my cock I say. “Oh yes you're definitely getting a lot warmer.” We leave the tub and dry ourselves, walking back into the master bedroom I pulled the twins onto the bed with me. Just like the first time this morning I nurse and make love to my beautiful twin wives. An hour later we sleep in each other's arms the three of us with satisfied expressions.

Jewels and Sara having watched us leave us to our sleep. Jewels says to Sara. “I almost can't wait to have milk.”

Sara replies. “It does look like a lot of fun.”
I was awakened at 6 PM by my cell phone; it was Sharon the young lady we had assisted. Sharon was calling she didn't know who else she can talk to. She wanted to talk to Jewels so after a brief moment on the phone with her I went to find Jewels.

I muted the phone so I could speak to Jewels. “Jewels its Sharon, she's upset but she won't tell me what her problem is.” I took the phone off mute then handed it to Jewels.

Jewels began to talk to Sharon. “Hello Sharon how are you?”

Even from three feet away I could hear Sharon began to cry. Jewels says. “I'm here Sharon. I’ll wait to you're ready to talk.”

Jewels walked into the office and closed the door behind her. I'm not sure what I can do anyway. Jewels having more experienced would be better to handle dealing with distressed persons, due to her training and experience as a nurse. If she can find out what is upsetting Sharon, there may be something that we could resolve. Whatever the problem is, I don't think throwing cash at it will make it go away.

After an hour Jewels exits the office. We passed the time watching one of the twins recorded programs. Jewels pulls me up, and takes me into the office for our discussion. Jewels begins by bringing me up-to-date. “First of all her husband got home yesterday and everything went pretty well till this morning. Sharon's husband David awoke early this morning and left to give something another, Sharon said it was just an excuse to get out of the house. After about six hours he comes home and she can smell another woman's perfume on him. When she asked him where he went to he shouted it's not your business. When the baby was crying David kept screaming. “Make it shut up!” When she informed him that they need formula he ran out and hasn't come back yet, it's been four hours since David left. She had to call a taxi to drive her to the grocers to purchase formula. She purchased a cell phone in order to contact us. That poor girl she doesn't have any family other than David. It looks like he's going to deserve her. He even asked her. “How the hell she managed to get there?” When she told him she almost didn't. He only shrugged his shoulders. Then Sharon explained about us helping her out. She said that even made him mad like she had done something wrong. She keeps telling me he doesn't act like he used to; he’s a totally different person.

I had friends that were veterans and I've heard them talk about some of the difficulties they go through. How much it can change them, and their friends. “Could David be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder?

Jewels replies. “Sharon and I discussed that. His job doesn't place him near any combat. His unit never came under any type of aggression while he was there. So she doesn't believe it’s that. She believes that he found a mistress during the time he was there.”

I have four wives who I love dearly, and there's no way I would ever cheat on them. If I had not been in love with Jewels, and had decided I was going to divorce Janet when she was strong enough, I wouldn't have cheated on her. I knew that marriage was over. I feel sorry for Sharon if he ever decided to end their marriage and not told her. I asked Jewels. “Does he even love her anymore?”

From what Sharon told me he does, or at least he said he does. She said they had sex last night, she said it was pretty one-sided with him only satisfying himself then rolling over going straight to sleep.

I pull a gloomy Jewels into my arms holding tightly. I tell her. “You know I'll never do that. I've never lied to you, and I never do anything that would make me want to lie about it.”

Jewels is a little more upset than I realize, she pushes back. “You did it to Janet."

I never told her and maybe I should have. I hope Jewels realizes I still wouldn't lie to her. “In a way I did but I had decided to divorce her, before we became lovers. She was just so fragile when we got back I was trying to wait until she was a little stronger. But that was a mistake I'll regret till I die.”

Jewels throws her arms back around me. It finally happens, fifteen years of pain and anguish, fifteen years of denying the loss, fifteen years lived without the one you love comes flooding to Jewels and me. Jewels began to weep her head against my chest all I can do is cry along with her. I feel her pain and she feels mine. I just hold Jewels to me. To never let her go again, never let anything come between us, never lose her again. My love for Sara will not stand between us, my love for Little Bobby will not stand between us, and my love for Morgan will not stand between us. I am in love with all of them and Jewels as well, and Jewels knows and wants me to be.

We were still holding onto each other crying the pain away letting it out so it no longer haunts us. Little Bobby opens the office door seeing me holding her mother and hearing her cry she stands there for a long minute trying to figure out what the problem may be. When no answer comes to her she simply remembers one thing be empathetic of each other's feelings. She walks in and places her arms around the two of us. Kissing us on the cheeks lovingly, she does her best to comfort her mother and me.

Another few minutes Sara and Morgan walk in, seeing Jewels and I cry out our hurt still holding tight to each other. They too show her how empathetic they are. They began to comfort Jewels holding her lovingly and kissing her. After a little longer Jewels and I have dumped all the pain. We are truly free of all the hurt from our past. We come to realize just how much we are loved. We feel the warmth not just from the bodies pressed against us but from all five of our very souls that love each other.

The strangest thing happened next, if it had not happened to me I would doubt it being possible. Was it because we held each other so tightly, was it because each of us was open to the feelings of the others, we in unison say. “I love you.” We couldn't rehearse it and it worked out like that, but it broke the sadness in that instant. Only a second past before each of us begin to giggle then it grew stronger to a full laugh as we stood there holding to each other tightly.

Sara is the first to recover. She reminds us. "It's time to come to eat. We have dinner ready."

Sara leads the way to the dining room as we all set Jewels pulls close to me, and whispers. “I wonder if Little Bobby wouldn't mind if I grabbed you for a quickie.”

Little Bobby's giggles and whispers back. “No mom, I wouldn't mind, but you don't remember tomorrow I’ll need my milk expressed. You know what Dad likes to do when he nurses.”

Jewels giggles. "Okay, but in that case I don't want a quickie, I want a full blown loving.”

Sara giggles to and says. “As long as you two have milk, this deal with everyone getting Bobby to ourselves isn't working as planned.”
Jewels remarks. “Plans seldom work as originally drawn up."

I offer a compromise. "How about this, we partially suspend your days, when Little Bobby and Morgan are lactating takes precedence over your days. The same will hold true when you have our children. With one caveat I will get to spend some quality time with you on your day. We will arrange schedules so this occurs.”

Little Bobby smiles brightly and points out. “Let me guess. That would be like our romantic walk to the waterfall and the sledding."

I returned her smile and complement her understanding. “That would be a perfect example. Did you really enjoy it?”

Little Bobby still having the brightest smile says. “The only way it could've been more enjoyable, if we could've made love on our walk.”

Morgan giggles. "I warned him not to do that. It's extremely cold out there you would have gotten frostbitten before your first orgasm. No one wants Bobby to lose what he would get frostbitten.” We all laughed knowing that was true.

The rest of dinner goes by happily, with discussions on what we wish to do during each once quality time. Jewels agrees with me, we can take a walk to our stargazing spot, she even agrees for Little Bobby to take pictures. Sara remembers the spot too. I took her there to stargaze when she was eight. Sara also remembers she's packed my digital camera, it's been so long since I've used it I completely forgotten it. It's a digital SLR camera, a very good model with all the extras, four lenses, a flash for indoors or night photography, plus a number of filters to improve photo quality. Little Bobby ask if she could be instructed on the use of the camera. Jewels informed me that Little Bobby was on the school newspaper as a photographer. Little Bobby has some experience with an earlier model of my camera.

I had a set one rule for any picture taken. “If there's nudity or any other content that would if released to the general public instigate unwanted attention. We will keep them separately from all the other photos. We will safeguard them for family viewing only.”

Little Bobby says. “Kind of what we talked about earlier today. If it will bring harm to one of us it harms us all."

Smiling I give her a nod and say. “Correct my love in all things we are connected.”

Jewels whispers something into Little Bobby’s ear. Little Bobby laughs and nods yes to her mother. Then Little Bobby whispers something to Sara, they both get up to me the table. Jewels comes over and sets my lap and speaks to me. “Little Bobby and Morgan are going to have to be expressed in an hour, that will give Sara and I enough time to fuck your brains out.” Seeing my shocked expression at her words she says. “Hey it's our honeymoon.”

I ask Jewels. “What did you whisper to Little Bobby?”

Jewels giggles. “Okay I'll tell you. I told her I couldn't withstand another hour without you making love to me.”

Looking into Jewels eyes I realize I feel identical. “I think that is a given for me, from now on as long it is possible I want to make love to each and every one of you every day.”

Jewels and Morgan both giggle standing they pull me up, looking playful to each other they turn and run to the master bedroom shedding their clothes as they go. Little Bobby and Sara return with the camera, seeing the trail of clothing, they both giggle start running to the master bedroom and shedding their clothes as they go.

Jewels shouts from the bedroom. “Close your mouth and get in here."

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