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This chapter is basically an intro. It has no sexual things, but there will be in other chapters. The characters of this story are not over 18. This is purely FICTION! Don't like? Don't read. ALSO, I don't know how this age restriction is going to work so just for precaution I've changed Tony's age from 14 to 16
Ok I'm 16, in the 8th grade. I'm 5'4". Everyone calls me Tony, and knows I'm bi, so yeah. On to the story...

So there I was sitting in band class, watching as our instructor angrily walked out the band hall. Some of the kids were just being stupid, playing wrong notes and such. The class erupted into chatter as the door closed. I turned to my friend Desiree next to me.

"Let's put our instruments up", I said. "We only have like fifteen minutes left of school."

"Alright." We then proceeded to putting our trombones into our cases, people doing as we did.

As we finished we put our cases into the intrument room and sat back down. I stared at the cutest boy in the class, Joseph, my crush. But he's in the 7th grade. So I felt like a perv.

"You should talk to him Tony", Desiree said as she tapped my shoulder. "Stop watching from the distance and make a move."

"Leave me alone. I mean he's obviously straight. That's why he hasn't talked to me."

"You never know unless you talk to him!"

"I'm the only open guy at the school! They should come to me", I yelled sounding obnoxious, people turning to me for a brief moment. "I just don't wanna drive him away."

"You never knooow- Oh my gosh! He's looking at you", she gasped. 

"So?" I asked not looking, a hint of excitement in my voice.

"And he's walking this way!" She finished. 

I figured she was kidding so I turned around, only to lock eyes with him.

"Hey", he greeted.

I felt myself turning red. Oh man, I'ma make myself look like a idiot.

"I heard you yell something and was wondering if you were okay."

Here was my crush talking to me for the first time, asking if I was okay. How sweet!... Shush, let me be. 

"Uhm yeah. Just disagreeing with Desiree", I replied.

"Oh really?" He took a seat in front of me. "About what?"

Oh no, he wants to have a conversation. And I have to lie what I was yelling about! I was beginning to panick.

"Oh you don't wanna know." I said trying to change the subject. But he didn't budge, he just sat there and smiled. "Are you sure?" He nodded. "Well..." I muttered trying to think of a lie. "She thinks she's better than me at playing the trombone", I lied.

"Oh, but you said they should come to you. What did that mean", he asked obviously confused.

"Oh.. People who need help, that they should come to me." My lies were getting worse.

"Alrighty then", he stood up. "What's your name?"

I was bummed. We had two electives with eachother and he didn't know my name? I hope he was just trying to be nice. "Call me Tony."

"I'm Joseph." He said extending his hand. I fought the urge to say that I knew that already, cuz that'd just be awkward so I just shook his hand. "Nice talkin' to you." And with that he walked back to his friends.

"Desiree!" I yelled at her.

"What?!" She yelled back.

"You could have helped me or something. You practically acted like a ghost."

"Oh be quiet. You need to get confident and flirt with him."

I gave her my most intimidating stare, but she just laughed. "You need to work on that Tony."

The bell rung, signalling the end of the day. Everyone ran out, me and Desiree walking behind. We made our way toward the front door and exited, waiting for her brother Daniel.

"Hey sis, my friend is gonna come over and stay the night!" He popped up out of no where.

"Wait does mom know?"

"Well duh. I wouldn't just bring him over for him just to get rejected."

"Who is it?"

He pointed to a small group of boys. "Ew are you talking about Josh?"

"No! Behind him!"

And that's when I chose to look, only to find out his friend was, Joseph.

"Joseph?!" I asked. "He's the friend who's staying over at your house?!"

"Yeah, you know him?" Daniel asked.

"Oh boy, does he!" Desiree smiled.

Joseph then made his way toward us. Smiling at me when he reached us.

"Oh hey Tony." He said, I only smiled in reply.

We then walked to our houses, since I lived across the street from Desiree. That's where I sadly parted from them. I walked into my room and checked my phone.

Desiree: You gotta stay over Tony!:D
Me: I'll see.
Desiree: No you mean you WILL! The heavens have answered your lusty prayers! ;)
Me: Oh shutup. I'll be over in a lil but only to stay for a little bit. Okay?
Desiree: Yeah yeah. Hurry up and get yo' sexy ass over here!

I put my phone down and looked at the mirror. Everything was fine, mohwak, face, shirt, except pants. I changed into some fitter jeans that showed my butt more. So what, I wanted to impress him cuz that's all I would be able to do. I quickly glanced over myself one last time, threw on my jacket and ran out into the cool breeze, telling my mom I was going to Desiree's. I walked across the street and knocked, Desiree answered the door.

"Hey! Took you long enough." I walked in and she gave my butt a light tap. "If only you liked me."

"Desiree!" I yelled blushing.

"I'm kidding." She giggled. "They're in Daniel's room playing games already."

We walked in and Joseph glanced at me and turned back to the tv. But then turned back and stared at me for a few seconds.

"Hey! You're getting yourself killed!" Daniel yelled as Joseph hurridly turned back to the screen. I felt myself getting red, and tried to brush it off but it didn't work.

Desiree then pulled me into her room and shut the door. "Look, you get all flustered when he barely even looks at you. That's not good!"

I felt my body heat return to normal. "Yeah I know, but I won't get anywhere with him."

"Not if that's your attitude! In about ten minutes the pizza's gonna arrive. You think you and Joseph can bring back some cokes from your house?"

"Uhm yeah I guess." She then ushered me back to Daniel's room and we sat on the bed. Sure enough the pizza came soon after.

"Joseph you think you and Tony can go and get some drinks from his house?"

"Uh yeah sure." I then walked out the house with him and across the street. I noticed my parents truck wasn't there, and seen a note on the door.

~Hey, we went out to your grandmas. She called us about something. We're not sure how long we'll be gone. There's cash on the counter and food in the fridge. Love you.~

"Wow." I sighed as I took out the spare key from inside the plant pot and unlocked the door.

"What happened?" Joseph asked.

I forgot he was with me, I was too lost in the note. "Oh nothing, it's just my parents had to leave." We entered and I turned on lights as I made my way through the house.

"Nice house." He said looking around. "So where's the drinks?"

"In the basement." I walked over to the heavy metal door and opened it. I walked down a few steps and froze as the door slammed shut. "Oh no!" I ran to the top and tried opening the door, but to no avail.

"Oh man, it's all my fault huh?!" Joseph said feeling guilty.

"No, no. I should have told you to hold it open." I tried to stay calm, but I just felt like screaming. Checking my phone, I said, "No signal. What about you?"

He took his phone out and half smiled. "It has one bar, but that's good right?"

It was worth a shot, so I dialed Desiree's number, but she didn't answer. So I just opted into sending her a text.

-Hey it's Tony. We're stuck in my basement. Come and get us!- I sent it and handed his phone back.

"Okay, now we just wait." I said.

And we just sat there, opposite from eacother. I tried not to stare at him too much, but I'd occasionally glance up at him only to find him returning my gaze. Finally he spoke up.

"Hey Tony?"


"You're bi, right?"

I didn't say anything for a while, just staring at the floor. "Uhm, yeah I am."

"Okay, cool." He stopped then opened his mouth. "Is it true that you sleep around with guys."

Oh yeah, there's also those rumors. Just because I like boys, people thought I slept with any guy who was willing to. I mean jeez, I don't wanna stoop that low. I was practically hated by strangers at my school for a while after I came out. "What do you think?"

"I don't believe them. But there's so many guys that claim they've been with you."

"Yeah, they're just manwhores. Believe it or not, I'm a virgin. Even have virgin lips." He obviously looked confused by the term I used. "Virgin lips," I started and he nodded his head. "Is what I use for people who haven't had their first kiss."

He walked across the room and sat next to me. "Then that means I have virgin lips too." He said proudly. He held up his fingers and brought them to my lips, lightly touching them. "I'm surprised no one had been urged to kiss them." 

I was shocked. I found it weird that it was so easy to talk to my crush, and now here he was, touching my lips. He got closer to my face, staring me in my eyes. 

"I know you like me." He said, his lips a mere inch away from mine.


Okay, so what'd you think? This is my first story so please go easy in me. But I guess criticism can be helpful. So yeah, please review.



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great creativity for a first story.thumbs up dud keep writing


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Great first story

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I loved the story man, I'm just like tony but I'm not a open guy


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I loved the story man, I'm just like tony but I'm not a open guy

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