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Disclaimer: I do not take credit for this piece; it is nothing more then a completion of many fragments that make up a whole by a number of anonyms’ authors including myself. Though most of witch is written by myself the idea as a whole is a group collaboration. The hope is to attract new fans and authors to join in and help create something for everyone to enjoy. If you wish to be apart of the world of Pi Pi Pi then proceeded to the link below and join me and many others in creating of Pi Pi Pi. Thank you and I Hope you enjoy.

It was the first day of school…ok well not really it was move in day when Katlin first arrived at her dorm. In her room there are two beds, two desks, and two closets. There isn’t room for much else in the room. There’s also a large window that faces out on the walkway and lawn in front of the building. As Katlin started to put her things in one of the closets, there’s a knock at the door. She opened the door and sees a gorgeous blond in a low-cut dress that barely covers her crotch. Her nipples are visible through the thinness of the dress.
“Katlin?” She asks. Katlin simply nodded her head.
“You have been selected as a potential pledge into the most exclusive sorority: Pi Pi Pi.” She hands her a letter, blows Katlin a kiss, and walks away. A little confused she closed the door behind her.
"I am going to love college" She thinks to herself as the attractive girl walks away. She is so excited to be away from home…well, her parents' watchful eyes at least.
She tears open the letter. Whatever a hot woman like that wants to tell her, she want to hear.
You read: “You have been selected based solely upon your looks as a potential pledge of Pi Pi Pi. If you think you have what it takes to be a Pi Pi Pi, show up at the sorority house at 11:00 am today.”
Below the words is a map showing the location of the sorority house. “A sorority?!” She looks at her watch. It’s 10:40. If she’s going to go, she’s going to have to hurry, but she needs to look the part.
Thinking about the woman who delivered the letter, she put on her sexiest summer dress…very thin material, low-cut v-neck, and barely long enough to cover her panties.
She hurried over and arrived at the Pi Pi Pi house just before 11 am. She was ushered into a big living room with about 15 other beautiful women.
Once everyone arrived and settled in the main room, a beautiful woman stood up on a platform and started to speak:
“Ladies its wonderful to see you all here, Pi Pi Pi is the most exclusive and most popular sorority here on campus and do you know why? Because we are beautiful and we make sure everyone knows it. You’ve been selected as potential pledges because you are beautiful. Do you know how to show it? We’ll find out. Remember a body is made to be seen and adored. So. Here’s how it works. Over the course of the next week you will all slowly learn our rules and with each rule there is a test, if my sisters and I feel you have passed the test you will be given the next rule. If for whatever reason you can’t obey the rules, you are out. Today you’ll learn the first two rules.”
The woman is handed an envelope from one of the girls next to her. “Rule Number 1: You wear a swimsuit whenever you might get wet and when doing anything on sand. The only swimsuits that are acceptable are of course bikinis.”
A smile runs along katlin’s she always wear’s bikinis because it shows off her amazing body, and now that her parents aren't ruining all her fun, she intend to have a few bikini malfunctions when she swim anyway. Making it required only makes it better.
“Rule Number 2: No underwear. From this moment on, bras and panties are a thing of the past.” She pauses. The girl next to Katlin reaches under her shirt, pulls off her bra, and throws it on the ground. Katlin doesn’t hesitate to remove her own bra and panties. It's certainly not the first time she’s gone around without wearing underwear.
“That’s right. Go ahead ladies, lose the underwear," the woman on the podium continued.
Katlin looks down at herself as a few more girls remove their underwear. Her tits are clearly visible through her thin dress. She can also feel a lot of air on her exposed pussy, the slightest breeze would show her pussy to anyone watching. She’s actually excited to try out her new underwearless look.
"Alright ladies, we all here at Pi Pi Pi hope to see you back here later tonight, but we do understand that some of you might find yourself a little...busy. For now let us be the first to welcome you to college and enjoy the rest of your first day." She gracefully hands off the mic and walks off stage leaving the girls to do as they wish for the rest of the first day of college.
Katlin, still in a bit of shock over the situation turns around and starts to head out the front door. Making her way down the stairs she wanders to herself what she will do with herself until latter tonight. A large building across campus catches her eyes, It seems to be the student union. Making her way across the campus knowing even the slightest breeze will blow up her dress exposing herself to the world, a strangely exciting experience for her. Reaching up and grabbing the handle to the door safely making it across the campus from the house she enters the Student Union. It’s a massive building with many shops, eateries and places to just hangout.
She decides to go shopping, yes she haves some sexy cloths but if shes going to compete with the girls of Pi Pi Pi she’s going to need a whole lot more. Making the mistake of heading over to the lingerie section first, she’s always been a fan of slipping into something sexy. It doesn't take long before she realize that she’s only wasting her time as a slight draft runs between her legs. “Your not even allowed to wear underwear anymore” she thinks to herself. She shrug it off and noticing the next best thing.
Right there on a hanger is a black fishnet bikini. The material; what little there is, is extremely revealing. She figures it was mislabeled, after all it is in the lingerie section of the store, but it seems to be a loophole. After finding one in her size she makes her way over to the dressing room
With the ‘bikini’ in hand she enters the dressing room. She looks down a row of stalls and only see’s one open one. She walks inside and locks the door behind her and sets the hanger on the hook. She quickly notices why it’s the only stall left as there seems to be a surveillance camera pointing right at her. She’s always enjoyed putting on a little show she simply looks up at the camera and gives it a little wink. She’s always been confident in her bare skin so what’s the harm if a lonely tech guy gets a little peek. She slowly starts to wiggle out of her summer dress letting it fall to her feet leaving the sexy girl naked infront of the camera.
She turns slowly showing off her naked body to the camera perched on the ceiling. Her hands can’t help but run along her naked skin. She reaches out grabbing the bikini off the hanger. Sexily she wiggles the top over her plump breasts as it holds them snugly against her chest. She loves the feeling of the material against her sensitive skin, her nipples harden instantly. She pick’s up the bikini bottoms wiggling her hips from side to side sliding the bottoms up her legs resting them atop her once bare pussy. She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and finds herself instantly turned on. She wanders if the camera has seen any of this The thought rushes through her head, she almost wants to be seen. Her pussy is soaking wet with the mere idea. Her finger twitches as her hands slowly run down her body, her eyes run closed. Its to much, she cant wait any longer she to turned on.
Pressing her back to the wall of the stall her body can't wait anymore, she wants to cum and she want to cum now. Her eyes close tightly jest before making sure her body is angled just right so the camera doesn't miss a thing. Goose bumps form on her skin as she breaths softly while her hand slides down between her legs, slipping under the bikini bottoms while everything is in view. Biting down on her lower lip hard as a soft moan slips from her lips. her hand shakes just as it slides over the lips of her soaking wet pussy. Slipping one, then another finger into her tight hole moaning out loud inside the changing room stall. She is so horny at the thought of being seen. Moving her fingers faster and faster pumping hard into her moist slit. Her free hand sliding down between her legs to meet the first as it violently circles around her tender clit. Streams of pleasure runs through her body as she moans louder and louder as she reaches closer to her orgasm. Her toes dig into the ground as she arches her back hard against the stall seeming to push the wall. She cums hard, juice running down her leg as her body stiffens, moaning so loud its almost cretin someone outside herd you.
She takes a moment to catch her breath her hands still shaking between her legs. She doesn’t even know when the last time was that she had an orgasm quite like that one. The thought of being watch seems to be a strong one, one that she might just have to put into practice.
Slipping her shaking body out of the bikini and putting it back on the hanger. Licking the juice from off her fingers as she slips back into her summer dress, noticing her nipples are hard as rocks peeping through the thin material of her dress. She takes the bikini and head over to the cashier. She blushes, a bit if from embarrassment or left over from her orgasm. She sets it down on the counter. Of course, it's a guy working the register. Giving her a little sly smile as he rings it up.
Reaching into her purse she pulls out her wallet.
"Oh no, this one's on me. My name's Jack by the way," he says with a little wink.
"Katlin," putting your money back in your purse as he slips it into a bag. She decides you can't just take the clothes, oh no that would be wrong, She should at least give Jack something in return for his kindness. With a sexy little smile she walks around the counter. Jack, a bit confused, tries to tell her that she’s not allowed back behind the register but is cut off when her fingers grab between his leg. His words are replaced quickly by a slight moan. She ducks down below the counter where she knows she can't be seen by customers, assuring him that he'll be fine, and that she’ll just paying for your clothes like a good girl should.
He tries to protest but a customer comes to the counter looking to check out as she slowly unzips his jeans. Her fingers slip inside his pants wrapping around the length of his already hard member continue to run your fingers up and down.
Jack twitches, finding it hard to focus on his work as he hands the customer their bag, the costumer walking away with a strange look on their face before paying him no mind. “You’re ganna get me fire…..”
His voice cut off by a moan as Katlin’s lips wrap tightly around the head of his hard cock. Her fingers dig into his sides as she continues to move her lips farther down the thick shaft. Jack only moans gripping the edge of the register hard. Running her tongue in circles around and around his stiff member, making sure to coat ever inch in her warm wet saliva. Wrapping her fingers tightly around the base. Forming her fingers into a ring running up and down the wet lubricated shaft as her lips suck hard on the sensitive head.
Jack finding it harder and harder to concentrate as pleasure rushes through his body and it doesn’t take long before it’s simply to much. His fingers almost make indents in the counter as torrent after torrent of warm sticky cum shoots deep into Katlin’s throat. She dose her best to swallow all she can. Running her tongue around the tip making sure to clean up ever last drop. Stepping up she pulls a piece of paper out of her purse, quickly writes down her number and slips it into Jack’s pocket leaving him standing there with a smile on his face and his dick out in the open.
Stepping out of the store she sees a couple of guys talking by a pool table and decide to have a little more fun.
"Hey guys," she says with a smile, "are you up for a game of pool?"
"Sure," they both say, almost at once.
"Great. I'm Katlin. I'm just starting as a freshman this year," she says.
"Lucy, I'm Dan and this is Dave," one of them says, pointing to his friend, "We'd be happy to show you around campus sometime."
"I'd like that," you reply, "but first, let's play some pool."
Katlin racks the balls, leaning way over the table. The though of the dressing room running through her head so she leans over even more so her dress rides up, exposing her bare pussy to Dan standing right behind her.
As she stands there, another guy walks over to the table. "You need one more to play teams?" he asks.
"Tyrone. Hey, yeah. Why don't you join us?" Dan responds. "You can be on Dave's team, and I'll play with Katlin."
"Alright. Let's play 8-ball. I'll break," Dave says. He makes a solid break, but none of the balls hit a pocket.
"Katlin, you're next," Dan says, "and there's a stripe set up perfectly for you." He points to one of the stripes that is close to a pocket, but would require her to stretch almost all the way across the table.
"I better take my time. I don't want to miss such an easy shot," she says, as she leans across the table, spreading her legs to keep her balance. Her entire ass and pussy are clearly visible, and she takes her time aiming her shot. Finally, sure that everyone has admired your pussy and ass, she knocks the ball in the pocket.
She sees another shot right in front of Dave, she quickly walk over and bend over the table, pushing her ass against Dave's crotch. She moves her ass as if she is steadying herself for her shot. Slowly, she takes aim. As she dose, she feels one of the straps of your dress start to fall her shoulder. She keep aiming, but she feels her tit starting to slip out of her dress. Finally, she knocks in the second ball.
She leaves her tit partially exposed and takes aim at another ball. Leaning over exposes your pussy again feeling really turned on, and also makes her tit fall completely out of her dress. She knocks another ball into a pocket.
She stands up, pretending not to notice that one of her perfect tits is out of her dress.
She lines up to make her fourth shot, bending over to exposing her pussy again, but as she slowly aim her cue stick she feels something touch her pussy. She’s about to get angry, but then she realizes that she has been flashing her pussy at the guys throughout the game, so she probably had this coming. It feels like someone is sliding their cue stick up and down her pussy, which at this point is very wet after the show she’s been putting on. It actually feels really good for the smooth wood to rub her wet cunt. Somehow she concentrate and sink another ball.
She turns around to see who was rubbing her pussy, but all of the guys are acting like nothing happened. She’s still a bit shocked about the cue shaft rubbing her pussy, but she’s horny and having fun. So, she keep playing. As she aims for her next shot, she feels something touch her pussy again. She ignores it for a second, but can't ignore it very long because someone is starting to fuck her pussy but you notice its not a cock but instead she realizes that she’s being fucked with the wide end of the cue stick. The stick feels huge, bigger then she’s ever felt before and is stretching her more than she’s ever been stretched. Having come this far, she lets herself be fucked by the stick after all it feels so good she wouldn't want them to stop anyway. Faster and faster, harder and harder they thrust the cue. Fucked so hard by the thick piece of wood until she cums on the thick wooden cue dripping her juice down the long shaft.
Her head and chest collapse on the table in exhaustion. Then before she has any time to recover she feels her pussy suddenly being filled again but only this time it's someone's hard dick. She finds herself still tired from the hard fuck she received from cue stick but the thought of being fucked in public has caused her to become extremely horny, she decides not to fight it. It takes her a minute but she realize that it is Dan who is fucking her horny pussy. She can see Dave and Tyrone watching and it slowly turns her on even more. Dan fucks her harder and harder as the other two watch. Thrusting his hips back and forth deep inside her horny hole, her moans fill the room and before long he cums his whole load deep in her wet twitching pussy. Without missing a beat Dan pulls his thick cock out of her snatch, and Dave quickly pulls his cock out from his pants and gladly takes Dan’s place. No one is holding her down, so she could stop this little game of pool when ever she wants, but it feels so good why would she even think to. Dave keeps fucking her harder and harder, his cock even bigger then Dan's. She moan hard in front of them all her body shivers in pleasure, she’s never been fucked like this before and she’s starting to really love it. Its not long before she feels the pleasure of orgasm flow over her body as Dave unloads his cum deep into her pussy filling her with even more hot cum.
With out any time to recover she notices in the corner of her eye Tyrone pulling his massive cock. It's huge, she’s never seen anything even close to being this big. She doesn’t know if her pussy can hold such size. Before she can react, Tyrone slams his huge cock deep into her cum filled pussy, she screams but not in pain but in pleasure. She doesn’t know if it’s the size or the show but she’s more turned on then she’s ever been in her life and almost cum just from him entering her dripping hole. She’s being stretched even more then with the cue stick and its driving her mad with pleasure. While he's fucking her, she feels a slight pressure on her ass. Someone is trying to fuck her ass with the cue stick!
She’s never been fucked in the ass and the cue stick really hurts, but she’s already come this far, she decides to let herself get double fucked. It hurts, but it feels so good. She struggles not to scream as the cue stick is pumped in and out of her asshole. Finally, Tyrone cums torrent after torrent of his hot sticky cum into her pussy and pulls out. Letting globs of cum drip from between her legs and onto the ground below.
"Thanks for the game, Katlin," one of the guys says. They all laugh and walk away.
She lies there for a second on the hard pool table, then slowly pulls the cue stick out of her ass. In pain, she slowly stands up. As she gather herself and fixs her dress, a beautiful woman walks up to her.
"That was quite a sexy display," she says as she hands Katlin a letter. "I shouldn't say this, but you should be careful. Not inhibited, just careful."
With that she walks away. Katlin recognize the letter as coming from Pi Pi Pi, so she quickly tore it open
The letter reads, "Congratulations. You obviously are catching the spirit of being a Pi Pi Pi and them some. So, why wait? Let's move on to rules 3 through 6.
Rule Number 3: Your roommate, or someone else, must see you naked at least once a day.
And to help you with rule 3, Rule Number 4: Always make sure your window blinds or curtains are open when you are in a room (especially when changing!) Remember a body is made to be seen and adored.
Rule Number 5: Being seen isn't enough, every day someone has to touch your body (bare skin between neck and thighs).
Rule Number 6: Fuck at least one person a day. A fuck a day keeps the doctor away.
You obviously don't need it, but Good Luck!"
You're a little surprised you've made it all the way to the dorm without any problem even in the nude. You'll admit it felt great to just walk around outside without any clothes, which has once again gotten you a little horny. You notice your roommate has already fallen asleep in her bed. You haven't met her yet and you sort of feel bad.
With a smile on her face and a pussy full of cum she folds up the envelope and slides it into her purse. She decides its been quite a day and starts to head home. Standing there in the darkness of her new dorm room she finds herself still incredibly horny, burning with desire her eyes fixate on her roommate as she sleeps. Naughty thoughts fill her head as she quietly steps closer to her bead. Slowly she pulls her cover off of her body. Katlin’s eyes become glued to her, surprised that not only is her roommate extremely sexy, almost making her jealous, but she seems to enjoy sleeping in the nude. her sexual arousal overcomes your senses as you lean in closer
She's a gorgeous redhead with perky tits and a slender, athlete body. Her legs looked like they could go for miles. Her face was also perfect, though Katlin couldn't tell due to her lack of consciousness how perfect...
Cautiously she reach’s out and gently rubs her hand along her roommate’s left nipple, to her surprise she doesn't awaken to her immediate touch. Nibbling on her lower lip lower lip Katlin starts feel more confident, she grasp her roommates breasts with her hand and revel in how they feel.
Dirty thoughts fill her head as she start to loose herself in her lust. She takes her hardening nipple into your mouth and begin suckling on the little nub as she squeeze hard on her roommates other plumb breasts between her fingers. A genial moan escapes from her unconscious mouth as you wrap her lips around her breast, sucking hard. She seems to be enjoying this even if she doesn't know it
Katlin slides her hand down her roommates slender body and gently cups her bare pussy. The adrenaline of ‘raping’ a woman in her sleep was exhilarating but she was wary that she could wake up at any time...
Katlin begin massaging her clit as she continuing to suck on her right tit. she moves her hand lower until her fingers are teasing her roommates cunt. She slips a finger into her pussy, surprised it was so tight. She slowly begins moving the finger in and out of her vagina.
She moans some more in her sleep, however soon her eyes open…
"Wha...what the fuck are you doing" she says groggy from suddenly being awoken.
Katlin’s finger is still buried deep in her cunt. Without a seconds though she continue slide her finger in, and around inside the sexy redhead, quickening her pace.
"St-stop that yo-u slut" struggling to find her words as she lets out a moan of pleasure, she continues to protest but her body tells otherwise.
"I...oh god" her body squirms under Katlin’s in protest though she has no intention to stop now. "I...I said s-top" her moans quickening, she decide to slip in another finger just for fun she moans in obvious pleasure. "N-no...don't...stop" Katlin smile as the redhead cums hard under her virgin hand. Shivering and shaking as she calms down not letting her finger escape for any of it. The redhead finally finds her bearing and pulls at katlin’s hair and throws her to the ground.
Katlin get up as she dives on top of her, her wet pussy rubbing against katlin’s stomach.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!" She demands.
"I….I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me" Katlin pleas, hoping she doesn't know some sort of self defense.
"Why did you do it!" She questions.
"Because your so hot and I was so horny, I just had to"
"Well... all you had to do was ask..." She says seductively as she begins bucking her hips against katlin’s stomach. She moans as she smiles.
She moves further down and soon their bare pussies are grinding against each other. Katlin’s clits dancing in a sea of cunt juice... She grips her tit hard for better leverage and speeds up. Katlin moans loudly as does so.
"OH GOD! OH GOD!" they both scream in unison. Soon thay both orgasm and cum creates a puddle on the floor and slowly soaks into the carpet.
She leans forward in exhaustion and smashes her lips against katlin. Their tongues enter on an others mouths. Soon she breaks the kiss and looks into your eyes:
"The name's Emma." She says.
"Katlin" You reply as you look into her piercing blue eyes and absorbed into her mesmerizing smile.T hay roll her over and katlin heads to bed exhausted after having the most fun and orgasms she’s ever had. Thay push their beds together and sleep together naked. Their breasts crushed together as thay embrace in one last kiss and drift off to sleep.

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2013-01-14 05:17:31
Also her Mandarin name - classic.I hear you loud and clear on this one. Fun Chalupa left faliry early - maybe even BEFORE she had kids (gasp!) - because let's face, she didn't want to play with Kevin and Stacey's kids, she wanted to sit with the grownups and drink wine.

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When are you going to release the other parts..;-)..i enjoyed reading it even though the swapping of point of view confused me a bit

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Good story, just the jumping around from first to third person made if confusing. Also, the fact that Kaitlin was suppose to meet back at the sorority house that night but never did was annoying. However, overall it was good.

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missed "some"? you missed a lot.


2012-03-30 18:22:21
Well that would be because I originally wrote it in one point of view then changed it to another. If I missed some it was an accident. Thank you though :)

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