A Modern Day Mage Tale
by Vax

This is just a prologue.Please read the chapter one to enjoy this story.

I was surprised Mom had the sense of tact to wait until Cassie crawled out from under the table. Dinner was over, and she was an excellent dessert. In retrospect I guess you could say that I had purposely forced a confrontation.

With an affectionate swat on her pert little derriere, covered only by the thin cloth of her panties, I sent Cass off to clean my room. Even having just come down the throat of my 13 year old sister, I still watched her ass with interest as she walked away from me. She was just beginning to come into her womanhood, her breasts had swelled to a rather pleasant handful and she had needed to start shaving down below. I was still of mixed feelings about that; sometimes I liked the cast of almost maturity it gave her, and other times it seemed inappropriate. Black hair and bright green eyes... a killer combination on a body that I would make sure never looked like her mother's.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, my mother. As soon as Cassie started heading to my bedroom, my mother, with her ineffective disapproving glare, started remonstrating angrily.

"David, that's your sister! You know you shouldn't be doing that with her!"

Now truthfully, Mom knew (or had to have at least suspected) that I had been regularly having sex with my oldest sister, whenever I wanted it, however I wanted it. This was the first time I had Cassie actually blow me while at the dinner table, but what can I say? I'm a fifteen year old kid, and I like to push the envelope. Of course, it never occurred to her to try and stop me, but she could yell at me all day long.

My mom was a piece of work. Trailer trash from hell. We lived in an RV park where her welfare checks could get us shelter, food, clothes, cigarettes and booze, but that's about it... and usually the clothes and food came from one of the local charity organizations. If she ran out of money before the month's paycheck arrived (and she usually did), she wasn't above sleeping with someone to make up the difference... especially if she was low on the booze or cigarettes.

Just so you don't get the wrong idea, I love my mom, but it's hard not to be in contempt of her. She's overweight, lazy, whiny, and loves to blame the world for her lot in life. She's got no sense of self-respect, and was fixing to raise another generation of society leeches just like herself. It wasn't something I was inclined to allow, then or now.

That might require a bit of explaining, but I'll get into that later.

I sighed. I had made sure that she wouldn't interfere with what I was doing, and would obey me if I gave her a direct order. In hindsight, I should have made her respectful and accepting like I made Cassie, but no use crying over spilled milk.

Being in control has its advantages. There's no denying I've become something of a cocky little SOB in the last few months, I think anyone in my situation would have, but it's not all bad. For one thing, it gave me the ability to completely brush off my mother's recriminations. I'd been putting up with her never-ending nagging for a good long time, and I had squandered my chance to end it the easy way.

But there was always the hard way.

Looking at her, I tried to determine if I had it in me. If I didn't, things would probably be worse. She took advantage of my attention and started spouting off again about incest and sin (like she was a saint) and pregnancy (which I had been careful of, again not wanting to create another generation of trailer trash), hypocritically preaching about sex being an act of love, and somehow it decided me.

"Be silent." A simple command, and she shut up in mid-nag. It took her a couple of moments to realize that her drunk ass couldn't speak a word, and then she started really getting angry. Getting out of her chair, she lurched over to me, trying to appear threatening.

"Stop." She stopped, and again it took her some time to figure out that she had stopped by a will other than hers. She looked daggers into my eyes, helpless but furiously promising retribution. I stood up, trying to calculate the complexity of the commands I could give her and expect them to be obeyed fully. The Touch was no longer an option, but Pavlov had a pretty good method too.

"Mom, I've just about had it with you. It's time you learned who's in charge here." Wow, if I thought here eyes were flashing daggers at me before, these were missiles! But being in control and knowing it made all of her threatening looks meaningless. I smiled. It wasn't a nice expression.

"Go to your room, take off all your clothes, and lie on your back above your covers on your bed, with your legs as wide apart as you can comfortably spread them. You will not move from that position until I give you permission to do so." Oh, the shock on her face as she trundled away!

Now my mother is not going to win any beauty contests. She's large, frumpy, and years of boozing and smoking have taken their toll on her. She does have some big fat tits, which until today I really had no interest in seeing, much preferring the growing breasts of Cassie. But as my eighth grade health teacher said, sex isn't always about love or lust... sometimes it's about power. He was talking about rape, but other circumstances can apply. Before when I considered having sex with my mother, it was a total turn-off. Now, however, as I planned to bring her to heel, the concept almost set me on fire! But I knew that I had to give her time to accept how much she was at my mercy.

For ten minutes I sat on the sofa and sort of watched TV until Cassie came back in, still wearing nothing but her white cotton panties and a short halter top.

"Your room is cleaned, Brother," she said in her soft voice, the voice she always uses when addressing me. Her eyes seemed drawn to the bulge in my shorts, and I beckoned her over. She knelt between my legs and looked up at me, inviting me to do anything with her.

"Cassie," I said, cupping her cheek in my hand, "you're a wonderful piece of property. You and your sister do everything that I want. Keep up the good work."

Cassie lowered her eyes with a murmured "Thank you, Brother," but I lifted her chin so that she was looking in my eyes again.

"Your mother is a different story. She is also my property, and it's up to both of us to make sure she understands that."

Cassie looked into my eyes, wordlessly accepting her involvement in breaking her mother's will.

I waited as long as I could stand it, maybe another ten minutes, then I walked into my mother's bedroom. Cassie was waiting outside the door for me. I had told her that her part would come a bit later, but I wanted her to be ready for it.

Mom was lying as I had dictated. Her pillow was wet with tears, and I could see her tracking my arrival fearfully. She was breathing in rapid, shallow breaths, and her fat jiggled for it. I thought it would be disgusting, but the rolls of cellulite didn't bother me as I felt her fear. It was an aphrodisiac I had never experienced before. I smiled that predator's grin, and slowly removed my t-shirt and shorts. I never wore underwear any more, it was inconvenient when I wanted to fuck Cassie.

My boner leaped out as soon as my shorts freed it, and I heard my mother gasp, likely with the horror of what she now knew was coming. My dick wasn't huge, only about 6 inches long; from what I'd heard that was fairly average, but I was still proud of him standing in his glory, looking on his next conquest.

As I slowly crawled up the bed, getting ready to mount my latest bitch, my eyes crashed into hers. Her expression did not display the righteous fury of an authoritative woman who expected to be obeyed, it was the tearful begging of a woman who knew that she was in my power. For an instant I wavered, as guilt caught up with me and made a serious bid against my horniness. For an intense moment, I teetered on the edge of my mother's fate.

But teenage guilt is no match for teenage hormones. Once again, I smiled and her eyes widened as she realized her bid for mercy had been denied. My dick found her entrance and I pushed in. I watched her as she blinked back tears, trying to come to terms with our new relationship. In and out I moved, nice and slow, as she wasn't very well lubricated, but she seemed to be warming up; after a few minutes, it was a nice, slippery ride. Her cunt was loose, as I expected it to be, but there was a quality it had that my sister's didn't, and the erotic energy I felt from conquering my mother in this fashion was blowing my mind.

I picked up my pace, and grabbed a handful of plump tit. The bed started creaking as I started hitting her snatch full tilt until finally I felt the explosion burst out of me and into her. I slowed, and stopped, gasping for breath, keeping my dick in her until I was soft.

Finally, I looked at her again.

"You'd best keep a respectful and quiet tone, if you know what's good for you, but may move and speak again."

For a minute, she didn't say anything. Then, in a broken voice, choked with tears, she whispered, "How could you do this to your own mother?" as her legs slowly drew closed.

I sighed. "You're not just my mother. You're my property, like Cassie. You need to learn your place. Part of your place is being respectful to me. Another part is doing what you're told. And the other part is doing what you can to please me. I've cut you a lot of slack, because you are my mother, but I've had it. From now on, you will be a proper slave, or I will make you beg me to punish you." I deliberately put enough threat in my voice that she realized how serious I was being.

She was silent a long time. Then, finally, "What do you want me to do?" I smiled in triumph. My mom may be trailer trash, but she's not a dummy.

"Well, you'll service me whenever I want, however I want. That's a given. As of right now, you will not touch another cigarette or bottle of booze, and you will walk at least three miles a day. We'll figure out more as time goes on, I guess. Oh, and one more thing." I said, catching her eyes again.

"What?" she asked fearfully.

"Doing your best to please me sometimes means pleasing someone else. Cassie! Come in here!" I called to my sister, still waiting outside the bedroom door.

My little sister came walking in, still wearing my favorite outfit for her. She laid beside mom on the bed, and spread her slender legs much like her mother's were.

"Mother, I want you to eat Cassie's pussy to two orgasms, and let her eat your pussy to two orgasms, alternating each orgasm. Can you do that for me? Can you prove your willingness to be my slave?" I had been very careful not to give her a direct order, curious as to how she would react. More "training" might be necessary.

Mom blanched, but slowly moved her mouth down to Cassie's crotch.

"Hey, baby, I'm going to lick you for a little ok?" mom asked in her pleading voice. Cassie, already knowing what was coming, was a bit more cooperative than her mother had been and just nodded with a smile. I left the room as mom was pulling off my sister's panties.

Well, it might take a few more object lessons, but I was finally on my way to where I wanted to be. An excellent start, if I do say so myself.

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