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The next day, being a Saturday, the four of us decided to head to the beach for a fun day of playing on the sandy shores of the small community that my daughter lived in. It was a beautifully warm winter’s day, about 75 degrees, with not a hint of a cloud in the sky. The Atlantic was too cold to go into unprotected so the grand daughters each wore their wet suits in anticipation of surfing one of the best wave breaks that Florida has to offer. But just as we were leaving, my daughter’s beeper went off calling her into surgery, so she asked me if I would take the girls to the beach as we had planned and she would meet us there later.

Taking two surf boards, boogie boards, umbrella and chairs plus a picnic basket full of goodies, the three of us headed out for a fun filled day at the beach. I watched from the vantage point of my chair under the shade of the umbrella as my two grand daughters caught wave after wave until the surf flattened out and forced them to come in for some refreshment. I had received a call from my daughter telling me that since she was already in there, she had volunteered to stay at the hospital to assist in another emergency surgery so would not be home until later that afternoon.

As we sat around, lounging in the beautiful weather that the day had afforded us and eating our lunch, the girls undid their tops to their wet suits by unzipping the fronts just enough to tell me that they had nothing on under them. My eyes went directly to Lori’s and I got a hint of a knowing smile from her lips as she slid down the zipper to a point much lower than she normally opened the wet suit. Melinda looked on but was oblivious to what was going on or why.

We waited for my daughter to join us at the beach but as it got later and later, I placed a call to her cell and was informed that she had worked all day and was headed back to their house to get some rest before going out on a date that evening. I told the girls that we were on our own for dinner so we decided on pizza at the local pie shop. Afterwards, we headed back home to an empty house.

Going back out to my 5th wheel, I noticed the light come on around the corner of the house, indicating Lori had entered her bedroom so my feet headed over there and as I cleared the corner, I saw my grand daughter standing at her window, opening it up to let the cool night air into the room. She still had on her wet suit and was walking towards the open door when I heard her call out to her younger sister. “Melinda, come on in to my room and chat with me.”

As my grand daughter stuck her head around the corner, she asked Lori, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Oh nothing in particular. It just seems that we never just talk anymore,” she said with a shrug.

Melinda pulled her head back and came around into view, sticking her arms back into her wet suit and pulling it onto her upper body. Reaching for the zipper to put it up, her older sister said, “It’s just me Melinda, you don’t have to cover up. Don’t you remember when we used to play with each other totally naked?”

A look of embarrassment came over the younger sibling as she dropped her hand from the zipper and walked into Lori’s room.

Lori stood up to remove her own suit over her shoulders and revealed to both of our sets eyes her young tender breasts. Melinda turned a instant color of red around her cheeks as she witnessed her older sister’s exposure and then her mouth dropped open when Lori continued to take off the wet suit disclosing that she was wearing nothing under it at all.

“LORI!” Melinda exclaimed. “You’re not wearing anything under your wet suit!”

“I know and it feels so refreshingly free,” Lori said stepping out of the tight leggings of the suit.

Glancing up to the open window, Melinda asked, “But aren’t you afraid someone will see you through the window?”

“Who’s going to be looking?” she answered.
“Well, anybody who happens to be out there. There’s the gate to the lake. Anybody could come up and open the gate,” Melinda tried to explain.

“Have you ever known of anybody using our gate?” Lori asked her sister.

“Well, no, but Grandpa Joe is out there now in his van and he might go down to the lake through the gate and maybe he could see in the window,” she said.

“Grandpa Joe? So what if he does see me. He’s our grandpa,” she said with a dismissive tone to her voice.

This seemed to answer Melinda’s objections as she was looking at her sister’s naked body. Lori went over to the mirror to brush out her hair as Melinda sat down on the end of the bed not knowing what to do with her sister’s unexpected desire to prance around totally nude. After a brief moment of silence, Lori dropped a bombshell on Melinda by asking, “Do you ever get horny?”

I could see Melinda’s expression change into one of pure shock and embarrassment as her mouth flew open and her eyes grew wide. “LORI? MY GOD! WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?” she asked an incredulous, shocked voice.

“I just wondered,” Lori answered, continuing the brush her long hair. “I know I do, don’t you?”

“Well, yes sometimes I guess, but I don’t go around talking about it,” she exclaimed.

“What do you do about it?” Lori asked another question.

“Lori?” she asked wondering how to answer her sister embarrassing questions.

“Well do you masturbate, you know touch yourself?” she asked looking right at her younger sister.

Melinda diverted her eyes away from her sister’s to look sheepishly down at her lap and then stated, “I know what masturbate means.” She hesitated for a moment then confessed, “Sometimes I do.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Lori commented. “God, I love to touch myself all over. Have you ever let a guy touch you?”

She again blushed at the question but answered it anyway. “I let Danny touch my boobies at the movies once. It felt so funny in my tummy and I think I would have liked for him to touch me more but after he placed his hand on my boob for a second and kissed me on the lips, he rammed his hand down on my crotch and tried to touch my pussy so I told him to stop. But he didn’t so I got up and left.”

“Boys,” said Lori with an exasperating tone in her voice. “I mean, my God, give them a little bit and all of a sudden they want the whole thing right now.” She thought for a moment and then told her sister, “Melinda stand up and come over here. Right here and look into the mirror.”

Melinda obeyed her sister’s instructions and walked over to where Lori had indicated. She then moved around behind her and placed her hands on Melinda’s shoulders. “Honey,” Lori started, “guys are such jerks. I think they think with their dicks. John just the other day asked me to suck his cock after a let him fondle my boobs. I mean, God, can you believe the nerve? I told him to “Go to hell” and left him hanging right there.”

She slowly moved her hands around front to the open zipper of her sister’s wet suit and gently started to open it out wide. Melinda suddenly tried to stop her sister’s advance with a “Lori? What are you doing?”

“I’m just want to see what Danny was touching that’s all,” she said as she continued to open up the lapels. As she slid it down over her shoulders, she exposed the reflection of Melinda’s beautiful mounds to my eyes as her own eyes grew wide with amazement.
“Lori?” she whined in a questioning way but offered no resistance. When Lori had extracted the wet suit down to her elbows, she reached around her sister and gently caressed her breasts with her soft touch. Melinda groaned as she closed her eyes and then repeated her question. “Lori what are you doing?”

“I’m touching your breasts,” she answered plainly. “How do you like it?”

“Oh God, it feels great but we shouldn’t be doing this,” she answered. “My God Lori, you’re my sister, what are we doing?”

“We’re just enjoying each other, that’s all,” she whispered into her ear. “We’re just enjoying each other. I’m enjoying touching your breasts. Are you enjoying having me touch them?”

“Uh huh,” Melinda muttered.

Lori was caressing both breasts with her full hands as she crushed them beneath her palms. Melinda was rolling her head from side to side with appreciation of the sensation that had been awakened in her. But when Lori moved her fingers down and pinched her nipples, she let out another loud moan from her open mouth and stuck her chest out to get the full affect of her fingers.

“Oh my God,” Melinda cooed. “Lori it feels so good down in my tummy,” she said with her chin pointing up to the sky.

Then Lori gave them one more pinch and then moved her hands down to the wet suit gathered around her sister’s waist and started to tug it off of Melinda’s slender hips. Melinda didn’t open her eyes but I detected a slight shift in her weight to aid in the removal. As Lori peeled it down over her hips and down her trim legs, Melinda opened her eyes to gaze at her sister’s kneeling body behind where she was standing and then placed her hand on her shoulder when Lori removed the suit over her feet.

Melinda was wearing the bottoms of her swim suit, a bikini cut, bright yellow suit that clung to her developing butt like a latex glove. When Lori placed her foot back down on the floor after removing it from the wet suit, she placed it a good two feet away from the other foot allowing a gap in between Melinda’s stance. The younger sister’s eyes were wide open as she looked into the mirror to Lori’s hands making their way back up the inside of her legs.

The further north they approached, the wider Melinda’s eyes got and when they were nearly touching the crotch of her bathing suit, she shuttered violently and let out with a loud cry of acceptance. Now her head was flying backwards as Lori made contact with the crotch of the bikini bottoms. Melinda’s knees buckled as she slammed them together, trapping her sister’s hand cradling her crotch. She reached down with her hand and grabbed Lori’s hand and just for a second tried to remove it from her sensitive area. But she must have known that she couldn’t because she suddenly placed her hand on top of her sister’s and began rubbing in between her legs as she voiced her acceptance.

I could see Lori’s hand rubbing up from behind Melinda’s wide spread legs on both sides of her pussy lips. Melinda was going wild with excitement as Lori’s hand became a blur. Then Lori regained her feet directly behind Melinda and moved her hand to the waistband of the swimming suit and pushing downward, inserting it directly onto her fleshy, hair covered pussy. Melinda screamed as she made contact with Lori’s hand but spread her legs even wider to allow it to enter her virginal vagina.

After a moment of lustful exploration, Lori whispered into her sister’s ear, “Let’s get rid of these bottoms so I can open you up.” She slid her other hand to the waist band and tugged it downward as Melinda’s knees made contact with each other. As the yellow swim suit made its way down my grand daughter’s hips, I saw for the first time the lightly colored pubic mound that was sticky wet with her juices. As it made its way down to the floor and she stepped out of them, Lori suddenly turned her around to sit on the bed and commanded her to lie down with her legs hanging over the bed.

Suddenly Lori was kneeling between her wide spread legs looking directly into her sister’s crotch. A greedy smile came over Lori’s face as she slowly reached out with her hand and touch the two puffy labia lips that were protecting Melinda’s treasures. Melinda raised her hips at the contact and as she settled them back down upon the bed, Lori ran her finger up to caress her little button, causing her hips to once again come flying off of the mattress.

“OH GOD!” Melinda screamed. “LORI WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?”

She was thrashing around, with Lori’s body from the shoulders up, separating her wide spread legs. Her crotch was vulnerable to Lori’s manual assault as the stimulus was driving her higher and higher. But when Lori bent in with her mouth to kiss Melinda right on her pussy lips, the younger grand daughter erupted into a gigantic release of violent contractions that shook the very foundations of her young life.

She was thrashing her hips around, trying to dislodge her sister’s head from between her legs but the more she threw herself into the eviction of it, the more and harder that Lori sucked on her clitoris. Melinda was going mad with desire as she gushed forth with her first real orgasm. She screamed, she cried, she begged and she cursed her sister to stop but at the same time she wanted to feel the release even more. But as she came down from the wonderful sensations that she had experienced, a strange, glowing feeling swept over her body, starting at her vaginal opening and encompassing every muscle of her tender young body. And when it had finally made its way to her brain, it melted her consciousness into a blissful slumber that she had not felt before in her entire life.

Lori’s head made its appearance up out of Melinda’s crotch. Her chin was glistening from the fluids escaping from her sister’s vagina and there was a grin on her face as she wiped them off. She suddenly looked up to the window to see me staring out of the corner of the open window. She smiled at me as I moved over into the light. I mouthed the words, “Thank you Lori,” as she continued to grin up at me. I had long ago pulled my cock out of my pants and had spattered my essence against the wall below her window. So I softly told her good night and walked back to my rig and poured myself a Captain and Coke. I’d need more than one this evening.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the image of Lori making her younger sister climax in the most wondrous way imaginable out of my mind. That sight of my grand daughter’s head buried between my other grand daughter’s legs was burned into my memory forever. My God, what have I started?

The next day I left fairly early for a rendezvous with my old friends that I hang out with every winter down at the refreshment wagon on the beach. It is no where near where we went the day before so my appearance was a surprise to the entire group. We all told some lies about our adventures over the year since we had been together and the day flew by. Before I knew it, it was 4:30 in the afternoon and it was time to go home and fix myself something to eat.

While I was cleaning up from my dinner, my daughter stuck her head into my rig to invite me to come in and spend some time with her. This seemed rather odd to be summoned to the house and I got a sickening feeling in my gut about being caught peeping into her daughter’s bedroom window. But since I had no excuse, I followed her into the house to see what she had on her mind.

We sat around talking about most anything, drinking her booze for a change and just as she went in to refill our drinks, Lori made her way into the family room where we were sitting to tell me good night. As she reached over to give me a gentle kiss on the cheek, she whispered into my ear, “Did you enjoy last night seeing Melinda reach an orgasm?”

I looked shocked at her forthrightness and I cautioned her about being a little more discrete. She just laughed and said softly, “You should be out there tonight. I’ve got something special to show you.”

I groaned and told her that I had accepted this time with her mother and I didn’t know if I could get away. She shrugged her shoulders and whispered, “It’ll be your loss.” Then she turned to her room and disappeared down the hallway. “Good night Grandpa,” shouted Melinda coming into the room and giving me a big hug and a kiss. My hand went to her back and I would swear that I didn’t feel a bra strap under her shirt. A questioning look came over her face as she grinned at me in a shy little way.

“Good night Melinda,” I said with a quizzical look back at her. I wondered what that was all about.

Our talk continued into the night and as it turned out my daughter knew nothing of my peeping activities with her daughters. In fact, she wanted to tell me that she had met someone and had been seeing him for about a month or so. He was a pharmaceutical representative that she had known for quite some time and they had started dating. Now their relationship had grown into more intimate feelings for one another and she was asking me if I would mind being home on the evenings that they were together all night. She didn’t want to expose the girls to the idea of their mother sleeping with a man just yet so she was asking me to keep it between the two of us at least for now.

I was thrilled for her to finally meet another guy and I only hoped that she would make the right decision when to came to forming a meaningful relation. I gave her a hug and told her good night at about 10:30 and headed for my rig. I looked over to the corner of the house and the light was still on in Lori’s bedroom. My feet broke into a trot to get around the corner and take up my position behind the tree.

I peered around the tree through the open window into Lori’s bedroom. I saw nothing. She must be lying on her bed so I crept up slowly to the window, being very careful not to make a sound and as I approached, I heard a muffled squeal of enjoyment coming from just out of my sight. As I got closer to the window I peered over the edge of the window sill through the screen of the open window and almost cried out with what I saw.

The two young grand daughters were totally naked, lying on their backs breathing very heavily as if they had just consummated their love making. Melinda right knee was bent to one side and was placed under Lori’s separated leg. Their eyes were closed but the most erotic thing that I saw was the placement of each of their hands. Melinda’s fingers were twirling through Lori’s pubic hairs while Lori’s was rubbing on the inner thigh of her sister. Each were caressing the soft skin that they encountered with a delicate, soothing touch.

Melinda’s pubic hair sparsely covered the Pons area of her developing womanhood but I could still plainly see her two puffy labia lips. There seemed to be a slight sheen or glistening of fluids coming from between her legs like she had recently expelled her love fluids and as I looked at her closed eyes, I saw the wonderful look of someone in the thralls of a sexual afterglow.

As she moved her hand in a rotating fashion downward to spread onto to Lori’s pussy lips and her older sister reacted violently to the added stimulus. She clamped her legs together and turned towards the touch and then she suddenly opened her legs out wide and raised her hips up to press into Melinda’s hand. She gave off a muffled cry as she arched her back and drove her bare pussy into the returned pressure. She was wild with excitement as she craved her own consummation.

The younger grand daughter quickly rose to her knees as she switched to a position between Lori’s wide spread legs. As she bent over to place her face into the womanly smell, her small little breasts hung down freely and her tiny butt was sticking right up in the air. The sight was mesmerizingly beautiful as I started rubbing my now hard cock that I was removing my pants.

“Oh yes Melinda, you can do it. Just like I did it to you. Go ahead and lick my little clit,” Lori whispered.

Filled with encouragement, Melinda placed her tongue upon Lori’s hairy slit and poked it between the lips until it rested directly on her love button. Lori jerked and tossed her head as she tried not to scream out her emotions of lust. But as Melinda began to lick, Lori had to muffle her enjoyment by stuffing the pillow over her mouth.

Melinda, if this was her first time licking pussy, proved to be a natural because as she continued with her oral assault on Lori’s clit, she was inserting two fingers up into her wet little vagina. Lori had planted her heels into the mattress and was raising her hips into every insertion of Melinda driving fingers and was nearing a wonderful orgasm. Melinda’s other hand was fondling Lori’s breasts and pinching her nipples hard as she kept up the rapid pace of her insertions, Just as she hand grew tired and she didn’t know if she could keep this pace up much longer, Lori gulped in a lung full of air and raised her hips even higher into the air. Then let out a muffled scream into the pillow as she reached her climatic release and humped Melinda’s face and hand until she threw herself over on her side, begging for her to stop.

Melinda had built up her emotions into a near frantic state and needed her own release so she suddenly and with much difficulty, pried Lori’s legs apart and straddled her one leg and positioned herself so her crotch was pressed into Lori’s crotch and they were rubbing her pussies together. As Melinda gained the upper hand, Lori was going crazy from her repeated contact with her extremely sensitive node but she threw herself into the contact and suddenly demanded another, bigger orgasmic release.

They were both frantically rubbing, humping and ramming their two pussies together in a wild orgasmic dance and then in a brief second, they both erupted into a volcanic climax that must have awakened the neighbors much less their mother who was in bed at the other end of the house. Over and over they rocked into each other, driving out the last resemblance of sanity from their actions until Melinda finally went limp and fell down into Lori’s embrace and they each lay there panting.

I had made another deposit on the wall below the open window and as I stuffed it back into my pants, I slowly retreated back to my rig to fix myself double rum on the rocks. I felt like I needed it tonight after witnessing the most erotic display of emotions that I could ever imagine from my two young grand daughters. I wondered if it was an act just for my benefit or if it was real. Maybe it was both but I was totally shocked at the eroticism of this evening and I looked forward to my daughter’s upcoming secret rendezvous with her new boyfriend.

To Be Continued


2015-10-09 23:32:55
Great story very believable I almost believed that I was there in every scene that played out can't believe something like this would be so hot.

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2013-10-16 12:10:26
well written and very believable! liked it a lot!

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2012-03-31 09:35:03
Yes. Just as good as the first. You tell it as if it was really happening, not just in a story. Reading it is as good as being there. Wow. I need to go fix a drink now too.


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Wow that was soo hot!! :) I loved the first part as well.. I need to go back and comment.. Keep it up.. Good stuff.. :)

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