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This was my entry for the recent CAW, so since its nearly over, I decided to post this on the story site. Hope you all enjoy.~ Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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Molly hated the holidays. To her, it always seemed the same. All the shops alike would divest themselves from the spooky to the lively overnight. Shelves, once decorated with grotesque faces, pumpkins, and a myriad of costumes would suddenly be sparkling with wreaths, plastic evergreen trees and that unmistakable jolly old geezer that young and old identified with alike, even though they all knew he wasn’t even real. As it started getting closer to the holidays, people would immediately rid themselves of their former gloomy selves and become more energetic, more cheerful, wishing someone a “Merry Christmas”, or sending out corny greeting cards they found in the local Hallmark store. Sighing for the hundredth time, she absentmindedly clicked away at vacation spots in the Caribbean, Aruba and the Dominican, wondering where she was going to vacation this time to get away from all this crap. She jumped slightly as a voice broke into her thoughts.

“You know, I hear that Aruba is beautiful during the Christmas season.”

“You scared the living daylights out of me Christopher!” She swatted at her co-worker next to her in his cubicle, his hazel eyes crinkling in humor and his smile easily charming her.

She had always liked Christopher ever since he had moved into the department a year and a half ago. He was average on Molly’s scale of men, but his dry sense of humor and wit and earned him her friendship and they had meshed together well during that period of time. She knew that he had charmed many of the other ladies, and interestingly enough, he hadn’t really gone out with any of them. He had told her that office romances never particularly did well when they ended. She had remembered nodding, understanding what he had meant.

“So, are you going to go away again for two weeks this year?” said Christopher, regarding her solemnly, folding his arms and leaning back in the office chair.

“I may. I’m not sure yet. My parents want me to come visit them in the country, and I’m not entirely sure I want to yet. I don’t particularly want to head to another place that has more snow…”

“How long has it been since you’ve seen your parents, Molly?”

Molly shrugged sheepishly. “5—6 years now?”

Christopher raised an eyebrow at her, “You mean to tell me, ever since you moved into this department, you haven’t seen your parents? You’ve been going away on vacation all this time?”

“Or made excuses not to come.” Molly shook her head, “You don’t particularly understand, Christopher. Ever since I’ve been out here on my own, my parents have expected me to bring back a man.”

Christopher chuckled at her. “And that’s a bad thing?”

Molly snorted. “Yes, especially since he supposed to be the—“ She changed her tone, “—the only who you can see living with you for the rest of your life! Or I hear: ‘Why haven’t you found a man yet Molly? You’re not getting any younger!’ So, in order to avoid all of that, I vacation on some island where I know no one.”

Christopher chuckled again. “And you think you are the only one who hears this spiel?”

Molly nodded, smirking, “In my own version yes, and besides, I doubt a man such as yourself has any issues in procuring that ‘perfect woman’.”

Christopher’s smile disappeared at that. And suddenly, he became serious. “It is not as easy as you think Molly.” With that, he lifted himself up and disappeared behind his cubicle. Molly sat there for a moment, ashamed and stunned she had made her inner feelings known.

Idiot.’ She thought to herself. As she scooted over in the chair and leaned over to apologize, their manager hollered at both of them.

“Molly! Christopher! Get in here for a moment will you? I need to discuss something with the both of you.”

Christopher looked over at Molly, raising an eyebrow and getting up. Molly pushed her reading glasses onto her forehead.
Molly fell into step with him and while she straightened her rumpled skirt, she spoke.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s―okay. I get that a lot.”

“You get what a lot?”

“Women assuming that I’m taken.”

“Oh.” Molly wrinkled her nose, “So this means you’re not?”

“Not for many years now.”

“Oh, but you have a plethora―” she was cut off since she had walked into the office of their manager, Mr. Smthye. He looked at both of them for a moment and spared an extra glance at Molly, his dark blue eyes appreciating her slim form before him. She would have asked what he was staring at, if she didn’t know his temper so well.

“There’s a new project in the department and I would like you two to work on it and present it to the executives. This project consists of creating a new marketing scheme to target a larger audience. The executives wanted my best two people on this project, so I’m picking you two to do head up this deal. We only have four weeks to get this done, which leaves you two plenty of time to think about what you’re going to plan to do. Do you hear me?! Four weeks and that’s it! So whatever magical ideas you got in those heads of yours, pull them out. The files are here.” He shoved two manila envelopes at them, glowering at them as they took them and turned to depart.

“By the way you two,” Molly and Christopher turned to face him and nearly knocked heads in the process, “your salaries also depend on how well you do.”

Nodding, Molly and Christopher turned to leave, Christopher letting Molly out first and shutting the door behind him. Molly breathed a sigh, silently thanking Christopher for his foresight. She wouldn’t have to feel that man’s stare as she walked away. Opening the folder, pulling her reading glasses down again and flipping through the files, she saw that they had a lot of work to accomplish in four weeks. The executives wanted four ads in total directed at pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults encouraging them to purchase their products. However, they wanted something completely original to astound them with, get them talking about the product first and then when they revealed the merchandise, have a large amount of people buy it. On top of that, they wanted something subtle which would grab their attention but yet not overdo it and turn them off from purchasing the product. Molly’s mind began turning over the possibilities as she maneuvered to her desk and plopped herself down into the chair.

“How do you do that?”

“Do what Christopher?” Molly replied absent-mindedly, focusing on the task at hand.

“Dodge and read through a quarter of a manila folder from Mr. Smthye’s office to your desk?”

“Easy I suppose?”

“I don’t think dodging an entire office full of people is easy, especially since they are all moving in entirely different directions.”

Molly shrugged, sparing him a glance for a moment. “I just know where to go I suppose?”

Christopher shook his head. “You surprise me at how modest you made that sound.”

She smiled, “I think we are going to need to use one of the meeting rooms tomorrow.”

“Have you glanced in that folder yet?” She spared him a glance again and watched as he began skimming, his puzzled look slowly disappearing as understanding took its place.

“They want four ads in four weeks? This is madness.”

“Oh, of course it’s madness, but I think it’s doable. I’m probably going to take this home tonight to work on it, considering that it’s almost quitting time at this point.

“I guess now would be a good time to start packing?” Christopher replied.

Molly laughed, “Yes Christopher, it would.”

Molly wished him a good night as they headed their separate ways.

Driving home, Molly lightly drummed her fingers on the steering wheel while her music floated all around her. She softly sang with the music while she sat in the rush hour traffic, rolling her eyes at the constant congestion that always appeared at this hour. Muttering under her breath about how much she hated driving at this hour, she released her foot off the brake and then her phone rang. Tapping the screen, she turned down her music as a familiar voice was amplified through her speakers.

“Hey pretty lady.”

“Hey yourself,” Molly smiled warmly. “How are you Miss Nix?”

Molly heard a snort from her phone. “Just fine and dandy Miss Molly. So explain to me why I haven’t seen you in about two weeks?”

Molly cringed. “You may not see me for another four more my dear.”

“And for Heaven’s sake why not?” Nix replied annoyed.

“Christopher and I just picked up a huge marketing project.”

“How big are we talking here lovely?”

“Big enough to influence both our salaries.”

Molly heard Nix whistle, “Well then, perhaps I should recant my earlier statement. I think I can hold off for another four weeks if that is what is going down. You could certainly use the raise, after all the hard work you’ve put into that company! Hell! You’re partially the reason they are on the map!”

Molly smiled at her praise, “Now, now Nix. Don’t be raising my small ego now. I helped them develop their ads to put them on the map, but in turn, where else would I get nearly three weeks off every year? Usually you have to work your way up to that vacation time, and within a year, I obtained the leave to do so.”

“Still Molly, three weeks of vacation time doesn’t always equal out to more pay. Speaking of which, are you going away this year again?”

Molly shrugged, “I might. My folks want me to visit, and Christopher—”

“Christopher? How is that hunk of a man?”

Molly snorted, “Oh Nix, let me finish. And he’s just fine thank you for asking and yes, he still sits beside me. As I was saying, he made me feel kinda bad about it all. I may end up going.”

“And forsake your island cruises, the luxury of white sand and blue see through ocean, good looking men with the perfect tan and perfect teeth? Is the Molly I know planning to give up all of this?” Molly shook her head in laughter, “Nix! I did say I may I didn’t say I had made up my mind as of yet, considering I don’t want to stay in this cold country. So we’ll see. Anyways, I’d better go, looks like traffic is starting to finally move again and I need to stop off at the local office supplies shop. I’ll call you later?”

Molly heard Nix snort, “No, I’ll call you. You seem to forget that you have people around you when you’re working hard.”

Molly smiled, knowing it was true. “Fine, fine, you got me there.”

“Good.” Nix blew her a kiss through the phone, “Love you Molly.”

“Love you too Nix, bye!”


Call disconnected. Return to music Y/N?
Molly pressed the button and music filled her ears again.


The shrill noise of her alarm clock awoke Molly immediately. Glaring at the clock she realized that it was an hour earlier than when she usually awoke. But, she had promised herself that she was going to get to the office early and so, begrudgingly, she pulled her body out of the cocoon of her warm bed and shivered as she sat up, her nipples hardening under her nightgown as they touched the cold air. Giving another involuntary shiver, she pressed the button to turn off her alarm clock and turned her legs from under the bed covers and slipped them into her cold fuzzy slippers. Yawning, she got up and stretched, hearing some cracks in some places. Rubbing her eyes, she greeted the dawn by opening the curtains of her windows and a soft meow made her look down. Her Persian, Mika, curled between her legs and demanded attention from its owner, Molly picked her up and nuzzled her fur.

“Good morning Mika.”

Mika purred, letting out a meow of pleasure at being noticed.

“Let me get myself together and then we’ll have breakfast mhm?”

Molly put the cat down and it softly padded out of the room. Molly walked into her bathroom and turned on the light, closing the door behind her. Turning to her wall that housed her compact player, she pressed the on button and then the play button. Ella floated out to Molly’s ears, her voice making Molly smile. Stripping down, she glanced at herself in the mirror, and didn’t really bother staring much. She knew what she had… C cup breasts, a slightly rounded stomach, wide hips, shapely thighs and not nearly enough muscle tone to constitute being fit. Sighing, she turned on the water faucet and sang softly along with Ella as the water warmed. Tying up her hair, she stepped in and pulled the knob to redirect the water to the shower head. Hot water caressed Molly’s body and she began lathering up the soap to use it on her skin. When she was done, she grabbed the towel and stepped out, grinning at the feeling of her nice clean skin.

Twenty minutes later, she had brushed her teeth, and gotten half way dressed, with her hair still somewhat damp and pulled out breakfast for Mika as she set the kettle to boil. Another thirty minutes later Molly was driving into work, lugging her papers and all her associated files that she needed. She had ensured that she had booked the meeting room for the next four weeks and made sure she could lock the room when necessary. She didn’t need any unnecessary eyes snooping around on her work. Her heels clacked on the linoleum floor loudly as she moved down the hall into the carpeted meeting room. Opening the door, she smiled and began setting up.

- - -

Molly felt a hand at her back and shivered and nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Whoa! Molly!”

Molly whirled, her eyes wide, her hand on her chest and her heart racing, “Christopher!” She yelled, “The hell do you think you’re doing scaring me like that!”

Christopher looked at her sheepishly, holding up a cup in front of her. “I’m terribly sorry Moll, I just wanted to give you this…”

Molly let go a large sigh. ‘I can never stay mad at him.’ She took the proffered cup from him.

Cupping his face gently, she pecked his cheek, and she could have sworn he had shivered slightly at the contact.

“Thank you, I appreciate the thought.”

He flashed a wry grin at her, “So all is forgiven then?”

“For the moment. And if you plan to stay forgiven, you’d better give me a hand here, sir.”

She heard Christopher whistle behind her as she turned around.

“What is all of this, Moll?”

“This,” Molly waved her hands at the complicated brain storm that she had been working on for a couple of hours yesterday evening, “are my ideas for the very first commercial we need to make. Hopefully you can follow my stream of consciousness?”

She felt Christopher walk past her and pick up a red dry erase marker and began adding his own notes.

“Already have an idea Moll,” He turned to grin at her and she grinned back, excited about all of this.


Molly sagged against the door frame. It had been a grueling four weeks and the last three hours of presenting all this work had finally exhausted her energy. She breathed in deeply, feeling how tense she had been for so long and still was at this point. The executives had told them that they had made an excellent presentation, but whether or not they were actually going to use their work was still very much up in the air.


She turned to face her partner in crime, his worry evident in his features. She smiled, leaned off the door frame and patted him affectionately. They had become much, much closer these past four weeks. Molly couldn’t count the hours, but she could certainly count the occasions that they had dined, chatted, argued, had heated moments and the occasional touch or brush that would make Molly’s heart tremble. Those were the moments that had increasingly occurred, much to her surprise, and it was those moments most of all she enjoyed. He brought her back to reality by gently cupping her face.

“Moll, are you alright?”

Molly nodded, and stepped back, but as fate would have it, she stumbled. Strong arms embraced her and brought her dangerously closer than she had been in a while. She immediately felt her heart beat faster at the sudden contact.

“Christopher,” she breathed, and inhaled, taking in his musky cologne and the slight sour smell of his perspiration. He leaned in closer, nearly resting his forehead on hers.

“Moll, are you sure you’re alright?” She nodded watching his lips form the words of her name and she shivered, wanting to do something…

“YES!” She spoke a little too loudly, shattering the moment between the two of them. Molly’s heart constricted and she saw an emotion pass across Christopher’s face before it disappeared, buried with the usual smile on his face.

“Can you believe we’re actually done?”

“No, not really, it still feels as if we are still supposed to be working on something. By the way, what did Mr. Smythe want to talk to you about?”

“Nothing really. He offered me something, but I refused.”

“Oh.” Molly nodded, but her curiosity wasn’t so satisfied on the matter.

“So, can we go out to dinner? For the last time?”

Molly laughed, “For the last time? You’re making it sound as if I’m never going to see you again or something!”

Molly turned, and with a slight trepidation kissed Christopher full on the lips. He didn’t respond for a moment but it was enough so that Molly could easily pull away. His lips were slightly ajar as she pulled away and he looked at her with a gleam in his eyes that Molly could not interpret.

“And yes, I would love dinner. Does seven sound good to you?”

She watched with some slight amusement as Christopher raised his eyebrow at her.

He recovered from that quick.’ She thought.

“You’re not even telling me where? This is a surprise.”

She grinned at him, “Surprise me.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Perhaps?” Turning, she sauntered off, excited at the prospect of tonight.


Molly had felt like a royal for the past six weeks. And for every Monday and Friday he had given her gifts corresponding to the 12 days of Christmas. Day one had been the pears and the stuffed partridge, the golden rings had been five of her favorite honey crullers, seven swans had been the tickets to see Swan Lake, and nine ladies had been the movie The Black Swan, while eleven pipers had been the Christmas orchestra he had taken her to. She was overwhelmed by the gifts. No one had ever treated her so and tonight, on Christmas Eve, she had invited him over to her place. She wanted to thank him properly for all that he had done for her.

She set everything up; grinning at her devious and delicious twists she had in store for him.

Christopher promptly knocked on Molly’s door to her flat, noting that this was the first time that he had ever been here. His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out, noting that there was a text message from Molly.
He clicked and opened the message.

The door is open, won’t you come inside?

Surprised, he opened the door and a slight tremble ran through him.

The lights were all off, and on the ground were fragrant rose petals of red and white, while the soft aroma of vanilla tickled his nose from the lighted candles throughout the place, making a path to follow.

He called out, “Molly? Molly? Where? What is all of this?” Looking down, he noted there was a note scrawled in her writing on the ground waiting for him.

Hello Christopher,
I know you have a ton of questions, but for now…lock the door, take off your shoes and follow the lights.
Love, Moll


Christopher shook his head and did as she asked and the sight that greeted him at the end took his breath away. There stood Molly, lit up solely by candlelight in a lacy red and white three piece bra, panty and garters. The bra lifted her ample bosom and the cleavage made him lick his lips in anticipation. The shadows deepened within that curve of her breast, and he wanted to see more. The panties covered her front, not allowing him to see much since the light didn’t touch there, but he knew that it would be the pearl he sought. The light and the garters accented her legs, those beautiful, curvy legs that he would ensure would wrap around him in pleasure. She did a slow spin for him, tantalizing him and he felt his manhood stir at the sight of her delicious behind, his fingers aching to touch and caress it. She had him turning to a pile of mush and she knew it. She grinned, and a song began playing the background. His eyes widened at her choice in music, but it was entirely appropriate for the moment. He wanted, no, it was more like he needed her. She sauntered over to him, her hands on her rolling hips. Christopher’s breath hitched in his throat as she lazily purred in his ear and slowly grinded on him, her body weaving and winding down on him like a slippery eel. His manhood jumped at every touch of her skin against his clothing and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He slid his hands over her body, touching her breasts, nipples, stomach, sliding over her working legs to cup her bottom and squeeze. She gave him a satisfactory purr and stepped away from him, leaving him breathless and yearning for more. He hoped her eyes promised more, because all he wanted to do was make love. He stripped, watching her eyes roam over his form and stick to the tent in his boxers.

“Come here.” Christopher growled out, and she obeyed, her hips still swinging to the music in the background. His cock throbbed as she pressed against him and he turned her around and unhooked the bra first, letting it fall to the ground. He turned her again and marveled at her breasts. One was slightly smaller than the other he noticed, but he didn’t pay it much attention. Her nipples were dark in the shadows but her skin was smooth and flawless to him in the candle light. He massaged one while licking and sucking on the other. Her breaths became deeper and heavy, a mewl of pleasure escaped her lips at his attentions. He noted that her hands had risen into his hair, and she gripped it each time he paid attention to her nipples.

“You nipples are very sensitive, aren’t they?” He asked her, and all she did was nod. He grinned and pinched one while nipping at the other. She yelped slightly but it turned into a groan of pleasure as he continued.

“Stop!” she whispered, “Oh God, Christopher, please stop, you’re going to make me come if you continue doing that.”

Christopher grinned. “Well dear, let’s see how wet you are.” Grabbing her butt cheeks, they slowly made their way over to the bed, kissing each other deeply. Christopher laid her on the bed slowly, and admired the sight of her hair spread across the bed, her half-lidded eyes, her rising, bountiful chest and his next area of attack. Carefully, and slowly, he undid the garters and pulled her stockings off, and then took her panties off, admiring her carefully shaved pussy and legs. He slowly caressed and kissed her upper legs and Moll purred in delight, but then suddenly stopped him with her foot.

“Wait Christopher, stand up.” She slid farther up the bed and motioned him to follow. “I want to taste you.” He grinned and obliged, his manhood standing up proudly in the light as a dribble of pre-cum coated the top. He climbed on the bed and she moved him into a sixty-nine position. He groaned in appreciation as her tongue licked and swirled over the top of his sensitive head and her mouth engulfed him, drooling all over his engorged length. He hissed in pleasure as she dragged her teeth lightly on the underside of his length and his body tensed as he felt his balls begin to churn. It had been a long time since he felt a woman perform this intimate act for him. Not wanting to deny her pleasure, he smelled her scent of her sex, his fingers splitting her wide open for his viewing. He admired the dewy folds of her pussy lips and her clit poking out, daring him. He took the dare and licked her, feeling her immediately buck and tremble above him. He grinned widely and attacked, licking, sucking, swirling his tongue round and round, lapping up her love juices with relish. She tasted slightly musky and he enjoyed her flavor. He also loved hearing her cries, since they reverberated throughout his cock’s length and made him moan out her name in appreciation. But he wanted her to come first, and slid a finger inside her pussy, rubbing her walls while sucking on her clit. She spasmed above him, her legs straining and he felt her walls squeeze down on his finger while her love juices soaked his face and ran down to drip on his chest. He happily ate her while she let go of his cock with an audible pop and moaned out his name ever so sweetly. He watched her turn to face him, and the smile she gave him lit up his insides and made him want him to do it all over again. But first, he wanted her.

“You have no idea how much I enjoyed that…” She whispered to him huskily.

“Oh?” Christopher smiled back at her. “You see, I have a little friend here that could use some attention…” She smiled that melt your heart smile again, and turned around so that she and he were lined up.

“I think,” she started to tell him while rubbing her hot and now very wet pussy against his length, “I can fix that.”

She took him in slowly, and he arched into her, feeling her delicious walls spasm and squeeze. She closed her eyes until pubic bone met bone and then she began to ride him. Her breasts bounced excitedly as they meshed together, and he grabbed her behind and squeezed it, helping her raise and then come crashing back down. He watched as she arched up, knowing that his girth stretched her walls as much as her walls caressed his cock.

“You are so tight and so warm Moll,” he whispered to her, and she looked down on him and replied, “All I want is your hot come blasting my insides Christopher, you feel so good…” Christopher felt his balls churn again at hearing that, and he grinned at her. “As you wish…”

The only sounds between them were the wet sounds of flesh, their cries and moans for each other until Christopher reached the point where he could hold back no longer.

“Moll! I’m coming!”

And his first spurt blasted into her, and it continued as all of his pent up cum filled her insides and she came as well shortly after, wringing out all of his semen from him. Spent, she leaned over and slightly curled herself into the crook of his neck. Their bodies were slowly coming down from the high and Christopher felt his manhood shrivel and shrink, but he didn’t want to leave her velvet walls. She made no sound of protest, so he stayed as he was.

“I think this is the best Christmas I’ve ever spent at home,” Molly told him.

Christopher laughed. “Well, I’m glad I convinced you.”


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2013-09-01 02:22:19
In my honest could have been extended more...some mention of him loving her..doesn't always have to be fast. Plus u missed key details in the sex scene that would have clenched 4.1 stars Nice job.


2012-04-24 16:13:21
Spectacular again, curiousone! Great deion. Sure, sex can be fun, but the romance and passion is how I agree (and try to perform) things should be worked up to. Well thought and well presented.

To add to it, I like the way you add just a hint of profanity to liven things up. Less is more, I figure. An endless cascade of a three-word vocabulary can get very boring after a while.

Excellent story crowned with pure passion. Well done! Solid 10/10.

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2012-03-31 22:18:46
It was really good. It's just the way a girl would want to be treated, take note all you guys out there.

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2012-03-31 22:18:15
It was really good. It's just the way a girl would want to be treated, take note all you guys out there.

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2012-03-30 17:02:24
that read got me all hard. i dont usually read things like this, i dont usually read at all, but this was a really good read. my compliments to the authur

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