Chapter 1

Mary Patricia (MP) and I became a real couple. She was always invited to my house for parties and family functions and I spent almost as much time at her house as I did at my own. When the school year ended we were inseparable. Her mom knew we were enjoying each other so we didn’t have to sneak around like a lot of kids do. We were free to do what we wanted around her pool or yard and since both my parents knew we often used our pool, especially when MP’s dad was around. We had a lot of outdoor sex that summer so we made doubly sure to use plenty of sunscreen in places where we definitely did not want to burn like our butts and abdomens, plus, of course, MP’s delicious tits. I loved putting it on her.

Early on in our relationship I mostly rubbed and massaged her breasts—maybe I just didn’t know any better-- but as we progressed I grew to love suckling her nipples, and because MP liked it a little rough, I often used my teeth to gently nibble her tender flesh.

At night I would often take MP to a movie or an arcade at our local mall. For the first time I grew to understand why couples enjoyed sitting in the back row of the balcony. Our local theater is an old one. We don’t have a multiplex—our town is too small to support one. Our theater’s age means it’s decorated in what I’ve been told is the art deco style—much more ornate than the contemporary theaters I’ve seen. Most of the films shown in the theater are “revivals” like “Shane” with Alan Ladd and “High Noon” with Gary Cooper. We howled when we saw “Blazing Saddles,” one of the few movies we actually saw in its entirety. We held hands and I put my arm around MP but we didn’t kiss or grope each other the entire time.

The only problem with going to the movies was that we sometimes had to walk home. The walk took us through one of the few tough neighborhoods in our area. MP always clung close to me, afraid of every shadow. Of course, she didn’t know at that time of my magical abilities. Had anyone actually approached us they would have really regretted it. I could make us appear to be cobras like I did with Alan Hamilton or even space aliens. I could also cause excruciating pain just by saying a few words. After “Blazing Saddles” we had just passed the neighborhood safely and were now in the woods en route to our street. I pulled MP off the sidewalk into a small clearing that I knew was maybe thirty feet away. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her close to me. “Didn’t you get enough at the pool today?” MP kidded me.

“No, MP, I can never get enough of you. You know that, don’t you?” She looked up at me and smiled. Her hands found the bulge growing in my shorts. She unzipped me and pulled my hard cock through the hole.

“I hope I don’t get my knees dirty. I’d have a hard time explaining to my dad that I was giving you a blowjob.” She used her tongue, lightly teasing my helmet, and driving me crazy in the process. My knees were growing weak as she worked her magic on me. She may not have been a “person of magic,” but you couldn’t prove it by me right now. Looking up, the moonlight reflecting from her eyes, she oh so slowly took me into her mouth. She was able to get me halfway in without gagging. She moved up and down my cock and it was great, but I wanted to help her, too. I pulled her up, kissed her deeply, and lifted her by her thighs. I backed MP into a tree, pulled her panties aside and pushed into her cunt. Her slit was soaked with her juices so I slit into her easily. MP groaned as I entered her, throwing her head back as her ecstasy overtook her. “Fuck me hard, Jeremy. Push yourself all the way into me.”

I was hammering her poor pussy, lifting her eight inches or more with every thrust. Even though we had fucked twice by her pool this afternoon the sex was incredibly hot and exciting. MP helped herself by rubbing her clit and soon she was close to cumming. “Just a little bit more, Jeremy. I’m almost there.” And then she was. She opened her mouth and would have screamed had I not covered it with mine. As she was coming down from her high I blasted hot white semen into her over and over. Every thrust was drowning her womb. I collapsed into her. Thank God we had the tree for support. I slowly let her down and gave her my handkerchief. She stuck it under her panties to staunch the flow that was running from her pussy, seemingly by the gallon. We made our way back to the sidewalk and laughed all the way home. I had her come into my house to wash and clean up before returning home. My folks took one look at us, shook their heads, and smiled. MP returned the hanky; it was a sodden mess. I dumped it in the trash.

Our relationship hit a turning point in one Saturday afternoon in late August. Her dad was playing golf and her mom was at a card party so we made our way to her room for some great sex. I closed the door behind us and began to undress MP. Being summer she wasn’t wearing much and neither was I. In a moment we were naked and in each other’s arms. I lay her on the bed and climbed on after her. We kissed and touched each other, expressing our love for each other. I climbed between her legs and had just entered her when I heard a noise in the hall. The door flew open and in rushed her father. Before he had a chance to do or say anything I froze him in place with a gesture of my hand.

MP was a mess of conflicting emotions. “Jeremy!” she shouted in fear just before noticing that her dad wasn’t yelling and wasn’t even moving—not a single millimeter. “Jeremy, what…? How?” I pulled out of her and told her to get dressed. When we were both done I sat her on the bed and started to explain. “Don’t worry about your father. He’ll forget what he saw and he’ll be fine. He’s not hurting…it’s just that time has stopped for him. When I bring him out of it he’ll see us on your bed going over your algebra, just like we’ve done dozens of times.”

“But, Jeremy, how did you…?”

“I’m never supposed to tell or even let anyone see me do magic, but I have no choice now. I’m a wizard, MP. My mom’s a witch and my dad’s a warlock. We’re people of magic. I can do all kinds of things.”

“You mean like Harry Potter?”

“NO! Harry Potter is just a bad joke, but I can do many of the things that he claims to do.”

MP thought for a moment before speaking. “Like make my boobs grow? Was that you?”

“Yes… guilty…it was me…my magic. Remember what I did—licking my thumbs, placing them on your chest—that was to hide the spell I put on you. And, before you ask, I did the same thing to Sarah, but I let hers grow and grow and grow until my mother made me reverse it.”

“Uh…Jeremy…did you make me fall in love with you and want to fuck you?”

I held her tenderly for several minutes before lifting her face to mine. “No, MP,” I replied shaking my head. I continued, “For two reasons—first, because manipulating people like that is strictly forbidden, and, second… because I really, really care for you. I’d never do anything to hurt you. Falling in love with me and deciding to fuck me was all you, not that I objected even one little bit.”

“Are you going to make me forget all this like you’re going to do with Dad? Are you sure you’re not hurting him?”

“No, MP, he’s in kind of a state of suspended animation, sort of like being asleep. And, no again, you’re not going to forget a thing. Even I cannot make someone forget as much as I’ve told you. However, I am going to work a spell on you that will make it impossible for you to ever tell anyone what we’ve talked about here. You and I will be able to talk about it, but nobody else. And, no, it won’t hurt you. You won’t feel a thing. In fact, you won’t even know that anything has happened.”

“Oh, Jeremy, I wish this hadn’t happened.”

“Me, too, but it has so we have to make the best of it. I still love you as much as ever and I hope you still love me.” While she was assuring me that she did love me I put the spell on her.

“Done. Feel anything?” When she shook her head I told her it was time to deal with her dad. MP found her algebra book on her shelf. Her mom and dad bought her one because—basically—she sucked at math. I often helped her with it so working together would be natural and accepted. She gave me the book, I opened it and released her father.

“Oh, hi kids. Getting ready for the coming school year, huh? Well, don’t let me disturb you. My golf game got rained out. Never know it by the weather here, though, would you?”

“OK, Daddy,” MP replied as he closed the door. “Jeremy,” she continued, “I didn’t really believe you until just now. I thought we were in really big trouble and Daddy has a terrible temper. He could kill you.”

“No, MP, we were never in any danger just like we were never in any danger walking home from the movies. I did like you clinging to me, though. That was a lot of fun.” Changing the subject, I continued, “Here, you can put the book away now.”

“Jeremy, can you make me get good math grades, you know, like you?”

“Sorry, MP, it doesn’t work that way. We can do a lot of things but we can’t make someone into something they’re not. And we can’t make someone do something they wouldn’t normally do. Just like with hypnotism.”

“Can you tell me some of the things you’ve done?”

“I suppose so. Let’s see. OK, I stopped Alan Hamilton from bullying in fourth grade. Remember that? I made him see Ted, Josh, and me as king cobras and then I made him fall and break his leg. You already know about your breasts and Sarah’s. I also used magic to clean up the bathroom our first night together and dried your hair. That’s just a few. I really don’t like to talk about it. I’m not allowed to and if your dad hadn’t barged in on us you would never have known.”

“Is this going to change us, Jeremy? I love having you as a boyfriend.”

“I hope not. I love you, MP. I think I always have. I don’t know what the future will bring but I do know that I love you very much.”

“Thank you, Jeremy. Let’s go over to your place. I really need you now. You got me all horny and then we got interrupted. I want to finish what we started. OK, with you?” I took her by the hand and led her from the room. Next stop—paradise.

Chapter 2

We walked to my house. Mom was waiting for us when we walked in the door. “What happened, Jeremy?”

“Her dad walked in on us, Mom. I had to freeze him while we dressed and cleaned up. We made believe we were studying when I brought him out of it. So, of course, MP knows about me.”

“I’m sure you’ve already handled that.” I nodded as MP tried to speak, but she couldn’t—the spell forbade her from telling anyone about me and my magic, and that included my mother, who was a witch. “Meanwhile, I think you two have some business to finish so off to your room, and, no, MP, I don’t look like a witch, do I?” MP just stood there, mouth open, until I pulled her away.

Once in my room I brought her to me, kissing her gently until MP pulled away abruptly. “Jeremy, how’d your mom know what happened to us and what I was thinking?”

“Mental telepathy, MP; we can carry on whole conversations without anyone ever having to open their mouths. Wanna try it?”

MP got really serious looking like she was concentrating on sending me a message. After a few seconds she asked me if I had received it.

“I think so, MP,” I replied, “You want me to eat your pussy and then make wonderful sensational love to you.”

MP laughed. “You don’t need mental telepathy to know that. But, that wasn’t what I sent you.”

“I know,” I said as I leaned down to kiss her. ‘I love you, too.” She jumped back, shocked. “Remember I’m experienced and very sensitive to your thoughts, but I think with practice you could probably do it. Like, what am I thinking right now?”

“Ha ha, you’re so obvious. You want what you always want—me!” We laughed as we pulled each other close. I loved the touch of her soft skin and when she pushed those hard little nipples into my chest there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I pushed her back onto the bed and knelt between her long slender legs. I rubbed my cheek against her soft thigh. I licked my way back to her knee and then back up the other side. I nuzzled her pussy lips with my nose, teasing poor MP cruelly before thrusting my tongue deep into her cavern. “OH, Jeremy! I want you in me. Fuck me now! Please!” I rose to my feet, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and leaned forward bringing my cock toward its ultimate target. Straightening up enabled me to push several inches into her.

True to her word MP had seen her doctor for the birth control pills and began taking them right away. Our next time together occurred exactly two weeks after the first when her parents again went out for the evening. Unsure, I reached for a condom until MP shook her head and pulled me into her. Since then I had enjoyed the wonderful sensation of direct contact between my cock and her tight wet vagina. Today, as I eased into her we both savored the feelings of her pussy walls stretching around me. I loved the pressure on my cock; she loved being filled and, even more than that, she craved my cum in her pussy. The first time I shot my load into her she actually screamed in her ecstasy. She’d calmed down since then, but just barely.

I leaned down to kiss MP, bending her in half. She tucked her ankles behind her head and began to move just like a rocking chair. Her motions were making me drive deep into her with every thrust and grinding her clit against me. I could feel my cock banging into her cervix and I was afraid I would hurt her until she sent me a telepathic message—don’t worry, I love it. I pulled out and tried something I hadn’t done before. I lowered my angle so my cock would rub against the front surfaces of her pussy. I had read about the G-spot and wanted to see if I could find it. I must have because suddenly MP breathed deeply and let out a long “Ooooooooooooohhhhhh, God, Jeremy.” Maybe ten seconds later she began to shake and shudder until she lay still on the bed. I released her legs and lay on my bed next to her, holding her close.

MP turned to me, bringing her hand to her mouth. “Do you think,” she whispered, “your mother knows I just had a monster orgasm?”

“Probably,” I whispered back.

“Oh, how will I ever face her?”

“MP, my mother knows everything we’ve done, because I’ve told her, and my dad, too. Witches and warlocks can always tell if someone’s lying—always! I can’t ever lie to them so if they ask me about you I have to be one hundred percent truthful. If Mom had a problem with anything we’ve done she would have told me. Trust me, she knows and she approves and, if I know her, she’s probably jealous as hell.”

“Jeremy! I just realized—you didn’t cum! Oh, I’m so sorry.” And then with a glint in her eye, “I think I need to take care of that right now.” She lowered her self between my legs to lick my cock which was still as hard and as sensitive as before. It didn’t take but a second for her to begin cleaning my cock, removing every trace of her hot pussy from me as she licked me from my balls to my tip. All this licking was making me squirm, but when she tried to swallow my cock in a single swallow I got hot as hell in millisecond. Watching her red hair go bobbing up and down my cock was incredible sexy and it was making me want to cum desperately. But, in sex as in life, I always put MP’s needs ahead of my own. I pulled her up and sat her on my cock. She sank down on it with a huge smile on her face.

“Slow, MP, start slow so you can catch up with me.” MP began to rock very, very slowly. I could feel her pussy walls on my cock. Now, normally, the sensations of fucking MP are spectacular, but when she squeezed those muscles I thought I would die. The pressure was intense, so much so that I came buckets, flooding her womb over and over until my cum leaked from her onto my abdomen. With one hand I teased her nipple, with the other I rubbed little circles around her hard swollen clit. My mouth went quickly to her other nipple as I suckled hard. I knew she was close when she arched her back and grunted loudly. She fell in a heap on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her as close to me as possible while I told her over and over that I loved her.

Chapter 3

As ninth grade progressed I became amazed at how sexually aggressive MP became. We were with a crowd of other kids at a football game one Saturday afternoon. She pushed my hand into her crotch. She was wearing jeans and as soon as I touched the material I noticed that the seam had been cut so I could reach in and finger her. I gave her a shocked look. She mouthed, “Go ahead; I need it.” I pushed my finger inside, teasing her slit and clit while the other kids sat nearby talking and joking. Soon she was close to her orgasm. How she managed to hide it surprised me. She was always loud and thrashing around while we were alone.
About a month later she asked me what I knew about anal sex. I told her I’d seen it on some porn sites, but, other than that, not very much. “Why don’t you learn about it? I’ll bet you can make it so it doesn’t hurt at all. I hear it can be really great.” When I went home later my mom was waiting for me. I asked her about it. Just as I cannot lie to my parents, they cannot lie to me without my knowing it.

“Your dad and I have tried it a number of times. We both enjoy it. Your dad loves the tightness of my ass and I love the stimulation of all the nerve endings in my anus. Has MP asked you about it?”

“Yes, Mom, I think she wants to do it, but I’m kind of scared. I want to satisfy her and make her happy, but I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Jeremy, duh, you’re a wizard. You could do nothing to somebody and hurt them badly or you could fuck MP’s ass like she wants and make sure she feels nothing but ecstasy. That’s what your dad does to me.” I looked at my mom realizing she must be the smartest person in the world. She took a few minutes to teach me the right spell, even though I wasn’t supposed to learn it until I was 18. She also gave me some lessons on how to prepare. When I went to my room I was ready. When MP and I walked to school the next day I asked her, “Do you really want to do it, MP?”

She turned toward me. “You mean…anal?” After I nodded she continued, “Can we do it so it won’t hurt?”

“Yes, MP. My mom told me how. She says my dad uses the spell on her.”

“Your dad fucks your mom’s ass?” MP asked incredulously.

“Let’s not go into it, MP, it’s none of our business. If you want to do it I want to do it with you.” MP reached up to kiss me. “Saturday night my folks are going out again. Let’s do it then.” We walked the rest of the way in silence.

The week flew by; school kept us too busy to even think about sex. Saturday morning was a beautiful sunny day. Mom asked me if I wanted to go to the store and when I made a grimace she sent me a telepathic message that reminded me about tonight. I grabbed my jacket and off we went. I was surprised at all the stuff we bought. As we put each item into the cart she explained why we were buying it. Of course, it was telepathic so nobody else could hear unless there was another witch or warlock in Wal-Mart which was unlikely. After shopping I called MP and told her we were all set. I’d see her at seven. We had dinner early and I showered before going over to MP’s. I ditched my goody bag on the other side of the garage where I could get it but it wouldn’t be discovered by her parents. As usual, they said good night, Mrs. O’Brien kissed MP and touched my cheek. They left and we were alone. I waited a few minutes and retrieved my bag.

“I’m ready,” MP told me.

“Actually, according to my mom, you’re not, unless you want to make a really big mess which will make your parents really fucking angry. First, I need to give you an enema. My mom says it isn’t necessary to actually have anal, but if you want to guarantee it won’t be really messy it’s a good idea. Let’s get our clothes off and get into the bathroom. MP shed her clothes so fast I figured it must have been a world record. It was funny but, even after all we had done, MP was really nervous about the enema. I did my best to soothe her and assure her that voiding her bowels in front of me was normal. I wasn’t convinced so I don’t know if I convinced her either. I filled the water bag with warm water, lubed up the tube and pushed it gently into her ass. Two quarts later she couldn’t wait to sit on the toilet. I grinned as I handed her the toilet paper. To get even with me she turned and bent over, inviting me to wipe her. I did, making sure she was completely clean, and once she was I placed a quick kiss right on her rosebud.

MP giggled at that. “That felt pretty good, Jeremy. Is that a hint about what’s coming?” I smiled, pulling her into my arms for about the millionth time. I kissed her as I slid one finger into her pussy and another into her asshole. I walked her to her room where I spread an inexpensive bedspread over her bed. She gave me a funny look, so I told her it was just in case. We’d be using a lot of lube and we didn’t want to mess up her bed. We didn’t need a lot of unnecessary questions.

I laid her on her back, placing a pillow from my bag under her hips. “This is so you can see everything I do, and Mom says it’s actually easier this way than doggie. Speaking about doggie, we should try that, too.” I rubbed her pussy getting her wet before pushing my cock forcefully in to the hilt. I fucked her hard and while I did I lubed a finger. I rubbed it into her asshole, followed by my digit. I could see the rapture on MP’s face so I pushed in another finger. When she grimaced I put a finger to her mouth and went through the spell. The grimace disappeared and was replaced by a smile. “Thank you, Jeremy. It just hurt a little bit but now it feels really great.”

“Good, MP, I’m glad because I need to push in another finger.” I used some more lube and now three fingers pumped in and out of her ass. MP was really squirming now. I pulled my cock from her pussy, applied some more lube which I stroked all around it, and pushed it into the hole left by my fingers. I wiped my hand as I plunged deep into her bowel. “Ooooh, FUCK!” MP screamed. Good thing our houses are pretty far apart or the neighbors would be calling the cops any minute. MP was looking as my cock pumped in and out of her ass. She shifted her eyes to mine. They were glassy and unfocused; I noticed her breathing was rapid and shallow. MP was in sensory overload. Meanwhile, I wasn’t doing much better. The tightness of her anus was getting to me; I wasn’t far from my own climax. Using my clean hand I pinched her clitoris while I stroked it between my fingers. MP was gyrating all over the bed now and when it hit her it hit her hard. Again, she would have screamed had I not silenced her with a torrid kiss. I began to shake as much as MP as I ejected my semen once…twice…three times…and more into her ass. I lost count of how many times my hot cum was deposited in her dark hole. I only knew that when we were done, we were really done—totally, completely, finally. I pulled out of her ass, falling onto the bed next to her.

We lay there for almost a half hour, recovering our strength. Eventually, MP reached out and stroked my cheek. “Jeremy, that was incredible—the best orgasm I have ever had and you’ve given me some great ones. Thank you so much. I love you. I love you.”

I smiled back at my lover, “It was pretty great for me, too.” Then I leaned over to kiss her. It was long and hot and really wet and when it was done MP told me she wanted me to fuck her pussy now. “Not until I have a chance to wash it. Mom says it’ll be loaded with bad germs even though you had the enema. It’d be worse without it, but, either way, I don’t want you getting an infection. Of course, I’m being completely selfish because an infection means no fucking.”

She elbowed me and pushed me off the bed, “Then get that thing cleaned off, I want you and I want you now.” I jumped up and ran to the bathroom . I washed my cock so fast—wash cloth, water, soap, water, and towel, and then, to be completely safe I said a quick spell to take care of anything I may have missed. I was back with MP in less than a minute. She was standing by the bed. She pushed me by the shoulders, forcing me back onto the bed. She rolled me into the center. I noticed an almost evil look on her face as she moved between my legs. She began stroking my cock and, before long I was hard again. She wrapped her beautiful sexy lips around it, bobbing up and down. One hand went to cup my balls, using the other she pushed a finger into my ass. It had some lube on it so she must have been fingering herself in my absence. She was giving me what I had given her—sensory overload—too many signals to process at one time. The effect was overwhelming. I felt as though the only parts of my body were my cock, balls, and ass, and what I was feeling there was un-fucking-believable. I came, shooting over and over into MP’s thirsty mouth. She swallowed it all, moved up, and held me in another long hot kiss while she rammed her tongue into my throat.

When she broke the kiss she asked me, “Can you clean all this up?” I just gave her a look that said “duh!” She jumped up, pulling me with her. We dressed, I said a spell and in an instant everything was back in the bag. I double checked in the bathroom and re-set everything in there, as well. Then we went down to have some brownies and soda. I reached into my pocket and brought out a small box. I gave it to MP. Inside was a small silver locket. Inside the locket was a small red heart. It was pulsing as though it was beating. “That’s my heart I’m giving you. Put it on and I’ll be with you always.”

She put it over her head before turning to me. “Is this magic, Jeremy? Is that why it’s beating?” When I nodded she continued, “I love it and I love you. I’ll never take it off.” She pulled me toward her, not for a kiss but for a long loving hug. That’s how her parents found us a few hours later.

I retrieved my bag and walked home. Mom and Dad were there waiting for me. “How’d it go, Jeremy?”

“It was incredible, Mom, Dad. The orgasms were really intense, but I don’t think I’d want to do it all the time. I’m happy with just regular sex, but MP really loved it and I guess that’s what was really important. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.

Chapter 4

We went all through ninth grade totally and completely in love and when the summer came again we were looking forward to making love every day again. MP and I had a long discussion one day about “fucking” and “making love.” I explained to her that animals can fuck but they can’t make love. Who do you think about when we’re having sex?”

“You, Jeremy,” she answered.

“Right, and I’m always thinking about you. That’s why we make love instead of just fucking, understand?” MP just responded by kissing me, even though her father was only thirty feet away.

Earlier in the year construction had begun on a house at the end of the street. It was nearing completion as July approached. One day we saw a moving van as the family moved in. Besides the parents there was a little girl I guessed to be about ten and her older brother who looked to be our age. He identified himself as Ronny Young. He told us how he had been Homecoming King, an “A” student, and a star halfback in his previous school and he was looking forward to starring for the Tigers, our high school team. He went on and on about himself and I could tell it was nothing but lies. However, all the girls, including MP were really impressed.

Ronny was also bigger than me—taller, heavier and more muscular—and probably more handsome, at least a lot of the girls thought so. Ronny also had a car, a recent model Mustang convertible that his father let him drive even though he wasn’t old enough to have a license.

What bothered me was that Ronny was the type of guy who only wanted what belonged to someone else. In my case it was MP and he really put the moves on her—compliments, little gifts, rides in the car. He was showing her a great time. I could see only trouble ahead but I knew if I said anything to MP she would accuse me of sour grapes or jealousy. I spoke to my mom about it and she agreed that there was nothing I could do but let nature take its course. I knew this son-of-a bitch was going to hurt MP and when he did I was going to take care of him—good.

In mid-October of our sophomore year I was walking home from school with MP when I asked her if her parents were going out over the weekend. She turned to me, “Yes, but I’ve been invited to Ronny’s.” When she saw the look of concern in my face she continued, “Don’t worry, we’re just going to watch a movie. Nothing’s going to happen. I promise I won’t even kiss him, and I’m definitely not going to fuck him.” She leaned in for a kiss but I had already turned away toward my house. I didn’t see MP at all over the weekend and, on Monday she was waiting for me at my door.

I asked her how things went with Ronny. “Just like I told you. He was a perfect gentleman—no kissing and definitely no fucking.” She held her hand out to me. I put mine in my pockets. She had forgotten what I had told her. I knew she was lying. I turned and walked to school, tears in my eyes.

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