This is a re-write of the first in the series. Corrections of the remaining three episodes will follow before part 5 and any subsequent episodes are published.
Make no mistake - life had been shit! I had been through the kind of hardships that most of you only ever see on charity commercials. Not knowing where the next meal was coming from or where I was going to spend the night. I had spent the better part of two years in that existence and I decided that enough was enough.

I was always above average in the intelligence department, most people who knew me then would have agreed, these days they refer to me as freakishly smart simply because I have something to focus my efforts on, I had found a shitty part time job and applied to get into university, was accepted, had my student grants etc and started living better than I had in years... I’m getting ahead of myself here.

My name is Paul, I'm 27, I left school at 18 with enough qualifications to guarantee entry into any university of my choice, but I was young and stupid and sick of being in school. My friends went to university because they felt they had to, not because they wanted to, they all got their degrees and are now, without exception, working in dead end jobs they hate. I had no idea what I wanted to do so went into the job market. I done well for a while but the company I worked for went bust and I was left with nothing. I lost the house, the car, my friends suddenly didn’t want to know me anymore, my family gave me the "I told you so" speech and I was left to fend for myself. But as bad as that sounds, it enabled me to think about what I wanted out of life and the encouragement to go and do it, there is no equivalent kick up the ass than knowing that you literally have nothing to lose. So I enrolled to do a degree in History.

I had always loved that subject and always had a passion for it, many of my superiors in my various jobs had history degrees and far from being a 'novelty' subject (like media or philosophy which doesn’t really get you anywhere) it actually provided graduates with skills that employers were looking for. Win win in my book. So I started my first year in 2008 at the age of 24, I had no time for the social aspects of university life, unlike the kids that had come straight from school, I knew what awaited me if I was to fail. I aced the first 3 years through a combination of hard work and extreme anti-socialness, and that brings me to the events I am here to tell you about.

It was the start of the 4th and final year of university (yes I know most courses are only 3 years but history is a hard subject to master), my results for the previous year meant that I only had to ace my thesis and one module to guarantee a place in the masters course, the other 3 modules were there to make up the numbers. I had rented a small apartment close to the campus with the money I made from my job (I shall go into that later) and was sat in the living room contemplating everything I had achieved over the last 3 years, but there was still something missing. My social life consisted of sky TV and an x-box which I couldn't afford to hook up to the internet. I was lonely. I had made a few acquaintances in Uni but not a friend to speak of.

I had money for the first time in as long as I could remember and nothing to do with it, and to top it all off, today was July 19th, it was my birthday. My parents had forgotten, again, my friends were pieces of electronic equipment and I was sick of feeling sorry for myself. I had an epiphany, a moment of sudden realisation that people spend their whole lives looking for.

"Fuck it," I said to myself (I had starting doing that a lot) "I’m going out!"

This was new for me, don’t get me wrong, I had done the clubbing and drinking scene a lot when I was younger, especially when I was working and my friends had been in uni, I had all the money in the world which was a source of huge envy in them and great pride in me, but those days had ended half a decade ago and I would struggle to think of a time when I had been out since. I done the usual shit, shower and shave routine, selected a pair of blue jeans and a white shit, a little black waist coat finished it nicely in the fashion that those kids seemed to be wearing these days. Nice pair of brown loafers finished the look; I grabbed my wallet, phone and cigarettes off the table and headed for the door reciting the old mantra for any guy leaving a house.

"spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch"

The students Union was only a ten minute walk from my place and within 30 seconds I was starting to see people dressed in their glad rags heading for the same place as me. The girls sure as hell dressed different from when I used to go out, back then. It was trousers, or a skirt, and a tight top. Now it was a tiny mini skirt or hot pants which equated to little more than a belt and a top that showed off more than it covered up. There were a few girls where what you couldn't see wasn't worth seeing. I could get used to this.

I followed the crowds to the Union and joined the queue to enter... I was there less than five minutes before I heard my name being called

"Paul, Paul PAUL!!!!!" I turned around but couldn't find the source of the voice. suddenly a blur in the form of a female body dived between the crowds and wrapped itself around me. I had no idea of the identity of my mystery hugger but put my arms around here none the less. I wasnt going to pass up a chance to feel this gorgeous body against mine after countless years of involuntary chastity. Eventually after much giggling and words I couldn’t make out, the body let go of me and returned to ground level with me reluctantly letting go of what had turned out to be a very nice ass.

The figure looked up at me and if I’m honest, I still didn’t recognise who it was...

"Don’t you recognise me?" She said in more of a laugh than a question... I stood there staring at her with what must have been a pretty stupid expression on my face... "Kirsty, - it’s me Kirsty" she said with mock hurt and her hands on here very nicely defined hips. I instantly recognised her; Kirsty was in my class last year and was struggling with many of the fundamental aspects of the Russian Revolution, so much so that before the module started, she had never heard of it... She thought Lenin was a type of beer. I had offered to help her out after a rather large laughing fir after she told me this and had spend about 4 months teaching her all the things that she should have already known and then another 2 months teaching her all the things the lecturer had said to us but she hadn’t understood. She had finished the year with a pretty impressive grade and had no trouble in attributing her success to my efforts.

In class Kirsty was a quite, almost naive girl, with medium length blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a look of pure innocence, she usually dressed in jeans and t-shirts and never showed more than the bare minimum flesh for that particular time of year, she had seemed almost plain looking without make-up or any definition of her figure underneath her clothes. Don get me wrong, she had always looked 'cute' in class but there were other much more attractive girls who loved to flash the flesh to look at and I must have just overlooked her. Standing in front of me was a completely different girl, her hear was curled into little ringlets that fell over her face in a very classy way. Her red top looked like silk and hugged her torso like Clingfilm accentuating her waist line and clinging to her breasts which now looked enormous. Her long bare legs were capped by a small pair of hot pants that hugged that beautiful ass which I had been playing with a few seconds ago... she was stunning! There was no other way to put it.

She must have seen me staring because she smiled and gave me a little twirl, I didn’t miss the little shake of her ass as she did either

"You like?" she asked innocently
"You look beautiful, I hardly recognised you out of you usual class uniform" I joked.
"Thanks babe, look its our turn to get in" she replied excitedly, I hadn't even noticed the queue moving whilst we had been talking, we were now at the head of the line with the bouncer looking at us impatiently for out money and to stamp our hands. I paid for myself and Kirsty and we entered the club. A voice from behind me caught my attention...

"Fucking skank, she only jumped on him to get to the front of the line, bet she'll dump his ass as soon as they get in!" I hadn’t thought of that, I suddenly remember that kirsty had not come from in front or behind me in the line, but rather straight from the side.

She had cut the line and no sooner had I realised this she turned to me and said "Hey babe, I’m gonna go hook up with some friends, maybe I'll see you later" and with that, she ran off. I hate it when assholes are right!

I was a little pissed but refused to let it spoil my night, I'd be fucked if I'd help her out next year, let the bitch drown in her own ignorance I thought to myself - my lonely life had taught me how to hold a grudge. I slumped over to the bar, and found a space in the throngs of people and made my way to the front. I ordered a beer for myself and found a seat over looking the dance floor.

For a Student Union, this place was pretty nice, It had been rebuilt the year I started and I had never stepped foot in there here before tonight. I was in the shape of an oval, the doors were in the alcove of one end and the bar running down the right hand side. Opposite the bar was a raised seating area that ran along the entire outside surface of the room with the exception of the opposite alcove which house the DJ box. In the centre of the room was a dance floor fully equipped with flashing lights and two small stages with poles... no prizes for guessing what they were designed for, It was said that the Student Union President that designed this place was a bit of a pervert and so the whole room was designed to make people as horny as possible, provocative pictures on the wall, secluded and darkened booths, the poles...In fact the bar itself was called 'flirt'. Don’t get me wrong, I admired his style but a little subtlety wouldn't have gone amiss.

So there I was, sat on a small round table watching everyone shake their stuff on the floor, The DJ was pretty good, blasting out songs ranging from RnB to old school rock, there more than a few times that I found myself tapping my foot and singing along with the words. The beers were flowing and I was starting to get that buzz that I had not felt in a long time. I sensed movement and by the time I had looked around the chair next to me had been pulled out, repositioned and sat on by Kirsty.

"Hey babe, where did you get to, I came back to the bar to find you and you had gone." she said. I gave her the half smile half nod thing people do which almost always translates into Fuck off!
"I’ve been sat here all night" I eventually said after a long enough pause for me to know that she couldn’t translate nods.
"Awww... all on your own?" she said with a mock pout
I looked over both shoulders pretending to look for someone, then for good measure I looked under the table.. "It would appear so" I said when it was clear that she wasn’t getting it again.
"Do you want some company?" she said with a smile that looked almost genuine
"I don’t want to keep you" I said, "you go have fun with your friends, I’m alright sitting here" I know what you're thinking, hot girl asking to join me and I turn her down, I’m either gay or stupid... but you'd be wrong, I have no time for users and players, they piss me off. If you’re gonna fuck someone over, at least be upfront about it.
"Well at least let me buy you a drink, we both know I wouldn’t have been able to pass this year without you"
She was right, and my beer was running low. I couldn’t be bothered to make my way back to the bar and lose my seat.
"Ok, just a beer, It’s been a while since I had a drink so I want to take it easy" I replied and as quick as she had come, she was gone. I didn’t give it much thought, I seriously doubted she would be back but I was wrong. A few minutes later she had dropped herself back into the seat next to me and handed me a Bud. She picked up her bottle of alchopop (teenagers!) and held it out. I picked up my bottle and clinked it against hers.

"Thank you" she said, I was about to say no problem when she grabbed hold of my wrist "really, I mean it, Thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am, Russian revolution brought by grade average up to 62, I could actually graduate with a good mark thanks to you. I barely passed by other modules at all and I know I would have failed that one, you saved my life. My parents were so proud, everyone was cheering and clapping and patting me on the back when I got home saying how well I had done and it was all down to you." She was practically crying by now. I had to take her seriously; if she was trying to play me then she probably deserved an Oscar.

"Kirsty, I helped you understand the work, to get your head around the material, I didn’t do your assignments and I didn’t write your exam, you done all that on your own" This was a lie, I had pretty much written all her assignments for her and had to walk her through every step of the way. "you need to give yourself credit “I was hoping this would calm her down she seemed to be getting a little emotional about the whole thing and I was having trouble telling if it was her or the alcohol that was doing the talking.

"Paul, listen to me." she was leaning across the table now looking directly into my eyes, I hadn't failed to notice the cleavage laying itself out before me but couldn't stare due to her looking at me so intently. "You can be modest if you like, and you can think this is the drink talking too if it makes you feel better. At the start when you first started helping me I didn’t like you much, too clever for your own good, not sociable, not chatty, you were just there, But over the year I have really grown to like you, you are one of the funniest people I have ever met, you are kind, gentle, unbelievably patient and possibly the most intelligent person I have ever met. But what set you apart from all the other people who tried to help me is that you done it unselfishly, everyone else wanted something in return, you just helped me because you could and never asked for anything in return. You are my hero." She was taking this a little far now but I couldn’t get a word in edgeways to say anything "I know a little about you, I asked around, I know about what has happened to you in the past, I know why you work so hard and I know why you don’t bother with anyone. I just wish I could be like you"

Ok, that was enough and I interrupted her with all the power of a UN veto. "Don’t you EVER try to be like me!" I surprised myself with the forcefulness of my voice and she physically jumped back into her seat "my life is shit!, I have nothing and I have nobody - I have no friends, no family, not even a dog. You walked into this pub with me and left me to go talk to your friends, do you know what I would give to have that?!? You are popular, people like you; people don’t even know I exist. Don’t try to be like me, I am intelligent because I read, I read because I have nothing better to do, I wouldn’t wish my life on anybody" I took a swig of my beer to wet my throat, I had intended to keep going but the look in her eyes had derailed my train of thought and I couldn’t think of a single coherent word to say.

"Is that what you think? That nobody knows you exist? Everyone in our class looks up to you, especially after I told them what you did for me. You are the bench mark; we all have competitions to see who can get the closest to your mark. We all love it when the lecturer says something you don’t agree with cos you will sit there and argue with him and it’s brilliant! You are quiet, that’s all, and because you never really talk to anyone people don’t know how to talk to you. The only reason I could is because we were talking about work and I just managed to squeeze a little more information out of you"

This was new...

I just sat there, unable to think of anything to say, so I gave up and blinked. It helped a little so I blinked again and then swallowed for good measure. "I don’t know what to say" I said eventually

she smiled and leaned over to me, she kissed me on the cheek and said "you’re welcome would be enough"

"Your welcome" I said in almost a whisper, "not bugger off back to your friends before you turn into me" she laughed and stood up then walked around the table, leaned down and planted her lips firmly on mine. It felt like an eternity before I realised what was happening, her tongue was pressing against my lips so I opened my mouth and let it in, our tongues found each other and entwined themselves the dance that mine hadn’t performed in such a long time. We kissed like that for a few minutes, her hands behind my head and neck, mine still playing with my beer trying to work out what the hell was going on, for someone so smart, my brains had completely failed me.

Eventually she pulled away and smiled "I’ve wanted to do that for ages" she cooed. "I've gotta check in with my friends, they'll be wondering where I am, I'll come back and see you later. Don’t leave without seeing me first" and with that she was gone, giving me only enough time to nod vacantly.

The rest of the night was spent trying to work out what has just happened. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, Don’t get me wrong, I was far from a virgin, I had my share of one nighters and small relationships back in the day but I was always the one doing the chasing. I never had the looks to be one of those guys that girls swoon over; this was all a bit new and strange to me. Tonight, I had been kissed, passionately, by a girl who I would have been convinced was out of my league. "She was just thanking me and the drink got the better of her" I said to myself shaking my head at my own idiocy.

I watched the crowds on the dance floor, had a few more beers and the hours marched by at their steady unrelenting pace. Before long the DJ was winding down the night and the lights were being turned back on to signal to the crowds that it was time to leave. I had only just bought a new beer so was in no rush to leave my seat. I sipped it at my own merry pace until I was the last one left in the room. I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Kisty since the kiss and she was nowhere to be seen now. I wasn’t surprised, by this point I had convinced myself that she had kissed my out of inebriation rather than attraction. I finished my beer, thanked the bar staff and made my way out of the door. For a guy who had polished off at least ten drinks I was surprisingly sober, still had that buzz but was far from being drunk.

I made my way down the step outside the union and along the path that led to the street. As I rounded the corner onto the side walk, a familiar voice stopped me from behind. "Was starting to think I had missed you"

I turned to see Kirsty leaning against a car a few metres behind me, if had turned the other way when leaving the path I would have walked right into her. She got up from her perch and without giving me chance to say a word, walked up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her lips onto mine. I didn’t hesitate this time, my arms grabbed her waist and snaked onto the small of her back as I kissed her back with the same intensity as she kissed me. We held our embrace for a few minutes, the kiss heating up with every second that passed, our passion building and building. My hands had worked down to her ass and hers were moving down my chest alternating between rubbing my pecks and pressing her glorious mounds against me. After a while she pulled away leaving her hand on my chest and mine on her ass.

"I’ve been waiting for that all night." she growled more than said. "My place or yours?"

This threw me, a kiss was one thing but I really wasn’t expecting this "what?" I bumbled.

"who do you live with?" she asked, not paying any attention to my question

"I live on my own" I answered quickly coming to my senses, her eyes lit up and she grabbed me by the hand and motioned for me to show her the way.. We made the ten minute walk in about five minutes despite it being interrupted with kisses and gropes all the way home.

My keys came out and the front door and while I tried to get them into the lock she started rubbing my now throbbing cock through my jeans. How the hell it hadn’t exploded already was a mystery to me but I wasn’t going to complain. The door opened and she immediately dragged me inside, closed the door behind her and pushed my back up against it kissing me hard again.

"I need you Paul" she said between kisses, "I need to feel you, I need to taste you, to feel you inside me" all the time kissing me and working the buttons on my jeans. With some difficulty she finally got them undone and they fell to the floor, my boxers now the only thing containing my steel rod, her hands then went up to the top buttons of my shirt and undoing the first three she pulled the shit over my head and threw it onto the floor next top where I had kicked my jeans. Every time I tried to move my hands to touch her she grabbed my wrists and pressed them back to my sides with an 'uh-uh" noise from where ever she was kissing. This girl was going crazy and my cock felt harder than it ever had done.

Once the shirt was off she wrapped her hand around my rod and dove into my neck with her lips, kissing, sucking and biting my neck while slowly working my shaft with her hands, she started working her way down, first to my collar bone, then down my pecks stopping to lick and bite my nipples, she sank to her knees as her mouth worked over my abdomen, over by belly button and licking down my hair strip, all the time her hands stroking my dick through my boxers.

She stopped for a second as if inspecting the package she held in her hand, she leant forward and licked the tip through the fabric, my precum already making a noticeable wet patch, she spent a few seconds tasting it, then she stared licking the shaft, her hand running down and caressing my swollen balls, this girl was driving my crazy. After what seemed like an eternity she hooked her fingers inside the elastic and pulled them over my cock and down to my ankles, my 7" dick springing out and almost hitting her forehead as she did. She giggled and took it in her hands.

She looked up at me with a devilish grin and a spark in her eyes "I’m gonna suck your big hard dick and I want you to fill my mouth with your cum." and with that devoured my entire length in her mouth, taking me all the way to the hilt, I could feel the walls of her throat contracting as it struggles to accommodate the size of me, Kirsty just moaned and held it there sending shivers to every part of my body.

Agonisingly slowly, she pulled my cock out to the head and then pushed it all the way back in. She repeated this motion over and over again, getting faster and faster. This was not an ordinary blowjob where the girl just sucks at the top few inches and wanks the rest, her hands hadn’t touched my dick for the entire time; one had caressed and squeezed my balls while the other one was on my ass pushing me deeper into her mouth. She was deepthroating me with all the skill of a professional porn star, he hair flying about as her head impaled itself on my dick, her tongue working its magic against my shaft as she bobbed and her throat swallowing to maximise the pleasure every time her lips made contact with my pubic bone. It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls tense up as they loaded by sperm to be fired, she felt it too...

"That’s it baby" she said, it was the first time she had taken her mouth off me and her hand moved off my ass to pump me as she spoke, "give me that beautiful spunk, I wanna swallow it all, I wanna drink it... fuck yeah baby, give it to me" Her mouth went straight back onto my dick, sucking and banging itself down my length faster and with more ferocity than ever. It only took a few more seconds...

"Shit baby, I’m gonna cum" I roared as I felt the first contraction.
"mmm-hmmm" she hummed against my shaft and then "mmmmmmmmmm"" as my cum exploded inside her mouth. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, lights went off my hind my eyelids, my knees went weak and holding onto her head was all I could do to stop myself collapsing as rope after rope of cum shot into her mouth, each shot gaining a groan of approval.

After the last of my cum had been sucked out of my she pulled her head back and swallowed loud enough for her to be sure I heard it.

"Fuck me that was amazing" I said, still trying to encourage my legs to work.

"I love the taste of your cum babe" she said looking up at me, she licked her lips then suck my now softening sock back into her mouth trying to coax any remaining fluid out then releasing it with an audible pop.

I was starting to regain my senses now, I wasn’t as young as I used to be and I would need time for my little solider to stand back at attention. This young 18yr old was probably used to guys being ready to go again almost immediately. I needed to buy some time and I knew the perfect way to do it. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back to her feet, I was going to take charge of this situation.

I grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it upwards; she raised her arms to allow it to slide of her head and onto the floor with my discarded clothes revealing a black lace bra that was virtually see through. Her hot pants were next and I peeled them off her legs kissing her belly and thighs as they went down, her black thong matching her bra. I stood back up and led her into the living room to the couch and stood her in front of it. I kissed her hard while my hand went behind to undo her bra. I have never understood why guys have so much trouble with bra clasps, push them together and lets them separate... easy. I managed this task in a few seconds and the garment came loose eliciting an "oooh" in surprised approval. It fell to the floor and my mouth immediately went to her quarter sized nipples that topped her 34c tits, licking and softly biting on the delicate flesh. Her hands entwined themselves in my hair as she moaned in pleasure, I was going to make this last as long as possible.

I worked my way down her body in much the same way as she had done to mine, but much slower. I must have spent about two minutes covering the short distance between her breasts and her panties. I kissed around her thighs and nuzzled against the damp fabric that separated my mouth from her juicy pussy. With a soft push from me and a squeal from her she fell back onto the couch, instinctively spreading her legs. She lifted herself up a little so I could pull down her thongs and as soon as they were off I dived into her sex and licking it as if it were my last meal on earth.

4 of the years I spent in the work place were as a telecommunications engineer specialising in fibre optics. When you spend that amount of time dealing with things that are half the size of a human hair, things like a clit suddenly appear huge. I found it straight away and spent a long time rubbing my tongue over it and coaxing it out from underneath its protective hood. I would alternate between soft and gentle licks, to hard rubs of my tongue over it. Then I would flick it quickly, and then suck it into my mouth. All the time Kirsty was moaning and grinding her hips into my face. The sounds she was making coupled with the taste of her juices were having the desired effect on my now hardening cock. But I wanted her to cum, she had giving me an earth shattering blowjob that I doubt I will ever forget, I wanted to give her an orgasm to match.

I slid two fingers into her hole while still licking and sucking on her clit, her whole body tensed as I done so in the first small orgasm, for someone who had been so loud during the whole time, she went silent for a few seconds followed by a moan as the orgasm subsided, I didn’t miss a beat, continuing to work my fingers in and out will licking on her bud. I turned my hand over so my palm was facing my chin and curled my fingers up inside her to rub against the ridges on the top wall of her pussy that indicated her g-spot. She went wild, bucking and gyrating her hips in time with my ministrations and my locking got harder and faster to match her motions...

"Oh shit, that is incredible, your gonna make me cum now!" she screamed, again, I didn’t even slow down, not wanting to break the rhythm that would lead to the orgasm I knew was not far off. I pressed harder with my fingers and pressed my whole face against her clit, holding it between my lips and flicking my tongue across it as fast as I could manage. Then it hit her.

With a grunt, her whole pussy clamped down on my fingers. "Aaaaaaaahhhh fuck yes!!!" she screamed, but I knew that this was just the start, instead of allowing my fingers to be pushed out, I pressed them in harder are started working them against her g-spot with renewed vigour.

"Oh shit, nobody has ever.... oh shit... oh fuck... oh my fucking GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!" This is what I'd been waiting for; I sucked in her clit and pressed my tongue hard against it. The orgasm hit her like a truck and crashed through her body, pussy juice sprayed past my fingers and she squirted all over my face, I pulled my fingers out releasing another burst of fluid, pulled my head back and rubbed her clit side to side as fast as I could with my cum covered fingers. She was screaming and wailing at the top of her lungs and more and more cum squirted out of her. Her hands were clutching at the armrests of the couch, her white knuckles showing the power of the orgasm that was sweeping her body.

"oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh Jesus... fuck me... oh my god... stop, please, no more, I need to rest" Its strange how women get so religious while cumming, I grinned and let her go of her, sitting back on my haunches I let her come down from what must have been a huge orgasm.

"Nobody has ever made me come like that" she said breathlessly after she had calmed down a bit. "Let me taste myself on you" with that she slumped onto the floor in front of my and pressed her tongue into my mouth, licking all the juices off my chin and cheeks then returning back to my mouth for another kiss... "That was fucking unbelievable! I have never cum like that before!"

"I’m not finished with you yet" I growled, slowly pushing her down onto her back, her legs spread either side of my waist. I moved forward until my cock was only inches away from her hot wet pussy. I looked up at her, partly to get some sort of confirmation that she was ready, and partly to admire the look of pure passion and urgency in her face.

She looked down at me and licked her lips, winking in that sexy way that women do. She told me in no uncertain terms what she wanted me to do to her "Fuck me stud, stick that big hard dick into my tight little pussy and fuck me til my eyes pop out. None of that lovey dovey slow shit, I want it hard and fast... make me your little cum slut!!!"

I didn't have to be told twice, I lined up my now throbbing tool with her soaking pussy and rammed it home in one hard thrust, her body jerked in a combination of pleasure and pain, she gasped and grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper. "Don’t you dare stop!" she growled. I started fucking her as hard and fast as my hips and knees would allow me. Pulling my cock all the way out to the tip and then ramming it back to the hilt as hard as I could. Kirsty was writing and screaming underneath me, raising her hips to meet each of my thrusts. Her arms were flying rounds not being able to decide whether to get a grip onto the couch or to increase her pleasure, she must have opted for the latter because soon she had one hand furiously rubbing on her clit and the other squeezing her tit and nipple so hard it must have been painful... all this seemed to be adding to her building crescendo and I continued to ram my cock into her sloshing pussy.

"Oh fuck baby... keep going... Ram that big dick into me... I’m close... I’m gonna cum again.... I wanna squirt... fuck me, your cock is huge... fuck me with that monster dick!!!"

Now I like me ego being stroked as much as the next guy, but as much as I wish it was, my dick s not much more than the average, what made it feel so big inside her was the sheer tightness of her pussy. It was like a vice, squeezing my cock harder than a particularly vicious wank and the tightness only got harder as her climax neared.


She came hard... she was thrashing about... she was screaming... she was griping the cushions of the couch so hard I thought they might tear...the walls of her cunt clamped down so intensely that it forced my cock out of her and I fell back onto by knees, a massive spray of her beautiful juices following my dick into the fresh air. Girls don’t pulse in the same way as guys do when they cum, it is more of a steady stream that gradually looses power, the initial part of the spray hit me in the chest as I fell back and ran down onto my already socking groin, the rest of it squirted onto the floor and pooled around my knees.

"Oh my god! I have never cum like that before... you are a fucking GOD!" she purred and with what must have been herculean strength, she lifted herself up, turned herself over and offered her bare ass and dripping pussy to me once again... "I want you to fill me up with your cum baby... Keep fucking me"

I knelt forward, my cock instinctively plunging straight back into her sopping cunt. All the way in, al the way out...I repeated this rhythm over and over again, faster and faster, harder and harder... she was screaming and wailing as orgasm after mini orgasm racked her body making her frame tremble and vibrate adding new levels of pleasure to this already epic fuck.

I had already said that I could go for hours, and I was still unsure where all this energy had come form... I could hardly climb a decent flight of stairs without feeling faint and yet there I was... Pounding away like a teenager, but I could feel my resolve failing me... The tightness of her pussy, the vibrations of her body with each small orgasm... her moans, her screams, her shouting encouragements...

"Fuck me with your big dick baby!"
"You make my pussy feel so fucking good!"
"Make me squirt again"
"My pussy wants to eat your cum baby. Fill her up!"
"Fuck your stinking little whore"

These were having an effect on me and the inevitable climax was approaching. "Fuck babe... I’m gonna cum!" I roared as I felt my second orgasm of the day being forced into the base of my cock

"Cum for me baby, fill me up, I want to feel you blow your load into my pussy... give it to me baby... I want to feel your cum!" There is only so much of this a guy can take... I exploded into her; it was the most powerful orgasm of my life and made the one by the door look like a pale shadow in comparison. My legs buckled and gave way after the first two or three blasts into her cunt... She came hard to her juices and the clamping of her pussy forced my dick back out of her, her cum sprayed out of her forming into a large puddle on the wood flooring, with my only anchor now loose I fell backwards onto the floor, my cock still spraying cum into the air. Spunk landed everywhere from my chest, over my stomach, my groin and onto my legs... I was spent... I couldn't even move.

In the blur of my post orgasmic state I could she her lift herself up and slide onto the floor next to me (God knows where she got the energy from). I could feel her hair on my body as she lowered her head down to lick up and swallow all the cum she could find... I felt my over sensitive cock being engulfed by her warm moist mouth as she sucked all the remaining fluid from my balls. Her head moved down to lick all the juices of my shaft and she finished by giving my balls a good licking too...

I senses, more than seen, her get up and walk toward the bathroom, I heard running water and then a few minutes later I seen her come back in carrying a blanket and some pillows, She cuddled up on the floor next to me placing a pillow under each of our heads and the blanket over us... She snuggled into me, her leg resting over mine, her arm on my chest and her head nuzzling into my next... and just before I fell into post coital slumber I heard her whisper.

"That was the best sex of my life... I am going to tell EVERYONE about you... it would be cruel to keep you to myself. Oh and happy birthday stud. I passed out

my life really had started to change.

************************************************* End of Part 1 ***************************************************

Note to the reader:
This is a re-write of my first ever story. The feedback and comments given by the readers have been amazing and now after a long absence I am back to correct the mistakes of the first few chapters before finishing the saga. If this is the first time you have read this series then I hope you have enjoyed it and continue to follow the story in further episodes. For my faithful audience, your support has been nothing short of inspirational and I thank you all.
As always – Thank you for reading.
The Novalist

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2012-04-02 01:47:24
سكس عراقى

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2012-03-31 05:51:23
dude... the guy is English, so he uses proper english, not the made up American stuff, there are a few errors but most of what you are seeing is the difference in spelling and grammar between American English and real english. That's just something that you need to get used to on this site sorry bro. Great Story, was a fan of the first editions and these are much better. looking forward to Part 5

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2012-03-30 20:02:37
I don't want to sound like a douche, especially since I don't know if it's some play on words I don't get, but it's spelled 'novelist' with an E. Hehe. That said, you didn't do all that thorough of a job editing, or 'correcting' as you call it. There are a lot of misspelled words, extra letters or letters left off/out, and a few homonyms or near-homonyms. Needs more proof reading, but I like the story line. I'm not really that much of a 'stickler', but in this case you're too close to excellence to let grade school mistakes detract from your work. I look forward to more stories from you.

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