The corrected second instalment in the series
I woke up to the sound of vibrating above me and to my right; I was alone on the floor where I had passed out. It was my phone, I never used ring tones, they always struck me as a really annoying way of getting your attention, and even the good ones were annoying simply because you could tell that their user had spent a really long time looking for it. I hated being woken up to a vibrating phone, almost 4 years ago to the day I had been woken up to a phone call, it was my father giving me the bad news that he had cancer. Not the deadly serious kind, but serious enough to have the doctors worried.

I nursed that man through 14 months of hell. Sleepless nights, watching him cough that black shit up into whatever container I could lay my hands on, pushing his wheelchair for hours on end because the doctors said fresh air would help alleviate the symptoms of chemo, taking over his bills, his housework, his whole life. And after 14 months and him finally getting back on his feet, he couldn’t even thank me. He wanted to forget about the whole episode of his life and that included my assistance during it. Understandable I suppose. But when he decided that the only use I served in his life was to remind me of that episode, he cut me off. Maybe a thank you was a little too much to ask. I hated phone calls in the morning.

I reached out to the phone and studied the screen. It was a text message of Kirsty...

"Hey baby, I didn't want to wake you. After all the effort you put in yesterday I thought you could do with a sleep. I meant what I said, That was the best screw of my entire life and I’ve already told all the girls I work with, I have a feeling you will be busy very soon so keep you schedule clear lol... Don’t forget about me though, I will definitely be expecting some repeat performances. Look forward to seeing you again... love K xxx"

I pondered the many meanings that could be derived from that short message. She seemed impressed with my efforts last night, that is always good to hear, she wanted to do it again, and that maybe her friends would be interested too. These concepts ran around my head for a while, let me be honest. I am not a great looking guy, I’m not ugly, but I am no Brad Pit, yes this has caused some problems in the past and no, I wasn’t particular bothered about it. But a bunch of guys will talk about a girl who is reputed to be slutty and easy to get into bed, especially if she is any good, I had no idea that girls did the same about guys. I suppose I would have to wait and see but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

I shut off the phone and reconnected the wire to keep it on charge taking note of the time as I did - 10.45am. I was due in work in a few hours but I still had time to relax and prepare before having to leave. I worked with disabled adults, basically adults who are not capable of looking after themselves for whatever reason, but instead of looking after them in a hospital or a nursing home, I worked for a company that looked after them in supported accommodation. In other words, they had 3 or 4 of these people living in one house and there would be a group of people that would be there with them to cook, clean, take them out and provided whatever services they needed. It was a rewarding job, paid ok (not amazing but enough) and you got to have good time while you did it.

I worked in a few different houses so I was never short of work, Tonight I would be working in a house with three mentally disabled men, and by mentally disabled I mean they were born with a condition that has kept their mental age on par with a very young child, so young in fact that two of the three couldn’t walk or talk, and the other used to be able to walk until he had a stroke so now he is also in a wheelchair and has the vocabulary of a 3 year old.. This job is one of the many reasons I don’t believe in a God.

Due to the nature of their illness they requires 24 hour support at a minimum of 2 staff level which basically meant that there had to be two staff on the premises at all times, even overnight. Tonight was my
turn to do the sleep in, I would start at 3, work till 10, go to bed and sleep there hoping nothing happened overnight to wake me up, get up at 7am and work till 3. It was a 24 hour shift, and the best part about it was that I got paid for 24 hours even though 10 of them were spent sleeping. The other type of nightshift that would be on with me was the 'wake in' They would start at 10 in the night and stay awake all night to make sure that if one of the guys got up, they weren’t on their own, but in practice it meant watching TV all night til you finished at 8am. A nice job that fitted in well with uni.

I mulled the time away; I read a few chapter of my required reading for one of my new modules and started on some research for my thesis before heading to the shower and preparing for work. I couldn’t help but notice the musky smell of kirsty's sex on me as I made my way into the bathroom. Within half an hour I was dressed and ready to go. Work was only a half hour walk away and the weather was nice so I decided to make the journey by foot, I grabbed my overnight bag and made my way to the door picking up my phone as I went.

There was another text message waiting to be read, it must have gone off while I was in the shower.

"Hey Paul, Its Cerys, I’m on the wake in tonight, do you know who's on the sleep?"

Cerys was new, and clearly hadn’t got the hang of reading the rotas yet, I sent a message back telling her it was me and I would see her later. I had known Cerys for a few years, not well enough to call a friends, not even well enough to say that I knew her really, She used to date one of the friends I used to go out with five or six years ago, they had broken up and I had never really seen her since. Then one day I was doing some paperwork in the office and in she walks to be introduced by the manager, we'd had a bit of a catch up over the course of the past few months and I'd helped her with certain aspects of the job until she got the hang of things. It would seem that the management had decided she was ready to work alone. Good for her, she was a nice girl.

I didn’t really give it that much thought, I made it to work with ten minute to spare and had a cigarette in garden while I read through the communications from the boss and made a note of my upcoming shifts. The 7 hours between 3 and 10 passed quickly and uneventfully, the guys all seemed to be well and happy and they were all ready for bed around half 9. I let the evening staff go home early, much to their delight, and sat down to watch some TV until I was ready for bed. Despite my exertions with Kirsty, the post coital sleep must have been pretty heavy because I was nowhere near as tired as I thought I would be. Must be something to do with the fact that I passed out more than fell asleep.

With nothing of interest on TV (typical) I pulled out one of my books from my night bag and opened it to the marked page, I had read less than a paragraph when Cerys arrived for her shift.

"Alright love" she said with a smile as she planted herself in the seat next to me, "Everyone settled are they?"

"Yup" I replied, "all down for the night, looks like you got an easy one"

"I’m sure I'll find someone to do... I mean something to do" she smiled and playfully punched my arm, Cerys had always been a

bit of a flirt but it was harmless and I doubted she meant anything by it. She got up and started doing the cleaning that was part of the wake-in duties, cleaning the fridge and moving out the table etc, things that couldn’t be done when the guys were up. I would have done them for her but the wake in is personally responsible for the quality of that work so we all elected that the wake in would do it for themselves, saved any grief if it wasn’t done properly. I just kept reading.

It was almost midnight when Cerys came back in to join me. "So you been up to anything over the weekend?" she asked, she always asked this and always had the same answer, so she was surprised when I gave her a very brief version of events of the previous night, I obviously left out the part about Kirsty, as flirty as she was I didn’t think she wanted to know about my sex life... I was wrong.

"Did you go home with anyone?" she asked as soon as I had finished talking, the pitch of her voice raising at the end of the sentence to make it sound as prying as possible, I couldn’t help but smirk a little, "oh my god, you did didn’t you?"

"Maybe, why do you want to know?" I quipped back playfully

"Cos I haven’t been laid I like, 2 months, the only action I’m getting is regurgitated from other people" she quipped back equally as playfully. I gave her a slim lined version, but she was having none of it insisting of having as many details as possible. She would interrupt every now and again with a question - "did she swallow?" "What did she taste like?" "Did you keep her panties?" (I hadn’t considered the last question, I had just assumed Kirsty had taken them with her, I'd have to check tomorrow). All these questions I answered to the best of my ability and the details were having a noticeable effect on Cerys.

She had become flushed; her hands wandered her body discreetly brushing against her breasts or thighs or between her legs. Her breathing had become shallow and she was starting at me intently.

"Am I turning you on?" I asked pretending to be indignant, I was hoping to catch her out and wind her up a bit but her answer took the wind out of those sails instantly.

"Hell yeah you are turning me on! If half of the things you did to her last night are true then I’m gonna be playing with my pussy for a week thinking about fucking you! My panties are soaked!"

I just blinked at her, rendered completely speechless by her answer, I blinked again (I had started doing that a lot too) she had always been a flirt and not the most subtle person alive but I had not expected to hear anything like this off her. I would hardly take the Hubble telescope to see the shock in my face, a look which she obviously found hilarious.

"Don’t worry Paul baby, I won’t come in and have my way with you tonight" she laughed as she got back up to finish her rounds, noticeably rearranging her panties as she did.

"Damn, there’s my plan for the evening ruined then" I shot back. My brain seemed to do this with women a lot, I could be completely speechless one minute and then something quick and flirty would shoot out that I had thought of to fast to filter. She looked over her shoulder at me as she walked through the door smiling and gave me a little wink.

I went back to reading, I decided to finish the chapter and head to bed, as much as I was enjoying the conversation with Cerys, I knew I had to get up at 6 and make no mistake about it I am EVIL in the mornings, my philosophy has always been that mornings would be so much easier if they were later in the day. I was ready for bed by 12.30 and made me way up the corridor towards the staff bedroom; Cerys was in the bathroom mopping the floor.

She was facing away from me and bending over, really putting her back into the task, whatever could be said for her, she was no lay about and put all her effort into what she was doing. I had a few seconds to admire her body before she would notice me. Cerys was not your typical gorgeous girl. She was a curvy girl, not fat but had the love handles in all the right places; she had shoulder length brown hair, and a very pretty face. She would not win any modelling contracts but there was definitely a natural beauty there. She was wearing a black vest top that showed off her huge tits, they had to be easily in the DD range, maybe bigger, her tight jeans hugged her ass nicely and I could see a tiny pink g-string riding up her back over her waistline. She was the sort of girl I would usually consider my 'type' and I couldn't see how she could have gone 2 months without any male attention.

"I’m off to bed now love" I said, loud enough for her to think I was passing rather than staring at her ass. She turned to look at me.

"Ok Hun, I wont be long and I'll be in to join you" she joked with a funny grin on her face, she liked the flirty thing we had going on and I saw no reason to stop it, good harmless fun made the job that much more enjoyable.

"Well don’t be too long then, I’m knackered" I joked back, my mind making one of those lightening fast come backs it liked so much "Goodnight sexy" then made my way to bed. I must have been more tired than I realised because I undressed to my boxers and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I don’t know how long I was asleep for but was woken by the sound of the door opening, I thought nothing of it, The staff used this room to keep their jackets and other personal belongings and I guessed she had left something in a pocket or something, this was confirmed by the sounds of moving clothes so I tried to get back to sleep.

I suddenly became aware of a weight on the bed that was not coming from me, the covers moved slightly and something touched the side of my leg. I didn’t move, for some reason I just pretended to still be asleep, lying on my back with something moving across my leg and towards my boxers.

More movement, this time it was the covers being slowly and gently pulled down my body, it was obviously Cerys and she was trying her hardest not to 'wake' me. I still just laid there. Then a noise, a whisper "oooooh, you have a nice body" the hand that was just on my leg traced a line over my chest and moved down to my stomach. My stomach flinched, it was one of my more erogenous areas, she giggled quietly "I'll remember that. Now let’s see what we have under here". Her hand traced lower, over the waist band of my boxers and traced the outline of my cock which by now was already half erect and quickly increasing in size to its full form. Her hand found the buttons on the front and undid them with surprising ease, reaching in and pulling out my member to the fresh air.

By now I had my eyes open but Cerys was staring intently at the ministrations of her hands, the look on her face was one of lust and almost animal sexuality. Her hands started to glide up and down my shaft quickly arousing my cock to its full size; she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned in to give my swollen helmet a soft and gentle lick. I considered interrupting her or moving my hand to touch her but I was not going to risk scaring her off, as long as she thought I was asleep I would be in heaven, when it became obvious that I was no longer asleep I'd make my move.

Suddenly she took the whole top half of my dick into her mouth, this was not the frantic deepthroating face fuck of kirsty last night, this was slow, sensual, with unbelievable attention to detail, I couldn’t help but gasp with the sudden sensation. She looked up at me and removed her mouth, "I was wondering when you were going to wake up, you don’t mind do you?" It was one of her flirty questions.

"No, erm... not at all" was all I could manage to say in reply. With my cock in her hands and aching to be back in her talented and inviting mouth, I couldn’t think of anything better to come out with.

"Good, well lay back and enjoy, we've got all night" another flirty statement but one that was followed with my cock being sucked back into her mouth. Slowly she pushed her head down her tongue pressing against the shaft and a tongue stud that I hadn’t noticed before making it all the more pleasurable. Pulling my stiff tool out to the head and circling the helmet with her tongue. Her hands now joined the action, one caressing my balls, the other working the bottom half of my shaft that her mouth hadn’t reached.

I was in heaven, the suction from her mouth was incredible, the tiny attentions of her tongue coupled with the expert use of her tongue stud was a whole new experience for me. I was forced to compare it to the frantic efforts of kirsty, I realised that both girls weren’t just sucking cock, they were trying their hardest to pleasure and please me, in a lifetime of girls giving head because they felt obliged to, these two goddesses were doing it because they wanted to and it was a mind blowing feeling. I couldn’t let her carry on without reciprocating some of the pleasure she was giving me.

She was leaning over me to suck me off, me still on my back with her sat on the bed in line with my chest and leaning over me, I looked down at her body and realised for the first time that she was completely naked apart from the tiny pink g-string I had been staring at earlier. I reached down and traced a line over her leg, around her belly and between her legs which she parted inviting me to go further. I ran a finger along her slit - over the material noting how wet they were. My efforts seemed to be paying off as she gradually increased the depth and speed of her strokes and started moaning quietly against my shaft.

I moved the material of her panties aside, now sliding my fingers along her wet, hairless pussy, the moans against my cock increasing in frequency and intensity. I pushed a finger inside her, using my thumb to stimulate her clit. The bobbing of her head quickened, unlike Kirsty's efforts last night, I felt like I could hold out a little longer before cumming, I’m not sure if that was because I had emptied my load twice in less than 24 hours or if it was because Cerys was intentionally keeping me at that point, but judging by the skill of her tongue, I would have to guess at the latter.

Another finger slipped inside her, there was a noticeable gasp this time, "more... put more in me" she whispered in the briefest of seconds that her mouth detached from my dick. I was only happy to oblige and slid another one into her soaking sex, "mmmmmmmmmm" the vibrations against my cock ringing through my body.

"More?" I asked in a whisper
"mmm hmmm" came the response, I Slid another one inside, 4 fingers were now buried up to the knuckle and doing their best to reciprocate the pleasure this girl was giving me. I flexed them, spread them, curled them up against her g-spot, and pressed against all the little pleasure spot I could find. The effects were obvious, if Cerys wasn’t moaning into my microphone, she was jacking me with her hand, her head resting on my leg, the pleasure too much for her to concentrate on her ministrations.

Without asking, I curled by thumb up away from the clit and pressed my whole hand inside her, with surprisingly little resistance it slid in. I was now fisting a girl for the first time in my life. This was new to me, I was in virgin territory (so to speak), I continued with the same actions as I had before but this time adding in the motion of pumping my hand in and pulling back, as some points I would resort to simply clenching my fist and pushing it in as far as I dared and moving it back, a slow motion 'punch' if you will. Cerys's moans were getting loader, so much so that I was starting to worry that she would wake the other residents. She must have thought the same thing too because she giggled quietly, shushed herself and went back to whispered moans. The encouragements came next.

It is strange how different something can sound when it is whispered compared to being screamed, much more sensual, less frantic, I couldn't decide which I preferred but my cock was swelling to almost painful dimensions based largely on the words coming out of her mouth when it wasn’t attached to my groin.

"Oh yeah, just like that"
"holy shit, that feels incredible"
"keep going stud, don’t stop"
"I’m close, I’m going to cum soon"
"not fast, go slow baby, I want to feel everything"

Her sucks became more powerful, to the extent that could feel the pressure on my rod. But the up and down motions had become slower, more deliberate, her tongue pressed harder and the tongue stud rubbed along the shaft. Then it hit her. The walls of her pussy clamped down hard, her pubic bone being the only thing stopping my fist from being pushed out.

"Uuuurrghhh... yes baby I’m cumming, yes yes yes yes yes yes" hearing an orgasm in hushed tones is something I could grow to like.

There was no squirting, no sudden rush of liquids, in fact her pussy didn’t seem that much wetter than when I had started, but I could feel the muscles inside her spasming, tightening and releasing with amazing speed. She started to move her hips; I took the hint and stretched my fingers, folded my thumb and slowly pulled out of her with an audible slosh.

"oh baby" she whispered as she turned to face me with a devilish grin on her face "you can do that to me anytime you like"

I just smiled, trying to work out what to do with my cum soaked hand, anything I wiped it in would need to be hidden by the morning. I was not a thought I dwelled on for long, "awww, but you haven’t cum yet, lets see if we can do something about that"

She raised herself up and straddled me, reaching down she grabbed my swollen dick and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, without taking her eyes off me she lowered herself down agonisingly slowly. It must have taken her 30 seconds to lower the 7" from the tip to the base. We both gasped with the anticipation and the feeling that only penetration can give. I was inside her.

It was strange how tight she felt considering that a few minutes earlier I had been able to fit my whole fist in there with ease, she answered my question immediately. With some phenomenal muscle control she squeezed my dick with her pussy, she hadn’t even moved, each contraction sent waves of pleasure through my body causing me to groan involuntarily. She smiled, reached down and took my hands bringing them back up and placing them on her massive breasts, and then she started to rock.

As I massaged her globes, rolling and pinching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, she ground into me. Her hips moving in small but deep circular motions, she threw her head back with her eyes closed; concentrating solely on the feelings this was giving her. After a small time she changed the motions, she leant back slightly putting her hands on my thighs for support, pressing my dick up against her g-spot and started grinding her hips back and forth. Forward and backward.

"Ooohhhh... you have the perfect dick for this, just the right size" she whispered in noticeable bliss.

Again she changed the motion, this time leaning forward, her hands on my chest, she brought her legs up and placed her feet in line with my hips and started lifting herself up and down, slowly at first but very gradually getting faster. This position put her nipples within range and I lifted my head up to take them into my mouth. Sucking, licking and gently biting at them she quickened her pace, sucking air between her teeth each time I done something unexpected, the whole time massaging my cock with those incredible muscles.

I couldn’t last much longer, I had been stimulated for best part of an hour and she had kept me at the brink for the vast majority of it, knowing exactly when I was getting close and exactly what to do to prolong the inevitable. Now she wanted it, "I’m on the pill, cum inside me" she whispered, "tell me when, I want to cum with you". With that she sat back upright, her feet sliding back down my leg and she started to literally bounce on my cock with her muscles clamping down on me. I was being milked.

I couldn’t take anymore. "I’m going to cum" I whispered, now starting to thrust into her.
"I can feel it... not yet" she bounced harder, her muscles pressed down, "not yet", she started moving faster, adding a grind into my pelvic bone every time she came down... "NOW!!!"

She timed it to perfection as I released rope after rope of cum inside her, my eyes were pressed closed and my hands fell from her tits to grab the bed sheets. Her nails dug into my chest, her head thrown back. The room was silent. Blast after Blast of my semen shot inside her spasming pussy without a sound from either one of us, eventually it died down and we both released the breath we had held for what had seemed like an eternity. She leant in and kissed me, it was the first time our mouths had met.

"You had better be sure that we will be doing that again" she whispered.

With that she got up, my softening cock falling free. She got off the bed, gathered her clothes and walked to the door,

"goodnight stud" she whispered, blew me a kiss and left.

I lay there for a while with a funny grin on my face casually licking her juiced off my still soaked hand, I had done nothing, and I had literally been fucked. Eventually tiredness got the better of me and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was up, showered and ready to work by 6.45. I left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen, Cerys was sat at the table with her breakfast, I was expecting some sort of atmosphere but was surprised to find there wasn’t one.

"Morning stud, thanks for last night. I can see why Kirsty wants to fuck you again, I know I do" she was smiling, that flirty look back in her eyes.

"Thanks sex bomb, you were pretty good yourself. Next time though, it’s my turn to go on top." I answered, getting my bowl and preparing my own cereal.

"Deal, and next time we won’t have to be so dammed quiet, I wanted to scream and fuck your brains out last night. Next time we're gonna have to be extra loud to make up for it."

"Sounds like a plan" I sat next to her, leaned in and gave her a kiss, she reached over and gave my cock a squeeze through my jeans. We separated just as the morning staff came through the door, they never noticed a thing. The rest of the morning was a buzz of activity. Cerys left at 8 giving me a subtle squeeze and wink as she left.

The rest of the staff kept asking me why I had a strange grin on my face.

"Don’t know" I would reply "just think its going to be a good day"


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