Part 3 of the series, now with errors removed
Part 3 of the series, as always it is advised that you start from the beginning, these stories are not meant to be stand-alones and require previous knowledge if you are to understand the characters. Of course, if you are just looking for the sex then you may have to scroll down. Hope you enjoy.

The rest of the shift had passed quickly and without incident and by 3.45 I was back home. The past two days had taken its toll on my self image. I had always considered myself as a bit of a loner, I spoke to people in work because I felt I had to, I neither wanted, nor assumed to be liked by anyone. In Uni I had no reason to speak to anyone other than my lecturers so I didn’t. I just guessed that nobody really knew I was there until I answered a question that would prove a lecturer wrong, or at least poke a massive hole in his logic.

Kirsty and Cerys had done to me what I did to my lecturers because my logic seemed to be seriously flawed. Kirsty had made some remarks about how people thought of me that had surprised me to say the least. Cerys and I had flirted to the point where she felt comfortable enough to come in to the bedroom at work and literally fuck me without worrying about the consequences. This may not sound like a lot but in my world, this was earth shattering.

I guess it is like being told you have fatal disease, being told you have a few years to live and living your life
according to that timescale only to be told at the end that you were never ill to start with. Your entire mantra of life goes out the window and you have to literally redefine who you are and your place in the world. My situation, like that of the sick scenario, wasn’t a bad one. I had been given a new lease of life. I seriously doubted that everyone liked me as much as my two new lovers, but maybe a few did, even if it was only enough to remake friends that I had lost all those years ago.

I had spent half a decade with little or no faith in humanity. People, in my opinion, were cunts who were just waiting for the time and opportunity to fuck you over and leave you for dead, especially if the going got tough or they felt like they had something to gain from your downfall; I had learned this from bitter past experience. As George Santanya once said, 'those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it' - and my history was one I had no intention of living through again.

So what to do? Did I throw caution to the wind and embrace this new life? Risk going through what I had in the past for the chance of something new? Not a chance! That is what society calls a gamble, and gambles very rarely, if ever, pay off. But I didn’t want to carry on living the same life either, like a bird let out of its cage for the first time and discovering the open skies beyond, I never wanted to return to my cage again. There had to be a compromise.

History is one of the great subjects, it teaches you to approach a question or a problem from a variety of angles and allows you to see the bigger picture - Gordon Brown had a History Degree, not that it helped him much. A historian looks at a problem in exactly the opposite way to everyone else; most people would work from the start, think of all the problems until they had an answer. A historian does it the other way round, they think of every possible solution to every possible problem and then works back to the original issue and decides which of the solutions is most feasible - not which is the easiest, but which is most likely to give the desirable result.

I sat in the garden with a cigarette in one had and my chin in the other pondering the facts of life, or more accurately, pondering the facts of MY life. I had to accept the possibility that I may have been wrong. People were cunts! There was no getting away from that, but it is common knowledge in academic fields that making broad generalisations like that is a risky game to play. Kirsty and Cerys had shown me that individual people were different and it was more than likely that most of them were as bad as thought, but maybe, just maybe I could find a few who were like the girls. I had to open up, the one thing I had sworn to never do again, I had to let some people in, give them the benefit of the doubt that the girls had sparked inside me. It probably wouldn’t work, but none of these people had any leverage over me and I would never rely on them in the same as I had with my friends of old. When it came down to the most brutal of harsh questions, I could only answer that I had nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.

I watched as the sun went down over the mountains, the eerie red and orange glow fading over the horizon and I felt something I had not felt for a very long time - Optimism. If my life really was changing in the way I suspected, I had those two amazing women to thank for it, and it was gratitude I would be sure to repay if I ever had the chance. For the third night in a row, I went to bed with a smile on my face.

The next morning was the first day of the rest of my life, gone was the sullen, lonely, depressed and pessimistic Paul of the past, today was new, today would be the day it would all change, today would be better than anything that came before it, a day of new opportunities and experiences. A day closer to the time I could thank those ladies properly. I looked at the time, decided that 5.30am was too early to get up, and went back to bed. Today could wait.

There is a pattern to History, Marx called it 'boom and bust' and that name seems to have stuck. He was talking about economics and the ideological struggle between Capitalism and Communism, but I believe it can be applied to all aspects of the human condition. Empires, countries, great men, ideas, philosophies, things we take for granted on a daily basis were once considered pipe dreams, and one day they will fade into obscurity only to rise again in years to come. Lenin and his cronies had taken Marx's idea and formed it in the Russian Revolution, but as flawed as their endeavours were, they had applied to it something that Marx had never counted on - The sheer force of Will.

Will power alone had kept the fatally flawed idea of communism alive for over 40 years, much longer than Marx would have expected. The will power of men like Ghandi brought an end to the British Empire had raised men Like Barack Obama from obscurity to unparalleled heights of power and it would do the same for me. The problem is that Will power rarely works, as much as the Soviet’s tried, the wall fell and communism was buried in the rubble, as much as the British tried, their empire collapsed around them with the help of a man who couldn’t afford shoes. But once in a while, Will power is enough to force and idea to become a reality. Will power alone had got me into Uni, it had kept my grades high and coupled with
stubbornness that cannot be matched, it stopped me from slipping deeper into the abyss than I already had. I was one of those rare cases of a man dragging himself out of the mud with nothing more than an idea and the Will power to go and get it - And I was going to do it all again.

The shit, shower and shave routine was finished a few hours later. I went into my bedroom to get ready for the day ahead. My room was flanked along one side by a built in wardrobe, both doors covered in full length mirrors, I stood there inspecting my naked form. Its wasn’t an impressive sight. In my younger days, especially in the last few years of high school, I had been very active. I took part in any sport I could get my hands on, ran athletics and generally kept myself fit. But 5 years of not giving a shit had taken its toll. Gone was the six pack and defined abs, gone were the muscular legs that used be able to run the 100 metres in 11 seconds, gone was the chizzled jawline, now hiding behind layers of fat and excess
chins. My six pack had turned into a barrel, my pecks were not far off developing into man boobs, the muscles had gone on my arms and legs and the once fine form of my youth was a thing of the past. If I was going to give the world a chance, there was no way I could do it looking like this.

"I need to hit the gym" I thought out loud... I had stopped talking to myself.

A quick search online found a staggering number of facilities within walking distance, the best one was actually part of the university. It was used by their sports sciences department but made available to students as a way of maintaining funding. Well equipped, cheap, quiet and not full of sweaty old men, it was perfect. A few lines of personal information and some card details inputted into the computer gave me a 6 month membership and access to the pool I hadn’t even realised existed.

I dug out some old sweat pants, a vest top, some comfortable trainers, a towel, swimming shorts and some shower gel and made my way to the campus. I knew where the recreation centre was, shortened to the rec, its sports hall was used to house a lot of the exams at the end of the year, the building was located next door to the union bar I had visited the other night.

It was a large, almost perfectly square monstrosity that looked like an eye sore next to the ultra modern and newly refurbished university buildings around it. Inside was a basic reception desk with a set of double doors to the right and a flight of stairs to the left.

The doors, I knew from my exams, led to your typical wood floored sports hall, our university also boasted a climbing wall opposite the doors and enough space for 300 students to sit exams. About 15 feet from ground level, and running along the entire outside of the hall was a mezzanine, this was where the stairs led. I had never been up the steps, I knew it was a place that insiders used to watch the campus Basketball team play when the stands were full but didn’t really know what was up there other than that.

I signed in at the desk and climbed the stairs finding exactly what I expected to see; a long corridor running an outline of the hall with numerous doors on the inside wall. I decided to walk clockwise along the corridor and started looking for clues to where the gym would be. The first door had a sign on it. "Campus gym"... That was easy.

I entered the gym and instantly recognised it from the photos on the website. It was one of the few occasions where the advertisement actually looked like the product. A wall was covered in treadmills, another was covered in the step machine things, (I’m not a jock so have no idea what they are called), either side of the door had rowing machines and the area between had bikes. Through the archway to the left of the door was the toilets and weights room with some floor space with mats for sit ups and press ups, there were also big green balls... I didn’t know what they were for.

I found a place to change in the toilets and made my way to the empty space with floor mats to do some stretches and warm up a bit. I hadn’t done any major exercise in years so I didn’t intend on over doing it on the first go. I hit the treadmill first, running a mile in about 10 minutes, another four miles followed in quick succession. The weights were next; I dropped the load down to its lowest notch and worked my way up until I had to struggle. Rowing machines, bikes and more weights followed and before I knew it, two hours had passed.

I had worked up quite a sweat and was starting to feel tired, I found one of the gym assistants and enquired about the mystery pool.

"Yeah, we do have a pool" he said enthusiastically, he was one of those guys who spent far too many hours in this place, "follow the corridor to the left and take the stairs at the end. They drop you down straight into the reception."

I thanked him for the directions, grabbed my stuff and followed the corridor as he had instructed. For a guy who was literally more brawn that brains, his directions were pretty good and within a minute I was standing in the reception of the pool. A pissed off sounding woman addressed me as soon as I walked through the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked as if she had just seen me pissing in her plant pots.
"Erm... yeah, I was told this was the university pool" I answered, trying to sound polite.
She took a deep breath and blew it out loud enough to be sure I heard it, now this was a girl who loved her job. "Yes, SIR. This is the UNIVERSITY pool and it is for STUDENTS only" she was starting to piss me off now
"I know its a university pool, and I know it is only for students, I happen to BE a student, that is why I am here” she cocked her head to on e side and raised an eyebrow in obvious disbelief, I pulled out my student ID and gym registration forms before she had a chance to query it. "Do you always talk like this to your customers or are you just having a bad day?" I asked, I had no patience for ignorant people like her, she wanted to give attitude, and she had better be ready to take it too.

"Well SIR, you look a little old to be a student, we get a lot of freeloaders in here" she answered still sounding pissed off, but she took my card and signed me in as she did.
"And you look a little too old to be working behind a reception desk, I thought that was a job for school drop outs and teenagers" I answered back. I walked past her without giving her chance to reply and entered the changing rooms.

I hadn’t seen mixed-sex changing rooms in years, there was a central bank of lockers flanked either side by cubicles, I found one, entered it and changed into my swimming shorts. I had already decided that I was going to do a few lengths of the pool and kick back in health suite for a few hours and relax. The last few days along with my strenuous exercise in the gym had taken it out of me. There was two doors at the far end of the locker room, I took the one marked pool and noted that the health suite was through the other, that would save asking the bitch at the desk for directions.

The pool was pretty standard, 25 metres in length and 10 metres across, there was only two other swimmers so I picked a lane and got in. The water was refreshingly cold but pretty soon I had warmed up and within an hour I had swam 30 lengths and was ready to get out. I swam to the edge and hoisted myself up. It was then that I noticed a red headed girl standing by the locker room doors looking at me. I wiped my eyes and as much as I tried, I didn’t recognise her. I stood up and made my way to where she was standing.

She said nothing as I approached, just looking at me. I still didn’t know who she was as I got to the door so just smiled at her and passed as she moved out of the way. I headed straight into the health suite and after a quick shower; I sat myself in the Jacuzzi. This place was a lot busier than the pool, there were people mulling about in the seating area, I could also make out a few people in the sauna and more in the steam room. Most of the occupants were female but there was also the odd jock that would suck in his belly or tense his muscles when a cute girl passed. The Jacuzzi was empty.

I sat back and closed my eyes, allowing the bubbles to relax the muscles in my legs and back. I would open my eyes every now and again to look around noting a hot ass in a bikini, or a nice pair of tits struggling to break free of their restraints, but other than that, I was happy to sit there on my own. I closed my eyes again and sank back into the seat, allowing the bubbles to massage the muscles on my neck.

I’m not sure how long passed, it’s hard to tell when you’re that relaxed, but I became aware of movement in the water, I opened my eyes to see if I had company and to move over if necessary. Interrupting my solitude were three girls, the red head from the pool being one of them. She was pretty, not overly so, but pretty enough to get her noticed, she was a little shorter than me and was slim, her ass looked very tight from the view I got passing her earlier and her tits were not quite enough to qualify as handfuls. The other two looked very similar to each other. Both were brunettes, both were very attractive, gorgeous maybe. They had fuller figures with the curves in all the right places and nice C cup breasts. I couldn’t see anything from the waist down as they were all now sat in the water opposite me.

"Its him, I’m telling you" one of the brunettes said.
"Ask him then" The other one said. They were trying to be quiet but they must known I could hear them.
"I’m not asking him, the first brunette said, you ask him, you were the one who spotted him" this one was meant for the redhead. She blushed slightly and cocked her head at me; she was obviously trying to be sure of something. There was silence for a few minutes, the three of them staring at me, and me just staring back.
"Can I help you ladies?" I asked politely after I'd given up on trying to guess what they were talking about.
"I’m not sure" the first brunette said, "We think your somebody we know"
"well.." the red head added, "we don’t really know him, more like we know OF him"
"care to enlighten me?" I asked, trying to sound friendly. Normally I would have been getting annoyed by now, but this whole 'letting people in' thing required a little more tact.
"Is your name Paul?" The second brunette asked slowly, she was obviously trying not to sound stupid.
I sat upright in less than a second; they had earned my undivided attention. I was confused, I was pretty sure I had never seen any of these girls before today and I wasn’t like I hung round with anyone who could know them. My life up until now pretty much ensured that unless I knew somebody personally, they would not know me at all. Yet these girls seemed to know more about me than I would have guessed.

"Yes... I'm Paul" I answered, I was still trying to work out what was going on, "do I know you?"
"Not us" the first brunette answered looking visibly excited "we work with a FRIEND of yours" 'friend' being emphasised more than would be necessary in most conversations. I pulled my bottom lip in and scrunched up my chin in an obvious expression to tell them to keep going... "We work with Kirsty".

Ah... the penny dropped. Part of me felt exceptional pride in the fact that Kirsty really had told her friends about me and what had happened, but the rest of me froze, I had no idea what to say or do next. I just sort of nodded in recognition but they could see in my face that they had the right guy.

"So is it true?" the first brunette asked leaning forward in expectation
"Is what true?" I asked cautiously, this conversation could go very bad very quickly.
She looked around, checking nobody was close enough to hear. She leaned forward until she was literally on the edge of her seat, and whispered...
"Did you really give her FOURTEEN orgasms?" this was almost as much an exclamation as it was a question. I had to think about my answer for a second, as much out of surprise as out of caution. Eventually I thought of something sensible to say.
"I’m not sure, I didn’t really count. Is that what she said?"
"oh god yeah" this time it was the red head who spoke, "she said you were the best she had ever had, the best that she had ever heard of and that if we ever saw you we should..." she stopped herself, I think even she realised she was getting a little over excited.
"You should what?" I asked, confused and getting very horny.
The second brunette leaned forward to match her friends, her nipples clearly visible through her bikini top. "We should do our best to seduce you and get you to fuck us!"
"Maybe...” the first brunette whispered after a bit of a silence, "we should move into the sauna, I think its empty now and clothes are... erm... optional"

The three of them stood up in unison, both brunettes grabbing my hands and pulling me up. The conversation had had its effects on me, my shorts were struggling to contain and increasingly large bulge as they pulled me toward the brown door that marked the entrance to the sauna. The red head opened the door and held it while the two brunettes ushered me inside. The sat me down on one of the wooden shelves that constituted a bench, all three of them standing in a line in front of me.

They all looked at each other and nodded. The first brunette looked at me, reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. "I’m Stacy" she said, and let her bra fall off her shoulders. Her breasts were amazing, at least in a DD cup with perky and erect nipples standing proudly into the hot air.

The second brunette did the same, "I’m Beth", she said after dropping her bra and rubbing her tits a bit for show. Her breasts were similar in size to Stacy's but her nipples were a bit larger and much darker.

The red head was last, her bikini top opened by a small clasp at the front. She opened it and showing me a perky pair of A cups, not a lot more than bumps and definitely not enough to fill a hand, but I could tell from the ridges of her areola that they were very sensitive. "I’m Hannah".

"Nice to meet you ladies" I was horny, and my mind was working overtime to keep up with this situation in an effort to stop me looking like a bumbling fool.

"Don’t worry" Stacy said, "We can’t fuck you here. too public and we'll be banned"
Hannah spoke next "But there are things we can do"
"yeah," Beth spoke this time, "like suck your cock and share your cum."
"that way," Stacy was speaking again now "we might prove to you that we are worth fucking"
"I think you have already proved that ladies" I said, still in a state of shock but starting to come round. Hannah moved to the door, grabbed the handle in an effort to hold it closed; the other two dropped down onto all fours and crawled slowly and seductively towards where I was sitting.

Beth hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts "we have to make sure, we wouldn’t want to miss out" and pulled them down, I lifted my ass off the bench to help them and my now rock hard cock sprang into the air. The heat in the room was almost unbearable but with my cock now in the sights of three gorgeous girls I hardly noticed.

Beth moved first, without even touching me with her hand she leant down and took the head of my cock into her mouth, I gasped in appreciation, Stacy wasn’t far behind, leaning her head in and lick up and down my shaft as her friend sucked on my helmet. Hannah was watching from the door, one hand holding firmly onto the door handle, the other had slid inside her panties and was rubbing gently.

Beth started to push her head down, taking more of me into her mouth; she brought one of her hands up and started working the parts of the shaft she couldn’t reach. This effectively pushed Stacy out of the way, but she was not deterred, she moved her head down and, after licking on them for a few seconds, sucked one of my balls into her mouth, sloshing it around with her tongue. Its was an amazing sensation.

Having more than one girl sucking you off is every guys fantasy, but I was one of the ones that was realistic enough to assume it was never going to happen to me. It became one of the many things that I thought of when I was home alone. Now here I was, sat in a Sauna, with two beautiful girls giving their undivided attention to my manhood and another equally beautiful girl watching and looking like she would sell major body parts to also be involved. My world had entered new levels of pleasure, it was surreal.

Beth was trying her hardest to deepthroat me, pushing down as far and as hard as she could only to come back up a few seconds later gagging and leaving a rope of spittle between my cock and her lips. Stacy had stopped working on my balls and had her head lain against my thigh watching her friend, every now and then she would actually try to help Beth by pushing her head down. She was whispering something to her that I couldn’t make out, not that I cared, my head was back and my eyes were only open wide enough to see what was going on.

With one last effort Beth had managed to swallow about 5 of my 7 inches, her head came off my cock with a look that told me she was only a few millimetres away from throwing up with the exertion. She was still holding onto the base of my cock and moved her hand to point my helmet towards Stacy, she took the hint immediately and jumped up to take my meat into her mouth, she was practically drooling with anticipation.

"not quite yet" Beth whispered and moved her head in and attached her mouth to the side of my shaft in the same way you would play the harmonica, Stacy smiled and did the same but on the opposite side. Then, in unison, they both started moving their heads up and down running from just above my base to the tip. Stacy winked at Beth and they moved back down for one final stroke, as they came to the top their mouths met and they started making out with each other, the head of my cock still between their mouths. This only lasted a few seconds but time seemed to stand still. This would fuel my fantasies for years to come.

Finally their lips separated and Beth moved her head down to my balls in the same way Stacy had done a few minutes earlier. Stacy looked up at me and smiled, "I am very good at this" she paused and looked over to Hannah; she was still playing with herself and was starting to look flushed. Stacy looked back up at me "you are about to see just how good I am"

Her mouth hit my cock like a freight train and took it all the way in with almost no effort, the whole 7" disappeared down her throat in an instant, her lips were pressed against my trimmed pubes and her tongue was sliding up and down my shaft with lightening speed, every now and again her tongue would press between her lips and lick the top of my balls with my cock still in her mouth. Then she would bring her head up sucking as hard as she could, she brought her mouth completely off my dick only to start licking the head and the shaft like and ice cream cone. Then she would go back down. She repeated this motion over and over again, each time increasing the speed and power of her actions. She was fucking her own mouth on my cock. Maybe this is who taught Kirsty to give head because it was very similar, just much more intense.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer, Beth seemed to notice too as my balls tightened underneath her still busy tongue, "he's gonna blow!" she squealed. Stacy didn’t miss a beat and I exploded inside her mouth. I groaned, my toes curled and those lights went off behind my eyelids again. I was in paradise. After what must have been at least ten powerful shots and a fair sized dribble of cum, Stacy pulled her head back. She looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me the sizable pool of my juices still on her talented tongue.

She winked, closing her mouth and looked over at Beth; they dived into each other, kissing with the kind of frenzied passion you don’t normally see outside a porn film. I could just make out my spunk being swapped and sloshed between their mouths. After a while they stopped, both looking up at me and opening their mouth to show that they both had a sizeable share of my load. With almost perfect synchronisation, they closed their mouths, and swallowed. I almost came there and then from the sheer sexiness of it.

Both girls sat back and giggled. It was then I heard a moan and a blur of movement by the door. Hannah had cum, her legs had buckled and a visible wet patch ad formed on her panties. She looked over at us with an almost animal urgency in her eyes. Beth and Stacy had no choice but to move out of the way as Hannah practically flew across the room and landed between my legs. She sucked my cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head enthusiastically, trying to suck every last drop of my nectar out of my balls.

I could tell almost immediately that she had neither the talent, nor the experience of the other two, but what she lacked in skill, she more that made up for with pure effort and determination. After a minute or so I had to stop her, my cock was far too sensitive to be receiving this kind of attention so soon. She sat back and looked up at me as if I’d just run over her cat. She looked heartbroken.

I reached down and pulled her up to my lips and kissed her passionately, her tongue dancing round mine with renewed vigour. When we parted, I lifted her hand to my mouth and licked the juices off her wet fingers, I think she came again on the spot, the other two were also looking like they were about to explode.

But our time was up, motion outside the door told us that it was time to leave, the girls quickly replaced their tops and sat down next to me as I readjusted my shorts, I had only just sat back down when I group of about 10 people entered the sauna, the odd one or two sniffing the air. The girls and I all exchanged glances and walked out and planted ourselves back in the Jacuzzi. Me in the middle with Hannah to my right, and the other two to my left.

My hand slid down into Hannah’s crotch, then into her panties onto her completely hairless pussy. We sat there talking as I fingered her and played with her clit bringing her to a trembling yet very quiet orgasm. The other two knew what was going on but carried on with the conversation anyway as if nothing was happening. Talking about work, and going out. Parents, ex-boyfriends, the sort of things that girls talk about. I just sat there quietly smiling. My fingers working their way from Hannah to Stacy and then after she had cum, they then moved to Beth and gave her an orgasm too.

Anybody watching the four of us wouldn’t have suspected a thing. My movements were minute, only my wrist and fingers moving, expertly finding their pleasure points and massaging them to completion. The girls, to their credit just stopped talking and held their breaths as they came over my fingers. Every now and again one of them would lean into me and kiss me [passionately when nobody was looking. As far as I am concerned, there are few things sexier than being kissed by a girl when your fingers are inside her friend.

Eventually it was closing time. The past five hours had gone by like a flash and the stewardess was ushering people back to the locker rooms so he could close up. The three of us talked as we shared a cubicle to change.

"So what are the three of you doing tonight?" I asked casually, not wanting to push my luck
"Does that mean we have passed the audition?" Beth replied with a sly grin on her face
"Audition?" I was confused
"That was just a taster" Stacy giggled, "There is plenty more where that came from. That is if you want more with us"
"if I want more? Of course I want more, you girls were fantastic" I replied, surprised at the stupidity of her statement.
"Well that was just to get you interested, but the rest will have to wait, I have to go to my parents for food tonight" Beth said looking disappointed. The other two also seemed to have plans. I gave them my number and told them to call me whenever they wanted. Beth and Stacy thanked me and left.

Hannah and I walked out of the rec together, making idle chit chat. I turned left towards the path back to my street, Hannah turned right towards the car park. She turned to look at me after we had said our goodbyes "Do you want a lift?" she called out hopefully. She looked adorable; there was no way I could refuse.
"That would be great" I smiled, her face lit up and she led me back to her blue and white mini in the far corner of the car park. She started up the engine and I gave her directions back to my house. In less than 5 minutes we were there and I thanked her for he ride.

"Before you go" she said, she was speaking softly, looking nervous
"what is it love?" I asked, trying to sound as reassuring as possible.
"I just wanted to ask..." she trailed off again, I sat there looking at her patiently, "I wanted to ask... If I could...
suck your dick again"
my eyebrows shot up, "really? I thought you had somewhere you needed to go"
"I do I do," she answered quickly, "I’ve got to meet my sister, but that’s not for another hour. Please, I know I’m not as good as the other girls but I can learn" she was almost begging now. I don’t think there are many guys alive who have had a girl beg to suck him off; I certainly never expected to ever be one of the lucky few. The pleading and innocence in her eyes was intoxicating, I couldn’t have refused even if I wanted to... which I didn’t.

"Of course you can" I smiled warmly at her.

Her face lit up "oh thank you, thank you, thank you." with an excited smile on her face she undone her seat belt, turned in her chair and reached down and started tugging down my sweat pants.
"Right here?" I asked surprised, I had just assumed she wanted to go inside.
"Erm... yeah, if that’s ok" she said back innocently
"err... ok... if it’s ok with you then its fine by me" I replied and lifted my ass up to all her to pull down my joggers and boxers in one motion. My cock had been paying attention to this conversation and was now as solid as steel again, it had never really gone down since the Jacuzzi.

I thought Beth and Stacy were gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but I have always had a thing for redheads and that had made Hannah all the more appealing to me. I looked out into the darkness beyond the car windows as her head lowered into my lap and softly engulfed my member. This was no frantic blowjob like she had tried in the sauna; this was soft, deliberate, affectionate and very very intimate. If the other girls had fucked my cock with their mouths. Hannah was making love to it.

She carried on sucking like that, small but very erotic movements, for about 10 minutes when I noticed her hand had moved up her skirt to play with herself again. I lifted her head up and kissed her.
"What's wrong? Why have you stopped? Was I doing it wrong?" a mixture of disappointment and fear marked her voice as our lips separated.
"No princess," I said softly, "what you were doing was perfect, but I need to give you pleasure too"

This was true. Rampant sex is great, being sucked and fucked by a girl are amongst the best things in existence. But to me, the most erotic thing in the world is to watch a girl in pleasure. To know you are the one giving her that pleasure and to strive to increase it as much as you can. Watching a girl orgasm can make me ready to cum in an instant. The most important thing in sex to me is to get the girl off and much as possible. Maybe that’s why these ladies all thought I was so good at it.

I lifted her out of her seat and sat her in my lap, her legs straddling either side of mine. She seemed to understand instantly and reached down with both hands to move her soaked panties to the side and to guild my steed cock into her wet pussy. She lowered herself down, both of us gasping in pleasure as she did. Her hands moved up to rest of the seat above both of my shoulders. My hand moved down and I placed my thumb onto her clit and the other hand around her and onto her ass.

She started to move, gently and slowly at first, almost as if she was unsure of herself. Gradually though her movements became more confident, grinding into me then switching to moving up and down. It was slow, it was sensual, it was incredibly erotic. My mouth was alternating between kissing her lips, her neck, her collar bone, and after she lifted up her top to expose her breasts to me, I added licks and sucks on her nipples to the equation. My hands never moved.

There were no obscenities, no screams, no cursing, just heavy breathing, sighs and moans. There was no frenzy, no urgency, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought we had all the time in the world. I loved every single second of it. Her sighs started to become higher in pitch and quicker in frequency, she was getting close.

"Oh god," she squealed as her orgasm overtook her "I’m there, I’m there" She clamped down on me, her head pressed into my shoulders. I wasn’t far behind her, the sensation of her movements and the pleasure I was getting off her responses was sending me over the edge.

"Me too, I’m there too" was all I could manage. My cum shot up inside her, my heavy breathing giving way to groans. She was cooing, giggling almost.

"Oh my god, I can feel it... oooohhh" she was whispering now. I laughed, her innocence was endearing, I really liked this girl. After a few minutes she climbed off my and sat back into her seat, it was then that she did then only thing that could be considered slutty. She pressed her finger inside her and scooped out some of my juices and brought it to her mouth. "Mmmmmmm, that’s what you taste like. I didn’t get anywhere near enough earlier" she smiled. Wiping herself with her knickers. She took them off and handed them to me. "Something to remember me by"

I took them and smiled back; I leaned over and kissed her, the slight tang of our combined juices still on her tongue. I opened the door and stepped out, closing it behind me. I bent over and looked back through the window at her; she was practically glowing and had a beaming smile across her face. I could tell she was very happy with what she had just done, that alone made me smile back. I gave her a wave, she blew a kiss back and without saying a word, she started the engine and drove away.

I walked towards the house, unlocked the door and went inside, her wet panties still in my hand. The last few days had not ceased to amaze me. I couldn’t imagine what tomorrow would bring.


Note to the Reader.
The support I have received for the last 2 episodes has been nothing short of overwhelming. I have been an avid reader of this site for many years and I am now proud to be a contributing part of it. The welcome my work has received means a lot to me and I can only ask that you all continue to leave your feedback. The only thing left to say is thank you for your support, and as always... thank you for reading.
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