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i was in the last year of high school and i had always had a slight 'crush' on three boys in the first year. they were all 12 and i was 16. they knew me quite well and they respected me because i was a lot older than them.

they usually hang around with each other and i had stayed after school one day for an extra hour to catch up with some of m work. i saw them outside too and when i left i walked up to them. i don't think they really understood about sex and everything and i told them that we could play a new 'game' behind the large PE shed on the school. there were only teachers in the school by now and they were only marking work.

i led them around the back and told them to strip off. at first they were reluctant but one by one they started to take their clothes off when i told them it would be part of the game. the one that was called James was the one that was the cutest, so young and so innocent. at night i always imagined thrusting my cock up his tight little virgin ass.

all three of them stood there in there underwear. i went up to one of the other boys, Max, and pulled down his white little underpants. i dont think he realised what i was doing, but all three of them thought it was funny. there was is tiny little cute penis, probably only 3 inches long. it was beautiful and he didnt have any pubic hair and best of all he was circumsised.

the last boy, Matt, was only small and not even 5 foot. He was cute as well and i pulled his little red boxers down next. his cute little cock was tiny as well, and both of them had started to turn me on. i think James must have got the idea and he took his own underpants off. all three stood there naked and i had a big hard on.

i asked them all if they knew what a boner was and they said that they didnt know. i told them that it was when their penises went all hard. Max said that his had done before. they all laughed. i told them that if you stroke and rub it will go hard and i showed them my cock. they were amazed and they all started to rub their own cocks. after a little while i was standing next to three little 12-year-olds with boners. they all were not even 5 inches yet but they all looked so cute.

I told James that I wanted him to fuck max first. he wasnt sure at first but i told him all he had to do was stick his boner up his ass and thrust in an out. he liked the idea and started it. max said it hurt a bit so i told james to spit on it and stick his fingers up max's ass first.

matt was feeling left out so i told him to start sucking on max's cock. he did it without a fuss and i sat there masturbating over them. i think james cummed first and max laughed as him ass was filled with hot sticky cum. james didnt know what was happening, but he liked the feeling. max then cummed into and all over matt's little face.

next i said it was my turn and i said i wanted james first. as i liked him the best, i turned him around and shoved my long hard cock right into his bowels. he squealed but he liked it after a while. while i was doing this max had decided to suck off matt and matt was eager to see what cumming was like.

i cummed right into james' ass hole and left him on the floor. after a few minuted everyone was feeling a bit tired, but i wasnt finished yet. i said to matt that it was his turn to fuck me. it felt so wierd with a little boy's cock in my ass and i was doing most of the work but thrusting my hips against his tiny little cock.

he cummed his tiny little boy-cum and i sucked it all off of his cock.

from this day on, we do these most days, max, james and Matt all enjoy it. =D

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2013-05-12 07:17:52
When I was twelve I knew all about sex. I watched porn, and could cum.

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2012-11-11 13:19:55
The cookies should be baked at 350 degree's. Any hotter and they will be burned on the outside while still undercooked on the inside. Car's are usually washed on Thursday or Friday for the weekend!

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2012-08-09 17:25:25
Make them older. If they're 12, they wouldn't be in high school -.- Sick Bastard

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2012-01-31 18:17:10
We don't have middle school in England u tossers

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2011-11-20 17:24:22
Who graduates at 16-years-old? Why would 12-year-olds be in High School? They would be in middle school. The youngest in High School would be the freshmans and they'd be like 14 or 15. Anyway, if there 12-years-old they'd know what sex is and how to perform gay and straight sex. They would know what an erection is. Especially, if their in 'High School'.

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